Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sue and Josie’s Second Visit – Part 2

After a while I suggested that I help out so Mike pulled out and moved around behind Josie, spooned with her and I moved down to lick at her clit as they fucked. She really liked this position (most girls seem to – assuming they are bi, or willing to experiment) and Mike kissed her and caressed her breasts as he fucked her. He asked if he was allowed to cum inside her and she said that as he had already fucked Sue he may as well and he sped up a bit. We made Josie promise to tell us when she was getting close and with a number of ‘nearly there’s Mike pushed himself close to cumming and slowed his movements. Josie reached up and squeezed the hand that Mike had on one of her breasts as she came and I carried on gently licking her clit until her orgasm ended and then moved back to make it easier for Mike to fuck her. I had wondered if she would want him to continue once she had cum but she kept holding his hand against her breast – not hard in the way Jen sometimes likes, but certainly firmly and pushed back against him roughly in time with his thrusts. Mike fucked her for a couple of minutes longer before cumming in her, giving her a little warning before he did so, and then pressed hard in to her and stayed still.

I curled up in front of Josie while Mike was still inside her and we asked if she had enjoyed having both of us (she had). She also said that she realised that just like Sue, she had missed having a cock inside her and we all thought it was quite amusing that two girls who were probably more on the straight side of being bi had ended up together. Mike offered his services whenever Josie or Sue felt like they needed a guy to fuck them and I thought he might be spreading himself a little thin (between Jen, Lisa, Lis, Sue, Josie and of course me – along with our other occasional partners). Josie said that this sounded like a good idea and I kissed her and told her that we’d make sure she was completely satisfied before letting her go home – to which she replied that Sue had warned her how many times we might try to do things with her.

Jen and Sue had a much gentler session as Jen was getting tired. She didn’t want to waste the opportunity with Sue though so gently lapped at her pussy until Sue came and then let Sue do the same in return to her. Sue felt the baby squirm around a little as Jen came (she had a hand on Jen’s stomach) and they wondered if this was going to be the happiest baby ever due to the amount of hormones in Jen’s body every time she came. Sue had a longer feel of the bump and Jen spent a little while playing with Sue’s nipples as they drifted off to sleep. Jen woke Sue the next morning by fingering her and then used a vibe to get Sue off while indulging in more breast play and then let Sue to the same to her. Mike woke Josie up by going down on her and after helping out for a bit with her breasts I asked if she would eat me again and sat over her face. Once Josie and I had cum Mike spooned with her for a little while – not fucking her but just enjoying being inside her. We made sure that we left her feeling horny though and when we headed down for breakfast she even played along and remained naked (although was slightly uneasy about it at first).

As we ate Mike reminded everyone that each of Jen, Josie and him were going to get a go with Sue and I and it only seemed fair that if we were doing this that he, Jen and I should get a go with Josie and Sue as a pair. Sue pointed out that this would mean she would be fucked (or otherwise played with) six times, but she missed the main point Mike had been making (as had I at the time but Jen says she picked up on it). Sue had already told Josie about the role playing we did for Lucy and she had thought this sounded quite sexy (but said she would prefer to have a brother and sister pair do things to her as then she would have the best of both worlds). She didn’t want us to dress up or do anything special and was content to just let us both do things to her so after we’d all had quick showers (with minimal fooling around to save time) we headed in to Jen’s room and set about playing with Josie. It wasn’t really anything special (in comparison to what we’ve done before), we just worked on her together, each having a turn at doing most things to/with her and combined this with a little bit of lightly making out together as we did things with Josie. Once we’d taken care of Josie we moved on to Sue (who wanted to make sure that Sue came as well) and after a break Mike had his turn with us. He wanted us to both lick and kiss his cock at the same time, which progressed to Sue and I kissing each other around the head of his cock. He made sure that we both got to cum, eating Sue while fucking me and then then switching round so he could cum in Sue. All in all it was a good morning but we decided we should get some air so after freshening up (again) we dressed and headed in to town.

As Josie has already experienced our ‘enhanced use’ of dressing rooms we didn’t bother with this but did take her along to our favourite sex shop to introduce her to Alistair. Josie already knew about the sex shows and when Alistair saw Sue he asked if we were willing to do another show together (but Sue said no). While there we tried to get Josie to try on some of the role playing outfits, but without a dressing room she wouldn’t partake so we didn’t stay long and wandered round town a bit longer before returning home.

