Friday, 27 February 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 1

The weekend following the trip to York for the sex party we all headed down to Jen’s old Uni to catch up with everyone. Things were getting rather hectic as I had been asked back to visit (and play with) Oscar and Vicky, which had been really tempting – plus Mike wanted to encourage the visits in the hope he could get to fuck his precious Vicky again. Sue also really wanted us to meet Josie properly and we had promised her that we would do so the following week, but as it was now more difficult for Jen to travel she wanted to go down and see people (possibly for the last time) before a number of them graduated.

As much as Mike wanted to get Vicky back (or back inside Vicky), he was even happier to be getting a chance to see Lisa again. They had Skyped a number of times (almost every weeknight) since Lisa’s last visit and things had developed between them even further. They had obviously masturbated for each other, but Mike had also encouraged Lisa to play with herselfin front of the group while he watched they hooked the laptop up to the TV so everyone could see us and to make things fair, we played along as well. Mike got Abrahii to go down on Lisa in his place and he would have asked one of the guys to fuck her while he fucked me but Lisa had told him that while she didn’t mind him being with other girls that she had decided she wouldn’t let any other guys do things with her while they were dating (or at the very least when Mike wasn’t around to join in). Lisa was happy to continue her relationship with Amber (and had Mike’s blessing around this – especially as Amber would sometimes help out with the private chat sessions) so everything was going well in terms of the long distance relationship. Lisa had even told her parents that she was dating an older guy (although she hadn’t explained the situation fully to them as she was sure it would have blown their minds).

Lis and Lucy almost came down to visit everyone as well, but Lucy had to work and even though we tried to convince Lis to come by herself, she said that she needed a quiet weekend to rest anyway (and they get to see the gang more frequently than we do anyway). Mike, Jen and I got a hotel room as Jen wanted a good bed to sleep on. Once we had dropped our things off we headed out to find the others and after a while longer headed back to Richard and James’ place. The usual games ensued with Susan happily performing and letting anyone use her to satisfy themselves. I may have joined in with this as it seemed unfair for her to have to do all the work and we were told that we should just spend a night continually fucking each other to see who would give up first.

Mike took Lisa upstairs and they spent a while making out and then getting more serious. Mike went down on Lisa and ate her for a prolonged time before letting her cum and they then fucked. I interrupted them to ask if Mike would mind staying with Jen that night as I had been offered the third place in Richard and James’ bed (it’s only a double, but we manage to all fit) while Abrahii went off with Susan. Lisa was quite disappointed that she wasn’t going to get to spend the night with Mike and he told her that she was welcome to join him and Jen at the hotel but she wanted him to herself. He promised that he could spend the whole of Saturday with her to make up for it and this seemed to appease her (although he had been planning on doing this anyway). They kept fucking for quite a while longer and then lay together with Mike still buried inside her as he went soft and then finally came down to join the rest of us.

Jen was getting tired so Mike said he would take her back to the hotel. He said his goodbyes to Lisa and promised her his undivided attention the next day and told her to stay in bed until he came to get her. He suggested that she could take Amber home with her (and even said that they could get her to leave as soon as he showed up, which I think is a real sign he loves her as he wouldn’t easily turn down the chance for a threesome with two teenagers). Lisa said she would prefer to wait for him alone and as they kissed, Mike slid hid hands back under her skirt and caressed her pussy lips with his fingers, telling her how wet and slick they felt. She told him that it was all his fault (and to be fair, some of the wetness was due to his cum). Jen slipped a hand under Lisa’s skirt and caressed her ass, then pushed a couple of fingers in to Lisa’s pussy and told her that she would return Mike to her the next morning and that she just wanted him to look after her for the night. Lisa couldn’t really argue with Jen and gave the bump a few rubs before waving goodbye to them.

When we went back in to the living room I got Lisa to sit next to me and got her to describe what she and Mike had done upstairs. I pulled her legs apart and told her I wanted to see how well she had shaved herself in preparation for his visit and then pushed my head between her legs so I could sample her pussy. Abrahii commented on how I was lucky to be allowed to do things with Lisa as she had stopped fooling around with everyone since Mike had stolen her away from the group. I told Abrahii that what was Mike’s was mine so I was allowed to fuck her and then kissed Lisa and whispered in her ear how she was family now so she would have to get used to all of us making her feel good. She kissed me back and I pushed a couple of fingers in to her cunt and played with her. I would have preferred to finish her off with my tongue, but she held my head in place so I just fingered her until she came. Once she had caught her breath she offered to make me cum but as people were beginning to head off I told her that I had two cocks waiting to satisfy me so she could consider what I’d just done as a freebie.

On arriving back at the hotel Mike went down on Jen and assured her that he didn’t mind being torn away from his new girlfriend. He then spooned inside her, initially intending to just fall asleep like this, but Jen’s pregnancy-enhanced horniness meant that she started pushing back against his cock. Mike cupped one of her breasts and whispered to her, asking if she wanted him to fuck her and she pushed his hand to her clit and told him to make her cum. He asked her if he could save his cum for Lisa and Jen teased him and threatened to milk him dry, making him cum time and time again so he wouldn’t have anything to give to Lisa, but then told him that as long as she had him inside her, his arms around her and (most importantly) that she came, she didn’t mind if he didn’t cum. Mike fucked and frigged her while gently biting her shoulder and neck and Jen got wet enough that her pussy made wonderful slurping sounds each time Mike thrust in to and then pulled out of her. He kept Jen at her ‘mewing’ stage (close to cumming) for a while before letting her cum and she then got the real benefit of him not cumming, the fact that he could stay hard and gently move in her for ages after she came. He stayed hard and buried in her until she fell asleep and then set his alarm so he could get up early. On the Saturday morning he ate Jen awake and ordered her room service for breakfast before showering and disappearing off to see Lisa.

