Sunday, 8 March 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 4

While I rested, Jen tried out the racket (with a fresh condom on it) and Abrahii took over using it to allow Jen to lie back and enjoy the experience. Brandon wasn’t amused over the fact that Jen left a wet spot on the carpet, but his room already stank of pussy juice from Jen’s earlier puddle so it didn’t really make much difference. Jen and I left a little later and headed back to Richard and James’ place for dinner and then back to the hotel so she could change for going out. It was a little strange to know that we weren’t going to see Mike even though he was there with us but we had a fun evening and didn’t stay out too late so Jen wouldn’t get too tired (plus it was exam time). This meant that we had some time to play back at the house before having to head back to the hotel and Abrahii suggested that Jen let everyone see just how wet she could get. Initially Jen was just going to play with herself while sitting on the sofa but I thought she may as well use Susan (even though Susan couldn’t actually eat her). We ended up making a cushion bed in the middle of the floor with Susan lying down, Jen kneeling over her face and playing with herself and Doug fucking Susan. Jen wasn’t quite as wet as she had been earlier, but her pussy definitely made squishing sounds as she fingered herself and a number of drops of her juice fell on to Susan’s face. A bit more ran down her thighs and Susan was allowed to lick this off of her.

I knew I would be spending the night with Jen so wanted to make the most of the guys before we headed back to the hotel. As Brandon had already fucked me that day it seemed unfair to monopolise his cock (not that this stopped me, it just seemed unfair). I didn’t actually fuck him again but I did suck him while Richard took me from behind. As their cocks pushed in to my body I couldn’t help picturing an anime Mike had been watching with a girl being fucked by two giant cocks in this way and you got to see the cum squirting in to her mouth and cunt and filling up her body. Susan was made to masturbate for everyone to watch and given a candle to use for this purpose. By the time she finished with it, the wax had softened considerably and it was slightly bent. As it was now (theoretically) bent to the shape of her pussy it was suggested that she should wear the candle out the next day and Abrahii measured and then cut the candle so what was left fitted almost the whole way inside her.

I could have stayed and enjoyed the gang a bit longer but Jen was getting tired and wanted to head back to the hotel so we started to gather up our things and prepared to leave the others. Before we went I asked if people wanted to get together for brunch but instead of meeting at one of our usual cafés I suggested that we could eat where we were and offered myself up as a table. I’d had this done to me before and it was really fun so I was looking forward to it and Abrahii said she would organise the things everyone had to bring along. I dared Jen to just wear her jacket, but her bump meant that her pussy would be too exposed to safely get back to the hotel so she insisted on wearing her dress underneath. I didn’t bother and left my dress behind, then enjoyed walking as much of the way as possible with my jacket not just unbuttoned but fully open (naturally I closed it whenever other people were around – I enjoy showing myself off, but don’t want to be arrested).

Back at the hotel we went up the stairs in front of a rather distinguished looking man (he had held a door open for us). As he had been so gentlemanly I couldn’t resist putting my arm around as we climbed the stairs and sliding it under her skirt to caress her ass. She did the same to me, but as she lifted my jacket he probably got to see much more of me. I didn’t know if he was looking at the view we were giving him, but wanted to find out, so at the top of the flight of stairs I dropped my cardkey and bent over to pick it up, giving him a full view of everything. I glanced back and confirmed that he was indeed looking and made a comment about being clumsy. I asked if he minded (although didn’t specify what I was asking about) and when he said no I sat on the top step and slowly unzipped my jacket. Jen could see what I wanted and asked the guy if he wanted to join us for a coffee in our room. He didn’t answer straight away but was still staring at my naked body so I cupped a breast and slid a hand down between my legs and he said yes. We led him to our room and I handed Jen the key. While she unlocked the door, I took one of the guy’s hands and pushed it between my legs, rubbing his fingers back and forth over my pussy. I felt quite wet and wondered if it was the enjoyment of walking home mostly naked or if it was due to Richard’s cum (it was probably a bit of both) and as Jen got the door open I reach over to the guy’s crotch and caressed the bulge that had developed.

We went inside and closed the door. Jen disappeared in to the bathroom to pee and I quickly shed my jacket and then got my hand in to the guy’s trousers. His cock felt nice and warm and I stroked him while he kissed me and fondled my breasts and we waited for Jen to return. I told the guy that she was gay (ignoring the fact that she was obviously pregnant – but I guess it could have been IVF) so he would have to make do with me, but he could always watch me doing things to Jen as well. Jen slipped out of her dress and the guy undressed. We didn’t say much but as soon as he put a condom on I took him in my mouth and sucked him, then lay on the bed and spread my legs for him. We told him that he could play with my breasts but wasn’t allowed to touch Jen at all and with this she climbed over my face, I spread her lips and started to eat her. Jen knew that he could see everything I was doing to her and she gently rocked back and forth against my face as I ate her. The guy spent a while fondling my breasts but also played with my clit and whenever he did this I made encouraging noises. I could feel that he was speeding up his movements so I reached down and took over frigging myself and his hands quickly returned to my breasts. I had completely misread his movements as I came and he kept going for quite a while (but to be fair I’d just come from doing things with a bunch of younger guys and was now with someone a fair bit older than me). He was nice enough to ask if I wanted him to stop as I’d already cum but I told him to keep going and that I wanted to feel him cum. He lifted my legs up and it felt quite a bit deeper so I tried to squeeze myself around him (although was getting a bit tired by this point so I don’t think this was as effective as usual). It was still good enough for him though as he came after another 5 minutes or so (Jen had already mewed her hew way through her orgasm and I was just kitty kissing her by this point).

