Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Latvian Lesbians – Part 1

(She’s actually bi, but that doesn't alliterate).
While I was away with Vicky and Oscar, Mike and Jen were having a fairly relaxing weekend and spent a bit of time getting things ready for the baby. There wasn’t a great deal to do though and to pass the time they had invited Ineta (the bi girl from Mike’s work) over for lunch. Mike had become fairly good friends with her over the previous few months since she had started and she had met Jen and me a number of times and was even aware of (some of) our open relationships (she knew I was away visiting some friends for a weekend of sex).

The weather wasn’t too bad and Jen had wanted to go out to the garden to get some sun (what there was of it anyway). It wasn’t really sunbathing weather but she asked if Ineta minded if she removed her top and was told to go ahead (naturally Jen was naked under her top). Ineta got to stroke the bump but the baby was asleep (or lazy) and didn’t respond. Mike stroked up and down Jen’s legs as they all chatted and gradually pushed Jen’s skirt up further and further. Ineta commented on this and Mike said that if she hadn’t been there that he would probably be fingering Jen by now (he had told Ineta how horny Jen was while pregnant). As he said this he pushed his hand right up to Jen’s pussy (under her skirt) and stroked up and down Jen’s lips while asking Ineta if he should just go ahead and do it anyway. From Mike’s hand movements it was obvious that he was doing something under Jen’s skirt and Ineta told him that he was just pretending. Mike challenged her to lift Jen’s skirt and see but warned her that he wasn’t bluffing and as Ineta pulled the material of Jen’s skirt up she realised that Mike was indeed actually fingering Jen.

Jen spread her legs and Mike asked Ineta if she minded him continuing (seeing as Jen obviously wanted to cum). Ineta had heard about a number of our exploits but other than (probably) having caught a few glimpses of Jen or my naked pussies under our skirts, this was the first thing she had actually witnessed. Mike carried on stroking Jen’s pussy and once Ineta said she was okay with it he suggested that they move indoors so Jen didn’t get too cold. Ineta asked if they wanted her to leave and give them some privacy and was told that they would rather she stayed and would stop doing things if it made her uncomfortable. She didn’t mind seeing what was going to happen and was just surprised that Jen was willing to let Ineta see her being played with, but Mike reminded her just how horny he said Jen had been.

They went up to Jen’s room and after slipping off her skirt, Jen lay on the bed and spread her legs once more. Mike took up position and stroked Jen’s pussy, letting Ineta watch everything that was happening. He didn’t conceal the bulge in his trousers but didn’t try to undress either and just slowly toyed with Jen. She had to change positions a few times due to the bump and the fact she couldn’t comfortably lie down in one position for too long. Jen really got in to it and happily fondled her breasts as Mike stroked her and as he worked he told Ineta (again) that I was really the exhibitionist in the group and how I would enjoy being watched by a new person even more than Jen was.

Mike said that he was quite sure Ineta was enjoying watching and he even got her to hold one of Jen’s legs to keep them spread. As Jen’s arousal grew further Mike asked Ineta if she wanted to help out. She asked if he was sure and Mike asked Jen if she minded (to which Jen just said oh yes, please) so Mike moed his hand out of the way and told Ineta to do whatever she wanted. She slowly slid her hand up Jen’s thigh and ran a couple of fingers over Jen’s pussy. Jen let out a few little mews at Ineta’s touch and Mike told her that this meant Jen really liked it as those sounds were usually reserved for when Jen was getting close to cumming. Jen asked to be touched more and Ineta gradually became bolder until she was frigging and fingering Jen at the same time. Mike asked her if she had ever used a dental dam (which she had) and if she wanted to use one now. Ineta gave Mike a sly look and asked if he wanted her to eat his girlfriend, to which Mike just nodded. Ineta asked if he was sure and he said he was happy to demonstrate, lowered his mouth to Jen’s pussy and gave her a good licking. Jen was so turned on by this point that she mewed and moaned quite a bit as his tongue swirled over her lips and clit. When Mike pulled back he told Ineta she could do as much or as little as she wanted, but that Jen would probably appreciate some help.

Ineta said she was willing to try and Mike pulled a dental dam out of the drawer. She unfolded it, placed it over Jen’s pussy and lowered her mouth to the material, paused briefly and then lapped away at Jen’s cunt. Jen mewed quite a bit as Ineta did this and Mike helped out by moving up the bed to suckle and fondle Jen’s nipples. After a little while Ineta asked if she should keep going and Jen pretty much begged her to continue. Ineta got stuck in again and Jen’s mewing quickly grew in intensity until she came. Ineta pulled her head away but Jen grabbed for her and Mike explained that Jen liked to be gently licked after cumming. Ineta returned to Jen’s pussy and gently licked her, but seemed to be a little unsure of what Jen wanted and later explained that she had never known a girl who wanted licked once she had cum.

