Thursday, 16 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 1

On the second last weekend in May I finally got to visit Vicky and Oscar again. I had been looking forward to this for a while as they are both quite good in bed and I remembered loving how Oscar’s cum felt so thick and silky, both inside me and as it ran out of me. I had made sure that Oscar was well aware of how much I wanted him to fuck me again by a Skype session on the Thursday before I set off to visit where I masturbated for him while Vicky sucked him. I had told her in advance to just tease him though and not to let him cum. This drove him wild and I got to witness him going down on V and giving her a good orgasm before he told me that he was going to fuck me so many times I wouldn’t be able to walk (if only he could manage that!).

I set off from work a little early on Friday afternoon and as a bonus for him I went in to the bathroom on the train and stripped off, just leaving a pair of stockings and my bra on and then putting my coat on. I didn’t have one of my long coats with me and the tops of my stockings were just about visible when I stood (and the skin of my thighs was visible when I sat). From experience I know that it looks like I’m naked under my coat when dressed like this, but I think most people would assume that I just had a short skirt on. The train was quite busy so I couldn’t do anything to enjoy myself, but it was arousing just sitting in a state of near nudity with so many people around.

When I arrived and found Vicky and Oscar, we wandered over to the side of the station and I undid a few buttons on my coat to show how I was dressed. They said that they had been planning on stopping off for a drink on the way home and I told them that I didn’t see why we shouldn’t do that so we headed off to a pub and sat chatting with me occasionally opening my coat to let Oscar look and sometimes touch me. I didn’t let him do all the work and caressed his cock through his trousers a number of times and on the way back I dragged them both in to an alleyway and let Oscar watch as Vicky and I kissed and fingered each other. He was getting impatient by this point so as we walked the rest of the way back to their place I got him to calm down a bit and described how I wanted to tease him for as long as possible so when he came, he would shoot as much of his wonderful cum over and into me as he could. He really seemed to like how much I loved the way his cum felt and promised that he would let Vicky and I tease him a bit more.

Once inside, I slipped off my coat and quickly remove my stockings and bra, then helped Vicky undress (but much more slowly). Each time I removed an item of her clothing, I would kiss and caress whatever was exposed and as she got closer to being naked I spent longer on each area. When her tights came off I kissed and licked around her thighs, when her bra came off I worked on her breasts and then got Oscar to help me out with them. When she just had her panties left I licked and ate her through them and finally pulled them off and buried my tongue in her pussy. I repeatedly complimented her on how I loved her sweet little cunt and how jealous Mike was about the fact I got to eat her again. We then moved up to the bedroom and Oscar watched as Vicky and I 69ed, using tongues, fingers and a couple of toys (her ones) on each other. We let Oscar watch us from various angles as we played with each other but made him wait until we had both cum before he was allowed to even get undressed.

Needless to say, his cock was nice and hard and I knelt in front of him, took hold of his cock and rubbed the head over my face and back and forth across my neck (he knows about my neck fetish). I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then got Vicky to join me so we could lick it together. He loved this and I promised him he could cum over our faces at some point if he wanted, but that he still had to hold back for now as I wanted the first load of his cum to be inside me. We spent quite a while working on his cock and fondling his balls and I then took him between my breasts and fucked him while Vicky licked the glans (and quite often my breasts). Oscar was desperate to cum by this point and I took pity on him and climbed up on to the bed. I asked Vicky if I could borrow her boyfriend’s cock for a while and she told me to go ahead. He rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me, working in a little with each stroke until he was buried all the way in, at which point he lay on top of me and started to pump away. We fucked like that for a while and then rolled over so I could ride him and let him play with my breasts while I played with my clit. Vicky then helped out with my clit so I could lean forwards and let Oscar suck on my nipples as I rode him and I repeatedly told him that I wanted to feel his wonderful cum filling my cunt and how I would rub it all over my body when it leaked out of me. As he got closer to cumming, Oscar grabbed my ass and guided my movements. I told him to hold back until I’d cum or he would have to eat me (which would be a waste of his cum), but as Vicky was still frigging my clit I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came anyway.

