Saturday, 21 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 2

Sara obviously didn’t mind that Clare was present (and as they’ve fooled around together a number of times this made sense) so I told Sara to go get some hot water and asked Clare to come with us to help carry the other bits. I told Clare that I would have happily done her pussy as well, but I knew from our earlier session that she had taken care of herself. Sara lay back on her bed and I placed a hot flannel over her pussy and then lathered her up a minute or so later on. The three of us chatted as I shaved Sara and Clare said that she sometimes waxed, but now Giles (and others) went down on her more often she shaves more frequently to keep the stubble to a minimum. Sara wanted to keep a little patch of hair on her mons so I shaved around this. It was actually very short hair as she had only been growing it for a few weeks and I told her that I was considering growing a little patch back as well (as long as my lips are shaved clean Mike and Jen don’t mind what I do with my mons – although Mike does like the completely shaved look). I described how Jen and I would gently tug on each other’s pubic hair as a way of teasing each other during foreplay and Clare thought this sounded painful (it isn’t – we only pulled gently). I suggested that she grow back a little patch of hair as well as it can look quite cute and added that people seem to like seeing girls with blonde (or not black) pubic hair – and I know that Mike certainly thinks that Sara’s little red patch looks cute.

I finished off Sara’s lips, rinsed her off and instinctively gave her a few licks to check for any spots I’d missed. As we had a bit of time I had a gentle play with Sara’s pussy (she has very cute lips) and got Clare to help out. I can’t actually remember the excuse I used to slip my skirt off, but I ended up on the bed top to tail with Sara and Clare asked us if she wanted her to leave us to it. I told her it would be much more fun if she stayed and joined us and we half-wrestled her on to her back (she didn’t really resist) and between us Sara and I pulled off Clare’s skirt, tights and panties. Sara buried her tongue in Clare’s pussy and I pulled Sara’s body round so I could get between her and Clare so we made a triangle. I reminded them that we should try not to cum as the party wasn’t too far away and we fondled and licked each other for a bit before switching round so I was eating Clare, she was eating Sara and Sara was eating me. When we broke this configuration I asked Sara if we should give Clare an extra little treat and got her to sit over my face so I could eat her while Sara flicked her tongue over Clare’s ass. As this is Sara’s ‘thing’ it was only fair to do the same to her so once we finished with Clare we did the same to Sara with me licking her ass. Sara said I should get the same treatment and I wasn’t going to complain so offered myself up but was surprised to find that Sara went for my pussy – and even more surprised when I felt Clare’s tongue swirling around my ass.

I was left feeling quite tingly and very horny but it was clear that Clare and Sara were in the same boat. It wold have been very easy to break our ‘no cumming’ rule and just have a quick three-way fuck until we’d all cum, but we were well behaved and held back. I suggested that instead if me just staying with Sara and meeting Clare (and Giles) at the party, that we all have dinner together and then head off. Clare headed home to get ready while Sara and I showered together and put on our outfits for the party. I know that some might consider it to be fairly irrelevant as I tend to lose a fair part of whatever I wear quite quickly, but I enjoy the anticipation and the act of getting dressed up. I quizzed Sara as to whether she intended to fuck as many guys this time as she had the last time (and told her that Mike wished he could be there to eat and fuck her – assuming he was allowed to of course). Sara said that she missed having Mike with her and that she wasn’t against doing things with some guys, but that she wanted to concentrate more on girls this time. This naturally led to me fondling her and I dared her to make out with me for the duration of a taxi ride to Clare’s place. Sara accepted this dare and as soon as the door of the taxi was shut (and we’d confirmed where we wanted to go) we started to kiss. We knew it was only a short ride so we progressed quickly and fondled each other’s breasts (through or clothes) and I pushed a hand up Sara’s thighs and under her skirt. When she did the same to me I spread my legs fairly wide to give her better access. I noticed the driver glancing in the mirror at and hoped that we didn’t end up crashing but we made it safely to Clare’s place and headed in to the house.

