Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Latvian Lesbians – Part 1

(She’s actually bi, but that doesn't alliterate).
While I was away with Vicky and Oscar, Mike and Jen were having a fairly relaxing weekend and spent a bit of time getting things ready for the baby. There wasn’t a great deal to do though and to pass the time they had invited Ineta (the bi girl from Mike’s work) over for lunch. Mike had become fairly good friends with her over the previous few months since she had started and she had met Jen and me a number of times and was even aware of (some of) our open relationships (she knew I was away visiting some friends for a weekend of sex).

The weather wasn’t too bad and Jen had wanted to go out to the garden to get some sun (what there was of it anyway). It wasn’t really sunbathing weather but she asked if Ineta minded if she removed her top and was told to go ahead (naturally Jen was naked under her top). Ineta got to stroke the bump but the baby was asleep (or lazy) and didn’t respond. Mike stroked up and down Jen’s legs as they all chatted and gradually pushed Jen’s skirt up further and further. Ineta commented on this and Mike said that if she hadn’t been there that he would probably be fingering Jen by now (he had told Ineta how horny Jen was while pregnant). As he said this he pushed his hand right up to Jen’s pussy (under her skirt) and stroked up and down Jen’s lips while asking Ineta if he should just go ahead and do it anyway. From Mike’s hand movements it was obvious that he was doing something under Jen’s skirt and Ineta told him that he was just pretending. Mike challenged her to lift Jen’s skirt and see but warned her that he wasn’t bluffing and as Ineta pulled the material of Jen’s skirt up she realised that Mike was indeed actually fingering Jen.

Jen spread her legs and Mike asked Ineta if she minded him continuing (seeing as Jen obviously wanted to cum). Ineta had heard about a number of our exploits but other than (probably) having caught a few glimpses of Jen or my naked pussies under our skirts, this was the first thing she had actually witnessed. Mike carried on stroking Jen’s pussy and once Ineta said she was okay with it he suggested that they move indoors so Jen didn’t get too cold. Ineta asked if they wanted her to leave and give them some privacy and was told that they would rather she stayed and would stop doing things if it made her uncomfortable. She didn’t mind seeing what was going to happen and was just surprised that Jen was willing to let Ineta see her being played with, but Mike reminded her just how horny he said Jen had been.

They went up to Jen’s room and after slipping off her skirt, Jen lay on the bed and spread her legs once more. Mike took up position and stroked Jen’s pussy, letting Ineta watch everything that was happening. He didn’t conceal the bulge in his trousers but didn’t try to undress either and just slowly toyed with Jen. She had to change positions a few times due to the bump and the fact she couldn’t comfortably lie down in one position for too long. Jen really got in to it and happily fondled her breasts as Mike stroked her and as he worked he told Ineta (again) that I was really the exhibitionist in the group and how I would enjoy being watched by a new person even more than Jen was.

Mike said that he was quite sure Ineta was enjoying watching and he even got her to hold one of Jen’s legs to keep them spread. As Jen’s arousal grew further Mike asked Ineta if she wanted to help out. She asked if he was sure and Mike asked Jen if she minded (to which Jen just said oh yes, please) so Mike moed his hand out of the way and told Ineta to do whatever she wanted. She slowly slid her hand up Jen’s thigh and ran a couple of fingers over Jen’s pussy. Jen let out a few little mews at Ineta’s touch and Mike told her that this meant Jen really liked it as those sounds were usually reserved for when Jen was getting close to cumming. Jen asked to be touched more and Ineta gradually became bolder until she was frigging and fingering Jen at the same time. Mike asked her if she had ever used a dental dam (which she had) and if she wanted to use one now. Ineta gave Mike a sly look and asked if he wanted her to eat his girlfriend, to which Mike just nodded. Ineta asked if he was sure and he said he was happy to demonstrate, lowered his mouth to Jen’s pussy and gave her a good licking. Jen was so turned on by this point that she mewed and moaned quite a bit as his tongue swirled over her lips and clit. When Mike pulled back he told Ineta she could do as much or as little as she wanted, but that Jen would probably appreciate some help.

Ineta said she was willing to try and Mike pulled a dental dam out of the drawer. She unfolded it, placed it over Jen’s pussy and lowered her mouth to the material, paused briefly and then lapped away at Jen’s cunt. Jen mewed quite a bit as Ineta did this and Mike helped out by moving up the bed to suckle and fondle Jen’s nipples. After a little while Ineta asked if she should keep going and Jen pretty much begged her to continue. Ineta got stuck in again and Jen’s mewing quickly grew in intensity until she came. Ineta pulled her head away but Jen grabbed for her and Mike explained that Jen liked to be gently licked after cumming. Ineta returned to Jen’s pussy and gently licked her, but seemed to be a little unsure of what Jen wanted and later explained that she had never known a girl who wanted licked once she had cum.

Mike and Ineta had been fairly open with each other beforehand but now that a further wall had fallen, he (and Jen) explained the premise of kitty kissing to her. Ineta still wasn’t sure about this and said that she thought it would feel too intense just after she’d cum and Jen took the obvious next step of volunteering to demonstrate on her. Ineta wasn’t sure about this so they didn’t push it, but while Jen chatted to her, Mike crawled back down between Jen’s legs and kitty kissed her until Jen started squirming around again, at which point Mike surfaced and pointed out that this was the secondary use of kitty kissing (getting someone ready for round two). He teased Ineta a bit about what she would be missing out on and asked if she minded if Mike got Jen off again. She told him to go ahead and as he started eating Jen properly Jen ran a hand along Ineta’s leg and said that she would really like to thank her for making her cum. Ineta still seemed to be unsure what to do and just watched, although Jen kept a hand on Ineta’s leg and as Jen got closer to cumming ended up kissing Ineta’s leg. Ineta didn’t stop Jen from doing this and even reached over to fondle Jen’s breasts. Givent heir relative positions, this gave Mike a fairly good view up Ineta’s skirt and he got a good look at her panties as he munched on Jen’s pussy. Just before Jen came she slid a hand right up to Ineta’s crotch and even though she didn’t really play with Ineta’s pussy, her fingers certainly made contact with it.

Once she had cum, Jen relaxed back on to the bed and said she needed a rest so Mike and Ineta left her and headed downstairs. Ineta said she understood what Mike had meant about Jen being hyper-horny and he thanked her for helping out. Ineta agreed to stay for dinner and they sat and had a drink together. Mike told her that she should have accepted Jen’s invitation to be eaten and if she had been embarrassed about him being there he could have left them to it – or stayed and fucked Jen. Ineta told him that he just wanted to see her naked (which he didn’t deny) and he told her that she was missing out on a good thing as Jen was quite experienced in eating pussy (after which he said that from Jen’s reaction it looked like she was quite good at it too).

Ineta helped Mike make dinner and he went up to wake Jen and quickly confer with her. Mike returned first and Jen followed a few minutes later, wearing a very light nightdress (complaining that she was feeling warm due to the pregnancy). Jen said that she assumed Ineta wouldn’t mind given she had already seen her naked (and cumming) and Ineta told her it was fine. Once dinner was over they moved in to the living room and Jen said she was feeling horny again. Mike moved down between Jen’s legs and started to fondle her and Jen asked Ineta to sit beside her. She did as she was asked and Jen kissed her and Jen pulled one of Ineta’s hands over to fondle her breasts through her nightdress, which was quickly slipped down so Ineta could get to Jen’s breasts directly. Their kissing became more passionate and Jen once again slid her hand up Ineta’s leg and this time she properly caressed her inner thigh. Mike gently teased Jen, getting her nice and wet but not getting her too turned on and discreetly watched as Jen’s hand made it further up under Ineta’s skirt until Jen was rubbing her through her panties. Mike waited until he could see that Jen had her fingers inside Ineta’s panties before he asked Ineta if she wanted to reconsider letting Jen repay her. She said that this wasn’t fair, but didn’t stop Jen from playing with her pussy and after a few minutes more she said yes.

They all headed upstairs, Jen shed her nightdress and lay on the bed so Mike could continue eating her. She pulled Ineta down on to the bed beside her and kissed her while pulling Ineta’s top up and then getting her to move up the bed so Jen could play with her nipples. Mike gave Jen’s pussy a more thorough licking than he had done while downstairs, but still didn’t let her cum. Meanwhile, Jen’s had run her hands down Ineta’s back, pulled her skirt up and pushed them in to her panties. Mike caught glimpses of Jen’s fingers at work and got up to retrieve another dental dam from the drawer. He handed this to Jen who told Ineta to take her panties off as she opened it. Jen then got Ineta to kneel over her face, she applied the dam to Ineta’s pussy and pulled her down to her waiting mouth. She was facing away from Mike but Jen lifted the back of Ineta’s skirt a number of times to let him see what was going on (which was made easier as Ineta got more turned on and leant forwards against the headboard). Jen got Ineta to remove her top and bra and Mike wished she would remove her skirt as well but thought it best not to interrupt them (not that he thought it was likely that Ineta was going to stop by this point, he just didn’t want to interrupt the flow).

