Friday, 27 February 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 1

The weekend following the trip to York for the sex party we all headed down to Jen’s old Uni to catch up with everyone. Things were getting rather hectic as I had been asked back to visit (and play with) Oscar and Vicky, which had been really tempting – plus Mike wanted to encourage the visits in the hope he could get to fuck his precious Vicky again. Sue also really wanted us to meet Josie properly and we had promised her that we would do so the following week, but as it was now more difficult for Jen to travel she wanted to go down and see people (possibly for the last time) before a number of them graduated.

As much as Mike wanted to get Vicky back (or back inside Vicky), he was even happier to be getting a chance to see Lisa again. They had Skyped a number of times (almost every weeknight) since Lisa’s last visit and things had developed between them even further. They had obviously masturbated for each other, but Mike had also encouraged Lisa to play with herselfin front of the group while he watched they hooked the laptop up to the TV so everyone could see us and to make things fair, we played along as well. Mike got Abrahii to go down on Lisa in his place and he would have asked one of the guys to fuck her while he fucked me but Lisa had told him that while she didn’t mind him being with other girls that she had decided she wouldn’t let any other guys do things with her while they were dating (or at the very least when Mike wasn’t around to join in). Lisa was happy to continue her relationship with Amber (and had Mike’s blessing around this – especially as Amber would sometimes help out with the private chat sessions) so everything was going well in terms of the long distance relationship. Lisa had even told her parents that she was dating an older guy (although she hadn’t explained the situation fully to them as she was sure it would have blown their minds).

Lis and Lucy almost came down to visit everyone as well, but Lucy had to work and even though we tried to convince Lis to come by herself, she said that she needed a quiet weekend to rest anyway (and they get to see the gang more frequently than we do anyway). Mike, Jen and I got a hotel room as Jen wanted a good bed to sleep on. Once we had dropped our things off we headed out to find the others and after a while longer headed back to Richard and James’ place. The usual games ensued with Susan happily performing and letting anyone use her to satisfy themselves. I may have joined in with this as it seemed unfair for her to have to do all the work and we were told that we should just spend a night continually fucking each other to see who would give up first.

Mike took Lisa upstairs and they spent a while making out and then getting more serious. Mike went down on Lisa and ate her for a prolonged time before letting her cum and they then fucked. I interrupted them to ask if Mike would mind staying with Jen that night as I had been offered the third place in Richard and James’ bed (it’s only a double, but we manage to all fit) while Abrahii went off with Susan. Lisa was quite disappointed that she wasn’t going to get to spend the night with Mike and he told her that she was welcome to join him and Jen at the hotel but she wanted him to herself. He promised that he could spend the whole of Saturday with her to make up for it and this seemed to appease her (although he had been planning on doing this anyway). They kept fucking for quite a while longer and then lay together with Mike still buried inside her as he went soft and then finally came down to join the rest of us.

Jen was getting tired so Mike said he would take her back to the hotel. He said his goodbyes to Lisa and promised her his undivided attention the next day and told her to stay in bed until he came to get her. He suggested that she could take Amber home with her (and even said that they could get her to leave as soon as he showed up, which I think is a real sign he loves her as he wouldn’t easily turn down the chance for a threesome with two teenagers). Lisa said she would prefer to wait for him alone and as they kissed, Mike slid hid hands back under her skirt and caressed her pussy lips with his fingers, telling her how wet and slick they felt. She told him that it was all his fault (and to be fair, some of the wetness was due to his cum). Jen slipped a hand under Lisa’s skirt and caressed her ass, then pushed a couple of fingers in to Lisa’s pussy and told her that she would return Mike to her the next morning and that she just wanted him to look after her for the night. Lisa couldn’t really argue with Jen and gave the bump a few rubs before waving goodbye to them.

When we went back in to the living room I got Lisa to sit next to me and got her to describe what she and Mike had done upstairs. I pulled her legs apart and told her I wanted to see how well she had shaved herself in preparation for his visit and then pushed my head between her legs so I could sample her pussy. Abrahii commented on how I was lucky to be allowed to do things with Lisa as she had stopped fooling around with everyone since Mike had stolen her away from the group. I told Abrahii that what was Mike’s was mine so I was allowed to fuck her and then kissed Lisa and whispered in her ear how she was family now so she would have to get used to all of us making her feel good. She kissed me back and I pushed a couple of fingers in to her cunt and played with her. I would have preferred to finish her off with my tongue, but she held my head in place so I just fingered her until she came. Once she had caught her breath she offered to make me cum but as people were beginning to head off I told her that I had two cocks waiting to satisfy me so she could consider what I’d just done as a freebie.

On arriving back at the hotel Mike went down on Jen and assured her that he didn’t mind being torn away from his new girlfriend. He then spooned inside her, initially intending to just fall asleep like this, but Jen’s pregnancy-enhanced horniness meant that she started pushing back against his cock. Mike cupped one of her breasts and whispered to her, asking if she wanted him to fuck her and she pushed his hand to her clit and told him to make her cum. He asked her if he could save his cum for Lisa and Jen teased him and threatened to milk him dry, making him cum time and time again so he wouldn’t have anything to give to Lisa, but then told him that as long as she had him inside her, his arms around her and (most importantly) that she came, she didn’t mind if he didn’t cum. Mike fucked and frigged her while gently biting her shoulder and neck and Jen got wet enough that her pussy made wonderful slurping sounds each time Mike thrust in to and then pulled out of her. He kept Jen at her ‘mewing’ stage (close to cumming) for a while before letting her cum and she then got the real benefit of him not cumming, the fact that he could stay hard and gently move in her for ages after she came. He stayed hard and buried in her until she fell asleep and then set his alarm so he could get up early. On the Saturday morning he ate Jen awake and ordered her room service for breakfast before showering and disappearing off to see Lisa.

My Friday night went quite well and I helped Richard and James clear up a bit, but delayed things by occasionally accosting one of them and caressing their cocks. When we finally made it to bed Richard tried to go down on me but I held on to both of their cocks and got them to lie beside each other so I could suck them both at once. I then told them I wanted them to both fuck me at once and Richard asked James which hole he wanted so I had to clarify that I wanted them both in my cunt. They were up for trying this so while Richard fetched the lube I sat with my legs spread and worked three and then four fingers in to myself to help prepare and then watched as Richard and James lubed each other up. James then lay on his back and I mounted him and Richard knelt behind me. I got James to spread my ass and then reach down to my pussy lips and pull them apart and felt Richard press his cock against my cunt. He reached down to help spread me and I pushed back against him until the head popped in – it was a little sore at first, but only briefly and as he worked more of his cock in to me it felt much better (even though I could feel my pussy stretching). Once he was all the way inside, he and James started moving and said that it felt amazing as their cocks rubbed against each other. I kissed James deeply as they fucked me and Richard tried to get a hand to my clit to frig me but wasn’t too effective. I told them to just enjoy themselves and described how much I wanted to have them both cum in me and how good it would felt as they moved against each other with their combined cum being smeared over their cocks. They both liked the sound of this and as they continued fucking me I teased James about how a cunt was a perfect masturbation device, even for gay guys (and he agreed).

The feeling of my cunt around him and Richard’s cock rubbing against his was too much for him and James came first. He said it was too intense for him to keep moving in me, but he stayed inside and let Richard keep going. With James lying still it was easier for Richard to frig me and as James’ cum began to leak out Richard’s fingers quickly rubbed it over my clit. I told Richard to hold back just a bit so I could catch up and got James to describe what he could feel to help me along. I told him how I loved the feeling of his cum leaking out of me while knowing that a second load was about to be added and asked James if he would eat the mixture of cum out of me once Richard finished. He said he would as long as I allowed him to fuck my ass afterwards and I told him they could both use me as much as they wanted as I had been looking forward to being their toy for weeks. Richard told me he was getting close and I kissed James while concentrating on my approaching orgasm. I didn’t quite managed to catch up, but Richard kept his cock pressed hard in to me and kept frigging me after he came, until I moaned in to James’ mouth and then told him he probably had quite a mess to clear up.

As promised, James lapped away at my pussy and once he’d done enough to stem the leaking boy-cum I took him in my mouth again and sucked him until he was hard. I told him he could fuck me however he wanted but he said that now he’d cum he wasn’t really up for another full session. I wasn’t prepared for this so kept licking and stroking his cock, telling him that I was sure I could make him cum again, even if it was just in my mouth. He said he would fuck my ass in the morning if I just let him cum in my mouth and while some people might think that it this wasn’t fair, I was quite happy to service him and carried on licking, sucking, stroking and kissing his cock until he said he was almost there. I gave him the choice of cumming over my face or in my mouth and he opted for mouth so I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around his glans until he let out a moan and I felt a few squirts of salty cum in my mouth. I gently sucked up and down the length of his cock – trying to avoid contact with the head and let most of his cum leak out of my mouth.

Richard had enjoyed watching me blow his boyfriend and asked if I would do the same for him. I told him that he’d have to eat me as well (which was only fair as James had done this) so I was told to sit on Richard’s face and we 69ed. This isn’t the most convenient position to suck a guy in so I got James to help out and we double teamed Richard’s cock, sometimes taking turns at sucking him and sometimes licking him together. Richard ate me properly and I promised him an enthusiastic fuck in the morning if he managed to get me off before he came. He managed to achieve this and as an additional reward I climbed off of him and got him to sit at the edge of the bed while James and I knelt on the floor and finished sucking him. In this position we could let him cum while both of us licked the head of his cock and I felt a few jets of cum squirt out over our cheeks (James and I were cheek to cheek as we licked Richard).

