Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sue and Josie’s Second Visit – Part 1

I had been intending to visit Vicky and Oscar again the second mid-May weekend, but once again my plans had to change as Sue had called and said that she and Josie wanted to come up and visit us again. She told us that since their previous visit, she had described what she used to get up to with Mike, Jen and me in explicit detail to Josie many times (including when they were fucking) and had gotten Josie to imagine having everyone playing with her. This, coupled with what Josie had witnessed during their previous visit turned out to be enough to convince Josie to at least consider playing properly with us and while she hadn’t promised anything would actually happen, Sue was hopeful that it would.

This meant that despite the initial meeting being friendlier than before (as we now actually knew Josie properly), it was just as awkward as nobody really knew what was going to happen. We stopped off for a drink on the way home and things settled down as we chatted, but as we walked home the tension obviously rose again. Rather than trying to skirt around it we decided that it would be better to attack it head on so once we were sitting down inside Jen said that we all knew why Josie and Sue had come back and that she would love to be allowed to do things with Sue again but if Josie either didn’t want to or wasn’t ready then it was fine. Josie said that she was just worried that it might be a bit weird, although given she had seen us all naked (as well as fucking and cumming) during the previous visit then ‘weird’ was a bit relative.

Josie went on to explain that while she’d had a few threesomes before (which we already knew about) they weren’t with people she was dating so this was the first time that this particular situation had come up for her. She knew that Sue wouldn’t cheat on her, but also knew that Sue enjoyed being fucked by a guy (as does Josie) and had said earlier in the week that she would much prefer it to be with someone away from their shared group of friends and that she (or Sue) trusted. Sue pointed out that Josie would be on the receiving end of attention from us as well and Mike asked Josie if she minded if he or Jen were to make out with Sue. Josie gave the go ahead for this so Jen spent a short while kissing Sue while the rest of us sat in relative silence and watched and when asked, Josie said that she had been fine watching this. Jen then got Sue to pull her top off and spent a while sucking on Sue’s nipples, halfway through which, Jen’s hand slid up Sue’s thigh and under her skirt. (Jen had meant to take things a bit slower, but now she had Sue back between her lips she just did what came naturally.)

Mike had hoped to have a fondle of Sue as well before taking things any further, but he adapted to the situation and knelt on the floor in front of Sue, pulled her legs apart and after watching Jen stroking Sue’s pussy (she didn’t have panties on) asked Josie if he could have a taste of Sue. Josie gave him the go ahead so he told Jen to move her hand and planted his mouth on Sue’s pussy. Sue pulled his head tighter against her and he started to eat her (as in the case of Jen, he had intended to take things slowly, but once he got started he wanted to make up for not having played with Sue for so long). Mike swirled his tongue around her lips, up inside her, across her ass and over her clit. Sue looked like she was really enjoying what was being done to her and had Jen’s top pulled up so she could play with Jen’s breasts. Josie looked a little flushed so I asked if she was enjoying the view and when she said she was I told her that I really loved seeing Sue enjoy herself this much and then slid a hand between my legs to stroke myself in a somewhat exaggerated fashion. I asked Josie if she wanted to join them so that they could all make Sue cum together or whether she wanted Mike and/or Jen to have a turn with her. Josie wasn’t quite ready to have us do things to her, but did switch places with me so she was beside Sue and helped play with Sue’s breasts. Sue slid a hand up between Josie’s legs and massaged the crotch of her jeans which Josie pulled away from slightly at first, but allowed as Sue got more aroused (and her hand got insistent). Jen asked Josie if she wanted to see Sue cum but before Josie answered Sue let out a pleading ‘please’ so Josie said it looked like it was too late to stop anyway. Mike and Jen (with a little help from Josie) pushed Sue over the edge and she happily came in front of us all. By this point I had two fingers working on and in my own pussy and as Sue lay recovering from her orgasm Mike moved over to me and kissed me deeply, getting me to taste Sue’s juices from his face. Jen climbed down from the sofa and took up position between Sue’s legs, gently kitty kissing her and savouring the way Sue tasted. Sue kept the pressure up on Josie’s crotch and used her other hand to pull Josie down so they could kiss and thanked her for letting Mike and Jen make her cum.

