Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 3

After a bit more kissing and caressing they headed downstairs to find us still talking about weddings. Mike’s cum was dripping out of Lis’ pussy and running down on to the top of the socks so Jen pulled Lis over to her and had a few licks (meaning I had to do the same afterwards). I don’t know how Lucy knew, but she asked Lis if she had been telling Mike to get her pregnant and when she said yes she was told off (in a joking way). Mike promised Lucy that he had enough cum to get her pregnant too and if he’d known that knocking Jen up was going to get everyone this broody then he would have done it much sooner (completely ignoring the fact that he hadn’t been allowed to do things with Jen much before we starting trying to have a baby).

We decided we had been cooped up in the house for long enough and while I enjoyed everyone being naked we thought some fresh air would do us good. We got dressed and headed in to town –Lis even kept the little skirt and long socks on (although she wiped the cum from the socks before we left the house). She became more confident with her outfit as she realised that the skirt wasn’t likely to reveal anything (except when one of us slipped a hand under it to stroke her pussy) and even joined me a couple of times in sitting inappropriately to let people look up our skirts. After lunch we headed off to our favourite sex shop and said hi to Alistair the owner (he who arranges the sex shows). I offered Lis to him and asked her if she would like to be fucked by a group of strangers, to which she said no (although I think she secretly likes the idea and just couldn’t say yes with Lucy around). She did play along a bit though and let me try a couple of outfits on her, involving her stripping off her top or skirt (not both at the same time) to try things on. She wouldn’t do this when there were other customers in the shop, but that didn’t stop me and in full view of everyone (it was only us, Alistair and two guys) I stripped naked and got Jen and Lucy to help strap me in to a leather corset with shelf bra (so my breasts were held up but still fully exposed. I paired this with thigh high (fake) leather boots and a riding crop and walked up to the two customers to ask if they thought it was a bit over the top. The corset left my lower half fully exposed so the guys could see my pussy and ass and I felt the familiar tingling started as they stared at me. I told them to hang on and dashed back over to Jen, asked if she wanted to get the riding crop (for after the baby had been born – and just to clarify it was for use on her not the baby!) and grabbed one of our alcohol wipes to give it a quick clean.

I went back over to the guys and as I moved between them I slid the crop between my legs and rubbed it back and forth. I could see that one of the guys was married so mostly concentrated on the other one and offered him the crop, bent over and asked him to give me a few gentle slaps with it (I’m aware that my outfit was more of an S than an M). The guy did as I asked (and fortunately didn’t hit me too hard) so I took the crop from him, gently spanked my pussy a few times with it and then pushed the handle in to my pussy and fucked myself with it. I called Lis over and let her continue to fuck me with the crop and then whispered to her and slipped a hand under her skirt. She was nervous about showing the guys anything at first but as I fingered her (quite obviously) her reticence melted away and she let me lift her skirt. She still wasn’t up for letting me use the crop handle to fuck her, but I thought she had still done a good job. I didn’t cum (and as soon as the guys had left I wished I had done so), but as I got changed back in to my less bondage themed clothes I slipped the crop under Lis’ skirt again and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. Alistair was quite keen to get us to put on another show (even without Lis or Lucy being a part of it) but Jen said a straight no (to her being in it). Alistair told her that a number of the previous audience members had loved her watersports display but Jen didn’t feel comfortable being naked with the growing baby bump (we found a way to address this but that’s another entry). I told Alistair that we would get back to him and that we could invite Susan or Julia along. Jen stood and licked the handle of the crop clean of our juices.

We stopped off for a quick play in a changing room (Lis and I fondled each other but held back from cumming), had afternoon coffee, stopped off to buy things for dinner and then took a slow walk home. Mike spotted a baby-doll nightdress that he said would look sexy on Lucy and insisted that he get it. I said it would be rude to not get Lis one as well and that Jen shouldn’t miss out either so he ended up getting one for each of us (not including himself). They were all white, semi-transparent, short and not too frilly and as a reward for his generosity we all put them on when we got home. Jen thought that she looked silly in her one as the bump made it ride up at the front so her pussy wasn’t covered at all and I pointed out that while the rest of us were technically covered, it was only the case if we didn’t walk fast, bend over, sit down or move. We prepared dinner together with the usual amount of fondling and Jen chivvied us along with her new crop. If anyone didn’t do as they were told they were either slapped on the ass, gently slapped on the pussy, had the crop rubbed between their lips and across their clit or the handle pushed in to them. We removed our new nightdresses  to eat dinner (to avoid getting any marks on them) and once we were finished we lay a couple of duvets on the floor in the living room, lit a number of candles and sat around chatting.

Jen had the crop used in her and said that the handle felt okay but that she was looking forward to us being able to use it a bit more forcefully on her. She described how she missed having her nipples tweaked and her body slapped and spanked and made us promise to abuse her (nicely) once she had recovered from childbirth. We joked about placing Jen up on the head table at Lis and Lucy’s wedding and letting everyone spank her and then about using me as a wedding favour, tying me to a bench and letting every guy at the wedding use me as he saw fit and giving all the girls the option of having me eat them. Lucy made us promise to behave ourselves at the wedding and we swore that we wouldn’t get up to any mischief without letting them veto it first. We then discussed (again) whether they wanted us to buy them sets of nice lingerie to wear at the wedding (as something new) or if they would prefer to borrow some of Jen’s sexy underwear (as something borrowed). Jen fetched a few of her things and let Lis and Lucy try them on and all was going well at first but each thing they tried on resulted in us caressing them (just to see how well the various things fitted –honest!) until we were spending longer playing with them through the lingerie than they were spending trying things on.

Instead of just letting things continue until we ended up having sex, we paused and discussed how things had gone with Sue and Josie. We had already told them most of the details during the week (Mike had been happy that he had been allowed to touch Sue again even if he hadn’t been able to do things properly with her and had been eager to share his news). Lucy was hopeful that she might be able to get to play with Anna and Michelle again (her school friends that Sue and I pretend to be) but we told her that while we (Mike and Jen especially) hoped that things might go further, we weren’t at all sure. Mike tried to convince Lucy to let him demonstrate the massage he’d given to Sue and was told he could massage her, but not around her pussy. As a compromise (of sorts), she agreed to put on some opaque tights or long socks for him and let him play with her legs as payment. Mike was quite happy with this and even more so as Lucy didn’t mind him remaining naked as he massaged her. It was pretty much the same massage as he’d given her the previous evening and once Lucy was completely relaxed Mike went and fetched a pair of my tights and slipped them on to Lucy (with a bit of help). She remained lying down and let Mike kiss and caress her legs, thighs and ass and have an extended play with her breasts. Even without massaging her pussy mike had obviously managed to get Lucy aroused and Jen challenged her again to see if she could withstand the bodywand.

Lucy agreed to it this time and Jen send Lis upstairs to fetch it and a couple of other items. Mike was really happy about this due to the part he had to play in the challenge When Lis returned, I rubbed a small amount of tingle gel over a remote controlled egg and slipped it just inside Lucy’s pussy, I then added some gel to Mike’s cock and he lay on his back and let Lucy lie on top of him (with her facing away from him). She then positioned herself so her pussy was nestled against Mike’s cock (which was pointing up between her legs) and we pushed a pillow under her ass to raise her up slightly and get a better position for what was next. After a few more adjustments everything was in position and the head of Mike’s cock was just below Lucy’s clit, nestled between her lips with the back of his glans up against her vagina. We added a little tingle gel to Lucy’s clit and then started using the bodywand on the area, stimulating both Mike’s cock and Lucy’s clit (her pussy was mostly shielded from the vibrations by his cock, but she would have been able to feel them on her lips).

We only had the wand at a low setting so things wouldn’t be over too quickly, but even so both Mike and Lucy said that the sensation was very strong. Lucy had to try and resist cumming for two minutes and Jen slowly ramped up the power on the vibe and pressed it harder against them as the time progressed. Mike reached around Lucy and played with her breasts and told her how easily he could orgasm and spray his cum all over her cunt. He had obviously had to promise not to do this as a part of Lucy agreeing to the challenge and she told him that if he did he would never touch her again so he assured her if he thought he was going to cum then he would pull away from her.

Lis and I had to sit either side of Lucy and Mike and make sure Lucy didn’t roll off of him as she writhed around under the touch of the vibrator. She did manage to make the two minutes but was very close to cumming by that point and she was given the choice of staying where she was or getting off of Mike for Jen to make her cum. Lucy said that as long as Mike wasn’t going to cum then she would stay where she was. He wasn’t completely sure if he could hold out but did know he could last a little longer so Lucy opted to stay on top of him until he told her to move. This is one thing that I really don’t understand about Mike – I now get the way that holding back gives him better orgasms when he finally cums, but he was in a position where he was really enjoying himself and had to temper that enjoyment so he could stay there. I know he wouldn’t want to betray Lucy’s trust, but I can’t imagine wanting to torture myself that much. He actually made it the whole way through and got to feel Lucy cum while on top of him. Unfortunately Lucy doesn’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen (not many people do) so he didn’t have her juices gushing out over his cock but he still loved knowing that she came with the head of his cock pressed up against and almost inside her.

Jen kept stimulating Lucy with the vibe after she had cum and Lucy couldn’t take it – Mike was the one who actually rescued her as he told Jen he was getting too close to cumming so Lucy was allowed to move away. I thought it was a bit unfair of Jen to continue stimulating Lucy with that particular vibe as it is incredibly strong (which I can attest to as I still distinctly remember what it felt like when I was tied to chair and made to cum and then have the vibe pressed against my pussy and clit for far too long afterwards).

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 2

Jen and Lucy had woken up a little later than we had, but their session was relatively quick as Jen had wanted to play with Lucy properly and had quickly fingered and licked her to an orgasm. Jen had then got Lucy to use the body wand (our powerful mains vibe) on her so had cum quite quickly. Lucy made the mistake of claiming that she could have held out for much longer and Jen pounced on this to challenge Lucy to a competition. Fundamentally, there was no way that Lucy could win the competition as Jen had biased it in  Mike’s favour (for some reason, carrying his baby seemed to make Jen want him to enjoy himself as much as possible so she was trying to help out with his ‘getting to do things with Lucy’ drive). Jen told us about this over breakfast and Mike was happy as it meant he got to have cock to cunt contact with Lucy again. Lucy was obviously a bit nervous about the challenge (the reason for which will become apparent in due course) and in line with his taking things softly approach he told Lucy that she didn’t have to do it and that he would be happy just getting to caress her legs again (preferably with long socks or opaque tights on, but he told her that he would ‘put up’ with her being naked if she preferred. Lucy thanked him for his sarcastic consideration and said she would think about what she would let him do – if anything.

