Sunday, 26 April 2015

Visiting Vicky (again) -Part 4

I didn’t push things with Oscar any further as we wanted him to be comfortable with Mike playing with Vicky. We chatted a bit more and made plans for Vicky to wear my new dress the next time I visited and discussed whether she would go without any underwear at all (including bra). I also told Oscar about my body having been used as a breakfast plate and everyone eating off of and out of me. This was the only point where I thought Oscar was going to actually fuck me again, but other than moving a bit more energetically inside me nothing actually happened. I described (again) to him how Vicky had been fucked by everyone at the sex party and how much she had enjoyed being forced to cum time after time and we agreed to push her that far on my next visit, both taking turns and working together to make her cum as many times as possible. Vicky was understandably nervous about this but didn’t get a say and just pouted at us saying we were being mean to her. Our conversation petered out and we eventually fell asleep – Oscar went soft inside me and slipped out but I wasn’t far behind him so it didn’t matter.

I had been intending to go down on Vicky to wake her up, but when I came to in the morning I felt Oscar’s erection pressing against my ass. I lay still to see what he would do and after a couple of minutes realised that he was actually asleep and it was just morning wood (which Mike often has). One of his arms was draped over me and I gently reached down and stroked myself for a while before spreading my lips and carefully positioning myself so my cunt was at the head of his cock. When I try this with Mike I usually wake him up but Oscar seems to be a heavier sleeper and once in position I carefully pushed down and felt the head slide between my lips. It took a little while but I managed to get him all the way inside me and even got to gently ride him while frigging myself before he woke up. He was rather surprised to find his cock buried in me but he didn’t complain and started to move back against me. I had been enjoying taking advantage of him, but it felt much better now that we could push against each other and we gently fucked like this while he kissed me and fondled my breasts. I continued to gently frig my clit and told him I wanted him to shoot his cum deep in to my cunt before Vicky woke up so I could wake her the way I had intended. Oscar played along with this and I squeezed myself around him as tightly as I could as I came and then I let him slowly fuck me for a minute or so longer before he whispered in my ear that he was about to cum. I squeezed around him again and told him to fill me and he pushed hard in to me and used very small movements as he told me to take his cum.

I let him rest inside me for a short while before I pulled myself (somewhat reluctantly) off of his cock and crawled down between Vicky’s legs. I knelt on all fours with my ass in the air but my legs together so any cum that leaked out of me would run down my thighs and not just drip on to the bed. I then slowly licked and kissed Vicky’s pussy, getting more forceful as the taste of her juices got stronger until finally she let out a little moan and lifted a hand and ran it through my hair. Now that I had her attention I started to finger her at the same time I licked her and between licks I described how I could feel Oscar’s cum leaking out of my cunt and dripping down my legs. I felt Oscar play with my pussy and hoped he would fuck me again but all I got were his fingers so had to make do. It didn’t take long to get Vicky to cum (I’ve played with her enough times that I know what she likes – although I actually cheated again and flicked her clit rapidly with my tongue the way Lis does).

As we still had a few things left to do on the list before I went, we headed down for breakfast so we could get that out of the way while Oscar prepared for another round. Breakfast itself was fairly uneventful other than me teasing Oscar about the fact that I could still feel a little of his cum leaking out of me. I also managed to convince him to let me take a pair of Vicky’s panties back for Mike and Jen (after we had made sure that they were sufficiently soaked with her juices of course).

I let them choose the order we did things and fortunately they liked the idea of Oscar cumming in me again just before I set off so I could travel with his cum inside me. This meant that the first thing we were going to do was for them to try and make me cum just from stroking my neck. Only a few people have done this to me – partially as it takes quite a while and partially as I considerate to be quite intimate. As much as I like Vicky, I don’t love her the way I love Lis (and obviously not the way I love Mike and Jen) so I was initially a bit unsure about letting them do this to me, but in the end when Oscar said he really wanted to see me cum without having my pussy touched I couldn’t resist. (Fundamentally, if someone started a sentence with ‘I want to watch while you cum by doing…’ they could end with almost anything and my exhibitionist tendencies would probably drive me to say yes.)