In the morning I sucked them both to get them hard and then gave Richard the energetic fuck I had promised him, riding him hard and telling him loudly to fuck me. He played with my clit as I did this but I still got him to cum before I did, not that I minded as I just lifted myself off of Richard’s cock and planted myself on James’ one and told him to use me. He reminded me I had promised him my ass so I asked how he wanted to do it and suggested that I just ride him the way I was intending to. James didn’t care as long as he got to fuck my ass so raised myself up and was going to impale myself on his ass when Richard said I needed some lube. I told him that I didn’t always use lube but was scolded for this so waited for Richard to cover James’ cock in lube and then got James to hold his cock still while I pressed down on it. I felt him fill my ass and once he was the whole way in I leant back a little and started moving up and down. I found out that they did this with Abrahii from time to time and as I rode James, Richard leant over and fingered my cunt. I encouraged James to join in too and told him that he had to make sure he helped to take care of Abrahii and not just leave it to Richard (although the fact that James will fuck and eat Abrahii at all is pretty good for someone who is ‘gay’). Once James started playing with my pussy, Richard used one hand on my clit and the other to caress my breasts and I told them it felt amazing. I especially liked the fact that my pussy was so visible and told James that I wanted to feel his hot cum filling my ass, but that I wanted to cum before he did. This wasn’t too difficult as I’d already been fucked and I was now being stimulated so much that my orgasm rapidly built and I was quite loud as I came. I kept humping up and down on James’ cock until he said he was close and then let him hump in to me while I stayed relatively still.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 3

Kiyomi and Miyako each made Sara cum and I got to see her second orgasm as I stood and gently rubbed my pussy, feeling Neil’s and the mystery cock’s cum dripping out of me. I was quite tempted to sit over Kiyomi or Miyako when they finished with Sara and get them to eat me clean, but I thought they’d done a pretty good job with Sara so decided to leave it until later to tease them. I was still feeling quite greedy though and went off to see what other action I could find. Clare and Giles had finished their first sessions and I told Giles that I still had to make up for having teased him for a lot of the day. I told him that he could fuck my ass if he could get Clare to eat me at the same time (assuming this wouldn’t be a problem) and a few minutes later Clare and I were kneeling on the floor on either side of his cock and licking him to erection (okay, so he was already hard – we were mostly just applying saliva to get him ready to slide in to me. I got Giles to sit back on the sofa and knelt over his cock as he applied some real lube. I spread my cheeks and he pushed a couple of fingers a little way into my ass, working some lube up inside me. He held his cock in place and I lowered myself on to it, feeling the head push against my ass and then slide in to me. I slide down a fair way and then started bobbing up and down. I spread my lips and asked Clare to eat me and she buried her face in my cunt and got to work. It felt really good and I decided I wanted to be a bit more exposed so I tore at my t-shirt, turning more of the cuts in to tears until the front was in tatters. Giles joined in and did the same to the back. It would have been much easier to just remove it, but I liked the torn look and I ripped at my stockings as well, putting a few large tears in them. Giles reached round to fondle my breasts and I leant back a little to make it easier for Clare to eat me (and for other people to watch).

Clare discovered the cum in me as she ate me (most of it had dripped out, but there was still some) although this didn’t stop her eating me. Giles definitely enjoyed fucking my ass and I had to tell him to hold back until I was a bit closer, but I let him cum before I did with the condition that he remained inside me. I was a fair bit more vocal than I needed to be when I came and when Clare pulled away from me I could see boy-cum smeared over her face and chin. I told her she needed a reward and dragged her in to the kitchen, got her to sit up on the counter (she was a bit nervous about being this exposed as it made her a focus of attention). I then went down on her briefly and then used a bottle (just a beer bottle) to fuck her while sucking on her nipples and playing with her clit. I remembered the last time I’d had this done to me (although there were two bottles involved in my case) and pumped the bottle in to her harder as her body became more flushed. When she had finished cumming, I pulled the bottle out, sucked it clean and briefly kitty kissed her before helping her down. I even got her to agree to have a proper session with Sara before the night was out.

I had a little break and watched a couple of other couples playing. At one point I used my own beer bottle to play with myself, but as it was still half full I had to be careful (beer in pussy isn’t good – or not in the medium term anyway). I had really enjoyed my mystery fuck earlier and made a suggestion that we set up a glory hole. A few people thought this was a good idea but went one better and strung up a sheet, then cut three holes in it at cock height along the length of the sheet. The girls all hid in the kitchen and three of us came out and stood behind the holes and three of the guys poked their cocks through. I turned around and guided my guy’s cock in to my cunt and rocked back and forth against it, Laura sucked her guy’s cock and Hannah sucked Bennett’s cock (as the only black guy at the party it was quite easy to identify his, although to be fair, I was quite sure I had Craig’s cock inside me and that Laura was sucking Brett). Craig ended up grabbing my ass through the sheet and pumping in to me faster until he came while Laura and Hannah finished their guys off with their mouths. Three more girls took our places (Miyako, Clare and Simone) and the three of us who had just been used went round to try and identify the people who we’d made cum and then watched as Michael, Gareth and Scott fucked the new mystery girls. This was quite successful up to a point but as the sheet hadn’t been attached well enough it fell down. Once everyone had disentangled themselves from the sheet, they carried on their session – but now obviously knew who they were paired with.

I still needed my kitchen fuck and as I hadn’t had Bennett’s nice cock inside me yet that evening I spent a while kneeling in front of him and treating it like a lollypop. He asked me to use my breasts on his cock and I happily did this with the understanding that he was going to slide it in to my cunt and fuck me until I came. I got him nice and hard and reminded him that we would still have to select a girl to be given ‘special treatment’ and that he would have to make sure he could get hard enough again to at least partially fuck her. He promised me that if he got to watch a number of girls playing with her that he would get hard again and fuck whoever we selected so I carried on licking, kissing and stroking his cock and balls as well as rubbing it between my breasts and back and forth over my neck. I then led him by the cock in to the kitchen and leant against the counter as he fucked me. When we started, even though I was feeling quite horny, I didn’t really care too much whether I came (as I knew I intended to fuck whichever girl we selected - and get her to eat me) but almost as soon as Bennett’s cock slipped in to me I knew that I wanted him to fuck me properly. Ideally I would have loved to have him full me with his cum, but at that late point in the evening we’re lucky to get more than a couple of drops. I saw Sara in the living room and was about to call her over to help, and ask if she would mind licking me but then remembered I was going home with her so we’d have the Sunday morning to play. Instead I just asked Bennett to use a thumb to rub my ass and felt him push the end in to me. I reached down to play with my clit and thrust back against him, telling him how much I loved the feeling of his big black cock filling my cunt (he’s got the largest cock out of the current group at the party, but not by a huge amount – and size really isn’t everything). He lasted quite a while as he’d already cum a few times so I got to cum, rest and then get a good way towards cumming again before he came in me. I let him stay inside me for a while and I squeezed myself around him (which he loved) and continued to talk dirty to him, telling him how I wanted to see him pound our target for the evening and give her a screaming orgasm.

It was way past the time we should have selected who would get a final round of group fucking but after just a quick run through who had already received this pleasure, the choice was fairly easy. As Sara is mostly gay, she was out (although I quite liked the idea of seeing her be fucked by guy after guy), Simone was too new a recruit and we might scare her off, Melissa was an option, but the obvious choice was Laura. Lots of the guys worship her as she was the one who originally started the girl-girl action at the parties so I knew there wouldn’t be any objection from the crowd and I got Sara to help me push Laura down on to the sofa, pull off her clothes and get thing started. We rolled Laura on to her side and I ate her cunt while Sara lapped at her ass. Once I announced that we wanted everyone to help make her cum, the guys gathered round and let her take turns at sucking their cocks to help them get hard again and as soon as we moved Laura on to the floor we got the girls to take turns sitting over her face and being eaten while the guys fucked her. The tradition was now sufficiently ingrained in the parties that none of the girls objected to going down on Laura, although some still did this a little less enthusiastically, and we ate, fucked and fingered her to three (or possibly four) more orgasms until she was a sweaty, sticky panting mess. I managed to get her to eat me until I came (as I’d hoped) and Sara got the same treatment from her. I thought she was going to make Clare cum as well, but Clare pulled away before she came (she later said she had cum more than enough for one night – which is a feeling I rarely have since we reduced the frequency of visits to Jen’s old Uni and the gang there).

Simone and Melissa were put on warning that they would be given the group treatment at a future date, although under the party rules they could always refuse, but then that wouldn’t be as much fun. Sara and I gave Laura a few final licks and we threatened to team up on her to try and make her cum one last time but didn’t follow through on the threat. We did get Laura to leave her clothes at the house (she went back to get them on the Sunday) and just wear her coat to walk home and as I unusually still had my ‘clothes’ on at the end of the party (even though the t-shirt was now in shreds and my stockings were rather ripped) I didn’t bother doing my coat up for the walk back to Sara’s place (although I did hold my coat shut a few times when we walked past other people). Sara and I didn’t do anything that night (other than a little kissing and fondling) as we were both quite tired, but I promised her she would get the full treatment in the morning. I made good on this promise and ate her awake and after she had gone down on me I got her to stand looking out the window while I used a vibe in her pussy and swirled my tongue around her ass. I speared her a number of times as she got close to cumming and she pressed her chest up against the glass, saying she loved the cold against her nips (which had the additional benefit of helping get them hard so I could suck on them when we returned to her bed).

We told each other about what we had gotten up to at the party and gently teased each other. I knew that I had to go and fetch the clothes I had left round at Clare’s place and Sara suggested that we could meet up for brunch with Clare and Giles first and then fetch them so I sent a text and we dived in the shower together to freshen up. I packed Clare’s t-shirt and we set off to the cafĂ©. Over lunch I got Sara to display the fact that she was naked under her dress (or at least that she didn’t have panties on –I told Giles he might have to wait for proof that she didn’t have a bra on). As Sara came back to Clare’s place with us, Giles got his chance and she didn’t even object when I started to unbutton her dress in the middle of Clare’s kitchen. Clare took us to her room and submitted to Sara’s tongue, at first on her crotch through her clothes but then directly on her pussy. Giles didn’t need any encouragement to get undressed and he helped me out of my clothes. I asked Sara if she wanted them both and then gave Giles’ cock a messy suck and Sara’s pussy a few licks before guiding him in to her (I’m sure he could have found the way by himself but it was nice to help bring friends together). I warned Giles that he would have to fuck me as well as Sara so if he thought he could only cum once that I wanted him inside me for a while but that he could cum in Sara (assuming she wanted this). He assured me he could take us both so I concentrated on helping Sara out by kissing and fondling Clare. As Clare’s mouth was available I decided to get her to lick me and ended up getting a bit more carried away than I had intended (although she was going a good job of eating me). I humped back and forth against her face as he tongue slipped between my lips and flicked over my clit and once it was obvious that I was going to cum I promised her that I’d return the favour. Clare actually came before I did, but she carried on licking me and I lifted my breasts up so I could lick my nipples and help tease Giles who was still fucking Sara from behind. I told him to rub her asshole with his thumb and he did this while she played with her clit. Sara came quite quickly from this point and I was quite impressed that Giles had lasted so long, but he came in Sara fairly soon after she came.

