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Once again I'm a day late in posting, but this is a long entry so I hope it makes up for it...

Another entry set over an extended period, but things started roughly around the time we’re up to (April 2014 – and yes I know I’m way behind in writing entries up, but things are busy here!)

Due to a number of things, Mike, Jen and I had been discussing being a bit more open with people about our ‘interests’ (obviously not everything, but at least opening things up a little so we didn’t have to hide quite as much and might get a few more opportunities). This had already started a little when I had told people at work (and Mum) about my nude modelling for art classes a while before. Andy had made a number of comments along the lines of considering taking up art so he could see if I was really posing nude and I had been flirting with him for a while. One day when I told him about the class the night before he said that he really wished he could have been there so I made sure I bent forwards a bit more than was necessary and let him see down my top (I don’t generally wear low-cut tops to work, but this one was fairly loose so the material fell forwards far enough to give him a reasonable view of my cleavage).

I continued to tease him over the following week and often referred to the art classes. He took the bait and asked more and more about what it was like to be naked with so many people looking at me and I told him at first that it didn’t bother me and then later on in the week that I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t deny this and told him if people wanted to look at me naked then I was fine with that and told him all he had to do was ask and I might model for him too. He didn’t respond to this at first, but when I made the offer another day he asked what I would be prepared to show him. I said that as there were other people in the lab at the time that I couldn’t really show him anything and he said I was chickening out so I told him if he asked later on that he might get lucky. I still wasn’t sure if Andy was actually going to ask, but decided that if he did, I should start off slowly so during the late afternoon I went and put on a pair of panties under my tights. I made sure that I stayed behind that evening and Andy also stayed. I had been thinking about letting him see me for a good part of the day so was feeling a bit horny and I decided to push things along a bit so instead of waiting for him to ask I went and sat on a stool near his desk with one leg folded under the other (so they were spread a fair way) and asked if he really wanted to see me. He said he did so I unfolded my legs and put my feet up on a bar on the stool with my legs spread, giving him a clear view of my panties (under my tights) – he liked this but said that he couldn’t see much so I told him to follow me to my desk as I was fairly easily visible from the door where we were sitting.

Once we got to my desk I got him to sit on my chair and I slipped my top off. I didn’t have a particularly revealing bra on, but it was a lot more than he usually saw of me and I posed in a number of positions for him. He pointed out that I still wasn’t naked and I told him I would come in with something more suitable on if he wanted to see more. I considered at least removing my bra but remembered that I had wanted to enjoy taking things slowly and teasing him so kept my breasts covered for the time being.

The following day I had a much sexier bra on, but specifically left the matching panties off (and wore opaque tights again, but a slightly lighter pair so they were relatively transparent when stretched). I had intended to follow the same pattern and wait until the end of the day to expose myself, but the anticipation got to me and just after lunch I asked Andy if he wanted to go and discuss the idea for a paper that we had been talking about. As we hadn’t been discussing any such paper Andy figured out that I might be trying to get him in private for another (more interesting) reason. I took him to a student lab that was due to be refurbished – I knew this room was relatively safe as I had used it a number of times over the previous few weeks to masturbate in (it was much easier than doing it in the store cupboard). I locked the door behind us and spread out a few papers on the table to provide us with an alibi should anyone disturb us and told Andy that if he was interested I was still willing to show him things, but wanted to chat first. I told him that part of the reason I was doing the art classes (technically it was the whole reason) was because I enjoyed having people look at me naked and that I was happy to let him see everything, but that I would like to take it slowly so I could tease him. He wasn’t keen on this at first, but I suggested that we actually work on a paper together and maybe spend about 30 minutes a day on it, but twice a week, I could show him more of myself. At this point I didn’t say anything about what might happen once he had seen me naked, but I was quietly confident that if we made it to that stage that I would be able to move things along and enjoy more than just his eyes on my body.

