Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 3

After a bit more kissing and caressing they headed downstairs to find us still talking about weddings. Mike’s cum was dripping out of Lis’ pussy and running down on to the top of the socks so Jen pulled Lis over to her and had a few licks (meaning I had to do the same afterwards). I don’t know how Lucy knew, but she asked Lis if she had been telling Mike to get her pregnant and when she said yes she was told off (in a joking way). Mike promised Lucy that he had enough cum to get her pregnant too and if he’d known that knocking Jen up was going to get everyone this broody then he would have done it much sooner (completely ignoring the fact that he hadn’t been allowed to do things with Jen much before we starting trying to have a baby).

We decided we had been cooped up in the house for long enough and while I enjoyed everyone being naked we thought some fresh air would do us good. We got dressed and headed in to town –Lis even kept the little skirt and long socks on (although she wiped the cum from the socks before we left the house). She became more confident with her outfit as she realised that the skirt wasn’t likely to reveal anything (except when one of us slipped a hand under it to stroke her pussy) and even joined me a couple of times in sitting inappropriately to let people look up our skirts. After lunch we headed off to our favourite sex shop and said hi to Alistair the owner (he who arranges the sex shows). I offered Lis to him and asked her if she would like to be fucked by a group of strangers, to which she said no (although I think she secretly likes the idea and just couldn’t say yes with Lucy around). She did play along a bit though and let me try a couple of outfits on her, involving her stripping off her top or skirt (not both at the same time) to try things on. She wouldn’t do this when there were other customers in the shop, but that didn’t stop me and in full view of everyone (it was only us, Alistair and two guys) I stripped naked and got Jen and Lucy to help strap me in to a leather corset with shelf bra (so my breasts were held up but still fully exposed. I paired this with thigh high (fake) leather boots and a riding crop and walked up to the two customers to ask if they thought it was a bit over the top. The corset left my lower half fully exposed so the guys could see my pussy and ass and I felt the familiar tingling started as they stared at me. I told them to hang on and dashed back over to Jen, asked if she wanted to get the riding crop (for after the baby had been born – and just to clarify it was for use on her not the baby!) and grabbed one of our alcohol wipes to give it a quick clean.

I went back over to the guys and as I moved between them I slid the crop between my legs and rubbed it back and forth. I could see that one of the guys was married so mostly concentrated on the other one and offered him the crop, bent over and asked him to give me a few gentle slaps with it (I’m aware that my outfit was more of an S than an M). The guy did as I asked (and fortunately didn’t hit me too hard) so I took the crop from him, gently spanked my pussy a few times with it and then pushed the handle in to my pussy and fucked myself with it. I called Lis over and let her continue to fuck me with the crop and then whispered to her and slipped a hand under her skirt. She was nervous about showing the guys anything at first but as I fingered her (quite obviously) her reticence melted away and she let me lift her skirt. She still wasn’t up for letting me use the crop handle to fuck her, but I thought she had still done a good job. I didn’t cum (and as soon as the guys had left I wished I had done so), but as I got changed back in to my less bondage themed clothes I slipped the crop under Lis’ skirt again and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. Alistair was quite keen to get us to put on another show (even without Lis or Lucy being a part of it) but Jen said a straight no (to her being in it). Alistair told her that a number of the previous audience members had loved her watersports display but Jen didn’t feel comfortable being naked with the growing baby bump (we found a way to address this but that’s another entry). I told Alistair that we would get back to him and that we could invite Susan or Julia along. Jen stood and licked the handle of the crop clean of our juices.

We stopped off for a quick play in a changing room (Lis and I fondled each other but held back from cumming), had afternoon coffee, stopped off to buy things for dinner and then took a slow walk home. Mike spotted a baby-doll nightdress that he said would look sexy on Lucy and insisted that he get it. I said it would be rude to not get Lis one as well and that Jen shouldn’t miss out either so he ended up getting one for each of us (not including himself). They were all white, semi-transparent, short and not too frilly and as a reward for his generosity we all put them on when we got home. Jen thought that she looked silly in her one as the bump made it ride up at the front so her pussy wasn’t covered at all and I pointed out that while the rest of us were technically covered, it was only the case if we didn’t walk fast, bend over, sit down or move. We prepared dinner together with the usual amount of fondling and Jen chivvied us along with her new crop. If anyone didn’t do as they were told they were either slapped on the ass, gently slapped on the pussy, had the crop rubbed between their lips and across their clit or the handle pushed in to them. We removed our new nightdresses  to eat dinner (to avoid getting any marks on them) and once we were finished we lay a couple of duvets on the floor in the living room, lit a number of candles and sat around chatting.