Mike wanted his turn with Josie and Sue and took it in his favourite position, switching between eating Sue and letting Josie ride him and back again. Josie played along and let him cum in Sue (knowing how much Sue loves this) and as a thank you, Mike then spent quite a while kitty kissing Josie while Jen did the same to Sue. Between them they got the girls sufficiently horny again to let Jen have her turn with them and they took turns riding Jen’s face and eating her. Being the considerate lover that Jen is (I’m not being sarcastic), she also made sure that both of them got to cum (tongue for Sue and mostly fingers on Josie to finish her off). Josie said that she now really understood where Sue got her sexual stamina from and asked whether we were always like this or if we were being much more active than usual. We explained that we try to enjoy the weekends as much as possible and ideally will be visiting people or will have visitors that we can play with (the latter being the case more frequently as Jen’s pregnancy progresses). She wondered how we ever got anything done and we explained that during the week we didn’t do things anywhere near as often and Mike and Jen would generally take turns playing with me in the morning and I’d do things with the other one of them at night (and Mike pointed out that I then sometimes either masturbated or did things with people at work).

We had an extended break for dinner and while we didn’t think Josie would still be ready to try a full cum-salad, we did mildly fuck Sue with the end of a cucumber and add a bit to the salad. Sue pointed out that Jen would be best placed to provide the salad dressing seeing as she was so wet and as punishment for pointing this out Sue was held down while Jen humped against her face, leaving Sue covered in her juices. I didn’t think Josie should be left out so stole a few caresses from her throughout preparation and the meal but it was at dessert time that things got more interesting.

Sue was told to lie up on the table and we took turns eating ice cream off of her mons and pussy. I didn’t actually eat it out of her, but was subjected to significant peer pressure (which I gave in to) to at least kiss some from her lips. Mike then tried to convince me to have my threesome with Sue and Josie but I convinced him (and Jen) that the time Josie had done things with Sue and I earlier should count towards this (it’s not quite the same as Sue and I didn’t do things properly with each other). It quickly became clear that we weren’t going to be let off that easily though and Sue and I had to describe what we had gotten up to in our hotel room after the sex party back in December.  Everyone already knew the details but they wanted us to describe it all again. We had been plied with more alcohol while going over the details and I’m pretty sure that this had a part to play in the fact that we allowed them to convince us to at least re-enact the first part of what we had gotten up to. Mike quickly pulled out some duvets and made a floor-bed in the living room and Sue and I lay beside each other. We kissed, played with each other’s breasts, humped against each other’s thighs and then added our fingers to the mix to ensure we both got to cum. Sue didn’t seem to be holding back and I really enjoyed repeating our session from almost 6 months previous. By the time we both came we had our fingers fully inside each other and were kissing in a very un-sisterly way (although we’ve done that lots). Josie and Jen looked quite flushed and Mike’s approval was obvious and we were pounced on with Josie humping against me and Mike and Jen taking Sue (Mike fucking her and Jen wanting to be eaten).

It was quite an intense mini-session but they all pulled back before anyone came and Jen said that she wanted a re-enactment of the clit-kissing that we had done in December following our shower. Neither of us were too surprised that they wanted to see this (Mike and Jen had gone on about it for ages when they finally found out I had kissed Sue’s clit). We were against this at first but Josie added her voice to the mix and we knew that it would be much easier to just show them. While Sue and I were still debating whether to actually do this or not Mike suggested a way of easing us in to it, got me to stand up, pushed his cock between my legs and reached around to nestle it between the length of my lips. Sue looked up at me and I told her to go ahead if she wanted and watched as she crouched in front of me and started to lick the head of Mike’s cock. She did things a little differently than other times we’ve done this and spent longer licking along the shaft of Mike’s cock with her tongue brushing my pussy lips a lot more. Mike hadn’t been expecting this (but approved) and let Sue continue a bit longer than he had planned before pulling back and saying it was now time for everyone to see what they had been waiting for. Sue wriggled forwards, reached up to expose my clit and then flicked her tongue over it a few times. It certainly felt good and I didn’t pull away when I felt Sue’s tongue slide along the length of my pussy – not fully between my lips, but certainly partially so. She licked back and forth like this a couple of times before pulling away and asked Mike if he had liked her display (stupid question).

