Monday, 13 April 2015

Private Photoshoot

On the Tuesday after Sue and Josie’s second visit we headed off to a local photographer after work to get some pregnancy pictures taken. As I’ve mentioned before, Jen had become increasingly self-conscious about her body and we had thought that this would be a good way to help demonstrate to her that just because she was a significantly different shape than usual, she looked incredibly sexy. We had arranged the photos a good few weeks beforehand and by the time we went for them we had already pretty much convinced her of this anyway (the fact that we both still wanted to fuck her whenever we could probably had a part to play in this) but we thought they would be a nice memento of the pregnancy anyway.

We had seen some of the similar work the photographer had done and knew that we had a number of options so had already decided that both Mike and I would want a couple of naked shots with Jen. The poses were all fairly tasteful, although everything was on display and the photographer said that she didn’t mind if Mike had an erection. Along with the shots of Jen, we had decided on wanting shots of Jen and my pussies and Mike’s cock so we could get large prints of each of them and hang them together as in installation. The photographer was quite happy to do this and we took turns posing individually for these, taking some ‘natural’ shots as well as a couple with our pussies slightly spread (not the whole way, just enough to display our vaginas).

While we were there I asked if we could have some ‘action’ shots taken but the photographer said she didn’t do that sort of work (it was probably beneath her as an artist), but did give us the number of someone who could help out. Once we were dressed, we spent a while looking at the shots she had taken and chose the ones we wanted made in to prints. We chose three of Jen (by herself) and debated whether we should get the prints of our pussies at the same size as the one of Mike’s cock, or to keep them in proportion. In the end we decided to get them the same height (48”) and a little wider so that the three images would work well together. It certainly wasn’t a cheap visit, but Jen was really happy with the photos of her and when the prints (on canvas) finally arrived (after about a month), Mike hung them in Jen’s bedroom.


We didn’t have to wait as long to get an appointment with the second photographer and was with him on the Thursday (Mike and I took the afternoon off work to attend). Even though Jen and I had thoroughly shaved our pussies for the Tuesday shoot, Mike did us again before we set off (he didn’t need trimming again). We had thought a little about the kinds of shots we wanted and went with a shopping list which we showed to the photographer and discussed what he was prepared to do (and get any ideas from him).

Once we had drawn up the list of shots we wanted, we stripped off and I got things started by sitting on a chair with my legs spread and masturbating while the photographer got some close up shots of my fingers inside me. I then moved on to fingering both my cunt and ass and Mike pushed his cock in to my mouth. I was instructed to hold this with one hand and swirl my tongue around the head and from that we moved on to having Jen sit over my face and getting some shots of me licking her. Next was Mike fucking me while Jen knelt on all fours over my face and Jen and I then switched positions before trying it the other way around (with Mike fucking Jen on all fours while she ate me).

We next got some close up shots of our spread pussies and Jen masturbated until she was dripping wet. She and I then sat beside each other and initially masturbated each other, but then played with ourselves and concentrated cumming at the same time so the guy could get a series of orgasm shots. We hadn’t been able to decide on the best way for Mike to cum – I liked the idea of having his cum oozing out of one of us (unfortunately he can’t cum enough to fill us both) and also liked the idea of having his cum splattered over our bodies but the photographer suggested we go for a double facial. He got some nice shots of Jen and I sucking on Mike’s cock together and when it was time for Mike to cum, we pressed our cheeks together and waited while he stroked his cock and unloaded over us. As we had known he would be cumming on us (in one manner or other), he had been saving up for a day so managed to produce a fair number of squirts and the photographer managed to get a number of shots of Mike’s cum squirting on to our faces and then more with us covered with his cum and gently sucking on his cock again.

I was going to offer myself to the guy as a thank you for getting such good shots but there are apparently best practice guidelines than mean photographers should never do things with their models. I was quite disappointed by this as I had really enjoyed the session and was feeling incredibly horny by the time we had finished looking through the pictures. We ended up negotiating a deal with the guy to get the original files in return for me being willing to pose for a couple of adult/erotic photography classes he was running. I was told that I wouldn’t have to actually have sex or cum in front of them but I said that I didn’t mind doing this if people wanted me to.

When we got home it was a relatively nice evening and I took Jen out in to the garden to have a play and indulge her watersports fetish. By this point of the pregnancy, her bladder capacity was significantly reduced so she saved her pee for when she came, but she still enjoyed having Mike and I pee over her as she masturbated and as an extra bonus, Mike fastened his mouth to her cunt and ate her through her orgasm, letting her pee in to his mouth as she came (he doesn’t drink it, but Jen loves doing this now she has found that we are willing to indulge her. I then let her eat me while Mike fucked her and I rubbed our pee into her breasts as we did this. When Mike came, he pulled out and came over her body – even though he didn’t produce too much cum, I rubbed this in to Jen as well and we then lay there naked for a while enjoying the evening air on our wet skin.

Jen then wanted us to kiss her so Mike and I kissed all over her body and kitty kissed her pussy. I offered to go get some toys to use on her but she just wanted to feel our skin on her so we kept kissing and licking her until she was ready to cum again, at which point we double teamed her and Mike spooned with her while I lapped at her clit. Jen loved the way this felt so we took our time and spent about half an hour stimulating her like this until she was bursting to cum (her phrasing). We weren’t specifically teasing her, just taking things slowly so she agreed to continue until she came naturally, but when she did I was ‘rewarded’ with another spray of pee. I stayed my ground though and let her pee over my face as she came but once she finished I immediately turned around and kissed her so she could taste both her juices (what I had of them) and her pee from my face.

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