Before we went up to shower Jen reminded us that we had promised her a different kind of shower (not that any of us could have forgotten as Jen had reminded every every time we’d Skyped since Lis and Lucy’s last visit). As it was warm enough to now do things outside Jen wanted a group golden shower so we moved in to the living room and sat chatting while all drinking water and orange juice (which Jen contends makes the pee taste sweeter). Mike spent a lot of the time worshipping Lis’ legs (she still had the long white socks on) and while most of his kissed were placed on her legs, he strayed onto her pussy a number of times. We told Lucy about the new anal vibe and I went to fetch it to show her. Lis was surprised by how large it looked (it isn’t massive, but the bulge is considerably thicker than the other anal vibes we have) and she agreed that it had felt good but declined to give Lucy another demonstration. We kept drinking and chatting for over an hour until we were all bursting for the toilet and Lis was desperate to cum. Jen’s pussy looked quite wet even though nobody had been touching her and she said it wasn’t her fault and was just the thought of what was about to happen.

We took some sacrificial pillows, along with a blanket out to the garden and made a comfortable place for Jen to lie down. We all knelt around her and took turns caressing and kissing different parts of her body as well as fingering & licking her, sucking on her nipples and kissing her mouth. Jen loved having four people simultaneously stimulating her (and I know from experience that it feels amazing). She asked if we minded if she peed a little bit as we played with her and she was told to go ahead. It was only small amounts but she soaked our fingers and also let a little out as each of us licked her. In return for this, each of us knelt over her and sprayed a little over her body and face as she fingered us. It took a little longer for Mike to add his pee to the mix as he had to concentrate and soften his erection a little before he could pee (he has tried peeing while fully hard and while he can occasionally manage it a little he still can’t do it easily or reliably). Jen licked each of us (and sucked Mike) as we each added our contribution to her body and then lay rubbing the liquid over herself and in to her breasts.

I guess it shows how much everyone has adapted to Jen’s fetish that this didn’t stop anyone from taking turns kissing Jen’s breasts or sucking on her nipples and we carried on like this, slowly getting Jen more aroused and each of us adding a bit more liquid to the mix on another two occasions (doing it standing up the third time so it sprayed on to Jen with a bit more force). Mike had a turn fucking Jen and we asked her how she wanted things to finish. Ideally Jen wanted everyone to cum at the same time and for us to all pee over her while she emptied her bladder (while cumming). Even ignoring Mike’s inability to pee and cum at the same time, orchestrating four simultaneous orgasms is quite difficult – and doubly so when three of the people need to stand up so we decided to go with a slightly different plan. Lucy went down on Jen and Lis sat over Jen’s face. I knelt beside Jen and played with her breasts for a bit as well as fingering myself and crawling around behind Lucy to fondle her. Mike stood, concentrated and then peed, directing the jet up and down Jen’s body. He spent a while aiming at Lis’ pussy (while Jen was still eating her) and another while aiming at Jen’s pussy (Lucy moved her head away but spread Jen’s lips and fingered her so he enjoyed the fact that he was still peeing on Lucy). Once he had emptied everything he had over her, Lis gave his cock a suck until he was hard again (given the view he had, this didn’t take long). He then took up position between Lucy’s legs and after stealing a few quick licks, pushed his cock in to her and started to fuck her.

Lucy then stood over Jen’s face, I stood over her chest and Lis stood just in front of Mike over Jen’s crotch. Lucy and I leant forwards and rubbed each other and Mike reached around Lis to play with her clit and pussy while fucking Jen. While he did this Jen frigged herself with one hand and stroked her breasts and nips with her other hand and kept telling us to try to cum with her. Mike got Lis to turn around for a bit and tried to get her to put a leg over one of his shoulders so he could eat her but this was too tricky so she just stood in front of him again so he could kiss her back and upper ass (and occasionally caress her still sock clad legs). As Jen got closer to cumming, Mike took over playing with Lucy’s clit with one hand and Lis’ with the other. He suggested that Lis could turn and face him so when she peed it would all run down his chest on to Jen’s body and Jen liked the fact that he was getting in to it so much but preferred the idea of Lis’ pee spraying all the way up from her pussy, through my legs and on to her chest.

Mike was a little disappointed at this (and later said that he would have even liked to have eaten Lis as she peed) but he went with Jen’s wishes and just told Lis that he couldn’t wait until he could fuck her again. He concentrated more on fucking and frigging Jen and she asked us to let out a final small bit of pee on to her. While the rest of us were enjoying what we were doing to each other it was obvious that Jen was going to cum before we could (although I think Lucy wasn’t too far off) and we all prepared for the final deluge. Jen mewed her way towards her orgasm and kept us all informed as to just how close she was getting. Just before she came she told us to let go and three streams of hot piss started to spray over her body. We each bent and twisted our bodies as well as pushing on our pussies to direct the sprays. I felt Lis’ pee on the back of my legs and saw it spray through my legs a few times but she mostly directed it at Jen’s pussy and the bump (slightly inappropriate I know, but it’s kind of hard to miss). Lucy and I covered Jen’s breasts and face from different directions and as Jen came she unleashed over Mike. As he was still fucking her, her pee sprayed over his crotch, stomach, her thighs and Lis’ legs but it was clear from the noises she was making that she was really enjoying what was happening (instead of her usual cute mewing sounds she made much more guttural grunts and ‘ungghh’ noises).

The extended drinking session paid off as we all managed to keep peeing right through Jen’s orgasm and by the time she finished cumming, both she and the blanket and pillows were completely drenched. Jen pulled Lucy down and lapped at her cunt then had a turn with me and Lis and then finished by sucking Mike’s cock. We knelt down around her and admired our work – her beautiful hair was also soaked and much darker than usual but it was obvious that she was incredibly happy with the way things had gone. Mike complained that Lis’ socks were now rather damp and smelt of pee but she promised to put a fresh pair on for their session and he kind of undermined his complaint by getting her to stand with her legs spread and burying his tongue in her pussy and then licking around her inner thighs. Lucy commented on this and Mike said it was probably just due to the training from Jen that he now liked it (he probably participates in more watersports in the shower with Jen than I do) but then added that if he was going to get Lis pregnant that he reserved the right to do whatever he wanted with her.

Jen than asked Mike an awkward question – if he had the choice of Lis or Lucy, who would he prefer to carry his baby. He knew that there was no good answer to this question as everyone knew he was desperate to bury his cock inside Lucy and would love to cum in her (even without trying to get her pregnant) but that he also loved Lis (and had already promised her a baby). Lucy said that the question wasn’t fair, but was something that she wanted to talk about (causing Mike’s cock to perk up even more). While it had been warm enough to play around outside, we didn’t want a damp Jen staying out for too long so Mike went and fetched a bowl of warm water and poured it over her, then let her dry herself off and we all headed up to the shower (in turns – unfortunately we aren’t rich enough to have a shower that can fit five people). Lucy put a robe on for our chat but then removed it when she saw that everyone else was remaining naked. We had a serious discussion about how Lis and Lucy wanted to have children of their own (but wanted to wait until after the wedding) and how they hadn’t decided who should try for the first child. Mike helpfully suggested that he could ‘directly donate sperm’ to both of them along the lines of when Jen and I were trying to conceive and just see who got pregnant first. We discussed the practicalities of Mike actually being the one to get them pregnant (as opposed to a sperm bank) and while they liked the idea of the child actually being able to know the father, we were all aware that the situation would have its own complications. Despite his desire to cum in both of them, Mike seriously participated in the conversation and said if he were to be a part of making their family then he would want to help out and Jen and I agreed with this. We’d already considered the implications of our little threesome on raising children and are aware that as a ‘non-standard family’ we would face some difficulties but had decided to go ahead anyway (as was evidenced by Jen’s bump). The conversation ended without any real conclusion, but nobody was against Mike helping to get either Lis or Lucy pregnant if that was what they decided they wanted (and they had a few months until the wedding to make up their mind anyway).

Having said that, Lis still wanted Mike to cum in her as ‘practice’ (even though the visits were timed to be during Lis’ safe period so the odds of her getting pregnant were quite low). Jen had wanted Mike to be primed for the challenge with Lucy (assuming Lucy agreed to it) but Mike assured her that all that would be required would be for Lucy to let him caress her again and he would be ready. I felt a slight pang of jealousy as Mike went upstairs with Lis, but I had got to do things with Lisa when she had been here so I knew it was only fair and I stayed downstairs with Lucy to discuss the latest changes to the wedding plans (all of which we knew already, but stopping a girl from talking about weddings is impossible).

Lis let Mike select some new socks for her and he went with thigh-high dark blue ones. Lis knows full well that these come from his Japanese schoolgirl fetish so she offered to wear the little pleated skirt with them (she also offered to put the blouse and top on but Mike told her he couldn’t wait any longer and had to have her). Lis didn’t try to stop him from having the preliminary cunnilingus session with her but did tease him about having already licked her clean after she had peed over Jen. Mike crawled up her body and slipped in to her now wet pussy and told her that for people he loved he was willing to do almost anything if they enjoyed it. Lis pointed out that he was meant to have a girlfriend (referring to Lisa) – as well as a wife and her partner (Jen) but he said that he was allowed to love her as well (and Lucy and Sue and to a lesser extent Sara and possibly Vicky – but he didn’t mention the last name). Lis knows full well that she is a part of our inner circle and probably even more so than Lisa so she was only teasing him anyway and told him that if he loved her then he would make her feel good. Mike moved back down her body and resumed eating her and other than a little playing with her thighs and socks he brought her straight to orgasm.

