Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 1

At the start of May we finally got to meet Sue’s (no longer quite so) new girlfriend Josie. Given we knew that Sue had told her quite a bit about the things we got up to, we knew full well that it was going to be a slightly awkward meeting (at the very least initially), but as Sue seemed to be so in love with Josie it didn’t seem right to keep putting it off (although in our defence, it had also been due in a large part to us simply being busy at weekends).

We had all been looking forward to seeing Sue again, even though we knew this was going to be a rather different kind of weekend (working off the assumption that we weren’t going to get to fuck her – or Josie). To make the initial meeting a bit easier we met them at the train station and went out for a drink in town. Due to having an obviously pregnant Jen with us we easily got seats so could chat properly and once the initial awkward pleasantries were out of the way we talked about the baby for a bit and how we were preparing to move house, what Sue and Josie’s work was like and other mundane topics. Sue looked really good and it was obvious that she was happy with Josie. As Jen couldn’t drink (alcohol at least) we only stayed out for a few drinks and then took a slow walk back to the house so we could chat and show Josie some of the town (we knew from Sue that Josie didn’t mind walking). It took us about an hour to get home and by the time we arrived the alcohol had mostly worn off.

We sat around chatting a while longer over a few more drinks and Mike started to rub Jen’s back as it was getting sore. Jen’s top kept getting in the way and while she would usually have just removed it we still weren’t sure how things were going to go with Josie, but Mike just asked her if she minded if Jen went topless so he could massage her shoulders properly. Jen was actually a little nervous about this as she was beginning to dislike her body shape (despite Mike and I constantly telling her that she still looked incredibly sexy), but she acquiesced and sat topless while Mike continued to work on her back. It turned out that this was all the trigger that was needed for the elephant in the room to finally be mentioned and Josie told us that she understood that we spent most of the time indoors naked anyway.

I asked what else Sue had told Josie (some of which we knew about) and it turned out that she knew pretty much everything, even down to our individual fetishes. The conversation started out fairly tamely at first, but became more explicit as Josie revealed more of the things Sue had told her. She obviously knew about Mike and I having introduced Sue in to our activities and Josie then thanked Jen for having ‘turned’ Sue – to which Jen said that I (or probably Mike) was the one who actually got things started in that regard, she was just the first one to actually eat Sue. As Sue had clearly been quite free with the details, I felt no obligation to hold back and said that it had been Sue who had started things off by peeking through the crack in my bedroom door and masturbating while watching as Mike and I fucked. Josie also knew about the sex parties and sex shows as well as many of the things that we got up to when visiting Jen’s friends and Lis and Lucy (I was a bit annoyed that Sue had told her that as it was meant to be a secret). By this point Mike wasn’t just massaging Jen’s back, but was also reaching around to hug her and play with her breasts. It was clear that Jen was getting quite aroused (although to be fair she was spending a lot of her time feeling aroused due to the hormones) and she asked Mike to take her up to bed.

I remained downstairs and chatted with Sue and Josie while Mike took Jen up to her room, ate her and then fucked her. They weren’t trying to be noisy, but nor did they make any effort to hide what they were up to and a few times I offered Sue the chance to go up and spy on then if she wanted to. Josie obviously wanted to bring something else up and finally asked if Sue and I had really fucked each other. Sue went bright pink (which I thought was odd give she was the one who had let all of our secrets out) but as Josie knew so much anyway I didn’t think there was any point in hiding things so I explained in detail (possibly a bit more than was really needed, but it was sort of revenge and I enjoyed seeing Sue squirm) how we had mostly just done things ‘together’ with Mike and Jen, but that we had often been asked to kiss or fondle each other and how we had mostly stayed away from performing oral sex on each other (apart from the occasional lick).

The conversation was a bit muted after this but fortunately Mike reappeared (wearing just his dressing gown). He told us that Jen was now asleep and we chatted a bit more. Mike made a few comments about Josie having stolen away his little sister and I added that if it was just Sue visiting us that she would probably have been eaten by each of Mike and Jen by this point and would probably have Mike inside her. Josie (who was a little drunk) said that she had been told about Mike’s love of eating pussy and wondered if that was where Sue had gotten her training from (Sue is apparently now very good at this). Mike told Josie he would be more than happy to demonstrate if she was willing to lend Sue to him for an hour and I was surprised he didn’t also offer to demonstrate directly on Josie as she was so obviously his type (physically small and cute, very like Lis, but much brasher and much more direct). I told Mike to behave and apologised to Josie, saying that everything as his fault and that Sue and I were sweet and innocent before we met him.

