Monday, 23 March 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 1

Lis and Lucy arrived for their monthly fuck-session and they both seemed to be in a particularly feisty mood. Mike took heart at this as he had been desperately hoping to be allowed to continue playing with her as he had during her previous visit (he still hadn’t been allowed to fuck her or eat her, but she was gradually letting him touch her more and had teased him a fair bit). It quickly became clear that Lis wanted first stab at Mike (or for him to have a few stabs at a particular part of her) and we ended up going straight home from the airport and being asked by Lis to fuck her. We intended to let Jen sleep in her bed with Lucy that night, but as it is slightly larger than Mike’s bed she let us borrow it for a while and she remained downstairs to chat with Lucy. Even though Jen was feeling a little tired, they didn’t just chat and by the time Mike, Lis and I returned they had made out, stripped each other naked and made each other cum. While their session had been nice (as it almost always is when you get to cum), it was fairly standard so I’m going to concentrate on what Mike, Lis and I got up to…

As Lis was so obviously horny, I didn’t even let her get upstairs before starting on her and grabbed her from behind, pulled her skirt down (we already knew from our hello grope that she didn’t have panties on) and buried my tongue in her pussy from behind. Mike had been in front of Lis when I did this, but liked the idea so he squeezed past us both, flipped my dress up and did the same to me. I then felt him slide his cock in to me and after briefly fucking me he pushed past us both again, sat in front of Lis and offered her his cock so she could suck him and get her first taste of me (for the weekend) at the same time. I was a lot more forceful with Lis’ ass than usual and speared her a number of times, but still spent the majority of time working on her pussy. It wasn’t really the best position for Lis to suck Mike so we decided to switch round and he took over eating her while Lis ate me. I watched as Mike knelt up and slid in to Lis and I reminded him not to cum in her (at least until I’d had the chance to eat and taste her properly), but this was a pointless reminder as I knew Mike would want to eat her in her unpolluted state as well. I pulled my dress completely off and removed my bra while Lis ate me and suggested we head up to the bedroom to finish off (or get started properly). As soon as Lis stood up, Mike and I stripped her off and Mike pulled his clothes off, leaving them all on the stairs and we dived up to Jen’s room to continue.

Mike and I had a mock fight over access to Lis’ pussy and for a while we spread her legs wide and both tried to eat her. While this was fun, it wasn’t as effective as doing things properly so I conceded and moved up beside Lis so I could kiss her and let her fondle my breasts while Mike ate her. He was kind enough to switch places with me (he knows how much I love Lis and we allow him to have Lisa) and let me be the one to give her the first orgasm of the evening and after I had kitty kissed her for a while I moved up and lay on the other side of her to Mike and we asked why she (and Lucy) seemed so horny. Lis explained that they had just been playing with each other on the train – nothing too serious, but there had been a bit of fingering and a lot of describing to each other what they wanted to get up to with us. I really liked the idea of the two of them fondling each other while picturing Mike, Jen and me fucking them and asked Lis if she had thought about eating me. Unsurprisingly she had so I climbed up over her face and let Mike take up position back between her legs. He loved being able to take his time and explore Lis’ pussy with his tongue (not that he wasn’t already very familiar with it). Despite having already cum, Lis seemed to still be quite horny and she certainly ate me quite eagerly. Mike sucked each of Lis’ lips as far in to his mouth as he could and swirled his tongue around them, licked inside her as far as he could and generally enjoyed teasing her. When I said I was getting close he started to work on her properly and while I came before she did, she was well on the way to her second orgasm when I came and I helped out by toying with her breasts and whispering dirty thoughts in to her ear.

Lis needed a bit longer to recover this time but allowed Mike to spoon inside her as we chatted. As she started to recover, he moved in her a bit more and started to kiss her neck and shoulders while playing with one of her breasts. I slid down the bed slightly so I could take her other breast in my mouth and use a hand to play with her clit – Lis said that this wasn’t fair but we told her that everything was fair in love and sex and that she didn’t usually complain when we double teamed her. Between ‘ooh’ing sounds, she said that she wasn’t complaining and that it felt really good. Mike asked her if she wanted him to cum in her again and she said that she did but he said she would have to wait until we went to bed properly and this time was just a warm up. Once again she said that this wasn’t fair but in response all she got was for me to bend her upper leg up towards her chest to give Mike more room to fuck her and we carried on teasing her this way until she came. Mike pushed as deep in to Lis as he could and she told him in a quiet voice that she wanted to feel him cum inside her. He promised her that he would do so later on, but added that they would have to take care of me again first and that he might get distracted and want to eat Lis again before fucking her.

He stayed inside her for a while until we decided we had left Jen and Lucy alone so headed down to see them. As I mentioned earlier, they were both naked when we found them and as it was a little cooler downstairs we decided to all head back up to Jen’s room to chat for a while (we could of course have just got dressed instead, but that seemed pointless). Lis had a listen in on Jen’s bump and felt a few movements and meanwhile Mike was allowed to caress Lucy’s body (still not her pussy though). She commented on how hard he still was and even wrapped her hand around his cock. Mike said that if she was allowed to do that then he should be allowed to finger her, but Lucy said if he didn’t like it she could always stop touching him so he ‘allowed’ her to continue. She gently stroked his cock for a little while and he threatened to cum over her if she continued. Lucy kept stroking him but Lis said she wanted Mike to cum in her so she stopped, at which Mike said he would make Lis pay (although he knew that Lucy wouldn’t have made him cum anyway). He gave Lucy a back massage (Jen and I had made him give us a number of massages in the preceding week after the one he’d give Sue). He pressed and rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks as he worked and then against her pussy when he did her front, but wasn’t allowed to rub around Lucy’s pussy in the way he had with Sue.