Lis quite enjoys spooning immediately after cumming so Mike did this with her and gently stroked her body. After a while Lis started moving back and forth against him and telling him that she wanted to feel his cum deep inside her again. Lis took up position on top of him and rode him while he fondled her breasts and clit and she then lay on him so they could kiss and he could fondle her ass while they fucked. She whispered to him that she still wanted him to get her pregnant and he said that he thought she and Lucy still had to decide what was going to happen. Lis agreed that this was what had been said, but that she still wanted to one day feel his cum squirting in to her and feel the spark as his cum reached her egg and fertilised it. Mike nibbled on Lis’ earlobe and told her that she was a naughty girl (Kettle? Hello – Pot here) and she said that she didn’t care as long as he fucked her. They traded descriptions of what they could each feel and as Lis got closer to cumming Mike told her how he was going to push his cock as deep in to her as he could and pump his cum straight in to her womb. She asked him to go faster so he pumped away inside her, slamming her body against his with each stroke and they kissed deeply as Lis panted her way through her orgasm. Mike then immediately rolled her over, pulled one of her legs up so she wrapped them around him and used long strokes to finish off. Each time he pressed in to her he paused ever so briefly at the deepest point and thrust in again and as he started to cum he stayed in her as far as he could get, pushing a bit harder with each squirt of cum. He asked her if that was really what she wanted and she gave him a big smile and said yes and if he could come visit in a couple of weeks and do that to her then it would be even better.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 1

Lis and Lucy arrived for their monthly fuck-session and they both seemed to be in a particularly feisty mood. Mike took heart at this as he had been desperately hoping to be allowed to continue playing with her as he had during her previous visit (he still hadn’t been allowed to fuck her or eat her, but she was gradually letting him touch her more and had teased him a fair bit). It quickly became clear that Lis wanted first stab at Mike (or for him to have a few stabs at a particular part of her) and we ended up going straight home from the airport and being asked by Lis to fuck her. We intended to let Jen sleep in her bed with Lucy that night, but as it is slightly larger than Mike’s bed she let us borrow it for a while and she remained downstairs to chat with Lucy. Even though Jen was feeling a little tired, they didn’t just chat and by the time Mike, Lis and I returned they had made out, stripped each other naked and made each other cum. While their session had been nice (as it almost always is when you get to cum), it was fairly standard so I’m going to concentrate on what Mike, Lis and I got up to…

As Lis was so obviously horny, I didn’t even let her get upstairs before starting on her and grabbed her from behind, pulled her skirt down (we already knew from our hello grope that she didn’t have panties on) and buried my tongue in her pussy from behind. Mike had been in front of Lis when I did this, but liked the idea so he squeezed past us both, flipped my dress up and did the same to me. I then felt him slide his cock in to me and after briefly fucking me he pushed past us both again, sat in front of Lis and offered her his cock so she could suck him and get her first taste of me (for the weekend) at the same time. I was a lot more forceful with Lis’ ass than usual and speared her a number of times, but still spent the majority of time working on her pussy. It wasn’t really the best position for Lis to suck Mike so we decided to switch round and he took over eating her while Lis ate me. I watched as Mike knelt up and slid in to Lis and I reminded him not to cum in her (at least until I’d had the chance to eat and taste her properly), but this was a pointless reminder as I knew Mike would want to eat her in her unpolluted state as well. I pulled my dress completely off and removed my bra while Lis ate me and suggested we head up to the bedroom to finish off (or get started properly). As soon as Lis stood up, Mike and I stripped her off and Mike pulled his clothes off, leaving them all on the stairs and we dived up to Jen’s room to continue.

Mike and I had a mock fight over access to Lis’ pussy and for a while we spread her legs wide and both tried to eat her. While this was fun, it wasn’t as effective as doing things properly so I conceded and moved up beside Lis so I could kiss her and let her fondle my breasts while Mike ate her. He was kind enough to switch places with me (he knows how much I love Lis and we allow him to have Lisa) and let me be the one to give her the first orgasm of the evening and after I had kitty kissed her for a while I moved up and lay on the other side of her to Mike and we asked why she (and Lucy) seemed so horny. Lis explained that they had just been playing with each other on the train – nothing too serious, but there had been a bit of fingering and a lot of describing to each other what they wanted to get up to with us. I really liked the idea of the two of them fondling each other while picturing Mike, Jen and me fucking them and asked Lis if she had thought about eating me. Unsurprisingly she had so I climbed up over her face and let Mike take up position back between her legs. He loved being able to take his time and explore Lis’ pussy with his tongue (not that he wasn’t already very familiar with it). Despite having already cum, Lis seemed to still be quite horny and she certainly ate me quite eagerly. Mike sucked each of Lis’ lips as far in to his mouth as he could and swirled his tongue around them, licked inside her as far as he could and generally enjoyed teasing her. When I said I was getting close he started to work on her properly and while I came before she did, she was well on the way to her second orgasm when I came and I helped out by toying with her breasts and whispering dirty thoughts in to her ear.

Lis needed a bit longer to recover this time but allowed Mike to spoon inside her as we chatted. As she started to recover, he moved in her a bit more and started to kiss her neck and shoulders while playing with one of her breasts. I slid down the bed slightly so I could take her other breast in my mouth and use a hand to play with her clit – Lis said that this wasn’t fair but we told her that everything was fair in love and sex and that she didn’t usually complain when we double teamed her. Between ‘ooh’ing sounds, she said that she wasn’t complaining and that it felt really good. Mike asked her if she wanted him to cum in her again and she said that she did but he said she would have to wait until we went to bed properly and this time was just a warm up. Once again she said that this wasn’t fair but in response all she got was for me to bend her upper leg up towards her chest to give Mike more room to fuck her and we carried on teasing her this way until she came. Mike pushed as deep in to Lis as he could and she told him in a quiet voice that she wanted to feel him cum inside her. He promised her that he would do so later on, but added that they would have to take care of me again first and that he might get distracted and want to eat Lis again before fucking her.

He stayed inside her for a while until we decided we had left Jen and Lucy alone so headed down to see them. As I mentioned earlier, they were both naked when we found them and as it was a little cooler downstairs we decided to all head back up to Jen’s room to chat for a while (we could of course have just got dressed instead, but that seemed pointless). Lis had a listen in on Jen’s bump and felt a few movements and meanwhile Mike was allowed to caress Lucy’s body (still not her pussy though). She commented on how hard he still was and even wrapped her hand around his cock. Mike said that if she was allowed to do that then he should be allowed to finger her, but Lucy said if he didn’t like it she could always stop touching him so he ‘allowed’ her to continue. She gently stroked his cock for a little while and he threatened to cum over her if she continued. Lucy kept stroking him but Lis said she wanted Mike to cum in her so she stopped, at which Mike said he would make Lis pay (although he knew that Lucy wouldn’t have made him cum anyway). He gave Lucy a back massage (Jen and I had made him give us a number of massages in the preceding week after the one he’d give Sue). He pressed and rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks as he worked and then against her pussy when he did her front, but wasn’t allowed to rub around Lucy’s pussy in the way he had with Sue.

Lis, Mike and I headed in to his room, leaving Jen and Lucy to settle down together. We teamed up on Lis and made her cum again and Mike and Lis then teamed up on me and ate me. Mike took my cunt and Lis took my ass while she rode Mike’s cock. Once I had cum (which didn’t take long given what they were doing to me) I moved out of the way to let then fuck properly. Mike asked Lis to put some long socks on but she said she didn’t want any more delays (but would wear them for him in the morning). For someone who claimed she was a lesbian only a few years before, she certainly enjoyed having a cock buried inside her and she kept telling Mike that she wanted him to fill her with his cum. Mike teased her that she just wanted him to get her pregnant and she reminded him that he had promised to give her a baby someday. I reminded her that I was the next one who Mike would be getting pregnant (although I had wondered a few times about how long we would actually want to wait once Jen’s baby was born). He promised her again that there was very little he would like to do more than to bury himself inside her when she was fertile and pump his cum in to her womb over and over and Lis pressed her mouth against his and kissed him deeply as she rode him. She humped up and down on his cock and reached down to play with her clit until she came, at which point she told Mike to fill her and let him thrust in to her while she rocked back and forth. Mike held Lis tightly against him as he came and thrust in to her with each wave of his orgasm until he was done and just kept holding her in place. He told her to try and keep his cum in her and they rolled over. I grabbed a couple of pillows and got Lis to lift her ass up so I could shove them under her and when Mike pulled out we spread Lis’ pussy wide open to look up inside her. It wasn’t quite the sea of cum that Mike had hoped, but we could definitely see his cum inside her and Lis remained in this position for a while as Mike and I took turns at kitty kissing her (externally only) and Mike went down on me. By the time we were ready to go to sleep Mike was hard enough to get back inside Lis and when she moved on to her side (and we removed the pillows), his cum started to leak out of her, but he did his best to plug the hole with his cock.

Jen and Lucy hadn’t settled down immediately and had spent quite a while kissing. Jen said that she felt bad about not being able to pounce on Lucy in the way Mike and I had done with Lis and even though Lucy said it was fine, Jen insisted on using a couple of vibes on Lucy (one inside and one on her clit), along with some tingle gel. Jen took her time and slowly brought Lucy to orgasm, after which Lucy said it was only fair that she should get to play with Jen. Knowing Lucy, she wouldn’t have insisted if Jen had said no, but the excitement of spending so long with her face right beside Lucy’s sweet pussy (and of course knowing that she made Lucy cum) got Jen aroused enough that she asked Lucy if she would just gently lick her for a bit. It turned out that ‘a bit’ ended up meaning until Jen came again (which she maintains isn’t what she intended when she asked for a gentle licking, but she didn’t complain) and Lucy ended up with her face covered with Jen’s juices.

Mike beat me to Lis’ pussy on the Saturday morning so I had to just watch as he ate her. I wanted to help out but was told to just watch (and not touch myself either) – this turned out to be very arousing, especially as Lis kept telling me that she was going to eat me while Mike fucked her. I watched her face closely as she came which was even more of a turn-on and told her that she should let us film her for ‘Beautiful Agony’. Of course I knew there was no way that she would ever put herself up on there and while she said it sounded sexy, I’m the one who would get off to knowing that people were cumming while watching me and not Lis.

For her part, Lis kept to her word and took care of me once she had cum. Mike took her from behind as she did this and reminded her that she had promised to wear long socks for him. She said she didn’t want to stop playing with me but allowed him to put them on her (helping out as best she could by lifting and bending her legs appropriately). Once she had them on Mike spent a while kissing and caressing her thighs until she said she wanted him inside her. He made a deal with her that he would cum a lot in her again later on if she let him fuck her this time without him cumming and he just used long even strokes to fuck her while playing with her clit (which in my opinion meant that Lis got the best of both worlds as I absolutely love being fucked like that). Lis’ tongue flicked back and forth across my clit and she occasionally hummed while sucking it which sent wonderful vibrations through it. Mike maintains that he has done this to me before and I didn’t comment on it feeling good but I don’t remember this happening. Whatever the case, it felt wonderful this time and I asked Lis to do it some more. We had planned ahead and stashed a few toys in Mike’s room so he fetched a new anal vibe (that we had just bought during the week), applied a little lube to it and told Lis to keep still while he inserted it in to her ass. It had a very narrow neck but a fair bulge in the middle and was reasonably powerful so when Mike pressed the button on the base to activate it I felt Lis jump. He slid his cock back in to her and resumed playing with her clit and Lis hummed on my clit a lot more. I would have loved for Lis and I to cum together but I got there first and came reasonably loudly. Fortunately Lis kitty kissed me as Mike helped to finish her off and I felt a hum against my pussy and clit a few more times.

