Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 4

He then asked her if he could do one more thing before the massage and said he wanted to tease her in a similar way to what Jen and I had done to Lis. He wanted her to strip off and just wear some long blue socks and then let him carry on caressing her thighs and stomach and he promised he wouldn’t touch her pussy. Lucy wasn’t too sure at first, but Mike pointed out that he had followed all of the rules she had set and she said that she trusted him. She agreed and I wasn’t sure if I was surprised or not, but thought that it could only really be a good thing as it would mean she would be much hornier by the time we went to bed and would need me to fuck her senseless before she went to sleep. Mike went and fetched the socks he wanted her to wear and Lucy pulled her tights and panties off before he returned. Just as he had done with the tights, he put the socks on her and pulled the up as far as they would go (a couple of inches above her knee). As long socks are one of his things, we have a selection of various lengths so he had chosen the particular ones he wanted. He kissed and caressed Lucy’s lower legs (or the socks) before moving up above her knee and kissing his way up her thigh. As promised, he avoided her pussy and kissed up the crease of her leg (which Lucy said was okay). He then asked if he could kiss across her mons and she showed him how far up he had to stay (about halfway). He got Lucy to spread her legs (Jen and I helped out with this and held them apart) and Mike spent about 20 minutes kissing stroking and licking all around her pussy (at the appropriate distance). A couple of times he asked her to raise her ass in the air and he kissed her cheeks and even licked between them (but avoided her actual ass).

This time is was clear that what he was doing to Lucy was turning her on and he asked her to spread her lips. She asked what he was going to do and he just told her to trust her. Lucy reached down and spread her lips wide and Mike leant close and gently blew on her. She let out a gasp and he asked if it was alright and pointed out he wasn’t touching her. She said it felt good and he could do it once more so he took a deep breath and blew on her again for as long as he could. Lucy gasped again and Mike asked if he could try one more thing – he wanted to give her one lick between her ass and her pussy, but said he would use just the tip of his tongue and wouldn’t touch either. Lucy must have been very turned on as she told him he could, but that he had to be careful so Mike placed his hands on her thighs and slowly moved his head forwards. He stuck his tongue out and gave her a single lick as he had asked – Lucy didn’t even try to disguise her moan (which made Mike beam) and he told her that if she wanted he would be happy to eat her properly and make her cum. Lucy told him that he knew the rules and that he had managed to stick to them with Jen (a slightly different set of rules, but the principal was the same I guess) and he pointed out that Jen was now pregnant with his child. Lucy told him if he stuck to them that he might end up being able to get her in to the same state but then added that she might just continue teasing him and the only way he would find out would be to stick to the rules.

She decided that he’d had enough fun (or possibly was getting sufficiently horny that she thought she might end up cumming if he continued) and said it was time for her massage. Mike was obviously disappointed, but as he’d gotten to do a huge amount more with her than he expected, he took it quite well (although from the look of his cock he was also about ready to burst). He pointed out to Lucy the state she had gotten him in to and told her to lie down on the duvet on her front. We lit some candles and I told Lucy that after her display, Lis, Jen and I might have to take care of ourselves but that we wouldn’t make too much noise (we offered to go upstairs and leave them in peace, but Lucy didn’t mind us playing while Mike massaged her). Mike went to put his trousers on (he has promised to have his clothes on) but Lucy said that she would let him remain naked as he had managed to make her feel good while not being naughty. Mike added a small amount of oil to her back and sat over her, letting his cock rub against her occasionally, but not doing so excessively. When he moved down to do her lower back his cock naturally nestled against Lucy’s ass and she let him gently move back and forth between her cheeks as his hands stroked up and down her back and sides. He them moved down and did her legs, but didn’t spend as long on them as he usually would as he had been massaging (or caressing) them for quite a while anyway.

