Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Uni Visit April 2015 – Part 5

Jen and I were woken up around 8.30 by a knocking on the door. I answered it naked and wasn’t too surprised to see our distinguished gentleman (who wasn’t looking quite as distinguished without his suit on, but still not bad). He had brought coffee and a rose each for Jen and me (unfortunately the coffee wasn’t decaf so Jen couldn’t drink it, but she had a sip and thanked him for the intention). As a reward I offered him a chance to watch Jen and I fuck and said I would then fuck him properly. He pulled up a chair and I told him he had to leave his cock in his trousers (I wanted him to last as long as he had the previous night so thought it would be better if he didn’t stroke himself) and I traced Jen’s rose up and down her body a few times before kissing and caressing her. We let him watch as Jen and I fingered, humped against and ate each other until we had both cum and I then explained that we would kitty kiss for a few minutes to get me ready to fuck him. With this done, Jen moved over to one side of the bed while I helped the guy out of his clothes and applied a condom.

I used my mouth and breasts on his cock and a couple of times I reached over and wiped my hand over Jen’s pussy so I could smear her juices over the condom and then suck them off of it. The guy had a thorough play with my breasts, kissing, fondling and licking them and then moved up, positioned his cock between my legs and pushed in to me. I let him fuck me for a bit and then offered to go on top. He really wanted me to do this so I rode him for a while and then rode him while facing away from him. This seemed to be one of his favourite positions as he reached around to play with my breasts and clit as we fucked so I got Jen to move the mirror over to let me watch myself. I encouraged him to keep fucking me and as he seemed to like the dirty talk I continued along those lines, telling him how good his hard cock felt and how I wanted to feel him cum again. He played along and told me how I was a naughty little slut and got me to tell him how much I needed to cum. This time I warned him to let me know when he was going to cum and I didn’t try to hurry my own orgasm along and just enjoyed the fuck. Only when he said he was getting close did I tell him to concentrate on my clit more and to make me cum but I carried on riding him energetically until he told me he was cumming and jammed his cock in to me while pulling me hard against him.

As he got dressed he asked for our number and while I thought that it might have been fun to see him again, we decided it was more exciting as a one-off thing. (I was later told off for this as we could have passed the number on to give Susan access to a guy who could last longer than the students could.) Jen and I then showered together and she then made an unusual request – she wanted me to pour her coffee over her body and rub it in to her (it’s not really that unusual given how much Jen loves coffee and seeing as she hadn’t had any real coffee since finding out she was pregnant). It had cooled sufficiently by this point that it wasn’t going to burn her so we tied her hair up and Jen leaned back in the corner of the shower while I slowly tipped the coffee over her breasts and we both rubbed it all over her body. I knelt and ate her and it was the oddest taste – I could still clearly taste her juices and they really contrasted with the coffee flavour. I hadn’t intended to make Jen cum, but she asked me to keep going so I did as she poured the remainder of the coffee over herself (the bump meant that most of the second wave was deflected away to the sides so I did my best to rub this over her legs and thighs while eating her. Jen had a nice gentle (but apparently satisfying) orgasm and we then showered off again before going to get dressed (still smelling of coffee).

Mike and Susan arrived a little before Jen and I did and the people already there gave them a bit of a hard time for having disappeared off together for the whole day. They waited until Jen and I arrived to describe what they had gotten up to though (and we got a much more detailed and explicit description later on when we were on the way back home). People were beginning to get a bit peckish by this time so we decided to get started and as it was reasonably warm (or at least not too cold) we opted to do things in the back garden to make it easier to clean up any mess. I slipped out of my dress and made myself comfortable on the grass with a small pillow under my head. Once everyone else was settled, they started with yoghurt, this was spooned over my breasts, stomach, thighs and pussy and people licked or sucked it off of me. The fruit course was next but one of the extras that Mike had purchased was chocolate sauce so I had this squeezed over strategic areas and people rubbed the fruit in to the sauce before eating it. I was made to suck sauce off of a few of the cocks and lick a couple of pussies clean (Lisa being one of them) and was then fucked with a banana and some strawberries (not at the same time). Mike worked a large strawberry the whole way in to me and when he pulled it out he challenged Lisa to eat it with him. They did this messily and he convinced her to remove her top so she didn’t get it stained, but that just gave him access to her breasts, which promptly got smeared with some of the chocolate sauce. Susan ate a strawberry out of me and Sean was given the job of finishing me off with the banana in return for first choice of my holes later on.