Over dinner we regaled Giles with a full description of what Clare had done with Sara and me and this (unsurprisingly) got him hard very quickly. We had a little time before we had to set off and I asked Sara if she was up for teasing Giles as one of her few cocks for the night and she was game so I sat up on the table in front of Giles, spread my legs and told him to eat me. As he did this, Sara crawled under the table, undid his trousers and took his cock in her mouth. I then got him to move his chair back a bit and mounted his cock, then got Sara and Clare to each have a turn licking us both. I wanted things to be fair, so they also both got a turn on his cock and were licked by us both and we then gave Giles a three way cock licking session. To finish off (without actually finishing off – we’d made it that far and only had to hold out a little longer) the three of us bend forwards over the table and we let Giles move between us, sampling each of our cunts once more with his cock.

I decided that I wanted to change my outfit but my things were still round at Sara’s place so I asked Clare if she had an old long t-shirt I could borrow (and then clarified that she wouldn’t get it back in a state she could ever use). Clare went up to fetch something and I stripped off, leaving just my stockings on. When she returned I put the t-shirt on to check the length and it came down to just below my ass so I thought it was suitable. I then checked that she didn’t mind if she didn’t get it back, scrunched it up and attacked it randomly with a pair of scissors before scrunching it up in different ways and cutting it a few more times each time. I hadn’t cut many chunks of material out of it, but had put a good number of cuts in and when I put it again it didn’t cover me anywhere near as well as it had previously. The very bottom of the t-shirt hadn’t been cut too much so I got Sara to cut up one side (she cut up to my waist) and told Giles to cut up the other side. He really got the idea of what I wanted and cut up to about the bottom of my breasts. By this point I really couldn’t have gone out with just the t-shirt on, but I had always planned to wear a jacket over it. This did a good enough job of holding the bottom of the t-shirt down that we could walk to the party – although as soon as we got on to the street that the house was on, I removed my jacket and walked the rest of the way with the front and back of the t-shirt flapping from side to side.

A few people had already started playing by the time we arrived (Clare isn’t very good at timekeeping). Michael was making out with Hannah (just at the fingering and handjob stage), Paul was apparently fucking Caroline upstairs and a few other couples were fondling through clothes. Given all the teasing we’d had that day, we were keen to get things started properly, but I first went to find Laura (the party’s original bi-girl) and told her that Sara was looking for some girl-girl action. We agreed to help her out and Laura took first shift, going up to Sara, complimenting her and asking her if she wanted to fuck. They used one of the sofas and were soon kissing, fondling, fingering and licking each other. The guys still seem to appreciate lesbian action at the parties, although now all of the girls tend to participate (to varying degrees) it isn’t such a big deal. From what I know, there are a number of girls who save their ‘experimentation’ for the parties and don’t (or only rarely) do things with other girls outside the parties. I don’t see the point of this – if you are ‘experimenting’ six times a year – and possibly with multiple girls each time – it should be obvious if it is something you enjoy, and if you enjoy it then why not do it more. I know that not everyone enjoys sex as much as I do or is as willing to do whatever they can to cum, but we’re talking about people who are willing to go to orgies, so they’re clearly a lot more adventurous than most.

Anyway, back to the party – I approached Neil and Melissa and told them that Giles, Clare and Sara had been teasing me all day (which was sort of true) so I was ultra horny. I asked Melissa if I could suck Neil and she told me to go ahead so I knelt down, pulled his cock out and took him in my mouth. Neil reached over and fondled Melissa’s breasts through her top so I reached over and slid a hand up her leg. She jumped a little at this touch (she usually only does things with girls after a few drinks) and I said that if I was doing things to her boyfriend, then it was only fair that she get some attention too. Neil agreed with this and pulled Melissa in so he could kiss her so I took the opportunity to move my mouth from his cock to under her skirt and start to kiss her thighs. I kept a hand on Neil’s cock and stroked him as I kissed up higher on Melissa’s legs and she gave in and spread them enough for me to get my lips on her crotch. Her skirt was still mostly over my head but I could see that she had black panties on – fortunately the material was very thin and offered little resistance as I pushed my tongue along her pussy. I used my free hand to pull the crotch of her panties aside and gave her a few proper licks before returning to sucking Neil. I then stood up and kissed him while stroking his cock with one hand and fondling Melissa with the other. Neil’s hand quickly went to my pussy and I told him I wanted to be fucked and suggested we head upstairs.

