Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lis and Lucy April 2014 Visit – Part 6

Jen really wanted to play her game so we did it without Mike getting to cum in anyone. He wasn’t bothered about this as he hoped the stimulation would help him build up a bigger load to empty in to Lis later on and we headed up. To keep the competitive edge we set the following rules:
·         If Mike made all three of us cum, he would get to cum over Lucy
·         If he made two of us cum, Lucy had to eat his cum out of Lis later on
·         If he made one of us cum then we would get to tease him lots but not let him cum
·         If he didn’t make any of us cum then he wouldn’t get to fuck Lis (this was amended to being allowed to fuck her, but only to make her cum so Lis could still enjoy herself)

The game worked out quite well – Mike started off inside Lis and Lucy ate Jen. A minute later Mike moved on to me and Lucy ate Lis. We continued rotating around like this and enjoyed it a lot. As each of us went for one minute out of every three without being played with it meant we could last a fair while without cumming and Lucy said her tongue was getting rather tired. Mike had been waiting to hear that and the next time he was in Jen he pumped in to her hard while frigging her and he made her cum. With just two of us in the game we no longer had a break so things moved along much faster (although the pauses for Mike and Lucy to switch places still meant that our orgasms could be in the process of building and then be interrupted). I decided to try to hold back and managed to outlast Lis who Mike also managed to get to cum (although only just within the allocated minute). It was now down to me whether he got to cum over Lucy (he could choose where as long as it wasn’t her pussy) and I was told not to show favouritism to Mike and let him make me cum. Jen decided that I should continue trying to hold back for as long as possible and for each additional round I managed, I would get some sort of bonus treat later in the week (along the lines of being made to cum in interesting places).

Mike was obviously very motivated to make me cum and while it wouldn’t have been too much of a hardship for Lucy to let him cum over her she played along. I was frigged and pounded hard by Mike and then feverishly licked, fingered and frigged by Lucy. I managed to survive almost three rounds, cumming on the third time Lucy got to me. I actually almost came when Mike was in me for the third time but just about managed to hold back until he pulled out and from there didn’t stand much of a chance. I did my best and made it until about halfway through Lucy’s session before apologising to Mike and finally letting my orgasm pulse through my cunt. It was nice and strong and while it wasn’t that deep it was one of the rolling orgasms where wave after wave of pleasure throb out from my pussy. I moaned loudly and a lot as I came and then pulled Lucy round to kiss her when she stopped playing with me. Mike got Lis to kneel and kitty kiss me and he slid his cock in to her cunt, telling her he could now easily fuck her and cum. Lis asked if he could wait a bit so she could enjoy it more so he just gently moved inside her, enjoying the way she felt and taking himself close to cumming before backing off.

I felt that it wasn’t fair that Lucy hadn’t got to cum during the game so we held her down and all played with her. Mike only played with her breasts with each of us helping him out with them from time to time. We used some of the tingle gel on Lucy’s pussy and nipples and a little on her ass. I used our nice silicone vibe in her pussy and Lis suggested we use one of the anal vibes as well (so we did). As we had the bodywand to hand, this was used on Lucy’s nipples and then on her pussy. Lis demonstrated how she had tried to push it up inside of Jen and I warned Lucy that if Lis got it inside her that it would feel incredibly intense. Fortunately for Lucy, Lis was content with mostly using it on Lucy’s clit and we made her cum with Mike sucking on Lucy’s nipples, me pumping a vibe in her ass, Jen using a larger one in her cunt and Lis with the wand on Lucy’s clit. It was an amazing sight to behold and Lucy ended up appreciating it quite a bit (she had a strong orgasm). She didn’t even seem to mind the teasing she got afterwards about loving having her holes filled and how she loved having four people working together to get her off.

The downside of having given her such a good orgasm was that when Jen took her to get showered, Lucy wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the shower (and Mike’s adaptation) fully. To be fair, I wasn’t up for that either, but Lis did let me use it on her a little to help tease her and prepare her for her final fuck with Mike. Lis even decided to dress up for him, although not until after we returned from lunch (she thought the schoolgirl outfit might be a bit much to wear out in the middle of the day). Mike asked to be allowed to help dress her and caressed her quite a bit as he did this and we left them to play, but with the arrangement that Lucy would be summoned to eat Lis clean once Mike came in her.

