Monday, 2 March 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 2

When Mike left Jen, he went to the supermarket and picked up some things for breakfast. He left these in her kitchen and went along to her room. When he knocked, she carefully opened the door and peered around but when she saw him she opened it fully to reveal that she was naked. Mike hugged her and pulled her out in to the hallway and when she objected he pointed out that if she made lots of noise that someone might look out to see what the commotion was. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her while stroking her pussy and after kneeling to briefly eat her they returned to her room and Mike told her he had a surprise for her. After finding a suitable t-shirt for her to wear he led her to the kitchen and got her to sit while he prepared breakfast. Being Mike, he didn’t just prepare breakfast though and took a few breaks to play with Lisa, at one point getting her to sit up on the counter and eating her until she was close to cumming. She actually objected when he stopped so he teased her about being so brazen that she wanted to cum in the middle of the kitchen when anyone could walk in and see her. Lisa said she didn’t care, but soon changed her mind when he dared her to strip off to walk back to her room. He actually managed to convince her to do this and when she went to make the dash down the corridor he took her hand and made sure she went slowly.

Once she was back in her room he returned to the kitchen and fetched the rest of the breakfast things and they ate sitting on cushions on the floor in Lisa’s room. Mike ate some jam from Lisa’s nipples and some yoghurt from her pussy so she did the same with his cock. He told her that he was going to spend the whole day with her, that he wanted to know everything about her and that he wanted to make her cum so much that she would pass out. Lisa liked the sound of that and told Mike she had really missed him and wanted to feel him inside her again. They moved up on to the bed and Mike quickly ended up inside her. Lisa wanted him to fuck her as deep as he could so he did, but just as he’d done with Jen he held back so he didn’t cum. At first Lisa didn’t understand this but he told her he wanted to eat her and as soon as she came for his tongue, he would fuck her again and fill her with his cum. As he ate her, he lapped at both her holes, but mostly concentrated on her pussy and he complimented her on the way she looked, smelt and tasted and got her to promise him that she would let him eat her whenever he wanted. He got another orgasm out of her and after a couple of minutes of kitty kissing he moved up and pushed his cock in to her, saying that he was now ready to fuck her again and give her his cum.

He hadn’t actually expected her to be ready and she said she needed a little rest to recover so Mike returned to kitty kissing her and for the next 30 minutes or so he alternated between doing this and being inside her while they kissed. Lisa was ready to fuck again after about 20 minutes of this but Mike gave her another couple of rounds of kitty kissing so she was almost begging him to fuck her before he told her he wanted to feel her cum around his cock. They moved around between a number of positions but Lisa wanted to finish off with Mike on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and he told her that he loved the way this felt and Lisa reached down to stroke her clit. Mike said he would play with her but she told him to concentrate on fucking her. As they moved against each other Mike told her he wasn’t going to cum until she came and Lisa said she could get him to cum first as she humped back against him. She should have known better though and was the one who broke and said that she needed to cum so Mike whispered in her ear about how much he wanted to feel her wonderful pussy cumming around him and how it would drive him over the edge so he could cum in her. She told him he was such a tease and he gave her the magic words, telling her that he loved her and just wanted to know that she was really enjoying herself. Lisa panted out an ‘I love you too’ as she came and Mike kept telling her that she was his and he was hers as he pumped away inside her until he came.

Mike stayed on top of Lisa for quite a while and they gently moved against each other while kissing. He got her to tell him about her first orgasm and then about her first time cumming with someone else – I will tell those stories another time but at the time Mike said he didn’t want the details shared on here. They also discussed how Lisa could tell her parents about him and how much they should tell them. Mike said he was sure that her father (especially) would be very suspicious of a guy almost twice her age dating her and that in a way it might be less pervy if they knew he was married (although if they then found out about Jen as well things would get very complicated). They decided to wait a little longer and to probably just tell them about Mike and ignore his wife, wife’s girlfriend and the fact that his wife’s girlfriend was pregnant with his child. Fortunately Lisa found the whole ridiculous situation quite funny and Mike told her he loved the fact that she was mature enough to accept it. Lisa teased him about whether he ‘loved the fact’ or loved her so he earnestly told her that he loved her and if she wanted that he would love for her to have his baby (once she had finished Uni of course – which conveniently would give him time to get me pregnant with our second child).

They went and showered together and Mike presented Lisa with a present of our last pulse shower head, with his adaptation that made it more powerful and suitable for masturbation. He had her lean against the wall in the corner of the shower cubicle and spread her lips while he played the jet over her lips and clit. There was at least one other person in the bathroom with them (there were six showers shared between everyone on that part of Lisa’s floor) and she tried to tell Mike that she couldn’t cum with other people in the room but Mike mouthed to her that he wanted her to try. It transpired that not only could Lisa cum, but that she could cum incredibly hard (this was probably mostly due to the pulse spray and high water pressure). Lisa tried to slide down the wall to sit down but Mike glued his mouth to her cunt and licked up inside her. While he did this he aimed the pulse spray at his cock and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water drumming against the head and shaft, but he didn’t want to make himself cum as he intended to save all his cum for Lisa.

They dried each other off and Mike quietly asked Lisa if she wanted to wait until everyone else had gone before they left but she opened the door and led him out of the cubicle by the hand. She said hello to a girl who lived a few doors down from her and they returned to her room. Mike asked if this meant that he was now officially her boyfriend, to which she just said ‘of course’ so he told her that he wanted to take her out for lunch and start their day-long date properly. That didn’t mean that he made it easy for her to get dressed and she was subjected to being fondled, licked, tickled and semi-fucked (not, from what Mike said anyway, that she objected).

