Friday, 10 April 2015

Sue and Josie’s Second Visit – Part 3

Mike’s evening with Sue went as you would expect. He spent quite a while going down on her and made her cum like that, then spent a while gently fucking her while they talked. Sue wanted to know about Lisa and I think that she might have actually been jealous of her if she hadn’t been with Josie. Naturally Mike wanted Sue to meet Lisa (and preferably to have a threesome with them both), which Sue wasn’t opposed to but said that she thought it would take a little longer to get Josie to agree to doing things with even more people. Mike set Sue the challenge of bringing Josie along to the sex parties, pointing out that they could just do things with each other at first, but they then went on to imagine what it would be like to have Josie as the ‘group fuck’ target for the party with everyone eating, fingering and fucking her until she couldn’t cum any more. Sue liked the sound of that but added that she would quite like to be back in that situation as while her sex lift with Josie was quite good, Josie didn’t have anything like the appetite that Mike or Jen did (and certainly not anything that compared to a whole group of people who love to fuck).

Mike teased Sue about being a slutty little horny girl and about how she wanted to cum many times and said that he would be happy to oblige her, slipping out of her and kissing his way down past her breasts back to her pussy. Lis whined that she wanted him to fuck her properly but Mike just said that he would, once he had eaten her again. Sue knows better than to try and get between Mike’s tongue and her pussy (or any pussy) so she lay back and just enjoyed what he did to her. He sucked each of her lips in to his mouth a number of times and thoroughly licked around, across and inside her pussy until she was begging him to make her cum. He didn’t tease her too much though and once she had cum, he spent ages kitty kissing her. Even when Sue said she was ready to receive him he just pointed out that the longer he kitty kissed her, the hornier she would get, as well as the hornier he would get so he would be able to fuck her harder and give her more cum. He carried on kitty kissing her until Sue was writhing around under him, at which point he knelt up, rubbed his cock up and down her slit and asked if she was ready to be fucked.

Sue tried to pull him towards her but he asked if she would do something for him and reached over to pull out my Japanese schoolgirl skirt and some long white socks. Sue quickly pulled them on and pulled Mike towards her, allowing his cock to sink in to her hot wet cunt. Mike used long strokes for most of the session, the two of them kissing passionately as they fucked and repeatedly saying how much they had missed being together like this. Sue spent a while on top riding Mike, but they finished off with him on top and her legs wrapped around him. He was determined to make her cum without any direct clitoral contact and this was made easier by the state he had gotten her in to before they started to actually fuck (and their relationship helped too). As Sue got close to cumming Mike made her promise that he would always be allowed to do things with her and she agreed to this. They tried to time their orgasms together but Sue came a bit before Mike did, although not by too much as Mike had been holding back for quite a while as he enjoyed being back inside Sue. He stayed on top of her for a while, caressing her legs as they kissed and him reminding her about her promise, meaning that even if she were to split up with Josie and date a guy that she would have to ensure he was up for some wife swapping. Sue promised Mike again that they would always be able to fuck and that she had no intention of splitting up with Josie (which Mike preferred as it meant he would also get to do things with her).

I went down on Josie to wake her on the Sunday morning and she then did the same to Jen and then to me. She was significantly better at eating me this time and as we lay relaxing I told her I had a surprise for her after breakfast but wouldn’t tell her (or Jen) any more until the appropriate time. Mike had meanwhile eaten Sue awake and then spooned with her as they chatted until we came downstairs, at which point he semi-fucked Sue while Jen knelt and caressed her and they then stopped so we could have breakfast. Josie was given the job of lying on the table this time which meant we could all eat things off of and out of her pussy (it was mostly just licking yoghurt off of her, but we did use a few strawberries to toy with her). Jen quite liked the look of Josie’s nipples so she and Sue (who is also a nipple fetishist) had a play with them while Mike and I spent longer between Josie’s legs. I made sure that he knew not to make her cum and I went upstairs to prepare my surprise for her, returning a couple of minutes later wearing our good strap on and carrying our new one.

It was quite obvious that I wanted to fuck Josie, but the twist was that I wanted Sue to take her ass at the same time. Josie trusts Sue so agreed to this and once she had put on the strap-on (this was the one that left her pussy exposed, as opposed to mine which has a full harness to hold it more firmly in place), I lay on the floor (on the duvets), let Josie mount me and began to fuck her while Sue applied some lube to her dildo. We stopped moving as Sue moved up behind her and slowly pressed the dildo in to Josie’s ass. Once Sue had worked her way in, we started to move together but were interrupted by Mike who knelt behind Sue and pushed in to her cunt. He said he wasn’t going to stay in her for long and just wanted to join in so I also got Jen to crouch over my face so I could lick her and we could all be involved. As nice as it was being inclusive like this, I wanted Sue and me to fuck Josie properly so we got Mike and Jen out of the way and got serious. As Josie relaxed (and enjoyed herself) more, Sue could move a bit faster in her ass and I thrust the vibe repeatedly in to Josie’s cunt. I told her that for her next visit we could repeat this with our ejaculating strap-on and Mike’s cock so we could not only fuck both her holes but cum in both of them at the same time. Josie just replied by saying that she might wear the strap-on next time so I looked over her shoulder to Sue and told her that she should try and keep this one (to which Sue said she intended to). I pulled Josie against me to kiss her and pressed my breasts against hers. Our tongues thrashed against each other’s and between kisses I told her I wanted her to cum so hard that I would be able to feel it. From the little sounds she was making I guessed she was getting fairly close and made sure that when she actually came, I held her face in front of mine so I could watch the expressions of lust as they passed over her face.

