Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 2

Josie went off to shower and Sue came down to see the rest of us. Mike was still gently spooning with me and pulled out to show Sue just how hard she had made him. Sue said that it wasn’t fair as she wanted to be able to do things with him but couldn’t and Mike asked her how her session with Josie had been. When Sue said she had cum really hard Mike pointed out that this was the whole point of being teased (even if the teasing in her case had been verbal and psychological instead of physical). Mike stood and gave Sue a hug, his hands u the back of her nightdress and his cock pressed against her stomach. He told her that he would always love his imouto and as they kissed he slid his hands down to her ass and spread her cheeks. He whispered to her that he could just slide his cock in to her for old times sake or kneel and eat her until Josie emerged from the bathroom so she would have to go and fuck again (this isn’t just him being egotistical, he can actually get Sue horny quite quickly). I watched as his fingers dipped between her legs and pulled on her lips and was then surprised when he pulled back and pushed his cock between her legs. Fortunately he didn’t actually slide in to her, but just nestled his cock between her lips and then pushed forwards until the head was poking out behind her. Sue kissed Mike back and he carried on massaging her ass as he slid his cock back and forth between her legs – Jen decided that it was time she was a bit naughty too and knelt behind Sue, flicking the head of Mike’s cock with her tongue each time he pushed all the way through between Sue’s legs.

They pulled away before things got too out of hand and Mike asked Sue if she was going to go fuck Josie again. Sue said she wasn’t sure if Josie would be ready to do things again by Mike stood behind her, pressed his cock against Sue’s ass, reached around under her nightdress with one hand and caressed Sue’s breasts and used his other hand to play with Sue’s clit while telling Sue that there was no way Josie would be able to resist her if she want and begged for sex. By his own admission, Mike knew that he was now not just crossing the line, but that the line was in danger of becoming a dot but he carried on toying with Sue and slipped his cock back between her legs so he could rub it against her clit. Jen joined in again and swirled her tongue around the head of Mike’s cock and over Sue’s lips and clit and as Mike kissed Sue’s neck he used both hands on Sue’s breasts. Only when we heard the bathroom door open did he pull away from Sue (leaving Jen with her mouth on Sue’s clit) and told Sue to go and pounce on Josie and give her the most energetic fucking she could. Sue scampered upstairs and we heard her drag Josie back in to Mike’s room. Things went quiet at first and we wondered whether Sue had been right about Josie not wanting another round, but a couple of minutes later we heard Sue telling Josie to fuck her harder and Mike spread Jen’s legs and went down on her again as a reward for helping to get Sue so turned on. I tried to tell them off for taking advantage of Sue, but it wasn’t as if they had forced her to do anything and Josie was reaping the benefit of their teasing.

I went and showered and ended up using the pulse spray to masturbate (leaving the bathroom door open as I did so – partially to listen in on Josie and Sue and partially to let them see if they finished before I did). I had actually finished before they came out from Mike’s room and Mike and Jen were in the shower together. Josie wanted to use the bathroom mirror and said she would wait but Sue led her in to the bathroom and said there was no point being shy now as she had seen Mike and Jen naked already. Sue sat on the toilet (still naked, waiting for her shower) and chatted to Josie, occasionally looking over at Mike and Jen. Mike spent a bit of the shower with his cock inside Jen and was still hard when they emerged from the shower, apologising to Sue for the fact that there wasn’t much hot water left. Once dry, Jen remained naked in the bathroom with Josie for a bit but Mike went back in to Jen’s room and considered fucking me (even his resolve was being tested by this point), but just ended up getting dressed. He then sat downstairs and chatted with Josie for a bit while Sue, Jen and I finished getting ready. He told her that he hoped we hadn’t offended her but she said that Sue had warned her what we were like (although she had still been surprised that we were quite as open as Sue had said). Mike explained that he really did love Sue and wanted her to be happy, so he expected Josie to take good care of her, to which Josie said she intended to do just that and Mike assured her that from what Sue had told us that it was obvious that she really loved Josie (which made Josie blush). When Sue came back downstairs she asked what they had been talking about, but instead of a reply, she got a big kiss from Josie.

