Friday, 20 March 2015

Sue and Josie’s First Visit – Part 3

Sue was more than horny enough that she didn’t care what Josie thought of her eating my juices (although Josie clearly liked the idea) and hungrily sucked and licked the dildo clean. She pushed a couple of fingers in to Josie’s pussy as she did this, but that was the trigger for Josie to pull back and she asked Sue if they could go upstairs to finish things off. We were all rather disappointed by this, but it was obvious that things may have gone further than Josie expected so we let them head up quickly while Mike, Jen and I remained downstairs and carried on playing. Mike really needed to cum by this point so Jen lay on her back, I crouched over her face so she could lick me and Mike pumped away inside me. He tasted Sue’s juices from his fingers as he fucked me and just about managed to hold back until Jen helped me cum. He came quite a bit in me, to the point that he said it hurt (but he had held back quite a long time) and although Jen lapped up the first wave of cum that leaked out of me, I still manage to drip quite a bit over her body when I sat up and crouched over her.

Mike and I then took turns pleasuring Jen – alternating between eating her and playing with her breasts and kissing her. Mike was given the task of actually eating her to orgasm but I’d had a fair amount of input in to the process by that point. We debated all sleeping downstairs in the floor, but it wasn’t comfortable enough for Jen so she headed up to her bed and told the two of us to stay downstairs. Sue and Josie were still talking when Jen went up, but Jen was too tired to listen in.

Despite there still being a fair serving of his cum inside me, Mike went down on me again and then spooned with me. I told him off for getting carried away with Sue and he just pointed out that I had been trying to cum while riding Josie so we decided that we were both (almost) equally culpable. We were in the process of dozing off when Sue came downstairs (naked) to get some water. She came over to say goodnight and Mike got a proper kiss out of her. She told us that her session with Josie had been quite intense and that once they had finished Josie had been asking her if she had wanted to do things with Mike and Jen (and me). Sue had told her that she had gotten really turned on downstairs, but that she was still her girl while Josie admitted that while she had found the experience rather surreal, she had also been turned on. Mike told Sue he had an idea and to play along, to which Sue agreed and I spent a while trying to get the details out of him. All he would tell me was that he wanted to give Josie the sister experience (so I had a fair idea of what he had in mind) and he then played with my clit until I was close to cumming (and stopped).

I was eaten awake on the Sunday morning but not allowed to cum and was told to stay on the duvet and gently play with myself but not to cum. Mike disappeared upstairs to wake Jen and they both returned after about 10 minutes. The three of us played together for a while until Sue and Josie came downstairs, at which point they discovered us with Mike on his back, me riding him and Jen sitting over his face. Josie said that they could leave us to finish off but Sue asked if they could watch and Jen indicated the sofa and Sue pulled Josie down beside her. Mike easily got Jen off and she helped to frig my clit while I rode Mike and then dismounted him, leaving his cock shining with my juices. By this point, Sue had her legs spread and wasn’t even trying to hide the fact she was masturbating. Mike asked Josie if she had enjoyed her time in bed with Sue and was told that Sue had been feeling particularly horny.

Instead of his original plan of trying to encourage things to happen between Sue and I, Mike just told Josie that he really wanted to be able to go down on Sue, that he understood if Josie didn’t want that to happen, but that if she did then we were sure we could find a way to thank her. This took Josie a bit by surprise – she had obviously known that Mike wanted to do this (and that Sue was keen on it), but I think she had assumed that either as much as was going to happen had already happened, or that we would try and let things just slide in to happening as they had the previous night. Josie said that she wasn’t sure was the right thing to do was so we stopped for breakfast so that nothing was done in a hurry that people would regret (Josie had played along quite well so far and we didn’t want to scare her off).

Josie still wasn’t sure and went upstairs with Sue to discuss things. I was a bit worried that we had come on too strong but they came back and Josie said that she appreciated Mike being honest with her but it was still a bit too much for the first time we’d met. She assured us that she had enjoyed herself and that we hadn’t upset her and Mike explained that just like her, she and Jen loved Sue and just missed being able to do things with her, but that we understood that Sue was now taken. He asked if instead of being able to do anything overtly sexual with Sue if he could at least give her a massage and Josie agreed to this. I had expected Josie to want Mike or Sue (or both) to put some clothes on before the massage & Mike did ask about this but Josie said that that things were bizarre enough already so as long as there were no ‘slips’, they could do things as they were. Mike promised to behave himself and Sue lay down on her front as he fetched some baby oil. He started on her legs and worked his way up the back of each one, paying particular attention to her inner thighs, but not quite touching her pussy (although clearly moving her pussy lips around as he massaged her ass. Sue let out an appreciative moan and we warned Josie that she might have to go and fuck Sue again afterwards as she quite enjoyed Mike’s massages (although to be fair, his cock and tongue normally play a significant part, which helps things along in this area). Mike worked his way up Sue’s back and worked on her shoulders as his cock rubbed against her ass and lower back (he wasn’t trying to rub against her, but given the position he was in it just happened and as Josie wasn’t telling him to stop he let himself enjoy it).

