Thursday, 1 January 2015

Providing relief for Susan – Part 3

Alistair quickly gathered up a few things and we all walked down to his car together. As a dare, Jen carried our coats and we went down with just our shoes on. It was a little cold (especially as our skin was somewhat damp) but Alistair put a towel in the back and we said our goodbyes and jumped in to the car. Mike headed off with Jen while we drove the short distance to Alistair’s house. I pointed out to Susan the similarity between our current situation and Bang Bus videos – two naked girls driving through a town and she played along with this. We kissed and fondled each other (mostly just breasts as Susan’s pussy was also feeling rather tender). It was only when we arrived at Alistair’s house that we realised that Jen still had our coats and we had to make a naked dash from the car to the house.

He didn’t mind us showering before heading off to bed (and I assume he would have asked us to do it if we hadn’t asked first). The shower gave Susan and I some time alone to plan what we wanted to do and we each offered to let him fuck us so the other could rest. In the end, we decided that we would just share him and see what happened, although we agreed that we’d only do things once that night and give him his proper reward in the morning. He was actually quite considerate and understood that we didn’t have much left in us – although he did still fuck Susan from behind while I lapped at her clit and then kissed her.

On the Sunday morning I would have sucked him awake, but that doesn’t work too well when you’re using protection so I just crawled out of bed, moved a chair up beside the bed and sat masturbating, getting steadily louder until Alistair and Susan woke up. He said that it was a nice view to wake up to and as he watched, Susan stroked him to attention and applied a condom. Once this was on, it was open season and the two of us licked and sucked his cock and then took turns riding him. As he’d cum in Susan the previous night, I got to have him cum in me, but instead of having Susan licking my clit, I got her to sit over my face and I put on a show of eating her.

Over breakfast, Susan and I teased each other some more and we finished off by eating ice cream out of each other and me then fucking Susan with a banana. We obviously needed to shower after this and Alistair joined us in the shower, but unfortunately we couldn’t do anything with him until we’d gotten out (condoms and water don’t always work too well). He was more than hard enough to fuck us again by this point, although we made extra sure by giving his cock a double licking and then he took Susan from behind as she leant over the edge of the bed and ate me. I wasn’t too surprised when Alistair asked Susan if he could fuck her ass and told her that I’d switch with her if she wanted but she told us that she was fine with it and to go ahead. As she was going to do this, I told her that we should switch round so I could at least 69 with her and eat her and both she and Alistair thought this was a good idea so I quickly crawled under her and we ate each other. The thing I like best about this position is having full access to the girl’s pussy (and having her eating me) while also having an excellent view as the guy’s cock slides (or slams) in and out of the girl’s ass. I reached back to fondle Alistair’s balls (which he really liked) and after we’d fucked like this for a while I felt Susan press a couple of fingers against my ass. I’ll admit that I had considered reaching down and doing this myself, but as my hands were busy with Alistair and Susan I just hadn’t gotten around to it. She rubbed some of her saliva and my juices over my ass and pushed in to me, fucking my ass roughly in time with Alistair’s pumps in to her ass. Alistair came first but he stayed buried in Susan until I made her cum and he pulled out to watch her finish me off. With Susan on top he probably couldn’t see too much, but I didn’t really care (I’d got my exhibitionist kick the previous night) and was mostly just enjoying having someone as wanton as Susan pleasuring me. I let out a series of ‘fuck, fuck, fuck…’s as I came and then gave Susan’s pussy a few final big licks before letting her roll off of me.

We had to get in to the store and as neither Susan nor I had any clothes with us (other than shoes and socks), we each had to borrow a t-shirt from Alistair. As he drove in to town we once again made use of the fact we were (practically) naked in the back of a car and we briefly went down on each other. The walk to the shop was fairly interesting – fortunately Alistair got to park quite close so we didn’t have to walk too far through town – not that I didn’t enjoy being so obviously underdressed, but I usually plan things out to minimise the chance of being arrested (although when I realised that we weren’t actually indecently dressed I enjoyed the walk a lot more).

The shop was quite cold when we first arrived so Susan and I huddled in front of the heater while it warmed up and quietly discussed the previous night’s events. Susan was very happy with having been given such a wonderful chance to enjoy herself and I pointed out that we were standing in an empty sex shop so if she had the stamina for it then she could always enjoy herself some more. This was the time where I had to concede that while my libido can generally best Julia’s, I couldn’t outdo Susan. She asked what I had in mind and I told her to go and sit up on the counter. I pulled her legs apart and began stroking her pussy, then slipped a couple of fingers in and felt around for her g-spot. Alistair came out from the back and saw what we were doing and asked if he should lock the door but I told him that the risk of being caught made it more exciting. I pushed Susan’s t-shirt up to expose her breasts and sucked on her nips as I fingered her and then got her to lie down on the counter so I could eat her. I got Susan to pull her t-shirt off completely and for fairness I did the same with mine.