Jen had the crop used in her and said that the handle felt okay but that she was looking forward to us being able to use it a bit more forcefully on her. She described how she missed having her nipples tweaked and her body slapped and spanked and made us promise to abuse her (nicely) once she had recovered from childbirth. We joked about placing Jen up on the head table at Lis and Lucy’s wedding and letting everyone spank her and then about using me as a wedding favour, tying me to a bench and letting every guy at the wedding use me as he saw fit and giving all the girls the option of having me eat them. Lucy made us promise to behave ourselves at the wedding and we swore that we wouldn’t get up to any mischief without letting them veto it first. We then discussed (again) whether they wanted us to buy them sets of nice lingerie to wear at the wedding (as something new) or if they would prefer to borrow some of Jen’s sexy underwear (as something borrowed). Jen fetched a few of her things and let Lis and Lucy try them on and all was going well at first but each thing they tried on resulted in us caressing them (just to see how well the various things fitted –honest!) until we were spending longer playing with them through the lingerie than they were spending trying things on.

Instead of just letting things continue until we ended up having sex, we paused and discussed how things had gone with Sue and Josie. We had already told them most of the details during the week (Mike had been happy that he had been allowed to touch Sue again even if he hadn’t been able to do things properly with her and had been eager to share his news). Lucy was hopeful that she might be able to get to play with Anna and Michelle again (her school friends that Sue and I pretend to be) but we told her that while we (Mike and Jen especially) hoped that things might go further, we weren’t at all sure. Mike tried to convince Lucy to let him demonstrate the massage he’d given to Sue and was told he could massage her, but not around her pussy. As a compromise (of sorts), she agreed to put on some opaque tights or long socks for him and let him play with her legs as payment. Mike was quite happy with this and even more so as Lucy didn’t mind him remaining naked as he massaged her. It was pretty much the same massage as he’d given her the previous evening and once Lucy was completely relaxed Mike went and fetched a pair of my tights and slipped them on to Lucy (with a bit of help). She remained lying down and let Mike kiss and caress her legs, thighs and ass and have an extended play with her breasts. Even without massaging her pussy mike had obviously managed to get Lucy aroused and Jen challenged her again to see if she could withstand the bodywand.

Lucy agreed to it this time and Jen send Lis upstairs to fetch it and a couple of other items. Mike was really happy about this due to the part he had to play in the challenge When Lis returned, I rubbed a small amount of tingle gel over a remote controlled egg and slipped it just inside Lucy’s pussy, I then added some gel to Mike’s cock and he lay on his back and let Lucy lie on top of him (with her facing away from him). She then positioned herself so her pussy was nestled against Mike’s cock (which was pointing up between her legs) and we pushed a pillow under her ass to raise her up slightly and get a better position for what was next. After a few more adjustments everything was in position and the head of Mike’s cock was just below Lucy’s clit, nestled between her lips with the back of his glans up against her vagina. We added a little tingle gel to Lucy’s clit and then started using the bodywand on the area, stimulating both Mike’s cock and Lucy’s clit (her pussy was mostly shielded from the vibrations by his cock, but she would have been able to feel them on her lips).

We only had the wand at a low setting so things wouldn’t be over too quickly, but even so both Mike and Lucy said that the sensation was very strong. Lucy had to try and resist cumming for two minutes and Jen slowly ramped up the power on the vibe and pressed it harder against them as the time progressed. Mike reached around Lucy and played with her breasts and told her how easily he could orgasm and spray his cum all over her cunt. He had obviously had to promise not to do this as a part of Lucy agreeing to the challenge and she told him that if he did he would never touch her again so he assured her if he thought he was going to cum then he would pull away from her.

Lis and I had to sit either side of Lucy and Mike and make sure Lucy didn’t roll off of him as she writhed around under the touch of the vibrator. She did manage to make the two minutes but was very close to cumming by that point and she was given the choice of staying where she was or getting off of Mike for Jen to make her cum. Lucy said that as long as Mike wasn’t going to cum then she would stay where she was. He wasn’t completely sure if he could hold out but did know he could last a little longer so Lucy opted to stay on top of him until he told her to move. This is one thing that I really don’t understand about Mike – I now get the way that holding back gives him better orgasms when he finally cums, but he was in a position where he was really enjoying himself and had to temper that enjoyment so he could stay there. I know he wouldn’t want to betray Lucy’s trust, but I can’t imagine wanting to torture myself that much. He actually made it the whole way through and got to feel Lucy cum while on top of him. Unfortunately Lucy doesn’t get anywhere near as wet as Jen (not many people do) so he didn’t have her juices gushing out over his cock but he still loved knowing that she came with the head of his cock pressed up against and almost inside her.

Jen kept stimulating Lucy with the vibe after she had cum and Lucy couldn’t take it – Mike was the one who actually rescued her as he told Jen he was getting too close to cumming so Lucy was allowed to move away. I thought it was a bit unfair of Jen to continue stimulating Lucy with that particular vibe as it is incredibly strong (which I can attest to as I still distinctly remember what it felt like when I was tied to chair and made to cum and then have the vibe pressed against my pussy and clit for far too long afterwards).

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