Tuesday, 24 February 2015

April 2015 Sex Party – Part 3

Kiyomi and Miyako each made Sara cum and I got to see her second orgasm as I stood and gently rubbed my pussy, feeling Neil’s and the mystery cock’s cum dripping out of me. I was quite tempted to sit over Kiyomi or Miyako when they finished with Sara and get them to eat me clean, but I thought they’d done a pretty good job with Sara so decided to leave it until later to tease them. I was still feeling quite greedy though and went off to see what other action I could find. Clare and Giles had finished their first sessions and I told Giles that I still had to make up for having teased him for a lot of the day. I told him that he could fuck my ass if he could get Clare to eat me at the same time (assuming this wouldn’t be a problem) and a few minutes later Clare and I were kneeling on the floor on either side of his cock and licking him to erection (okay, so he was already hard – we were mostly just applying saliva to get him ready to slide in to me. I got Giles to sit back on the sofa and knelt over his cock as he applied some real lube. I spread my cheeks and he pushed a couple of fingers a little way into my ass, working some lube up inside me. He held his cock in place and I lowered myself on to it, feeling the head push against my ass and then slide in to me. I slide down a fair way and then started bobbing up and down. I spread my lips and asked Clare to eat me and she buried her face in my cunt and got to work. It felt really good and I decided I wanted to be a bit more exposed so I tore at my t-shirt, turning more of the cuts in to tears until the front was in tatters. Giles joined in and did the same to the back. It would have been much easier to just remove it, but I liked the torn look and I ripped at my stockings as well, putting a few large tears in them. Giles reached round to fondle my breasts and I leant back a little to make it easier for Clare to eat me (and for other people to watch).

Clare discovered the cum in me as she ate me (most of it had dripped out, but there was still some) although this didn’t stop her eating me. Giles definitely enjoyed fucking my ass and I had to tell him to hold back until I was a bit closer, but I let him cum before I did with the condition that he remained inside me. I was a fair bit more vocal than I needed to be when I came and when Clare pulled away from me I could see boy-cum smeared over her face and chin. I told her she needed a reward and dragged her in to the kitchen, got her to sit up on the counter (she was a bit nervous about being this exposed as it made her a focus of attention). I then went down on her briefly and then used a bottle (just a beer bottle) to fuck her while sucking on her nipples and playing with her clit. I remembered the last time I’d had this done to me (although there were two bottles involved in my case) and pumped the bottle in to her harder as her body became more flushed. When she had finished cumming, I pulled the bottle out, sucked it clean and briefly kitty kissed her before helping her down. I even got her to agree to have a proper session with Sara before the night was out.

I had a little break and watched a couple of other couples playing. At one point I used my own beer bottle to play with myself, but as it was still half full I had to be careful (beer in pussy isn’t good – or not in the medium term anyway). I had really enjoyed my mystery fuck earlier and made a suggestion that we set up a glory hole. A few people thought this was a good idea but went one better and strung up a sheet, then cut three holes in it at cock height along the length of the sheet. The girls all hid in the kitchen and three of us came out and stood behind the holes and three of the guys poked their cocks through. I turned around and guided my guy’s cock in to my cunt and rocked back and forth against it, Laura sucked her guy’s cock and Hannah sucked Bennett’s cock (as the only black guy at the party it was quite easy to identify his, although to be fair, I was quite sure I had Craig’s cock inside me and that Laura was sucking Brett). Craig ended up grabbing my ass through the sheet and pumping in to me faster until he came while Laura and Hannah finished their guys off with their mouths. Three more girls took our places (Miyako, Clare and Simone) and the three of us who had just been used went round to try and identify the people who we’d made cum and then watched as Michael, Gareth and Scott fucked the new mystery girls. This was quite successful up to a point but as the sheet hadn’t been attached well enough it fell down. Once everyone had disentangled themselves from the sheet, they carried on their session – but now obviously knew who they were paired with.

