Sunday, 19 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 2

Just because she had cum it obviously didn’t mean I was going to stop eating her - although I did switch to kitty kissing her and slowly brought her back down from her orgasm. I was slightly distracted as Oscar was thrusting in to me faster and his fingers were concentrating on my clit (Vicky has at least trained him well so he makes sure that he isn’t the only one to enjoy himself). I moaned in to Vicky’s cunt as my own orgasm built and squeezed my cunt around Oscar’s cock. He said that he was getting very close and I told him to hold back just a little longer. As I felt the final build up happen I called out to him to fuck me and cum and then buried my tongue back in Vicky’s cunt. I came a little before him, but not by much and I moaned loudly in to Vicky as I came and kept humping back against him in time with his thrusts until he pushed deep in to me and held on to hips to stop me moving. I repeatedly squeezed his cock and told him to give me all of his cum and once he had finished cumming I told him to stay inside me and follow me as I crawled up Vicky’s body and kissed her. Fortunately Vicky isn’t at all squeamish about tasting her own juices as my face was covered with them. When Oscar pulled out, I felt his cum start to leak out of me and I moved up a little more so it dripped over Vicky’s lower stomach and pussy and just before we ended things to go for breakfast I rubbed my breasts and face against the cum that leaked out of me on to Vicky and then took a hold of Oscar’s cock and rubbed it over my neck.

Over breakfast I tried to explain why I liked the feeling of Oscar’s cum so much, but other than saying it felt silky I couldn’t get very far so we just settled on the fact that I loved the way it felt on my skin and Oscar said I could have as much more as I wanted. I pointed out that he would never be able to produce as much as I wanted and recounted a few of the times when I’ve had a number of guys cum on me and how much I loved it. We asked Oscar if there were any particular things he wanted to try – either things that he knew Vicky or I had done before or just things he wanted and started to draw up a plan for the day (if you’re going to fool around multiple times it often helps to have a rough idea of everything you want to do so you can pace yourself). We came up with a fairly impressive list but I added in some things in that I wanted to do and warned Vicky that I also had a few surprises in store – mostly to be done with/to her.

Once we had showered I dug some things out of my bag and arranged them on the bed to let Oscar choose our next course of action. I had a few toys with me. I had a number of vibes, our good strap-on (working on the assumption that Mike and Jen wouldn’t need it while I was gone) and a long double ended dildo (Oscar had already seen us use the short one). He wanted to see us use the strap-on and gave Vicky the choice of being the fucker or the fuckee. She wanted to wear it and fuck me so I applied some of the tingle gel to the internal vibe, helped her strap it on and applied bit more gel to the main vibe. I let her take me bent over the bed, on my back, with me riding her (facing both ways – although obviously not at the same time), with me sitting over her face so she could eat me while I pretended to suck the vibe (sucking a working vibrator isn’t always pleasant) and finishing with her taking me from behind and using a vibe on my clit. Once I’d cum, I got Vicky to stand up against the wall and knelt in front of her. I rubbed my neck back and forth across the vibe and pressed on the crotch of the harness to push the internal vibe up against Vicky’s pussy harder. Oscar just sat and watched as Vicky’s orgasm slowly built and as she came she leant forwards a bit and used me to help keep her balance.

Even when I stopped pushing the vibe against her pussy she said it felt too intense so we removed the harness and lay on the bed for a while. At first Vicky and I just allowed Oscar to play with our breasts but then we started to also play with each other’s breasts (with Oscar still helping out). He asked if he could go down on me (which I of course allowed) and I was going to get him to lick us both at once but Vicky still felt a bit sensitive so we shelved that plan and I just let him spoon with me (but he wasn’t allowed to cum as I wanted him to save what he had for later on).

We decided that we should get out and as it was nearing lunchtime (or at least would be by the time we got in to town) so we got dressed and went for a wander. Neither Vicky nor I wore panties and after a nice relaxed lunch we wandered around the shops and then went for a drink. We shopped a bit more and I saw a nice dress that reminded me of one that Abrahii had worn – it was effectively a front and a back with the sides just tied together in three places with ribbons. Vicky saw me admiring it and said that if I wanted that they would buy it for me. I told them that they didn’t have to do that and I was getting more than enough payment for my visit in orgasms but she reminded me that Mike had brought her a few things over the years and I let myself be talked in to it. Of course I had to try the dress on first, which meant a trip to the changing room and Vicky came with me. We had already had a brief fondle in a changing room in another shop but as we were intending on actually buying something at this place I felt justified in playing a bit more seriously.

