Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 5

When Mike, Lis and Jen had finished tidying up downstairs they went up to Jen’s room and Mike told Lis that it felt like he had another mega-load of cum for her (due to all of the teasing Lucy had done – and of course due to his desire to fuck his little lesbian). As much as Jen enjoys the taste of Mike’s cum, she wanted to taste Lis before he came in her and once naked she got Lis to sit over her face while Mike pumped away in Jen. He wanted to help out and eat Lis’ ass but that would have required squashing the bump and while we know that babies are quite resilient it was our first one and we were suitably paranoid that we avoided anything like that happening. He moved from fucking Jen to eating her (so he could last longer in Lis) and once both Jen and Lis had cum and the kitty kissing was over, Mike spooned with Lis. Jen helped out a little and gently lapped at Lis’ clit. Lis used a vibe on Jen’s pussy and then started fucking her with it while using her fingers on Jen’s clit but only did this for a little while before Jen moved round and lay beside Lis facing her so they could kiss. Jen occasionally moved up or down on the bed so she could kiss Lis’ nipples or Lis could kiss hers and whenever Jen’s pussy was in reach of Lis’ hands, she used her fingers on Jen and Jen occasionally stroked Lis’ clit. Mike kept telling Lis how tight her little pussy felt and how he love the feeling of it around his cock and Lis said that she loved the way he filled her (a tip for any female readers who haven’t realised this yet, guys seems to really love hearing that they ‘fill’ you). Mike told Lis he was going to fill her in more ways than one and she told him she wanted to feel him empty even more cum in to her than he had that morning. He described how he would squirt so much in to her that it would have to force its way out past his cock and each time he thrust in to her she would squirt his cum out over them both. It’s usually me who enjoys this image, but Lis got off on it too and when she came Mike wasn’t too far behind her. He may not have produced as much cum as he had promised her, but it was a reasonably good load – and given what he’d given her that morning a pretty impressive one from the way they described it.

There was still Jen left to take care of – she wasn’t that far behind them as Lis had kept kissing and fingering her. Mike asked if he should help out but Jen said she wanted Lis to make her cum so Mike just lay back and watched as Lis climbed over Jen in a 69 position and used the vibe and ate her. Lis’ pussy was over Jen’s face but not close enough for Jen to eat her, however it was well positioned to let Mike’s cum drip out on to Jen who caught some of it in her mouth and let the rest fall over her face, chin and neck (depending on the position Lis was in at the time). Even though it didn’t take long for Jen to cum, she had quite a bit of Mike’s cum over her and rubbed it over her face and body. They went to sleep with Mike buried in Lis (Jen sucked him for a bit to help him get hard enough again) and he told them he would eat them both awake the next morning.

Mike got a surprise though as he woke up with Lis kissing and licking his cock. He asked if she would 69 with him but she said she wanted to play with him for a while and have a good look at his cock (she is now quite familiar with it, but she usually only gets to experience it inside her and rarely sucks him). Mike would have been happy to just enjoy Lis’ tongue (he likes the little fluttery licks she does) but Jen asked if she could use his tongue instead. She didn’t wait for him to answer (knowing the odds of him turning down the chance to eat her were rather slim) and just climbed over his face. Mike got stuck in to Jen’s pussy but concentrated on what Lis was doing to him and at one point had to push Jen up to tell Lis if she wanted to fuck that she had better stop licking him. She asked if he thought he could do both and he told her that he could certainly try and even if he couldn’t fuck her straight away he would ensure he did so before she left. Lis said she wanted to make him cum in her mouth and Jen pushed her pussy back on to his mouth and told him to get on with eating her. Mike is usually the one in charge, but he wasn’t going to argue and swirled his tongue around Jen’s pussy before pushing it in to her and licking out the accumulated juices. Lis kept flicking her tongue over his cock – mostly concentrating on the head, but occasionally sucking him or licking the shaft and he felt the pressure building as his orgasm approached. He considered warning Lis that he was about to cum, but she had been the one who wanted to do this so he figured that she knew what the outcome would be (and Jen was humping back and forth against his face so he didn’t want to interrupt her). He decided to give Lis a bit of warning and humped his hips a bit to try to indicate to her that he was about to cum and then felt  his cum squirt out of his cock. Some squirted on his stomach and some dripped down directly on to the area below his cock but Lis kept her mouth pressed up against him and her tongue fluttering back and forth against the front of the glans.