I gently slapped Jen’s ass to get her to climb off of me and watched as the guy withdrew from my cunt. There seemed to be a good amount of cum in the condom so I slowly pulled it off and let the cum rub out in to my hands and then using it as lube to stroke the guy. I rubbed some of the cum over my breasts and used them to massage his cock. I wasn’t really trying to get him hard enough to fuck again, but if I had then I would have taken responsibility for my actions and satisfied him again. He didn’t ask for more when I stopped and I thanked him for making me cum and said that I would be able to sleep much better now. There was a bit of small talk as he got dressed and I hopped in to the shower to clean off his cum but kept the door open so we could continue to talk. He was staying one floor up from us and as a final dare I offered to walk him to the lift (with me remaining naked of course). He asked if he could see us again in the morning and I told him to feel free to drop by, but that we would be heading out around 10. On returning to our room Jen mad a comment about me just not being able to help myself and I told her that was why she loved me so much and buried my face between her legs again (but only to tease her). As I spooned with her I told her that she hadn’t been complaining at being eaten in front of him and had seemed to enjoy letting him watch her pussy as she came. Jen blamed me for having encouraged her exhibitionist tendencies and I just told her that given she was willing to fuck a whole group of people at the parties, let a group of complete strangers watch as she peed over us and came at the sex shows and masturbate at the dogging sessions with more strangers watching, then she was well along on the exhibitionist scale.

At about 3 in the morning, Mike fondled Lisa awake and then crawled under the covers to eat her. He didn’t make her cum, but got her quite turned on and then told her he wanted to try something else. She was properly awake by this point so didn’t object when he asked her to put a t-shirt on and he grabbed her dressing gown. He led her to the kitchen and got her to sit up on the table, spread her legs and resumed eating her. She started off being a bit nervous about being caught but calmed down as he assured her that nobody was around (and they even left the door propped open so they could hear if anyone was coming). Mike ate Lisa for a bit and she then sucked him. He fucked her up against the counter and then bent over the table and as he did this he worked the t-shirt up and over her head (but left it on the table so she could easily grab it if they heard anyone. He got Lisa fairly close to cumming before suggesting they look in the fridge for items to fuck her with. She knew that we had done this a number of times with different people, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to her, but she still took a little convincing. There wasn’t much suitable in the fridge so they had to settle on using some carrots. Mike gave them a thorough wash and then used three of them in Lisa (one after the other), getting her to imagine whoever owned them eating them and unknowingly tasting her juices (technically they would probably peel them first, but never mind accuracy). Mike lapped at Lisa’s clit as he slid the carrot in and out and told her he wanted her to cum once and he would then fuck her. She was lying on the table with her legs spread wide at this point and after a couple of minutes more she told him she was getting close. Mike flicked his tongue back and forth across her clit to push her over the edge and Lisa gasped her way through her orgasm. Mike put the carrots away while she recovered and then pulled a chair up so he could sit between her legs and kitty kiss her. Between licks he pointed out that whenever she was in the kitchen she would remember cumming there and how she would have to find out who the carrots belonged to so she would know who was eating her by proxy.

From the corridor they heard someone walking around, but it sounded a fair way away and probably on a different floor so Mike convinced Lisa to let him keep eating her (with a promise that she could get dressed immediately if it sounded like the person was getting closer. The eating moved on to fucking, once again with Lisa leaning over the table. Mike took her from behind and got Lisa to pick one of her friends (from outside our group) and describe what she wanted him or her to do to her. Lisa chose a female friend from her course (in line with her deciding not to fuck any other guys) and described to Mike how she would like to help her friend explore the possibilities of lesbianism. Mike helped her along with the fantasy, but as Lisa’s orgasm began to build she said she wanted to concentrate on what was actually happening. They moved away from the table and finished off their session with Lisa’s back to the wall and her legs wrapped around Mike’s body. Mike was a bit concerned that she wouldn’t cum in this position, but she told him to keep fucking her hard and as they kissed she moaned in to his mouth and told him she was very close. He thrust in to her and told her he wanted her to cum and she let out a little cry before remembering she was meant to keep quiet. Mike pumped away inside Lisa as she came and then emptied himself in to her. They remained against the wall for a few minutes as they kissed until Mike lifted Lisa off of his cock and lowered her to the ground. A few drops of this cum fell from her pussy and Mike dared Lisa to walk back to her room naked again. This time she was more willing to do so, but she insisted on leading him by the cock so that he was exposed too. By the time they got back in to Lisa’s bed, Mike had started to wilt a bit, but Lisa wanted him inside her again so went down on him until he was hard enough to slide in to her. As they drifted off to sleep she made him promise that they could always fall asleep like that and Mike agreed, adding that he would also always eat her awake (unless of course Jen or I got there first).

He did indeed eat her awake the next morning and after they had fucked they got the message from Abrahii about brunch and instructions as to what they should bring. Lisa has seen (and participated in) Susan being used as a serving bowl in this way a number of times and as they showered  Mike got her to imagine being the one in the position of having everyone rubbing food in to her body, licking it off, having to suck food off of other people and then being made to cum multiple times. Lisa agreed to let Mike, Jen and me do this to her sometime but wasn’t up for being the group plaything. Mike toyed with Lisa a fair bit in the shower but didn’t make her cum and she received a fair bit more teasing as they got dressed. They had a semi-fuck just before leaving but Mike stopped again before Lisa came (and leaving her feeling horny). They stopped off at the supermarket on the way to James and Richard’s place and Mike added a few items to the list Abrahii had suggested, saying that he also wanted Lisa to enjoy the morning.

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