With Mike’s cock inside her, the vibe in her ass and his fingers on her clit, Lis came not too long after me and I asked to have the chance to pull the vibe out of her ass. I did this slowly and described to Lis how her asshole stretched around the vibe. She blushed quite a bit at this (which I thought was sweet) and we decided to try and use the vibe on Lucy (if she would let us). I then got Lis to demonstrate the humming technique on Mike’s cock and he had a turn doing it to Lis and me. Lis was overjoyed that she had introduced us to a new sexual technique.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 3

Sue was more than horny enough that she didn’t care what Josie thought of her eating my juices (although Josie clearly liked the idea) and hungrily sucked and licked the dildo clean. She pushed a couple of fingers in to Josie’s pussy as she did this, but that was the trigger for Josie to pull back and she asked Sue if they could go upstairs to finish things off. We were all rather disappointed by this, but it was obvious that things may have gone further than Josie expected so we let them head up quickly while Mike, Jen and I remained downstairs and carried on playing. Mike really needed to cum by this point so Jen lay on her back, I crouched over her face so she could lick me and Mike pumped away inside me. He tasted Sue’s juices from his fingers as he fucked me and just about managed to hold back until Jen helped me cum. He came quite a bit in me, to the point that he said it hurt (but he had held back quite a long time) and although Jen lapped up the first wave of cum that leaked out of me, I still manage to drip quite a bit over her body when I sat up and crouched over her.

Mike and I then took turns pleasuring Jen – alternating between eating her and playing with her breasts and kissing her. Mike was given the task of actually eating her to orgasm but I’d had a fair amount of input in to the process by that point. We debated all sleeping downstairs in the floor, but it wasn’t comfortable enough for Jen so she headed up to her bed and told the two of us to stay downstairs. Sue and Josie were still talking when Jen went up, but Jen was too tired to listen in.

Despite there still being a fair serving of his cum inside me, Mike went down on me again and then spooned with me. I told him off for getting carried away with Sue and he just pointed out that I had been trying to cum while riding Josie so we decided that we were both (almost) equally culpable. We were in the process of dozing off when Sue came downstairs (naked) to get some water. She came over to say goodnight and Mike got a proper kiss out of her. She told us that her session with Josie had been quite intense and that once they had finished Josie had been asking her if she had wanted to do things with Mike and Jen (and me). Sue had told her that she had gotten really turned on downstairs, but that she was still her girl while Josie admitted that while she had found the experience rather surreal, she had also been turned on. Mike told Sue he had an idea and to play along, to which Sue agreed and I spent a while trying to get the details out of him. All he would tell me was that he wanted to give Josie the sister experience (so I had a fair idea of what he had in mind) and he then played with my clit until I was close to cumming (and stopped).

I was eaten awake on the Sunday morning but not allowed to cum and was told to stay on the duvet and gently play with myself but not to cum. Mike disappeared upstairs to wake Jen and they both returned after about 10 minutes. The three of us played together for a while until Sue and Josie came downstairs, at which point they discovered us with Mike on his back, me riding him and Jen sitting over his face. Josie said that they could leave us to finish off but Sue asked if they could watch and Jen indicated the sofa and Sue pulled Josie down beside her. Mike easily got Jen off and she helped to frig my clit while I rode Mike and then dismounted him, leaving his cock shining with my juices. By this point, Sue had her legs spread and wasn’t even trying to hide the fact she was masturbating. Mike asked Josie if she had enjoyed her time in bed with Sue and was told that Sue had been feeling particularly horny.

Instead of his original plan of trying to encourage things to happen between Sue and I, Mike just told Josie that he really wanted to be able to go down on Sue, that he understood if Josie didn’t want that to happen, but that if she did then we were sure we could find a way to thank her. This took Josie a bit by surprise – she had obviously known that Mike wanted to do this (and that Sue was keen on it), but I think she had assumed that either as much as was going to happen had already happened, or that we would try and let things just slide in to happening as they had the previous night. Josie said that she wasn’t sure was the right thing to do was so we stopped for breakfast so that nothing was done in a hurry that people would regret (Josie had played along quite well so far and we didn’t want to scare her off).

Josie still wasn’t sure and went upstairs with Sue to discuss things. I was a bit worried that we had come on too strong but they came back and Josie said that she appreciated Mike being honest with her but it was still a bit too much for the first time we’d met. She assured us that she had enjoyed herself and that we hadn’t upset her and Mike explained that just like her, she and Jen loved Sue and just missed being able to do things with her, but that we understood that Sue was now taken. He asked if instead of being able to do anything overtly sexual with Sue if he could at least give her a massage and Josie agreed to this. I had expected Josie to want Mike or Sue (or both) to put some clothes on before the massage & Mike did ask about this but Josie said that that things were bizarre enough already so as long as there were no ‘slips’, they could do things as they were. Mike promised to behave himself and Sue lay down on her front as he fetched some baby oil. He started on her legs and worked his way up the back of each one, paying particular attention to her inner thighs, but not quite touching her pussy (although clearly moving her pussy lips around as he massaged her ass. Sue let out an appreciative moan and we warned Josie that she might have to go and fuck Sue again afterwards as she quite enjoyed Mike’s massages (although to be fair, his cock and tongue normally play a significant part, which helps things along in this area). Mike worked his way up Sue’s back and worked on her shoulders as his cock rubbed against her ass and lower back (he wasn’t trying to rub against her, but given the position he was in it just happened and as Josie wasn’t telling him to stop he let himself enjoy it).

Mike lay down with his full weight on Sue’s back and whispered in her ear that he wished he could eat and fuck her. Sue let out another little moan so he got up and told her to turn over, straddled her again and started rubbing the front of her shoulders. He tried a bit harder to avoid contact between his cock and her pussy but gave her breasts a thorough massage, stroking and teasing her nipples the way he knows she likes before positioning himself between her legs and running his hands down across her stomach and sides. He did this in the most ticklish way he could, specifically to get her to squirm around (which is why he had positioned himself with his cock right by her pussy). There was no real danger of him ending up inside her, but there was more than a little contact between his cock and her pussy as she squirmed around under his fingers. He didn’t tickle her for too long though as he was trying to get her turned on so he ran his hands across her mons, down over her hips and on to her legs. He once again spent a while on her inner thighs and then worked down to her calves and finished on her ankles (Sue’s feet are too ticklish to massage). He then asked Josie if she wanted Sue to be extra horny for their fuck and Josie asked what he was going to do.

He promised that he wouldn’t touch Sue’s pussy and that Josie could watch and tell him to stop if she thought he was going too far. She agreed to this and he started to firmly massage Sue’s mons and then work his fingers around her pussy, staying about an inch or so away from actually touching it, but continuing to use firm strokes until his fingers met underneath her pussy. He did this a few more times until Sue was pushing back against his touch and then asked Jen and I to take position either side of Sue and massage her breasts. Sue’s breathing became heavier and she tried to push her legs together a few times, but Mike was in the way and he got Sue to spread her legs wider and Josie to sit beside him. Sue pressed her legs firmly against their bodies and as she started to writhe around a bit more Josie asked him if she was going to cum. Mike said that he doubted it without him being allowed to touch her, but pointed out that Josie was more than welcome to finger or eat Sue and that none of us would mind if she came. We saw Josie lick her lips a few times and I think she at least considered it, but didn’t do anything so Mike went on to explain how we sometimes tied Jen up to do this to her and I suggested that we could at least mimic this by having Jen and I sit over Sue’s arms.

Jen and I each straddled one of Sue’s arms and pressed down on them and then carried on massaging her breasts, her nipples now very firm under our fingers. I could feel my pussy rubbing against Sue’s arms as she tried to move and could see her trying to thrust her crotch against Mike’s fingers. It was obviously getting close to the time to let her loose on Josie so Jen leant forwards and took Sue’s nipple in her mouth. I did the same and we kissed, licked and sucked on our little popsicles as Sue’s panting breaths turned to moans. I felt Sue’s hand roam over my ass then slide down to my pussy. Jen later said that Sue did the same to her and I was wondering how much longer Josie was going to let things continue and wondered if we actually could make Sue cum like this, even without Mike touching her pussy directly. Sue’s chest was quite flushed and Josie looked quite warm herself. I felt Sue’s fingers seek out my pussy and thrust in to me – I don’t know if Josie saw this, but she said that she thought it was time to take Sue upstairs and Mike warned her that she had better be ready. As they went upstairs I called after them to use Jen’s room and any of the toys they wanted. For the first round toys weren’t even an option as Sue just pulled Josie’s nightdress off and pushed her down in to a 69 position. Sue frantically humped against Josie’s face and she devoured her girlfriend’s pussy – she came quite a bit before Josie did, but we’ve trained her well and after just a brief pause (her orgasm was apparently quite strong) she finished eating Josie with just as much enthusiasm.

While Sue has a number of toys of her own (some of which, we bought for her), she doesn’t have anything like the selection that we do so after a short rest she selected a few and made use of them on Josie As Sue knows Mike so well she used a dildo in Josie and then carefully placed it on its end on the bedside table before returning to Josie and sharing other toys with her. From what Sue told us they didn’t do anything particularly special, but said she was still feeling quite horny from Mike’s massage so made sure that Josie got a good second round with her (and of course Josie reciprocated as she is a nice girl).

Mike, Jen and I had finished things off amongst ourselves downstairs – we were a little disappointed (although not really surprised) that we hadn’t been allowed to do things with Josie but Mike and Jen were quite happy that they had at least got to give her a good massage, Mike also enjoyed the fact that Sue had briefly fingered both Jen and me and after having a turn eating us both, he fucked Jen while she finished eating me. He didn’t produce quite as much cum as he had for me the night before, but it was enough to dribble out of Jen and we headed upstairs to freshen up a little. Sue and Josie were still going on their second round and we listened in a bit (and wished that the door had been left open a crack), but didn’t disturb them. Only when things had quietened down did we knock on the door and waited for an invitation to enter. Sue was sitting cross legged on the bed and Josie was under the covers but they both looked quite happy. We sat and chatted for a bit with nobody commenting on the fact that we were all naked and Josie said that she had (indirectly) enjoyed the massage that Mike had given Sue. Mike told her that he was more than happy to massage her as well and even promised to give her a more traditional massage (without trying to excite her). At first Josie wasn’t too sure about this but Sue helped to convince her that Mike gives good normal massages too (which to be fair, he does – I just don’t get them often enough). She didn’t want a naked massage though so Sue popped in to Mike’s room to fetch a pair of Josie’s panties and Mike slipped a pair of shorts on (although they didn’t do much to hide the bulge of his cock as he got hard again).

Josie lay on her front and let Mike apply a little oil and work it in to her back. He behaved himself (at least as far as where his hands went), but after a couple of minutes he rubbed his fingers over Jen’s pussy to gather up a mixture of her juices and his cum and then continued the massage. I had been sitting near the top of the bed so Josie would have a view of my pussy but wanted in on the fun so told Jen that she should have a chance to sit down and swapped places with her. Mike repeated what he had done but using my juices and rubbed them over Josie’s back before moving down to work on her legs. She let him massage the whole way up to her crotch (which he was careful to avoid contact with) and a little experimentation allowed him to determine that while Josie was ticklish, she was nowhere near as ticklish as Sue. With her back finished he asked her if she wanted her front done and she opted to let him do this, but insisted on covering up her breasts. Mike avoided the area she had covered up initially but Sue convinced her to remove the towel so Mike could at least massage around her breasts. He didn’t spend long on her chest but was quite thorough when working on her upper legs (still avoiding her panties) and Josie agreed that his massages were quite good.

