Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Lis and Lucy May 2014 Visit – Part 4

Lis didn’t escape the wrath of the vibe and I got Mike to help me hold her down while Jen spread Lis’ lips and pressed the whole ball of the vibe against her pussy. Even though it was very intense, Lis didn’t try to hold back and just enjoyed the sensation and as she hadn’t struggled Jen didn’t try overstimulate her after she had cum. Mike did pounce on Lis though and slipped his cock in to her from behind so he could spoon with her and told her how close he felt to cumming. Lis told him to just go ahead and cum inside her but Mike wanted to make sure she came again so he just stayed in her and they gently spooned while we chatted and Jen and I took turns using the bodywand on each other (with Lucy helping out as well). Jen pointed out that I could easily get the whole ball inside my pussy and despite me pointing out that it had been Jen who had (briefly) tortured Lucy, she felt it was a fitting revenge. Technically I am meant to be able to tell Jen what to do when we are at home, but I lay back and let Jen pull my legs open, watched as Lucy smeared a fair bit of tingle gel over the ball and then pressed it against my pussy. She had turned it off to apply the lube and worked it in to me like that – only when the ball was completely inside me and I could feel myself stretched around it did Lucy turn it back on and Jen said this would be a wonderful demonstration for my next sex show.

I wasn’t really paying attention to what she said though as all I couldn’t really concentrate on anything due to the throbbing vibrations coursing through my pussy. Mike chided Lucy and told her not to ruin my pussy as he would be inside it later on – and then adding that he didn’t mind if he was allowed inside her pussy instead. I’m pretty sure that Lucy would have stopped but Jen encouraged her to keep going and said that if I could take her (Jen’s) fist, then the end of the vibe wouldn’t be too big for me. I squirmed around so much though that Lucy couldn’t keep the vibe inside me and after it slipped out (or I pulled myself off of it) Jen had to straddle me to hold me down. She pulled my lips apart and Lucy pressed the head against my pussy, but this time they went for more clitoral contact. My insides were still buzzing from the vibrations and the tingle gel that was now coating them and this, combined with the buzzing on my pussy and clit meant that I came very quickly. Fortunately Lucy isn’t a mean person so once I started to cum she didn’t keep the ball pressed up against my clit (too much), but it was still incredibly intense and if we’d been outside I would have probably let myself pee over Lucy.

Jen was now the only one who hadn’t played with the wand (on the receiving end of it anyway). Fortunately she didn’t try to resist and let Lucy use it on her while I played with her breasts. Mike released Lis to help out and watched as the three of us got Lucy off. He was desperate to cum by this point and convinced Lis to let him try and make her cum again, starting as usual with him eating her, but not trying to give her two orgasms himself and just licking until she was ready to fuck. They sat up on the sofa with Lis riding him for a while and he then took her over the arm of the sofa and then from behind with her front pressed up against the window. Lis didn’t complain about this, but did pull away when she saw someone come walking along the pavement towards the house. I teased her and said that she should have given the pedestrian a good view of her breasts up against the glass but Lis said she wanted to be lying down anyway when Mike came in her so we teased her more about just wanting Mike for his cum. Lis came while on top of Mike and they rolled over so he was on top when he came in her. Once again Lis kept her ass raised for a while after he had cum in her and said she just wanted to imagine that she was getting pregnant. Mike, Jen and I each had a turn kitty kissing her while she was in this position and Mike got another chance to kiss around Lucy’s thighs before we decided it was time to head up to bed.

Lucy didn’t want to cum again that night (even after I tried to convince her) but was willing to play with me. It certainly wasn’t as fun, but still felt good and Mike let me suck on his cock while Lucy made me cum. He didn’t want to cum again either, but at least me sucking him meant he was hard when we lay down to sleep and Lucy let him spoon up behind her and even slide his cock between her legs for a while (after a further promise to not ‘accidentally’ slide inside her). Lis and Jen had a proper session in Jen’s room and Lis spent quite a while flicking her tongue over Jen’s pussy (I have no idea how she can do it so fast for so long without getting tired). Lis managed to get Jen very wet and Jen rubbed her own juices over her breasts for Lis to lick off afterwards but not until Jen had played with Lis and repaid her for her orgasm.

The Sunday morning started off well, I got to share a double dildo with Lucy, Mike got to semi-fuck me in preparation for his next sperm donation to Lis and Jen fucked Lis with her hair (which was still getting fuller as the pregnancy proceeded). After breakfast Lucy surprised us all (apart from Lis) by putting on one of the pair of panties she had tried on the previous night, sitting down on the sofa and telling Mike that she wanted him to lick her through the panties. The thought of (sort of) getting something he had wanted for years really excited him and his cock rapidly rose to full mast. We asked Lucy why she hadn’t asked him to do this before and why now and she said that if she was going to let him give her a baby then she thought that they should start somewhere and had decided in advance that if she decided to actually let him do this then it was safer for it to happen just before she went home so they didn’t progress any further during that particular visit (she knows us and our methods quite well).

