Wednesday, 18 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 1

For the start of term sex party I went down to York by myself, leaving Mike to look after Jen (we were very grateful that she had let us both go to the all-nighter party but had agreed that one of us would stay with her for the parties). Jen had actually considered coming with us as there is no rule that you have to have sex with anyone else (when Mike and I first went we just fucked each other and I enjoyed having other people watch us).

I went straight from work and got there not too late. Sara had offered to let me stay with her but as we always impose on her I said I would stay with Clare and Giles on the Friday night and with her after the party. I went straight from work and got there a bit later than I had wanted. It meant we ended up going straight to bed at Giles’ place but that was fine by me and I immediately got to work to thank them for letting me stay over. I had Giles spoon with Clare while I licked them both. Clare has grown to love this position and I told Giles that I didn’t mind if he came in her, as long as he could fuck me as well (which I think is quite generous of me, letting him cum in his own girlfriend!). Fortunately (for me anyway) Giles wanted to cum in me, but he carried on fucking Clare until we made her cum. She then lay beside us while Giles and I fucked, first with him on top and finishing with me riding him while he played with my clit and fondled my breasts. I know Giles doesn’t generally like continuing once he’s cum so I made sure that I got to cum first and then humped up and down on his cock, squeezing him as hard as I could. I told him I wanted his cum to fill my cunt and for Clare to eat it out of me and this was enough to send him over the edge. I remained on his cock and thanked him, then thanked Clare for letting me fuck him. Giles said he wanted to see Clare eat me clean and I apologised to Clare for suggesting this but said I would eat her in return.

It was only after I was crouched over her in a 69 I thought about how much she had changed from the (relatively) straight-laced girl who had come to the sex parties. Admittedly after the way she was treated at the last party (she received the group fucking) it would be kind of difficult for her to continue to claim and real degree of innocence. I wasn’t really ready to cum again just yet, but I enjoyed the feeling of Clare’s tongue sliding between my lips. As she’d had a while to recover from her previous orgasm I assumed that she would be a bit more willing to cum again so after starting off slowly I worked my way up to eating and fingering her properly. Giles had a few brief looks at what I was doing to Clare, but he seemed more interested in watching what she was doing to me. I felt him spread my ass cheeks a few times and my lips another few times and heard him encourage Clare to lick right up inside me. Being watched so closely had the usual effect on me and I decided that I wouldn’t mind if Clare made me cum. I could have taken the easy option and just told them this, but decided to see how far she would go – given I had my tongue stuck in her cunt and was clearly trying to make her cum. I did slow down what I was doing slightly so Clare didn’t cum too quickly and was pleased when Giles told her to lick my clit more. I thought it would be nice if he pushed his cock in to my ass and fucked me, but he seemed content just watching and giving direction (and occasionally touching me). Once I thought it was obvious that I wanted to cum (I gave Clare a subtle message by humping back and forth against her mouth) I picked up the pace on her pussy again and flicked my tongue over her clit in a similar way to Lis does while using a couple of fingers in her cunt. I added a third and then withdrew it to press against her ass. She flinched the first time I did this, but then accepted it and allowed me to DP her with my fingers while lapping at her clit. I’m still considerably more experienced at pleasuring girls than Clare is so I made her cum first – she briefly stopped doing things to me as she came but when I slid back and forth against her face she started eating me again. I withdrew my fingers and kitty kissed her as my own orgasm built and then just before I came I told them how close I was and how good Clare’s tongue felt.

As my orgasm faded I crawled off Clare and we kissed. I commented on how her little fuck-fest at the previous party had stuck in my mind and she blushed but I told her I had felt really jealous of her and that she had coped incredibly well. Giles lay on the other side of her and we both caressed her body as I described how I remembered the scene – cock after cock sliding in to her cunt, mouth and ass, girls eating and fingering her, her tongue sliding in to cunts and guys cumming over and in her body. By the time I finished she was blushing even more but Giles had obviously enjoyed the description and I asked him if he wanted to spoon with me. He moved around behind me and slipped in to me while Clare and I carried on kissing. I already knew the answer to the question but asked if they had met up with anyone from the parties and Giles told me how they had done things with Neil and Melissa a few weeks ago. The girls had played with each other and both had been spit roasted (with the guy’s cumming in their girlfriends’ mouths and each other’s’ girlfriends’ pussies.