Mike and Ineta had been fairly open with each other beforehand but now that a further wall had fallen, he (and Jen) explained the premise of kitty kissing to her. Ineta still wasn’t sure about this and said that she thought it would feel too intense just after she’d cum and Jen took the obvious next step of volunteering to demonstrate on her. Ineta wasn’t sure about this so they didn’t push it, but while Jen chatted to her, Mike crawled back down between Jen’s legs and kitty kissed her until Jen started squirming around again, at which point Mike surfaced and pointed out that this was the secondary use of kitty kissing (getting someone ready for round two). He teased Ineta a bit about what she would be missing out on and asked if she minded if Mike got Jen off again. She told him to go ahead and as he started eating Jen properly Jen ran a hand along Ineta’s leg and said that she would really like to thank her for making her cum. Ineta still seemed to be unsure what to do and just watched, although Jen kept a hand on Ineta’s leg and as Jen got closer to cumming ended up kissing Ineta’s leg. Ineta didn’t stop Jen from doing this and even reached over to fondle Jen’s breasts. Givent heir relative positions, this gave Mike a fairly good view up Ineta’s skirt and he got a good look at her panties as he munched on Jen’s pussy. Just before Jen came she slid a hand right up to Ineta’s crotch and even though she didn’t really play with Ineta’s pussy, her fingers certainly made contact with it.

Once she had cum, Jen relaxed back on to the bed and said she needed a rest so Mike and Ineta left her and headed downstairs. Ineta said she understood what Mike had meant about Jen being hyper-horny and he thanked her for helping out. Ineta agreed to stay for dinner and they sat and had a drink together. Mike told her that she should have accepted Jen’s invitation to be eaten and if she had been embarrassed about him being there he could have left them to it – or stayed and fucked Jen. Ineta told him that he just wanted to see her naked (which he didn’t deny) and he told her that she was missing out on a good thing as Jen was quite experienced in eating pussy (after which he said that from Jen’s reaction it looked like she was quite good at it too).

Ineta helped Mike make dinner and he went up to wake Jen and quickly confer with her. Mike returned first and Jen followed a few minutes later, wearing a very light nightdress (complaining that she was feeling warm due to the pregnancy). Jen said that she assumed Ineta wouldn’t mind given she had already seen her naked (and cumming) and Ineta told her it was fine. Once dinner was over they moved in to the living room and Jen said she was feeling horny again. Mike moved down between Jen’s legs and started to fondle her and Jen asked Ineta to sit beside her. She did as she was asked and Jen kissed her and Jen pulled one of Ineta’s hands over to fondle her breasts through her nightdress, which was quickly slipped down so Ineta could get to Jen’s breasts directly. Their kissing became more passionate and Jen once again slid her hand up Ineta’s leg and this time she properly caressed her inner thigh. Mike gently teased Jen, getting her nice and wet but not getting her too turned on and discreetly watched as Jen’s hand made it further up under Ineta’s skirt until Jen was rubbing her through her panties. Mike waited until he could see that Jen had her fingers inside Ineta’s panties before he asked Ineta if she wanted to reconsider letting Jen repay her. She said that this wasn’t fair, but didn’t stop Jen from playing with her pussy and after a few minutes more she said yes.

They all headed upstairs, Jen shed her nightdress and lay on the bed so Mike could continue eating her. She pulled Ineta down on to the bed beside her and kissed her while pulling Ineta’s top up and then getting her to move up the bed so Jen could play with her nipples. Mike gave Jen’s pussy a more thorough licking than he had done while downstairs, but still didn’t let her cum. Meanwhile, Jen’s had run her hands down Ineta’s back, pulled her skirt up and pushed them in to her panties. Mike caught glimpses of Jen’s fingers at work and got up to retrieve another dental dam from the drawer. He handed this to Jen who told Ineta to take her panties off as she opened it. Jen then got Ineta to kneel over her face, she applied the dam to Ineta’s pussy and pulled her down to her waiting mouth. She was facing away from Mike but Jen lifted the back of Ineta’s skirt a number of times to let him see what was going on (which was made easier as Ineta got more turned on and leant forwards against the headboard). Jen got Ineta to remove her top and bra and Mike wished she would remove her skirt as well but thought it best not to interrupt them (not that he thought it was likely that Ineta was going to stop by this point, he just didn’t want to interrupt the flow).

Mike desperately wanted to fuck someone but thought that this might be too much of an escalation so he concentrated on eating Jen. As she had been so far along, she came before Ineta did and mewed in to Ineta’s pussy as she came, but carried on eating her. Mike then kitty kissed Jen while paying more attention to the view of Ineta’s ass and pussy. When she came, she was fairly quiet and lifted herself off of Jen almost immediately. Jen pulled her back down but Ineta said she needed to lie down so as a compromise, she lay on her side and Jen rolled on to her side and used Ineta’s lower leg as a pillow to allow her to continue to kitty kiss her. Ineta was clearly a bit nervous about this but Jen used very gentle licks and Ineta slowly settled down as she realised it was enjoyable. Mike gave Jen time to work on Ineta and then sat up and watched. When Jen pushed Ineta’s legs apart he had a much better view of her pussy than he’d had before and could feel his cock twitching in his jeans at the thought of finally getting to do something with her.

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