Mike threw a cushion on the floor and knelt between Lucy’s legs. He asked what he was allowed to do and if Lucy was sure and she explained that she didn’t want him to actually make her cum this time (he noted the ‘this time’) and that he was allowed to kiss or lick her through the panties but not to try to get to anything underneath them. Mike spent a few minutes kissing around Lucy’s thighs and right up to the material of the panties and then gently pulled on the skin just beside the panties, spreading her lips. The panties were white and had a solid crotch panel but fairly transparent front and back with little birds on them and Mike inhaled Lucy’s scent and told her that he loved it. He asked her if she was sure and waited until she nodded before nuzzling up against her crotch and licking her. He used long, firm strokes – up and down the entire length of her pussy and over her clit. Lucy said that it felt good so he spread her lips again and pushed his tongue harder against the material, pushing it a little way inside her. He carried on eating her like this for about 10 minutes, with him telling her when he began to taste her juices through the panties and her telling him when he did something that felt particularly nice. He got Lucy to the point of making lots of long ‘oohh’ noises and asked her if she was sure she didn’t want him to make her cum. She said that it sounded like a nice idea, but thought it would be better if he didn’t so after a couple more minutes (and her getting obviously more aroused) she said that it was enough and he should stop.

Mike reluctantly pulled away and we all got to have a look at her soaked panties. Mike asked if he could keep the panties (but as they were Jen’s this was somewhat unnecessary) and Lucy lifted her ass from the sofa and let them peel them off of her. Her pussy looked nice and pink and her lips were slightly engorged and at Mike’s request Lucy reached down and spread her lips revealing her quite wet looking (for Lucy anyway) inner lips. Mike asked if he could just give her one proper lick and Lucy said that she was sure that it would feel nice and that he could probably make her cum quite easily but that she wasn’t quite ready for that. As a reward for the way he had make her feel though, she slid a couple of fingers in to herself, got them thoroughly coated in her juices and then offered them to him. Mike sucked them clean and asked for more and Lucy repeated the process but said it was his last lot this visit. Mike took the offering from her, told her that she was as big a tease as Jen used to and then stood up between her legs with his cock pointing at her body. Mike took Hiscock in his hand and as he gently stroked himself he said it was only fair that Lucy should get some of his cum as Lis had monopolised it all up until now. Lucy said that she didn’t mind if he came over her (with the usual caveat of avoiding her pussy) but that she really wanted to cum. The fact that he was the one who had got her so turned on just made Mike even hornier and the idea of splattering Lucy with his cum really appealed to him, but given Lis’ behaviour so far that weekend, he also wanted to fuck her once more. He asked Lucy if he could cum over her at their next visit and when she said yes he pulled her up, gave her a big kiss and told her that Jen and I would take care of her and then dragged Lis upstairs to his room.

Jen and I did as we were told (and as we wanted) by finishing off what Mike had started with Lucy (teasing her quite a bit in the process) and Mike got Lis to put the little skirt back on, along with some cute panties and long white socks and gave her a long fuck (after having eaten her of course). There was a lot more baby making talk as they fucked and Lis told Mike that she was sure he was going to cum over Lucy but he told her that he couldn’t deny his little lesbian the opportunity to practice getting pregnant and even if they decided that Lucy should be the one to have the first child that he could always ‘slip’ in to Lis at some point when she was fertile. Once Lis came (with Mike whispering to her how he wanted her to have his baby) she wrapped her legs around him and kept telling him to give her his cum. He came quite hard inside her, with them both pressing their bodies together so he was as deep as he could get.

He spooned with her for a while after they fucked and Lis teased him about having nearly eaten Lucy and whether he would prefer to get her or Lucy pregnant. Mike said that while he would happily donate to either of them, he liked the idea of getting pregnant and that as long as he was allowed to eat Lucy properly he thought that he could cope with not being allowed to fuck her (although his ideal situation was to be allowed to do everything with both Lis and Lucy). Lis obviously really (really) wanted to have a baby and Mike described how his cum was seeping deeper in to her womb as they spooned and how if she could hold on to it for a week it might end up fertilising an egg so she could be pregnant even before the wedding. Lis told him he wasn’t being fair and that she would end up demanding he fuck her again if he kept going – so he did. He wasn’t up to actually fucking her again, but did go down on her and ate her to and then through her orgasm. He slipped back inside her as they kissed and promised Lis he would save his cum for her next visit.

Jen, Lucy and I had started to get ready by the time Mike and Lis emerged from his room so they quickly showered together and got dressed so we could head out for lunch. There was more wedding and baby talk as we ate and Mike slipped a hand under my ass to finger me from below. I wasn’t in any danger of cumming, but it felt nice being fingered in public. We had a bit of time before Lis and Lucy had to set off so went for a gentle stroll by the river after lunch holding hands (Jen with Lucy and Mike either side of her and Lis and I together). Lis and I walked a little way ahead so I could ask her about who would actually be having the baby – she said that she really didn’t know, but hoped it could be her as she had gotten so broody recently.

On returning home Mike and I double teamed Lis, eating her and then having Mike fuck her while she ate me. Mike pointed out that when Jen and I were trying to get pregnant that we almost always did things as a threesome so it was all fair (implying that Lucy should have been in my place as he fucked Lis). Once he came in her he left me with Lis to say our goodbyes and went to see Jen and Lucy. When Lis and I came downstairs we found that Mike had convinced Lucy to let him give her pussy a goodbye kiss through her panties. It wasn’t anywhere near as long as he had done earlier but he was still happy about it.

Unfortunately there was none of the usual fondling at the send-off as neither Lis nor Lucy had long enough jackets on to facilitate this. Mike thanked Lucy profusely for letting him between her legs and promised her that if she let him, he would spend as long as she wanted kitty kissing and licking her. Lucy told him he would have to wait and see and I later told him that it wasn’t fair for him to monopolise our visitors (he got to spend more time with Lis than I had and she is meant to be my girlfriend), let alone how long he would hold on to Lucy for if he was allowed to!

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