Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 2

Jen and Lucy had woken up a little later than we had, but their session was relatively quick as Jen had wanted to play with Lucy properly and had quickly fingered and licked her to an orgasm. Jen had then got Lucy to use the body wand (our powerful mains vibe) on her so had cum quite quickly. Lucy made the mistake of claiming that she could have held out for much longer and Jen pounced on this to challenge Lucy to a competition. Fundamentally, there was no way that Lucy could win the competition as Jen had biased it in  Mike’s favour (for some reason, carrying his baby seemed to make Jen want him to enjoy himself as much as possible so she was trying to help out with his ‘getting to do things with Lucy’ drive). Jen told us about this over breakfast and Mike was happy as it meant he got to have cock to cunt contact with Lucy again. Lucy was obviously a bit nervous about the challenge (the reason for which will become apparent in due course) and in line with his taking things softly approach he told Lucy that she didn’t have to do it and that he would be happy just getting to caress her legs again (preferably with long socks or opaque tights on, but he told her that he would ‘put up’ with her being naked if she preferred. Lucy thanked him for his sarcastic consideration and said she would think about what she would let him do – if anything.

Before we went up to shower Jen reminded us that we had promised her a different kind of shower (not that any of us could have forgotten as Jen had reminded every every time we’d Skyped since Lis and Lucy’s last visit). As it was warm enough to now do things outside Jen wanted a group golden shower so we moved in to the living room and sat chatting while all drinking water and orange juice (which Jen contends makes the pee taste sweeter). Mike spent a lot of the time worshipping Lis’ legs (she still had the long white socks on) and while most of his kissed were placed on her legs, he strayed onto her pussy a number of times. We told Lucy about the new anal vibe and I went to fetch it to show her. Lis was surprised by how large it looked (it isn’t massive, but the bulge is considerably thicker than the other anal vibes we have) and she agreed that it had felt good but declined to give Lucy another demonstration. We kept drinking and chatting for over an hour until we were all bursting for the toilet and Lis was desperate to cum. Jen’s pussy looked quite wet even though nobody had been touching her and she said it wasn’t her fault and was just the thought of what was about to happen.

We took some sacrificial pillows, along with a blanket out to the garden and made a comfortable place for Jen to lie down. We all knelt around her and took turns caressing and kissing different parts of her body as well as fingering & licking her, sucking on her nipples and kissing her mouth. Jen loved having four people simultaneously stimulating her (and I know from experience that it feels amazing). She asked if we minded if she peed a little bit as we played with her and she was told to go ahead. It was only small amounts but she soaked our fingers and also let a little out as each of us licked her. In return for this, each of us knelt over her and sprayed a little over her body and face as she fingered us. It took a little longer for Mike to add his pee to the mix as he had to concentrate and soften his erection a little before he could pee (he has tried peeing while fully hard and while he can occasionally manage it a little he still can’t do it easily or reliably). Jen licked each of us (and sucked Mike) as we each added our contribution to her body and then lay rubbing the liquid over herself and in to her breasts.

I guess it shows how much everyone has adapted to Jen’s fetish that this didn’t stop anyone from taking turns kissing Jen’s breasts or sucking on her nipples and we carried on like this, slowly getting Jen more aroused and each of us adding a bit more liquid to the mix on another two occasions (doing it standing up the third time so it sprayed on to Jen with a bit more force). Mike had a turn fucking Jen and we asked her how she wanted things to finish. Ideally Jen wanted everyone to cum at the same time and for us to all pee over her while she emptied her bladder (while cumming). Even ignoring Mike’s inability to pee and cum at the same time, orchestrating four simultaneous orgasms is quite difficult – and doubly so when three of the people need to stand up so we decided to go with a slightly different plan. Lucy went down on Jen and Lis sat over Jen’s face. I knelt beside Jen and played with her breasts for a bit as well as fingering myself and crawling around behind Lucy to fondle her. Mike stood, concentrated and then peed, directing the jet up and down Jen’s body. He spent a while aiming at Lis’ pussy (while Jen was still eating her) and another while aiming at Jen’s pussy (Lucy moved her head away but spread Jen’s lips and fingered her so he enjoyed the fact that he was still peeing on Lucy). Once he had emptied everything he had over her, Lis gave his cock a suck until he was hard again (given the view he had, this didn’t take long). He then took up position between Lucy’s legs and after stealing a few quick licks, pushed his cock in to her and started to fuck her.