Mike desperately wanted to fuck someone but thought that this might be too much of an escalation so he concentrated on eating Jen. As she had been so far along, she came before Ineta did and mewed in to Ineta’s pussy as she came, but carried on eating her. Mike then kitty kissed Jen while paying more attention to the view of Ineta’s ass and pussy. When she came, she was fairly quiet and lifted herself off of Jen almost immediately. Jen pulled her back down but Ineta said she needed to lie down so as a compromise, she lay on her side and Jen rolled on to her side and used Ineta’s lower leg as a pillow to allow her to continue to kitty kiss her. Ineta was clearly a bit nervous about this but Jen used very gentle licks and Ineta slowly settled down as she realised it was enjoyable. Mike gave Jen time to work on Ineta and then sat up and watched. When Jen pushed Ineta’s legs apart he had a much better view of her pussy than he’d had before and could feel his cock twitching in his jeans at the thought of finally getting to do something with her.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 4

I didn’t push things with Oscar any further as we wanted him to be comfortable with Mike playing with Vicky. We chatted a bit more and made plans for Vicky to wear my new dress the next time I visited and discussed whether she would go without any underwear at all (including bra). I also told Oscar about my body having been used as a breakfast plate and everyone eating off of and out of me. This was the only point where I thought Oscar was going to actually fuck me again, but other than moving a bit more energetically inside me nothing actually happened. I described (again) to him how Vicky had been fucked by everyone at the sex party and how much she had enjoyed being forced to cum time after time and we agreed to push her that far on my next visit, both taking turns and working together to make her cum as many times as possible. Vicky was understandably nervous about this but didn’t get a say and just pouted at us saying we were being mean to her. Our conversation petered out and we eventually fell asleep – Oscar went soft inside me and slipped out but I wasn’t far behind him so it didn’t matter.

I had been intending to go down on Vicky to wake her up, but when I came to in the morning I felt Oscar’s erection pressing against my ass. I lay still to see what he would do and after a couple of minutes realised that he was actually asleep and it was just morning wood (which Mike often has). One of his arms was draped over me and I gently reached down and stroked myself for a while before spreading my lips and carefully positioning myself so my cunt was at the head of his cock. When I try this with Mike I usually wake him up but Oscar seems to be a heavier sleeper and once in position I carefully pushed down and felt the head slide between my lips. It took a little while but I managed to get him all the way inside me and even got to gently ride him while frigging myself before he woke up. He was rather surprised to find his cock buried in me but he didn’t complain and started to move back against me. I had been enjoying taking advantage of him, but it felt much better now that we could push against each other and we gently fucked like this while he kissed me and fondled my breasts. I continued to gently frig my clit and told him I wanted him to shoot his cum deep in to my cunt before Vicky woke up so I could wake her the way I had intended. Oscar played along with this and I squeezed myself around him as tightly as I could as I came and then I let him slowly fuck me for a minute or so longer before he whispered in my ear that he was about to cum. I squeezed around him again and told him to fill me and he pushed hard in to me and used very small movements as he told me to take his cum.

I let him rest inside me for a short while before I pulled myself (somewhat reluctantly) off of his cock and crawled down between Vicky’s legs. I knelt on all fours with my ass in the air but my legs together so any cum that leaked out of me would run down my thighs and not just drip on to the bed. I then slowly licked and kissed Vicky’s pussy, getting more forceful as the taste of her juices got stronger until finally she let out a little moan and lifted a hand and ran it through my hair. Now that I had her attention I started to finger her at the same time I licked her and between licks I described how I could feel Oscar’s cum leaking out of my cunt and dripping down my legs. I felt Oscar play with my pussy and hoped he would fuck me again but all I got were his fingers so had to make do. It didn’t take long to get Vicky to cum (I’ve played with her enough times that I know what she likes – although I actually cheated again and flicked her clit rapidly with my tongue the way Lis does).

As we still had a few things left to do on the list before I went, we headed down for breakfast so we could get that out of the way while Oscar prepared for another round. Breakfast itself was fairly uneventful other than me teasing Oscar about the fact that I could still feel a little of his cum leaking out of me. I also managed to convince him to let me take a pair of Vicky’s panties back for Mike and Jen (after we had made sure that they were sufficiently soaked with her juices of course).

I let them choose the order we did things and fortunately they liked the idea of Oscar cumming in me again just before I set off so I could travel with his cum inside me. This meant that the first thing we were going to do was for them to try and make me cum just from stroking my neck. Only a few people have done this to me – partially as it takes quite a while and partially as I considerate to be quite intimate. As much as I like Vicky, I don’t love her the way I love Lis (and obviously not the way I love Mike and Jen) so I was initially a bit unsure about letting them do this to me, but in the end when Oscar said he really wanted to see me cum without having my pussy touched I couldn’t resist. (Fundamentally, if someone started a sentence with ‘I want to watch while you cum by doing…’ they could end with almost anything and my exhibitionist tendencies would probably drive me to say yes.)

We went back up to the bedroom and Vicky propped herself up against the headboard with a couple of pillows behind her. I lay between her legs with my head in her lap and she gently started stroking my neck. I gave her instructions as to what felt best and she was soon using a couple of fingers to gently trace up and down my neck. I had warned them that this might take a while but Oscar passed some of the time by getting me to spread my legs and taking some close-up shots of my pussy. I spread my lips for him but refrained from touching myself so the only real stimulation was coming from my neck and when Vicky reached her other hand down to caress my nipples (which by this point were quite erect) I only let her caress them for a few minutes. Vicky carried on gently stroking me for quite a while and I kept describing how it felt. I was definitely getting more aroused and with each stroke of my neck I could feel very faint waves of pleasure throbbing through my body, mostly concentrated on my neck, nipples and pussy, but also everywhere else.

It was Oscar’s turn now (he had asked to finish me off) and I sat up slightly to let him take Vicky’s place and then lowered myself back on to his lap. I brushed my cheek against his cock a little but then settled back to give him the same training I’d given Vicky on how to gently stroke my neck. He soon got the hang of it (although I still had to tell him to slow down a number of times) and within about 5 minutes I was back to the point where I’d been just before we switched over. My orgasm continued to build in an agonisingly slow way and I started to squirm around on the bed. I knew that I could have just dropped a hand to my pussy and got myself off very quickly but also knew that the reward for holding back would be worth it. I alternated between spreading my legs wide so Vicky could see (and describe) the state of my pussy and pressing my legs together (although I didn’t do this too much as I considered it a form of gentle masturbation and therefore cheating). I turned my head a couple of times and kissed Oscar’s cock to keep him interested, but for the last 5 minutes or so of the session I just gazed upwards and concentrated on the feeling of his fingers on my neck (and the associated feelings elsewhere in my body). I let out an almost constant stream of little moans and pants, punctuated with descriptions of how close I was getting and how my body was tingling or throbbing. Just before my orgasm finally hit me I told Oscar to just keep stroking me the same way until I told him to stop and then felt the pleasure throb through my whole body. I moaned quite a bit louder as I came and squirmed on the bed a lot more. I was oblivious to the fact that Vicky took some photos of me (not that I would have cared) and I only opened my eyes when my orgasm had completely passed.

It had felt like I came for ages (another wonderful benefit of this way of cumming), although I was told that it had been well under a minute. I got Oscar to keep stroking my neck and Vicky offered to kitty kiss me, saying that my pussy looked very wet and needed to be taken care of. I didn’t refuse her offer but as I spread my legs and watched her crawl between them I asked her to be very gentle. As Vicky lapped at my pussy I turned my head and kissed and licked Oscar’s cock again. He said that he now believed I could cum from having my neck stroked but still didn’t understand how it worked or how I could cum so hard (it really is a completely different kind of orgasm – I wouldn’t describe it as ‘harder’, just a full body orgasm). I told him I didn’t understand why either, I just knew it felt wonderful. Oscar reached down and played with my breasts for a while until I said that it was now his (and Vicky’s) turn to have some fun.

For this, he spooned with Vicky and I buried my face between her legs to lick them both. It would have been quite easy to make Vicky cum (she had got quite excited while watching me cum) but we switched around and Oscar fucked me for a while as Vicky licked me. It seemed unfair to make him hold back until I was actually going to leave so we decided that as long as he was prepared to fuck me again later on, that he could cum. This was hardly an onerous condition for him but we did tease him a little bit and made him fuck Vicky again for a while (with me eating her). This time we went all the way (for Vicky) and made her cum, but Oscar had to hold back until I had mounted his cock again and Vicky had helped to get me close to cumming. We let him cum in me a bit before I came, but he had to stay buried inside me. I didn’t move around much (as I know guys can get super-sensitive after they’ve cum) but he could still feel Vicky’s tongue on his shaft and my pussy contracting around him (which I did on purpose). It was gentle enough that he enjoyed it and was even able to move inside me a little as I came.

He got Vicky to take a few shots of his cock inside me and a few more of his cum leaking out of me when he pulled out. I rubbed his cum around my pussy and this reminded me of the fact that we needed to get a pair of Vicky’s panties soaked in her juices for me to take back to the others so once she had showered, we selected a nice pair and she put them on. I didn’t shower and just washed under my arms so I could put on fresh deodorant (allowing me to keep as much of Oscar’s and Vicky’s cum on my body as I could) and then threw on a light dress. Unfortunately Oscar hadn’t cum much inside me but I still felt reasonably wet and squishy and before we headed out my aim was to get Vicky back to the same state. I knelt in front of her and nuzzled her pussy through her panties – trying to lick her as little as possible so any moisture came from her instead of me. I cheated a little and used a vibe to stimulate her clit and then press the panties up in to her pussy. She wasn’t ready to cum again yet but allowed me to play with her for a fair while and I could easily smell her juices by the time we finished and we got a couple of shots of her sitting with her legs spread, pushing the crotch of her panties up between her lips. We could see a small damp patch on her panties by this point (at least when she took her hand away and we pulled the material out of her pussy anyway) so decided it was a good start and headed out to lunch.