Lis, Mike and I headed in to his room, leaving Jen and Lucy to settle down together. We teamed up on Lis and made her cum again and Mike and Lis then teamed up on me and ate me. Mike took my cunt and Lis took my ass while she rode Mike’s cock. Once I had cum (which didn’t take long given what they were doing to me) I moved out of the way to let then fuck properly. Mike asked Lis to put some long socks on but she said she didn’t want any more delays (but would wear them for him in the morning). For someone who claimed she was a lesbian only a few years before, she certainly enjoyed having a cock buried inside her and she kept telling Mike that she wanted him to fill her with his cum. Mike teased her that she just wanted him to get her pregnant and she reminded him that he had promised to give her a baby someday. I reminded her that I was the next one who Mike would be getting pregnant (although I had wondered a few times about how long we would actually want to wait once Jen’s baby was born). He promised her again that there was very little he would like to do more than to bury himself inside her when she was fertile and pump his cum in to her womb over and over and Lis pressed her mouth against his and kissed him deeply as she rode him. She humped up and down on his cock and reached down to play with her clit until she came, at which point she told Mike to fill her and let him thrust in to her while she rocked back and forth. Mike held Lis tightly against him as he came and thrust in to her with each wave of his orgasm until he was done and just kept holding her in place. He told her to try and keep his cum in her and they rolled over. I grabbed a couple of pillows and got Lis to lift her ass up so I could shove them under her and when Mike pulled out we spread Lis’ pussy wide open to look up inside her. It wasn’t quite the sea of cum that Mike had hoped, but we could definitely see his cum inside her and Lis remained in this position for a while as Mike and I took turns at kitty kissing her (externally only) and Mike went down on me. By the time we were ready to go to sleep Mike was hard enough to get back inside Lis and when she moved on to her side (and we removed the pillows), his cum started to leak out of her, but he did his best to plug the hole with his cock.

Jen and Lucy hadn’t settled down immediately and had spent quite a while kissing. Jen said that she felt bad about not being able to pounce on Lucy in the way Mike and I had done with Lis and even though Lucy said it was fine, Jen insisted on using a couple of vibes on Lucy (one inside and one on her clit), along with some tingle gel. Jen took her time and slowly brought Lucy to orgasm, after which Lucy said it was only fair that she should get to play with Jen. Knowing Lucy, she wouldn’t have insisted if Jen had said no, but the excitement of spending so long with her face right beside Lucy’s sweet pussy (and of course knowing that she made Lucy cum) got Jen aroused enough that she asked Lucy if she would just gently lick her for a bit. It turned out that ‘a bit’ ended up meaning until Jen came again (which she maintains isn’t what she intended when she asked for a gentle licking, but she didn’t complain) and Lucy ended up with her face covered with Jen’s juices.

Mike beat me to Lis’ pussy on the Saturday morning so I had to just watch as he ate her. I wanted to help out but was told to just watch (and not touch myself either) – this turned out to be very arousing, especially as Lis kept telling me that she was going to eat me while Mike fucked her. I watched her face closely as she came which was even more of a turn-on and told her that she should let us film her for ‘Beautiful Agony’. Of course I knew there was no way that she would ever put herself up on there and while she said it sounded sexy, I’m the one who would get off to knowing that people were cumming while watching me and not Lis.

For her part, Lis kept to her word and took care of me once she had cum. Mike took her from behind as she did this and reminded her that she had promised to wear long socks for him. She said she didn’t want to stop playing with me but allowed him to put them on her (helping out as best she could by lifting and bending her legs appropriately). Once she had them on Mike spent a while kissing and caressing her thighs until she said she wanted him inside her. He made a deal with her that he would cum a lot in her again later on if she let him fuck her this time without him cumming and he just used long even strokes to fuck her while playing with her clit (which in my opinion meant that Lis got the best of both worlds as I absolutely love being fucked like that). Lis’ tongue flicked back and forth across my clit and she occasionally hummed while sucking it which sent wonderful vibrations through it. Mike maintains that he has done this to me before and I didn’t comment on it feeling good but I don’t remember this happening. Whatever the case, it felt wonderful this time and I asked Lis to do it some more. We had planned ahead and stashed a few toys in Mike’s room so he fetched a new anal vibe (that we had just bought during the week), applied a little lube to it and told Lis to keep still while he inserted it in to her ass. It had a very narrow neck but a fair bulge in the middle and was reasonably powerful so when Mike pressed the button on the base to activate it I felt Lis jump. He slid his cock back in to her and resumed playing with her clit and Lis hummed on my clit a lot more. I would have loved for Lis and I to cum together but I got there first and came reasonably loudly. Fortunately Lis kitty kissed me as Mike helped to finish her off and I felt a hum against my pussy and clit a few more times.

With Mike’s cock inside her, the vibe in her ass and his fingers on her clit, Lis came not too long after me and I asked to have the chance to pull the vibe out of her ass. I did this slowly and described to Lis how her asshole stretched around the vibe. She blushed quite a bit at this (which I thought was sweet) and we decided to try and use the vibe on Lucy (if she would let us). I then got Lis to demonstrate the humming technique on Mike’s cock and he had a turn doing it to Lis and me. Lis was overjoyed that she had introduced us to a new sexual technique.

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