Sunday, 4 January 2015

March Developments

A few other developments happened during the month of March – one of them being that Sue’s girlfriend Josie discovered some pictures on Sue’s computer. It wasn’t that she was snooping around, she and Sue were actually looking at porn together (partially to get turned on and partially to look for new ideas) and she stumbled upon a folder with images of Sue with Mike, Jen and me. We’ve Skyped with them a number of times so Josie knows well enough what our faces look like that she realised who the people in the pictures were before Sue could close the folder. A long conversation followed which resulted in Sue admitting to Josie that she had fucked Mike a (large) number of times, that Jen had been the one who had converted her to being bi and that she had had a number of threesomes (and foursomes) with Mike, Jen and me.

It’s fair to say that Sue didn’t tell Josie absolutely everything (amongst other things, she left out the sex parties, having done things with me and having been a fuck toy for Jen’s friends). Josie did ask how much Jen had done with me and Sue told her about the kissing and fondling – Josie didn’t seem to be too freaked out about this and over the next few days she got Sue to describe to her in much more detail about how things had started off, how Sue and I had sunbathed naked together, exposed ourselves to people, ended up masturbating together in our room, Sue’s admission that she had been peeking on Mike and me fucking, us inviting her in to watch us properly, her masturbating for us, Mike being allowed to kiss, caress and then eat her and finally me guiding Mike’s cock in to her cunt and the two of them fucking.

Josie was very curious about what it had been like for Sue to be naked in front of me and to watch me cum and then have me watch her cum. She was adamant that she couldn’t imagine what it would be like for her brother or sister to even see her naked, let alone to watch her masturbate or join in with them. Sue explained that I had begun with her crush on Mike – he treated her really well and was very kind to her (in a completely non-sexual way as she was only 15 when Mike and I started dating). She used to listen to us fucking whenever he visited and then decided she wanted to watch – purely to see Mike naked. As Mike and I rarely do things under the covers, she got to see pretty much everything and would stand in the doorway masturbating as he ate or fucked me (or occasionally as I sucked him, but I didn’t like doing that as much back then). Sometimes she would cum while watching us and other times she would go back to her room and use a brush or other item to fuck her cunt with or pretend she was sucking Mike’s cock. As the years went by, she had sex but always had the fantasy of fucking Mike, so when the chances to have him eat her and then fuck her finally appeared, she ended up taking them and the fact that I was watching (and partially helping) wasn’t really her main concern.

We were quite surprised that Sue had told Josie so much about our little secret (although in hindsight we figured that it was only fair as Lis and Lucy knew about most of the things we got up to). One evening when Sue was telling us what she had been telling Josie the previous night, she asked me if I thought it was time to let them know about our time in the hotel. I had almost forgotten about it (consciously at least), but as soon as Sue mentioned it I felt myself blushing and we had no option but to tell Mike and Jen the details. (This was back in December when Sue and I went to the sex party together while Mike stayed at home with Jen as she couldn’t participate.. The morning following the party Sue and I ended up humping against and fingering each other to orgasm and then each had a little kiss of each other’s pussy.) Needless to say, Mike and Jen were rather surprised that we had ’finally’ eaten each other (and we had to point out that we’d only kissed pussies for 15-20 seconds so it wasn’t really eating). They were even more surprised that we’d taken this long to tell them and Sue said that now Josie knew a lot of our secrets, she felt that Mike and Jen should know the final one (although she agreed that it probably wasn’t a good idea to tell that one to Josie just yet).

The next time we chatted to Joise, the conversation was a little more awkward – she didn’t mention what she had been told, but she knew that we knew she knew. She and Sue had been planning on coming up to visit us – initially just so we could actually meet her and spend some time getting to know her (in the innocent sense) and we now had no idea how things would be if we actually met her so we didn’t mention the visit.

Over the next few days, I was forced to describe every detail of what Sue and I had gotten up to, over and over again. Jen actually credits the thoughts of Sue and me actually fucking each other as at least being partially responsible for her increased libido and it certainly worked wonders in making Mike and Jen both want to fuck me repeatedly. I was also encouraged to fantasise about really fucking Sue and describe what it would be like to have a ‘proper’ threesome with her. We went a step further than this and I was made to perform with Mike over a Skype call to Sue (one night when Josie wasn’t there). It was initially quite embarrassing having Sue hear me describe how I would eat her (we’ve done this before for Mike and Jen, but it felt a little different this time), but by the time I came I no longer cared. Sue seemed to enjoy the session as well and happily masturbated for Jen but we made it clear that while we could give them the occasional fantasy session, we still didn’t intend to go down on each other.

The second thing that happened in March was a new person starting at Mike’s work – a Latvian girl called Ineta. The one good thing about being so far being in writing things up is that I have the benefit of hindsight so know that this meeting was important. She was introduced to Mike as she was known to be bi and with him in the situation he is with Jen and me she thought she would be able to talk to him. In a previous job she had been teased for her sexuality so she found it reassuring to be able to talk to a guy without him just being interested in the thought of seeing her with another woman (she obviously didn’t get to know Mike properly for a little while!). They became friends and she found out more about our situation and in April came round for dinner to meet Jen and me. At this point everything was still innocent so there isn’t any more to mention, but it probably doesn’t take too much to figure out that things didn’t stay innocent…

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