Friday, 29 May 2015

Sisterly Love – Part 1

History tells me that these will be a popular few posts - lets see if I'm right...

On the Tuesday after Jen’s parent left Sue came up to visit and meet MJ. As it was during the week Josie didn’t come with her – I wasn’t sure what this would mean in relation to whether Sue would be allowed to do anything but she assured us that she had checked with Josie and told her that she would be a good girl if Josie wanted her to and had been told that she could enjoy herself if she wanted (as long as she told Josie all about it when she got home).

Mike and Jen were concentrating all their attention (and rightly so) on MJ. They were still paying me some attention (Mike fucked me on Sunday and Monday nights and ate me awake on Tuesday) but I realised that I was being given attention in the way that a child would when a new baby comes in to the family (to stop me from getting jealous that MJ was getting all the attention). I pointed out that I wasn’t going to throw a tantrum (and that I was just as captivated with her as they were) so Mike told me that if that was the case that he probably wouldn’t have time to make me cum for at least a couple of months. While the thought of that actually happening horrified me, I knew he was just teasing and that once Sue arrived, that he wouldn’t stand a chance of resisting us both (even if he was distracted).

Once Sue got her hands on MJ, she wouldn’t put her down or give her back to Jen until MJ wanted feeding. The plus side about us all knowing Jen’s breasts so well was that she didn’t have to try and cover up at all while breast feeding (I’ve heard that some mothers don’t even do this openly at home which I don’t get as surely their partner would have seen their breasts before). Sue reminded Jen of her promise to let her try some breast milk directly from the source and Jen said that she would, but she wanted to make sure she was producing enough for MJ first.

Jen still wasn’t in the mood for sex (it was less than a week after she gave birth) but was willing to let Sue examine her pussy closely to see how giving birth had changed it. To be honest, we couldn’t see a real difference but Jen said she could feel it. She allowed Sue to have a few licks to see if Jen tasted the same and for fairness then allowed Mike and me to do the same (but only briefly).

That night, Mike let me sleep with Jen – this was his first night not being in the room with MJ (and my first night being woken up each time Jen needed to feed MJ). Mike had warned Sue that he might not be in a fit state for much due to lack of sleep but once he was in bed with Sue, she spooned against him and gently rubbed her ass against his cock. Mike gave in (or rather his cock did) and he told her that he might be up for spooning properly if she wanted so Sue reached down and told him she would take care of him. She rubbed his cock back and forth against her pussy until the head was sufficiently coated with her juices and then spread her lips and told him to push in to her. Mike took a few strokes to slip inside and told her that (as usual) her pussy felt good. They moved against each other a little bit and Mike told her if he was going to be inside her that he needed to taste her first. Sue said this wasn’t necessary but Mike told her that it wasn’t fair to deny him her juices and he crawled under the covers to eat her. He didn’t reappear until she had cum and he briefly mounted her while they kissed before moving around behind her and spooning with her once more.

Mike gently moved in her again and she challenged him to cum without her knowing. Mike was confident that he could do this but much prefers making whoever he is fucking cum as well. As a compromise, Sue promised him that she would masturbate for him. He couldn’t resist that offer so carried on slowly moving inside Sue and chatting with her. He felt his orgasm slowly build but kept his breathing steady as he came in Sue and only stopped moving a minute or so later and told her he had cum. Sue obviously wanted proof, but that was easy enough to provide as his cum leaked out of her once he pulled out so she kept her promise, knelt with her legs spread and played with herself in front of him. Mike enjoyed the view immensely and caressed Sue’s thighs as her fingers played with her clit and pussy. Naturally, he made her continue until she had another orgasm and by this point he was just about hard enough to spoon with her again as they fell asleep.

By the Wednesday morning I had a better idea of why Mike and Jen were so tired (and I’d had just one night of interrupted sleep) but this didn’t stop me from heading in to Mike’s room and joining him and Sue in their morning session. Mike had enjoyed his relatively unbroken sleep and was in much better form with Sue than he’d been the previous night. I let Sue have his cock and sat over his face to let him eat me. Mike couldn’t see as Sue and I kissed each other but he felt my fingers stroking her clit and said that the mental image of what we were doing helped him cum. As Sue and he came before I did I got to 69 with him and suck his cock clean as he finished me off. We had breakfast with Jen downstairs and she then left MJ with Mike and Sue and went up to shower with me. By the time we returned MJ was looking for more food and we sat around and watched as Jen breast fed her and she tried to explain what the sensation was like.