I still needed my kitchen fuck and as I hadn’t had Bennett’s nice cock inside me yet that evening I spent a while kneeling in front of him and treating it like a lollypop. He asked me to use my breasts on his cock and I happily did this with the understanding that he was going to slide it in to my cunt and fuck me until I came. I got him nice and hard and reminded him that we would still have to select a girl to be given ‘special treatment’ and that he would have to make sure he could get hard enough again to at least partially fuck her. He promised me that if he got to watch a number of girls playing with her that he would get hard again and fuck whoever we selected so I carried on licking, kissing and stroking his cock and balls as well as rubbing it between my breasts and back and forth over my neck. I then led him by the cock in to the kitchen and leant against the counter as he fucked me. When we started, even though I was feeling quite horny, I didn’t really care too much whether I came (as I knew I intended to fuck whichever girl we selected - and get her to eat me) but almost as soon as Bennett’s cock slipped in to me I knew that I wanted him to fuck me properly. Ideally I would have loved to have him full me with his cum, but at that late point in the evening we’re lucky to get more than a couple of drops. I saw Sara in the living room and was about to call her over to help, and ask if she would mind licking me but then remembered I was going home with her so we’d have the Sunday morning to play. Instead I just asked Bennett to use a thumb to rub my ass and felt him push the end in to me. I reached down to play with my clit and thrust back against him, telling him how much I loved the feeling of his big black cock filling my cunt (he’s got the largest cock out of the current group at the party, but not by a huge amount – and size really isn’t everything). He lasted quite a while as he’d already cum a few times so I got to cum, rest and then get a good way towards cumming again before he came in me. I let him stay inside me for a while and I squeezed myself around him (which he loved) and continued to talk dirty to him, telling him how I wanted to see him pound our target for the evening and give her a screaming orgasm.

It was way past the time we should have selected who would get a final round of group fucking but after just a quick run through who had already received this pleasure, the choice was fairly easy. As Sara is mostly gay, she was out (although I quite liked the idea of seeing her be fucked by guy after guy), Simone was too new a recruit and we might scare her off, Melissa was an option, but the obvious choice was Laura. Lots of the guys worship her as she was the one who originally started the girl-girl action at the parties so I knew there wouldn’t be any objection from the crowd and I got Sara to help me push Laura down on to the sofa, pull off her clothes and get thing started. We rolled Laura on to her side and I ate her cunt while Sara lapped at her ass. Once I announced that we wanted everyone to help make her cum, the guys gathered round and let her take turns at sucking their cocks to help them get hard again and as soon as we moved Laura on to the floor we got the girls to take turns sitting over her face and being eaten while the guys fucked her. The tradition was now sufficiently ingrained in the parties that none of the girls objected to going down on Laura, although some still did this a little less enthusiastically, and we ate, fucked and fingered her to three (or possibly four) more orgasms until she was a sweaty, sticky panting mess. I managed to get her to eat me until I came (as I’d hoped) and Sara got the same treatment from her. I thought she was going to make Clare cum as well, but Clare pulled away before she came (she later said she had cum more than enough for one night – which is a feeling I rarely have since we reduced the frequency of visits to Jen’s old Uni and the gang there).

Simone and Melissa were put on warning that they would be given the group treatment at a future date, although under the party rules they could always refuse, but then that wouldn’t be as much fun. Sara and I gave Laura a few final licks and we threatened to team up on her to try and make her cum one last time but didn’t follow through on the threat. We did get Laura to leave her clothes at the house (she went back to get them on the Sunday) and just wear her coat to walk home and as I unusually still had my ‘clothes’ on at the end of the party (even though the t-shirt was now in shreds and my stockings were rather ripped) I didn’t bother doing my coat up for the walk back to Sara’s place (although I did hold my coat shut a few times when we walked past other people). Sara and I didn’t do anything that night (other than a little kissing and fondling) as we were both quite tired, but I promised her she would get the full treatment in the morning. I made good on this promise and ate her awake and after she had gone down on me I got her to stand looking out the window while I used a vibe in her pussy and swirled my tongue around her ass. I speared her a number of times as she got close to cumming and she pressed her chest up against the glass, saying she loved the cold against her nips (which had the additional benefit of helping get them hard so I could suck on them when we returned to her bed).