I sat with my legs crossed in the lotus position (or an approximation that someone who doesn’t do yoga can manage) so I could easily flash Oscar throughout lunch. When Vicky and I went to the bathroom I produced a couple of remote controlled eggs, pushed one in to my pussy and forced the other one in to Vicky’s pussy (it wasn’t that she objected to having it inside her, she was just nervous about being discovered as I did this while standing in front of the sinks. I gave the remote to Oscar when we got back to the table and let him control the eggs in both of us. As usually happens when we try to control more than one egg at a time, they got out of sync so we couldn’t easily turn them both off at the same time and had to take turns with them buzzing inside of us – only when we left the cafĂ© could we get far enough apart for Oscar to turn one off and then have that person walk away so he could turn the second egg off. The eggs had the desired effect and we were ready for more action when we got home – to the extent that the damp patch was still present on Vicky’s panties. I told her that Mike would want more of her juices though so we removed her panties and the egg and stuffed the panties up in to her pussy while I ate her. Oscar unbuttoned my dress and pulled it down so he could get to my breasts and fondled them, my clit and my ass as he took me from behind. We took our time doing things and enjoyed ourselves as much as we could until Oscar finally came in me and I ate Vicky to another orgasm (I had cum a little earlier as I didn’t mind about letting him move in me after I’d cum).

I used my breasts to wipe Oscar’s cock clean and then extracted Vicky’s panties from her pussy and placed them in a plastic bag to keep them moist (and promised her that Mike and Jen would use them to cum multiple times before she got them back). As promised, Oscar copied the various photos he had taken and promised he would consider doing things with us properly (by which I obviously meant letting Mike fuck Vicky, but would also mean Oscar would get to see a very horny pregnant girl fucking Vicky as well).

My dress was a little creased but I sorted my bra out and buttoned it up while telling Oscar I would concentrate on the feeling of his cum in my pussy for the train journey. I dozed for a fair bit of the journey home but this gave me the opportunity to allow two guys sitting opposite me to look up my skirt. I occasionally glanced at them with my eyes just open enough to see and definitely saw them looking (which helped keep me aroused). On arriving home I felt it was only fair to shower (to remove Oscar’s cum) before pouncing on Mike and Jen, but they got to play with Vicky’s panties until I got back and as expected, her juices were licked and rubbed over both of them a number of times in the following days and by the time we returned them they were caked with a mix of Mike’s cum and Jen and my juices.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 3

You may recall that both Oscar and Vicky are good dancers – I did my best to keep up with them but had to let them have some time dancing with each other. Fortunately my dress proved quite popular and I spent the time dancing with a few other guys. One slid his hands up under (or between) my dress and massaged my ass and I danced in front of another guy, grinding myself against his ass. He cupped and kneaded one of my breasts through my dress so I undid the bottom bow on one side and pushed his hand into my dress. I had thought he would go straight for my pussy but he started off by caressing my stomach and only slowly worked his hand down between my legs. I felt his fingers probing around my pussy and then pulling the g-string aside so he could touch me directly. I leant back against him as his fingers pushed between my lips and swirled around my clit. He was actually quite good at what he was doing and if I hadn’t been staying with Oscar and Vicky I would have definitely tried to take the guy home to see what else he was good at. As the purpose of my visit was to pleasure them (and pave the way for Mike and Jen) I thought it would be rude to invite him back with me, but he definitely deserved a reward for the way he was making me feel so we headed towards the toilets, made our way in to the gents, found a clean stall and went in.

The other guys in the toilet had obviously seen us come in and had commented about what we were up to, so I wasn’t too surprised when we saw a couple of heads peeking over the top of the stall. I didn’t let this deter me, pulled out the guy’s cock, rolled on a condom and immediately took him in my mouth. I gave him a pretty good sucking and then stood up, leant against the wall, put a foot up on the toilet and lifted my dress and pulled the g-string to the side to invite him to fuck me. He pushed in to me and we fucked against the side of the cubicle. I was aware that I had mobile phones pointed at me so thought I should put on a better show and undid the remaining two bows on the side the guy had been fondling me while dancing. He could now push the front of the dress aside and get his hands to my breasts and everyone got to see my exposed nipples as he fondled me. I then bent over the toilet and let him fuck me from behind, giving everyone a view of my ass and as I was enjoying myself so much I wanted to finish off properly so stood on one leg, got him to hold the other one and braced myself against the cistern so he could fuck me and (I imagined) everyone could see his cock sliding in and out of my cunt. As my dress slipped off of my body on to my lower arm I caught it and held on to it – this was purely to stop it falling on to the floor, it was now doing almost nothing to cover me – and once I had a firm grasp of it I reached down to my clit with my other hand and frigged myself. I was actually a little disappointed that the guy hadn’t done this to me as he had shown such promise earlier, but our surroundings weren’t really conducive to anything other than a quickie so I forgave him.

The guy pumped away inside me and I told him to hold back until I came. I rapidly frigged my clit and he fondled both my breasts, pulling one out from my bra. I came just before he did and he thrust into me hard a few more times and then pulled out. I hadn’t quite finished so I sat on the toilet seat, lean back (to look up at the guys who were watching) and gently played with my pussy to enjoy the afterglow of my orgasm while the guy wiped his cock clean and put it away. I then stood up, straightened up my bra and got him to tie up the bows on the side of my dress before heading out and washing my hands. I then had him escort me back to the bar and let him buy me a drink – he wanted me to go home with him but I told him he’d already got to fuck me and that I was there with friends. He seemed a little disappointed about this (although as he’d already got to fuck me I imagine he got over it quickly) and after chatting for a while longer we went our separate ways.

Vicky and Oscar had seen us chatting at the bar and wanted to know about the guy so I told them I had let him have a little play with me while dancing, but spared them the full bathroom fuck story. I then danced with Oscar for a while and then did the same with Vicky, during which time I told her what I’d really gotten up to with the guy. She told me she was surprised that I still had the panties on and I told her there was a reason I had chosen the pair that tied at the sides and pushed one of her hands down on to the bow. She didn’t hesitate and steadily pulled on one of the ends until the bow undid and then reached over to my other side and did the same thing. I leaned in and told her that she was a good girl as she reached up under my dress and pulled the panties off before stuffing them in to her pocket. When we got back to Oscar, Vicky pointed out that I was now more naked than when we had left and dared him to undo the bottom bows on my dress. I quite enjoyed the game of ‘undress the Andi’ and once the bottom bows on my dress had been untied, Oscar slid his hands in and cupped my ass. Of course things didn’t stop there and Vicky pulled at one of the bows halfway down my stomach. I didn’t stop her so Oscar took care of the matching bow on the other side and once this was undone he could slide his hands a good way up my back.

I dragged him out to dance and took advantage of the fact that such places are fairly poorly lit. Oscar played along and spun me a fair bit and each time he did this I felt my dress pull away from my body and expose my pussy and ass. When we went back to where Vicky was I straddled Oscar’s lap and kissed him while grinding my naked pussy against the bulge in his trousers. I told him that once we got home he would have to satisfy both Vicky and me, but that I would also do anything with her that he wanted. Vicky whispered something to him and he told me to remove my bra. We looked around and ducked in to a little alcove where I reached around behind myself and unsnapped the bra clasp. I was going to slide the straps down my arms when Vicky said it would be easier if I undid the final bows (which were just under my arms) so I did as suggested and easily removed my bra. I wasn’t too surprised when it was suggested that I leave all the bows untied and it was nice, but I had to be quite careful as the front and back of the dress now moved a lot just when people brushed past me. In a crowded club, this happened quite a bit and there was a number times when either my front or back was completely exposed and I was groped a few times. As much as I enjoyed this, we didn’t want to be thrown out so I was allowed to retie the two top sets of bows for the rest of the time we were there.

I suggested that Vicky and I should swap clothes – she didn’t want to get undressed in the toilets so we settled on me bringing the dress back for my next visit and her agreeing to wear it out then. On the journey home Vicky filled Oscar in on what I had actually done at the club and I pointed out that as I will happily fuck in the middle of a group of people and put on shows for strangers that he shouldn’t be too surprised. I spoke loudly enough for the taxi driver to overhear and then made out with Vicky for part of the journey, sliding my hand up under her skirt and whispering to her to do the same to me so we could put on a little show for him. Vicky went a bit further than this and untied one side of my dress, flipped it open and fingered me while sucking on one of my nipples. I managed to get my fingers in to her pussy, but her skirt mostly covered her so I said she was being a coward.

Once indoors Oscar reminded us that he wanted to see me double finger Vicky. I was quite happy to do this but offered him a chance to DP Vicky – either with me using the strap on or just my fingers in one hole while he fucked the other one. He said that this was appealing but he wanted to watch us do things so we headed upstairs and Vicky and I removed our clothes and started fondling each other on the bed. We spent a while and properly warmed up before moving on to the fingering. I basically just repeated what I’d done earlier when the delivery guy was present – two fingers in Vicky’s cunt and one in her ass while occasionally licking her clit. Oscar wanted more pictures and I reminded him of the condition that I had to get a copy of them (which he agreed to again) so he got shots of me fingering and eating Vicky, her doing the same to me and (at my recommendation) shots of Vicky’s face as she came.

