Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 3

You may recall that both Oscar and Vicky are good dancers – I did my best to keep up with them but had to let them have some time dancing with each other. Fortunately my dress proved quite popular and I spent the time dancing with a few other guys. One slid his hands up under (or between) my dress and massaged my ass and I danced in front of another guy, grinding myself against his ass. He cupped and kneaded one of my breasts through my dress so I undid the bottom bow on one side and pushed his hand into my dress. I had thought he would go straight for my pussy but he started off by caressing my stomach and only slowly worked his hand down between my legs. I felt his fingers probing around my pussy and then pulling the g-string aside so he could touch me directly. I leant back against him as his fingers pushed between my lips and swirled around my clit. He was actually quite good at what he was doing and if I hadn’t been staying with Oscar and Vicky I would have definitely tried to take the guy home to see what else he was good at. As the purpose of my visit was to pleasure them (and pave the way for Mike and Jen) I thought it would be rude to invite him back with me, but he definitely deserved a reward for the way he was making me feel so we headed towards the toilets, made our way in to the gents, found a clean stall and went in.

The other guys in the toilet had obviously seen us come in and had commented about what we were up to, so I wasn’t too surprised when we saw a couple of heads peeking over the top of the stall. I didn’t let this deter me, pulled out the guy’s cock, rolled on a condom and immediately took him in my mouth. I gave him a pretty good sucking and then stood up, leant against the wall, put a foot up on the toilet and lifted my dress and pulled the g-string to the side to invite him to fuck me. He pushed in to me and we fucked against the side of the cubicle. I was aware that I had mobile phones pointed at me so thought I should put on a better show and undid the remaining two bows on the side the guy had been fondling me while dancing. He could now push the front of the dress aside and get his hands to my breasts and everyone got to see my exposed nipples as he fondled me. I then bent over the toilet and let him fuck me from behind, giving everyone a view of my ass and as I was enjoying myself so much I wanted to finish off properly so stood on one leg, got him to hold the other one and braced myself against the cistern so he could fuck me and (I imagined) everyone could see his cock sliding in and out of my cunt. As my dress slipped off of my body on to my lower arm I caught it and held on to it – this was purely to stop it falling on to the floor, it was now doing almost nothing to cover me – and once I had a firm grasp of it I reached down to my clit with my other hand and frigged myself. I was actually a little disappointed that the guy hadn’t done this to me as he had shown such promise earlier, but our surroundings weren’t really conducive to anything other than a quickie so I forgave him.

The guy pumped away inside me and I told him to hold back until I came. I rapidly frigged my clit and he fondled both my breasts, pulling one out from my bra. I came just before he did and he thrust into me hard a few more times and then pulled out. I hadn’t quite finished so I sat on the toilet seat, lean back (to look up at the guys who were watching) and gently played with my pussy to enjoy the afterglow of my orgasm while the guy wiped his cock clean and put it away. I then stood up, straightened up my bra and got him to tie up the bows on the side of my dress before heading out and washing my hands. I then had him escort me back to the bar and let him buy me a drink – he wanted me to go home with him but I told him he’d already got to fuck me and that I was there with friends. He seemed a little disappointed about this (although as he’d already got to fuck me I imagine he got over it quickly) and after chatting for a while longer we went our separate ways.

Vicky and Oscar had seen us chatting at the bar and wanted to know about the guy so I told them I had let him have a little play with me while dancing, but spared them the full bathroom fuck story. I then danced with Oscar for a while and then did the same with Vicky, during which time I told her what I’d really gotten up to with the guy. She told me she was surprised that I still had the panties on and I told her there was a reason I had chosen the pair that tied at the sides and pushed one of her hands down on to the bow. She didn’t hesitate and steadily pulled on one of the ends until the bow undid and then reached over to my other side and did the same thing. I leaned in and told her that she was a good girl as she reached up under my dress and pulled the panties off before stuffing them in to her pocket. When we got back to Oscar, Vicky pointed out that I was now more naked than when we had left and dared him to undo the bottom bows on my dress. I quite enjoyed the game of ‘undress the Andi’ and once the bottom bows on my dress had been untied, Oscar slid his hands in and cupped my ass. Of course things didn’t stop there and Vicky pulled at one of the bows halfway down my stomach. I didn’t stop her so Oscar took care of the matching bow on the other side and once this was undone he could slide his hands a good way up my back.