One of the beds was free and Neil quickly removed his trousers. I told Melissa that I could either finger or eat her (not really giving her the choice of ‘neither’) and as Neil helped her remove her panties I pulled at a couple of the cuts on the front of my t-shirt to make them large enough to expose my breasts. Neil seems to like my nipples and quickly fastened his mouth to one of them while massaging the other. I told Melissa that I’d like to play with her breasts as well so she removed her top and I told Neil I couldn’t wait any more and wanted him to fuck me. The three of us fell on to the bed and as Neil pushed in to me I sucked and fondled Melissa’s nipples while letting my breasts swing back and forth, rubbing my own nips across her abdomen and occasionally reaching down to fondle her pussy. I got Melissa to scooch up the bed a bit so I could get my mouth on to her cunt and told her I wanted her to cum for me. I reached back to stroke my clit as Neil was busy pumping away inside me but didn’t really get myself too far along before he came in me (it’s not that he came that quickly, he had just been fucking me for longer than I had been playing with myself – and my attention was dividing between frigging myself and eating Melissa).

Just because Neil had finished it didn’t mean I was going to let Melissa off and I lay on my back and told her to sit over my face. My intention was to get her to eat me – which I’m fairly sure she would have done, but before she could I felt someone else take a hold of my legs and press their cock against my cunt. I couldn’t see who it was as Melissa’s ass was the only thing I could see and I liked the idea of not knowing. I asked Melissa to rub my clit (which I felt was the least she could do) and soon felt her fingers swirling around it as the mystery cock pumped in to me. I lapped away inside Melissa’s pussy, occasionally brushing my tongue over her clit and used my hands to spread her ass to make it easier to eat her. As I got closer to cumming I ate her faster and concentrated on her clit more, but I still came before she did. I moaned a fair bit as I came and then told her to stop frigging me, but for the guy to keep fucking me. I made Melissa cum before he did, but held her firmly in place over my face and kitty kissed her until the guy had cum and pulled out of me and I kept licking Melissa for another minute or so in order to give the guy time to put his cock away so I wouldn’t know for sure who it was (although I’m fairly sure).

It had been a good start to the party and I went to see how Sara was doing – Laura had finished with her, but had then approached the Japanese twins (they aren’t even sisters, but people have taken to calling them that) and suggested that they could give Sara a special treat. Kiyomi and Miyako have been converted to bisexuality through the parties (and now occasionally do things with each other outside of the parties – although only with encouragement from Corey). It was a little early for them to do things with girls, but Laura took advantage of the fact that Japanese people don’t want to offend or say no and got them to agree to give Sara a good session. I found Sara halfway through her special Asian session and watched jealously as both the girls rubbed up against her, fingered her and took turns eating her and being eaten by her. A number of the guys were watching the three girls playing and as having the three of them working together somewhat skewed the boy-girl ratio I felt it was my duty to help give the guys something to do. Laura was up for this as well and I took Corey’s cock while she took Brett’s. We both knelt and sucked them as they watched the display on the bed. After a while Laura stood up and offered Brett her cunt so they could fuck but I wanted Corey to cum over my face so I just kept sucking him and fondling his balls. Just before he came, he put his hand on the back of my head to hold me in place so I decided to just let him cum in my mouth. I didn’t try to swallow any of his cum and just let it fill up my mouth, but then once he had finished and I was gently sucking him I let the cum dribble out, run down my chin and drip down my front and on to my legs. When I pulled completely away from him I pulled the neck of my t-shirt away from my body and spat the rest of the cum on to my breasts before giving his cock a few more licks.

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