We had a look through these while Vicky and I caught our breath and I teased Oscar’s cock. We still had a few things on our list to try out so after a little while I lay on my back on the bed and got Vicky to lie on top of me, facing up. We both spread our legs and she adjusted her position so her pussy was directly above mine. Oscar got another few photos and then got to work. This position was mostly for our enjoyment as we wanted him to eat us both at once – he licked up and down the lengths of our cunts and I remember thinking that I would have to let Mike do this to Sue and me the next time she visited. He paid a bit more attention to Vicky’s clit than to mine (mostly as hers was more accessible due to being on top and I helped to stimulate her even more by reaching around and fondling her nipples. We let him lick us both for a good while but before either of us came we moved on to the next stage.

For this, I remained on my back and Vicky turned over so she was facing me. We kissed each other while Oscar moved between our cunts and fucking us. He switched back and forth between us a number of times until we were both nice and wet (the licking had helped with this) and Vicky then lifted the upper half of her body up so her pussy pressed against mine. Oscar then pushed his cock between our cunts and after a bit of repositioning so we got the maximum contact he started slowly sliding back and forth between us. It felt really good and Oscar loved having two cunts rubbing against his cock at the same time. Vicky spent a little while rocking her upper body back and forth to make her breasts swing and her nipples rub against mine. I think she enjoyed this more than I did (her nips are more sensitive than mine) but I recall thinking that Mike would love to see us do this as I’ve seen similar things a number of times in the hentai he watches.

Vicky lay down on me a couple more times to allow to switch back and forth between our cunts, but he spent most of the time with his cock pressed between our cunts. We (or at least I) got a little bit of clitoral stimulation in this position but we knew that we weren’t going to cum – the aim was for Oscar to enjoy himself though and it certainly worked in that respect. On the third session of rubbing between our cunts he said he couldn’t hold back any more and we encouraged him to cum and to cover our pussies with his cream so we could eat it off of each other. Even though he knew that we had intended to 69 once he had finished with us, this was enough to push him over the edge and I felt his cum squirt out over my pussy and mons. Vicky humped back and forth against him (and me) which helped to spread the cum around even more. He then rested for a bit with his cock still sandwiched between us and only when he started to shrink did he pull back and Vicky sat up so we could admire the mess we had made.

I asked if she was ready to get cleaned up and we rearranged ourselves in to a sideways 69. As Vicky started to lick me I rubbed my face all over Vicky’s cunt, smearing myself with Oscar’s cum and then humped her pussy with my neck briefly before spreading her lips and diving in with my tongue. There was more face humping (from both of us) during the session and our fingers found their way to each other’s assholes (not penetrating a lot, just adding to the stimulation). I wasn’t surprised when I heard the camera going again and spent a little while fucking Vicky’s pussy with my tongue, although he didn’t get any shots of me doing that. I made Vicky cum first and then switched to kitty kissing her. Her licking slowed a lot just after she came but she started up properly again once she had caught her breath and by the time I came I was eating her again. I didn’t want there to be any doubt about the matter so I told Vicky to keep going and to make me cum again. I didn’t tell her that as we ate each other to our second orgasms that I was replaying the fuck in the toilet stall and imagining that the guys didn’t just watch me, but then all took turns fucking me. As often happens with fantasies I have while fucking, it grew in scale until I was being fucked in the middle of the dancefloor with dozens of guys standing around me cumming over me at the same time. Vicky came before me again and asked me to stop licking her as she was feeling sensitive but she did at least carry on until I came. My second orgasm was much stronger than the previous one and I panted and swore a fair bit as I came (still with the image of an entire club full of cocks fucking me and cumming over me in my head).

Both Vicky and Oscar commented on how much I had appeared to enjoy myself and I told them that it was all due to Vicky’s wonderful technique (which to be fair, did have a lot to do with it). We were both fairly out of breath by this point so we just let Oscar have another play with our breasts which helped to get him hard enough that he could spoon with me as we went to sleep (with me in the middle this time). If he had wanted to fuck me again I wouldn’t have refused him, but I was quite glad that he was happy to just be inside me. We chatted about how jealous Jen would be that I had got to eat Vicky and play with ‘the ladies’ again and Oscar said he would be more than happy for Jen to visit and do things with Vicky. I pointed out that Mike would be just as jealous and still wanted to fuck Vicky and asked Oscar if he was any closer to deciding if he would be okay with that. I wiggled my pussy around his cock and told him that he would still get to fuck me whether or not he was willing to loan Vicky out and Vicky reached back and gently slapped me while saying that she wasn’t just a piece of meat for us to enjoy. I pushed a hand between her legs and told her that she was a particularly delicious bit of meat and that we would enjoy her as much and as often as we wanted. I curled a couple of fingers in to her pussy and gently frigged her clit until she submitted and said that we could do whatever we wanted with her and I told her not to forget that – and then added that she could of course do whatever she wanted to me as well.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 2

Just because she had cum it obviously didn’t mean I was going to stop eating her - although I did switch to kitty kissing her and slowly brought her back down from her orgasm. I was slightly distracted as Oscar was thrusting in to me faster and his fingers were concentrating on my clit (Vicky has at least trained him well so he makes sure that he isn’t the only one to enjoy himself). I moaned in to Vicky’s cunt as my own orgasm built and squeezed my cunt around Oscar’s cock. He said that he was getting very close and I told him to hold back just a little longer. As I felt the final build up happen I called out to him to fuck me and cum and then buried my tongue back in Vicky’s cunt. I came a little before him, but not by much and I moaned loudly in to Vicky as I came and kept humping back against him in time with his thrusts until he pushed deep in to me and held on to hips to stop me moving. I repeatedly squeezed his cock and told him to give me all of his cum and once he had finished cumming I told him to stay inside me and follow me as I crawled up Vicky’s body and kissed her. Fortunately Vicky isn’t at all squeamish about tasting her own juices as my face was covered with them. When Oscar pulled out, I felt his cum start to leak out of me and I moved up a little more so it dripped over Vicky’s lower stomach and pussy and just before we ended things to go for breakfast I rubbed my breasts and face against the cum that leaked out of me on to Vicky and then took a hold of Oscar’s cock and rubbed it over my neck.

Over breakfast I tried to explain why I liked the feeling of Oscar’s cum so much, but other than saying it felt silky I couldn’t get very far so we just settled on the fact that I loved the way it felt on my skin and Oscar said I could have as much more as I wanted. I pointed out that he would never be able to produce as much as I wanted and recounted a few of the times when I’ve had a number of guys cum on me and how much I loved it. We asked Oscar if there were any particular things he wanted to try – either things that he knew Vicky or I had done before or just things he wanted and started to draw up a plan for the day (if you’re going to fool around multiple times it often helps to have a rough idea of everything you want to do so you can pace yourself). We came up with a fairly impressive list but I added in some things in that I wanted to do and warned Vicky that I also had a few surprises in store – mostly to be done with/to her.

Once we had showered I dug some things out of my bag and arranged them on the bed to let Oscar choose our next course of action. I had a few toys with me. I had a number of vibes, our good strap-on (working on the assumption that Mike and Jen wouldn’t need it while I was gone) and a long double ended dildo (Oscar had already seen us use the short one). He wanted to see us use the strap-on and gave Vicky the choice of being the fucker or the fuckee. She wanted to wear it and fuck me so I applied some of the tingle gel to the internal vibe, helped her strap it on and applied bit more gel to the main vibe. I let her take me bent over the bed, on my back, with me riding her (facing both ways – although obviously not at the same time), with me sitting over her face so she could eat me while I pretended to suck the vibe (sucking a working vibrator isn’t always pleasant) and finishing with her taking me from behind and using a vibe on my clit. Once I’d cum, I got Vicky to stand up against the wall and knelt in front of her. I rubbed my neck back and forth across the vibe and pressed on the crotch of the harness to push the internal vibe up against Vicky’s pussy harder. Oscar just sat and watched as Vicky’s orgasm slowly built and as she came she leant forwards a bit and used me to help keep her balance.

Even when I stopped pushing the vibe against her pussy she said it felt too intense so we removed the harness and lay on the bed for a while. At first Vicky and I just allowed Oscar to play with our breasts but then we started to also play with each other’s breasts (with Oscar still helping out). He asked if he could go down on me (which I of course allowed) and I was going to get him to lick us both at once but Vicky still felt a bit sensitive so we shelved that plan and I just let him spoon with me (but he wasn’t allowed to cum as I wanted him to save what he had for later on).

We decided that we should get out and as it was nearing lunchtime (or at least would be by the time we got in to town) so we got dressed and went for a wander. Neither Vicky nor I wore panties and after a nice relaxed lunch we wandered around the shops and then went for a drink. We shopped a bit more and I saw a nice dress that reminded me of one that Abrahii had worn – it was effectively a front and a back with the sides just tied together in three places with ribbons. Vicky saw me admiring it and said that if I wanted that they would buy it for me. I told them that they didn’t have to do that and I was getting more than enough payment for my visit in orgasms but she reminded me that Mike had brought her a few things over the years and I let myself be talked in to it. Of course I had to try the dress on first, which meant a trip to the changing room and Vicky came with me. We had already had a brief fondle in a changing room in another shop but as we were intending on actually buying something at this place I felt justified in playing a bit more seriously.

I removed my dress so I just had my bra on, knelt in front of Vicky, pushed her skirt up and buried my face between her legs. I ate her furiously and got her to the point where her breathing was becoming ragged, but didn’t make her cum (which she complained about bitterly). I then quickly pulled on my dress and slipped on my emergency pair of panties so I could go out and let Oscar give us his opinion of the dress (he liked it). Vicky (quietly) told him how I had just eaten her and that she was about to do the same to me and as soon as I had the dress off, she got me to bend over the seat, knelt behind me and ate me just as energetically as I had eaten her. Annoyingly (but probably fairly), she didn’t let me cum either and I told her that she would pay once we got home (to which she just said she was looking forward to as she knows that ‘paying’ usually means ‘cumming’ for us). We were going to stop and get food for dinner but I said that as they had bought me the dress that I would be happy with getting a pizza delivered (Vicky didn’t figure my plan out when I said this).