We heard the outer door open and Susan tried to sit up but I took a chance and pushed her body down. My chance paid off and it was Mike and Jen (although I did look back at the door to check) so I just kept eating Susan. They made a comment about us starting early but I quickly felt Jen’s hands on my back and then roaming over my ass, breasts, thighs and pussy. It wasn’t difficult to get Susan off but I thought that we should make proper use of the shop and asked Alistair if he could open a little later than usual. He agreed to this (I don’t think first thing on a Sunday is exactly his busy time anyway) so locked the door and I got Susan to bend over in various places in the shop so I could lick of finger her. She didn’t just take what I was giving her and I received a fair bit of fondling as well and to finish we 69ed on the floor (lying on some coats) between the counter and the door, fingering and eating each other until we had both cum.

Mike offered us both to Alistair but he said that he had already fucked us both that morning and didn’t think he could cum again. This didn’t mean that Mike and Jen couldn’t do things with us though and we found out that they had just teased each other that morning instead of having their usual session. Mike had been gently fondling Jen while watching Susan and I play with each other and her pussy was already dripping wet (literally – there were a number of drops on the floor and on her thighs). It wasn’t fair to deny Susan so I wiped my hand over Jen’s pussy and rubbed the juices over Susan’s face and then let her suck my fingers clean. Mike slipped his cock in to Jen and then got Susan to bend over so he could fuck her (with a little break in the middle for him to eat her). As he did this, I went down on Jen and really enjoyed her pussy being so wet (not as much as Mike does, but it was good to see her sexual appetite returning to earlier levels). Mike gave Susan a long, hard pounding, right through her orgasm. He played with her breasts and clit some more but instead of making her cum a second time he got her to lie on the floor (once again on a coat) and pumped in her until he we just about to cum. He told her to hold her pussy open, pulled out and sprayed his cum over the front of her body and made sure to get some over and in her cunt. She then sucked his cock clean and remained lying on the floor as she rubbed his cum over her body.

I finished off with Jen and as she straightened herself out, Mike handed some clothes to Susan and I. While they were a step up from just the t-shirts we’d worn earlier, they weren’t much better and were obviously meant to make us look like we’d been out and were on the walk of shame back home (which admittedly we were – although I don’t think either of us were actually ashamed about what we’d done). Susan had a very short and tight pair of shorts on that Jen usually wears opaque tights underneath, but Susan was just given a pair of thigh-high socks to go with them. I was given the choice of having opaque tights or a short mini-skirt (the kind I very rarely wear as I prefer flippy skirts). I went with the skirt and once we both had our bottom halves covered wen were each given our tops. Susan was given a vest top (without a bra) and I was given a white thin top. I did get a bra to go with my top, but it was one of my bras that leave my nipples quite exposed so I felt somewhat less covered that Susan was.

Alistair thanked us for putting on the show (and for fucking him) and we thanked him for letting us have fun. Instead of heading straight home we had to go out for breakfast (despite the fact that Susan and I had already eaten) and I noticed that we got a fair number of looks from guys as we sat there. By the time we left, we had filled Mike and Jen in on our time with Alistair and we headed back to the house to let Susan get her things packed up to head home. Of course she wasn’t allowed to go without being given a proper send-off and she was ‘forced’ to share a long double-ended dildo with Jen while Mike and I helped out by playing with their clits and breasts. We specifically made sure that Susan got to cum first and she then had to sit in front of Jen who sat on a chair. Susan was given the job of finishing Jen off (fingers only) and catch any liquid that came from Jen’s pussy with her body. While it would have been better if Jen had squirted, we didn’t get to witness this treat and Susan just ended up with a number of drips on her body. At our instruction, she rubbed this in to her skin and I added what I could by humping against her breasts and face, telling her to take our combined juices home with her and to taste us from her body later on that night when she played with herself (which was a given – like me, Susan will masturbate any night when she doesn’t have someone else around to pleasure her).

On the way to the station we suggested that she could try to meet up with some old school friends and that she would certainly be able to get a couple of the guys to fuck her (maybe not at the same time, so it wouldn’t be quite like at Uni) and Susan said that if she was looking to fuck her school friends, that she would much prefer for it to be some of her female friends (especially the girls she used to fantasies about while growing up). As her parents know that she is gay (which they have accepted but may not be entirely happy about) then I couldn’t see any issue wither trying to hook up with a girl, but she explained that she just didn’t think they would like the idea of her doing things with *anyone* while at home.

We told her that she was welcome to come back for another visit if she needed more relief (although we couldn’t promise getting another sex-show arranged without the proper notice) and she thanked us but said she really had to get some studying done for exams. At the station, each of Mike Jen and me got to fondle Susan under her skirt (using her coat to shield what we were doing) but we left it up to Jen to be the one to make Susan cum. She was given the task of cumming again on the way home and later reported to us that she had managed this – even texting us a picture of her openly fingering her pussy on the train. She got extra points for this (although still missed out on the star prize by not letting someone ‘accidentally’ see her pussy) and we promised that she would be rewarded the next time we saw her.

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