It was only fair to give him a little preview so as a teaser I pulled off my top and sat up on one of the benches. This was similar to the display I’d given him the previous day, apart from now I had a much nicer bra on and when I spread my legs he noticed that I didn’t have any panties on under my tights. I asked if he was now more interested in my proposal and he said yes so as a reward I unsnapped my bra (I had worn a front fastening one to make this easy) and slipped it off. I told Andy that I’ve seen him admiring my breasts for quite a while and that I hoped he wasn’t disappointed and then asked him if he would like me to model for him, even if I wasn’t completely naked (I still had my skirt and tights on). I spent about 10 minutes taking different poses for him – fondling my breasts, spreading my legs, bending over desks and chairs and even let him have a fairly close up look at my crotch (still through my tights). I got more and more aroused as the session went on and I considered sliding a hand in to my tights and masturbating for him. It was apparently quite obvious that I was enjoying myself as Andy asked if I was getting turned on (which was the point at which I gave him the close up view of my pussy). I decided we had probably been away for long enough (and knew if I continued that I would go further than I had intended – not that this would have been an issue, but I really was looking forward to taking things slow and teasing him) so I told him that he’d seen more than enough for one day and started to get dressed. As I did this we briefly discussed the paper I had proposed (just so we had something to show for the meeting if anyone asked) and we left the room.

I went to the bathroom to straighten up my clothes and then retraced my steps to return to the lab, at which point I quickly peeled my tights off and sat up on a desk to masturbate. I guess that as I was horny due to having been watched by Andy that I should have let him feature in my fantasy, but I just went with the one I had been using since I had started using the lab – that of masturbating in front of an entire class (and on the occasions I had more time of imagining they then all fucked me). I had a nice deep orgasm and would have loved to cry out in pleasure but remained relatively quiet. I gave Andy a nod when I got back to the lab and we decided to meet again on the Monday to continue work on the paper.

Unfortunately for Andy – we actually did work on the paper on Monday, but on the Tuesday we were back to the real reason for being there and I stripped down to my tights and posed for him again. This time I let him spend longer looking at me up close – both my breasts and my pussy (although my pussy was still covered by my tights). I had worn a lighter pair than usual so he could see more and he asked if I would take them off but I told him to be patient and we would get there in due time. I decided that he probably deserved a little reward for putting up with my teasing so I lay back on the bench at the front of the room and played with my breasts. I then pushed a hand down in to my tights and stroked my pussy before spreading my lips and encouraging Andy to see how much he could see. I had my legs spread wide and with my hand in them as well I knew that the material wouldn’t hide too much. I asked him if he wanted to see me finger myself and pushed a couple of fingers between my lips. I slowly fucked myself for a couple of minutes and was very tempted to cum but Andy actually helped out by asking if he could help me out. I told him that for now I just wanted him to watch but said that I wouldn’t object if he wanted to play with himself. For some reason he was nervous about getting his cock out while at work so I told him it was his loss, and deliberately sucked my fingers clean before saying that our time was probably up anyway. This time I didn’t return to the lab to relieve myself and just pounced on Jen as soon as I got home. She and Mike knew what I’d done with Andy the previous week and that I had been going to show him more that day so she wasn’t too surprised (actually quite grateful as it meant she got to cum as soon as I got home).

On the Wednesday of week two I was slightly mean and wore hold-ups to give the zettai ryouiki look. We sat at my desk to work on the paper and when the coast was clear I knocked Andy’s pen on to the floor. When he bent down to pick it up I spread my legs enough to give him a clear view up to my pussy. He remained bent over for a little while, staring up my skirt and I traced a finger back and forth along my inner thighs. He asked if we could go upstairs and work in the other room but quietly told him that he’d have to wait until the next day. We determined that he liked the look and I promised to repeat for him. I kept my promise and arrived suitably dressed on the Thursday. Andy was keen to ‘progress the paper’ and wanted to work on it in the morning but I told him the anticipation would do him good. I made it to mid-afternoon before calling Andy and asking if he was ready to go and we headed up to the lab. I was just about to get upon a desk to display myself when he asked me to sit on a stool with one leg folded up under the other (I often sit like this as it spreads my legs). I did as he asked and angled my legs up slightly to make it easier for him to see up my skirt and then gently started to stroke my thighs. I teased him for a few minutes and caressed my breasts through my top before asking him how much more he wanted to see. He said ‘everything’ and I told him that he had been good and waited for long enough so I thought it was time…

