Monday, 2 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 3

While Mike and Lucy had been out, Jen had felt tired so gone for a lie down, leaving Lis and I curled up on the sofa together. We chatted for a while, also about weddings, but Lisa came up as well. I described to Lis in more detail what her visit had been like and asked Lis if she would want to play with Lisa. Lis quite liked the idea but wasn’t sure if Lucy would go for it – I thought she would as she has clearly been getting more willing to try things and if Lisa wasn’t just a random part of the group, it would be okay. I got Lis to imagine what it would be like to have a little fresher to fuck which seemed to excite Lis a bit, but she said she liked being with Lucy as she was experienced enough to know what she was doing. I assured Lis that while Lisa was still relatively inexperienced, she was quite good and Lis asked why I was trying to ‘sell’ Lisa to her. I hadn’t realised this was what I was doing, but agreed and thought about it. The best I could come up with was that Mike really liked her and she was his equivalent of Lis to me so I wanted them to get along (and I know ‘getting along’ doesn’t have to involve sex, but if everyone is willing I don’t see why that should be wasted on just being friends).

Lis had been gently fondling my breasts while we talked (she was half-lying on me) and I told her she could play with them more if she wanted. Lis told me that she knew full well she could do pretty much anything she wanted to me and I wouldn’t stop her and asked if I wanted her to play with my breasts. I sat up, pulled my top off and removed my bra and told her I would love to have her hands and mouth on my nipples. Lis flashed me her cute smile (which is almost as sexy as Jen’s) and lowered her mouth to one of my nipples while keeping eye contact. She gently kissed and licked around the areola and then switched to the other breast and did the same. She kissed around and under my breasts, occasionally gently grazing my nips with her lips, but not paying any attention to them until they were hard and pointy (my breasts don’t often get this way – I can be in the middle of an orgasm and not have pointy nipples). I pulled Lis’ top off (she doesn’t usually wear a bra) so I could reciprocate and kissed and sucked on her little nips until she was moaning. By this point I had also pulled her skirt up so she could grind against me better. I told her that I loved how horny she could get and reached around to play with her pussy. Lis tried to protest that it was only a few people who could make her feel that way so I told her I was honoured to be among the chosen few and asked how she wanted to cum. Lis said she didn’t care so I told her off and said that it was important to ensure a balanced sexual diet, ensuring she came in as many different ways as possible.

It was left to me to decide and as she had been eaten many times already during her visit I wanted to fuck her, but the strap-ons were upstairs. Fortunately I realised we had something suitable in the fridge and fetched a cucumber. Lis looked somewhat nervous as she remembered how cold these felt when used straight from the fridge so we compromised and sat it in a basin of hot water for a little while, during while time I challenged Lis to a masturbation game where we sat facing each other and had to make the other person cum before we did. We set a time limit of 5 minutes (as we didn’t want the cucumber to go too soft) and we both fingered and frigged each other but both managed to hold back and not cum.

As Lis had matched me in the game, it only seemed fair that we share the cucumber so we basically repeated what we’d done the previous night with the double ended dildo – apart from the fact that this time we did it in the living room on the floor in front of the window. We technically weren’t visible from the footpath (except when sitting up), but if anyone had wandered up to the window they would have seen everything and I was quite impressed that Lis was willing to fuck in a place where we could so easily be overseen. She even had a go of riding me, at which point her head and chest would have been visible from outside. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to cum with the cucumber inside us and ended up breaking it when we moved in different directions. Lis only put on mock disgust when I put the broken halves back in the fridge to be eaten later on (she’s had our cum-salads, so is quite used to our food games) and we just humped out cunts against each other to finish things off. This felt really good but was a bit frustrating as we decided not to use any fingers. Jen came downstairs while we were still humping against each other but said that we hadn’t woken her up. Jen sat and watched us as we finished off but to actually cum we cheated a bit and took turns grinding out clits against the other person’s pussy while they helped hold the person grinding against them to get better contact. We made quite a bit of noise while doing this and called each other some fairly filthy names. By the time we both came my pussy felt physically warm from all the friction (even though it was quite well lubricated from the mix of our juices).

I suggested that we didn’t clean ourselves off as Mike would happily take care of this task when he returned and we turned our attention to Jen. I had an idea and quickly filled Lis in on the outline and she agreed so we asked Jen if she wanted us to give her a treat. I fetched a duvet and pillows from upstairs and we lay it out on the floor for Jen to make herself comfortable on. Lis and I then lay either side of her and caressed her whole body apart from her pussy. We covered her with kisses and then concentrated a bit more on her nipples. Occasionally we would return to playing with her legs and kiss up her inner thighs and around her pussy, but still avoiding direct contact with her lips and clit. I briefly left Lis to continue stimulating Lis and set up the video camera, pointing it directly at Jen’s pussy and displaying the image on the TV so we could see how much of an effect we were having on her. I also sent Mike a text to let him know we were teasing Jen and that he had an hour to get back with Lucy before we made her cum and then set a countdown on my phone so I would know not to let Jen cum before that time.