Before MJ was born we had joked that with Jen’s sensitive nipples that she might end up cumming each time she breast fed MJ (this can apparently happen to some women although isn’t common). Jen certainly enjoyed the sensation (on a physical level as well as the emotional closeness she felt) but told us that the let-down reflex was quite painful (and not in a way she enjoyed), but fortunately she only felt this for a short period of time. Once MJ had finished feeding we talked Jen in to letting us finally have a proper taste of her milk – Jen agreed as long as we didn’t disturb the baby so she was placed in her Moses basket and Jen lay back on the sofa with Mike and I either side of her. The let-down reflex wasn’t as bad (possibly as she had only just been breast feeding) and we both suckled on Jen’s breasts, tasting the milk. Sue switched places with Mike so she could sample the taste and Mike (true to form) knelt between Jen’s legs and buried his tongue in her pussy. She briefly objected but knew that she didn’t stand much of a chance against the three of us and while her sex drive was nothing like it had been during pregnancy (or even before it), she said that she liked the idea of the three of us doing things to her. Sue and I weren’t too greedy with the breast milk, but as we had already started it, more seemed to come out even when we just kissed and licked her breasts. Mike told Jen a number of times how beautiful her pussy felt (she was aware that he was trying to reassure her that it wasn’t ‘ruined’ and she appreciated the thought). Jen told us she was getting close and we carried on licking and kissing her until she came. It was a fairly strong orgasm and Jen arched her back a little and mewed her way through it before relaxing back down on to the sofa and thanking us but warning us that she still didn’t feel like doing that too often.

Mike then proceeded to bend Sue over the side of the sofa and fuck her from behind while Jen reached under her to play with her clit. Sue hadn’t been expecting this but happily received his cock (and Jen’s fingers). Once she had cum he knelt behind her and kitty kissed her and then sent her off to shower. While Sue was gone I got the benefit of his tongue and Mike quickly got me off before washing his mouth out with water and giving MJ a cuddle to apologise for having stolen some of her milk, before heading up to shower himself. I headed up and got dressed with Sue and by the time Mike was ready, we were also ready. Jen said she would catch up with us in a bit but was going to have a little rest first (at least until MJ woke up) so Mike, Sue and I headed out for a wander.

Sue knew that we were heading to the photographers to collect the pregnancy and pussy photos (and the one of Mike’s cock) that we’d had taken (Lisa’s pussy photo wasn’t ready yet, but that had only been taken a short while previously). Sue wasn’t really surprised when we told her that we had scheduled a session for her so that she could join us up on the wall (she is my sister and we have broken her in quite well) and she didn’t object at all to being told to strip off and display herself (once again, my little sister). We got some full body shots taken and the close up of her pussy that we wanted the large print of and I felt that it was a pity to waste the opportunity so we asked for a few more. For these, I stripped off and joined Sue and we had a few shots taken with our pussies pressed together (in a scissor position) and ones of us sitting beside each other reaching across to spread each other’s pussy lips. Sue knew that this wasn’t the place to get any more explicit photos taken but the photographer allowed us to share a deep kiss (while still spreading each other) but they were the final shots of the session.

As we got dressed I told Sue that I could happily frig myself and she agreed. We briefly debated doing this (and could have probably got ourselves off quickly enough that it wouldn’t be too suspicious) but wanted to look at the shots that had been taken. We each had a very brief play with ourselves (just to keep ourselves horny) before heading out of the dressing room to meet up with Mike and the photographer. We chose the shots we wanted and compared the shots of Sue’s pussy to the ones of Jen’s, Lisa’s and mine (so they were comparable) and placed the new order. We should have probably looked at the other print first but we weren’t disappointed when they were brought out. Fortunately they were wrapped in paper before we left as I’m not sure we would have been as warmly welcomed in the café with large pictures of our genitals (although as we had our morning tea and people admired MJ I teased Sue about how arousing it would be to have the pictures of our cunts up and knowing that everyone in the café was examining them. As much as Sue has progressed, I’m still far more of an exhibitionist than her so this idea aroused me significantly more than it did her and by the time we left I felt as if my pussy was as wet as Jen’s had been during her pregnancy (I hadn’t quite matched her, my pussy wasn’t actually dripping but felt not too far off).