Sara lay on the bed with her legs spread and we watched as Giles’ cum leaked out of her. I roped Clare in to kissing Giles’ cock with me and we made sure he was thoroughly cleaned. Clare then had a few licks of Sara’s pussy and I suggested that Sara crouch over Clare’s face to return Giles’ cum and while she was in this position I and Giles took turns licking around Sara’s ass. As usual Sara really enjoyed this but she wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum again so we had a quick break and got Sara to give us some pointers on anal play. Clare and I were the targets for this and as Sara demonstrated on one of us, Giles had to copy her using the other person. This felt really nice and once they started also playing with our pussies (fingering and frigging) it felt even better. Giles enjoyed it sufficiently that he said he couldn’t wait any longer so I told him to slide in to me. He started off by taking me from behind but then Sara got him to lie on the bed so I could mount him and she could lick at my ass as we fucked. I told her to sit over Giles’ face so we could eat her but she was enjoying what she was doing – fortunately we still had Clare so she climbed over his face and he ate her while I took her ass (which she felt was sufficient payment for having eaten me earlier). Sara had to move away when things sped up a bit, but she sat and gently played with herself while watching the three of us and once we had all cum, we pounced on Sara and told her it was her turn.

We tried a triple fingering (each of us using a finger in her pussy) and taking turns rubbing fingers over her ass. We then tried having Giles inside her, gently moving while Clare rubbed her clit and ass and I sat over her face. To finish with though we went with her favourite and I 69ed with Sara while Clare lapped at her ass. This was enough to get Giles hard again, although not quite hard enough to slide in to me or Clare. Once we’d got Sara off I let Giles use my breasts to masturbate with and I got Sara and Clare to add some of their pussy juice to help lubricate things. He loved the way this felt, but couldn’t cum again, even with me begging him to add his cum to the sticky mess between my breasts.

With our games finished, I returned Clare’s t-shirt to her and dared her to wear it somewhere (she didn’t). After quietly asking Sara how she felt about the idea I also suggested that she could join Clare and Giles more often and they all felt this could be fun. From the reports I’ve had, this has now happened a number of times and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Mike is obviously a little jealous of Giles as Sara was meant to be (one of) his little lesbian(s), but we told him he was just being greedy as he has more than enough women to keep him occupied.

On my train journey home I managed to let the guy opposite get a number of long views up my skirt to my bare pussy. I assume that the scent of Sara and Clare’s pussy juice was an additional turn on for him and a couple of times I spread my legs fairly wide and just concentrated on the feeling of his gaze on my cunt (while pretending that I was oblivious to what I was showing him). I very nearly masturbated for him (or at least offered to) but managed to hold on until I got home and had a quick shower before pouncing on the ever horny Jen (even though Mike had done a fairly good job of keeping her satisfied over the weekend, sometimes only pussy will do).

Saturday, 21 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 2

Sara obviously didn’t mind that Clare was present (and as they’ve fooled around together a number of times this made sense) so I told Sara to go get some hot water and asked Clare to come with us to help carry the other bits. I told Clare that I would have happily done her pussy as well, but I knew from our earlier session that she had taken care of herself. Sara lay back on her bed and I placed a hot flannel over her pussy and then lathered her up a minute or so later on. The three of us chatted as I shaved Sara and Clare said that she sometimes waxed, but now Giles (and others) went down on her more often she shaves more frequently to keep the stubble to a minimum. Sara wanted to keep a little patch of hair on her mons so I shaved around this. It was actually very short hair as she had only been growing it for a few weeks and I told her that I was considering growing a little patch back as well (as long as my lips are shaved clean Mike and Jen don’t mind what I do with my mons – although Mike does like the completely shaved look). I described how Jen and I would gently tug on each other’s pubic hair as a way of teasing each other during foreplay and Clare thought this sounded painful (it isn’t – we only pulled gently). I suggested that she grow back a little patch of hair as well as it can look quite cute and added that people seem to like seeing girls with blonde (or not black) pubic hair – and I know that Mike certainly thinks that Sara’s little red patch looks cute.

I finished off Sara’s lips, rinsed her off and instinctively gave her a few licks to check for any spots I’d missed. As we had a bit of time I had a gentle play with Sara’s pussy (she has very cute lips) and got Clare to help out. I can’t actually remember the excuse I used to slip my skirt off, but I ended up on the bed top to tail with Sara and Clare asked us if she wanted her to leave us to it. I told her it would be much more fun if she stayed and joined us and we half-wrestled her on to her back (she didn’t really resist) and between us Sara and I pulled off Clare’s skirt, tights and panties. Sara buried her tongue in Clare’s pussy and I pulled Sara’s body round so I could get between her and Clare so we made a triangle. I reminded them that we should try not to cum as the party wasn’t too far away and we fondled and licked each other for a bit before switching round so I was eating Clare, she was eating Sara and Sara was eating me. When we broke this configuration I asked Sara if we should give Clare an extra little treat and got her to sit over my face so I could eat her while Sara flicked her tongue over Clare’s ass. As this is Sara’s ‘thing’ it was only fair to do the same to her so once we finished with Clare we did the same to Sara with me licking her ass. Sara said I should get the same treatment and I wasn’t going to complain so offered myself up but was surprised to find that Sara went for my pussy – and even more surprised when I felt Clare’s tongue swirling around my ass.

I was left feeling quite tingly and very horny but it was clear that Clare and Sara were in the same boat. It wold have been very easy to break our ‘no cumming’ rule and just have a quick three-way fuck until we’d all cum, but we were well behaved and held back. I suggested that instead if me just staying with Sara and meeting Clare (and Giles) at the party, that we all have dinner together and then head off. Clare headed home to get ready while Sara and I showered together and put on our outfits for the party. I know that some might consider it to be fairly irrelevant as I tend to lose a fair part of whatever I wear quite quickly, but I enjoy the anticipation and the act of getting dressed up. I quizzed Sara as to whether she intended to fuck as many guys this time as she had the last time (and told her that Mike wished he could be there to eat and fuck her – assuming he was allowed to of course). Sara said that she missed having Mike with her and that she wasn’t against doing things with some guys, but that she wanted to concentrate more on girls this time. This naturally led to me fondling her and I dared her to make out with me for the duration of a taxi ride to Clare’s place. Sara accepted this dare and as soon as the door of the taxi was shut (and we’d confirmed where we wanted to go) we started to kiss. We knew it was only a short ride so we progressed quickly and fondled each other’s breasts (through or clothes) and I pushed a hand up Sara’s thighs and under her skirt. When she did the same to me I spread my legs fairly wide to give her better access. I noticed the driver glancing in the mirror at and hoped that we didn’t end up crashing but we made it safely to Clare’s place and headed in to the house.

Over dinner we regaled Giles with a full description of what Clare had done with Sara and me and this (unsurprisingly) got him hard very quickly. We had a little time before we had to set off and I asked Sara if she was up for teasing Giles as one of her few cocks for the night and she was game so I sat up on the table in front of Giles, spread my legs and told him to eat me. As he did this, Sara crawled under the table, undid his trousers and took his cock in her mouth. I then got him to move his chair back a bit and mounted his cock, then got Sara and Clare to each have a turn licking us both. I wanted things to be fair, so they also both got a turn on his cock and were licked by us both and we then gave Giles a three way cock licking session. To finish off (without actually finishing off – we’d made it that far and only had to hold out a little longer) the three of us bend forwards over the table and we let Giles move between us, sampling each of our cunts once more with his cock.

I decided that I wanted to change my outfit but my things were still round at Sara’s place so I asked Clare if she had an old long t-shirt I could borrow (and then clarified that she wouldn’t get it back in a state she could ever use). Clare went up to fetch something and I stripped off, leaving just my stockings on. When she returned I put the t-shirt on to check the length and it came down to just below my ass so I thought it was suitable. I then checked that she didn’t mind if she didn’t get it back, scrunched it up and attacked it randomly with a pair of scissors before scrunching it up in different ways and cutting it a few more times each time. I hadn’t cut many chunks of material out of it, but had put a good number of cuts in and when I put it again it didn’t cover me anywhere near as well as it had previously. The very bottom of the t-shirt hadn’t been cut too much so I got Sara to cut up one side (she cut up to my waist) and told Giles to cut up the other side. He really got the idea of what I wanted and cut up to about the bottom of my breasts. By this point I really couldn’t have gone out with just the t-shirt on, but I had always planned to wear a jacket over it. This did a good enough job of holding the bottom of the t-shirt down that we could walk to the party – although as soon as we got on to the street that the house was on, I removed my jacket and walked the rest of the way with the front and back of the t-shirt flapping from side to side.

A few people had already started playing by the time we arrived (Clare isn’t very good at timekeeping). Michael was making out with Hannah (just at the fingering and handjob stage), Paul was apparently fucking Caroline upstairs and a few other couples were fondling through clothes. Given all the teasing we’d had that day, we were keen to get things started properly, but I first went to find Laura (the party’s original bi-girl) and told her that Sara was looking for some girl-girl action. We agreed to help her out and Laura took first shift, going up to Sara, complimenting her and asking her if she wanted to fuck. They used one of the sofas and were soon kissing, fondling, fingering and licking each other. The guys still seem to appreciate lesbian action at the parties, although now all of the girls tend to participate (to varying degrees) it isn’t such a big deal. From what I know, there are a number of girls who save their ‘experimentation’ for the parties and don’t (or only rarely) do things with other girls outside the parties. I don’t see the point of this – if you are ‘experimenting’ six times a year – and possibly with multiple girls each time – it should be obvious if it is something you enjoy, and if you enjoy it then why not do it more. I know that not everyone enjoys sex as much as I do or is as willing to do whatever they can to cum, but we’re talking about people who are willing to go to orgies, so they’re clearly a lot more adventurous than most.

Anyway, back to the party – I approached Neil and Melissa and told them that Giles, Clare and Sara had been teasing me all day (which was sort of true) so I was ultra horny. I asked Melissa if I could suck Neil and she told me to go ahead so I knelt down, pulled his cock out and took him in my mouth. Neil reached over and fondled Melissa’s breasts through her top so I reached over and slid a hand up her leg. She jumped a little at this touch (she usually only does things with girls after a few drinks) and I said that if I was doing things to her boyfriend, then it was only fair that she get some attention too. Neil agreed with this and pulled Melissa in so he could kiss her so I took the opportunity to move my mouth from his cock to under her skirt and start to kiss her thighs. I kept a hand on Neil’s cock and stroked him as I kissed up higher on Melissa’s legs and she gave in and spread them enough for me to get my lips on her crotch. Her skirt was still mostly over my head but I could see that she had black panties on – fortunately the material was very thin and offered little resistance as I pushed my tongue along her pussy. I used my free hand to pull the crotch of her panties aside and gave her a few proper licks before returning to sucking Neil. I then stood up and kissed him while stroking his cock with one hand and fondling Melissa with the other. Neil’s hand quickly went to my pussy and I told him I wanted to be fucked and suggested we head upstairs.

