Thursday, 5 March 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 3

After dozing off for a while they went to shower together again and this time they were seen coming out of the bathroom by a number of people on Lisa’s corridor. Lisa didn’t seem to mind this, although she didn’t hang around as they were only wearing towels. Lisa wore her new underwear and new dress along with opaque tights (another tip from Jen, although Lisa had already picked up on this) and Mike pulled out some suit trousers and a shirt (it’s almost as if he had prepared for this). He then whisked Lisa away in a taxi and they went for cocktails and then to a nice French restaurant followed by another walk by the river. They made out on a bench, but waited until they got home before doing anything serious – Lisa removed her dress but left her tights and underwear on and let Mike kiss and caress her body. He spent over an hour teasing her, removing his own clothes during this time and letting Lisa suck, stroke and hump against him, but not letting her cum. By the time they made love (and he terms it as this as opposed to just fucking her, even though it was quite passionate and intense) they were both ready to burst and Mike kept telling Lisa he wanted her to be his (and she replied that she was). It was obvious that the first part of the session wouldn’t last too long and Mike used Sue’s favourite position with Lisa lying on her front and Mike taking her from behind with his whole body weight on her and reaching a hand under her to play with her clit. Mike kissed Lisa’s neck and shoulders and face as well as nibbling on her earlobe. From his description it was quite an intense but sensual session and once Lisa had cum he eased off on her clit but kept moving in her and telling her he wanted her. When he finally came he pushed in to her as far as he could and told her that he was shooting his cum right into her depths and he is sure he felt her contract her pussy around him (although she didn’t know how she did it).

They remained like that for a good while, kissing and whispering to each other. They were both covered in a sheen of sweat so had to pull the covers over themselves to keep warm, but managed this (with a bit of wiggling) without Mike having to pull out of her. Lisa commented on how impressed she was that he was still hard and he attributed it to the sexy teenager lying under him but said it was necessary as he needed to be hard to fuck her again. Lisa didn’t believe he would be up for another round (and Mike cumming four times in a day is pushing it a bit for him, but he could always have fucked her without cumming himself) so he kissed her a few more times and told her that he was not only going to fuck her again but eat her as well. Lisa said she wasn’t sure she could take that, but Mike pulled out of her and got her to raise her ass in the air so he could eat her from behind. He could taste more of his cum than he had expected (or liked) but he carried on anyway and held Lisa’s hips firmly in place as he repeatedly lapped at her. He told her he liked the fact that she had been quite vocal during her previous orgasm and kept encouraging her to experiment with moaning, panting and telling him exactly what felt good and what she wanted him to do. Each time she moaned or said something he asked her to say it louder, telling her that he wanted her neighbours to know how much she was enjoying herself. She warmed up to this idea and as she got closer to cumming she let out a number of quite loud moans and sets of instructions to him, telling him to eat her pussy, suck her clit and to make her cum. Lisa told Mike to hold her hands as she came, meaning she was balancing on her knees with her face buried in her pillow. As she came she squeezed his hands tight and moaned loudly – mostly in to the pillow, but for a part of it she turned her head to the side and made a lot of noise.

Lisa eased off her grip as her orgasm faded and told Mike she needed to lie down. He helped her on to her side, but this didn’t stop him from kitty kissing her (very gently) and then moving up behind her and slipping back in to her pussy. He told her she felt incredibly warm (which she blamed him for) and he teased her for a while, stroking her nipples and caressing her body while telling her he still had to fuck her one last time before they could go to sleep. Lisa told him that he was insatiable (an accusation that is usually levelled at me) and he replied by telling her that if he was only going to get to see her occasionally that he intended to make the most of their time together. Lisa told him that she wished he could be with her all the time and he reminded her that with the summer coming up that she could spend as long as she wanted with him – providing she didn’t mind being kept awake by the baby (which would be out of Jen by that point). He mounted her and told her he wanted to feel her cum one last time (that night) and they fucked with her on top for most of the time. He finished off by rapidly pounding away in to her while helping to guide her movements by firmly holding her ass. Lisa had her head beside his and they whispered to each other about how good it felt but once again as Lisa got close to cumming Mike encouraged her to be much louder and told her that he wanted the guy next door to be able to picture exactly what they were doing. By the time she actually came Lisa was telling him to fuck her cunt, fuck her harder, pound his cock in to her little cunt and make her cum. She wasn’t quite shouting it, but Mike is fairly sure that she was being loud enough that her neighbour might have been able to hear her. He told her how good she felt as he came in her and they quickly changed position so Mike could slide in to her and spoon before he lost his erection. As they drifted off to sleep Mike told her that he might wake her up in the night for more adventures, but he was sure she would enjoy it.

My Saturday had also been quite fun – following my threesome with James and Richard in the morning I went off to find Jen at our hotel and then met up with Abrahii, Susan and Brandon. I told them about my sessions with the guys and Abrahii said she didn’t mind lending them to me from time to time, although she now had to share them with Susan a lot more frequently. Brandon said he was more than happy to help out either Abrahii or Susan if they wanted to fuck and join in with the other guys too, to which Abrahii said if he was there that she would stand even less of a chance of getting Richard’s or James’ cock inside her. Susan taunted Brandon and flashed her pussy at him a number of times over lunch, telling him that she needed to cum and wanted him inside her. She ended up sitting on his lap and pulled the back of her skirt up so she could rub her ass directly against the bulge in his trousers. A few times she even reached down between her legs and rubbed his bulge while threatening to unzip his jeans, pull his cock out and slide it in to her pussy. The teasing continued over lunch and Abrahii and I discreetly played with each other a little. Abrahii also briefly fingered Jen, but Jen said she would end up getting too wet and stain her skirt so we decided to hold off on stimulating her too much until we got somewhere more private.