As Giles started moving faster inside me I rolled over so I was half on top of Clare and pushed a leg between hers. Giles knelt up behind me and fucked me while I humped against Clare’s thigh – I couldn’t get any contact with my clit, but it still felt nice and I asked Clare if she minded if her boyfriend emptied his cum in to my cunt again. She said it was okay and I whispered to her that he might want her to eat me clean again so I would have to do the same to her. Clare didn’t think she could cum again and I pointed out that she was grinding her pussy against my leg, but that was apparently just because it felt nice. I told Giles to fuck me harder and cum inside me again and he obliged on both counts. I remained on top of Clare when he pulled out and he spread my lips so I let him explore my pussy while I kissed and humped against Clare. I’m fairly sure both Clare and I could have cum again if we’d tried, but I suggested to her that we clean off Giles’ cock and we ended up with our lips wrapped around it and our tongues swirling around the shaft, licking off the combination of my juice and his cum.

I went off to the bathroom naked – Clare had warned me that Giles’ housemates were in but I didn’t care (and I know that Giles liked the idea of them knowing that he got to have threesomes – even if they didn’t know about what he got up to at the sex parties). Unfortunately none of them were upstairs and as I was still feeling horny I popped my head back in to the bedroom and asked if I could go down and get some water. Giles offered to fetch it for me but I said I liked the idea of wandering past the living room naked so I headed down and as I was filling a glass one of his housemates wandered in. I said hello and asked if he minded if I was naked (he didn’t) so I introduced myself and we chatted for a minute. If he had made any indication that he wanted to fuck, I was prepared to sit up on the table and spread my legs for him, but he seemed a little confused by the random naked woman (despite many porn films, guys rarely seem to take advantage of such opportunities). I stuck my head in to the living room and said hi to the other guy who lived there, but didn’t give him as long to look at my body. When I got back to Giles’ room I told him that I had been seen and Clare said that they now knew Giles had seen me naked so might well guess what we had been up to. I told her that I could make it even more obvious in the morning and added that while I would cum if I had to, we generally try and just tease each other so we’re even more in the mood for the party.

Working along those lines, I went down on Clare and sucked Giles in the morning. Giles gave us a brief fuck each and fingered us both at the same time and Clare and I gave his cock another double-suck while fondling each other’s breasts. We made sure that nobody got to cum and while Giles calmed down I looked through his t-shirts to find something suitable to wear to breakfast. We were the first ones in the kitchen and as we ate I asked if Giles would mind if his housemates did anything with me (with protection). He said he was fine with it so I asked if he would like to see them fuck Clare as well. Clare objected when he said he thought it would be hot and I pointed out that it was no different than the parties (to which she didn’t have a good response). I used a banana to demonstrate how much fun she could have with three guys to take care of her every night and how she could have them in whatever combination she wanted. I heard someone else get up and come downstairs as I pumped the banana in and out of my cunt and Clare told me someone was coming but I just carried on until he walked in to the kitchen. I slowed my movements and said hello, then pulled the banana out, peeled it and started to eat it. I was aware that this might be the last time I got to stay with Clare and Giles so decide to make the most of it and went to fetch a glass so I could get a drink. I stretched up a lot more than was necessary and as the t-shirt I was wearing didn’t cover my ass when I was standing straight I exposed everything to the guy. When I sat back down I put a foot on the chair and hugged my knee so my cunt was still exposed and chatted with him.

I waited until he had finished eating and then said I was going to go take a shower. I asked the guy if he had a towel I could borrow and then followed him to his room. I removed my top and thanked him for the towel, then said that he could always come with me if he wanted. This time he didn’t hesitate and quickly grabbed a towel for himself and led me to the bathroom. We both got in to the shower and I let him soap me up. He cupped my breasts gingerly at first, but when I grabbed his hands and rubbed them back and forth over my nipples he took a firmer hold of me. When his hands got to my pussy he didn’t pause at all and rubbed my properly before curling a couple of fingers up in to me. I told him that I didn’t want to cum again as Giles had already given me three orgasms (not entirely true, but I didn’t want to embarrass Clare as I was fairly sure that people outside of the parties didn’t know she did things with girls).