Sue took Josie off to the shower but popped back to tell Mike about the special dildo she had left for him and he was considerate enough to share it with Jen and me. We couldn’t really taste Josie properly from it, but just the idea that we had been almost eating her was quite nice and between us we devoured every bit of her juices from the dildo. They returned to Mike’s room to get dressed and I showered with Jen. Josie asked if she could use the bathroom mirror and we let her but may have then spent a bit longer soaping each other up to put on a better display for her. Mike meanwhile went and chatted with Sue and he kept his shorts on, but Sue teased him quite a bit, letting him see up her skirt and backing up against him. At one point she half sat on his lap, rubbing her pussy against the bulge of his cock and he warned her that he could be inside hernia matter of seconds if he tried. When Sue stood up again Mike slid a hand up her thigh and came very close to fingering her but restrained himself (although told Sue that he wished he could make her cum). They had stopped playing with each other long before Josie came back in to the room and were just chatting normally (Mike had been telling Sue that he genuinely thought Josie was nice and he was glad that Sue was happy) and he then went and made use of the shower.

We went out for lunch and discussed what had happened over the weekend to try and make sure we hadn’t messed things up between Sue and Josie. She said that she had been sufficiently warned about how the weekend might be and to expect nudity and to see us fooling around with each other. Even though things had gone further than she had expected on the Saturday night, she had enjoyed herself and had no intention of running away from Sue. Back at the house Josie and Sue spent a while with their ears up against Jen’s bump, feeling the baby occasionally moving. As usual, Jen didn’t have any panties on and had her dress pulled right up to facilitate the baby listening. Sue kept a hand on Jen’s inner thigh which she edged up fairly close to Jen’s pussy, but didn’t make contact. As Josie and Sue were packing things up, Sue flashed Jen a few times and Jen wasn’t quite as well behaved as Mike. She rubbed Sue’s pussy and slipped her thumb in to Sue, working it the whole way in and briefly fucking Sue, then rubbed Sue’s clit a few times before sucking her thumb clean. Mike was quite jealous when he found out Jen had done this and wished he had done the same.

As usual, we went to the station with Sue to see her off. There were big hugs all round and Mike and Jen were both allowed to kiss Sue goodbye properly (just without the customary fingering under her skirt). Josie was told to take care of Sue and Sue was given the task of letting Josie watch her masturbate on the train journey home. Josie had seen Sue do similar things in semi-public places before so this wasn’t anything new, but she was still impressed that Sue was brave enough to follow through on the instructions we had given her.

We chatted with Sue and Josie a number of times over the following couple of weeks. While they weren’t as ‘interesting’ a set of Skype calls as we had with Lis and Lucy or Mike had with Lisa (or with Sue when she was by herself), Josie told us that she was enjoying the effect the visit had had on Sue’s sex drive and that she was having trouble keeping up with her.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 2

Josie went off to shower and Sue came down to see the rest of us. Mike was still gently spooning with me and pulled out to show Sue just how hard she had made him. Sue said that it wasn’t fair as she wanted to be able to do things with him but couldn’t and Mike asked her how her session with Josie had been. When Sue said she had cum really hard Mike pointed out that this was the whole point of being teased (even if the teasing in her case had been verbal and psychological instead of physical). Mike stood and gave Sue a hug, his hands u the back of her nightdress and his cock pressed against her stomach. He told her that he would always love his imouto and as they kissed he slid his hands down to her ass and spread her cheeks. He whispered to her that he could just slide his cock in to her for old times sake or kneel and eat her until Josie emerged from the bathroom so she would have to go and fuck again (this isn’t just him being egotistical, he can actually get Sue horny quite quickly). I watched as his fingers dipped between her legs and pulled on her lips and was then surprised when he pulled back and pushed his cock between her legs. Fortunately he didn’t actually slide in to her, but just nestled his cock between her lips and then pushed forwards until the head was poking out behind her. Sue kissed Mike back and he carried on massaging her ass as he slid his cock back and forth between her legs – Jen decided that it was time she was a bit naughty too and knelt behind Sue, flicking the head of Mike’s cock with her tongue each time he pushed all the way through between Sue’s legs.

They pulled away before things got too out of hand and Mike asked Sue if she was going to go fuck Josie again. Sue said she wasn’t sure if Josie would be ready to do things again by Mike stood behind her, pressed his cock against Sue’s ass, reached around under her nightdress with one hand and caressed Sue’s breasts and used his other hand to play with Sue’s clit while telling Sue that there was no way Josie would be able to resist her if she want and begged for sex. By his own admission, Mike knew that he was now not just crossing the line, but that the line was in danger of becoming a dot but he carried on toying with Sue and slipped his cock back between her legs so he could rub it against her clit. Jen joined in again and swirled her tongue around the head of Mike’s cock and over Sue’s lips and clit and as Mike kissed Sue’s neck he used both hands on Sue’s breasts. Only when we heard the bathroom door open did he pull away from Sue (leaving Jen with her mouth on Sue’s clit) and told Sue to go and pounce on Josie and give her the most energetic fucking she could. Sue scampered upstairs and we heard her drag Josie back in to Mike’s room. Things went quiet at first and we wondered whether Sue had been right about Josie not wanting another round, but a couple of minutes later we heard Sue telling Josie to fuck her harder and Mike spread Jen’s legs and went down on her again as a reward for helping to get Sue so turned on. I tried to tell them off for taking advantage of Sue, but it wasn’t as if they had forced her to do anything and Josie was reaping the benefit of their teasing.

I went and showered and ended up using the pulse spray to masturbate (leaving the bathroom door open as I did so – partially to listen in on Josie and Sue and partially to let them see if they finished before I did). I had actually finished before they came out from Mike’s room and Mike and Jen were in the shower together. Josie wanted to use the bathroom mirror and said she would wait but Sue led her in to the bathroom and said there was no point being shy now as she had seen Mike and Jen naked already. Sue sat on the toilet (still naked, waiting for her shower) and chatted to Josie, occasionally looking over at Mike and Jen. Mike spent a bit of the shower with his cock inside Jen and was still hard when they emerged from the shower, apologising to Sue for the fact that there wasn’t much hot water left. Once dry, Jen remained naked in the bathroom with Josie for a bit but Mike went back in to Jen’s room and considered fucking me (even his resolve was being tested by this point), but just ended up getting dressed. He then sat downstairs and chatted with Josie for a bit while Sue, Jen and I finished getting ready. He told her that he hoped we hadn’t offended her but she said that Sue had warned her what we were like (although she had still been surprised that we were quite as open as Sue had said). Mike explained that he really did love Sue and wanted her to be happy, so he expected Josie to take good care of her, to which Josie said she intended to do just that and Mike assured her that from what Sue had told us that it was obvious that she really loved Josie (which made Josie blush). When Sue came back downstairs she asked what they had been talking about, but instead of a reply, she got a big kiss from Josie.

As we had clearly broken the ice, Mike made sure that Josie was aware that Jen and I were intending to go out without panties on (as usual) and said that Sue would normally do the same thing whenever she visited. Josie said it was up to Sue if she wanted to go without panties (although she intended to keep hers on) and after a bit of encouragement, Josie reached her hands up under Sue’s skirt and pulled Sue’s panties down to applause from the rest of us. Josie already knew about our regular changing-room masturbation sessions and how we would flash guys at caf├ęs but we promised her a demonstration (at which point Sue guessed that she might be the target of some of them) and after Sue had been provided with a slightly shorter skirt, we headed off in to town. As promised, we let Josie see the view up our skirts when we bent over and then gave a group of guys the same view while Josie watched their reactions. The real fun was in the changing rooms though as Jen, Josie and Sue went in together and once Sue stripped off she was told to masturbate. Josie and Jen each caressed one of Sue’s breasts and to finish off, Jen produced a vibe and handed it to Sue who plunged it in to her pussy while frigging herself. We then discussed Sue’s adventures over coffee and told Josie a few other things Sue had gotten up to that she had conveniently forgotten when telling Josie about things we’d done.

We decided to have dinner in that night and spent a while preparing a nice meal. Josie also hadn’t heard about our cum-based salad dressing and couldn’t believe that we would actually masturbate with veg and then use them to make a salad and while she wasn’t up for actually trying this, we did partially demonstrate with carrot sticks. Jen and I ate one flavoured with each other’s juices and Mike got Josie to rub one along Sue’s pussy and then ate it and then got her to cover another one with Sue’s juices and then fed it to me. It was now only fair that Sue should eat one covered with my juices and she dutifully did this (despite acting a little shy about it at first). Mike started teasing Jen and I as we finished preparing dinner and we were caressed, fingered and licked. Josie said she wasn’t embarrassed by what was happening so Mike continued and said that we would usually all be naked by this point and playfully tugged at her skirt. She wasn’t willing to let him strip her, but did seem genuinely okay with our displays of affection (or lust).

We finished off a couple of bottles of wine over dinner and as things loosened up, Josie asked us about our fetishes. As I’ve said before, she had already been informed about most of them, but she was curious how they had developed. Mike explained in detail how he had got me to fantasise about various things while we were fucking and how he got me turned on to the idea of doing things with another girl, then how he and Jen pushed me to do more and more things with people watching or in semi-public places until I no longer cared who saw me and then began to really enjoy having people see and watch me cum. From there it was just a continued progression to wanting to cum as many times as possible. As he described this, Mike caressed my legs and his hands slowly rode up further under my skirt until he was rubbing my pussy. I let him spread my legs and finger me, enjoying the squelching sounds my pussy made and the way my whole lower body felt warm and tingly. We moved on to Jen next and she described how she would masturbate outdoors in the woods (but almost always in spots carefully chosen so that she wouldn’t be seen – her exhibitionist tendencies came from me) and then how one day she had really needed to pee and just did it where she was. It had felt good so she had done it a few more times and had eventually integrated it in to her masturbation, experimenting with peeing at various times during the session and enjoying how ‘naughty’ it felt to have the warm liquid running down her legs and spraying over the ground around her as she came. We aren’t as sure about Jen’s pain fetish, but she hadn’t had the chance to practice that for a while anyway (we didn’t want cortisol spikes to hurt the baby), but we told Josie that we had promised to spank and slap her to as many orgasm as she wanted once she had given birth.