Lucy then stood over Jen’s face, I stood over her chest and Lis stood just in front of Mike over Jen’s crotch. Lucy and I leant forwards and rubbed each other and Mike reached around Lis to play with her clit and pussy while fucking Jen. While he did this Jen frigged herself with one hand and stroked her breasts and nips with her other hand and kept telling us to try to cum with her. Mike got Lis to turn around for a bit and tried to get her to put a leg over one of his shoulders so he could eat her but this was too tricky so she just stood in front of him again so he could kiss her back and upper ass (and occasionally caress her still sock clad legs). As Jen got closer to cumming, Mike took over playing with Lucy’s clit with one hand and Lis’ with the other. He suggested that Lis could turn and face him so when she peed it would all run down his chest on to Jen’s body and Jen liked the fact that he was getting in to it so much but preferred the idea of Lis’ pee spraying all the way up from her pussy, through my legs and on to her chest.

Mike was a little disappointed at this (and later said that he would have even liked to have eaten Lis as she peed) but he went with Jen’s wishes and just told Lis that he couldn’t wait until he could fuck her again. He concentrated more on fucking and frigging Jen and she asked us to let out a final small bit of pee on to her. While the rest of us were enjoying what we were doing to each other it was obvious that Jen was going to cum before we could (although I think Lucy wasn’t too far off) and we all prepared for the final deluge. Jen mewed her way towards her orgasm and kept us all informed as to just how close she was getting. Just before she came she told us to let go and three streams of hot piss started to spray over her body. We each bent and twisted our bodies as well as pushing on our pussies to direct the sprays. I felt Lis’ pee on the back of my legs and saw it spray through my legs a few times but she mostly directed it at Jen’s pussy and the bump (slightly inappropriate I know, but it’s kind of hard to miss). Lucy and I covered Jen’s breasts and face from different directions and as Jen came she unleashed over Mike. As he was still fucking her, her pee sprayed over his crotch, stomach, her thighs and Lis’ legs but it was clear from the noises she was making that she was really enjoying what was happening (instead of her usual cute mewing sounds she made much more guttural grunts and ‘ungghh’ noises).

The extended drinking session paid off as we all managed to keep peeing right through Jen’s orgasm and by the time she finished cumming, both she and the blanket and pillows were completely drenched. Jen pulled Lucy down and lapped at her cunt then had a turn with me and Lis and then finished by sucking Mike’s cock. We knelt down around her and admired our work – her beautiful hair was also soaked and much darker than usual but it was obvious that she was incredibly happy with the way things had gone. Mike complained that Lis’ socks were now rather damp and smelt of pee but she promised to put a fresh pair on for their session and he kind of undermined his complaint by getting her to stand with her legs spread and burying his tongue in her pussy and then licking around her inner thighs. Lucy commented on this and Mike said it was probably just due to the training from Jen that he now liked it (he probably participates in more watersports in the shower with Jen than I do) but then added that if he was going to get Lis pregnant that he reserved the right to do whatever he wanted with her.