The rest of the day was fairly tame – Mike hung the pictures in Jen’s room (following discussion on the appropriate positioning). We ended up deciding on having Lisa, Mike, Me and Jen on one row with Sue, Lis and Lucy below them (so Sue was under Mike, Lis under me and Lucy under Jen). We obviously didn’t have the pictures Lisa or Sue and Lis and Lucy hadn’t agreed to this yet, but we hoped that they would (and even if they didn’t we were quite pleased with the intimacy of what we already had). It was probably a good thing that the pictures hadn’t been up for Mum or Jen’s parent’s visiting and we knew we would have to store them whenever someone visited (unless of course they were one of our special friends) and I loved the idea of Lis and Lucy’s pussy being anonymously on display to any of their friends who came up.

The afternoon was spent quietly and Mike teased Sue a fair bit but claimed he was too tired to do things properly with her. Sue said she understood but the teasing affected her quite a bit. Mike slept with Jen and MJ that night, leaving Sue and I to share his bed. As we got under the covers Sue said that she really needed to cum and I told her to go ahead and that I had been masturbating each night I’d been there alone. I offered her a selection of toys to use but she said she wanted to go au natural and just use her fingers so I told her that was a good choice (as much as I like masturbating with vibes and dildos, fingers are also nice) and said I would join her. We crawled under the covers and got to work with Sue complaining that Mike had teased her and not got her off. Our legs bumped together as we spread them to give ourselves better access to our cunts and we ended up lying with my leg over Sue’s. Nature took its course and we moved closer together – I leant over and kissed Sue and then lowered my head to her closest nipple. We rolled over to face each other and kissed properly, pressing our breasts together. I felt Sue push her hand between my legs so I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and pushed them between Sue’s legs, rubbed her cunt and then slid then inside her.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Family Visit

Jen was allowed out of the hospital on the Friday morning and Mike and I both went to collect her and MJ. Jen was still tired but didn’t have much time to recover as her family was arriving up to see her just after lunchtime so we didn’t actually get much time to have MJ to ourselves but made the most of it (she was a very cuddled baby).

Jen’s parents and brother admired MJ when they arrived and after a while I asked Chris (Jen’s brother) to give me a hand with some things upstairs. As soon as we were out of sight I told him that I hadn’t been getting much attention due to MJ (this wasn’t quite true as Mike had spooned with me both previous nights and spent quite a while going down on me on the Thursday and Friday mornings before heading in to the hospital) and wondered if he would be willing to help me out. As I asked this I pulled his hand towards me, pushed it under my skirt and between my legs and felt his fingers rub against my pussy. I told him that we couldn’t do anything in the house but that I had a plan and wanted to know if he was interested.

Technically I already knew he was interested as he had pushed two fingers up inside me and was letting me caress the growing bulge in his trousers. I got him to offer me his fingers so I could suck them clean, handed him some baby things and we headed back downstairs to show them to Jen’s parents. Later on that evening I had Chris come with me to get some take-away for dinner and as soon as the front door was shut I dragged him around to the side of the house, pulled off my clothes and told him to get his cock out. Despite being aware of my sexual appetite, he seemed a little surprised that I had stripped off completely, but I helped to free his cock, rolled a condom onto it and knelt to suck him – which distracted him. I then turned around and leant against the wall, sticking my ass out and telling him to hurry up and get inside me (I had been gently teasing myself for a while before we left so I was more than ready for him). This was just as well as Chris thrust in to me and started pumping away – I reminded him to play with my clit and he reached around and did this with one hand while using his other hand to knead my breasts. I thrust back against him in time with his strokes (or as best I could) and told him not to cum until I’d cum. He slowed down a bit when I said that and sped up the movement of his fingers on my clit. I kept telling him how good his cock felt inside me and how I wanted him to enjoy my cunt. My earlier teasing meant that I didn’t take too long to cum and could then tell Chris to enjoy himself as much as he wanted. He slammed in to me hard and fast and I helped things along by telling him how I wished I could feel his cum filling my cunt or spraying over my face and body (I’m not sure how we would have explained that to Jen’s parents though). Chris came and leant against me panting but I told him we had better get a move on as we had to make up for lost time. I quickly put my bra and dress back on while he waited for his cock to go down. I leant him my spare pair of panties (I always carry a pair in my bag even though I rarely wear them) to wipe his cock dry with and we set off to fetch the food.