As Lis and Lucy had a late flight home, Mike spent quite a while playing with Lis. She remained fully clothed (including panties) for a fair while and humped against his cock, then slipped it inside her panties and ground against him before finally removing them so he could slide against her properly. As tradition dictates, he got to eat her before fucking her, but didn’t make her cum (she wasn’t sure if she had two more orgasms in her) and they then spooned for a while to let Lis calm down so she didn’t cum too quickly when they fucked. By this point her blouse was undone and her bra was off her breasts but she still had her skirt and socks on and Mike continually caressed her while complimenting her and telling her how sexy she was. He told her that she would enjoy playing with Lisa and that she should work on convincing Lucy to give this a go and then described in detail what Lisa’s pussy was like, how it felt in his mouth, what she tasted like and how much he would love to see Lisa eating Lis out. Lis asked if she was still his little lesbian and he assured her that she always would be (at least for as long as she wanted to keep doing things with him anyway) and she promised him that she didn’t want to stop seeing him and me and that she was sure Lucy would want to keep enjoying Jen. Mike told her that the baby was going to have two of the sexiest aunts around and that he still hoped to give Lis (or even Lucy) a baby someday. Lis pushed back even harder against him when he said this which Mike commented on and while gently fucking they discussed how Lis was becoming a bit broody as the wedding was drawing near. Mike told her that he was quite willing to help contribute to a special ‘something new’ as a wedding present and Lis told him that she liked the sound of that, but that they would probably have to wait a bit so they just agreed to keep practising.

Mike noticed a change in the way Lis behaved following the baby discussion in that she seemed to be a lot hornier. They fucked in a number of positions, each spending some time on top and with a brief break in the middle to 69 (Mike loves 69ing with a girl in long socks and skirt). He gave Lis the choice of how she wanted to cum and she opted to have him on top with her legs wrapped around him. He pumped away in her as they kissed but as Lis got closer to cumming he told her to imagine that it was a couple of weeks later and she was ready to conceive. He had guessed right and Lis enjoyed this fantasy and told him to fill her with his cum and make her pregnant. The image also worked well for Mike and he held on to one of Lis’ legs and kept fucking her through her orgasm and then emptied his load in to her. They remained locked together and kissed for a while and discussed the reality of Mike actually impregnating her. Lis was all for it but recognised that it might end up being Lucy who was going to have their first child (to which Mike said he didn’t mind if he also got to be the father – so Lis slapped him). The chatted for a bit about why Lucy had let him do so much with her this visit (compared to usual) but other than ‘she just wanted to’ Lis didn’t give him any more details.

By this point they felt that they should call Lucy up to pay her forfeit and she came when summoned (with Jen and me along to watch). Mike told her he thought he had managed to cum a reasonable amount in Lis (some of which had already leaked out while he and Lis had been chatting, but this was mostly smeared around her pussy so Lucy could still eat it). To everyone’s surprise, Mike told Lucy that she didn’t have to eat his cum if she didn’t want to as she had already given him many treats during the weekend. In hindsight it was obvious why he said this (staying on her good side in the hope of getting more) but Lucy said that he had won and she didn’t mind. Lis was ordered to move around so her pussy was facing the side of the bed and Lucy went down on her. As she did this, I flipped up the back of her skirt and knelt behind her to eat her. Jen explained to Mike that we had been teasing Lucy for part of the time we’d been downstairs and had a few good photos to show him later on. I let Jen be the one to actually make Lucy cum and gave Mike a big kiss so he could taste Lucy from my mouth. To her credit, Lucy licked Lis quite thoroughly and at one point I thought she was actually going to try to make Lis cum again, but Lucy stopped once Jen made her cum.

Mike told Lucy he was impressed and said she could always suck him clean as well (she declined the offer) so Mike had a quick turn kitty kissing Lis and then let me and Jen have a go too. Lis looked incredibly cute lying on the bed, her skin flushed and her school uniform crumpled and not hiding anything so I asked Mike to get the camera and we captured the moment for later use. Mike whispered something to Lis but wouldn’t tell us what it was and then as a final part of enjoying his time with her he helped remove the uniform until she was standing there naked and caressed her whole body. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had either gone down on her or pulled her back on to his cock, but he was quite satisfied with what they had done and helped her get dressed in to the clothes she was going to be travelling in.

Jen felt a bit tired so decided to stay at home when Lis and Lucy went to the airport. I gave Mike the option of which of us went with them (not that they couldn’t find their way themselves) and he went. He got to fool around with Lis on the journey to the airport (mostly just kissing, but he caressed her thighs a little as well) and at the airport also got to give Lucy a proper goodbye kiss, even getting his hands under her skirt and on to her panties (she still rarely goes out without panties on. In Lis’ case he managed to get his fingers under the material of her panties and gently stroked her pussy lips as they kissed and he whispered to her that he wanted to practice making babies the next time she visited – to which she quietly responded that she would like that.

Later that evening Mike told us what he had whispered to Lis when she was lying on the bed – he had said that he was going to tell us about their getting her pregnant role play fantasy but Lis has told him not to do it right there. Regular readers might recall that a few months previously when he had made a comment about getting her pregnant it had upset Jen as she thought he was making light of the fact that she was already pregnant, but we had discussed a few times the possibility of Mike ‘helping out’ if Lis and Lucy decided they wanted a baby and realised that it could be a really good thing as we (Mike, Jen and me along with Lis and Lucy) would then be much more likely to remain ‘together’ and continue to see each other. It was obvious from the discussion just how much Mike had enjoyed the idea of cumming inside a fertile Lis and I used that to my advantage over the following weeks by telling him I wanted him to get me pregnant when we fucked.

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