After the fruit, they moved on to pancakes, with whipped cream, butter and syrup. This was incredibly messy and people gave up on trying to remain too clean. I was fingered and fucked with butter and cream as the lube, was made to eat and suck people with various toppings on their cocks and cunts and had the toppings and pancakes smeared over and rubbed in to my body. I was close to cumming again by this point and begged them to finish me off. Jen suggested that the guys could DP me but I was too much of a mess for anyone to want to lie underneath me. Fortunately, Susan was still used to being told what to do so I ended up 69ing with her while Sean took my ass (he started off in my cunt for a bit but wanted to finish in my ass). Mike started to fuck Lisa while I was being licked and fucked and Jen decided to use the banana that had been used in me to play with herself. I pressed by body against Susan, ensuring she would be just as much of a mess as I was, but she didn’t seem to care (possibly as I also had my tongue buried in her cunt and a finger in her ass to replicate the cock in mine). Providing the person isn’t too rough, I’ve never minded anal, but I’ve recently started to really enjoy it when I have someone eating me at the same time. I lost track of what else was going on as I concentrated on just enjoying myself but later found out that once Jen had cum, she got Lisa to suck the banana she had been using clean and then sucked on Lisa’s nipples as Mike finished fucking her. By the time Susan, Sean and I had all cum Lisa was lying naked with her legs spread and the banana in her pussy while Mike ate small bits of ice cream off of her mons and Jen did the same from Lisa’s breasts.

Unsurprisingly, Susan was somewhat of a mess – more so even than I was as she’d had my messy pussy rubbing back and forth across her face. Jen said that this was unfair as I had been the one who was meant to be the brunch table so I was tasked with licking Susan’s face clean. Susan was then given the job of massaging more mess (from the various toppings and now including the ice cream) over my body, mostly with her breasts and pussy and I had to then eat these clean. Abrahii joined in and had a turn sitting over my face so I could eat her while various things were dribbled down over her ass. By the time I made her cum my face and hair were also covered, but as various people (I don’t even know who) had been fingering me I was too distracted to care and just asked for someone else to fuck or eat me. Richard stepped up and rubbed his cock over my body, got me to suck him clean (too much sugar in the pussy isn’t good) and then took position between my legs to fuck me. Amber and Abrahii sat either side of me and played with my breasts and clit and I was enjoying myself sufficiently that I wanted to share the pleasure so asked for someone to eat or suck. Both James and Doug wanted this so I said they should both go ahead and once they were kneeling either side of my head I took their cocks in my hands and held them over my mouth so I could lick and suck them both at the same time.

Just for fun (and in order to make even more of a mess of me) chocolate sauce, cream, syrup and ice cream were poured or spooned over their cocks, that a fair amount of it running down over my face and in to my hair. The rest of my body wasn’t spared either and I could feel the mixture of cold and sticky liquids being smeared over and licked off of various parts of my body (most of the licking was by Susan and Abrahii, but Mike got Lisa to join in as well and I later found out that he poured some cream over her ass and lapped it from her cunt as she licked me). Richard came in me and Jen encouraged Craig and Brandon to have a turn. Craig went next and I came almost as soon as he started fucking me (although this was mostly due to Richard’s earlier work and Abrahii frigging me). He kept fucking me and James said he was getting close to cumming so I concentrated on licking the head of his cock and rubbing the tip back and forth against the tip of Doug’s cock. I was rewarded with the sight of James’ cum squirting out over Doug’s cock and covering my face and hands so I took the head in my mouth and gently sucked it a while longer and then let go of him and took Doug’s cock in to my mouth.

I still had Brandon to take care of and asked for his cock so I could start sucking him. He eagerly obliged and the guys moved a bit closer so I could actually have them both in my mouth at the same time (not too deep due to the position we were in). When Doug said he was getting close I told him I wanted him to cum over Brandon’s cock so I would get his cum in me when Brandon fucked me and Doug agreed so we returned to the position I had been using with Doug and James –with both cocks touching just above my mouth so I could lick and kiss them. When Doug came I smeared his cum over Brandon’s cock and then just licked and kissed the head until Craig came in me and Brandon then moved around to take his place. Mike got James and Doug to pose with their cocks near my mouth so he could take some pictures of me and then a couple with their cocks in my mouth. Susan’ was the only person (other than me) whose face appeared in the photos but multiple other people had hands, cocks or pussies on me and Brandon even allowed Mike to take a few close ups of him fucking me. We debated whether Brandon should cum in or over me - over would have been better for the photos but I wanted another load of cum inside me (or two loads if you count the coating of Doug’s cum that was on Brandon’s cock) and as I’d let them all do whatever they wanted to me I was allowed my way (and meant Mike got a couple of nice creampie photos). Susan was then given the job of finishing off my orgasm orally and as she knelt to eat me a couple of people played with her from behind.