Mike and Jen knew I had been planning on fucking Chris but were still impressed that I’d managed to get it done so soon. That night I did have to sleep alone as both Mike and Jen slept in Jen’s room with MJ. I would have loved to be in there with them (as family time, not just to have sex) but there just wasn’t room for three of us in Jen’s slightly tender state. I didn’t mind too much though and did stay in Jen’s room with them for a while as we all admired MJ. Once in Mike’s room I made use of some of our toys to give myself a quick orgasm before falling asleep and I was pleasantly surprised to be woken up by Mike going down on me (it was only quick, but felt good).

Jen’s family arrived and as it was a nice day they suggested we all go out for a little walk to let Jen and MJ get some fresh air. Fortunately we were expecting some nursery things to be delivered so I had an excuse to stay in and Chris valiantly volunteered to stay and keep me company. Within minutes of them having left (we did at least wait until they had left the street) I dragged Chris upstairs, pushed him on to Mike’s bed and pulled his trousers down. I stripped off and told him I wanted him to cum at least twice for me and hoped we had enough time. I told him I wanted to start by 69ing and handed him a dental dam before applying a condom to his cock. He lapped away at my pussy as I sucked him and while he could have put a bit more enthusiasm in to it, it still felt nice. Once I was wet enough, I planted myself on his cock and got him to rub a vibe around my clit and nipples while I rode him. Chris loved it when I contracted my pussy around his cock and said that I felt really tight. As I had my two cum goal, we didn’t draw things out too much but still took a little time to enjoy ourselves before pushing towards our orgasms. As I had a vibe on my clit it was quite easy for me to cum pretty much whenever I wanted so I rode Chris until he was close and then pushed the vibe against myself more firmly. I made myself cum just a little before he did so I could moan and swear (which he enjoys) in the final build up to his orgasm.

Once Chris had cum I climbed off of him, removed his condom and gently stroked his cock, using his cum as lube. I rubbed some over my neck and then used a damp towel to wash my hands and his cock before pulling out my secret weapon to get him ready for round two – Jen’s naked pregnancy photos. I had already put a selection of them in to a new folder on the laptop (skipping the ones with Mike in them so it was just Jen or Jen with me) and we looked through them, letting Chris feast his eyes on his naked sister. As we viewed the pictures I reminded him of the times I had left the door open and let him watch Jen and I fucking as well as the time he had snuck in to Jen’s room and I had jerked him off over her ‘sleeping’ body. As expected this helped bring his cock back to life and after a few minutes of stroking him we decided we should get round two underway.

Chris was a bit nervous about us getting caught but I told him I had arranged with Mike to call when they were on their way home so I could have the kettle boiled (Mike knew he was calling so we would have time to get dressed). I let Chris take me in a few positions and discussed with him what he would actually do with Jen if he was allowed to. Surprisingly (given previous conversations we’ve had along these lines) he didn’t want to fuck her but said he wanted to give her a facial. I teased him a lot more as we fucked and described in detail how much I loved eating Jen’s pussy, scissoring or sharing a dildo with her or just fingering each other. Chris enjoyed this talk but he wanted to finish things off fucking me (without talking about Jen). I was more than happy to oblige and lay back with my legs spread for him to fuck me (I didn’t leave him to do all the work and thrust back against him). I reached down between us to play with my clit and told Chris if he was good that I would masturbate for him after we’d finished. He told me I wouldn’t be able to cum again so quickly so I made sure that I got myself off as we fucked and once he finished I pulled out a couple of vibes, pushed one in to my ass, one in to my cunt and held an egg against my clit. Admittedly I was still quite sensitive from my previous orgasms, but I wasn’t going to let him be right and I pushed myself through the sensations (it isn’t pain, but isn’t comfortable) until I came again. He was suitably impressed and as a reward I claimed the right to fuck him again the next day before he headed back home.

On the Sunday we only managed to get enough time for a very quick fuck – this actually felt really good though as it was a proper ‘stolen fuck’, even more so than the quickie we’d had at the side of the house on Friday. We met in the ladies bathroom at the place we were at for lunch, I pulled up my skirt and let Chris pump away in me while I toyed with my clit. He asked if he could fuck my ass (using the excuse that he’d be able to cum quicker) so I dug some lube out of my bag (I often have all sorts of interesting things in there) and let him do as he wished. This meant I could both finger my cunt and frig my clit as he fucked me and it certainly helped me cum quicker too. As a final treat I pulled the front of my dress down and let Chris pour the cum from the condom over my breasts and as he returned to the table I massaged it in, washed my hands and made myself presentable again.