I took a hold of his cock and said that it was time I helped to wash him and while I did technically rub down the rest of his body too, I spent the majority of the time stroking him. I gave him the choice of giving him a hand job or letting him fuck me breasts (I’ve noticed that more and more guys seem to be in to that) or going back to his room and letting him fuck me. To his credit he pointed out that I said I didn’t want to cum so I told him that I was more than happy to let him use me and enjoy himself without having to worry about making me cum. He asked if he could feel my breasts around his cock and as he had wanted me to cum I gave him a couple of minutes of this as a bonus before we left the shower and went to his room. I let him take me from behind, him on top, me riding him and him fucking me while holding my legs up. He liked this position as he said it felt really deep and he really seemed to like me telling him how good his cock felt inside my cunt. He asked if I was sure I didn’t want to cum and I told him it was tempting but that I was still spent from earlier. He pumped away and told me he was getting close to I encouraged him to cum as hard as he could deep inside my cunt and that I wanted to see how much cum he could produce. He thrust in to me really hard four or five times and then kept still. When he pulled out I took a hold of his cock and admired the cum contained in the condom and thanked him for the towel and the fuck before heading back to Giles’ room (still naked).

Clare couldn’t believe I’d let him fuck me and asked what had happened to the no-cumming rule so I described what had happened and explained the excuse I’d given him. She was grateful that I hadn’t told him about she and I having fucked and I told her that all the guys she knew would probably just find it incredibly hot if they knew just how good she was at eating pussy. Giles agreed with this and I got Clare to let me have a few licks at her cunt and then turned her around, bent her over the bed and ate her from behind (as well as swirling my tongue over her ass a number of times). I got her to the point of moaning and panting, but didn’t let her cum, which she thought was cruel so I teased her about how much she had enjoyed it and wanted to be eaten out by another girl. I didn’t tease her much though and told her that Jen was really impressed with how she had gone from just experimenting to really letting herself enjoy doing things with other girls and now she just had to convince Giles to do the same with other guys so she could have both types of threesomes whenever she wanted. Giles wasn’t at all keen on this idea so I explained how Mike had given guys handjobs, let them suck him and how he had fucked one. While Mike is probably not much further towards the bi part of the sexual spectrum from Giles, all of this experimentation does now mean that he is happy to lick my clit while another guy’s cock is buried in my cunt and I explained how I find it really hot when he does this (more so than when a girl licks me while I’m being fucked).

As I was feeling horny I wore a short black pleated skirt that made it very easy to expose myself. I also wore the bra I had intended to wear to the party – one that left most of my nipples exposed – and a t-shirt over this. I let Giles pinch and caress my nips to get the hard and they made nice little tents in the t-shirt so I was satisfied. We met up with Neil and Melissa for lunch and I let them see that I was already prepared for the party by giving them a long flash of my exposed pussy. I got Neil to promise me his first load of cum that night and promised Melissa that I would make it up to her ‘somehow’. Unfortunately Giles had to get some work done that afternoon and not even the promise of meeting up with Sara was enough to convince him to come with me. Clare came along though and even came back to Sara’s house so I could dump my things there. Sara quietly asked me if I would help her prepare for the party and when I asked how, she said she wanted someone to shave her, but that she would do it herself if I didn’t want to.


  1. Do you find Mike or other guys engaging in same sex action a turn on. I find more and more girls are interested in it.

    1. I really like it when Mike does things with me and other guys. He isn't too keen on doing things with other guys without a girl involved (but he has at least tried it a few times). I think I prefer watching a couple of girls do things together than a couple of guys, but it's good to see occasionally (and sometimes I much prefer watching guys).

      Richard and James are probably my favourites to watch as I know how much they like each other and that really comes across in their playing with each other. I also find it quite instructive to watch guys blowing each other and try to pick up tips from them (not everything I've learned about blowjobs came from Sue!)