I teased Oscar a bit more when we got home and spent quite a while gently stroking and sucking his cock. Vicky joined me for a while in doing this and I told him that before we went out that I wanted him to cum over both of us and that we would go out without washing ourselves clean. Oscar liked the sound of being allowed to mark us like this so was prepared to hold back but I had one more surprise for him and dashed upstairs, returning a minute or so later wearing a babydoll nightdress. This was one of my ‘special’ ones and was so flimsy that it was pretty much transparent. I was quite willing to share though and tossed another one to Vicky and dared her to put it on so we could order our pizza.

Vicky has participated in pizza dares before (mostly when with us) so knew exactly what I was getting at and asked Oscar if he wanted to witness her displaying herself to a random guy. Oscar said that as long as she was just letting him see her then it was fine and I told him that he was being a spoilsport for denying the delivery guy access to her beautiful body. I warned him that the pizza guy might get to see quite a bit of her body (depending on course on his reaction tour attire) and Oscar said that was fine so as we placed the order Vicky got changed in to the other nightdress and went to check out her reflection. As the nightdress hid nothing, she debated putting on a pair of panties but in the end settled on just wearing a tiny g-string. We set up a phone the kitchen so Oscar could watch us on the laptop from the bedroom and I spent a little while toying with Vicky as she sat on the kitchen table. We had agreed that she would answer the door so when the doorbell rang I pulled the material of her panties up between her pussy lips and sent her out to the hallway. She played along and didn’t try to adjust her panties, opened the door and invited the guy in (I’ve often fantasised about getting a cute female delivery girl and getting to initiate her to the pleasures of being with another woman, although if it were to actually happen, Jen would probably get first shot at her).

The guy seemed somewhat nervous when he came in to the kitchen and even more so when he realised there were two of us. I asked if he minded the way we were dressed and he said he didn’t and that we looked nice. I thanked him for the compliment and gave Vicky a kiss, letting my hand run down over her ass and caressing her as I asked where the money was. Naturally it was in the bottom drawer (almost as if we had specifically placed it there) and when I bent over Vicky ran a hand over my ass and then down between my cheeks, over my pussy and then pushed a couple of fingers into me. I didn’t stop digging around for the money but did look up and tell her to behave herself or she might shock our guest. The guy said he didn’t mind so I pushed back against her fingers and told her that if that was the case then she should continue. She fingered me in an exaggerated manner (but the guy looked fairly young so we guessed he might have only seen girl on girl action in porn) and I humped back against her fingers in time with her movements while gently moaning.

Once we had firmly established that I was aroused and that the guy was enjoying the show (which was obvious from his trousers) I stood up and kissed Vicky again, said that I shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy myself, pushed one hand up her nightdress to her breasts and pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy (the advantage of g-strings is that they offer no resistance). I asked the guy if he wanted to watch as I pulled Vicky over to the table, pulled her nightdress off, her g-string down and had a few licks of her pussy. Vicky reached down and pulled on my nightdress so I lifted my arms and allowed her to remove it, then stood up, got her to sit on the table and resumed fingering her. I told the pizza guy that he probably shouldn’t touch Vicky as her boyfriend was the jealous type and he took the cue and asked if he could touch me. I told him to go ahead as my boyfriend didn’t mind as long as I enjoyed myself and I felt the guy’s hands cup my ass and then start to knead it. I pushed back against his hands and they slowly worked their way down between my legs but I hurried things along by telling Vicky to lie back and bending down to eat her. This gave the delivery guy much better access to my cunt and his fingers rubbed back and forth over it, slipping a little way inside me a few times.

Vicky was already making various noises – partly as I was eating her pussy quite hard and sucking on her clit, but also as I was quite forcefully rimming and spearing her ass. I know that she likes this, but I was counting on the fact that having it done to her in front of a complete stranger would embarrass her and hopefully heighten the sensation (even though he couldn’t see where my tongue was). I briefly broke contact with Vicky to tell the guy that if he wanted to enjoy himself even more that there was a condom on the counter. I half watched him as he undid his trousers, tore the wrapper open and rolled the condom on. He took up position behind me and he pushed straight in to me (no rubbing around or teasing me first). Vicky told the guy to push a finger in to my ass (I presume as retaliation for what I was doing to her) and I felt him place a hand on my ass cheek and then push the end of his thumb in to my ass. This felt quite good, but I didn’t intend to let Vicky beat me so I pushed my index and middle finger in to her pussy and my ring finger in to her ass and then moved my head to the side and asked the guy if he had ever seen a girl having both her cunt and ass fingered at the same time as I pumped my fingers in and out. I did my best to lick her clit from above (with my head tilted to the side) so the guy could see everything I was doing to Vicky, who just moaned that this wasn’t fair. I told her that it didn’t have to be fair, she just had to cum and as I could feel the guy speeding up in me I fastened my lips to her clit, flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth across it (much in the same way Lis does) and continued to double finger her. Vicky was now panting and the guy was rapidly pumping away in me. I had wanted to make Vicky cum first so he could use her orgasm to help him cum, but I had forgotten how quick some younger guys can be. He let out a little ‘aahhh’ as he came and then pulled out of me, but I remained attached to Vicky for another minute or so until she came.

I stood up and wiped her juices from my face and as I handed the guy some kitchen towel to clean up his cock I asked him if he had enjoyed himself. We were apparently his first pizza dare and he said that he had been told that girls sometimes ‘accidentally’ exposed themselves as a dare, but he hadn’t heard of people letting themselves be fucked or putting on a display the way we had. I told him that I hoped he would get to find many more people like us and enjoy himself and he tried to give us our pizza for free but I told him I fucked for enjoyment and not money (or pizza). Once we had paid him and shown the guy out, Oscar came out of the bedroom to join us for dinner. I asked if he had enjoyed seeing me be fucked while I made Vicky cum and he said he had so I asked if he thought it would be as hot watching Vicky be fucked by a strange guy. He wasn’t as sure about this so we talked about some of the things she had done before she met him (which he already knew about and had apparently got quite aroused when she had first described them to him). From that we moved on to how Mike and Jen honestly (unless they’ve both been lying to me) love the fact that I was off having fun with Oscar and Vicky.

Once we had finished dinner and Vicky and I had washed our faces (you’ll see why) I knelt in front of Oscar, wrapped by breasts around his cock and started to stroke him with them. Vicky joined me and we (somewhat awkwardly) gave him a double boob job with our breasts pressed against each other’s breasts around his cock. It may not have been the easiest position, but Oscar loved the feeling of being strokes two pairs of breasts. To move things along, we took turns giving him a tit-fuck while the other person licked the head of his cock (he liked this even more) and as he got close to cumming, Vicky and I knelt beside each other in front of him and both licked his glans while he stroked himself. Just before he came he pulled back slightly, aimed his cock at our faces and did his best to get equal amount of cum on us. All the teasing during the day seemed to have been successful as he produced a decent amount of cum and we sat and let it drip from our faces on to our breasts. Oscar wanted a photo and we allowed him to take it before rubbing our faces against each other – not licking the cum off, just rubbing it in sufficiently that we could leave it and go out caked with his cum. We used our hands to massage in the drops that had fallen on to our breasts. The only ‘cleaning up’ we were allowed to do was to brush our hair and when it came time to get dressed, Oscan handed me one of Vicky’s g-strings and suggested I wear it. I’ve seen Vicky’s underwear selection before so went fishing around in her panties drawer and returned with another g-string that was tied with bows on the sides (to sort of match the bows tying the sides of the dress together) and slipped them on. As partial revenge for earlier Vicky spread my lips and made sure the panties were nestled up between my lips so I made sure to lend her one of my special bras (that left our nipples exposed) and we posed for another picture in our revealing underwear. As we finished getting dressed I told Oscar that he could have as many pictures as he wanted, providing he was prepared to give me a copy for Mike and Jen to see – and made sure that he understood that they really wanted to see Vicky and not just me. He was fine with this and as soon as we were ready we called a taxi and headed out in to town to visit some of their favourite clubs.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 1

On the second last weekend in May I finally got to visit Vicky and Oscar again. I had been looking forward to this for a while as they are both quite good in bed and I remembered loving how Oscar’s cum felt so thick and silky, both inside me and as it ran out of me. I had made sure that Oscar was well aware of how much I wanted him to fuck me again by a Skype session on the Thursday before I set off to visit where I masturbated for him while Vicky sucked him. I had told her in advance to just tease him though and not to let him cum. This drove him wild and I got to witness him going down on V and giving her a good orgasm before he told me that he was going to fuck me so many times I wouldn’t be able to walk (if only he could manage that!).

I set off from work a little early on Friday afternoon and as a bonus for him I went in to the bathroom on the train and stripped off, just leaving a pair of stockings and my bra on and then putting my coat on. I didn’t have one of my long coats with me and the tops of my stockings were just about visible when I stood (and the skin of my thighs was visible when I sat). From experience I know that it looks like I’m naked under my coat when dressed like this, but I think most people would assume that I just had a short skirt on. The train was quite busy so I couldn’t do anything to enjoy myself, but it was arousing just sitting in a state of near nudity with so many people around.