Jen’s family left later that day, happy that they had seen their gransdaughter/neice  but we knew they (at least her parents) would be back fairly soon. Jen had forbidden me from trying to seduce her dad and even with the promise of free sex it was unlikely Chris would come with them next time.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lisa’s End of Term Visit – Part 2

Lisa was bright red and gasping for air when we let her go and told us that she couldn’t believe we’d done that to her but Mike told her that she had done well and now deserved to be rewarded. Jen pulled Lisa’s wet shorts off and tossed the aside, Mike and I spread Lisa’s legs and Jen planted her face on the sodden crotch of Lisa’s tights and licked her. I already knew that I was going to lose another pair of my good seamless tights but I still winced as Jen ripped at the material and tore a hole in them to get to Lisa’s pussy. As Jen ate Lisa Mike asked her how she enjoyed being eaten outdoors by a pregnant lesbian and if it was how she had imagined things turning out when she headed off to Uni. Mike moved round behind Jen and slid in to her before returning to Lisa to offer her his cock and have her suck it clean of Jen’s juices. As Lisa got closer to cumming Mike told her that she would have to let Jen eat her and pee as she came before she left them but Lisa didn’t commit to this. She did cum though, and quite hard from the sound of it. When Jen pulled away Mike climbed over Lisa in a 69 and kitty kissed her while she sucked him. I played with Jen while they did this and once Lisa seemed to be enjoying what Mike was doing I switched places with him.

Mike pushed in to me and fucked me while Lisa licked me and he then pulled out and got us to roll over so he could fuck Lisa while we 69ed. It took Lisa a little while to cum (but it wasn’t long since her last orgasm) and by the time she came I was fairly close. Mike kept pumping away inside her as I kitty kissed her clit and he came in her just a little bit after I came. Lisa was told to stay where she was so his cum could leak out of her and I could lick her clean, but as it wasn’t his first cum of the day there wasn’t too much of it.

On Thursday morning Mike once again ate and fucked Lisa awake and made her promise to play with Jen throughout the day. This worked out a lot better than he had intended as in the early afternoon the window cleaner came round and Jen quickly dragged Lisa up to the bedroom and they both lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other (they were already naked as Jen had decided to spend the whole day this way). They pretended not to notice the guy looking in the window at them and Jen got Lisa to go down on her with her ass aimed at the guy and reach back to finger herself. Having done such a good job at this, Jen pushed Lisa a bit more and challenged her to do a pizza dare with the window cleaner when he rang the doorbell to get his money. Lisa was sent down with just a small towel around her that barely covered her ass and when she handed the money over, the towel ‘slipped’ and left her standing naked in front of him (just for a few seconds until she grabbed the towel and held it in front of her, almost (but not quite) covering herself with it.

Lisa said that she was incredibly nervous when she did this but had quite enjoyed it and as a reward Jen gave her a massage with our body wand. As you would expect, Jen ended up concentrating the massage in a number of specific areas and by the end of it, Jen had the head of the wand sandwiched between her and Lisa’s pussies so they could both feel the wonderfully strong vibrations. Jen tried to time it so they could cum together (putting more or less pressure on their pussies with the wand) but she ended up cumming a little before Lisa (and the wand is generally too intense to be in contact with once you’ve cum). Lisa took hold of the wand and held it against her pussy for the remainder of the session (which wasn’t long) as Jen sat back and recovered while enjoying the view.

Lisa described the day to Mike and me over dinner (where she and Jen were still naked) and we moved out to the garden to have dessert with Mike and me switching back and forth between Jen and Lisa and eating ice-cream and chocolate sauce from their crotches. They did the same to us afterwards and we then cleaned each other off and headed back indoors. Mike and Lisa lay with Jen that night while she fell asleep but even when they came back downstairs we didn’t tease Lisa any more as she had a big day ahead of her (which we refused to tell her the details of).