He asked Lucy if she wanted her front done and she turned over. He worked his way up each leg in turn, stopping just below her pussy. He then massaged her mons – still keeping his fingers above where she had indicated earlier, He then worked up across her stomach to her breasts and took one in each hand. As he massaged them he moved up a bit so his cock was over her cunt, but knelt up slightly. Lucy saw where he was and just told him ‘not inside me’. He took this as meaning he was allowed to let his cock touch her so he lowered himself down and pressed it against her pussy (with the head near the top of her mons). Lucy pushed back against him slightly so he put a bit more weight on her and slowly slid back and forth as he massaged her breasts. He asked if it was okay and she said it felt really nice so he tried to wiggle side to side a little to get the shaft of his cock a little deeper between her lips. When he finished with her breasts and moved up to do her shoulders he kept the very base of his cock pressed against her pussy and felt the warmth and moisture on his balls. He then moved back down a little and ran his hands down Lucy’s sides, tickling her gently while holding her down. This had the desired effect of making her squirm and writhe under him and he kept his cock pressed hard against her pussy. Between giggled she told him that she knew what he was doing and he told her that he knew what he was doing as well. He only tickled her for a short while before firmly running his hands over her front a few times and then asking if she wanted any more. She was a little out of breath and we guessed it wasn’t just from the tickling but she said that the massage had felt really good and thanked him. He then asked her if she wanted to sit on his lap while they watched us finishing off but Lucy thought he’d had more than enough contact with her for one day so they just sat on the blanket and waited for us to finish.

Lis, Jen and I hadn’t done anything particularly special, just fondled and kissed each other. When we started I had intended to cum, but as things went on I decided that if Lucy was going to be in an extra horny state that maybe I should be as well so I concentrated on Lis. Jen told me it wasn’t fair as Lis was meant to be hers that night and I just said that once we were in bed that Jen could do whatever she wanted to Lis (Lis asked if she had a say in this, but was told she didn’t as we had to do whatever the pregnant lady wanted). We drew things out to last as long as the massage, although by the time Mike got around to tickling Lucy Jen had been ready to cum for a while and we knew that we would have to take care of the stain on the sofa before going to bed. We got Jen off quite quickly and then she and I concentrated on Lis and gave her a double licking (me on her ass). This got a few quite pleasing yelps out of her as she came (which may or may not have had something to do with the fact I speared her ass a number of times). We then convinced Lis to help tease Mike by asking him to spoon with her and she moved down to the duvet and offered him her pussy. He thought that after Lucy this was unfair, although still buried his cock in her and gently fucked her.

We cleaned up the dinner items and somehow I ended up with one of the wine bottles being used on me (I think this was Jen’s doing, but she denies it). It got worse (or better) when Mike pointed out that we had two bottles. Lis thought it would be unfair to do that to me but Jen took the second bottle and shoved the neck in to her cunt to lubricate it (it is incredibly handy having a portably lube station) and then pressed it against my ass. I had to lean against the kitchen counter with my ass pushed out and Lis fucked my cunt with one bottle while Jen used the other in my ass. Mike couldn’t resist grabbing the camera to record this and when I complained that I wanted to save myself so I could give Lucy a really good fuck I was told that I just had to hold back for three minutes and I would be released. I told them that I honestly didn’t know if I could hold back for that long but was just told it was entirely up to me whether I came or not (which I disagreed with as I felt the bottles pumping in to my holes might have something to do with it). The one in my cunt had a straight neck so Lis could thrust it in to me and have the wide part of the bottle slam against my clit each time. I knew that I used to put up with much more extreme stimulation than this and just had to find something else to concentrate on. Unfortunately as so much of our lives are centred around sex this was rather tricky but I ended up thinking about a paper I needed to redraft. This had the desired effect, but the bottles still felt really good and I wanted to enjoy the sensation so I allowed myself to focus on what they were doing to me.

I thought I had managed the balancing act fairly well, but when the three minutes were up I was just slightly too far on the side of enjoying myself as I couldn’t help myself from whimpering a bit when they stopped. Jen asked if I wanted them to continue and enough of me wanted to say yes that I hesitated – and this of course meant that they assumed ‘yes’. Jen started pumping the bottle in to my ass again and told Lis to fuck my cunt even harder with her bottle. I told them I couldn’t take any more and was told that I only had to survive for two minutes this time. I was convinced I wouldn’t make it and considered just giving in and enjoying what was likely to be a really good orgasm but I focused on the paper and just about managed to hold out. When I say ‘just about’, I really mean it too as even with my mind on the paper I couldn’t ignore the hard bottles thrusting in to me and could feel my orgasm building. I’m quite convinced that if they had kept going for even a few seconds more I would have cum fully as my orgasm was just on the verge of starting when they stopped. I was even more tempted to let them carry on and DP me to orgasm but as soon as they stopped I yelled ‘stop, stop, stop’ to them. To be fair, they did actually stop and pulled the bottles out of my holes, leaving me feeling quite empty. I told them that they would have to finish cleaning up on their own, grabbed Lucy’s hand and told her I was going to fuck her hard enough that she wouldn’t need to cum until they next came to visit us.