One of the beds was free and Neil quickly removed his trousers. I told Melissa that I could either finger or eat her (not really giving her the choice of ‘neither’) and as Neil helped her remove her panties I pulled at a couple of the cuts on the front of my t-shirt to make them large enough to expose my breasts. Neil seems to like my nipples and quickly fastened his mouth to one of them while massaging the other. I told Melissa that I’d like to play with her breasts as well so she removed her top and I told Neil I couldn’t wait any more and wanted him to fuck me. The three of us fell on to the bed and as Neil pushed in to me I sucked and fondled Melissa’s nipples while letting my breasts swing back and forth, rubbing my own nips across her abdomen and occasionally reaching down to fondle her pussy. I got Melissa to scooch up the bed a bit so I could get my mouth on to her cunt and told her I wanted her to cum for me. I reached back to stroke my clit as Neil was busy pumping away inside me but didn’t really get myself too far along before he came in me (it’s not that he came that quickly, he had just been fucking me for longer than I had been playing with myself – and my attention was dividing between frigging myself and eating Melissa).

Just because Neil had finished it didn’t mean I was going to let Melissa off and I lay on my back and told her to sit over my face. My intention was to get her to eat me – which I’m fairly sure she would have done, but before she could I felt someone else take a hold of my legs and press their cock against my cunt. I couldn’t see who it was as Melissa’s ass was the only thing I could see and I liked the idea of not knowing. I asked Melissa to rub my clit (which I felt was the least she could do) and soon felt her fingers swirling around it as the mystery cock pumped in to me. I lapped away inside Melissa’s pussy, occasionally brushing my tongue over her clit and used my hands to spread her ass to make it easier to eat her. As I got closer to cumming I ate her faster and concentrated on her clit more, but I still came before she did. I moaned a fair bit as I came and then told her to stop frigging me, but for the guy to keep fucking me. I made Melissa cum before he did, but held her firmly in place over my face and kitty kissed her until the guy had cum and pulled out of me and I kept licking Melissa for another minute or so in order to give the guy time to put his cock away so I wouldn’t know for sure who it was (although I’m fairly sure).

It had been a good start to the party and I went to see how Sara was doing – Laura had finished with her, but had then approached the Japanese twins (they aren’t even sisters, but people have taken to calling them that) and suggested that they could give Sara a special treat. Kiyomi and Miyako have been converted to bisexuality through the parties (and now occasionally do things with each other outside of the parties – although only with encouragement from Corey). It was a little early for them to do things with girls, but Laura took advantage of the fact that Japanese people don’t want to offend or say no and got them to agree to give Sara a good session. I found Sara halfway through her special Asian session and watched jealously as both the girls rubbed up against her, fingered her and took turns eating her and being eaten by her. A number of the guys were watching the three girls playing and as having the three of them working together somewhat skewed the boy-girl ratio I felt it was my duty to help give the guys something to do. Laura was up for this as well and I took Corey’s cock while she took Brett’s. We both knelt and sucked them as they watched the display on the bed. After a while Laura stood up and offered Brett her cunt so they could fuck but I wanted Corey to cum over my face so I just kept sucking him and fondling his balls. Just before he came, he put his hand on the back of my head to hold me in place so I decided to just let him cum in my mouth. I didn’t try to swallow any of his cum and just let it fill up my mouth, but then once he had finished and I was gently sucking him I let the cum dribble out, run down my chin and drip down my front and on to my legs. When I pulled completely away from him I pulled the neck of my t-shirt away from my body and spat the rest of the cum on to my breasts before giving his cock a few more licks.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 1

For the start of term sex party I went down to York by myself, leaving Mike to look after Jen (we were very grateful that she had let us both go to the all-nighter party but had agreed that one of us would stay with her for the parties). Jen had actually considered coming with us as there is no rule that you have to have sex with anyone else (when Mike and I first went we just fucked each other and I enjoyed having other people watch us).

I went straight from work and got there not too late. Sara had offered to let me stay with her but as we always impose on her I said I would stay with Clare and Giles on the Friday night and with her after the party. I went straight from work and got there a bit later than I had wanted. It meant we ended up going straight to bed at Giles’ place but that was fine by me and I immediately got to work to thank them for letting me stay over. I had Giles spoon with Clare while I licked them both. Clare has grown to love this position and I told Giles that I didn’t mind if he came in her, as long as he could fuck me as well (which I think is quite generous of me, letting him cum in his own girlfriend!). Fortunately (for me anyway) Giles wanted to cum in me, but he carried on fucking Clare until we made her cum. She then lay beside us while Giles and I fucked, first with him on top and finishing with me riding him while he played with my clit and fondled my breasts. I know Giles doesn’t generally like continuing once he’s cum so I made sure that I got to cum first and then humped up and down on his cock, squeezing him as hard as I could. I told him I wanted his cum to fill my cunt and for Clare to eat it out of me and this was enough to send him over the edge. I remained on his cock and thanked him, then thanked Clare for letting me fuck him. Giles said he wanted to see Clare eat me clean and I apologised to Clare for suggesting this but said I would eat her in return.

It was only after I was crouched over her in a 69 I thought about how much she had changed from the (relatively) straight-laced girl who had come to the sex parties. Admittedly after the way she was treated at the last party (she received the group fucking) it would be kind of difficult for her to continue to claim and real degree of innocence. I wasn’t really ready to cum again just yet, but I enjoyed the feeling of Clare’s tongue sliding between my lips. As she’d had a while to recover from her previous orgasm I assumed that she would be a bit more willing to cum again so after starting off slowly I worked my way up to eating and fingering her properly. Giles had a few brief looks at what I was doing to Clare, but he seemed more interested in watching what she was doing to me. I felt him spread my ass cheeks a few times and my lips another few times and heard him encourage Clare to lick right up inside me. Being watched so closely had the usual effect on me and I decided that I wouldn’t mind if Clare made me cum. I could have taken the easy option and just told them this, but decided to see how far she would go – given I had my tongue stuck in her cunt and was clearly trying to make her cum. I did slow down what I was doing slightly so Clare didn’t cum too quickly and was pleased when Giles told her to lick my clit more. I thought it would be nice if he pushed his cock in to my ass and fucked me, but he seemed content just watching and giving direction (and occasionally touching me). Once I thought it was obvious that I wanted to cum (I gave Clare a subtle message by humping back and forth against her mouth) I picked up the pace on her pussy again and flicked my tongue over her clit in a similar way to Lis does while using a couple of fingers in her cunt. I added a third and then withdrew it to press against her ass. She flinched the first time I did this, but then accepted it and allowed me to DP her with my fingers while lapping at her clit. I’m still considerably more experienced at pleasuring girls than Clare is so I made her cum first – she briefly stopped doing things to me as she came but when I slid back and forth against her face she started eating me again. I withdrew my fingers and kitty kissed her as my own orgasm built and then just before I came I told them how close I was and how good Clare’s tongue felt.

As my orgasm faded I crawled off Clare and we kissed. I commented on how her little fuck-fest at the previous party had stuck in my mind and she blushed but I told her I had felt really jealous of her and that she had coped incredibly well. Giles lay on the other side of her and we both caressed her body as I described how I remembered the scene – cock after cock sliding in to her cunt, mouth and ass, girls eating and fingering her, her tongue sliding in to cunts and guys cumming over and in her body. By the time I finished she was blushing even more but Giles had obviously enjoyed the description and I asked him if he wanted to spoon with me. He moved around behind me and slipped in to me while Clare and I carried on kissing. I already knew the answer to the question but asked if they had met up with anyone from the parties and Giles told me how they had done things with Neil and Melissa a few weeks ago. The girls had played with each other and both had been spit roasted (with the guy’s cumming in their girlfriends’ mouths and each other’s’ girlfriends’ pussies.

As Giles started moving faster inside me I rolled over so I was half on top of Clare and pushed a leg between hers. Giles knelt up behind me and fucked me while I humped against Clare’s thigh – I couldn’t get any contact with my clit, but it still felt nice and I asked Clare if she minded if her boyfriend emptied his cum in to my cunt again. She said it was okay and I whispered to her that he might want her to eat me clean again so I would have to do the same to her. Clare didn’t think she could cum again and I pointed out that she was grinding her pussy against my leg, but that was apparently just because it felt nice. I told Giles to fuck me harder and cum inside me again and he obliged on both counts. I remained on top of Clare when he pulled out and he spread my lips so I let him explore my pussy while I kissed and humped against Clare. I’m fairly sure both Clare and I could have cum again if we’d tried, but I suggested to her that we clean off Giles’ cock and we ended up with our lips wrapped around it and our tongues swirling around the shaft, licking off the combination of my juice and his cum.

I went off to the bathroom naked – Clare had warned me that Giles’ housemates were in but I didn’t care (and I know that Giles liked the idea of them knowing that he got to have threesomes – even if they didn’t know about what he got up to at the sex parties). Unfortunately none of them were upstairs and as I was still feeling horny I popped my head back in to the bedroom and asked if I could go down and get some water. Giles offered to fetch it for me but I said I liked the idea of wandering past the living room naked so I headed down and as I was filling a glass one of his housemates wandered in. I said hello and asked if he minded if I was naked (he didn’t) so I introduced myself and we chatted for a minute. If he had made any indication that he wanted to fuck, I was prepared to sit up on the table and spread my legs for him, but he seemed a little confused by the random naked woman (despite many porn films, guys rarely seem to take advantage of such opportunities). I stuck my head in to the living room and said hi to the other guy who lived there, but didn’t give him as long to look at my body. When I got back to Giles’ room I told him that I had been seen and Clare said that they now knew Giles had seen me naked so might well guess what we had been up to. I told her that I could make it even more obvious in the morning and added that while I would cum if I had to, we generally try and just tease each other so we’re even more in the mood for the party.