Mike lay down with his full weight on Sue’s back and whispered in her ear that he wished he could eat and fuck her. Sue let out another little moan so he got up and told her to turn over, straddled her again and started rubbing the front of her shoulders. He tried a bit harder to avoid contact between his cock and her pussy but gave her breasts a thorough massage, stroking and teasing her nipples the way he knows she likes before positioning himself between her legs and running his hands down across her stomach and sides. He did this in the most ticklish way he could, specifically to get her to squirm around (which is why he had positioned himself with his cock right by her pussy). There was no real danger of him ending up inside her, but there was more than a little contact between his cock and her pussy as she squirmed around under his fingers. He didn’t tickle her for too long though as he was trying to get her turned on so he ran his hands across her mons, down over her hips and on to her legs. He once again spent a while on her inner thighs and then worked down to her calves and finished on her ankles (Sue’s feet are too ticklish to massage). He then asked Josie if she wanted Sue to be extra horny for their fuck and Josie asked what he was going to do.

He promised that he wouldn’t touch Sue’s pussy and that Josie could watch and tell him to stop if she thought he was going too far. She agreed to this and he started to firmly massage Sue’s mons and then work his fingers around her pussy, staying about an inch or so away from actually touching it, but continuing to use firm strokes until his fingers met underneath her pussy. He did this a few more times until Sue was pushing back against his touch and then asked Jen and I to take position either side of Sue and massage her breasts. Sue’s breathing became heavier and she tried to push her legs together a few times, but Mike was in the way and he got Sue to spread her legs wider and Josie to sit beside him. Sue pressed her legs firmly against their bodies and as she started to writhe around a bit more Josie asked him if she was going to cum. Mike said that he doubted it without him being allowed to touch her, but pointed out that Josie was more than welcome to finger or eat Sue and that none of us would mind if she came. We saw Josie lick her lips a few times and I think she at least considered it, but didn’t do anything so Mike went on to explain how we sometimes tied Jen up to do this to her and I suggested that we could at least mimic this by having Jen and I sit over Sue’s arms.

Jen and I each straddled one of Sue’s arms and pressed down on them and then carried on massaging her breasts, her nipples now very firm under our fingers. I could feel my pussy rubbing against Sue’s arms as she tried to move and could see her trying to thrust her crotch against Mike’s fingers. It was obviously getting close to the time to let her loose on Josie so Jen leant forwards and took Sue’s nipple in her mouth. I did the same and we kissed, licked and sucked on our little popsicles as Sue’s panting breaths turned to moans. I felt Sue’s hand roam over my ass then slide down to my pussy. Jen later said that Sue did the same to her and I was wondering how much longer Josie was going to let things continue and wondered if we actually could make Sue cum like this, even without Mike touching her pussy directly. Sue’s chest was quite flushed and Josie looked quite warm herself. I felt Sue’s fingers seek out my pussy and thrust in to me – I don’t know if Josie saw this, but she said that she thought it was time to take Sue upstairs and Mike warned her that she had better be ready. As they went upstairs I called after them to use Jen’s room and any of the toys they wanted. For the first round toys weren’t even an option as Sue just pulled Josie’s nightdress off and pushed her down in to a 69 position. Sue frantically humped against Josie’s face and she devoured her girlfriend’s pussy – she came quite a bit before Josie did, but we’ve trained her well and after just a brief pause (her orgasm was apparently quite strong) she finished eating Josie with just as much enthusiasm.

While Sue has a number of toys of her own (some of which, we bought for her), she doesn’t have anything like the selection that we do so after a short rest she selected a few and made use of them on Josie As Sue knows Mike so well she used a dildo in Josie and then carefully placed it on its end on the bedside table before returning to Josie and sharing other toys with her. From what Sue told us they didn’t do anything particularly special, but said she was still feeling quite horny from Mike’s massage so made sure that Josie got a good second round with her (and of course Josie reciprocated as she is a nice girl).

Mike, Jen and I had finished things off amongst ourselves downstairs – we were a little disappointed (although not really surprised) that we hadn’t been allowed to do things with Josie but Mike and Jen were quite happy that they had at least got to give her a good massage, Mike also enjoyed the fact that Sue had briefly fingered both Jen and me and after having a turn eating us both, he fucked Jen while she finished eating me. He didn’t produce quite as much cum as he had for me the night before, but it was enough to dribble out of Jen and we headed upstairs to freshen up a little. Sue and Josie were still going on their second round and we listened in a bit (and wished that the door had been left open a crack), but didn’t disturb them. Only when things had quietened down did we knock on the door and waited for an invitation to enter. Sue was sitting cross legged on the bed and Josie was under the covers but they both looked quite happy. We sat and chatted for a bit with nobody commenting on the fact that we were all naked and Josie said that she had (indirectly) enjoyed the massage that Mike had given Sue. Mike told her that he was more than happy to massage her as well and even promised to give her a more traditional massage (without trying to excite her). At first Josie wasn’t too sure about this but Sue helped to convince her that Mike gives good normal massages too (which to be fair, he does – I just don’t get them often enough). She didn’t want a naked massage though so Sue popped in to Mike’s room to fetch a pair of Josie’s panties and Mike slipped a pair of shorts on (although they didn’t do much to hide the bulge of his cock as he got hard again).