Lucy still seemed to be sufficiently horny that she didn’t mind me being so forceful and as soon as we got to Mike’s room I pushed her down on to the bed and told her I would be right back. I ran in to Jen’s room and grabbed a number of toys and dashed back to Lucy, telling her that the first thing I was going to do was fuck her properly. I quickly put the strap on (our good one) on with the internal vibe set to low (it seemed like a good idea at the time to tease myself some more) and got Lucy to help do up the buckles. I then added some lube and thrust in to Lucy, telling her how jealous Mike would be of me as he had wanted to do this to her all day (as well as for many years before that). We didn’t talk about Mike any more though as I pounded in to Lucy as hard as I could and our mouths locked together with our tongues almost entwined. We rolled over so Lucy could ride me and I played with her clit and breasts briefly before pulling her down so we could kiss again and then tried to copy the way Mike does his hard & fast fuck. Unfortunately it meant that the internal vibe wasn’t pressed as firmly against my clit, but Lucy enjoyed it and I thought she had also been teased long enough (even if it was her own doing) so carried on fucking her until she came. As she came I pulled my mouth away from hers and told her to scream and let them know she was cumming. She didn’t quite scream, but certainly moaned loud enough for them to hear and told me to keep fucking her hard (which I did). I fucked her right through her orgasm and when she told me to stop I pulled out, quickly removed the strap on and climbed over her in a 69 position.

I told Lucy I would be gentle with her, but that I wanted her to give me the fiercest eating she could and planted my pussy on her mouth. It was a little difficult to just kitty kiss her while she sucked and licked my pussy and then fingered me as well with her thumb but I did the best I could. My plan wasn’t to just kitty kiss her anyway as I fully intended to make her cum at least once and preferably twice more. By the time I came, I was eating her properly and she wasn’t complaining about it. My orgasm was a little disappointing compared to how I had hoped it would be (but I’d hoped it would have been as strong as I’d expected it to be if I’d let them continue to bottle-fuck me) and I still felt horny enough that I briefly pulled my mouth away from Lucy’s cunt and told her to keep going. I pushed a finger in to her ass and tried to fuck her in time with my licks. I realised that it might be a bad idea to make Lucy cum too quickly (she was eating me pretty hard and I worried that she might ease off if she came again and didn’t feel as horny) so I slowed down my licking and started to tease her a bit more – licking around her lips and sucking them in to my mouth. I humped against Lucy’s face to make sure she knew I really wanted to cum and we remained locked in our 69 for the whole session. As I felt my orgasm beginning to build in earnest I pushed my finger back in to Lucy’s ass and started moaning in to her cunt. She had my pussy spread wide and was lapping away between my lips and up inside me as well as paying attention to my clit. I wanted to tell her she was doing a wonderful job and to keep it up, but didn’t want to interrupt what I was doing to her so just hoped she would realise how much I was enjoying it. I felt a finger press against my ass and pushed back against it and then went wild on Lucy’s cunt. I could feel her panting in to my cunt as she ate me and she picked up the tempo even more to match what I was doing to her. I was still slightly worried that she would cum and stop (or slow down) but was too close to act rationally. Fortunately I had left it long enough to start my frenzied eating of her and I felt my orgasm explode out of my cunt and pulse through the whole area. This was much more like the way I had wanted to cum and I tried to do everything to give Lucy the same kind of orgasm. I licked and slurped on her whole cunt, fingered her ass and then sucked on her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth across it as she came. Lucy broke contact with me and moaned about how good it felt before pushing her face back against my cunt and eating me again. I eased off any switched to kitty kissing her and she followed my lead (which I was grateful for as the licking had begun to feel too intense) and we kept this up for a good few minutes before I pulled away from her, turned around and gave her a big kiss. She asked if I now felt calmer and I told her I did, but that she wasn’t getting away with things that easily. She said she couldn’t cum again after that but I told her I would prove her wrong, but would give her a bit of time to recover first. I did end up making her cum again, but with a much gentler and more drawn out session which she enjoyed but said the frenzied orgasm had felt better.

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