We sat and did a light-hearted post-mortem of what had just happened, during which I continued to play with myself (with Mike helping a bit) and Jen gently played with Sue (and herself). Josie said that it was obvious that we had a lot of experience with Sue and Jen asked if we were going to get the chance to gain experience with her (Josie). Sue encouraged Josie and promised her that she would enjoy it and she said that she was quite willing to have a play as it wasn’t fair that she should be the only one not enjoying herself. The only decision to make at that point was who should get to play with her first and Sue said that we should all concentrate on Josie. Despite this being the ‘obvious’ way that things would happen (obvious to us anyway), Josie had imagined that she would be having a threesome with Sue and one of us – she went with it though and let us lead her up to Jen’s bedroom.

Josie was obviously still a little nervous so we started off slowly and took turns kissing her and fondling her breasts through her top, then lay down on the bed and started caressing her more thoroughly (but still through her clothes). Jen and I stripped off so Josie could fondle our breasts and when she had sucked on our nipples we felt it was time to get to her breasts properly so pulled her top and bra off and spent a while kissing and caressing her breasts. Mike had another little play with Sue and his cock made an appearance so Sue could briefly suck him, but we mostly concentrated on Josie. Following Sue’s earlier lead, we caressed Josie’s crotch through her jeans and then guided her hands to Jen’s and my crotches. She started to caress us so once again we felt this was a good sign that it was time to do the same to her so got her to lift her ass in the air and Mike and Sue tugged on Josie’s jeans and then pulled them off. She just had her panties on now, but these offered no protection from our fingers and Jen and I soon had fingers in her pussy and on her clit. Josie said this felt really good and Mike wanted to see what was going on so pulled at Josie’s panties and removed them so she was naked. He and Sue then stripped off and Mike pushed Josie’s legs apart and was going to go down on her when Jen said she wanted the first taste. Mike reluctantly moved aside but said he wanted a go later on and took Jen’s place playing with Josie’s right breast (I was on the left) while Jen examined and stroked Josie’s pussy and then went down on her. Now I may be biased, but Jen is pretty good at cunnilingus and from Josie’s reaction she certainly seemed to be enjoying what we were doing to her. She let both Mike and I kiss her and at one point had a hand on the backs of our heads, holding us against her breasts as we played with her nipples. She mostly just let us do things to her, but did reach over and fondle my breasts and stroke Mike’s cock a few times. Unfortunately she didn’t make much noise but it was clear that she was getting close to cumming (and made even more so by Sue telling us that she was close) and when she came she just let out a log nnggghhh sound.

Jen kissed me and then Mike so we could taste Josie from her mouth and Mike asked if he could kitty kiss her and she said he could as long as he was gentle so Mike moved down between her legs and gently lapped at her pussy while we all chatted. Mike and Jen compared notes on her pussy, saying that it was similar to mine, but with much thinner inner lips so I joined Mike between her legs and had a good look at her. Josie felt a little self-conscious about being examined like this but as we kept complimenting her she seemed to become a little more comfortable. I had a few quick licks but Mike said it was his turn to play with her and that I had to wait in line so I moved back up beside Jen and we carried on chatting. I knew full well that Mike would try and make Josie cum again and just as expected he slowly increased the pressure so the kitty kissing turned in to eating her. Josie caught on to this (Sue had told her that he often did this) but she was enjoying the way it felt and let him continue. He made her cum and went back to kitty kissing her, then crawled up her body and kissed her square on the mouth but keeping his body slightly above hers so his cock just brushed against her.

Josie decided that she quite enjoyed having multiple people attend to her and she asked if we wanted her to do anything to us (possibly picking up on the fact that I had been sitting gently fingering myself throughout the whole conversation). Both Jen and I wanted to experience Josie but Jen said that I could have first go (which wasn’t entirely selfless as it meant that she could have Sue tend to her). I gave Josie access to our toy cupboard and said she could use anything she wanted on me or just do things herself – she selected a textured vibe and applied some lube, got me to lie back on the bed and started teasing me and then fucking me with it while kissing me. Meanwhile Sue went down on Jen and commented on how wet she was. Mike lapped at Sue from behind and then asked Josie if she minded if he fucked her girlfriend. This was what Josie had assumed the visit was for so she told Mike to go ahead, but watched quite closely as Mike took up position behind Sue, rubbed his cock up and down the length of her cunt and then pushed in to her.