We decided to call it a night and Mike helped carry Josie and Sue’s bags up to his room. He was going to sleep down on the sofa (Jen’s bed is usually big enough for the three of us, but she wanted more space by this point of the pregnancy) and as Josie went to the bathroom to prepare for bed Sue went back downstairs with Mike to get some water. Sue wanted to know what Mike thought of Josie and he told her that she seemed to be really nice (and quite open minded, which was good). Mike teased Sue a bit and told her to make sure to give Josie a good fucking in his bed so he could think about the two of them writhing against each other. Sue teased Mike back and asked if he liked the idea of her fucking Josie and if it wasn’t for our ‘no fucking people in relationships’ rule, I’m quite sure the two of them would have ended up going at it in the middle of the kitchen. All than ended up happening was a slightly longer than appropriate goodnight kiss and Mike’s hands wandering under Sue’s skirt and caressing her ass (which he claims was her fault as she was wearing opaque tights which she knows he can’t resist). Sue wasn’t entirely blameless as she wrapped her arms around his waist inside his dressing gown, which meant his cock was pressed up directly against the front of her skirt. Mike nearly knelt in front of Sue and kissed her crotch, but he knew if he did this that he would want to keep going so he send her back up to Josie and settled down on the sofa to watch some anime and then go to sleep.

As requested, Sue did indeed fuck Josie and even made use of a couple of our toys (the main +collection lives in the cupboard in Jen’s room, but we always keep some in Mike’s room for use there). Josie didn’t make too much noise (although I’m sure I heard her cum at least once) but Sue was loud enough that there was no doubt when she came. Mike says he lay downstairs and gently stroked himself while listening to the two of them and I quietly masturbated so as not to wake Jen. At one point I considered trying to open the door to Mike’s room and spy on them the way Sue used to spy on Mike and me, but guessed that this might freak Josie out so just pictured what they were up to in my mind.

In the morning I went down on Jen and then left her to go back to sleep while I snuck downstairs and woke Mike up by stroking his cock (he had his usual morning erection). I gave it a few quick sucks and then straddled him and we had a slow fuck. He got me to sit over his face for a while so he could eat me and then fucked me over the side of the sofa. Unfortunately before we came we heard Sue and Josie coming downstairs so crawled back under the duvet to cover ourselves up. We weren’t really trying to hide what we’d been up to, but Sue pointed at us and just said ‘see’ (having told Josie that we wold have been having our customary morning fuck). Mike was gently stroking my clit and I really wanted him to make me cum but still wasn’t sure how to proceed with Josie around. I told Sue that we were naked and would need our dressing gowns and Sue said that Josie probably wouldn’t mind if we were naked. I asked Josie if she was really okay and she said that it was our house. I liked the idea of having someone new see me naked (and the fact I was quite horny also helped) so I slid out from under the covers and went up to fetch a t-shirt for me and a dressing gown for Mike. He was a bit more discreet and covered up before emerging from the duvet and we made breakfast and sat around chatting until Jen surfaced and came down to join us.

We moved in to the living room to continue chatting and I sat with my pussy fully displayed – this was (honestly) completely unintentional, I’m just so used to being naked. Sue pointed out that I was just showing myself off and Josie said that she didn’t mind, but that she now understood why Sue was quite often naked whenever they were alone together. I pointed out that Sue was hardly covered now (she had a nightdress on, but it wasn’t the most opaque) – sadly Josie’s one hid everything, although it was reasonably short and I had noticed Mike glancing more than a few times as Josie’s legs. I warned Josie that Mike or Jen would probably end up pouncing on Sue if she was allowed to display herself like that. I hadn’t made any effort to cover myself up and decided to see how things went so out of the blue I asked Josie about the threesomes she’d had when she was younger. It was now Josie’s turn to blush and she slapped Sue for having told us about them (as if we were going to judge her). We knew that Josie had tried MMF and MFF threesomes a few times at Uni but hadn’t done things like that for a few years.