The origin of Mike’s fetishes are a bit more murky. He remembers seeing a number of porn videos when he was younger with guys eating girls and many lesbian videos so this is probably the source of his love of cunnilingus (and the idea of girl on girl action). I actually think it is part of why I love him – he always wanted me to enjoy the things we did and to cum at least as many times as he did. As for the schoolgirl fetish, he just likes cute things and while he understands the difference between someone dressed as a schoolgirl (or anime character) and someone who is actually that age, the sweet an innocent thing turns him on.

Sue claimed not to have any fetishes but Mike described how Sue used to like lying on her front with him on top of her and rubbing her clit. Josie admitted that she had done something similar with Sue and we told her that she could always borrow one of our strap-ons if she wanted to actually fuck Sue in this position. Josie thought this sounded like a good idea and Mike dashed upstairs and returned with the two strap-ons we have. Josie thought the full harness looked a bit extreme (which was a pity as Mike had intended on leaving the internal vibe in place). She did play along and put the newer one on (the one that leaves the wearers pussy exposed). Unfortunately Josie kept her panties on so Mike didn’t get to see very much, but once she had the harness on Sue lay down on the floor on the duvet and Josie slid in to her from behind. Sue said it felt nice, but it soon felt a lot nicer when Josie reached around and played with Sue’s clit. Mike was moving between Jen and me, openly masturbating us we watched and even though Josie didn’t finish Sue off, it was incredibly sexy.

Jen suggested that Sue demonstrate her blow-job skills (unfortunately for Mike this was with the strap-on) and as Sue knelt in front of Josie and sucked her cock clean, Jen and I lost our tops and Mike moved around behind Jen and slipped in to her. With Jen’s skirt flipped up and Mike holding her upper leg in a raised position, Josie could see everything as he fucked her and I felt I may as well help out and had a few turns of lapping at Jen’s clit and Mike’s cock. Sue looked around to see what was going on and then instead of sucking on the dildo, she lowered her mouth to Josie’s crotch and started lapping at the material of Josie’s panties. Josie sat back on the sofa and just moaned so Sue saw her chance and pulled the crotch of Josie’s panties aside and buried her tongue in her cunt. Josie seemed to realise what was going on at this point and tried to push Sue away, but only half-heartedly so when Sue held Josie’s hands she stopped struggling and arched her back in what was an obvious sign of pleasure. Unfortunately the straps for the harness stopped Sue from being able to move the panties fully out of the way, but she didn’t try to unfasten the harness in case Josie stopped her. Mike and Jen were enjoying the view from the floor as they could easily see up Sue’s skirt. Had it been Lis and Lucy with us, I would have reached over and played with Sue’s pussy without thinking about it (I did think about it, but didn’t do it) so carried on helping Mike to get Jen off. Jen had held back from making too many mewing sounds earlier in the day when Josie had seen her cum, but this time she mewed the whole way through her orgasm.

Sue had a hand between her legs and was now happily masturbating as she ate Josie. Mike suggested that Sue try riding the strap-on again and I was surprised he was interrupting things as I assumed he would want to see if Josie would cum, but his plan became evident when Sue straddled the strap on and humped up and down on it – Josie’s panties were still pulled to the side and we had a partial view of her pussy. Mike asked Jodie if she would let me suck the dildo clean (any excuse to get Sue or I to eat each other’s juices) and Josie agreed that this would be hot so Sue climbed off of the dildo and I moved between Josie’s legs and took as much of the dildo in my mouth as I could. I stroked up and down the shaft as I did this, knowing that the movements would transfer to Josie’s pussy through the harness (not to a great extent, but it was better than nothing) and I then licked up and down the length of the dildo, getting a much better view of Josie’s pussy as I licked near the base. Mike got Sue to climb back on the dildo and ride it a little longer before asking if he could lick it clean and when Josie said yes he had his tongue on it before Sue even had time to dismount (he didn’t actually lick her, but it was close). He licked the dildo clean of Sue’s juices and licked down near Josie’s pussy as I had done – I had to remind him to stroke the dildo (Jen and I have more experience in doing this than he does as he is usually inside whoever is wearing it). We then got an additional bonus when Jen asked Josie if she wanted to see Sue eating my juices. Josie nodded and I asked if she was sure and then straddled the dildo, sliding down and engulfing the whole length of it in one easy movement. Mike pushed his head forwards and had a few licks of my clit (in the hope of making me cum while Josie was fucking me) but I had other plans and indicated that I wanted him to move his head back. He did this and I reached down and stroked up and down the length of the dildo, playing with my clit and rubbing my juices down the entire length of the shaft. I didn’t have to pretend to be excited, but it made it much easier when my fingers slipped a bit lower then the dildo and ran over Josie’s pussy a few times – unfortunately her panties were still in the way so I didn’t get to caress her properly but I definitely rubbed her.

Mike had the sense to push Sue between Josie’s legs and Sue immediately started to lick Josie’s crotch again, this time pulling the panties out of the way more firmly (although they were still trapped by the harness). Mike shuffled back a bit, flipped up Sue’s skirt and ran his hand over her ass. Jen joined in and after nodding at each other, their fingers met on Sue’s pussy. Sue pushed back against them and they spread her lips and caressed her whole pussy and clit. Mike still hadn’t cum that day and desperately wanted to slide in to Sue – he was so close that he knew he could probably kneel behind her, give himself a few strokes and cover her back and ass with cum, but common sense prevailed and he restrained himself (although may have slipped a couple of fingers in to Sue a few times before he restrained himself). I could see what he and Jen were doing and while I was really enjoying what was happening I knew it probably wasn’t a good idea so once  they had stopped fondling Sue, I pulled myself off of the dildo and said that there was now a good coating of my juices for Sue.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 1

At the start of May we finally got to meet Sue’s (no longer quite so) new girlfriend Josie. Given we knew that Sue had told her quite a bit about the things we got up to, we knew full well that it was going to be a slightly awkward meeting (at the very least initially), but as Sue seemed to be so in love with Josie it didn’t seem right to keep putting it off (although in our defence, it had also been due in a large part to us simply being busy at weekends).

We had all been looking forward to seeing Sue again, even though we knew this was going to be a rather different kind of weekend (working off the assumption that we weren’t going to get to fuck her – or Josie). To make the initial meeting a bit easier we met them at the train station and went out for a drink in town. Due to having an obviously pregnant Jen with us we easily got seats so could chat properly and once the initial awkward pleasantries were out of the way we talked about the baby for a bit and how we were preparing to move house, what Sue and Josie’s work was like and other mundane topics. Sue looked really good and it was obvious that she was happy with Josie. As Jen couldn’t drink (alcohol at least) we only stayed out for a few drinks and then took a slow walk back to the house so we could chat and show Josie some of the town (we knew from Sue that Josie didn’t mind walking). It took us about an hour to get home and by the time we arrived the alcohol had mostly worn off.

We sat around chatting a while longer over a few more drinks and Mike started to rub Jen’s back as it was getting sore. Jen’s top kept getting in the way and while she would usually have just removed it we still weren’t sure how things were going to go with Josie, but Mike just asked her if she minded if Jen went topless so he could massage her shoulders properly. Jen was actually a little nervous about this as she was beginning to dislike her body shape (despite Mike and I constantly telling her that she still looked incredibly sexy), but she acquiesced and sat topless while Mike continued to work on her back. It turned out that this was all the trigger that was needed for the elephant in the room to finally be mentioned and Josie told us that she understood that we spent most of the time indoors naked anyway.

I asked what else Sue had told Josie (some of which we knew about) and it turned out that she knew pretty much everything, even down to our individual fetishes. The conversation started out fairly tamely at first, but became more explicit as Josie revealed more of the things Sue had told her. She obviously knew about Mike and I having introduced Sue in to our activities and Josie then thanked Jen for having ‘turned’ Sue – to which Jen said that I (or probably Mike) was the one who actually got things started in that regard, she was just the first one to actually eat Sue. As Sue had clearly been quite free with the details, I felt no obligation to hold back and said that it had been Sue who had started things off by peeking through the crack in my bedroom door and masturbating while watching as Mike and I fucked. Josie also knew about the sex parties and sex shows as well as many of the things that we got up to when visiting Jen’s friends and Lis and Lucy (I was a bit annoyed that Sue had told her that as it was meant to be a secret). By this point Mike wasn’t just massaging Jen’s back, but was also reaching around to hug her and play with her breasts. It was clear that Jen was getting quite aroused (although to be fair she was spending a lot of her time feeling aroused due to the hormones) and she asked Mike to take her up to bed.

I remained downstairs and chatted with Sue and Josie while Mike took Jen up to her room, ate her and then fucked her. They weren’t trying to be noisy, but nor did they make any effort to hide what they were up to and a few times I offered Sue the chance to go up and spy on then if she wanted to. Josie obviously wanted to bring something else up and finally asked if Sue and I had really fucked each other. Sue went bright pink (which I thought was odd give she was the one who had let all of our secrets out) but as Josie knew so much anyway I didn’t think there was any point in hiding things so I explained in detail (possibly a bit more than was really needed, but it was sort of revenge and I enjoyed seeing Sue squirm) how we had mostly just done things ‘together’ with Mike and Jen, but that we had often been asked to kiss or fondle each other and how we had mostly stayed away from performing oral sex on each other (apart from the occasional lick).

The conversation was a bit muted after this but fortunately Mike reappeared (wearing just his dressing gown). He told us that Jen was now asleep and we chatted a bit more. Mike made a few comments about Josie having stolen away his little sister and I added that if it was just Sue visiting us that she would probably have been eaten by each of Mike and Jen by this point and would probably have Mike inside her. Josie (who was a little drunk) said that she had been told about Mike’s love of eating pussy and wondered if that was where Sue had gotten her training from (Sue is apparently now very good at this). Mike told Josie he would be more than happy to demonstrate if she was willing to lend Sue to him for an hour and I was surprised he didn’t also offer to demonstrate directly on Josie as she was so obviously his type (physically small and cute, very like Lis, but much brasher and much more direct). I told Mike to behave and apologised to Josie, saying that everything as his fault and that Sue and I were sweet and innocent before we met him.

We decided to call it a night and Mike helped carry Josie and Sue’s bags up to his room. He was going to sleep down on the sofa (Jen’s bed is usually big enough for the three of us, but she wanted more space by this point of the pregnancy) and as Josie went to the bathroom to prepare for bed Sue went back downstairs with Mike to get some water. Sue wanted to know what Mike thought of Josie and he told her that she seemed to be really nice (and quite open minded, which was good). Mike teased Sue a bit and told her to make sure to give Josie a good fucking in his bed so he could think about the two of them writhing against each other. Sue teased Mike back and asked if he liked the idea of her fucking Josie and if it wasn’t for our ‘no fucking people in relationships’ rule, I’m quite sure the two of them would have ended up going at it in the middle of the kitchen. All than ended up happening was a slightly longer than appropriate goodnight kiss and Mike’s hands wandering under Sue’s skirt and caressing her ass (which he claims was her fault as she was wearing opaque tights which she knows he can’t resist). Sue wasn’t entirely blameless as she wrapped her arms around his waist inside his dressing gown, which meant his cock was pressed up directly against the front of her skirt. Mike nearly knelt in front of Sue and kissed her crotch, but he knew if he did this that he would want to keep going so he send her back up to Josie and settled down on the sofa to watch some anime and then go to sleep.