Working along those lines, I went down on Clare and sucked Giles in the morning. Giles gave us a brief fuck each and fingered us both at the same time and Clare and I gave his cock another double-suck while fondling each other’s breasts. We made sure that nobody got to cum and while Giles calmed down I looked through his t-shirts to find something suitable to wear to breakfast. We were the first ones in the kitchen and as we ate I asked if Giles would mind if his housemates did anything with me (with protection). He said he was fine with it so I asked if he would like to see them fuck Clare as well. Clare objected when he said he thought it would be hot and I pointed out that it was no different than the parties (to which she didn’t have a good response). I used a banana to demonstrate how much fun she could have with three guys to take care of her every night and how she could have them in whatever combination she wanted. I heard someone else get up and come downstairs as I pumped the banana in and out of my cunt and Clare told me someone was coming but I just carried on until he walked in to the kitchen. I slowed my movements and said hello, then pulled the banana out, peeled it and started to eat it. I was aware that this might be the last time I got to stay with Clare and Giles so decide to make the most of it and went to fetch a glass so I could get a drink. I stretched up a lot more than was necessary and as the t-shirt I was wearing didn’t cover my ass when I was standing straight I exposed everything to the guy. When I sat back down I put a foot on the chair and hugged my knee so my cunt was still exposed and chatted with him.

I waited until he had finished eating and then said I was going to go take a shower. I asked the guy if he had a towel I could borrow and then followed him to his room. I removed my top and thanked him for the towel, then said that he could always come with me if he wanted. This time he didn’t hesitate and quickly grabbed a towel for himself and led me to the bathroom. We both got in to the shower and I let him soap me up. He cupped my breasts gingerly at first, but when I grabbed his hands and rubbed them back and forth over my nipples he took a firmer hold of me. When his hands got to my pussy he didn’t pause at all and rubbed my properly before curling a couple of fingers up in to me. I told him that I didn’t want to cum again as Giles had already given me three orgasms (not entirely true, but I didn’t want to embarrass Clare as I was fairly sure that people outside of the parties didn’t know she did things with girls).

I took a hold of his cock and said that it was time I helped to wash him and while I did technically rub down the rest of his body too, I spent the majority of the time stroking him. I gave him the choice of giving him a hand job or letting him fuck me breasts (I’ve noticed that more and more guys seem to be in to that) or going back to his room and letting him fuck me. To his credit he pointed out that I said I didn’t want to cum so I told him that I was more than happy to let him use me and enjoy himself without having to worry about making me cum. He asked if he could feel my breasts around his cock and as he had wanted me to cum I gave him a couple of minutes of this as a bonus before we left the shower and went to his room. I let him take me from behind, him on top, me riding him and him fucking me while holding my legs up. He liked this position as he said it felt really deep and he really seemed to like me telling him how good his cock felt inside my cunt. He asked if I was sure I didn’t want to cum and I told him it was tempting but that I was still spent from earlier. He pumped away and told me he was getting close to I encouraged him to cum as hard as he could deep inside my cunt and that I wanted to see how much cum he could produce. He thrust in to me really hard four or five times and then kept still. When he pulled out I took a hold of his cock and admired the cum contained in the condom and thanked him for the towel and the fuck before heading back to Giles’ room (still naked).

Clare couldn’t believe I’d let him fuck me and asked what had happened to the no-cumming rule so I described what had happened and explained the excuse I’d given him. She was grateful that I hadn’t told him about she and I having fucked and I told her that all the guys she knew would probably just find it incredibly hot if they knew just how good she was at eating pussy. Giles agreed with this and I got Clare to let me have a few licks at her cunt and then turned her around, bent her over the bed and ate her from behind (as well as swirling my tongue over her ass a number of times). I got her to the point of moaning and panting, but didn’t let her cum, which she thought was cruel so I teased her about how much she had enjoyed it and wanted to be eaten out by another girl. I didn’t tease her much though and told her that Jen was really impressed with how she had gone from just experimenting to really letting herself enjoy doing things with other girls and now she just had to convince Giles to do the same with other guys so she could have both types of threesomes whenever she wanted. Giles wasn’t at all keen on this idea so I explained how Mike had given guys handjobs, let them suck him and how he had fucked one. While Mike is probably not much further towards the bi part of the sexual spectrum from Giles, all of this experimentation does now mean that he is happy to lick my clit while another guy’s cock is buried in my cunt and I explained how I find it really hot when he does this (more so than when a girl licks me while I’m being fucked).

As I was feeling horny I wore a short black pleated skirt that made it very easy to expose myself. I also wore the bra I had intended to wear to the party – one that left most of my nipples exposed – and a t-shirt over this. I let Giles pinch and caress my nips to get the hard and they made nice little tents in the t-shirt so I was satisfied. We met up with Neil and Melissa for lunch and I let them see that I was already prepared for the party by giving them a long flash of my exposed pussy. I got Neil to promise me his first load of cum that night and promised Melissa that I would make it up to her ‘somehow’. Unfortunately Giles had to get some work done that afternoon and not even the promise of meeting up with Sara was enough to convince him to come with me. Clare came along though and even came back to Sara’s house so I could dump my things there. Sara quietly asked me if I would help her prepare for the party and when I asked how, she said she wanted someone to shave her, but that she would do it herself if I didn’t want to.

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Once again I'm a day late in posting, but this is a long entry so I hope it makes up for it...

Another entry set over an extended period, but things started roughly around the time we’re up to (April 2014 – and yes I know I’m way behind in writing entries up, but things are busy here!)

Due to a number of things, Mike, Jen and I had been discussing being a bit more open with people about our ‘interests’ (obviously not everything, but at least opening things up a little so we didn’t have to hide quite as much and might get a few more opportunities). This had already started a little when I had told people at work (and Mum) about my nude modelling for art classes a while before. Andy had made a number of comments along the lines of considering taking up art so he could see if I was really posing nude and I had been flirting with him for a while. One day when I told him about the class the night before he said that he really wished he could have been there so I made sure I bent forwards a bit more than was necessary and let him see down my top (I don’t generally wear low-cut tops to work, but this one was fairly loose so the material fell forwards far enough to give him a reasonable view of my cleavage).

I continued to tease him over the following week and often referred to the art classes. He took the bait and asked more and more about what it was like to be naked with so many people looking at me and I told him at first that it didn’t bother me and then later on in the week that I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t deny this and told him if people wanted to look at me naked then I was fine with that and told him all he had to do was ask and I might model for him too. He didn’t respond to this at first, but when I made the offer another day he asked what I would be prepared to show him. I said that as there were other people in the lab at the time that I couldn’t really show him anything and he said I was chickening out so I told him if he asked later on that he might get lucky. I still wasn’t sure if Andy was actually going to ask, but decided that if he did, I should start off slowly so during the late afternoon I went and put on a pair of panties under my tights. I made sure that I stayed behind that evening and Andy also stayed. I had been thinking about letting him see me for a good part of the day so was feeling a bit horny and I decided to push things along a bit so instead of waiting for him to ask I went and sat on a stool near his desk with one leg folded under the other (so they were spread a fair way) and asked if he really wanted to see me. He said he did so I unfolded my legs and put my feet up on a bar on the stool with my legs spread, giving him a clear view of my panties (under my tights) – he liked this but said that he couldn’t see much so I told him to follow me to my desk as I was fairly easily visible from the door where we were sitting.

Once we got to my desk I got him to sit on my chair and I slipped my top off. I didn’t have a particularly revealing bra on, but it was a lot more than he usually saw of me and I posed in a number of positions for him. He pointed out that I still wasn’t naked and I told him I would come in with something more suitable on if he wanted to see more. I considered at least removing my bra but remembered that I had wanted to enjoy taking things slowly and teasing him so kept my breasts covered for the time being.

The following day I had a much sexier bra on, but specifically left the matching panties off (and wore opaque tights again, but a slightly lighter pair so they were relatively transparent when stretched). I had intended to follow the same pattern and wait until the end of the day to expose myself, but the anticipation got to me and just after lunch I asked Andy if he wanted to go and discuss the idea for a paper that we had been talking about. As we hadn’t been discussing any such paper Andy figured out that I might be trying to get him in private for another (more interesting) reason. I took him to a student lab that was due to be refurbished – I knew this room was relatively safe as I had used it a number of times over the previous few weeks to masturbate in (it was much easier than doing it in the store cupboard). I locked the door behind us and spread out a few papers on the table to provide us with an alibi should anyone disturb us and told Andy that if he was interested I was still willing to show him things, but wanted to chat first. I told him that part of the reason I was doing the art classes (technically it was the whole reason) was because I enjoyed having people look at me naked and that I was happy to let him see everything, but that I would like to take it slowly so I could tease him. He wasn’t keen on this at first, but I suggested that we actually work on a paper together and maybe spend about 30 minutes a day on it, but twice a week, I could show him more of myself. At this point I didn’t say anything about what might happen once he had seen me naked, but I was quietly confident that if we made it to that stage that I would be able to move things along and enjoy more than just his eyes on my body.

It was only fair to give him a little preview so as a teaser I pulled off my top and sat up on one of the benches. This was similar to the display I’d given him the previous day, apart from now I had a much nicer bra on and when I spread my legs he noticed that I didn’t have any panties on under my tights. I asked if he was now more interested in my proposal and he said yes so as a reward I unsnapped my bra (I had worn a front fastening one to make this easy) and slipped it off. I told Andy that I’ve seen him admiring my breasts for quite a while and that I hoped he wasn’t disappointed and then asked him if he would like me to model for him, even if I wasn’t completely naked (I still had my skirt and tights on). I spent about 10 minutes taking different poses for him – fondling my breasts, spreading my legs, bending over desks and chairs and even let him have a fairly close up look at my crotch (still through my tights). I got more and more aroused as the session went on and I considered sliding a hand in to my tights and masturbating for him. It was apparently quite obvious that I was enjoying myself as Andy asked if I was getting turned on (which was the point at which I gave him the close up view of my pussy). I decided we had probably been away for long enough (and knew if I continued that I would go further than I had intended – not that this would have been an issue, but I really was looking forward to taking things slow and teasing him) so I told him that he’d seen more than enough for one day and started to get dressed. As I did this we briefly discussed the paper I had proposed (just so we had something to show for the meeting if anyone asked) and we left the room.

I went to the bathroom to straighten up my clothes and then retraced my steps to return to the lab, at which point I quickly peeled my tights off and sat up on a desk to masturbate. I guess that as I was horny due to having been watched by Andy that I should have let him feature in my fantasy, but I just went with the one I had been using since I had started using the lab – that of masturbating in front of an entire class (and on the occasions I had more time of imagining they then all fucked me). I had a nice deep orgasm and would have loved to cry out in pleasure but remained relatively quiet. I gave Andy a nod when I got back to the lab and we decided to meet again on the Monday to continue work on the paper.