Mike took the Friday off work so was able to have extended session with Lisa that morning. She was eaten, fucked and had various toys used in and on her but wasn’t allowed to cum. By the time they came down for breakfast she was feeling incredibly horny and Jen told her that she would take care of her (sadly I had to go to work and had already left by this point). Jen got Mike to fetch one of our dildos with a suction cap on it, attached it to the top of the washing machine and set it on a spin cycle. This confused Lisa somewhat but she followed Jen’s instructions and climbed up on to the machine and lowered herself on to the dildo. She loved the way it felt but was frustrated by the fact that the stimulation wasn’t that strong. Unfortunately for Lisa, Jen was in on the ’not letting her cum’ plan and as the pleasure began to build in Lisa’s pussy once more, Jen turned the machine off and said it was time for breakfast. As soon as they had eaten Mike took Lisa up to the shower and teased her with the pulse spray, but at least this time he had the excuse of not wanting to use up all the hot water as Jen still needed to shower.

While Jen was in the shower Mike got Lisa to lie down on the bed and he thoroughly shaved her pussy. He gave her the usual lick test afterwards to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs and when Jen came in to the bedroom they switched places and Mike let Lisa shave Jen’s pussy (Lisa realised that this was an honour as Jen could technically pop at any point so she might be giving Jen the shave that the delivery team would end up seeing at the hospital). They then went for a wander and slowly made their way towards their intended destination (which was of course unknown to Lisa). When they arrive at the window of the photography studio they told Lisa that this was the place we had gone to have our photoshoot (the first one where we were naked, but not doing things with each other). As they took Lisa inside, they told her that we had arranged for her to be added to the shoot and that we really wanted hers to be the third pussy that we would hang in the bedroom. Lisa was a bit nervous about stripping off in front of the photographer, but she was touched by the fact that we wanted her to join the three of us up on the wall.

As Jen was even larger than she was at the previous shoot, she decided to get a few more pictures taken too so as Mike unbuttoned Lisa’s dress, Jen slipped out of her own one. When Mike had removed Lisa’s dress he cupped her pussy and gently fondled her to get her (at least a little bit) aroused. Lisa posed by herself and with Jen and while Jen had some solo shots taken Mike fondled Lisa discreetly before she had her close up shots. Lisa sat with her legs spread and had shots of her pussy taken in its ‘resting state’ as well as with her gently spreading her lips to reveal more of her insides. She was allowed to slide a couple of fingers in to her pussy and have some shots taken and as the photographer went to upload the images to the computer for them to look at Mike gave Lisa’s pussy another fondling. They then picked a number of images and compared the ones they had of Lisa to the ones of Jen and my pussies that we had already ordered large prints of. Lisa was a little embarrassed over the fact that we would have a giant (or at least much larger than life-sized) image of her cunt over the bed but Mike and Jen assured her that only a few people would see it. They then proceeded to list who might get to see it, including Sue, Josie, Lis, Lucy, Ineta, Clare, Giles, Sara, any random guys I pick up, the window cleaner (although he had already seen her in person)… This made her blush once more and Jen broached the subject of who else should get to go up on the wall. I think this diluted the ‘honour’ for Lisa a little bit, but she didn’t seem too put out as Jen just wanted Lis, Lucy and Sue and while she knows that Mike cares about Lis and Lucy (and lusts after them), Sue is the only one who he loves in any way close to the way he loves us (she didn’t mind the fact that I love Lis and Jen loves Lucy).

They headed in to town proper and Mike led Sue to our favourite sex shop. Lisa knew what was likely to happen next (as I’ve said, we’d told her almost everything we’ve done by this point) and while she protested initially, she gave in and allowed Mike to choose some outfits for her to try on. Lisa was introduced to Alistair as one of Susan’s friends (as well as Mike’s girlfriend) and Alistair asked Lisa if she would be prepared to take part in one of the sex shows (either with me or alone). Unsurprisingly Lisa said no to this so Jen pointed out that she seemed to have enjoyed putting on a display for the window cleaner and then proceeded to describe this to Alistair in detail. Lisa was bright red by the end of this but Mike assured her that she should enjoy the power she has over others. Lisa went over to the corner to try on a few of the items and was called back to the till where Mike was chatting with Alistair after she had changed in to each outfit. Alistair blatantly checked Lisa out and complimented her on the various outfits (some were more revealing than others but mostly only showed her breasts).