I removed my dress so I just had my bra on, knelt in front of Vicky, pushed her skirt up and buried my face between her legs. I ate her furiously and got her to the point where her breathing was becoming ragged, but didn’t make her cum (which she complained about bitterly). I then quickly pulled on my dress and slipped on my emergency pair of panties so I could go out and let Oscar give us his opinion of the dress (he liked it). Vicky (quietly) told him how I had just eaten her and that she was about to do the same to me and as soon as I had the dress off, she got me to bend over the seat, knelt behind me and ate me just as energetically as I had eaten her. Annoyingly (but probably fairly), she didn’t let me cum either and I told her that she would pay once we got home (to which she just said she was looking forward to as she knows that ‘paying’ usually means ‘cumming’ for us). We were going to stop and get food for dinner but I said that as they had bought me the dress that I would be happy with getting a pizza delivered (Vicky didn’t figure my plan out when I said this).

I teased Oscar a bit more when we got home and spent quite a while gently stroking and sucking his cock. Vicky joined me for a while in doing this and I told him that before we went out that I wanted him to cum over both of us and that we would go out without washing ourselves clean. Oscar liked the sound of being allowed to mark us like this so was prepared to hold back but I had one more surprise for him and dashed upstairs, returning a minute or so later wearing a babydoll nightdress. This was one of my ‘special’ ones and was so flimsy that it was pretty much transparent. I was quite willing to share though and tossed another one to Vicky and dared her to put it on so we could order our pizza.

Vicky has participated in pizza dares before (mostly when with us) so knew exactly what I was getting at and asked Oscar if he wanted to witness her displaying herself to a random guy. Oscar said that as long as she was just letting him see her then it was fine and I told him that he was being a spoilsport for denying the delivery guy access to her beautiful body. I warned him that the pizza guy might get to see quite a bit of her body (depending on course on his reaction tour attire) and Oscar said that was fine so as we placed the order Vicky got changed in to the other nightdress and went to check out her reflection. As the nightdress hid nothing, she debated putting on a pair of panties but in the end settled on just wearing a tiny g-string. We set up a phone the kitchen so Oscar could watch us on the laptop from the bedroom and I spent a little while toying with Vicky as she sat on the kitchen table. We had agreed that she would answer the door so when the doorbell rang I pulled the material of her panties up between her pussy lips and sent her out to the hallway. She played along and didn’t try to adjust her panties, opened the door and invited the guy in (I’ve often fantasised about getting a cute female delivery girl and getting to initiate her to the pleasures of being with another woman, although if it were to actually happen, Jen would probably get first shot at her).

The guy seemed somewhat nervous when he came in to the kitchen and even more so when he realised there were two of us. I asked if he minded the way we were dressed and he said he didn’t and that we looked nice. I thanked him for the compliment and gave Vicky a kiss, letting my hand run down over her ass and caressing her as I asked where the money was. Naturally it was in the bottom drawer (almost as if we had specifically placed it there) and when I bent over Vicky ran a hand over my ass and then down between my cheeks, over my pussy and then pushed a couple of fingers into me. I didn’t stop digging around for the money but did look up and tell her to behave herself or she might shock our guest. The guy said he didn’t mind so I pushed back against her fingers and told her that if that was the case then she should continue. She fingered me in an exaggerated manner (but the guy looked fairly young so we guessed he might have only seen girl on girl action in porn) and I humped back against her fingers in time with her movements while gently moaning.

Once we had firmly established that I was aroused and that the guy was enjoying the show (which was obvious from his trousers) I stood up and kissed Vicky again, said that I shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy myself, pushed one hand up her nightdress to her breasts and pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy (the advantage of g-strings is that they offer no resistance). I asked the guy if he wanted to watch as I pulled Vicky over to the table, pulled her nightdress off, her g-string down and had a few licks of her pussy. Vicky reached down and pulled on my nightdress so I lifted my arms and allowed her to remove it, then stood up, got her to sit on the table and resumed fingering her. I told the pizza guy that he probably shouldn’t touch Vicky as her boyfriend was the jealous type and he took the cue and asked if he could touch me. I told him to go ahead as my boyfriend didn’t mind as long as I enjoyed myself and I felt the guy’s hands cup my ass and then start to knead it. I pushed back against his hands and they slowly worked their way down between my legs but I hurried things along by telling Vicky to lie back and bending down to eat her. This gave the delivery guy much better access to my cunt and his fingers rubbed back and forth over it, slipping a little way inside me a few times.