Unfortunately for Andy – we actually did work on the paper on Monday, but on the Tuesday we were back to the real reason for being there and I stripped down to my tights and posed for him again. This time I let him spend longer looking at me up close – both my breasts and my pussy (although my pussy was still covered by my tights). I had worn a lighter pair than usual so he could see more and he asked if I would take them off but I told him to be patient and we would get there in due time. I decided that he probably deserved a little reward for putting up with my teasing so I lay back on the bench at the front of the room and played with my breasts. I then pushed a hand down in to my tights and stroked my pussy before spreading my lips and encouraging Andy to see how much he could see. I had my legs spread wide and with my hand in them as well I knew that the material wouldn’t hide too much. I asked him if he wanted to see me finger myself and pushed a couple of fingers between my lips. I slowly fucked myself for a couple of minutes and was very tempted to cum but Andy actually helped out by asking if he could help me out. I told him that for now I just wanted him to watch but said that I wouldn’t object if he wanted to play with himself. For some reason he was nervous about getting his cock out while at work so I told him it was his loss, and deliberately sucked my fingers clean before saying that our time was probably up anyway. This time I didn’t return to the lab to relieve myself and just pounced on Jen as soon as I got home. She and Mike knew what I’d done with Andy the previous week and that I had been going to show him more that day so she wasn’t too surprised (actually quite grateful as it meant she got to cum as soon as I got home).

On the Wednesday of week two I was slightly mean and wore hold-ups to give the zettai ryouiki look. We sat at my desk to work on the paper and when the coast was clear I knocked Andy’s pen on to the floor. When he bent down to pick it up I spread my legs enough to give him a clear view up to my pussy. He remained bent over for a little while, staring up my skirt and I traced a finger back and forth along my inner thighs. He asked if we could go upstairs and work in the other room but quietly told him that he’d have to wait until the next day. We determined that he liked the look and I promised to repeat for him. I kept my promise and arrived suitably dressed on the Thursday. Andy was keen to ‘progress the paper’ and wanted to work on it in the morning but I told him the anticipation would do him good. I made it to mid-afternoon before calling Andy and asking if he was ready to go and we headed up to the lab. I was just about to get upon a desk to display myself when he asked me to sit on a stool with one leg folded up under the other (I often sit like this as it spreads my legs). I did as he asked and angled my legs up slightly to make it easier for him to see up my skirt and then gently started to stroke my thighs. I teased him for a few minutes and caressed my breasts through my top before asking him how much more he wanted to see. He said ‘everything’ and I told him that he had been good and waited for long enough so I thought it was time…

I first removed my top and played with my breasts a bit more, then removed my bra and pushed each nipple up to my mouth so I could lick them. I pushed a hand under my skirt and played with my pussy and then told Andy to unzip my skirt. Once he had done this, I let it slide down my legs to the floor and asked him if he wanted me to take the socks off as well. He said I could leave these on and I posed for him in a number of positions, allowing him to ogle my body. With each pose I caressed myself a bit more and asked if I should continue (to which he said yes) so I ended up on my back on the bench at the front of the room, with my legs spread and my fingers working away in my cunt. Andy said he wanted to see me cum and I told him I would as long as I got to see his cock. He still seemed a bit nervous about getting it out, but as I was now practically naked and openly masturbating he went with it and I watched as he stroked himself. I told him I was going to cum for him and then admitted that I had come back the previous week to masturbate. I didn’t give him a completely uncensored version of me masturbating and for the time being I just concentrated on frigging and fingering my cunt while playing with my breasts. I gave him a warning that I was getting close to cumming and as my orgasm hit me I spread my legs as wide as I could so he could see what my fingers were doing.

He still had his cock in his hand and I asked if he wanted to cum. He asked if I would help out, but I said that would have to wait until our next session, but that I really wanted to see him cum. I kept playing with my cunt as I said this and put on my pouty face to beg him to cum while looking at me. He sped up his stroking and in hardly any time I got to witness his cum shoot out of his cock and splatter over the floor. While he cock was at its most sensitive I reached out and took it in my hand, gently stroking him and rubbing my pussy juice over it (I don’t know if he realised this). He did realise that I now had his cum on my hand and I cupped and caressed one of my breasts, suggesting that next time we might be able to help each other cum and that I wanted to have him cum over my breasts. I washed my hands before we headed back, but left his cum on my breast, which he liked.

For the Friday and Monday sessions I teased him by sitting with my legs spread and skirt pulled up, but made him actually work on the paper. When Tuesday came around, we headed up to the lab during the morning and I quickly stripped off. This time I was completely naked and I got Andy to watch me make myself cum while he stroked himself before letting him have a play with my breasts. As he had been touching his cock I didn’t let him play with my pussy, but he did get something he may not have been expecting. I provided him with a condom and quickly knelt down to take his cock in my mouth. I gave him a good suck but told him not to cum (or to at least tell me before he came). I eased off a few times when he said he was getting close but on the fourth time I told him that I now wanted to see how much he could cum for me. I pulled the condom off and knelt up so I could wrap my breasts around his cock. He pumped back and forth and I stuck out my tongue to let my saliva leak down to provide lubrication.  He told me he was getting close so I lifted my head a little and pressed my breasts even more firmly around his cock. He said ‘now’ and I felt his hot cum squirt out, splatting over my neck and running down to help lubricate his cock even more. As he slowed down I took a hold of his cock and used the head to rub his cum around my neck before rubbing it around each of my nipples. I had to grab a tissue to stop his cum running right down to my pussy, but I left his cum on my breasts and neck and massaged it in to my body. I had kind of hoped I could make myself cum from rubbing my neck, but that takes a long time and never feels as good when it is me doing it. I still felt quite horny though and Andy loved the fact that I just put my bra back on over his cum. As we got dressed I told him that he could finger me next time if he wanted and he asked if we were going to fuck, to which I replied ‘all in good time’.

I got the fingering on the Thursday (along with him playing with my breasts) while I stroked his cock. I then sucked him off again and let him shoot his cum over my breasts. On the Tuesday of week four I told him that I wanted him to just watch me for a little while and made him sit just in front of the bench while I masturbated myself. This time I gave him the full show and after sucking on my nipples (more for him than me) I lay back and used both hands on my cunt – one from above to play with my clit and one reaching around my leg to finger myself. Once my fingers were sufficiently wet I withdrew them from my cunt and pressed them in to my ass. This wasn’t really anything special for me, but I get the feeling that most (normal) girls aren’t quite as willing to masturbate so openly in front of guys. I ignored everything around me and just concentrated on the fact that Andy was staring directly at what I was doing and I had a pretty strong orgasm when I came. I then spread my lips and told him I wanted to feel him inside me, but I needed a couple of minutes to recover first so I could enjoy it fully too.

He let me suck and tit-fuck his cock to pass the time and I reached down to play with my pussy to help things along. As soon as I felt ready I told him it was time and leant forwards over the bench presenting my ass to him and I reached down and spread my lips and told him to fuck me. He pushed in to me and reached around under my chest to fondle my breasts. I took care of my clit and he fucked me hard, even making the bench shift a couple of times. Even though the door was locked, I pointed out that the people on the floor below might wander up to investigate what the noise was and Andy said he didn’t care – I loved the fact that I’d managed to get him horny enough that he felt that way and pushed back against him in time with his thrusts as a reward. He came in me a bit before I came, but once he pulled out I got him to finger me while I frigged myself until I came. I picked up the discarded condom and squeezed the cum out over my breasts before massaging it in and telling Andy that I loved the idea of being covered in his cum for the rest of the day and nobody having any idea about it. We then got dressed and headed back to our lab.

Over the next few weeks, for the ‘work’ sessions where we were alone (where we did actually work on the paper) I took to gently fondling myself while we worked, but mostly didn’t let him do anything to me. One particular time when we were sitting at my desk and there were only two other people in our lab I reached down and played with myself properly – letting Andy see as I rubbed my juices over my clit. We typed a conversation to each other on my computer and I asked him if he thought I’d be able to cum. He didn’t think I would dare (but he was still getting to know me) so I had to prove him wrong. Admittedly if anyone had wandered too close to us I would have had to stop and cover up, but I wasn’t interrupted so managed to have a quiet orgasm. Andy was suitably impressed and quite turned on from my display. I reached over and caressed the bulge in his trousers and he said that wasn’t fair if I wasn’t going to let him fuck me so I took pity on him and went off to the store room with the agreement that he would follow as soon as his erection went down enough. By the time he arrived I was standing with one foot up on a shelf and my skirt pulled up – he quickly pushed in to me and fucked me against the wall. I told him that as he was getting a bonus fuck that I would expect more attention from him the next day and got him to repay my kindness by taking in a vibe and having him use it on me before we fucked.

Andy knew that Mike and Jen knew we were fucking (I told him that we have an open relationship- which is kind of true but not really how I would describe it usually). A number of times when we’ve fucked I’ve described to him in detail what it’s like to fuck Jen and it is now definitely one of his fantasies to either fuck her or at least watch me fuck her.

I enjoy teasing him – one time over lunch I showed him a video of a girl being taken multiple ways and dragged him up to the lab to fuck my ass. His favourite is to fuck my cunt but then for me to finish off between my breasts and cum over me. The downside is that I have to shower before Mike or Jen can do things with me (Andy doesn’t want to get tested even though I’ve promised him he can fuck me without a condom if he does and that I’d let him give me a facial and swallow his cum). We managed to keep our affair secret for a good number of months but a number of people at work know about it now (although not about the fucking at work). Some of them find it very odd that Mike is fine with it (more so than whether Jen is okay with it) but as I said at the beginning, we had decided to be more open – and this was just one way this was manifested. He got a new girlfriend near the end of last year and we stopped while he was dating her, but I’m fairly sure I may be asked to help ‘console’ him should they ever split up. I still occasionally tease him – he doesn’t get to see me cum anymore, but he has ‘accidentally’ seen me stroking myself a few times and told me he has ended up going home and giving his girlfriend a good fuck afterwards (so I’m really providing her with a service).