As we had clearly broken the ice, Mike made sure that Josie was aware that Jen and I were intending to go out without panties on (as usual) and said that Sue would normally do the same thing whenever she visited. Josie said it was up to Sue if she wanted to go without panties (although she intended to keep hers on) and after a bit of encouragement, Josie reached her hands up under Sue’s skirt and pulled Sue’s panties down to applause from the rest of us. Josie already knew about our regular changing-room masturbation sessions and how we would flash guys at cafés but we promised her a demonstration (at which point Sue guessed that she might be the target of some of them) and after Sue had been provided with a slightly shorter skirt, we headed off in to town. As promised, we let Josie see the view up our skirts when we bent over and then gave a group of guys the same view while Josie watched their reactions. The real fun was in the changing rooms though as Jen, Josie and Sue went in together and once Sue stripped off she was told to masturbate. Josie and Jen each caressed one of Sue’s breasts and to finish off, Jen produced a vibe and handed it to Sue who plunged it in to her pussy while frigging herself. We then discussed Sue’s adventures over coffee and told Josie a few other things Sue had gotten up to that she had conveniently forgotten when telling Josie about things we’d done.

We decided to have dinner in that night and spent a while preparing a nice meal. Josie also hadn’t heard about our cum-based salad dressing and couldn’t believe that we would actually masturbate with veg and then use them to make a salad and while she wasn’t up for actually trying this, we did partially demonstrate with carrot sticks. Jen and I ate one flavoured with each other’s juices and Mike got Josie to rub one along Sue’s pussy and then ate it and then got her to cover another one with Sue’s juices and then fed it to me. It was now only fair that Sue should eat one covered with my juices and she dutifully did this (despite acting a little shy about it at first). Mike started teasing Jen and I as we finished preparing dinner and we were caressed, fingered and licked. Josie said she wasn’t embarrassed by what was happening so Mike continued and said that we would usually all be naked by this point and playfully tugged at her skirt. She wasn’t willing to let him strip her, but did seem genuinely okay with our displays of affection (or lust).

We finished off a couple of bottles of wine over dinner and as things loosened up, Josie asked us about our fetishes. As I’ve said before, she had already been informed about most of them, but she was curious how they had developed. Mike explained in detail how he had got me to fantasise about various things while we were fucking and how he got me turned on to the idea of doing things with another girl, then how he and Jen pushed me to do more and more things with people watching or in semi-public places until I no longer cared who saw me and then began to really enjoy having people see and watch me cum. From there it was just a continued progression to wanting to cum as many times as possible. As he described this, Mike caressed my legs and his hands slowly rode up further under my skirt until he was rubbing my pussy. I let him spread my legs and finger me, enjoying the squelching sounds my pussy made and the way my whole lower body felt warm and tingly. We moved on to Jen next and she described how she would masturbate outdoors in the woods (but almost always in spots carefully chosen so that she wouldn’t be seen – her exhibitionist tendencies came from me) and then how one day she had really needed to pee and just did it where she was. It had felt good so she had done it a few more times and had eventually integrated it in to her masturbation, experimenting with peeing at various times during the session and enjoying how ‘naughty’ it felt to have the warm liquid running down her legs and spraying over the ground around her as she came. We aren’t as sure about Jen’s pain fetish, but she hadn’t had the chance to practice that for a while anyway (we didn’t want cortisol spikes to hurt the baby), but we told Josie that we had promised to spank and slap her to as many orgasm as she wanted once she had given birth.

The origin of Mike’s fetishes are a bit more murky. He remembers seeing a number of porn videos when he was younger with guys eating girls and many lesbian videos so this is probably the source of his love of cunnilingus (and the idea of girl on girl action). I actually think it is part of why I love him – he always wanted me to enjoy the things we did and to cum at least as many times as he did. As for the schoolgirl fetish, he just likes cute things and while he understands the difference between someone dressed as a schoolgirl (or anime character) and someone who is actually that age, the sweet an innocent thing turns him on.

Sue claimed not to have any fetishes but Mike described how Sue used to like lying on her front with him on top of her and rubbing her clit. Josie admitted that she had done something similar with Sue and we told her that she could always borrow one of our strap-ons if she wanted to actually fuck Sue in this position. Josie thought this sounded like a good idea and Mike dashed upstairs and returned with the two strap-ons we have. Josie thought the full harness looked a bit extreme (which was a pity as Mike had intended on leaving the internal vibe in place). She did play along and put the newer one on (the one that leaves the wearers pussy exposed). Unfortunately Josie kept her panties on so Mike didn’t get to see very much, but once she had the harness on Sue lay down on the floor on the duvet and Josie slid in to her from behind. Sue said it felt nice, but it soon felt a lot nicer when Josie reached around and played with Sue’s clit. Mike was moving between Jen and me, openly masturbating us we watched and even though Josie didn’t finish Sue off, it was incredibly sexy.