I let Sue pull out of Josie first and kissed her a little longer before letting her dismount. Sue stepped out of her harness and I asked Josie if she wanted to see Sue suck my cock clean. As it was still vibrating Sue couldn’t take it in to her mouth, but she knelt in front of me and licked up and down the shaft, eagerly lapping her girlfriend’s juices up. By this point Mike wanted to fuck (or at least partially fuck) Sue but I had something else I wanted to do first and pulled Sue up, got her to kneel on all fours and took her doggystyle. At least it started that way, but I fucked her quite hard and ended up pressing her down so she was lying flat with me on top of her (one of her favourite positions – with a guy anyway). I kept pumping away in to her and decided that I may as well do things properly so reached around underneath her and frigged her clit. I noticed that Mike had grabbed the camera to film us and I could see that Sue’s upper body was getting flushed so I could tell she was close and just carried on until she let out a series of moans and said she was cumming.

By this point I was feeling incredibly horny (I had now fucked two people with the internal vibe pressing against my pussy) so I kept the vibe buried in Sue and lifted my body slightly to press the internal vibe more firmly against my clit. I rocked back and forth slightly to increase the sensation and told everyone that I was getting close to cumming and then lay down on Sue with my crotch still pulled up to keep the pressure on my clit. I felt my orgasm slowly but steadily build and told Sue that I was about to cum in her. She pushed her ass back against me and told me to go ahead and I was in the process of telling her that she was as dirty a girl as I was when I came. It was a pretty impressive orgasm, which I think Sue was well aware of as I kept panting and swearing in to her ear as it pulsed through me. I pushed hard in to her a few times as if I was actually cumming in her (although if I could really do that, I would do it to Jen and Lis before doing it to Sue). I had certainly cum harder than I’d been expecting to and even felt a little shaky as I pulled the vibe out of Sue’s cunt and unfastened the harness. Once I had removed it I was told to suck the vibe clean of Sue’s juices (which was easier for me as I could turn it off) and when I’d done this Sue was told to lick the internal vibe clean). Josie was somewhat taken aback at our display, but said that it had been incredibly hot. Mike and Jen defended us in as much as they told Josie that while we had fingered and used toys on each other before, we hadn’t put on a display quite we had that weekend.

Mike and Jen took out their built up passion on Josie – eating her, fingering her and fucking her until she came again, Mike came in her and Josie licked and used the vibe from the strap-on to get Jen off. We lay around chatting and dreaming up more ways of involving Josie in our games. She was quite up for this, but did warn us that might end up breaking her if we carried on as intensely. Mike spent a while kitty kissing Josie and then took her up to shower. Sue then went up with Jen and was going to pee before the shower but Jen reminded Sue who she was with so they stood under the water and kissed while peeing on each other’s legs. I then showered by myself (with very little hot water) and by the time I emerged, everyone had convinced Josie to go to lunch without panties on. She was given a suitable dress to wear for this and even allowed us to convince her to go out without a bra on. Over lunch we stole a number of caresses from Josie and I also got her to sit on my hand for a while so I could fondle her pussy. After lunch we went for a little wander to some semi-secluded woods and while one person kept a look-out, the others took turns fondling, licking and fingering each other (and Sue had a good suck on Mike’s cock). I thought it would have been good for him to cum over Sue’s face and then dare her to get home without wiping herself clean, but as he pointed out he probably couldn’t have produced too much more cum (if any) and he really wanted to give Sue a proper goodbye fuck before they left.

The teasing had been enough to convince Josie to go for this so when we got back to the house I took Josie in to Mike’s room and we used a number of toys on each other but finished things off by 69ing (to help bring us closer and build our relationship) and then carried on kitty kissing each other for quite a while. At one point I thought I was going to get her to go another round but when I tried to push things up a notch she said that she had already cum more times than she could and even pointing out the illogic in this wasn’t enough to convince her to let me try to make her cum one more time. Meanwhile Mike and Jen teamed up on Sue – Mike fucked Jen while they both ate Sue and he then fucked Sue while they both ate Jen. Once Jen had cum Mike then finished off his session with Sue, giving her a long, hard pounding as she rode him and then letting Jen take care of kitty kissing Sue. Sue told them that she was sure she had felt the baby kick the top of her head a few times when Jen had been sitting on Sue’s face and Mike described how he often felt the baby move when he was spooning with Jen.

As Josie and Sue got dressed and packed their things up, we challenged them to cum on the journey home by either masturbating themselves or each other. Josie wasn’t sure they would be able to do it but Sue assured us that as long as they had a chance, they would give it a go, and in preparation for this Josie was denied the choice of wearing panties for the journey. They actually ended up doing a much better job than we had expected: about halfway back they had a little space around them in the train and Sue sat her feet up on either side of her, spread her pussy and started to play with herself. She got Josie to text us a picture of this and then got Josie to join in (Sue texted us a picture of Josie as well). Josie couldn’t believe she was actually openly masturbating in the middle of a train with other people just a few seats back from them, but her surprise grew when Sue knelt on the floor in front of Josie and pushed her tongue in to Josie’s cunt. Josie struggled a little, but Sue held her in place and lapped away until Josie came (by which point she was holding Sue’s head against her pussy). They switched places and Josie started to eat Sue, but they were interrupted as the train pulled in to a station. Sue gently toyed with her clit in the hope they could just continue once the train got going again but someone sat across the aisle from them. Fortunately for Sue, she is related to me and now doesn’t give up too easily and simply threw her jacket over her lap to hide her fingers as she continued to toy with her clit. It’s not as easy for Sue to cum in public due to the fact that she gets so flushed, but she just pretended to be asleep and gently stroked her clit over and over while thinking (she says) about Mike’s cock sliding in to her. Josie saw Sue bite her lip and correctly surmised that she was cumming, after which Sue gave Josie deep kiss and texted us to give us a brief summary of how she had cum (we got the full description later as Sue knew we’d want the full details for this blog).

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