As it was probably the closest place, we went back to Brandon’s room and Susan had his cock out before we’d even closed the door. She gave him a good suck before lifting her skirt and telling him she wanted him inside her. Abrahii and I stripped off as we watched the two of them fucking and then stood on either side of Jen and caressed her. Jen quickly lost her dress and Abrahii was impressed with how easily Jen’s pussy got wet. Jen moaned that she wished she could eat Abrahii (and was probably thinking the same about Susan) but had to just put up with the two of us fingering her and playing with her breasts. She knew that I would want to join in with Brandon and Susan so told me to go and join them and I climbed over Brandon’s face and told him I wanted his tongue thrust in me in time with his cock thrusting in to Susan. We didn’t stay in that position for long as I wanted him inside me properly so Susan and I switched places and rode him for a while. After I had enjoyed his cock for a couple of minute we switched back and I licked Susan as she rode Sara (this was now almost the norm for her as she and Abrahii often did it when playing with Richard and James). I purposely made sure to concentrate more on her clit than on Brandon’s cock to ensure she came as quickly as possible, at which point I got her to climb off of him and took her place.

Abrahii came over to take my place and licked us both while Jen sat up on Brandon’s desk with her legs spread and masturbated herself. Susan made a comment about how wet was and Jen apologised to Brandon for getting his desk wet, but he was somewhat distracted by what my cunt and Abrahii’s tongue were doing to him. As he’d already fucked Susan, he came before I did, but he let me stay on his cock while Abrahii licked my clit and got me off but Susan took over eating his cum out of me when I lifted myself off of his cock (she is traditionally the group’s cum bucket – and she loves it that way). Abrahii and Jen still needed to cum – although Jen was most of the way there anyway and quickly finished herself off with us all watching. By the time her orgasm ended there was a reasonable sized puddle of milky liquid on the desk with some thicker juices oozing out of her and this allowed Susan and Abrahii to sample her latest taste (the way Jen tasted had changed slightly as the pregnancy had progressed – Mike and I didn’t always notice it as we ate her daily but a few others had commented on this). As Abrahii had a few licks from the pussy puddle I slipped a couple of fingers in to her from behind and reached around to play with her clit. She said it wasn’t fair to tease her so I added a third finger and fucked her while stroking her clit and Jen helping out by caressing Abrahii’s breasts. She thrust her hips back against my fingers and I ended up with them as far inside her as I could get them, only to find out that Abrahii had let Susan fist her a few times over the previous few weeks. I threatened to do this to her but didn’t intend on following through as my hand is sufficiently larger than Susan’s that I guessed it would make a difference (I know that Jen can fist me but I can’t do it to myself). Three fingers (plus the ones on her clit) were enough to make her cum anyway and I knelt to have a few licks of her pussy afterwards before we all ended up on the floor, sitting and chatting.

As usual, Susan wasn’t let off with just cumming once and people looked around the room for something for her to play with. We settled on Brandon’s squash racket – which Susan had used before – and once a condom was rolled over the handle she was ‘made’ to sit up on the desk (which happened to be in full view of the window, but as Jen hadn’t minded this Susan couldn’t complain) and told to fuck herself. She did this without question, although did say that Jen’s pussy juice now felt a bit cold on her ass but this just led to Abrahii and I rubbing our hands in what was left on the desk and rubbing it over Susan’s thighs, breasts and then her face. Susan said the racket felt quite good and after watching her pump it in and out of herself for a little while I asked her to share it with me. The desk wasn’t big enough for two of us so we moved over on to the bed and I lay on my back, holding my legs up by my body so my pussy was pointing straight up. Susan pushed the handle of the racket into me and started pumping it in and out. Jen pointed out that ass was exposed and told Brandon he could fuck it if he wanted (when we’re with Jen’s friends the tradition is that she gets to dictate what I do or what is done to me). Brandon wasn’t up for another round just yet but Jen didn’t give up and told Susan to just finger my ass while she used the racket to fuck me. Brandon offered me some lube and I watched as Susan coated her fingers with it and then felt her push then in to me. I had both my holes fucked hard and as they did this Abrahii said it was a shame to miss out so climbed over my face. I pulled her to me and ate her and then felt her fingers on my clit. The triple attack was too much and I could feel my orgasm rapidly building, but wasn’t in a position to do much about it other than enjoy it.

I hadn’t counted on Jen’s evil streak having returned though and even though I came she told them to continue stimulating me. I couldn’t complain too much as Abrahii was still sitting over my face so I decided to just take however much they intended to give me and concentrate on eating her (knowing that Abrahii can’t usually stand being over-stimulated once she cums). I held her tight to my face and licked her as hard and fast as I could – she told the others that I seemed to be enjoying myself (which I sort of was, I’m quite used to intense stimulation from the years of Mike and Jen pushing me to do more and more). I’ve got more than enough experience with Abrahii well enough to know how she likes being eaten so I had no trouble making her cum, but my plan to make her stop didn’t work out the way I intended as I was told to release her and she just leant forwards a bit, giving me a wonderful view of her pussy, but making it even easier for her to fondle my clit. Jen asked me if I could cum again and I told her I was already fairly close so they all sped up their movements and my second orgasm didn’t so much build up as just hit me. Jen seemed to read just how strong (or at least how sharp) the orgasm was and didn’t get them to push me for a third one so I had the fingers and racket withdrawn from my holes and Abrahii climbed off of me so I could rest and recover. Jen did tease me a bit more though by asking Brandon if he thought any of the people living around him would be interested in fucking me and said he should go knock on everyone’s doors and offer me up to them. I would usually find that quite appealing, but my pussy was still tingling and I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy doing anything for a fair while so I was relieved when Jen said she was just kidding.

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