I dragged him out to dance and took advantage of the fact that such places are fairly poorly lit. Oscar played along and spun me a fair bit and each time he did this I felt my dress pull away from my body and expose my pussy and ass. When we went back to where Vicky was I straddled Oscar’s lap and kissed him while grinding my naked pussy against the bulge in his trousers. I told him that once we got home he would have to satisfy both Vicky and me, but that I would also do anything with her that he wanted. Vicky whispered something to him and he told me to remove my bra. We looked around and ducked in to a little alcove where I reached around behind myself and unsnapped the bra clasp. I was going to slide the straps down my arms when Vicky said it would be easier if I undid the final bows (which were just under my arms) so I did as suggested and easily removed my bra. I wasn’t too surprised when it was suggested that I leave all the bows untied and it was nice, but I had to be quite careful as the front and back of the dress now moved a lot just when people brushed past me. In a crowded club, this happened quite a bit and there was a number times when either my front or back was completely exposed and I was groped a few times. As much as I enjoyed this, we didn’t want to be thrown out so I was allowed to retie the two top sets of bows for the rest of the time we were there.

I suggested that Vicky and I should swap clothes – she didn’t want to get undressed in the toilets so we settled on me bringing the dress back for my next visit and her agreeing to wear it out then. On the journey home Vicky filled Oscar in on what I had actually done at the club and I pointed out that as I will happily fuck in the middle of a group of people and put on shows for strangers that he shouldn’t be too surprised. I spoke loudly enough for the taxi driver to overhear and then made out with Vicky for part of the journey, sliding my hand up under her skirt and whispering to her to do the same to me so we could put on a little show for him. Vicky went a bit further than this and untied one side of my dress, flipped it open and fingered me while sucking on one of my nipples. I managed to get my fingers in to her pussy, but her skirt mostly covered her so I said she was being a coward.

Once indoors Oscar reminded us that he wanted to see me double finger Vicky. I was quite happy to do this but offered him a chance to DP Vicky – either with me using the strap on or just my fingers in one hole while he fucked the other one. He said that this was appealing but he wanted to watch us do things so we headed upstairs and Vicky and I removed our clothes and started fondling each other on the bed. We spent a while and properly warmed up before moving on to the fingering. I basically just repeated what I’d done earlier when the delivery guy was present – two fingers in Vicky’s cunt and one in her ass while occasionally licking her clit. Oscar wanted more pictures and I reminded him of the condition that I had to get a copy of them (which he agreed to again) so he got shots of me fingering and eating Vicky, her doing the same to me and (at my recommendation) shots of Vicky’s face as she came.

We had a look through these while Vicky and I caught our breath and I teased Oscar’s cock. We still had a few things on our list to try out so after a little while I lay on my back on the bed and got Vicky to lie on top of me, facing up. We both spread our legs and she adjusted her position so her pussy was directly above mine. Oscar got another few photos and then got to work. This position was mostly for our enjoyment as we wanted him to eat us both at once – he licked up and down the lengths of our cunts and I remember thinking that I would have to let Mike do this to Sue and me the next time she visited. He paid a bit more attention to Vicky’s clit than to mine (mostly as hers was more accessible due to being on top and I helped to stimulate her even more by reaching around and fondling her nipples. We let him lick us both for a good while but before either of us came we moved on to the next stage.