As requested, Sue did indeed fuck Josie and even made use of a couple of our toys (the main +collection lives in the cupboard in Jen’s room, but we always keep some in Mike’s room for use there). Josie didn’t make too much noise (although I’m sure I heard her cum at least once) but Sue was loud enough that there was no doubt when she came. Mike says he lay downstairs and gently stroked himself while listening to the two of them and I quietly masturbated so as not to wake Jen. At one point I considered trying to open the door to Mike’s room and spy on them the way Sue used to spy on Mike and me, but guessed that this might freak Josie out so just pictured what they were up to in my mind.

In the morning I went down on Jen and then left her to go back to sleep while I snuck downstairs and woke Mike up by stroking his cock (he had his usual morning erection). I gave it a few quick sucks and then straddled him and we had a slow fuck. He got me to sit over his face for a while so he could eat me and then fucked me over the side of the sofa. Unfortunately before we came we heard Sue and Josie coming downstairs so crawled back under the duvet to cover ourselves up. We weren’t really trying to hide what we’d been up to, but Sue pointed at us and just said ‘see’ (having told Josie that we wold have been having our customary morning fuck). Mike was gently stroking my clit and I really wanted him to make me cum but still wasn’t sure how to proceed with Josie around. I told Sue that we were naked and would need our dressing gowns and Sue said that Josie probably wouldn’t mind if we were naked. I asked Josie if she was really okay and she said that it was our house. I liked the idea of having someone new see me naked (and the fact I was quite horny also helped) so I slid out from under the covers and went up to fetch a t-shirt for me and a dressing gown for Mike. He was a bit more discreet and covered up before emerging from the duvet and we made breakfast and sat around chatting until Jen surfaced and came down to join us.

We moved in to the living room to continue chatting and I sat with my pussy fully displayed – this was (honestly) completely unintentional, I’m just so used to being naked. Sue pointed out that I was just showing myself off and Josie said that she didn’t mind, but that she now understood why Sue was quite often naked whenever they were alone together. I pointed out that Sue was hardly covered now (she had a nightdress on, but it wasn’t the most opaque) – sadly Josie’s one hid everything, although it was reasonably short and I had noticed Mike glancing more than a few times as Josie’s legs. I warned Josie that Mike or Jen would probably end up pouncing on Sue if she was allowed to display herself like that. I hadn’t made any effort to cover myself up and decided to see how things went so out of the blue I asked Josie about the threesomes she’d had when she was younger. It was now Josie’s turn to blush and she slapped Sue for having told us about them (as if we were going to judge her). We knew that Josie had tried MMF and MFF threesomes a few times at Uni but hadn’t done things like that for a few years.

We then moved on to teasing Sue and Mike threatened to put some of the pictures of Sue being fucked up on the big TV. By this point, Josie had seen all of the pictures and video we had of Sue (or at least all of the ones that Sue had copies of) so he flicked through a few images of Sue being fingered and fucked and then threatened to play a video of Jen eating her. I told Mike that it wasn’t fair to tease Sue like that and that I quite wanted to finish what we had started earlier. There was an obvious bulge in his gown and I could feel my pussy tingling so didn’t even try to resist when he pushed me on to my back and spread my legs. He asked Josie if she would mind if he ate me and while she seemed slightly shocked that he was proposing actually doing this in front of her, Sue sidled up to Josie and whispered something to her and Josie said that it was up to us. Mike didn’t wait for further clarification and buried his tongue in my pussy. I heard Josie make a comment about Sue being right and us being sex crazed, but whenever I glanced over at her she was watching what Mike was doing so I went with it and arched my back so I could pull my t-shirt up and then off and played with my breasts. I felt Mike spreading my lips and licking right up inside my pussy and knew that I wasn’t going to hold out long (remember that I hadn’t cum yet that morning). Any thought about offending Josie melted away and I just wanted her to watch me cum. As my orgasm built I looked over to see Sue squeezing her legs together with a hand between them and then just let the pleasure engulf me. I didn’t pay attention to anything else for quite a while and just let Mike kitty kiss me, although still aware that every lick was being watched. When Mike finally moved away from between my legs I didn’t bother trying to cover myself up and just thanked him for the orgasm.

Josie said she had never seen people be quite so open about sex and we explained that we didn’t see the point in hiding or being embarrassed about something that could feel so good. Sue made a comment about kitty kissing and how Mike had taught her about it (so I felt compelled to add that it was a technique that we had developed together). As I had been fully exposed I felt it was only fair that Mike should be on display so I reached into his dressing gown and asked Josie if she minded seeing him naked. She said that she had already seen his cock in the pictures (which I guess could have meant no, but I didn’t take it that way) so I opened his gown and gently stroked his cock. Jen had seen enough by this point and slipped out of her robe, spread her legs and started to stroke herself. Mike told me he would cum later and crawled over to Jen to eat her. By this point, the hand that Sue had between her legs was cupping her pussy and she had a finger between her lips, but she wasn’t quite masturbating and I told her that she could always take Josie back upstairs if she wanted to fuck or that she was quite welcome to cum where she was if Josie could handle it. Sue’s fingers stopped moving but she then looked over at Josie and asked if she wanted to go back to bed. I told Sue that Mike and Jen would probably love to see her cum again and Mike pulled away from Sue to call over to me and say that I could always eat Sue. I went back over to Mike and crouched on the floor underneath him, took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him while stroking myself.

As I watched, Sue said something to Josie and started to stroke herself again, then spread her legs and started to play with herself properly. Josie let Sue kiss her, but wouldn’t let Sue play with her, although she did let Sue pull one of her (Josie’s) hands up between Sue’s legs for Sue to masturbate herself with. Mike got Jen off quite quickly and we turned our attention to Sue, but once she realised we were all watching her she closed her legs again and pulled her nightdress down to (partially) cover herself. Mike still hadn’t cum yet and was sitting with his hard cock in full view – he called up a video of Jen going down on Sue and set it to full screen. Sue tried to grab the remote control off of him, but he is sufficiently stronger than she is that she didn’t stand much of a chance. I pointed out that Josie might not approve of Sue wrestling with a naked guy (especially as Sue was only one step away from being naked) and once again warned Josie that Mike might end up trying to eat Sue. Mike said he wouldn’t do things with Sue while she was taken (although he was actually quite enjoying having Sue squirming around on his lap with her body rubbing against his cock) and once the Sue on the screen had cum, he sent her back over to Josie.

Sue dragged Josie upstairs and within no time we heard them going at it on the bed. I offered to finish off Mike (his cock looked very hard and the head was a much darker colour than usual) but he said he was quite enjoying the teasing and would have a huge load for me when we finally fucked). He did spoon inside me and I squeezed myself around him as he gently moved and we remained like this until Josie and Sue finished off upstairs. Sue later told us that Josie had asked her (after they had both cum) if she actually wanted to sleep with Mike again and Sue. At first Sue had said no, but Josie had already figured Sue out (and said it was always obvious from the way Sue talked about Mike that she still fancied him) so she got Sue to admit that the idea still appealed to her but that she wouldn’t do anything with him. Sue had already described what it was like to sleep with Mike, as Josie had given Sue details about some of her previous lovers, so Josie knew a fair amount of details, the only difference now was that she had actually seen Mike’s cock in the flesh and got to witness Mike eating me and Jen.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 5

Jen and I were woken up around 8.30 by a knocking on the door. I answered it naked and wasn’t too surprised to see our distinguished gentleman (who wasn’t looking quite as distinguished without his suit on, but still not bad). He had brought coffee and a rose each for Jen and me (unfortunately the coffee wasn’t decaf so Jen couldn’t drink it, but she had a sip and thanked him for the intention). As a reward I offered him a chance to watch Jen and I fuck and said I would then fuck him properly. He pulled up a chair and I told him he had to leave his cock in his trousers (I wanted him to last as long as he had the previous night so thought it would be better if he didn’t stroke himself) and I traced Jen’s rose up and down her body a few times before kissing and caressing her. We let him watch as Jen and I fingered, humped against and ate each other until we had both cum and I then explained that we would kitty kiss for a few minutes to get me ready to fuck him. With this done, Jen moved over to one side of the bed while I helped the guy out of his clothes and applied a condom.

I used my mouth and breasts on his cock and a couple of times I reached over and wiped my hand over Jen’s pussy so I could smear her juices over the condom and then suck them off of it. The guy had a thorough play with my breasts, kissing, fondling and licking them and then moved up, positioned his cock between my legs and pushed in to me. I let him fuck me for a bit and then offered to go on top. He really wanted me to do this so I rode him for a while and then rode him while facing away from him. This seemed to be one of his favourite positions as he reached around to play with my breasts and clit as we fucked so I got Jen to move the mirror over to let me watch myself. I encouraged him to keep fucking me and as he seemed to like the dirty talk I continued along those lines, telling him how good his hard cock felt and how I wanted to feel him cum again. He played along and told me how I was a naughty little slut and got me to tell him how much I needed to cum. This time I warned him to let me know when he was going to cum and I didn’t try to hurry my own orgasm along and just enjoyed the fuck. Only when he said he was getting close did I tell him to concentrate on my clit more and to make me cum but I carried on riding him energetically until he told me he was cumming and jammed his cock in to me while pulling me hard against him.

As he got dressed he asked for our number and while I thought that it might have been fun to see him again, we decided it was more exciting as a one-off thing. (I was later told off for this as we could have passed the number on to give Susan access to a guy who could last longer than the students could.) Jen and I then showered together and she then made an unusual request – she wanted me to pour her coffee over her body and rub it in to her (it’s not really that unusual given how much Jen loves coffee and seeing as she hadn’t had any real coffee since finding out she was pregnant). It had cooled sufficiently by this point that it wasn’t going to burn her so we tied her hair up and Jen leaned back in the corner of the shower while I slowly tipped the coffee over her breasts and we both rubbed it all over her body. I knelt and ate her and it was the oddest taste – I could still clearly taste her juices and they really contrasted with the coffee flavour. I hadn’t intended to make Jen cum, but she asked me to keep going so I did as she poured the remainder of the coffee over herself (the bump meant that most of the second wave was deflected away to the sides so I did my best to rub this over her legs and thighs while eating her. Jen had a nice gentle (but apparently satisfying) orgasm and we then showered off again before going to get dressed (still smelling of coffee).