As my orgasm built I told him how I was going to cum around his cock and concentrated on the sensation of him sliding and out of me as Vicky frigged me. A little before I came (when I was pretty sure I would get there first) I went back to telling him that I wanted him to cum in me and to fill my cunt with as much as he could produce. All through my orgasm I kept telling him to fuck me and to cum in me but I was too far ahead for him to catch up. That didn’t stop us from continuing though and once Vicky moved away (now her work was done) I could ride Oscar a bit more energetically. I slid up and down the length of his cock, with his hands still on my ass guiding my movements. I tried to get as high up as possible before sliding back down, but was careful to keep him inside me as Mike once slid out of me when we were fucking like that and we both got badly hurt (nothing permanent, just painful). Oscar told me he was getting close and when he started to cum I pressed down on his cock and kept him buried all the way inside me, but still moved up and down a little to stimulate him. Oscar let out a little moan and I squeezed myself around his cock, trying to milk out as much cum as possible. He was still panting lightly when I told him to roll us over again so all his cum didn’t leak out of me straight away and once I was on my back, he slowly pulled out.

I got him to sit on the bed beside me and rubbed his cock over my breasts and neck, gave the head of his cock a few kisses and then reached down to scoop up the cum that was starting to leak out of me. As promised, I rubbed it over my breasts, neck, thighs and face (and even lifted my hips up to reach under myself and rub some over my ass). I massage the rest around my pussy and tried to describe how his cum felt so smooth and luxurious. Oscar appreciated the compliment and I asked Vicky if she wanted to help me kitty kiss his cock – which she did. He lay back on the bed and the two of us kissed and licked up and down the shaft and across the head (taking care to be much gentler on the head) and fondling his balls. For a while we took turns with one of us working on his cock and the other licking his balls and we did a good job of keeping him hard (although he wasn’t sure he was ready to fuck again yet). Fortunately I had a few extra tricks to move things along and dug around in my bag and pulled out one of my favourite double ended dildos.

I rubbed one end around my pussy and slid it in to me, then used the other end in the same way on Vicky’s pussy before turning it around and burying the end coated in my juices and Oscar’s cum in her cunt and then climbing on to the other end. Vicky and I pushed against the dildo until our pussies met in the middle and I told Oscar to imagine that the dildo was his cock and he was fucking us both at once. He liked this idea so I told him to remind me the following day, but for now to just watch and enjoy so he would be ready to fuck again. Vicky and I rubbed against each other and humped back and forth on the dildo. We took pity on Oscar and let him join in, allowing him to play with our breasts and then help out by using a vibe on our clits. Before we got too carried away, we even gave his cock a few licks each but then got him to move back and watch as we increased the speed of our humping and grinding. The usual rules applied – whoever came first had to keep going until the other person came, even if the sensations were intense. I tend to alternate at times like this and sometimes hold back so I can make sure the other person gets a good orgasm (so I can keep moving against them lots as they cum) and other times take pity on them and cum first so they won’t have to put up with any too-intense sensations. I went down the latter route this time – although I’ve had a fair few more orgasms than Vicky now and I’m used to being teased (or tortured) by Jen and Mike so I’m quite used to intense feelings.

I played with my clit a little to speed things along but made sure to finish off by grinding against Vicky’s cunt (while I love the feeling of a hard cock thrusting in to me or a tongue on my pussy, there is something magical about the way another girl’s lips feel when sliding against mine). I came for them both – being fairly vocal but not overly so – and then kept humping and grinding against Vick’s cunt until Vicky came. This actually took a good few minutes and I was beginning to tire by the time she came, but did my best to keep going and she seemed to enjoy herself.

We had a break for a while and chatted but fondled Oscar’s cock from time to time so he didn’t lose his erection. I told them about Lis’ desire for Mike to get her pregnant and Vicky said that Lis was the next ‘other girl’ that Oscar wanted to fuck. I refrained from pointing out that I very much doubted that Lucy would ever let Lis fuck Vicky (her ex), although I think if she was allowed to that Lis might be up for doing things with them at least once (despite Lis’ protests that she is a lesbian and only lets Mike do things with her as she trusts him, I’ve seen how much she enjoys fucking him and would put money on her being bi).