Josie lay on her front and let Mike apply a little oil and work it in to her back. He behaved himself (at least as far as where his hands went), but after a couple of minutes he rubbed his fingers over Jen’s pussy to gather up a mixture of her juices and his cum and then continued the massage. I had been sitting near the top of the bed so Josie would have a view of my pussy but wanted in on the fun so told Jen that she should have a chance to sit down and swapped places with her. Mike repeated what he had done but using my juices and rubbed them over Josie’s back before moving down to work on her legs. She let him massage the whole way up to her crotch (which he was careful to avoid contact with) and a little experimentation allowed him to determine that while Josie was ticklish, she was nowhere near as ticklish as Sue. With her back finished he asked her if she wanted her front done and she opted to let him do this, but insisted on covering up her breasts. Mike avoided the area she had covered up initially but Sue convinced her to remove the towel so Mike could at least massage around her breasts. He didn’t spend long on her chest but was quite thorough when working on her upper legs (still avoiding her panties) and Josie agreed that his massages were quite good.

Sue took Josie off to the shower but popped back to tell Mike about the special dildo she had left for him and he was considerate enough to share it with Jen and me. We couldn’t really taste Josie properly from it, but just the idea that we had been almost eating her was quite nice and between us we devoured every bit of her juices from the dildo. They returned to Mike’s room to get dressed and I showered with Jen. Josie asked if she could use the bathroom mirror and we let her but may have then spent a bit longer soaping each other up to put on a better display for her. Mike meanwhile went and chatted with Sue and he kept his shorts on, but Sue teased him quite a bit, letting him see up her skirt and backing up against him. At one point she half sat on his lap, rubbing her pussy against the bulge of his cock and he warned her that he could be inside hernia matter of seconds if he tried. When Sue stood up again Mike slid a hand up her thigh and came very close to fingering her but restrained himself (although told Sue that he wished he could make her cum). They had stopped playing with each other long before Josie came back in to the room and were just chatting normally (Mike had been telling Sue that he genuinely thought Josie was nice and he was glad that Sue was happy) and he then went and made use of the shower.

We went out for lunch and discussed what had happened over the weekend to try and make sure we hadn’t messed things up between Sue and Josie. She said that she had been sufficiently warned about how the weekend might be and to expect nudity and to see us fooling around with each other. Even though things had gone further than she had expected on the Saturday night, she had enjoyed herself and had no intention of running away from Sue. Back at the house Josie and Sue spent a while with their ears up against Jen’s bump, feeling the baby occasionally moving. As usual, Jen didn’t have any panties on and had her dress pulled right up to facilitate the baby listening. Sue kept a hand on Jen’s inner thigh which she edged up fairly close to Jen’s pussy, but didn’t make contact. As Josie and Sue were packing things up, Sue flashed Jen a few times and Jen wasn’t quite as well behaved as Mike. She rubbed Sue’s pussy and slipped her thumb in to Sue, working it the whole way in and briefly fucking Sue, then rubbed Sue’s clit a few times before sucking her thumb clean. Mike was quite jealous when he found out Jen had done this and wished he had done the same.

As usual, we went to the station with Sue to see her off. There were big hugs all round and Mike and Jen were both allowed to kiss Sue goodbye properly (just without the customary fingering under her skirt). Josie was told to take care of Sue and Sue was given the task of letting Josie watch her masturbate on the train journey home. Josie had seen Sue do similar things in semi-public places before so this wasn’t anything new, but she was still impressed that Sue was brave enough to follow through on the instructions we had given her.

We chatted with Sue and Josie a number of times over the following couple of weeks. While they weren’t as ‘interesting’ a set of Skype calls as we had with Lis and Lucy or Mike had with Lisa (or with Sue when she was by herself), Josie told us that she was enjoying the effect the visit had had on Sue’s sex drive and that she was having trouble keeping up with her.


  1. I love Sue's visits! I'm glad she found an open minded person to share her whole life with, not just the portion deemed as "normal". I'm quite jealous of you guys actually! Please keep posting, as I am a huge fan of your blog and have not found its equal anywhere!

    1. As Sue works in media relations, she seems to be surrounded by more free-thinking people. Maybe not quite to the extent that we are, but it at least worked out for her. It also turned out to be a good think that she was used by the jerk at her office as this helped make the bond between her and Josie.

  2. The title "Sue and Josie's First Visit" implies that there was at least a second visit. Yes?? When can we hear about that?? Your stories with Sue make me horny as hell.

    1. Hmm, that's the disadvantage of being so far behind in writing things up... Yes, there was a second visit and you won't have to wait long for it. I'm glad you like hearing about Sue, Mike and Jen also enjoy her visits.