We told each other about what we had gotten up to at the party and gently teased each other. I knew that I had to go and fetch the clothes I had left round at Clare’s place and Sara suggested that we could meet up for brunch with Clare and Giles first and then fetch them so I sent a text and we dived in the shower together to freshen up. I packed Clare’s t-shirt and we set off to the café. Over lunch I got Sara to display the fact that she was naked under her dress (or at least that she didn’t have panties on –I told Giles he might have to wait for proof that she didn’t have a bra on). As Sara came back to Clare’s place with us, Giles got his chance and she didn’t even object when I started to unbutton her dress in the middle of Clare’s kitchen. Clare took us to her room and submitted to Sara’s tongue, at first on her crotch through her clothes but then directly on her pussy. Giles didn’t need any encouragement to get undressed and he helped me out of my clothes. I asked Sara if she wanted them both and then gave Giles’ cock a messy suck and Sara’s pussy a few licks before guiding him in to her (I’m sure he could have found the way by himself but it was nice to help bring friends together). I warned Giles that he would have to fuck me as well as Sara so if he thought he could only cum once that I wanted him inside me for a while but that he could cum in Sara (assuming she wanted this). He assured me he could take us both so I concentrated on helping Sara out by kissing and fondling Clare. As Clare’s mouth was available I decided to get her to lick me and ended up getting a bit more carried away than I had intended (although she was going a good job of eating me). I humped back and forth against her face as he tongue slipped between my lips and flicked over my clit and once it was obvious that I was going to cum I promised her that I’d return the favour. Clare actually came before I did, but she carried on licking me and I lifted my breasts up so I could lick my nipples and help tease Giles who was still fucking Sara from behind. I told him to rub her asshole with his thumb and he did this while she played with her clit. Sara came quite quickly from this point and I was quite impressed that Giles had lasted so long, but he came in Sara fairly soon after she came.

Sara lay on the bed with her legs spread and we watched as Giles’ cum leaked out of her. I roped Clare in to kissing Giles’ cock with me and we made sure he was thoroughly cleaned. Clare then had a few licks of Sara’s pussy and I suggested that Sara crouch over Clare’s face to return Giles’ cum and while she was in this position I and Giles took turns licking around Sara’s ass. As usual Sara really enjoyed this but she wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum again so we had a quick break and got Sara to give us some pointers on anal play. Clare and I were the targets for this and as Sara demonstrated on one of us, Giles had to copy her using the other person. This felt really nice and once they started also playing with our pussies (fingering and frigging) it felt even better. Giles enjoyed it sufficiently that he said he couldn’t wait any longer so I told him to slide in to me. He started off by taking me from behind but then Sara got him to lie on the bed so I could mount him and she could lick at my ass as we fucked. I told her to sit over Giles’ face so we could eat her but she was enjoying what she was doing – fortunately we still had Clare so she climbed over his face and he ate her while I took her ass (which she felt was sufficient payment for having eaten me earlier). Sara had to move away when things sped up a bit, but she sat and gently played with herself while watching the three of us and once we had all cum, we pounced on Sara and told her it was her turn.

We tried a triple fingering (each of us using a finger in her pussy) and taking turns rubbing fingers over her ass. We then tried having Giles inside her, gently moving while Clare rubbed her clit and ass and I sat over her face. To finish with though we went with her favourite and I 69ed with Sara while Clare lapped at her ass. This was enough to get Giles hard again, although not quite hard enough to slide in to me or Clare. Once we’d got Sara off I let Giles use my breasts to masturbate with and I got Sara and Clare to add some of their pussy juice to help lubricate things. He loved the way this felt, but couldn’t cum again, even with me begging him to add his cum to the sticky mess between my breasts.

With our games finished, I returned Clare’s t-shirt to her and dared her to wear it somewhere (she didn’t). After quietly asking Sara how she felt about the idea I also suggested that she could join Clare and Giles more often and they all felt this could be fun. From the reports I’ve had, this has now happened a number of times and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Mike is obviously a little jealous of Giles as Sara was meant to be (one of) his little lesbian(s), but we told him he was just being greedy as he has more than enough women to keep him occupied.

On my train journey home I managed to let the guy opposite get a number of long views up my skirt to my bare pussy. I assume that the scent of Sara and Clare’s pussy juice was an additional turn on for him and a couple of times I spread my legs fairly wide and just concentrated on the feeling of his gaze on my cunt (while pretending that I was oblivious to what I was showing him). I very nearly masturbated for him (or at least offered to) but managed to hold on until I got home and had a quick shower before pouncing on the ever horny Jen (even though Mike had done a fairly good job of keeping her satisfied over the weekend, sometimes only pussy will do).

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