We then moved on to teasing Sue and Mike threatened to put some of the pictures of Sue being fucked up on the big TV. By this point, Josie had seen all of the pictures and video we had of Sue (or at least all of the ones that Sue had copies of) so he flicked through a few images of Sue being fingered and fucked and then threatened to play a video of Jen eating her. I told Mike that it wasn’t fair to tease Sue like that and that I quite wanted to finish what we had started earlier. There was an obvious bulge in his gown and I could feel my pussy tingling so didn’t even try to resist when he pushed me on to my back and spread my legs. He asked Josie if she would mind if he ate me and while she seemed slightly shocked that he was proposing actually doing this in front of her, Sue sidled up to Josie and whispered something to her and Josie said that it was up to us. Mike didn’t wait for further clarification and buried his tongue in my pussy. I heard Josie make a comment about Sue being right and us being sex crazed, but whenever I glanced over at her she was watching what Mike was doing so I went with it and arched my back so I could pull my t-shirt up and then off and played with my breasts. I felt Mike spreading my lips and licking right up inside my pussy and knew that I wasn’t going to hold out long (remember that I hadn’t cum yet that morning). Any thought about offending Josie melted away and I just wanted her to watch me cum. As my orgasm built I looked over to see Sue squeezing her legs together with a hand between them and then just let the pleasure engulf me. I didn’t pay attention to anything else for quite a while and just let Mike kitty kiss me, although still aware that every lick was being watched. When Mike finally moved away from between my legs I didn’t bother trying to cover myself up and just thanked him for the orgasm.

Josie said she had never seen people be quite so open about sex and we explained that we didn’t see the point in hiding or being embarrassed about something that could feel so good. Sue made a comment about kitty kissing and how Mike had taught her about it (so I felt compelled to add that it was a technique that we had developed together). As I had been fully exposed I felt it was only fair that Mike should be on display so I reached into his dressing gown and asked Josie if she minded seeing him naked. She said that she had already seen his cock in the pictures (which I guess could have meant no, but I didn’t take it that way) so I opened his gown and gently stroked his cock. Jen had seen enough by this point and slipped out of her robe, spread her legs and started to stroke herself. Mike told me he would cum later and crawled over to Jen to eat her. By this point, the hand that Sue had between her legs was cupping her pussy and she had a finger between her lips, but she wasn’t quite masturbating and I told her that she could always take Josie back upstairs if she wanted to fuck or that she was quite welcome to cum where she was if Josie could handle it. Sue’s fingers stopped moving but she then looked over at Josie and asked if she wanted to go back to bed. I told Sue that Mike and Jen would probably love to see her cum again and Mike pulled away from Sue to call over to me and say that I could always eat Sue. I went back over to Mike and crouched on the floor underneath him, took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him while stroking myself.

As I watched, Sue said something to Josie and started to stroke herself again, then spread her legs and started to play with herself properly. Josie let Sue kiss her, but wouldn’t let Sue play with her, although she did let Sue pull one of her (Josie’s) hands up between Sue’s legs for Sue to masturbate herself with. Mike got Jen off quite quickly and we turned our attention to Sue, but once she realised we were all watching her she closed her legs again and pulled her nightdress down to (partially) cover herself. Mike still hadn’t cum yet and was sitting with his hard cock in full view – he called up a video of Jen going down on Sue and set it to full screen. Sue tried to grab the remote control off of him, but he is sufficiently stronger than she is that she didn’t stand much of a chance. I pointed out that Josie might not approve of Sue wrestling with a naked guy (especially as Sue was only one step away from being naked) and once again warned Josie that Mike might end up trying to eat Sue. Mike said he wouldn’t do things with Sue while she was taken (although he was actually quite enjoying having Sue squirming around on his lap with her body rubbing against his cock) and once the Sue on the screen had cum, he sent her back over to Josie.

Sue dragged Josie upstairs and within no time we heard them going at it on the bed. I offered to finish off Mike (his cock looked very hard and the head was a much darker colour than usual) but he said he was quite enjoying the teasing and would have a huge load for me when we finally fucked). He did spoon inside me and I squeezed myself around him as he gently moved and we remained like this until Josie and Sue finished off upstairs. Sue later told us that Josie had asked her (after they had both cum) if she actually wanted to sleep with Mike again and Sue. At first Sue had said no, but Josie had already figured Sue out (and said it was always obvious from the way Sue talked about Mike that she still fancied him) so she got Sue to admit that the idea still appealed to her but that she wouldn’t do anything with him. Sue had already described what it was like to sleep with Mike, as Josie had given Sue details about some of her previous lovers, so Josie knew a fair amount of details, the only difference now was that she had actually seen Mike’s cock in the flesh and got to witness Mike eating me and Jen.


  1. I hope there's more to come. I love sexy stories with you and Sue in them. Lots of pre-cum for me as I read this entry...

    1. Yep, there are more entries with Sue in them - I was just late posting today