I let Oscar spoon with me for a while as we talked and started moving back against him as I got more aroused. I didn’t want to be selfish (okay, I always want to be selfish when it comes to sex but I didn’t want to *appear* selfish) so asked Vicky if she minded if I fucked him again or if she wanted him inside her. She told me that he was mine for the weekend – providing of course I took care of her – so we started to move against each other more energetically. Vicky rubbed a vibe against my clit and lay beside us, kissing and sucking my nipples. This combination felt really good but I couldn’t reach Vicky’s pussy to do anything to her. She said that she didn’t mind so I made her promise to let me kitty kiss her afterwards and then just lay back and enjoyed what was being done to me. I love being the centre of attention like this and could almost feel the sensations from my pussy, clit and breasts joining up. I usually have to be teased for quite a while beforehand to have a deep orgasm, but I recognised the feeling as it built and asked them to just keep doing what they were doing. My orgasm slowly built and pulsed through my whole body – at this point I could definitely feel everything they were doing to me and each thrust, lick and vibration seemed to resonate around my body and over my skin. To be fair it wasn’t as strong as some of the deep orgasms I’ve had, but definitely felt wonderful and even when the orgasm ended, the stimulation still felt nice so I asked if they would carry on until Oscar came. They did as I asked and I’m pretty sure that if things had carried on a while longer that I would have ended up cumming again, but for once I decided not to be greedy and just enjoyed the feeling of Oscar buried inside me while I kissed Vikcy.

She had realised I’d had a strong orgasm and asked me to describe it. I did the best I could and likened it to a neck orgasm (the way I often cum when having my neck stroked, which I love, but takes ages). Oscar was intrigued by this and even though he has been told I can cum with just my neck being stroked, he didn’t really believe it so I offered myself to him and said if he was prepared to take the time and learn how to stroke me, he could do it himself (or have Vicky do it, I’d probably let anyone make me cum like that if they were willing). I told Vicky that I hadn’t forgotten her promise to let me kitty kiss her but we waited until Oscar’s cock withered and slipped out of me. Vicky said she didn’t want to cum so I was gentle with her and didn’t try to push her, but I did enjoy her pussy for quite a while and then handed her off to Oscar for a few minutes before returning for a second helping and leaving her pussy wet and rather pink looking. We went to sleep with Oscar between Vicky and me and I gave them the usual warning of how I would wake them

It was actually Oscar who woke up first and I woke to the feeling of his mouth sucking on one of my nipples and fins fingers stroking around my pussy (unfortunately he hadn’t actually started frigging me yet). I opened my legs a little to give him better access and when he said that he assumed I wouldn’t mind I told him it felt wonderful and to keep going. I reached down to stroke his cock and he progressed to fingering and frigging me (while still using his mouth on my breasts). I gently moaned from time to time as encouragement and Vicky eventually woke up and asked what we were doing so I told her that her boyfriend was forcing himself on me and I was afraid that he was going to fuck me. Vicky disappeared to the bathroom and when she returned I asked if I could give her a good-morning orgasm while Oscar fucked me (he had said he wanted to fuck me while I ate Vicky). She was up for this so arranged herself appropriately on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass. I crawled between her legs and started to tease her while Oscar slid into me and slowly ramped up the pressure I used as Oscar’s movements became more energetic. He reached around to fondle my breasts and switched hit attention back and forth between these and my clit so I reached up to have a gentle play with Vicky’s breasts (this was more for his enjoyment than hers as I wasn’t in a good position to fondle them properly). I didn’t pay much attention to Vicky’s ass, but did rim her a couple of times and she let out a little yelp when I did this so I speared her and got a bigger yelp. Oscar asked what I was doing and she told him so I grabbed on to her clit with my lips and flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth across it. This got an even bigger reaction out of her but I quickly eased off and said I didn’t want her to cum too quickly and that we should enjoy ourselves for as long as possible.

Oscar complained that he didn’t know if he could hold out for as long as he had the previous night and in response I told him that if he did what we wanted that he would get to cum as many times as he could and would get to see us do whatever he wanted us to do with each other. He ended up lasting for quite a while, during which time I got Vicky close to cumming a couple of times and then backing off. Only when he said he really wanted to cum did I tell him to frig me harder and I started eating Vicky again in earnest. I kept her quite close to cumming for a little while in the hope of getting her to cum at the same time as either Oscar or me, but I pushed a little too far and she started to cum before us. It would have been cruel to stop and leave her hanging so I kept going and gave her the best orgasm I could – from her reaction it must have been reasonably powerful as she squirmed around under my mouth and I had to wrap my arms around her legs to anchor myself to her cunt.

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