Jen suggested that Sue demonstrate her blow-job skills (unfortunately for Mike this was with the strap-on) and as Sue knelt in front of Josie and sucked her cock clean, Jen and I lost our tops and Mike moved around behind Jen and slipped in to her. With Jen’s skirt flipped up and Mike holding her upper leg in a raised position, Josie could see everything as he fucked her and I felt I may as well help out and had a few turns of lapping at Jen’s clit and Mike’s cock. Sue looked around to see what was going on and then instead of sucking on the dildo, she lowered her mouth to Josie’s crotch and started lapping at the material of Josie’s panties. Josie sat back on the sofa and just moaned so Sue saw her chance and pulled the crotch of Josie’s panties aside and buried her tongue in her cunt. Josie seemed to realise what was going on at this point and tried to push Sue away, but only half-heartedly so when Sue held Josie’s hands she stopped struggling and arched her back in what was an obvious sign of pleasure. Unfortunately the straps for the harness stopped Sue from being able to move the panties fully out of the way, but she didn’t try to unfasten the harness in case Josie stopped her. Mike and Jen were enjoying the view from the floor as they could easily see up Sue’s skirt. Had it been Lis and Lucy with us, I would have reached over and played with Sue’s pussy without thinking about it (I did think about it, but didn’t do it) so carried on helping Mike to get Jen off. Jen had held back from making too many mewing sounds earlier in the day when Josie had seen her cum, but this time she mewed the whole way through her orgasm.

Sue had a hand between her legs and was now happily masturbating as she ate Josie. Mike suggested that Sue try riding the strap-on again and I was surprised he was interrupting things as I assumed he would want to see if Josie would cum, but his plan became evident when Sue straddled the strap on and humped up and down on it – Josie’s panties were still pulled to the side and we had a partial view of her pussy. Mike asked Jodie if she would let me suck the dildo clean (any excuse to get Sue or I to eat each other’s juices) and Josie agreed that this would be hot so Sue climbed off of the dildo and I moved between Josie’s legs and took as much of the dildo in my mouth as I could. I stroked up and down the shaft as I did this, knowing that the movements would transfer to Josie’s pussy through the harness (not to a great extent, but it was better than nothing) and I then licked up and down the length of the dildo, getting a much better view of Josie’s pussy as I licked near the base. Mike got Sue to climb back on the dildo and ride it a little longer before asking if he could lick it clean and when Josie said yes he had his tongue on it before Sue even had time to dismount (he didn’t actually lick her, but it was close). He licked the dildo clean of Sue’s juices and licked down near Josie’s pussy as I had done – I had to remind him to stroke the dildo (Jen and I have more experience in doing this than he does as he is usually inside whoever is wearing it). We then got an additional bonus when Jen asked Josie if she wanted to see Sue eating my juices. Josie nodded and I asked if she was sure and then straddled the dildo, sliding down and engulfing the whole length of it in one easy movement. Mike pushed his head forwards and had a few licks of my clit (in the hope of making me cum while Josie was fucking me) but I had other plans and indicated that I wanted him to move his head back. He did this and I reached down and stroked up and down the length of the dildo, playing with my clit and rubbing my juices down the entire length of the shaft. I didn’t have to pretend to be excited, but it made it much easier when my fingers slipped a bit lower then the dildo and ran over Josie’s pussy a few times – unfortunately her panties were still in the way so I didn’t get to caress her properly but I definitely rubbed her.

Mike had the sense to push Sue between Josie’s legs and Sue immediately started to lick Josie’s crotch again, this time pulling the panties out of the way more firmly (although they were still trapped by the harness). Mike shuffled back a bit, flipped up Sue’s skirt and ran his hand over her ass. Jen joined in and after nodding at each other, their fingers met on Sue’s pussy. Sue pushed back against them and they spread her lips and caressed her whole pussy and clit. Mike still hadn’t cum that day and desperately wanted to slide in to Sue – he was so close that he knew he could probably kneel behind her, give himself a few strokes and cover her back and ass with cum, but common sense prevailed and he restrained himself (although may have slipped a couple of fingers in to Sue a few times before he restrained himself). I could see what he and Jen were doing and while I was really enjoying what was happening I knew it probably wasn’t a good idea so once  they had stopped fondling Sue, I pulled myself off of the dildo and said that there was now a good coating of my juices for Sue.

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