I first removed my top and played with my breasts a bit more, then removed my bra and pushed each nipple up to my mouth so I could lick them. I pushed a hand under my skirt and played with my pussy and then told Andy to unzip my skirt. Once he had done this, I let it slide down my legs to the floor and asked him if he wanted me to take the socks off as well. He said I could leave these on and I posed for him in a number of positions, allowing him to ogle my body. With each pose I caressed myself a bit more and asked if I should continue (to which he said yes) so I ended up on my back on the bench at the front of the room, with my legs spread and my fingers working away in my cunt. Andy said he wanted to see me cum and I told him I would as long as I got to see his cock. He still seemed a bit nervous about getting it out, but as I was now practically naked and openly masturbating he went with it and I watched as he stroked himself. I told him I was going to cum for him and then admitted that I had come back the previous week to masturbate. I didn’t give him a completely uncensored version of me masturbating and for the time being I just concentrated on frigging and fingering my cunt while playing with my breasts. I gave him a warning that I was getting close to cumming and as my orgasm hit me I spread my legs as wide as I could so he could see what my fingers were doing.

He still had his cock in his hand and I asked if he wanted to cum. He asked if I would help out, but I said that would have to wait until our next session, but that I really wanted to see him cum. I kept playing with my cunt as I said this and put on my pouty face to beg him to cum while looking at me. He sped up his stroking and in hardly any time I got to witness his cum shoot out of his cock and splatter over the floor. While he cock was at its most sensitive I reached out and took it in my hand, gently stroking him and rubbing my pussy juice over it (I don’t know if he realised this). He did realise that I now had his cum on my hand and I cupped and caressed one of my breasts, suggesting that next time we might be able to help each other cum and that I wanted to have him cum over my breasts. I washed my hands before we headed back, but left his cum on my breast, which he liked.

For the Friday and Monday sessions I teased him by sitting with my legs spread and skirt pulled up, but made him actually work on the paper. When Tuesday came around, we headed up to the lab during the morning and I quickly stripped off. This time I was completely naked and I got Andy to watch me make myself cum while he stroked himself before letting him have a play with my breasts. As he had been touching his cock I didn’t let him play with my pussy, but he did get something he may not have been expecting. I provided him with a condom and quickly knelt down to take his cock in my mouth. I gave him a good suck but told him not to cum (or to at least tell me before he came). I eased off a few times when he said he was getting close but on the fourth time I told him that I now wanted to see how much he could cum for me. I pulled the condom off and knelt up so I could wrap my breasts around his cock. He pumped back and forth and I stuck out my tongue to let my saliva leak down to provide lubrication.  He told me he was getting close so I lifted my head a little and pressed my breasts even more firmly around his cock. He said ‘now’ and I felt his hot cum squirt out, splatting over my neck and running down to help lubricate his cock even more. As he slowed down I took a hold of his cock and used the head to rub his cum around my neck before rubbing it around each of my nipples. I had to grab a tissue to stop his cum running right down to my pussy, but I left his cum on my breasts and neck and massaged it in to my body. I had kind of hoped I could make myself cum from rubbing my neck, but that takes a long time and never feels as good when it is me doing it. I still felt quite horny though and Andy loved the fact that I just put my bra back on over his cum. As we got dressed I told him that he could finger me next time if he wanted and he asked if we were going to fuck, to which I replied ‘all in good time’.