Vicky was already making various noises – partly as I was eating her pussy quite hard and sucking on her clit, but also as I was quite forcefully rimming and spearing her ass. I know that she likes this, but I was counting on the fact that having it done to her in front of a complete stranger would embarrass her and hopefully heighten the sensation (even though he couldn’t see where my tongue was). I briefly broke contact with Vicky to tell the guy that if he wanted to enjoy himself even more that there was a condom on the counter. I half watched him as he undid his trousers, tore the wrapper open and rolled the condom on. He took up position behind me and he pushed straight in to me (no rubbing around or teasing me first). Vicky told the guy to push a finger in to my ass (I presume as retaliation for what I was doing to her) and I felt him place a hand on my ass cheek and then push the end of his thumb in to my ass. This felt quite good, but I didn’t intend to let Vicky beat me so I pushed my index and middle finger in to her pussy and my ring finger in to her ass and then moved my head to the side and asked the guy if he had ever seen a girl having both her cunt and ass fingered at the same time as I pumped my fingers in and out. I did my best to lick her clit from above (with my head tilted to the side) so the guy could see everything I was doing to Vicky, who just moaned that this wasn’t fair. I told her that it didn’t have to be fair, she just had to cum and as I could feel the guy speeding up in me I fastened my lips to her clit, flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth across it (much in the same way Lis does) and continued to double finger her. Vicky was now panting and the guy was rapidly pumping away in me. I had wanted to make Vicky cum first so he could use her orgasm to help him cum, but I had forgotten how quick some younger guys can be. He let out a little ‘aahhh’ as he came and then pulled out of me, but I remained attached to Vicky for another minute or so until she came.

I stood up and wiped her juices from my face and as I handed the guy some kitchen towel to clean up his cock I asked him if he had enjoyed himself. We were apparently his first pizza dare and he said that he had been told that girls sometimes ‘accidentally’ exposed themselves as a dare, but he hadn’t heard of people letting themselves be fucked or putting on a display the way we had. I told him that I hoped he would get to find many more people like us and enjoy himself and he tried to give us our pizza for free but I told him I fucked for enjoyment and not money (or pizza). Once we had paid him and shown the guy out, Oscar came out of the bedroom to join us for dinner. I asked if he had enjoyed seeing me be fucked while I made Vicky cum and he said he had so I asked if he thought it would be as hot watching Vicky be fucked by a strange guy. He wasn’t as sure about this so we talked about some of the things she had done before she met him (which he already knew about and had apparently got quite aroused when she had first described them to him). From that we moved on to how Mike and Jen honestly (unless they’ve both been lying to me) love the fact that I was off having fun with Oscar and Vicky.

Once we had finished dinner and Vicky and I had washed our faces (you’ll see why) I knelt in front of Oscar, wrapped by breasts around his cock and started to stroke him with them. Vicky joined me and we (somewhat awkwardly) gave him a double boob job with our breasts pressed against each other’s breasts around his cock. It may not have been the easiest position, but Oscar loved the feeling of being strokes two pairs of breasts. To move things along, we took turns giving him a tit-fuck while the other person licked the head of his cock (he liked this even more) and as he got close to cumming, Vicky and I knelt beside each other in front of him and both licked his glans while he stroked himself. Just before he came he pulled back slightly, aimed his cock at our faces and did his best to get equal amount of cum on us. All the teasing during the day seemed to have been successful as he produced a decent amount of cum and we sat and let it drip from our faces on to our breasts. Oscar wanted a photo and we allowed him to take it before rubbing our faces against each other – not licking the cum off, just rubbing it in sufficiently that we could leave it and go out caked with his cum. We used our hands to massage in the drops that had fallen on to our breasts. The only ‘cleaning up’ we were allowed to do was to brush our hair and when it came time to get dressed, Oscan handed me one of Vicky’s g-strings and suggested I wear it. I’ve seen Vicky’s underwear selection before so went fishing around in her panties drawer and returned with another g-string that was tied with bows on the sides (to sort of match the bows tying the sides of the dress together) and slipped them on. As partial revenge for earlier Vicky spread my lips and made sure the panties were nestled up between my lips so I made sure to lend her one of my special bras (that left our nipples exposed) and we posed for another picture in our revealing underwear. As we finished getting dressed I told Oscar that he could have as many pictures as he wanted, providing he was prepared to give me a copy for Mike and Jen to see – and made sure that he understood that they really wanted to see Vicky and not just me. He was fine with this and as soon as we were ready we called a taxi and headed out in to town to visit some of their favourite clubs.

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