For this, I remained on my back and Vicky turned over so she was facing me. We kissed each other while Oscar moved between our cunts and fucking us. He switched back and forth between us a number of times until we were both nice and wet (the licking had helped with this) and Vicky then lifted the upper half of her body up so her pussy pressed against mine. Oscar then pushed his cock between our cunts and after a bit of repositioning so we got the maximum contact he started slowly sliding back and forth between us. It felt really good and Oscar loved having two cunts rubbing against his cock at the same time. Vicky spent a little while rocking her upper body back and forth to make her breasts swing and her nipples rub against mine. I think she enjoyed this more than I did (her nips are more sensitive than mine) but I recall thinking that Mike would love to see us do this as I’ve seen similar things a number of times in the hentai he watches.

Vicky lay down on me a couple more times to allow to switch back and forth between our cunts, but he spent most of the time with his cock pressed between our cunts. We (or at least I) got a little bit of clitoral stimulation in this position but we knew that we weren’t going to cum – the aim was for Oscar to enjoy himself though and it certainly worked in that respect. On the third session of rubbing between our cunts he said he couldn’t hold back any more and we encouraged him to cum and to cover our pussies with his cream so we could eat it off of each other. Even though he knew that we had intended to 69 once he had finished with us, this was enough to push him over the edge and I felt his cum squirt out over my pussy and mons. Vicky humped back and forth against him (and me) which helped to spread the cum around even more. He then rested for a bit with his cock still sandwiched between us and only when he started to shrink did he pull back and Vicky sat up so we could admire the mess we had made.

I asked if she was ready to get cleaned up and we rearranged ourselves in to a sideways 69. As Vicky started to lick me I rubbed my face all over Vicky’s cunt, smearing myself with Oscar’s cum and then humped her pussy with my neck briefly before spreading her lips and diving in with my tongue. There was more face humping (from both of us) during the session and our fingers found their way to each other’s assholes (not penetrating a lot, just adding to the stimulation). I wasn’t surprised when I heard the camera going again and spent a little while fucking Vicky’s pussy with my tongue, although he didn’t get any shots of me doing that. I made Vicky cum first and then switched to kitty kissing her. Her licking slowed a lot just after she came but she started up properly again once she had caught her breath and by the time I came I was eating her again. I didn’t want there to be any doubt about the matter so I told Vicky to keep going and to make me cum again. I didn’t tell her that as we ate each other to our second orgasms that I was replaying the fuck in the toilet stall and imagining that the guys didn’t just watch me, but then all took turns fucking me. As often happens with fantasies I have while fucking, it grew in scale until I was being fucked in the middle of the dancefloor with dozens of guys standing around me cumming over me at the same time. Vicky came before me again and asked me to stop licking her as she was feeling sensitive but she did at least carry on until I came. My second orgasm was much stronger than the previous one and I panted and swore a fair bit as I came (still with the image of an entire club full of cocks fucking me and cumming over me in my head).

Both Vicky and Oscar commented on how much I had appeared to enjoy myself and I told them that it was all due to Vicky’s wonderful technique (which to be fair, did have a lot to do with it). We were both fairly out of breath by this point so we just let Oscar have another play with our breasts which helped to get him hard enough that he could spoon with me as we went to sleep (with me in the middle this time). If he had wanted to fuck me again I wouldn’t have refused him, but I was quite glad that he was happy to just be inside me. We chatted about how jealous Jen would be that I had got to eat Vicky and play with ‘the ladies’ again and Oscar said he would be more than happy for Jen to visit and do things with Vicky. I pointed out that Mike would be just as jealous and still wanted to fuck Vicky and asked Oscar if he was any closer to deciding if he would be okay with that. I wiggled my pussy around his cock and told him that he would still get to fuck me whether or not he was willing to loan Vicky out and Vicky reached back and gently slapped me while saying that she wasn’t just a piece of meat for us to enjoy. I pushed a hand between her legs and told her that she was a particularly delicious bit of meat and that we would enjoy her as much and as often as we wanted. I curled a couple of fingers in to her pussy and gently frigged her clit until she submitted and said that we could do whatever we wanted with her and I told her not to forget that – and then added that she could of course do whatever she wanted to me as well.

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