When I arrived and found Vicky and Oscar, we wandered over to the side of the station and I undid a few buttons on my coat to show how I was dressed. They said that they had been planning on stopping off for a drink on the way home and I told them that I didn’t see why we shouldn’t do that so we headed off to a pub and sat chatting with me occasionally opening my coat to let Oscar look and sometimes touch me. I didn’t let him do all the work and caressed his cock through his trousers a number of times and on the way back I dragged them both in to an alleyway and let Oscar watch as Vicky and I kissed and fingered each other. He was getting impatient by this point so as we walked the rest of the way back to their place I got him to calm down a bit and described how I wanted to tease him for as long as possible so when he came, he would shoot as much of his wonderful cum over and into me as he could. He really seemed to like how much I loved the way his cum felt and promised that he would let Vicky and I tease him a bit more.

Once inside, I slipped off my coat and quickly remove my stockings and bra, then helped Vicky undress (but much more slowly). Each time I removed an item of her clothing, I would kiss and caress whatever was exposed and as she got closer to being naked I spent longer on each area. When her tights came off I kissed and licked around her thighs, when her bra came off I worked on her breasts and then got Oscar to help me out with them. When she just had her panties left I licked and ate her through them and finally pulled them off and buried my tongue in her pussy. I repeatedly complimented her on how I loved her sweet little cunt and how jealous Mike was about the fact I got to eat her again. We then moved up to the bedroom and Oscar watched as Vicky and I 69ed, using tongues, fingers and a couple of toys (her ones) on each other. We let Oscar watch us from various angles as we played with each other but made him wait until we had both cum before he was allowed to even get undressed.

Needless to say, his cock was nice and hard and I knelt in front of him, took hold of his cock and rubbed the head over my face and back and forth across my neck (he knows about my neck fetish). I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then got Vicky to join me so we could lick it together. He loved this and I promised him he could cum over our faces at some point if he wanted, but that he still had to hold back for now as I wanted the first load of his cum to be inside me. We spent quite a while working on his cock and fondling his balls and I then took him between my breasts and fucked him while Vicky licked the glans (and quite often my breasts). Oscar was desperate to cum by this point and I took pity on him and climbed up on to the bed. I asked Vicky if I could borrow her boyfriend’s cock for a while and she told me to go ahead. He rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me, working in a little with each stroke until he was buried all the way in, at which point he lay on top of me and started to pump away. We fucked like that for a while and then rolled over so I could ride him and let him play with my breasts while I played with my clit. Vicky then helped out with my clit so I could lean forwards and let Oscar suck on my nipples as I rode him and I repeatedly told him that I wanted to feel his wonderful cum filling my cunt and how I would rub it all over my body when it leaked out of me. As he got closer to cumming, Oscar grabbed my ass and guided my movements. I told him to hold back until I’d cum or he would have to eat me (which would be a waste of his cum), but as Vicky was still frigging my clit I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came anyway.

As my orgasm built I told him how I was going to cum around his cock and concentrated on the sensation of him sliding and out of me as Vicky frigged me. A little before I came (when I was pretty sure I would get there first) I went back to telling him that I wanted him to cum in me and to fill my cunt with as much as he could produce. All through my orgasm I kept telling him to fuck me and to cum in me but I was too far ahead for him to catch up. That didn’t stop us from continuing though and once Vicky moved away (now her work was done) I could ride Oscar a bit more energetically. I slid up and down the length of his cock, with his hands still on my ass guiding my movements. I tried to get as high up as possible before sliding back down, but was careful to keep him inside me as Mike once slid out of me when we were fucking like that and we both got badly hurt (nothing permanent, just painful). Oscar told me he was getting close and when he started to cum I pressed down on his cock and kept him buried all the way inside me, but still moved up and down a little to stimulate him. Oscar let out a little moan and I squeezed myself around his cock, trying to milk out as much cum as possible. He was still panting lightly when I told him to roll us over again so all his cum didn’t leak out of me straight away and once I was on my back, he slowly pulled out.

I got him to sit on the bed beside me and rubbed his cock over my breasts and neck, gave the head of his cock a few kisses and then reached down to scoop up the cum that was starting to leak out of me. As promised, I rubbed it over my breasts, neck, thighs and face (and even lifted my hips up to reach under myself and rub some over my ass). I massage the rest around my pussy and tried to describe how his cum felt so smooth and luxurious. Oscar appreciated the compliment and I asked Vicky if she wanted to help me kitty kiss his cock – which she did. He lay back on the bed and the two of us kissed and licked up and down the shaft and across the head (taking care to be much gentler on the head) and fondling his balls. For a while we took turns with one of us working on his cock and the other licking his balls and we did a good job of keeping him hard (although he wasn’t sure he was ready to fuck again yet). Fortunately I had a few extra tricks to move things along and dug around in my bag and pulled out one of my favourite double ended dildos.

I rubbed one end around my pussy and slid it in to me, then used the other end in the same way on Vicky’s pussy before turning it around and burying the end coated in my juices and Oscar’s cum in her cunt and then climbing on to the other end. Vicky and I pushed against the dildo until our pussies met in the middle and I told Oscar to imagine that the dildo was his cock and he was fucking us both at once. He liked this idea so I told him to remind me the following day, but for now to just watch and enjoy so he would be ready to fuck again. Vicky and I rubbed against each other and humped back and forth on the dildo. We took pity on Oscar and let him join in, allowing him to play with our breasts and then help out by using a vibe on our clits. Before we got too carried away, we even gave his cock a few licks each but then got him to move back and watch as we increased the speed of our humping and grinding. The usual rules applied – whoever came first had to keep going until the other person came, even if the sensations were intense. I tend to alternate at times like this and sometimes hold back so I can make sure the other person gets a good orgasm (so I can keep moving against them lots as they cum) and other times take pity on them and cum first so they won’t have to put up with any too-intense sensations. I went down the latter route this time – although I’ve had a fair few more orgasms than Vicky now and I’m used to being teased (or tortured) by Jen and Mike so I’m quite used to intense feelings.

I played with my clit a little to speed things along but made sure to finish off by grinding against Vicky’s cunt (while I love the feeling of a hard cock thrusting in to me or a tongue on my pussy, there is something magical about the way another girl’s lips feel when sliding against mine). I came for them both – being fairly vocal but not overly so – and then kept humping and grinding against Vick’s cunt until Vicky came. This actually took a good few minutes and I was beginning to tire by the time she came, but did my best to keep going and she seemed to enjoy herself.

We had a break for a while and chatted but fondled Oscar’s cock from time to time so he didn’t lose his erection. I told them about Lis’ desire for Mike to get her pregnant and Vicky said that Lis was the next ‘other girl’ that Oscar wanted to fuck. I refrained from pointing out that I very much doubted that Lucy would ever let Lis fuck Vicky (her ex), although I think if she was allowed to that Lis might be up for doing things with them at least once (despite Lis’ protests that she is a lesbian and only lets Mike do things with her as she trusts him, I’ve seen how much she enjoys fucking him and would put money on her being bi).

I let Oscar spoon with me for a while as we talked and started moving back against him as I got more aroused. I didn’t want to be selfish (okay, I always want to be selfish when it comes to sex but I didn’t want to *appear* selfish) so asked Vicky if she minded if I fucked him again or if she wanted him inside her. She told me that he was mine for the weekend – providing of course I took care of her – so we started to move against each other more energetically. Vicky rubbed a vibe against my clit and lay beside us, kissing and sucking my nipples. This combination felt really good but I couldn’t reach Vicky’s pussy to do anything to her. She said that she didn’t mind so I made her promise to let me kitty kiss her afterwards and then just lay back and enjoyed what was being done to me. I love being the centre of attention like this and could almost feel the sensations from my pussy, clit and breasts joining up. I usually have to be teased for quite a while beforehand to have a deep orgasm, but I recognised the feeling as it built and asked them to just keep doing what they were doing. My orgasm slowly built and pulsed through my whole body – at this point I could definitely feel everything they were doing to me and each thrust, lick and vibration seemed to resonate around my body and over my skin. To be fair it wasn’t as strong as some of the deep orgasms I’ve had, but definitely felt wonderful and even when the orgasm ended, the stimulation still felt nice so I asked if they would carry on until Oscar came. They did as I asked and I’m pretty sure that if things had carried on a while longer that I would have ended up cumming again, but for once I decided not to be greedy and just enjoyed the feeling of Oscar buried inside me while I kissed Vikcy.