Mike and Susan arrived a little before Jen and I did and the people already there gave them a bit of a hard time for having disappeared off together for the whole day. They waited until Jen and I arrived to describe what they had gotten up to though (and we got a much more detailed and explicit description later on when we were on the way back home). People were beginning to get a bit peckish by this time so we decided to get started and as it was reasonably warm (or at least not too cold) we opted to do things in the back garden to make it easier to clean up any mess. I slipped out of my dress and made myself comfortable on the grass with a small pillow under my head. Once everyone else was settled, they started with yoghurt, this was spooned over my breasts, stomach, thighs and pussy and people licked or sucked it off of me. The fruit course was next but one of the extras that Mike had purchased was chocolate sauce so I had this squeezed over strategic areas and people rubbed the fruit in to the sauce before eating it. I was made to suck sauce off of a few of the cocks and lick a couple of pussies clean (Lisa being one of them) and was then fucked with a banana and some strawberries (not at the same time). Mike worked a large strawberry the whole way in to me and when he pulled it out he challenged Lisa to eat it with him. They did this messily and he convinced her to remove her top so she didn’t get it stained, but that just gave him access to her breasts, which promptly got smeared with some of the chocolate sauce. Susan ate a strawberry out of me and Sean was given the job of finishing me off with the banana in return for first choice of my holes later on.

After the fruit, they moved on to pancakes, with whipped cream, butter and syrup. This was incredibly messy and people gave up on trying to remain too clean. I was fingered and fucked with butter and cream as the lube, was made to eat and suck people with various toppings on their cocks and cunts and had the toppings and pancakes smeared over and rubbed in to my body. I was close to cumming again by this point and begged them to finish me off. Jen suggested that the guys could DP me but I was too much of a mess for anyone to want to lie underneath me. Fortunately, Susan was still used to being told what to do so I ended up 69ing with her while Sean took my ass (he started off in my cunt for a bit but wanted to finish in my ass). Mike started to fuck Lisa while I was being licked and fucked and Jen decided to use the banana that had been used in me to play with herself. I pressed by body against Susan, ensuring she would be just as much of a mess as I was, but she didn’t seem to care (possibly as I also had my tongue buried in her cunt and a finger in her ass to replicate the cock in mine). Providing the person isn’t too rough, I’ve never minded anal, but I’ve recently started to really enjoy it when I have someone eating me at the same time. I lost track of what else was going on as I concentrated on just enjoying myself but later found out that once Jen had cum, she got Lisa to suck the banana she had been using clean and then sucked on Lisa’s nipples as Mike finished fucking her. By the time Susan, Sean and I had all cum Lisa was lying naked with her legs spread and the banana in her pussy while Mike ate small bits of ice cream off of her mons and Jen did the same from Lisa’s breasts.

Unsurprisingly, Susan was somewhat of a mess – more so even than I was as she’d had my messy pussy rubbing back and forth across her face. Jen said that this was unfair as I had been the one who was meant to be the brunch table so I was tasked with licking Susan’s face clean. Susan was then given the job of massaging more mess (from the various toppings and now including the ice cream) over my body, mostly with her breasts and pussy and I had to then eat these clean. Abrahii joined in and had a turn sitting over my face so I could eat her while various things were dribbled down over her ass. By the time I made her cum my face and hair were also covered, but as various people (I don’t even know who) had been fingering me I was too distracted to care and just asked for someone else to fuck or eat me. Richard stepped up and rubbed his cock over my body, got me to suck him clean (too much sugar in the pussy isn’t good) and then took position between my legs to fuck me. Amber and Abrahii sat either side of me and played with my breasts and clit and I was enjoying myself sufficiently that I wanted to share the pleasure so asked for someone to eat or suck. Both James and Doug wanted this so I said they should both go ahead and once they were kneeling either side of my head I took their cocks in my hands and held them over my mouth so I could lick and suck them both at the same time.

Just for fun (and in order to make even more of a mess of me) chocolate sauce, cream, syrup and ice cream were poured or spooned over their cocks, that a fair amount of it running down over my face and in to my hair. The rest of my body wasn’t spared either and I could feel the mixture of cold and sticky liquids being smeared over and licked off of various parts of my body (most of the licking was by Susan and Abrahii, but Mike got Lisa to join in as well and I later found out that he poured some cream over her ass and lapped it from her cunt as she licked me). Richard came in me and Jen encouraged Craig and Brandon to have a turn. Craig went next and I came almost as soon as he started fucking me (although this was mostly due to Richard’s earlier work and Abrahii frigging me). He kept fucking me and James said he was getting close to cumming so I concentrated on licking the head of his cock and rubbing the tip back and forth against the tip of Doug’s cock. I was rewarded with the sight of James’ cum squirting out over Doug’s cock and covering my face and hands so I took the head in my mouth and gently sucked it a while longer and then let go of him and took Doug’s cock in to my mouth.

I still had Brandon to take care of and asked for his cock so I could start sucking him. He eagerly obliged and the guys moved a bit closer so I could actually have them both in my mouth at the same time (not too deep due to the position we were in). When Doug said he was getting close I told him I wanted him to cum over Brandon’s cock so I would get his cum in me when Brandon fucked me and Doug agreed so we returned to the position I had been using with Doug and James –with both cocks touching just above my mouth so I could lick and kiss them. When Doug came I smeared his cum over Brandon’s cock and then just licked and kissed the head until Craig came in me and Brandon then moved around to take his place. Mike got James and Doug to pose with their cocks near my mouth so he could take some pictures of me and then a couple with their cocks in my mouth. Susan’ was the only person (other than me) whose face appeared in the photos but multiple other people had hands, cocks or pussies on me and Brandon even allowed Mike to take a few close ups of him fucking me. We debated whether Brandon should cum in or over me - over would have been better for the photos but I wanted another load of cum inside me (or two loads if you count the coating of Doug’s cum that was on Brandon’s cock) and as I’d let them all do whatever they wanted to me I was allowed my way (and meant Mike got a couple of nice creampie photos). Susan was then given the job of finishing off my orgasm orally and as she knelt to eat me a couple of people played with her from behind.

As everyone who wanted to cum had already cum I thought I was finished but Jen wanted to make the most of what was possibly her last chance to ‘force’ me to do whatever she said. While Susan had been eating me, Mike and Lisa had fondled Jen and got her close to cumming a second time and once I came Susan was given an additional set of instructions. Both she and Jen knelt over me and masturbated themselves and when Jen said she was about to cum, both of them started to pee over me. Jen’s pee splashed over my face, neck and breasts while Susan was kneeling over my crotch so went from there up to my stomach. I was told to finger myself as they did this and Mike took yet more photos. If my face hadn’t been splattered with multiple guys worth of cum, Jen would have planted her pussy on to my mouth and let everyone see her pee directly in to me, so I was at least spared that but it was still quite embarrassing (even I can still get embarrassed at some things). Jen still wasn’t content with this though and once she and Susan climbed off of me I had my legs pulled apart and everyone was told to tickle me (or as many people as could reach at any one time). I am notoriously ticklish (as is Jen) and after a couple of minutes of being held down and tickled everywhere I warned people that I couldn’t hold back much longer and that I was going to pee myself.

This was meant to be an incentive for them to stop but Jen said that as they had peed on me that it was only fair that people got to see me do the same. I tried to complain and say that this was Jen’s thing and not mine, but a few others agreed with Jen and my pussy was attacked in conjunction with the tickling. I couldn’t hold back any more and started to let out small bursts of pee as Abrahii repeatedly plunged her fingers in and out of my cunt. Susan rapidly frigged me and Jen kept telling me to hold back until I came, but that was completely beyond my control. Jen threatened me with not being allowed to get cleaned up if I didn’t hold it in (which I knew was a somewhat empty threat as there was no way I could have travelled anywhere in the sticky, gooey state I was in, but I tried my best – to pretty much no avail). All I could do to get a modicum of revenge was to wait until I came and then pee as hard as I could, emptying everything I had remaining in my bladder and spraying Susan, Abrahii and Jen. I no longer cared about everyone watching me pee and just let my exhibitionist tendencies take over (and they’ve seen it before anyway). I uttered a series of swearwords as I came – probably a bit too loudly given we outside, but again, I didn’t care.

While my orgasm had been building, Mike had tried to convince Lisa to stand over me and pee over me (partially just to join in with what was happening and partially as training for playing with Jen). Lisa said she didn’t want to do this in front of everyone so he didn’t push her, but she later said that she was willing to do it ‘in private’ (meaning with Jen, Mike and me).

By the time I finished I was beginning to feel a little cold and it was agreed that I would be allowed in to the house. As I was such a mess I was given a towel to wipe myself down with before I wandered through the house to the bathroom and then spent a good 10 minutes in the shower trying to get myself clean. Fortunately there was a lot of hot water as I was also given the task of washing off anyone else who wanted it (some people joined me in the shower and some I had to use a flannel and/or my mouth on). The only one I was ‘encouraged’ to do anything seriously with was Lisa (she wasn’t that messy as Mike had done a fairly thorough job of licking her clean, but as a bonding exercise he wanted me to ensure she was thoroughly cleaned so as well as showering her down I also ate and fingered her).
Our journey home was fairly uneventful (mostly as I felt quite satisfied from my morning session). Mike lamented the fact that he hadn’t had a chance to do anything with Abrahii (or Samantha or Amber or…) but that it wasn’t too bad a trade-off for having a girlfriend under the age of 20. We gave each other a brief outline of our weekend during the trip so by the time we got home I was feeling horny again (as was Jen) but we refrained from fucking until we’d taken care of the chores. Mike sent a number of the photos he had taken of me to Lis and Lucy and they teased me relentlessly about usurped Susan as the group fuck-toy. I could have tried to defend myself and say that I was just following Jen’s instructions but they both know full well that I enjoyed it so I just warned them that they might get a similar treatment during their next visit to us.

While I had been in the shower with Lisa, Mike arranged some entertainment for her to coincide with their Skype chats. That night, Amber turned up at Lisa’s door (which wasn’t that uncommon) and they played with each other while Mike directed them and played with me (and Jen to a lesser extent). On Wednesday Lisa had a bigger surprise as about 10 minutes in to her Skype session with Mike there was a knock on her door. She told Mike to be quiet so she could pretend that she wasn’t in but Mike told her to go answer the door naked. He had to assure her that he knew who it was before she would do this but she still apparently opened the door and poked her head around the corner to check. Amber and Susan were standing there and as soon as Lisa opened the door Susan opened her coat and let it slide off of her body on to the floor to reveal that she was naked (unsurprisingly) under it, but also was wearing a strap-on. This allowed Mike to fuck Lisa by proxy in a way that she allowed and he had Amber and Susan get Lisa off three times during the call (he only came once, but had been saving his cum since the night before so shot a reasonable amount over me, which Lisa was pleased with (seeing as I was her proxy).