We went back up to the bedroom and Vicky propped herself up against the headboard with a couple of pillows behind her. I lay between her legs with my head in her lap and she gently started stroking my neck. I gave her instructions as to what felt best and she was soon using a couple of fingers to gently trace up and down my neck. I had warned them that this might take a while but Oscar passed some of the time by getting me to spread my legs and taking some close-up shots of my pussy. I spread my lips for him but refrained from touching myself so the only real stimulation was coming from my neck and when Vicky reached her other hand down to caress my nipples (which by this point were quite erect) I only let her caress them for a few minutes. Vicky carried on gently stroking me for quite a while and I kept describing how it felt. I was definitely getting more aroused and with each stroke of my neck I could feel very faint waves of pleasure throbbing through my body, mostly concentrated on my neck, nipples and pussy, but also everywhere else.

It was Oscar’s turn now (he had asked to finish me off) and I sat up slightly to let him take Vicky’s place and then lowered myself back on to his lap. I brushed my cheek against his cock a little but then settled back to give him the same training I’d given Vicky on how to gently stroke my neck. He soon got the hang of it (although I still had to tell him to slow down a number of times) and within about 5 minutes I was back to the point where I’d been just before we switched over. My orgasm continued to build in an agonisingly slow way and I started to squirm around on the bed. I knew that I could have just dropped a hand to my pussy and got myself off very quickly but also knew that the reward for holding back would be worth it. I alternated between spreading my legs wide so Vicky could see (and describe) the state of my pussy and pressing my legs together (although I didn’t do this too much as I considered it a form of gentle masturbation and therefore cheating). I turned my head a couple of times and kissed Oscar’s cock to keep him interested, but for the last 5 minutes or so of the session I just gazed upwards and concentrated on the feeling of his fingers on my neck (and the associated feelings elsewhere in my body). I let out an almost constant stream of little moans and pants, punctuated with descriptions of how close I was getting and how my body was tingling or throbbing. Just before my orgasm finally hit me I told Oscar to just keep stroking me the same way until I told him to stop and then felt the pleasure throb through my whole body. I moaned quite a bit louder as I came and squirmed on the bed a lot more. I was oblivious to the fact that Vicky took some photos of me (not that I would have cared) and I only opened my eyes when my orgasm had completely passed.

It had felt like I came for ages (another wonderful benefit of this way of cumming), although I was told that it had been well under a minute. I got Oscar to keep stroking my neck and Vicky offered to kitty kiss me, saying that my pussy looked very wet and needed to be taken care of. I didn’t refuse her offer but as I spread my legs and watched her crawl between them I asked her to be very gentle. As Vicky lapped at my pussy I turned my head and kissed and licked Oscar’s cock again. He said that he now believed I could cum from having my neck stroked but still didn’t understand how it worked or how I could cum so hard (it really is a completely different kind of orgasm – I wouldn’t describe it as ‘harder’, just a full body orgasm). I told him I didn’t understand why either, I just knew it felt wonderful. Oscar reached down and played with my breasts for a while until I said that it was now his (and Vicky’s) turn to have some fun.

For this, he spooned with Vicky and I buried my face between her legs to lick them both. It would have been quite easy to make Vicky cum (she had got quite excited while watching me cum) but we switched around and Oscar fucked me for a while as Vicky licked me. It seemed unfair to make him hold back until I was actually going to leave so we decided that as long as he was prepared to fuck me again later on, that he could cum. This was hardly an onerous condition for him but we did tease him a little bit and made him fuck Vicky again for a while (with me eating her). This time we went all the way (for Vicky) and made her cum, but Oscar had to hold back until I had mounted his cock again and Vicky had helped to get me close to cumming. We let him cum in me a bit before I came, but he had to stay buried inside me. I didn’t move around much (as I know guys can get super-sensitive after they’ve cum) but he could still feel Vicky’s tongue on his shaft and my pussy contracting around him (which I did on purpose). It was gentle enough that he enjoyed it and was even able to move inside me a little as I came.