Lis and I then spent about 40 minutes (actually 42 minutes) teasing Jen. We mostly played with her nipples as she loves having this done and I’m quite sure we could have actually given her a nipplegasm. Jen got to the point of mewing and I recognised the change in her ‘mews’ as meaning she was getting really close. I have to admit that I was quite tempted to carry on and actually make her cum that way, but as we’d summoned Mike and Lucy back it seemed somewhat unfair to have them return to a satisfied Jen so we broke off the nipples play for a while and teased other parts of her body (still with no direct contact on her pussy). I was glad I’d set up the camera as Jen’s pussy was probably wetter than any time I’ve seen before. Thick, milky white juices oozed from her and ended up soaking the duvet beneath her. We gathered up some of the juices and rubbed them over her mons, lips and thighs and then added some to her breasts for good measure. Jen alternated between spreading her legs and pressing her thighs together but stuck to the rule that she wasn’t allowed to touch herself. It dawned on me that people outside might be able to see the image of Jen’s cunt on the TV – it isn’t really that visible, but you can see it from a certain part of the footpath). I thought about mentioning this to Jen but she’s lived with us for long enough that I felt she should have realised this (it was kind of exhibition by proxy).

By the time Mike and Lucy arrived (42 minutes after I set the countdown) Jen was desperate to cum and given the amount of liquid that had leaked from her pussy I have no idea how she wasn’t dehydrated. Mike was desperate to dive in to Jen’s cunt and eat the accumulated juices but the most he was allowed to do was kiss and caress her thighs and around her pussy. I let Lucy take my place and Lis showed her what we had found to be the most effective way to play with Jen’s nipples (Lucy has a fair bit of experience with breasts herself as Lis enjoys having things done with hers, but Jen wanted more sucking and flicking of her nips).

I pulled Mike away from Jen so the camera could record the effect that Lis and Lucy had on her and Mike told me if he wasn’t allowed to eat Lucy then he would have to eat me. I told him to go ahead if he wanted and I ended up kneeling on the floor with my face over Jen’s so I could kiss her. Upside down kissing isn’t that easy so we ended moving round to the side a bit (which also gave Mike a better view of the TV and allowed him to occasionally switch and lick Lis from behind). Oddly enough for him, he decided that licking us wasn’t enough and I felt him slide his cock in to me and slowly fuck me before switching over to Lis and doing the same to her. He then moved back and forth between us either eating or fucking us. Jen was really desperate to cum by this point and her pussy actually looked as if Mike had been pounding in to her for an extended period (very pink and a little swollen). I could tell from her mewing that she was getting very close again and told Lis and Lucy to keep going just a little longer. Jen had a hand on the backs of their heads, holding them in place against her nipples, but this time nobody tried to pull away and kept going as Jen started to buck her hips, trying to hump the air to get that extra little bit of friction. As she came, she arched her body up, pressing her breasts against Lis and Lucy’s mouths and a large blob of gloop shot from her pussy and left a trail about six inches long on the duvet. Jen thrust her breasts up against the mouths sucking them in time with the waves of her orgasm and while she didn’t squirt any more juices from her cunt, another couple of waves of goo oozed out of her.

As her orgasm eased off, she sunk back down on to the duvet and using their hair, lifted Lis and then Lucy’s face to hers so she could kiss them. She was breathing very heavily and when she caught her breath the first thing she said was ‘wow’. She was well aware that she was sitting in a wet patch of her own making but was still surprised when we watched the video back (mostly at high speed) at how much had leaked out of her. It looked even better when played back quickly, but we watched her actual orgasm at normal speed and then went back to watch it again slowed down so we could get a good look at her shooting her first load of cum out and then letting the rest just dribble out. As she had already cum, we let Mike kitty kiss her, but we all took some responsibility for cleaning her up. Jen said her pussy felt quite tender – not in the way it did after an extended session with Mike or a vibe, but certainly incredibly sensitive so we had to kitty kiss her very tenderly.

Mike felt it was only fair that as Lis and I had been teasing Lucy for so long, that we shouldn’t get to cum yet but that as Lucy had turned up and helped to relieve Jen that she should be allowed to cum. We let on that Lis and I had fooled around before we started teasing Jen (not that I would have stopped anyone if they wanted to make me cum again) and unfortunately for Mike Lucy said she wasn’t ready to cum again (although if we had played with her I’m sure we could have made her cum). Instead we got her to model her new dress for us and she made us close the blinds before she changed in to it. As she removed her clothes Mike told Jen that they had seen her up on the TV from outside but Jen didn’t care. Lucy had opted for a simple little black dress which looked good on her (we think that most things look good on her though) and Mike dashed upstairs to fetch her some opaque tights to wear with them. She allowed him to put these on her and he made sure they were pulled up snugly against her crotch before smoothing them out down her legs.

Lucy removed the dress and we convinced her not to put any more clothes on (seeing as the rest of us were naked – or at least we were once Mike removed his top). We described in more detail how Lis and I had fucked and then how we had teased Jen, nearly making her cum. Lucy was grateful that we had waited and Mike was grateful that I’d had the foresight to record the session as we now had a record of just how wet Jen could get and we promised Lis and Lucy a copy of the recording. We remained like this over dinner and convinced Lucy to also remove her top. I would have asked her to take her tights off as well (and probably her panties too) but Mike was enjoying the way she looked with opaque tights on and as I was going to have her to myself later on that night I didn’t mind. We shared a couple of bottles of wine over dinner (except Jen of course) and when we were sitting back in the living room Mike asked Lucy if he could caress her legs for a while before giving her the massage he had promised earlier. She allowed this (with the usual caveats) and he spent a while running his hands up and down her legs and inner thighs. We all continued to chat as Mike did this and while Lucy wasn’t getting off on it as he was being well behaved, she clearly liked the way he was stroking her.

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