I got the fingering on the Thursday (along with him playing with my breasts) while I stroked his cock. I then sucked him off again and let him shoot his cum over my breasts. On the Tuesday of week four I told him that I wanted him to just watch me for a little while and made him sit just in front of the bench while I masturbated myself. This time I gave him the full show and after sucking on my nipples (more for him than me) I lay back and used both hands on my cunt – one from above to play with my clit and one reaching around my leg to finger myself. Once my fingers were sufficiently wet I withdrew them from my cunt and pressed them in to my ass. This wasn’t really anything special for me, but I get the feeling that most (normal) girls aren’t quite as willing to masturbate so openly in front of guys. I ignored everything around me and just concentrated on the fact that Andy was staring directly at what I was doing and I had a pretty strong orgasm when I came. I then spread my lips and told him I wanted to feel him inside me, but I needed a couple of minutes to recover first so I could enjoy it fully too.

He let me suck and tit-fuck his cock to pass the time and I reached down to play with my pussy to help things along. As soon as I felt ready I told him it was time and leant forwards over the bench presenting my ass to him and I reached down and spread my lips and told him to fuck me. He pushed in to me and reached around under my chest to fondle my breasts. I took care of my clit and he fucked me hard, even making the bench shift a couple of times. Even though the door was locked, I pointed out that the people on the floor below might wander up to investigate what the noise was and Andy said he didn’t care – I loved the fact that I’d managed to get him horny enough that he felt that way and pushed back against him in time with his thrusts as a reward. He came in me a bit before I came, but once he pulled out I got him to finger me while I frigged myself until I came. I picked up the discarded condom and squeezed the cum out over my breasts before massaging it in and telling Andy that I loved the idea of being covered in his cum for the rest of the day and nobody having any idea about it. We then got dressed and headed back to our lab.

Over the next few weeks, for the ‘work’ sessions where we were alone (where we did actually work on the paper) I took to gently fondling myself while we worked, but mostly didn’t let him do anything to me. One particular time when we were sitting at my desk and there were only two other people in our lab I reached down and played with myself properly – letting Andy see as I rubbed my juices over my clit. We typed a conversation to each other on my computer and I asked him if he thought I’d be able to cum. He didn’t think I would dare (but he was still getting to know me) so I had to prove him wrong. Admittedly if anyone had wandered too close to us I would have had to stop and cover up, but I wasn’t interrupted so managed to have a quiet orgasm. Andy was suitably impressed and quite turned on from my display. I reached over and caressed the bulge in his trousers and he said that wasn’t fair if I wasn’t going to let him fuck me so I took pity on him and went off to the store room with the agreement that he would follow as soon as his erection went down enough. By the time he arrived I was standing with one foot up on a shelf and my skirt pulled up – he quickly pushed in to me and fucked me against the wall. I told him that as he was getting a bonus fuck that I would expect more attention from him the next day and got him to repay my kindness by taking in a vibe and having him use it on me before we fucked.

Andy knew that Mike and Jen knew we were fucking (I told him that we have an open relationship- which is kind of true but not really how I would describe it usually). A number of times when we’ve fucked I’ve described to him in detail what it’s like to fuck Jen and it is now definitely one of his fantasies to either fuck her or at least watch me fuck her.

I enjoy teasing him – one time over lunch I showed him a video of a girl being taken multiple ways and dragged him up to the lab to fuck my ass. His favourite is to fuck my cunt but then for me to finish off between my breasts and cum over me. The downside is that I have to shower before Mike or Jen can do things with me (Andy doesn’t want to get tested even though I’ve promised him he can fuck me without a condom if he does and that I’d let him give me a facial and swallow his cum). We managed to keep our affair secret for a good number of months but a number of people at work know about it now (although not about the fucking at work). Some of them find it very odd that Mike is fine with it (more so than whether Jen is okay with it) but as I said at the beginning, we had decided to be more open – and this was just one way this was manifested. He got a new girlfriend near the end of last year and we stopped while he was dating her, but I’m fairly sure I may be asked to help ‘console’ him should they ever split up. I still occasionally tease him – he doesn’t get to see me cum anymore, but he has ‘accidentally’ seen me stroking myself a few times and told me he has ended up going home and giving his girlfriend a good fuck afterwards (so I’m really providing her with a service).

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