Mike hadn’t been intending on purchasing anything as we were trying to save money for the baby and new house but discovered some new items that were too good to resist – vibrating bra and panties. Mike challenged Lisa to wear them and she initially said no but Jen chimed in and said she would wear them too if Lisa played along (and quietly pointed out to Lisa that Mike wanted to be able to show her off to Alistair). Lisa agreed and Mike selected two sets of the underwear. Jen and Lisa each slipped on the panties and Mike helped to fasten the bras, ensuring the vibes were properly positioned over their nipples and nestled against their clits. Mike whispered to Lisa to just pretend she was back at Uni performing in front of her friends and pushed the button on the remote control that set the vibes going. Lisa jumped a little and Jen said that it felt good. Mike asked Alistair to get a chair for Jen to sit on but Lisa had to remain standing (Mike did at least let her lean against him later on). After a couple of minutes both Jen and Lisa were squirming around and Mike pulled up Lisa’s panties to ensure the vibe remained in contact with her clit. He stood behind her and told her that he wanted her to cum and release all off the desire she had built up from being teased so many times that day. Jen told Lisa that if they were lucky, a customer might walk in and get to see them, Lisa just moaned ‘nooo’ to this, but was clearly very aroused and later admitted that she probably wouldn’t have cared no matter who walked in as she just wanted to finally get to cum (this is a very familiar feeling to me and is both a wonderful and very dangerous place to be).

Jen’s panties had a damp patch on them already and Mike pointed out that we should have used her extra pregnancy juiciness to sell used panties to guys to masturbate with. Jen said it wasn’t her fault as the vibes felt really good and Mike told her that they should use the standard rules (meaning that the vibes wouldn’t be turned off until they had both cum). Jen was okay with that but Lisa was too far gone to start holding back and whimpered to Mike that she was nearly there. He helped to hold her up and told her to cum for him while reaching around to her breasts to fondle them (and help push the vibes against her nips). She didn’t really have much choice in the matter by this point and soon started to cum. Lisa quietly moaned and panted her way through her orgasm and Mike helped her to sit down afterwards but reminded her that she had to keep the underwear on until Jen came. She apparently did quite well at this (although quietly swore a number of times as she sat squirming) – fortunately Jen wasn’t too far behind Lisa in cumming but Jen put on a better show and rubbed the vibe in her panties against her pussy as she came while squeezing one of her breasts with her other hand. Lisa asked Mike to turn the vibes off but Jen flashed Mike her wicked grin and told him to leave them on but said that Lisa had the choice of removing her panties if she wanted the stimulation to stop. Lisa knew full well what Jen was up to but the vibrations were too much for her and she pulled the panties down to the middle of her thighs (later saying that Alistair had just seen her cum so it didn’t seem to matter what else he saw).

Jen endured the vibrations for another couple of minutes before saying she’d had enough and once he’d turned the vibes off he dipped his hand in to Jen’s panties, withdrew his fingers and fed some of Jen’s juices to Lisa. He then somehow convinced Lisa to keep the new underwear on (Jen didn’t need to be convinced) and after saying their goodbyes (and Alistair trying again to convince Lisa to put on a show for others) they headed off for lunch. As expected, Mike used the remote control to turn on their underwear a number of times as they ate – not for long enough to make either of them cum, but certainly enough to have an effect on them and they discussed whether they should return to the photographers to have a new shot taken of Lisa’s wet, sensitive and engorged pussy. Lisa just wanted to go home and let Mike fuck her and he gave in to her pleading but continued to tease her (via the underwear) at various times on the journey home.

Once indoors, Mike took Lisa up to his room, cleaned up all her pussy juice with his mouth and then gave her the fucking she wanted. He was pleasantly surprised when he told her that he wanted to fuck her twice (meaning he wanted to fuck her to two orgasms, not him cumming twice) and she agreed. The first time she wanted him on top of her so she could wrap her arms legs around him and hold him tight against her (in the end she reached down between them with one hand to play with her clit) and once she had recovered they switched between a few more positions but ended up with Lisa on top and Mike pounding in to her. As usual, Mike held back until Lisa came before cumming in her and as they lay there he teased her more and said he should have fucked her before going to the photographer so his cum would have been leaking out of her while the close up shots were being taken (I really liked this idea and later on considered having this done for myself).

Lisa asked Mike why he wanted her to cum in front of or do things with other people and he explained that he just wanted her to enjoy herself. She told him that she loved him and didn’t need to do things with anyone else and Mike did his best to explain how he sees a difference between sex for enjoyment and doing things with her, Jen, me or Sue (and a few others but to a lesser extent). Lisa admitted that despite being massively embarrassed in the sex shop, she had ended up really enjoying her orgasm and that she loved doing things with Amber back at Uni. Mike explained (again) how he had convinced me to try lots of things over the years and then how Jen had joined in (to be fair, I did the same to her), often pushing me to try things that embarrassed or scared me, but that I usually discovered new ways to enjoy myself. Lisa ended up agreeing to let him (and us) continue to push her boundaries and that she would try things and in return Mike agreed that she could have a safe word (Unicorn) which she could use to say she *really* didn’t want to do whatever it was.