It was my turn next and Mike offered to put his cock between Sue’s lips to start with but I told him that he was getting to enjoy himself more than enough without me having to lick him. Jen said that it was only fair that Sue got the same treatment though so I ended up licking along the length of his shaft, trying to copy what Sue had done (with roughly equal brushing of her lips with my tongue). When Mike pulled away and I was left with Sue’s pussy I spread her lips to get access to her clit (Sue’s outer lips completely hide her inner ones and her clit), pressed my tongue against it and lapped at it a number of times. Jen said that I wouldn’t dare to lick Sue the way she had licked me – I knew full well that she only said that to make me want to prove her wrong, but years pf training have made me want to take almost any challenge like that (even though I know they are just trying to manipulate me). As such, I pushed my tongue between Sue’s lips and licked back and forth. At this point I probably wasn’t any deeper then when she licked me, but it would have looked that way due to the differences in our pussies.

When I pulled away I was told that I’d done a good job and Sue was dared to lick me as deeply as I had her. I was told to sit down on the sofa, Sue crawled between my legs once more, spread my lips and licked me properly. I was quite surprised by the force of her lick – it was certainly more than anything we had done before – she licked up and down my pussy with her tongue pressed fully against it and even swirled around and pushed in to me. I let out an involuntary ‘ooh’ and was teased for enjoying having my sister eat me but they stopped when I pointed out that if they made too big a deal of it then we wouldn’t do any more. Of course, I had to retaliate so we switched places and I examined Sue’s pussy before diving in. I’ve seen her up close many times before but I knew that we were about to cross another boundary so I hesitated a little before pushing my tongue between her lips once more and eating her. As it hadn’t felt like she had held back, neither did I. I flicked my tongue over her ass, pushed it inside her, sucked on her lips and flicked back and forth over her clit. Nobody made a sound as I did this which made it all the easier hear Sue’s breathing get heavier and I was sure that I could have continued and made her cum if I’d tried (I’ve since checked and she said that she wouldn’t have stopped me) but I still didn’t think it was wise to go that far so I pulled away from her and asked how it had felt. Sue said it had been good and everyone else tried to convince us to continue (preferably in a 69) but we refused.

Following our display (and once they had accepted that they had seen all we were going to show them), people wanted to play properly and Jen suggested we head to our respective beds. Given what Sue and I had just done, I asked Mike if he wanted me to join him and Sue for some more sister play (with the caveat that we wouldn’t be eating each other anymore) but surprisingly he said that I should go with Jen and Josie again and enjoy time with the newcomer (Josie). I was quite happy with this option as it meant I could do things properly with two people.

It took a little while for us to actually get ready and head off to bed and Jen spent a little while gently fingering Sue and playing with her breasts. When we finally made it in to Jen’s bed, we got Josie to crouch between Jen’s legs and eat her while I lay on my back with my head between Josie’s legs and I ate her. Jen was getting a bit tired but I convinced Josie to share a double ended dildo with me and as we humped against each other Jen used a vibe and the body wand on our clits. Josie humped back against the dildo quite energetically and certainly seemed to be enjoying herself so as a reward (once we had both cum) Jen and I lay either side of her and gently kissed and caressed her while quizzing her about her sexual history. She was quite frank about many things (which we took as her having accepted us and the situation) and we all traded various stories (although as I’ve said, Sue had already told her quite a few of the things that Jen, Mike and I have done). I spent a while rubbing the end of the dildo we had used around her pussy and ass and had an idea so asked if she had done anal, which she had. She didn’t object to it (providing the guy was sufficiently gentle) but it didn’t really do anything for her.


  1. Congrats on taking the next step with Sue. Hopefully you both can see what a pleasurable experience it can be.

    1. It was certainly pleasurable and well received by everyone watching. I don't think Josie understood at the time how big a step it was for us though.

  2. Oh man this one had me so hard! I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall right then! In the past, you've mentioned pictures and video of you, Sue, and others playing with each other. Is that posted anywhere, even edited for anonymity? I'd just love to see you two together to compare and put a body to the story. Something along the lines of your profile pic would be perfectly understandable, but enquiring, lustful minds yearn for you, I'm sure! ;)

    Even if you aren't comfortable with the idea, please keep up this great journal! Your lives are a wonderful fantasy for many of us! I've thanked you before, but thanks again!

    1. I realised a while ago that it was a bad idea to post pics and stopped. Sue would kill me (and almost certainly never do things with us again) if I posted pics of her.

      I've got a few entries left to post, but things quiet down after the baby arrives - not entirely, but I'll be able to catch up to the present day fairly easily I think.