When they were finally dressed they headed in to town and walked round arm in arm. Mike let Lisa select a dress to wear out that night and then took her to buy posh underwear. She had been happy when he had got her the dress but he said she was ecstatic when he got her the underwear and promised that she would only wear it for him. Over lunch and cocktails he explained to her that he liked the idea of her doing things with other people because he wanted her to enjoy herself. Lisa said that she understood this but still wanted to keep herself for him so he took the tack of saying that it wasn’t fair as he got to do things with other people. She told him that she didn’t mind this so he ended up telling her that she was perfect and that he wished he could have met a girl like her when he was a student. This made her even happier but I objected when he later told me about it – his defence was that he would have still been allowed to do things with me as she said she didn’t mind sharing but I still made him pay for the comment and he had to give me a special session to prove I was still his favourite girl (and yes, I acknowledge that Jen is probably equal first, but I’m fine with that). Back to the lunchtime conversation… Lisa said that she didn’t mind still doing things with other girls – especially if Mike enjoyed watching it, and Mike told her that he could get different people to eat, finger or use toys on her each night when they chatted. He slid a hand up her leg as he said this, but they weren’t in a private enough location for him to do anything with her so they just went for a walk.

They ended up by the river and recalled the riverside session they’d had when Lisa visited us. She said it was probably the most daring thing she had ever done and Mike told her that he was sure she could be even more daring (she knows about a lot of the stuff we’ve done over the years so was well aware of the sorts of things he was referring to). They behaved themselves this time though and after a while longer walking and chatting they headed off for afternoon coffee. Mike chose a relatively secluded spot in the restaurant and after kissing for a while he slid a hand up her thigh until the side of his little finger was nestled against her crotch. He told her how much he wanted to make her cum again and Lisa reached over to feel the bulge in his trousers. They hurried back to Lisa’s room and quickly got naked, falling on to the bed and kissing each other in a frenzy. Mike kissed his way down to Lisa’s pussy and told her that this time he was going to do things properly (by which he meant eat her first and then fuck her). Lisa held his head against her pussy and rubbed herself against his mouth as he lapped away at her cunt and even made a number of moaning sounds as she came. He kitty kissed her for a while and then lay on top of her, rubbing his cock back and forth against her pussy and asked her if she wanted him to fuck her. Lisa said that she did, but that she had a surprise for him first and that he would have to give her a few minutes to prepare it. Mike said he would sit with his back to her, but Lisa insisted he leave the room so he had to quickly get dressed and was bundled out in to the hallway to wait.

After a few minutes Lisa called him back in to the room and he was presented with the sight of her in a full Japanese schoolgirl sailor uniform. His erection very quickly returned and he unzipped his trousers to let Lisa see the effect her outfit had on him. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth, eagerly sucking him. Mike enjoyed this (a lot) but told her he didn’t want to cum in her mouth and had a much better place for it. Lisa looked up at him and asked where so he helped her stand up, kissed her and reached under her skirt while telling her he wanted to empty his cum in to her hot and tight pussy. Lisa lifted the front of her skirt to display a simple pair of white panties and asked him if he meant in there so Mike knelt in front of her and kissed around her panties. Lisa asked him if he liked the outfit and he nodded (with his mouth still attached to her panties) and Lisa explained that she had called Jen to ask what sort of things he liked and Jen had provided Lisa with the details for the place I had purchased our schoolgirl outfits from.

Mike asked Lisa if she would pose for him and she sat or lay in a few different positions, generally showing off her panties but then peeling them off and letting him see her pink (and quite wet) pussy. Mike couldn’t hold back any longer and slid his cock in to her, starting off quite hard and fast, but then slowing down so he could enjoy himself for longer. Once again they fucked in a number of positions and Mike made Lisa cum and then slowed him movements right down to let her recover while telling her how incredibly sexy she looked. Lisa wanted Mike to cum inside her and they started moving against each other again and she rode him for a while, allowing him to play with her clit and breasts (she still had her top on, but it was unbuttoned and her bra pushed up). He then fucked her in one of my favourite ways, with Lisa on her back and Mike kneeling between her legs, wither legs help up against his chest. He caressed and kissed her legs (and socks – she had followed Jen’s advice and gone with long dark blue ones, although had also purchased long white ones too) while stroking her clit and fucking her with long deep strokes. When Lisa got close to cumming he lay down on her and got her to wrap her legs around him and they kissed as he thrust in to her. It took a few minutes more for Lisa to cum, but Mike gave her plenty of encouragement and told her he was on the verge of cumming and would fill her with his cum again. As she came, Lisa bit him on the shoulder, not too hard, but hard enough that it left a mark. Mike came in her just after she came and it was only after the panting had stopped and they had kissed a while longer that Lisa looked at Mike’s shoulder and apologised for the bite mark.

She said she hadn’t ever done that to anyone before but her orgasm had felt quite strong and she had almost screamed out (from what we’ve heard of her cumming, I doubt she was going to actually scream, but she may well have been about to make more noise than she was used to). She was profusely apologetic but Mike assured her that it was fine and he was glad that she had enjoyed herself so much. He then moved around behind her and slipped back inside her so they could spoon while chatting and kissing. Mike threatened to bite her shoulder in retribution but then said this would spoil the way she looked in her new dress over dinner (which was his way of telling her they were going out for dinner) so he pulled out of her, rolled her on to her front and had a few playful bites of her ass before sliding back in to her and spooning again.

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