Having seen Mike and Jen play with Sue many times before I concentrated on what Josie was doing to me but saw her glancing over at them a number of times. She still kissed me, played with my breasts and lapped at my clit a number of times, which all felt nice, but I wanted her tongue inside me (which I think is one of the most intimate things you can do to someone) and asked her to eat me. I had been a bit worried that there had been a reason she hadn’t done that but she just moved down between my legs, pulled the vibe out and started to lick me. She was a bit tentative at first but soon was licking away more firmly, using the flat of her tongue in long strokes covering the length of my pussy to my clit. It felt different from other ways I’ve been eaten, but it’s quite difficult to eat pussy badly (as long as the person is enthusiastic) so was still effective and I told her that her tongue felt good. Josie pushed a couple of fingers in to me and concentrated more on my clit with her tongue, telling me that Sue enjoys it this way. It did feel better and I told her I could happily cum like that and just concentrated again on what she was doing to me. I heard Jen’s usual mewing sounds as she came and Sue telling Mike she wanted him on top of her. I told Josie I was about to cum and she sped up her fingering and licking a bit and I moaned my way through my orgasm (hoping that by being reasonably loud it would encourage her to be more expressive around us). She asked if I wanted her to kitty kiss me and I just said yes please – it was obvious that she was still learning how to do this but she made a very good effort and I looked over at Sue who was lying on her front with Mike on top of her fucking her and could see that Sue’s upper body was getting flushed (it’s quite easy to know when Sue is getting close to cumming) and Mike kept fucking and frigging her until she came and he asked if she wanted him to cum in her (this was to get her to ask him to do it rather than him asking permission) and once she had told him a few time to fill her he sped up slightly, leant forwards to kiss her shoulders and  quickly came inside her. Sue pushed back hard against him and told him that she could feel his cock deep inside her. Mike remained inside Sue for a while and told her that he had missed her hot little pussy around him and she said that she had missed his hard cock inside her (and then told Josie that the comment wasn’t meant as a negative reflection against her).

We all separated and sat in a rough circle on the bed to once again discuss what had happened. The ice was now well and truly broken and we joked about how we could have all enjoyed ourselves a lot more the last time Sue and Josie visited if she hadn’t been such a prude. Josie told us that we were all crazy, but that she knew that about Sue anyway and loved her for it so she guessed she would have to love us as well. It had been quite an intense session and was getting late so we discussed sleeping arrangements. Mike and Jen were going to spend the night with Sue until I pointed out that this meant I would be with Sue alone on the Saturday night. Neither Mike nor Jen could see a problem with this and said we would just have to fuck each other (with them watching of course) and asked Josie what she thought about the things the two of us had done together. Josie told us she had found it odd at first but then had liked the idea of our sister play (where she gets to do things with both of us at the same time) so she was promised a go at this the next morning. Mike and Jen booked us for equivalent sessions as well. With this out of the way we decided that I would spend both nights with Josie with Mike joining us for the first night and Jen for the second.

Usually this would have meant that Josie, Mike and I would use Jen’s (slightly larger) bed but Jen had precedence due to the ever growing bump so we opted to make up a duvet bed in the living room as Mike’s bed isn’t quite large enough for three. Josie found it strange wandering around naked so slipped on her nightdress but the rest of us remained naked and after trips to the bathroom and arranging of duvets we headed in our different directions and settled down for the night. As we settled down we asked Josie if she minded us waking her up in the morning the same way Sue does (by eating her) and she said it would be okay. She even let Mike and I rest our heads on her chest with our bodies pressed up against her sides and it wasn’t long before our hands started running up and down her body. This progressed to fingering her and then taking turns licking her and Mike asking if he could be inside her. Josie had stroked Mike’s cock (and played with my pussy) while we had been doing things to her and told him she wanted to see why Sue liked him so much so he gave her the choice of who should be on top and mounted her (she wanted him on top). Mike pressed his cock against the length of her pussy and rubbed it up and down – she was already reasonably wet from what we’d been doing to her and he told her that she felt soft and warm. As he slipped in to her he asked if she wanted him to use a condom but she said it was okay so he pushed as far in as he could and started slowly fucking her.


  1. Can't wait for part 2!

  2. Why wait until slipping into her before Mike asked if she wanted him to use a condom? Ask before - or don't ask at all.

    Would love to hear Mike's description of that first moment of slipping in to Josie. The first time with anyone is brilliant especially when it gets as deep in as possible so tell us how it felt Mike!

    1. I'll try and get him to write something - he tried doing an entry before but said he didn't think it went that well and wasn't keen on doing it again but I might be able to get a little bit out of him