As everyone who wanted to cum had already cum I thought I was finished but Jen wanted to make the most of what was possibly her last chance to ‘force’ me to do whatever she said. While Susan had been eating me, Mike and Lisa had fondled Jen and got her close to cumming a second time and once I came Susan was given an additional set of instructions. Both she and Jen knelt over me and masturbated themselves and when Jen said she was about to cum, both of them started to pee over me. Jen’s pee splashed over my face, neck and breasts while Susan was kneeling over my crotch so went from there up to my stomach. I was told to finger myself as they did this and Mike took yet more photos. If my face hadn’t been splattered with multiple guys worth of cum, Jen would have planted her pussy on to my mouth and let everyone see her pee directly in to me, so I was at least spared that but it was still quite embarrassing (even I can still get embarrassed at some things). Jen still wasn’t content with this though and once she and Susan climbed off of me I had my legs pulled apart and everyone was told to tickle me (or as many people as could reach at any one time). I am notoriously ticklish (as is Jen) and after a couple of minutes of being held down and tickled everywhere I warned people that I couldn’t hold back much longer and that I was going to pee myself.

This was meant to be an incentive for them to stop but Jen said that as they had peed on me that it was only fair that people got to see me do the same. I tried to complain and say that this was Jen’s thing and not mine, but a few others agreed with Jen and my pussy was attacked in conjunction with the tickling. I couldn’t hold back any more and started to let out small bursts of pee as Abrahii repeatedly plunged her fingers in and out of my cunt. Susan rapidly frigged me and Jen kept telling me to hold back until I came, but that was completely beyond my control. Jen threatened me with not being allowed to get cleaned up if I didn’t hold it in (which I knew was a somewhat empty threat as there was no way I could have travelled anywhere in the sticky, gooey state I was in, but I tried my best – to pretty much no avail). All I could do to get a modicum of revenge was to wait until I came and then pee as hard as I could, emptying everything I had remaining in my bladder and spraying Susan, Abrahii and Jen. I no longer cared about everyone watching me pee and just let my exhibitionist tendencies take over (and they’ve seen it before anyway). I uttered a series of swearwords as I came – probably a bit too loudly given we outside, but again, I didn’t care.

While my orgasm had been building, Mike had tried to convince Lisa to stand over me and pee over me (partially just to join in with what was happening and partially as training for playing with Jen). Lisa said she didn’t want to do this in front of everyone so he didn’t push her, but she later said that she was willing to do it ‘in private’ (meaning with Jen, Mike and me).

By the time I finished I was beginning to feel a little cold and it was agreed that I would be allowed in to the house. As I was such a mess I was given a towel to wipe myself down with before I wandered through the house to the bathroom and then spent a good 10 minutes in the shower trying to get myself clean. Fortunately there was a lot of hot water as I was also given the task of washing off anyone else who wanted it (some people joined me in the shower and some I had to use a flannel and/or my mouth on). The only one I was ‘encouraged’ to do anything seriously with was Lisa (she wasn’t that messy as Mike had done a fairly thorough job of licking her clean, but as a bonding exercise he wanted me to ensure she was thoroughly cleaned so as well as showering her down I also ate and fingered her).
Our journey home was fairly uneventful (mostly as I felt quite satisfied from my morning session). Mike lamented the fact that he hadn’t had a chance to do anything with Abrahii (or Samantha or Amber or…) but that it wasn’t too bad a trade-off for having a girlfriend under the age of 20. We gave each other a brief outline of our weekend during the trip so by the time we got home I was feeling horny again (as was Jen) but we refrained from fucking until we’d taken care of the chores. Mike sent a number of the photos he had taken of me to Lis and Lucy and they teased me relentlessly about usurped Susan as the group fuck-toy. I could have tried to defend myself and say that I was just following Jen’s instructions but they both know full well that I enjoyed it so I just warned them that they might get a similar treatment during their next visit to us.

While I had been in the shower with Lisa, Mike arranged some entertainment for her to coincide with their Skype chats. That night, Amber turned up at Lisa’s door (which wasn’t that uncommon) and they played with each other while Mike directed them and played with me (and Jen to a lesser extent). On Wednesday Lisa had a bigger surprise as about 10 minutes in to her Skype session with Mike there was a knock on her door. She told Mike to be quiet so she could pretend that she wasn’t in but Mike told her to go answer the door naked. He had to assure her that he knew who it was before she would do this but she still apparently opened the door and poked her head around the corner to check. Amber and Susan were standing there and as soon as Lisa opened the door Susan opened her coat and let it slide off of her body on to the floor to reveal that she was naked (unsurprisingly) under it, but also was wearing a strap-on. This allowed Mike to fuck Lisa by proxy in a way that she allowed and he had Amber and Susan get Lisa off three times during the call (he only came once, but had been saving his cum since the night before so shot a reasonable amount over me, which Lisa was pleased with (seeing as I was her proxy).

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