She had realised I’d had a strong orgasm and asked me to describe it. I did the best I could and likened it to a neck orgasm (the way I often cum when having my neck stroked, which I love, but takes ages). Oscar was intrigued by this and even though he has been told I can cum with just my neck being stroked, he didn’t really believe it so I offered myself to him and said if he was prepared to take the time and learn how to stroke me, he could do it himself (or have Vicky do it, I’d probably let anyone make me cum like that if they were willing). I told Vicky that I hadn’t forgotten her promise to let me kitty kiss her but we waited until Oscar’s cock withered and slipped out of me. Vicky said she didn’t want to cum so I was gentle with her and didn’t try to push her, but I did enjoy her pussy for quite a while and then handed her off to Oscar for a few minutes before returning for a second helping and leaving her pussy wet and rather pink looking. We went to sleep with Oscar between Vicky and me and I gave them the usual warning of how I would wake them

It was actually Oscar who woke up first and I woke to the feeling of his mouth sucking on one of my nipples and fins fingers stroking around my pussy (unfortunately he hadn’t actually started frigging me yet). I opened my legs a little to give him better access and when he said that he assumed I wouldn’t mind I told him it felt wonderful and to keep going. I reached down to stroke his cock and he progressed to fingering and frigging me (while still using his mouth on my breasts). I gently moaned from time to time as encouragement and Vicky eventually woke up and asked what we were doing so I told her that her boyfriend was forcing himself on me and I was afraid that he was going to fuck me. Vicky disappeared to the bathroom and when she returned I asked if I could give her a good-morning orgasm while Oscar fucked me (he had said he wanted to fuck me while I ate Vicky). She was up for this so arranged herself appropriately on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass. I crawled between her legs and started to tease her while Oscar slid into me and slowly ramped up the pressure I used as Oscar’s movements became more energetic. He reached around to fondle my breasts and switched hit attention back and forth between these and my clit so I reached up to have a gentle play with Vicky’s breasts (this was more for his enjoyment than hers as I wasn’t in a good position to fondle them properly). I didn’t pay much attention to Vicky’s ass, but did rim her a couple of times and she let out a little yelp when I did this so I speared her and got a bigger yelp. Oscar asked what I was doing and she told him so I grabbed on to her clit with my lips and flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth across it. This got an even bigger reaction out of her but I quickly eased off and said I didn’t want her to cum too quickly and that we should enjoy ourselves for as long as possible.

Oscar complained that he didn’t know if he could hold out for as long as he had the previous night and in response I told him that if he did what we wanted that he would get to cum as many times as he could and would get to see us do whatever he wanted us to do with each other. He ended up lasting for quite a while, during which time I got Vicky close to cumming a couple of times and then backing off. Only when he said he really wanted to cum did I tell him to frig me harder and I started eating Vicky again in earnest. I kept her quite close to cumming for a little while in the hope of getting her to cum at the same time as either Oscar or me, but I pushed a little too far and she started to cum before us. It would have been cruel to stop and leave her hanging so I kept going and gave her the best orgasm I could – from her reaction it must have been reasonably powerful as she squirmed around under my mouth and I had to wrap my arms around her legs to anchor myself to her cunt.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Private Photoshoot

On the Tuesday after Sue and Josie’s second visit we headed off to a local photographer after work to get some pregnancy pictures taken. As I’ve mentioned before, Jen had become increasingly self-conscious about her body and we had thought that this would be a good way to help demonstrate to her that just because she was a significantly different shape than usual, she looked incredibly sexy. We had arranged the photos a good few weeks beforehand and by the time we went for them we had already pretty much convinced her of this anyway (the fact that we both still wanted to fuck her whenever we could probably had a part to play in this) but we thought they would be a nice memento of the pregnancy anyway.

We had seen some of the similar work the photographer had done and knew that we had a number of options so had already decided that both Mike and I would want a couple of naked shots with Jen. The poses were all fairly tasteful, although everything was on display and the photographer said that she didn’t mind if Mike had an erection. Along with the shots of Jen, we had decided on wanting shots of Jen and my pussies and Mike’s cock so we could get large prints of each of them and hang them together as in installation. The photographer was quite happy to do this and we took turns posing individually for these, taking some ‘natural’ shots as well as a couple with our pussies slightly spread (not the whole way, just enough to display our vaginas).

While we were there I asked if we could have some ‘action’ shots taken but the photographer said she didn’t do that sort of work (it was probably beneath her as an artist), but did give us the number of someone who could help out. Once we were dressed, we spent a while looking at the shots she had taken and chose the ones we wanted made in to prints. We chose three of Jen (by herself) and debated whether we should get the prints of our pussies at the same size as the one of Mike’s cock, or to keep them in proportion. In the end we decided to get them the same height (48”) and a little wider so that the three images would work well together. It certainly wasn’t a cheap visit, but Jen was really happy with the photos of her and when the prints (on canvas) finally arrived (after about a month), Mike hung them in Jen’s bedroom.


We didn’t have to wait as long to get an appointment with the second photographer and was with him on the Thursday (Mike and I took the afternoon off work to attend). Even though Jen and I had thoroughly shaved our pussies for the Tuesday shoot, Mike did us again before we set off (he didn’t need trimming again). We had thought a little about the kinds of shots we wanted and went with a shopping list which we showed to the photographer and discussed what he was prepared to do (and get any ideas from him).

Once we had drawn up the list of shots we wanted, we stripped off and I got things started by sitting on a chair with my legs spread and masturbating while the photographer got some close up shots of my fingers inside me. I then moved on to fingering both my cunt and ass and Mike pushed his cock in to my mouth. I was instructed to hold this with one hand and swirl my tongue around the head and from that we moved on to having Jen sit over my face and getting some shots of me licking her. Next was Mike fucking me while Jen knelt on all fours over my face and Jen and I then switched positions before trying it the other way around (with Mike fucking Jen on all fours while she ate me).

We next got some close up shots of our spread pussies and Jen masturbated until she was dripping wet. She and I then sat beside each other and initially masturbated each other, but then played with ourselves and concentrated cumming at the same time so the guy could get a series of orgasm shots. We hadn’t been able to decide on the best way for Mike to cum – I liked the idea of having his cum oozing out of one of us (unfortunately he can’t cum enough to fill us both) and also liked the idea of having his cum splattered over our bodies but the photographer suggested we go for a double facial. He got some nice shots of Jen and I sucking on Mike’s cock together and when it was time for Mike to cum, we pressed our cheeks together and waited while he stroked his cock and unloaded over us. As we had known he would be cumming on us (in one manner or other), he had been saving up for a day so managed to produce a fair number of squirts and the photographer managed to get a number of shots of Mike’s cum squirting on to our faces and then more with us covered with his cum and gently sucking on his cock again.

I was going to offer myself to the guy as a thank you for getting such good shots but there are apparently best practice guidelines than mean photographers should never do things with their models. I was quite disappointed by this as I had really enjoyed the session and was feeling incredibly horny by the time we had finished looking through the pictures. We ended up negotiating a deal with the guy to get the original files in return for me being willing to pose for a couple of adult/erotic photography classes he was running. I was told that I wouldn’t have to actually have sex or cum in front of them but I said that I didn’t mind doing this if people wanted me to.

When we got home it was a relatively nice evening and I took Jen out in to the garden to have a play and indulge her watersports fetish. By this point of the pregnancy, her bladder capacity was significantly reduced so she saved her pee for when she came, but she still enjoyed having Mike and I pee over her as she masturbated and as an extra bonus, Mike fastened his mouth to her cunt and ate her through her orgasm, letting her pee in to his mouth as she came (he doesn’t drink it, but Jen loves doing this now she has found that we are willing to indulge her. I then let her eat me while Mike fucked her and I rubbed our pee into her breasts as we did this. When Mike came, he pulled out and came over her body – even though he didn’t produce too much cum, I rubbed this in to Jen as well and we then lay there naked for a while enjoying the evening air on our wet skin.

Jen then wanted us to kiss her so Mike and I kissed all over her body and kitty kissed her pussy. I offered to go get some toys to use on her but she just wanted to feel our skin on her so we kept kissing and licking her until she was ready to cum again, at which point we double teamed her and Mike spooned with her while I lapped at her clit. Jen loved the way this felt so we took our time and spent about half an hour stimulating her like this until she was bursting to cum (her phrasing). We weren’t specifically teasing her, just taking things slowly so she agreed to continue until she came naturally, but when she did I was ‘rewarded’ with another spray of pee. I stayed my ground though and let her pee over my face as she came but once she finished I immediately turned around and kissed her so she could taste both her juices (what I had of them) and her pee from my face.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Sue and Josie’s Second Visit – Part 3

Mike’s evening with Sue went as you would expect. He spent quite a while going down on her and made her cum like that, then spent a while gently fucking her while they talked. Sue wanted to know about Lisa and I think that she might have actually been jealous of her if she hadn’t been with Josie. Naturally Mike wanted Sue to meet Lisa (and preferably to have a threesome with them both), which Sue wasn’t opposed to but said that she thought it would take a little longer to get Josie to agree to doing things with even more people. Mike set Sue the challenge of bringing Josie along to the sex parties, pointing out that they could just do things with each other at first, but they then went on to imagine what it would be like to have Josie as the ‘group fuck’ target for the party with everyone eating, fingering and fucking her until she couldn’t cum any more. Sue liked the sound of that but added that she would quite like to be back in that situation as while her sex lift with Josie was quite good, Josie didn’t have anything like the appetite that Mike or Jen did (and certainly not anything that compared to a whole group of people who love to fuck).

Mike teased Sue about being a slutty little horny girl and about how she wanted to cum many times and said that he would be happy to oblige her, slipping out of her and kissing his way down past her breasts back to her pussy. Lis whined that she wanted him to fuck her properly but Mike just said that he would, once he had eaten her again. Sue knows better than to try and get between Mike’s tongue and her pussy (or any pussy) so she lay back and just enjoyed what he did to her. He sucked each of her lips in to his mouth a number of times and thoroughly licked around, across and inside her pussy until she was begging him to make her cum. He didn’t tease her too much though and once she had cum, he spent ages kitty kissing her. Even when Sue said she was ready to receive him he just pointed out that the longer he kitty kissed her, the hornier she would get, as well as the hornier he would get so he would be able to fuck her harder and give her more cum. He carried on kitty kissing her until Sue was writhing around under him, at which point he knelt up, rubbed his cock up and down her slit and asked if she was ready to be fucked.