When he finished cumming, he felt Lis take the whole head in to her mouth and gently suck him and he wished he could see what she was doing so he pushed Jen up and use the excuse of asking her if she wanted him or Lis to make her cum (and stole a glance at the top of Lis’ head as she sucked him). Jen just said ‘both’ so Mike pulled her back down and licked along the length of her cunt, each time licking from her clit, down her lips and flicking his tongue in to her. Jen leant forwards a little to help out on the contact with her clit and got Lis to sit up and kiss her. Jen tasted Mike’s cum from Lis’ mouth and licked some from her chin and Lis then reached forwards to play with Jen’s nipples. Mike could tell from Jen’s mewing that she was getting close but was slightly thrown when he felt Lis climb over him and start to rub herself against his cock. He hadn’t gone completely soft yet, but knew he wasn’t hard enough to enter her – fortunately for him she just humped against him while kissing Jen and Mike just kept eating Jen until she came. Instead of letting him kitty kiss her she climbed off him almost immediately and started to lick the cum off of his stomach – this surprised him somewhat as while he knows that she quite likes him cumming her mouth, she usually didn’t go that far.

She kissed Lis and then turned around to kiss Mike, licking her own juices off of his face and they then had a mini-fight over who should get to eat Lis. Jen pulled the ‘pregnant lady’ card and won, but she did at least let Mike have a brief lick at Jen’s cunt before taking over. Mike asked if he could at least help out and was given Lis’ ass to either lick or fuck. As tempting as it was to slide his cock in to her, he wanted to cum in her pussy later on so he first licked and then fingered her ass. As he did this he asked Lis why she had wanted to suck him off and she said that as he always eats her awake she just wanted to return the favour. While both he and Jen were still stimulating Lis he chatted to her about how often she and Lucy woke each other up that way – unfortunately it wasn’t often during the week, but they had adopted our ‘alarm clock’ for the weekends. The image of Lucy and Lis doing this to each other really aroused Mike and he decided that even if he didn’t cum, he could enjoy being in Lis’ ass for a while so he moved down the bed and slipped his cock in to Jen (for lube) and then moved up behind Lis. He pressed the head of his cock against her ass and whispered in her ear asking if she would let him fuck her tight little ass. She told him to be gentle (she hasn’t done much anal with an actual cock) and he pressed against her as she pushed back against him. The head of his cock popped into her and he slowly worked the rest in while telling her that she had become such a dirty little slut. Lis pointed out that he liked her that way and he told her that he also loved her sweet innocent side –as long as he got to fuck that as well.

They rocked back and forth against each other until Mike’s cock was buried in her ass and he reached around to play with her nipples while kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. Lis was gasping by this point and said she was going to cum soon so Mike asked Jen to slow down so they could tease her a little and he could enjoy being in Lis’ ass. Lis moaned that this wasn’t fair, but knew that arguing with Mike and Jen was probably pointless (and would only lead to being teased more) so she humped back against Mike’s cock and took whatever attention Jen gave her. Between them they did quite a good job of keeping Lis fairly close to cumming for about 5 minutes before Mike said he thought she had suffered enough (plus he was enjoying it quite a bit and didn’t want to cum in her ass). That was the plan anyway until Jen suggested that Mike go for the triple and that she would help him to build up a third load of cum for Lis. Mike liked this idea and asked Lis if she wanted him to empty his cum in to her ass. She reached back and grabbed his ass, telling him to fuck her (which technically didn’t answer the question but he took as a yes). Jen said she was going to make Lis cum and Mike whispered in Lis’ ear about how wonderfully tight her ass felt around his cock. Lis just let out a hissed ‘pleasseeee’ (probably to them both) and Mike pumped away a bit faster in her ass. Jen sucked on Lis’ clit and pushed her tongue up inside her cunt. Mike told Lis he was going to cum in her and promptly did so but kept gently moving back and forth in her ass until Lis came. Mike found it to be a very intense experience as Lis wriggled around during her orgasm, but he stayed buried in her until she finished cumming and Jen moved on to kitty kissing her. Lis whimpered a bit as he pulled out, but she said it didn’t hurt and Mike told her that it was now her turn to make Jen cum.