My Friday night went quite well and I helped Richard and James clear up a bit, but delayed things by occasionally accosting one of them and caressing their cocks. When we finally made it to bed Richard tried to go down on me but I held on to both of their cocks and got them to lie beside each other so I could suck them both at once. I then told them I wanted them to both fuck me at once and Richard asked James which hole he wanted so I had to clarify that I wanted them both in my cunt. They were up for trying this so while Richard fetched the lube I sat with my legs spread and worked three and then four fingers in to myself to help prepare and then watched as Richard and James lubed each other up. James then lay on his back and I mounted him and Richard knelt behind me. I got James to spread my ass and then reach down to my pussy lips and pull them apart and felt Richard press his cock against my cunt. He reached down to help spread me and I pushed back against him until the head popped in – it was a little sore at first, but only briefly and as he worked more of his cock in to me it felt much better (even though I could feel my pussy stretching). Once he was all the way inside, he and James started moving and said that it felt amazing as their cocks rubbed against each other. I kissed James deeply as they fucked me and Richard tried to get a hand to my clit to frig me but wasn’t too effective. I told them to just enjoy themselves and described how much I wanted to have them both cum in me and how good it would felt as they moved against each other with their combined cum being smeared over their cocks. They both liked the sound of this and as they continued fucking me I teased James about how a cunt was a perfect masturbation device, even for gay guys (and he agreed).

The feeling of my cunt around him and Richard’s cock rubbing against his was too much for him and James came first. He said it was too intense for him to keep moving in me, but he stayed inside and let Richard keep going. With James lying still it was easier for Richard to frig me and as James’ cum began to leak out Richard’s fingers quickly rubbed it over my clit. I told Richard to hold back just a bit so I could catch up and got James to describe what he could feel to help me along. I told him how I loved the feeling of his cum leaking out of me while knowing that a second load was about to be added and asked James if he would eat the mixture of cum out of me once Richard finished. He said he would as long as I allowed him to fuck my ass afterwards and I told him they could both use me as much as they wanted as I had been looking forward to being their toy for weeks. Richard told me he was getting close and I kissed James while concentrating on my approaching orgasm. I didn’t quite managed to catch up, but Richard kept his cock pressed hard in to me and kept frigging me after he came, until I moaned in to James’ mouth and then told him he probably had quite a mess to clear up.

As promised, James lapped away at my pussy and once he’d done enough to stem the leaking boy-cum I took him in my mouth again and sucked him until he was hard. I told him he could fuck me however he wanted but he said that now he’d cum he wasn’t really up for another full session. I wasn’t prepared for this so kept licking and stroking his cock, telling him that I was sure I could make him cum again, even if it was just in my mouth. He said he would fuck my ass in the morning if I just let him cum in my mouth and while some people might think that it this wasn’t fair, I was quite happy to service him and carried on licking, sucking, stroking and kissing his cock until he said he was almost there. I gave him the choice of cumming over my face or in my mouth and he opted for mouth so I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around his glans until he let out a moan and I felt a few squirts of salty cum in my mouth. I gently sucked up and down the length of his cock – trying to avoid contact with the head and let most of his cum leak out of my mouth.

Richard had enjoyed watching me blow his boyfriend and asked if I would do the same for him. I told him that he’d have to eat me as well (which was only fair as James had done this) so I was told to sit on Richard’s face and we 69ed. This isn’t the most convenient position to suck a guy in so I got James to help out and we double teamed Richard’s cock, sometimes taking turns at sucking him and sometimes licking him together. Richard ate me properly and I promised him an enthusiastic fuck in the morning if he managed to get me off before he came. He managed to achieve this and as an additional reward I climbed off of him and got him to sit at the edge of the bed while James and I knelt on the floor and finished sucking him. In this position we could let him cum while both of us licked the head of his cock and I felt a few jets of cum squirt out over our cheeks (James and I were cheek to cheek as we licked Richard).

In the morning I sucked them both to get them hard and then gave Richard the energetic fuck I had promised him, riding him hard and telling him loudly to fuck me. He played with my clit as I did this but I still got him to cum before I did, not that I minded as I just lifted myself off of Richard’s cock and planted myself on James’ one and told him to use me. He reminded me I had promised him my ass so I asked how he wanted to do it and suggested that I just ride him the way I was intending to. James didn’t care as long as he got to fuck my ass so raised myself up and was going to impale myself on his ass when Richard said I needed some lube. I told him that I didn’t always use lube but was scolded for this so waited for Richard to cover James’ cock in lube and then got James to hold his cock still while I pressed down on it. I felt him fill my ass and once he was the whole way in I leant back a little and started moving up and down. I found out that they did this with Abrahii from time to time and as I rode James, Richard leant over and fingered my cunt. I encouraged James to join in too and told him that he had to make sure he helped to take care of Abrahii and not just leave it to Richard (although the fact that James will fuck and eat Abrahii at all is pretty good for someone who is ‘gay’). Once James started playing with my pussy, Richard used one hand on my clit and the other to caress my breasts and I told them it felt amazing. I especially liked the fact that my pussy was so visible and told James that I wanted to feel his hot cum filling my ass, but that I wanted to cum before he did. This wasn’t too difficult as I’d already been fucked and I was now being stimulated so much that my orgasm rapidly built and I was quite loud as I came. I kept humping up and down on James’ cock until he said he was close and then let him hump in to me while I stayed relatively still.

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