He got Vicky to take a few shots of his cock inside me and a few more of his cum leaking out of me when he pulled out. I rubbed his cum around my pussy and this reminded me of the fact that we needed to get a pair of Vicky’s panties soaked in her juices for me to take back to the others so once she had showered, we selected a nice pair and she put them on. I didn’t shower and just washed under my arms so I could put on fresh deodorant (allowing me to keep as much of Oscar’s and Vicky’s cum on my body as I could) and then threw on a light dress. Unfortunately Oscar hadn’t cum much inside me but I still felt reasonably wet and squishy and before we headed out my aim was to get Vicky back to the same state. I knelt in front of her and nuzzled her pussy through her panties – trying to lick her as little as possible so any moisture came from her instead of me. I cheated a little and used a vibe to stimulate her clit and then press the panties up in to her pussy. She wasn’t ready to cum again yet but allowed me to play with her for a fair while and I could easily smell her juices by the time we finished and we got a couple of shots of her sitting with her legs spread, pushing the crotch of her panties up between her lips. We could see a small damp patch on her panties by this point (at least when she took her hand away and we pulled the material out of her pussy anyway) so decided it was a good start and headed out to lunch.

I sat with my legs crossed in the lotus position (or an approximation that someone who doesn’t do yoga can manage) so I could easily flash Oscar throughout lunch. When Vicky and I went to the bathroom I produced a couple of remote controlled eggs, pushed one in to my pussy and forced the other one in to Vicky’s pussy (it wasn’t that she objected to having it inside her, she was just nervous about being discovered as I did this while standing in front of the sinks. I gave the remote to Oscar when we got back to the table and let him control the eggs in both of us. As usually happens when we try to control more than one egg at a time, they got out of sync so we couldn’t easily turn them both off at the same time and had to take turns with them buzzing inside of us – only when we left the café could we get far enough apart for Oscar to turn one off and then have that person walk away so he could turn the second egg off. The eggs had the desired effect and we were ready for more action when we got home – to the extent that the damp patch was still present on Vicky’s panties. I told her that Mike would want more of her juices though so we removed her panties and the egg and stuffed the panties up in to her pussy while I ate her. Oscar unbuttoned my dress and pulled it down so he could get to my breasts and fondled them, my clit and my ass as he took me from behind. We took our time doing things and enjoyed ourselves as much as we could until Oscar finally came in me and I ate Vicky to another orgasm (I had cum a little earlier as I didn’t mind about letting him move in me after I’d cum).

I used my breasts to wipe Oscar’s cock clean and then extracted Vicky’s panties from her pussy and placed them in a plastic bag to keep them moist (and promised her that Mike and Jen would use them to cum multiple times before she got them back). As promised, Oscar copied the various photos he had taken and promised he would consider doing things with us properly (by which I obviously meant letting Mike fuck Vicky, but would also mean Oscar would get to see a very horny pregnant girl fucking Vicky as well).

My dress was a little creased but I sorted my bra out and buttoned it up while telling Oscar I would concentrate on the feeling of his cum in my pussy for the train journey. I dozed for a fair bit of the journey home but this gave me the opportunity to allow two guys sitting opposite me to look up my skirt. I occasionally glanced at them with my eyes just open enough to see and definitely saw them looking (which helped keep me aroused). On arriving home I felt it was only fair to shower (to remove Oscar’s cum) before pouncing on Mike and Jen, but they got to play with Vicky’s panties until I got back and as expected, her juices were licked and rubbed over both of them a number of times in the following days and by the time we returned them they were caked with a mix of Mike’s cum and Jen and my juices.

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