Lis wanted a little break first so he went downstairs to get them al something to drink and after they had returned he suggested that he just kitty kiss her while she took care of Jen. She was okay with this and allowed him to gently lap her pussy while she got stuck in to Jen. In the middle of the session he went and fetched the bodywand (very powerful vibe), plugged it in and handed it to Lis. Now it was Jen’s turn to say that what was happening wasn’t fair – although she didn’t shy away from the device when Mike helped to spread Jen’s lips and Lis pressed the vibrating head up against Jen’s pussy. By turning it around Lis managed to coat the whole head in Jen’s juices and threatened to try to push the whole thing in to Jen’s cunt (but Jen knows that Lis isn’t mean enough to actually do that). Jen was given the option of cumming with the wand or with Lis’ tongue. She certainly loved the way the wand vibrated her whole pussy, but opted to be licked by Lis as she can’t get that as often while she can use the wand on herself all day if she wants to. Lis obliged Jen and Mike took the wand from Lis so she could concentrate on finishing Jen off, but was then startled when he rubbed the head of the wand back and forth against her pussy. He teased her with it until Jen was almost cumming and then moved up beside Jen and used the wand on one of Jen’s nipples while sucking on the other one. Jen thrust her hips in to Lis’ face a few times as she came and said it felt like she had squirted again but Lis said that while Jen had been wet, she hadn’t felt anything like Jen’s earlier ejaculation.

Lucy and I woke up a bit later than Mike, Jen and Lis had – Lucy needed to pee but I kept her in bed with me and we had a leisurely session (well, it was leisurely for me but Lucy was getting desperate to pee by the time she came. As she headed off to the bathroom I told her to concentrate on how it felt when she peed and when she came back she admitted that it had been pleasurable (she described it as a tingly feeling) and also that her orgasm had been quite strong. It’s probably Jen’s influence, but I buried my face between her legs again and kitty kissed her for a while, tasting the sharper flavour of her pee. Lucy asked me if I liked doing that and I told her I didn’t mind doing it for special people and then teased her saying that if Jen asked her to that she would let Jen sit over her face and pee in to her mouth. Lucy blushed at that and I told her it was fine and I would do that for Jen too as we both loved her. I could have probably ‘convinced’ Lucy to go another round, but the others had been downstairs for a while so we decided to join them.

I continued the teasing about Lucy being willing to drink Jen’s pee over breakfast (we’re nothing if not refined) and Jen said that she liked the idea of having a play out in the garden (for us to pee on her), but we decided that it was still a bit too cold. Jen was rather disappointed about this but we promised we all would give her as much as she wanted the next time Lis and Lucy visited. Instead Jen came up with a different game and challenged Mike and Lucy to make the rest of us cum. The rules were simple, the three of us would kneel on all fours on the bed and Mike would fuck one of us while Lucy ate or fingered another one of us. They would rotate between us each minute with Lucy taking over from Mike and Mike moving to whoever had been left alone during the previous session. If Lucy made someone cum, then Mike wasn’t allowed to fuck her for the rest of the session, but if Mike made someone cum, he was allowed to cum in them and Lucy had to eat the person out. Mike really liked the sound of this game as he had the potential to get Lucy to eat a full load of his cum (she’s eaten bits of his cum out of us before so it wasn’t really anything new for her), but he also wanted to cum in Lis’ cunt to complete the triple (and this was the point that Lucy and I found out that she had sucked Mike awake and then he had fucked her ass).

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