Sue tried to pull him towards her but he asked if she would do something for him and reached over to pull out my Japanese schoolgirl skirt and some long white socks. Sue quickly pulled them on and pulled Mike towards her, allowing his cock to sink in to her hot wet cunt. Mike used long strokes for most of the session, the two of them kissing passionately as they fucked and repeatedly saying how much they had missed being together like this. Sue spent a while on top riding Mike, but they finished off with him on top and her legs wrapped around him. He was determined to make her cum without any direct clitoral contact and this was made easier by the state he had gotten her in to before they started to actually fuck (and their relationship helped too). As Sue got close to cumming Mike made her promise that he would always be allowed to do things with her and she agreed to this. They tried to time their orgasms together but Sue came a bit before Mike did, although not by too much as Mike had been holding back for quite a while as he enjoyed being back inside Sue. He stayed on top of her for a while, caressing her legs as they kissed and him reminding her about her promise, meaning that even if she were to split up with Josie and date a guy that she would have to ensure he was up for some wife swapping. Sue promised Mike again that they would always be able to fuck and that she had no intention of splitting up with Josie (which Mike preferred as it meant he would also get to do things with her).

I went down on Josie to wake her on the Sunday morning and she then did the same to Jen and then to me. She was significantly better at eating me this time and as we lay relaxing I told her I had a surprise for her after breakfast but wouldn’t tell her (or Jen) any more until the appropriate time. Mike had meanwhile eaten Sue awake and then spooned with her as they chatted until we came downstairs, at which point he semi-fucked Sue while Jen knelt and caressed her and they then stopped so we could have breakfast. Josie was given the job of lying on the table this time which meant we could all eat things off of and out of her pussy (it was mostly just licking yoghurt off of her, but we did use a few strawberries to toy with her). Jen quite liked the look of Josie’s nipples so she and Sue (who is also a nipple fetishist) had a play with them while Mike and I spent longer between Josie’s legs. I made sure that he knew not to make her cum and I went upstairs to prepare my surprise for her, returning a couple of minutes later wearing our good strap on and carrying our new one.

It was quite obvious that I wanted to fuck Josie, but the twist was that I wanted Sue to take her ass at the same time. Josie trusts Sue so agreed to this and once she had put on the strap-on (this was the one that left her pussy exposed, as opposed to mine which has a full harness to hold it more firmly in place), I lay on the floor (on the duvets), let Josie mount me and began to fuck her while Sue applied some lube to her dildo. We stopped moving as Sue moved up behind her and slowly pressed the dildo in to Josie’s ass. Once Sue had worked her way in, we started to move together but were interrupted by Mike who knelt behind Sue and pushed in to her cunt. He said he wasn’t going to stay in her for long and just wanted to join in so I also got Jen to crouch over my face so I could lick her and we could all be involved. As nice as it was being inclusive like this, I wanted Sue and me to fuck Josie properly so we got Mike and Jen out of the way and got serious. As Josie relaxed (and enjoyed herself) more, Sue could move a bit faster in her ass and I thrust the vibe repeatedly in to Josie’s cunt. I told her that for her next visit we could repeat this with our ejaculating strap-on and Mike’s cock so we could not only fuck both her holes but cum in both of them at the same time. Josie just replied by saying that she might wear the strap-on next time so I looked over her shoulder to Sue and told her that she should try and keep this one (to which Sue said she intended to). I pulled Josie against me to kiss her and pressed my breasts against hers. Our tongues thrashed against each other’s and between kisses I told her I wanted her to cum so hard that I would be able to feel it. From the little sounds she was making I guessed she was getting fairly close and made sure that when she actually came, I held her face in front of mine so I could watch the expressions of lust as they passed over her face.

I let Sue pull out of Josie first and kissed her a little longer before letting her dismount. Sue stepped out of her harness and I asked Josie if she wanted to see Sue suck my cock clean. As it was still vibrating Sue couldn’t take it in to her mouth, but she knelt in front of me and licked up and down the shaft, eagerly lapping her girlfriend’s juices up. By this point Mike wanted to fuck (or at least partially fuck) Sue but I had something else I wanted to do first and pulled Sue up, got her to kneel on all fours and took her doggystyle. At least it started that way, but I fucked her quite hard and ended up pressing her down so she was lying flat with me on top of her (one of her favourite positions – with a guy anyway). I kept pumping away in to her and decided that I may as well do things properly so reached around underneath her and frigged her clit. I noticed that Mike had grabbed the camera to film us and I could see that Sue’s upper body was getting flushed so I could tell she was close and just carried on until she let out a series of moans and said she was cumming.

By this point I was feeling incredibly horny (I had now fucked two people with the internal vibe pressing against my pussy) so I kept the vibe buried in Sue and lifted my body slightly to press the internal vibe more firmly against my clit. I rocked back and forth slightly to increase the sensation and told everyone that I was getting close to cumming and then lay down on Sue with my crotch still pulled up to keep the pressure on my clit. I felt my orgasm slowly but steadily build and told Sue that I was about to cum in her. She pushed her ass back against me and told me to go ahead and I was in the process of telling her that she was as dirty a girl as I was when I came. It was a pretty impressive orgasm, which I think Sue was well aware of as I kept panting and swearing in to her ear as it pulsed through me. I pushed hard in to her a few times as if I was actually cumming in her (although if I could really do that, I would do it to Jen and Lis before doing it to Sue). I had certainly cum harder than I’d been expecting to and even felt a little shaky as I pulled the vibe out of Sue’s cunt and unfastened the harness. Once I had removed it I was told to suck the vibe clean of Sue’s juices (which was easier for me as I could turn it off) and when I’d done this Sue was told to lick the internal vibe clean). Josie was somewhat taken aback at our display, but said that it had been incredibly hot. Mike and Jen defended us in as much as they told Josie that while we had fingered and used toys on each other before, we hadn’t put on a display quite we had that weekend.

Mike and Jen took out their built up passion on Josie – eating her, fingering her and fucking her until she came again, Mike came in her and Josie licked and used the vibe from the strap-on to get Jen off. We lay around chatting and dreaming up more ways of involving Josie in our games. She was quite up for this, but did warn us that might end up breaking her if we carried on as intensely. Mike spent a while kitty kissing Josie and then took her up to shower. Sue then went up with Jen and was going to pee before the shower but Jen reminded Sue who she was with so they stood under the water and kissed while peeing on each other’s legs. I then showered by myself (with very little hot water) and by the time I emerged, everyone had convinced Josie to go to lunch without panties on. She was given a suitable dress to wear for this and even allowed us to convince her to go out without a bra on. Over lunch we stole a number of caresses from Josie and I also got her to sit on my hand for a while so I could fondle her pussy. After lunch we went for a little wander to some semi-secluded woods and while one person kept a look-out, the others took turns fondling, licking and fingering each other (and Sue had a good suck on Mike’s cock). I thought it would have been good for him to cum over Sue’s face and then dare her to get home without wiping herself clean, but as he pointed out he probably couldn’t have produced too much more cum (if any) and he really wanted to give Sue a proper goodbye fuck before they left.

The teasing had been enough to convince Josie to go for this so when we got back to the house I took Josie in to Mike’s room and we used a number of toys on each other but finished things off by 69ing (to help bring us closer and build our relationship) and then carried on kitty kissing each other for quite a while. At one point I thought I was going to get her to go another round but when I tried to push things up a notch she said that she had already cum more times than she could and even pointing out the illogic in this wasn’t enough to convince her to let me try to make her cum one more time. Meanwhile Mike and Jen teamed up on Sue – Mike fucked Jen while they both ate Sue and he then fucked Sue while they both ate Jen. Once Jen had cum Mike then finished off his session with Sue, giving her a long, hard pounding as she rode him and then letting Jen take care of kitty kissing Sue. Sue told them that she was sure she had felt the baby kick the top of her head a few times when Jen had been sitting on Sue’s face and Mike described how he often felt the baby move when he was spooning with Jen.

As Josie and Sue got dressed and packed their things up, we challenged them to cum on the journey home by either masturbating themselves or each other. Josie wasn’t sure they would be able to do it but Sue assured us that as long as they had a chance, they would give it a go, and in preparation for this Josie was denied the choice of wearing panties for the journey. They actually ended up doing a much better job than we had expected: about halfway back they had a little space around them in the train and Sue sat her feet up on either side of her, spread her pussy and started to play with herself. She got Josie to text us a picture of this and then got Josie to join in (Sue texted us a picture of Josie as well). Josie couldn’t believe she was actually openly masturbating in the middle of a train with other people just a few seats back from them, but her surprise grew when Sue knelt on the floor in front of Josie and pushed her tongue in to Josie’s cunt. Josie struggled a little, but Sue held her in place and lapped away until Josie came (by which point she was holding Sue’s head against her pussy). They switched places and Josie started to eat Sue, but they were interrupted as the train pulled in to a station. Sue gently toyed with her clit in the hope they could just continue once the train got going again but someone sat across the aisle from them. Fortunately for Sue, she is related to me and now doesn’t give up too easily and simply threw her jacket over her lap to hide her fingers as she continued to toy with her clit. It’s not as easy for Sue to cum in public due to the fact that she gets so flushed, but she just pretended to be asleep and gently stroked her clit over and over while thinking (she says) about Mike’s cock sliding in to her. Josie saw Sue bite her lip and correctly surmised that she was cumming, after which Sue gave Josie deep kiss and texted us to give us a brief summary of how she had cum (we got the full description later as Sue knew we’d want the full details for this blog).