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 6

Jen really wanted to play her game so we did it without Mike getting to cum in anyone. He wasn’t bothered about this as he hoped the stimulation would help him build up a bigger load to empty in to Lis later on and we headed up. To keep the competitive edge we set the following rules:
·         If Mike made all three of us cum, he would get to cum over Lucy
·         If he made two of us cum, Lucy had to eat his cum out of Lis later on
·         If he made one of us cum then we would get to tease him lots but not let him cum
·         If he didn’t make any of us cum then he wouldn’t get to fuck Lis (this was amended to being allowed to fuck her, but only to make her cum so Lis could still enjoy herself)

The game worked out quite well – Mike started off inside Lis and Lucy ate Jen. A minute later Mike moved on to me and Lucy ate Lis. We continued rotating around like this and enjoyed it a lot. As each of us went for one minute out of every three without being played with it meant we could last a fair while without cumming and Lucy said her tongue was getting rather tired. Mike had been waiting to hear that and the next time he was in Jen he pumped in to her hard while frigging her and he made her cum. With just two of us in the game we no longer had a break so things moved along much faster (although the pauses for Mike and Lucy to switch places still meant that our orgasms could be in the process of building and then be interrupted). I decided to try to hold back and managed to outlast Lis who Mike also managed to get to cum (although only just within the allocated minute). It was now down to me whether he got to cum over Lucy (he could choose where as long as it wasn’t her pussy) and I was told not to show favouritism to Mike and let him make me cum. Jen decided that I should continue trying to hold back for as long as possible and for each additional round I managed, I would get some sort of bonus treat later in the week (along the lines of being made to cum in interesting places).

Mike was obviously very motivated to make me cum and while it wouldn’t have been too much of a hardship for Lucy to let him cum over her she played along. I was frigged and pounded hard by Mike and then feverishly licked, fingered and frigged by Lucy. I managed to survive almost three rounds, cumming on the third time Lucy got to me. I actually almost came when Mike was in me for the third time but just about managed to hold back until he pulled out and from there didn’t stand much of a chance. I did my best and made it until about halfway through Lucy’s session before apologising to Mike and finally letting my orgasm pulse through my cunt. It was nice and strong and while it wasn’t that deep it was one of the rolling orgasms where wave after wave of pleasure throb out from my pussy. I moaned loudly and a lot as I came and then pulled Lucy round to kiss her when she stopped playing with me. Mike got Lis to kneel and kitty kiss me and he slid his cock in to her cunt, telling her he could now easily fuck her and cum. Lis asked if he could wait a bit so she could enjoy it more so he just gently moved inside her, enjoying the way she felt and taking himself close to cumming before backing off.

I felt that it wasn’t fair that Lucy hadn’t got to cum during the game so we held her down and all played with her. Mike only played with her breasts with each of us helping him out with them from time to time. We used some of the tingle gel on Lucy’s pussy and nipples and a little on her ass. I used our nice silicone vibe in her pussy and Lis suggested we use one of the anal vibes as well (so we did). As we had the bodywand to hand, this was used on Lucy’s nipples and then on her pussy. Lis demonstrated how she had tried to push it up inside of Jen and I warned Lucy that if Lis got it inside her that it would feel incredibly intense. Fortunately for Lucy, Lis was content with mostly using it on Lucy’s clit and we made her cum with Mike sucking on Lucy’s nipples, me pumping a vibe in her ass, Jen using a larger one in her cunt and Lis with the wand on Lucy’s clit. It was an amazing sight to behold and Lucy ended up appreciating it quite a bit (she had a strong orgasm). She didn’t even seem to mind the teasing she got afterwards about loving having her holes filled and how she loved having four people working together to get her off.

The downside of having given her such a good orgasm was that when Jen took her to get showered, Lucy wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the shower (and Mike’s adaptation) fully. To be fair, I wasn’t up for that either, but Lis did let me use it on her a little to help tease her and prepare her for her final fuck with Mike. Lis even decided to dress up for him, although not until after we returned from lunch (she thought the schoolgirl outfit might be a bit much to wear out in the middle of the day). Mike asked to be allowed to help dress her and caressed her quite a bit as he did this and we left them to play, but with the arrangement that Lucy would be summoned to eat Lis clean once Mike came in her.

As Lis and Lucy had a late flight home, Mike spent quite a while playing with Lis. She remained fully clothed (including panties) for a fair while and humped against his cock, then slipped it inside her panties and ground against him before finally removing them so he could slide against her properly. As tradition dictates, he got to eat her before fucking her, but didn’t make her cum (she wasn’t sure if she had two more orgasms in her) and they then spooned for a while to let Lis calm down so she didn’t cum too quickly when they fucked. By this point her blouse was undone and her bra was off her breasts but she still had her skirt and socks on and Mike continually caressed her while complimenting her and telling her how sexy she was. He told her that she would enjoy playing with Lisa and that she should work on convincing Lucy to give this a go and then described in detail what Lisa’s pussy was like, how it felt in his mouth, what she tasted like and how much he would love to see Lisa eating Lis out. Lis asked if she was still his little lesbian and he assured her that she always would be (at least for as long as she wanted to keep doing things with him anyway) and she promised him that she didn’t want to stop seeing him and me and that she was sure Lucy would want to keep enjoying Jen. Mike told her that the baby was going to have two of the sexiest aunts around and that he still hoped to give Lis (or even Lucy) a baby someday. Lis pushed back even harder against him when he said this which Mike commented on and while gently fucking they discussed how Lis was becoming a bit broody as the wedding was drawing near. Mike told her that he was quite willing to help contribute to a special ‘something new’ as a wedding present and Lis told him that she liked the sound of that, but that they would probably have to wait a bit so they just agreed to keep practising.

Mike noticed a change in the way Lis behaved following the baby discussion in that she seemed to be a lot hornier. They fucked in a number of positions, each spending some time on top and with a brief break in the middle to 69 (Mike loves 69ing with a girl in long socks and skirt). He gave Lis the choice of how she wanted to cum and she opted to have him on top with her legs wrapped around him. He pumped away in her as they kissed but as Lis got closer to cumming he told her to imagine that it was a couple of weeks later and she was ready to conceive. He had guessed right and Lis enjoyed this fantasy and told him to fill her with his cum and make her pregnant. The image also worked well for Mike and he held on to one of Lis’ legs and kept fucking her through her orgasm and then emptied his load in to her. They remained locked together and kissed for a while and discussed the reality of Mike actually impregnating her. Lis was all for it but recognised that it might end up being Lucy who was going to have their first child (to which Mike said he didn’t mind if he also got to be the father – so Lis slapped him). The chatted for a bit about why Lucy had let him do so much with her this visit (compared to usual) but other than ‘she just wanted to’ Lis didn’t give him any more details.

By this point they felt that they should call Lucy up to pay her forfeit and she came when summoned (with Jen and me along to watch). Mike told her he thought he had managed to cum a reasonable amount in Lis (some of which had already leaked out while he and Lis had been chatting, but this was mostly smeared around her pussy so Lucy could still eat it). To everyone’s surprise, Mike told Lucy that she didn’t have to eat his cum if she didn’t want to as she had already given him many treats during the weekend. In hindsight it was obvious why he said this (staying on her good side in the hope of getting more) but Lucy said that he had won and she didn’t mind. Lis was ordered to move around so her pussy was facing the side of the bed and Lucy went down on her. As she did this, I flipped up the back of her skirt and knelt behind her to eat her. Jen explained to Mike that we had been teasing Lucy for part of the time we’d been downstairs and had a few good photos to show him later on. I let Jen be the one to actually make Lucy cum and gave Mike a big kiss so he could taste Lucy from my mouth. To her credit, Lucy licked Lis quite thoroughly and at one point I thought she was actually going to try to make Lis cum again, but Lucy stopped once Jen made her cum.

Mike told Lucy he was impressed and said she could always suck him clean as well (she declined the offer) so Mike had a quick turn kitty kissing Lis and then let me and Jen have a go too. Lis looked incredibly cute lying on the bed, her skin flushed and her school uniform crumpled and not hiding anything so I asked Mike to get the camera and we captured the moment for later use. Mike whispered something to Lis but wouldn’t tell us what it was and then as a final part of enjoying his time with her he helped remove the uniform until she was standing there naked and caressed her whole body. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had either gone down on her or pulled her back on to his cock, but he was quite satisfied with what they had done and helped her get dressed in to the clothes she was going to be travelling in.

Jen felt a bit tired so decided to stay at home when Lis and Lucy went to the airport. I gave Mike the option of which of us went with them (not that they couldn’t find their way themselves) and he went. He got to fool around with Lis on the journey to the airport (mostly just kissing, but he caressed her thighs a little as well) and at the airport also got to give Lucy a proper goodbye kiss, even getting his hands under her skirt and on to her panties (she still rarely goes out without panties on. In Lis’ case he managed to get his fingers under the material of her panties and gently stroked her pussy lips as they kissed and he whispered to her that he wanted to practice making babies the next time she visited – to which she quietly responded that she would like that.

Later that evening Mike told us what he had whispered to Lis when she was lying on the bed – he had said that he was going to tell us about their getting her pregnant role play fantasy but Lis has told him not to do it right there. Regular readers might recall that a few months previously when he had made a comment about getting her pregnant it had upset Jen as she thought he was making light of the fact that she was already pregnant, but we had discussed a few times the possibility of Mike ‘helping out’ if Lis and Lucy decided they wanted a baby and realised that it could be a really good thing as we (Mike, Jen and me along with Lis and Lucy) would then be much more likely to remain ‘together’ and continue to see each other. It was obvious from the discussion just how much Mike had enjoyed the idea of cumming inside a fertile Lis and I used that to my advantage over the following weeks by telling him I wanted him to get me pregnant when we fucked.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 5

When Mike, Lis and Jen had finished tidying up downstairs they went up to Jen’s room and Mike told Lis that it felt like he had another mega-load of cum for her (due to all of the teasing Lucy had done – and of course due to his desire to fuck his little lesbian). As much as Jen enjoys the taste of Mike’s cum, she wanted to taste Lis before he came in her and once naked she got Lis to sit over her face while Mike pumped away in Jen. He wanted to help out and eat Lis’ ass but that would have required squashing the bump and while we know that babies are quite resilient it was our first one and we were suitably paranoid that we avoided anything like that happening. He moved from fucking Jen to eating her (so he could last longer in Lis) and once both Jen and Lis had cum and the kitty kissing was over, Mike spooned with Lis. Jen helped out a little and gently lapped at Lis’ clit. Lis used a vibe on Jen’s pussy and then started fucking her with it while using her fingers on Jen’s clit but only did this for a little while before Jen moved round and lay beside Lis facing her so they could kiss. Jen occasionally moved up or down on the bed so she could kiss Lis’ nipples or Lis could kiss hers and whenever Jen’s pussy was in reach of Lis’ hands, she used her fingers on Jen and Jen occasionally stroked Lis’ clit. Mike kept telling Lis how tight her little pussy felt and how he love the feeling of it around his cock and Lis said that she loved the way he filled her (a tip for any female readers who haven’t realised this yet, guys seems to really love hearing that they ‘fill’ you). Mike told Lis he was going to fill her in more ways than one and she told him she wanted to feel him empty even more cum in to her than he had that morning. He described how he would squirt so much in to her that it would have to force its way out past his cock and each time he thrust in to her she would squirt his cum out over them both. It’s usually me who enjoys this image, but Lis got off on it too and when she came Mike wasn’t too far behind her. He may not have produced as much cum as he had promised her, but it was a reasonably good load – and given what he’d given her that morning a pretty impressive one from the way they described it.