Jen than asked Mike an awkward question – if he had the choice of Lis or Lucy, who would he prefer to carry his baby. He knew that there was no good answer to this question as everyone knew he was desperate to bury his cock inside Lucy and would love to cum in her (even without trying to get her pregnant) but that he also loved Lis (and had already promised her a baby). Lucy said that the question wasn’t fair, but was something that she wanted to talk about (causing Mike’s cock to perk up even more). While it had been warm enough to play around outside, we didn’t want a damp Jen staying out for too long so Mike went and fetched a bowl of warm water and poured it over her, then let her dry herself off and we all headed up to the shower (in turns – unfortunately we aren’t rich enough to have a shower that can fit five people). Lucy put a robe on for our chat but then removed it when she saw that everyone else was remaining naked. We had a serious discussion about how Lis and Lucy wanted to have children of their own (but wanted to wait until after the wedding) and how they hadn’t decided who should try for the first child. Mike helpfully suggested that he could ‘directly donate sperm’ to both of them along the lines of when Jen and I were trying to conceive and just see who got pregnant first. We discussed the practicalities of Mike actually being the one to get them pregnant (as opposed to a sperm bank) and while they liked the idea of the child actually being able to know the father, we were all aware that the situation would have its own complications. Despite his desire to cum in both of them, Mike seriously participated in the conversation and said if he were to be a part of making their family then he would want to help out and Jen and I agreed with this. We’d already considered the implications of our little threesome on raising children and are aware that as a ‘non-standard family’ we would face some difficulties but had decided to go ahead anyway (as was evidenced by Jen’s bump). The conversation ended without any real conclusion, but nobody was against Mike helping to get either Lis or Lucy pregnant if that was what they decided they wanted (and they had a few months until the wedding to make up their mind anyway).

Having said that, Lis still wanted Mike to cum in her as ‘practice’ (even though the visits were timed to be during Lis’ safe period so the odds of her getting pregnant were quite low). Jen had wanted Mike to be primed for the challenge with Lucy (assuming Lucy agreed to it) but Mike assured her that all that would be required would be for Lucy to let him caress her again and he would be ready. I felt a slight pang of jealousy as Mike went upstairs with Lis, but I had got to do things with Lisa when she had been here so I knew it was only fair and I stayed downstairs with Lucy to discuss the latest changes to the wedding plans (all of which we knew already, but stopping a girl from talking about weddings is impossible).

Lis let Mike select some new socks for her and he went with thigh-high dark blue ones. Lis knows full well that these come from his Japanese schoolgirl fetish so she offered to wear the little pleated skirt with them (she also offered to put the blouse and top on but Mike told her he couldn’t wait any longer and had to have her). Lis didn’t try to stop him from having the preliminary cunnilingus session with her but did tease him about having already licked her clean after she had peed over Jen. Mike crawled up her body and slipped in to her now wet pussy and told her that for people he loved he was willing to do almost anything if they enjoyed it. Lis pointed out that he was meant to have a girlfriend (referring to Lisa) – as well as a wife and her partner (Jen) but he said that he was allowed to love her as well (and Lucy and Sue and to a lesser extent Sara and possibly Vicky – but he didn’t mention the last name). Lis knows full well that she is a part of our inner circle and probably even more so than Lisa so she was only teasing him anyway and told him that if he loved her then he would make her feel good. Mike moved back down her body and resumed eating her and other than a little playing with her thighs and socks he brought her straight to orgasm.

Lis quite enjoys spooning immediately after cumming so Mike did this with her and gently stroked her body. After a while Lis started moving back and forth against him and telling him that she wanted to feel his cum deep inside her again. Lis took up position on top of him and rode him while he fondled her breasts and clit and she then lay on him so they could kiss and he could fondle her ass while they fucked. She whispered to him that she still wanted him to get her pregnant and he said that he thought she and Lucy still had to decide what was going to happen. Lis agreed that this was what had been said, but that she still wanted to one day feel his cum squirting in to her and feel the spark as his cum reached her egg and fertilised it. Mike nibbled on Lis’ earlobe and told her that she was a naughty girl (Kettle? Hello – Pot here) and she said that she didn’t care as long as he fucked her. They traded descriptions of what they could each feel and as Lis got closer to cumming Mike told her how he was going to push his cock as deep in to her as he could and pump his cum straight in to her womb. She asked him to go faster so he pumped away inside her, slamming her body against his with each stroke and they kissed deeply as Lis panted her way through her orgasm. Mike then immediately rolled her over, pulled one of her legs up so she wrapped them around him and used long strokes to finish off. Each time he pressed in to her he paused ever so briefly at the deepest point and thrust in again and as he started to cum he stayed in her as far as he could get, pushing a bit harder with each squirt of cum. He asked her if that was really what she wanted and she gave him a big smile and said yes and if he could come visit in a couple of weeks and do that to her then it would be even better.

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