There was still Jen left to take care of – she wasn’t that far behind them as Lis had kept kissing and fingering her. Mike asked if he should help out but Jen said she wanted Lis to make her cum so Mike just lay back and watched as Lis climbed over Jen in a 69 position and used the vibe and ate her. Lis’ pussy was over Jen’s face but not close enough for Jen to eat her, however it was well positioned to let Mike’s cum drip out on to Jen who caught some of it in her mouth and let the rest fall over her face, chin and neck (depending on the position Lis was in at the time). Even though it didn’t take long for Jen to cum, she had quite a bit of Mike’s cum over her and rubbed it over her face and body. They went to sleep with Mike buried in Lis (Jen sucked him for a bit to help him get hard enough again) and he told them he would eat them both awake the next morning.

Mike got a surprise though as he woke up with Lis kissing and licking his cock. He asked if she would 69 with him but she said she wanted to play with him for a while and have a good look at his cock (she is now quite familiar with it, but she usually only gets to experience it inside her and rarely sucks him). Mike would have been happy to just enjoy Lis’ tongue (he likes the little fluttery licks she does) but Jen asked if she could use his tongue instead. She didn’t wait for him to answer (knowing the odds of him turning down the chance to eat her were rather slim) and just climbed over his face. Mike got stuck in to Jen’s pussy but concentrated on what Lis was doing to him and at one point had to push Jen up to tell Lis if she wanted to fuck that she had better stop licking him. She asked if he thought he could do both and he told her that he could certainly try and even if he couldn’t fuck her straight away he would ensure he did so before she left. Lis said she wanted to make him cum in her mouth and Jen pushed her pussy back on to his mouth and told him to get on with eating her. Mike is usually the one in charge, but he wasn’t going to argue and swirled his tongue around Jen’s pussy before pushing it in to her and licking out the accumulated juices. Lis kept flicking her tongue over his cock – mostly concentrating on the head, but occasionally sucking him or licking the shaft and he felt the pressure building as his orgasm approached. He considered warning Lis that he was about to cum, but she had been the one who wanted to do this so he figured that she knew what the outcome would be (and Jen was humping back and forth against his face so he didn’t want to interrupt her). He decided to give Lis a bit of warning and humped his hips a bit to try to indicate to her that he was about to cum and then felt  his cum squirt out of his cock. Some squirted on his stomach and some dripped down directly on to the area below his cock but Lis kept her mouth pressed up against him and her tongue fluttering back and forth against the front of the glans.

When he finished cumming, he felt Lis take the whole head in to her mouth and gently suck him and he wished he could see what she was doing so he pushed Jen up and use the excuse of asking her if she wanted him or Lis to make her cum (and stole a glance at the top of Lis’ head as she sucked him). Jen just said ‘both’ so Mike pulled her back down and licked along the length of her cunt, each time licking from her clit, down her lips and flicking his tongue in to her. Jen leant forwards a little to help out on the contact with her clit and got Lis to sit up and kiss her. Jen tasted Mike’s cum from Lis’ mouth and licked some from her chin and Lis then reached forwards to play with Jen’s nipples. Mike could tell from Jen’s mewing that she was getting close but was slightly thrown when he felt Lis climb over him and start to rub herself against his cock. He hadn’t gone completely soft yet, but knew he wasn’t hard enough to enter her – fortunately for him she just humped against him while kissing Jen and Mike just kept eating Jen until she came. Instead of letting him kitty kiss her she climbed off him almost immediately and started to lick the cum off of his stomach – this surprised him somewhat as while he knows that she quite likes him cumming her mouth, she usually didn’t go that far.

She kissed Lis and then turned around to kiss Mike, licking her own juices off of his face and they then had a mini-fight over who should get to eat Lis. Jen pulled the ‘pregnant lady’ card and won, but she did at least let Mike have a brief lick at Jen’s cunt before taking over. Mike asked if he could at least help out and was given Lis’ ass to either lick or fuck. As tempting as it was to slide his cock in to her, he wanted to cum in her pussy later on so he first licked and then fingered her ass. As he did this he asked Lis why she had wanted to suck him off and she said that as he always eats her awake she just wanted to return the favour. While both he and Jen were still stimulating Lis he chatted to her about how often she and Lucy woke each other up that way – unfortunately it wasn’t often during the week, but they had adopted our ‘alarm clock’ for the weekends. The image of Lucy and Lis doing this to each other really aroused Mike and he decided that even if he didn’t cum, he could enjoy being in Lis’ ass for a while so he moved down the bed and slipped his cock in to Jen (for lube) and then moved up behind Lis. He pressed the head of his cock against her ass and whispered in her ear asking if she would let him fuck her tight little ass. She told him to be gentle (she hasn’t done much anal with an actual cock) and he pressed against her as she pushed back against him. The head of his cock popped into her and he slowly worked the rest in while telling her that she had become such a dirty little slut. Lis pointed out that he liked her that way and he told her that he also loved her sweet innocent side –as long as he got to fuck that as well.

They rocked back and forth against each other until Mike’s cock was buried in her ass and he reached around to play with her nipples while kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. Lis was gasping by this point and said she was going to cum soon so Mike asked Jen to slow down so they could tease her a little and he could enjoy being in Lis’ ass. Lis moaned that this wasn’t fair, but knew that arguing with Mike and Jen was probably pointless (and would only lead to being teased more) so she humped back against Mike’s cock and took whatever attention Jen gave her. Between them they did quite a good job of keeping Lis fairly close to cumming for about 5 minutes before Mike said he thought she had suffered enough (plus he was enjoying it quite a bit and didn’t want to cum in her ass). That was the plan anyway until Jen suggested that Mike go for the triple and that she would help him to build up a third load of cum for Lis. Mike liked this idea and asked Lis if she wanted him to empty his cum in to her ass. She reached back and grabbed his ass, telling him to fuck her (which technically didn’t answer the question but he took as a yes). Jen said she was going to make Lis cum and Mike whispered in Lis’ ear about how wonderfully tight her ass felt around his cock. Lis just let out a hissed ‘pleasseeee’ (probably to them both) and Mike pumped away a bit faster in her ass. Jen sucked on Lis’ clit and pushed her tongue up inside her cunt. Mike told Lis he was going to cum in her and promptly did so but kept gently moving back and forth in her ass until Lis came. Mike found it to be a very intense experience as Lis wriggled around during her orgasm, but he stayed buried in her until she finished cumming and Jen moved on to kitty kissing her. Lis whimpered a bit as he pulled out, but she said it didn’t hurt and Mike told her that it was now her turn to make Jen cum.

Lis wanted a little break first so he went downstairs to get them al something to drink and after they had returned he suggested that he just kitty kiss her while she took care of Jen. She was okay with this and allowed him to gently lap her pussy while she got stuck in to Jen. In the middle of the session he went and fetched the bodywand (very powerful vibe), plugged it in and handed it to Lis. Now it was Jen’s turn to say that what was happening wasn’t fair – although she didn’t shy away from the device when Mike helped to spread Jen’s lips and Lis pressed the vibrating head up against Jen’s pussy. By turning it around Lis managed to coat the whole head in Jen’s juices and threatened to try to push the whole thing in to Jen’s cunt (but Jen knows that Lis isn’t mean enough to actually do that). Jen was given the option of cumming with the wand or with Lis’ tongue. She certainly loved the way the wand vibrated her whole pussy, but opted to be licked by Lis as she can’t get that as often while she can use the wand on herself all day if she wants to. Lis obliged Jen and Mike took the wand from Lis so she could concentrate on finishing Jen off, but was then startled when he rubbed the head of the wand back and forth against her pussy. He teased her with it until Jen was almost cumming and then moved up beside Jen and used the wand on one of Jen’s nipples while sucking on the other one. Jen thrust her hips in to Lis’ face a few times as she came and said it felt like she had squirted again but Lis said that while Jen had been wet, she hadn’t felt anything like Jen’s earlier ejaculation.

Lucy and I woke up a bit later than Mike, Jen and Lis had – Lucy needed to pee but I kept her in bed with me and we had a leisurely session (well, it was leisurely for me but Lucy was getting desperate to pee by the time she came. As she headed off to the bathroom I told her to concentrate on how it felt when she peed and when she came back she admitted that it had been pleasurable (she described it as a tingly feeling) and also that her orgasm had been quite strong. It’s probably Jen’s influence, but I buried my face between her legs again and kitty kissed her for a while, tasting the sharper flavour of her pee. Lucy asked me if I liked doing that and I told her I didn’t mind doing it for special people and then teased her saying that if Jen asked her to that she would let Jen sit over her face and pee in to her mouth. Lucy blushed at that and I told her it was fine and I would do that for Jen too as we both loved her. I could have probably ‘convinced’ Lucy to go another round, but the others had been downstairs for a while so we decided to join them.

I continued the teasing about Lucy being willing to drink Jen’s pee over breakfast (we’re nothing if not refined) and Jen said that she liked the idea of having a play out in the garden (for us to pee on her), but we decided that it was still a bit too cold. Jen was rather disappointed about this but we promised we all would give her as much as she wanted the next time Lis and Lucy visited. Instead Jen came up with a different game and challenged Mike and Lucy to make the rest of us cum. The rules were simple, the three of us would kneel on all fours on the bed and Mike would fuck one of us while Lucy ate or fingered another one of us. They would rotate between us each minute with Lucy taking over from Mike and Mike moving to whoever had been left alone during the previous session. If Lucy made someone cum, then Mike wasn’t allowed to fuck her for the rest of the session, but if Mike made someone cum, he was allowed to cum in them and Lucy had to eat the person out. Mike really liked the sound of this game as he had the potential to get Lucy to eat a full load of his cum (she’s eaten bits of his cum out of us before so it wasn’t really anything new for her), but he also wanted to cum in Lis’ cunt to complete the triple (and this was the point that Lucy and I found out that she had sucked Mike awake and then he had fucked her ass).