I was given the details of Lisa’s antics over dinner and later on that evening we tested Lisa to see if she was really willing to let us push her and after she had wandered down to the local shops with Mike, wearing just a long sweater and letting him finger her in an alleyway on the way back, she was asked to perform a modified pizza dare, answering the door while only wearing one Jen’s very flimsy negligees. She performed flawlessly at this, including the customary bending over to get money and giving the guy a clear view of her ass and pussy as well as letting him get a good frontal view as she paid him and took the pizza. She received a lot of points for her performance and was rewarded by being allowed to use the wine bottle in a special way (us fucking her with it). Jen and I were mostly responsible for this as we knew Mike would be spending the night with her and she seemed to willingly surrender herself to us, letting us fuck her with the bottle and probe her with our fingers.

At bedtime Lisa changed back in to her old school uniform and Jen and I heard Mike and her having a long session that must have lasted well over an hour. I was actually quite impressed she held out so long given what she had been put through already that day and was hopeful we could continue to increase her libido so I had another sex-crazed partner to help keep me satisfied and wondered (to myself) what things could have been like if it had been Susan who had fallen for Mike when she first arrived and we had been the ones to turn her in to a nymphomaniac.

Lisa removed her uniform but kept the long socks on so Mike could continue to caress and worship her legs as they fell asleep. Lisa was upset that she had to leave (as was Mike) and he told her that he wanted her to stay but he also didn’t want to have to lie to Mum about who I was and that he (soon) wanted to introduce her properly. Lisa said she understood this and Mike spent a while convincing her that he loved her (and possibly scaring her a bit) by describing how he couldn’t wait until she finished Uni and he could then sink his cock in to her cunt and give her a baby (presumably after I’ve had one). As Lisa obviously wasn’t ready to actually get pregnant they just promised each other that they would spend as much time as possible practicing (and Lisa was looking forward to helping look after mini-Jen).

On the Saturday morning Mike spent ages eating Lisa awake and teasing her. Unusually he didn’t eat her to orgasm and didn’t let her cum before he fucked her (which he made up for by making her cum twice with his cock inside her). Lisa came down for breakfast wearing just her socks with Mike’s cum dripping out of her and had to sit up on the counter to let Jen have a lick at her pussy. Once Jen had cleaned up Mike’s cum I had a few licks too as we wouldn’t be seeing her for a little while (depending on how long it took mini-Jen to appear).

We kept her school uniform and promised her that it would be cleaned, ironed and waiting for her return but she took her new vibrating underwear with the agreement that she would let someone else control it. Lisa also agreed to Skype with Mike in the presence of the gang and while she still didn’t want to let any of the guys do things with her, she agreed to let a few of the girls take her one after the other. We got to witness this on the Sunday night and Mike found it incredibly arousing as he watched his little Lisa fingered and eaten by Amber, Susan and Abrahii. Lisa did more than usual and reciprocated, getting Amber and Abrahii off (mostly) with her mouth and Susan (again, mostly) with her fingers. She acknowledged that this was more fun than just playing with Amber and then had to try and dig herself out of the hole she had created when Amber pretended to be offended. The following Tuesday Lisa went out with the gang with her new underwear on and Abrahii in charge of the remote control. Following Mike’s instructions Lisa was teased throughout the evening and was then made to cum while standing at the bar amongst a whole group of strangers. Abrahii said that it was quite obvious from Lisa’s expression that she was cumming but later added that she doubted anyone else would have guessed what was actually happening.

Meanwhile, Mum and Gerald had been visiting us – from the Saturday just after Lisa left until the Monday. There was much baby talk and the bump made it very easy for Jen to sit with a nightdress on and let Gerald see up it to her pussy (the nightdress itself wasn’t revealing as Mum was around, it just depended on the way Jen positioned herself). It was only three days after they left that Jen went in to labour and mini-Jen made her way in to the world. We already knew that this was going to change everything but we intended to keep as much of our lifestyle as we could manage.

The timing of the birth worked out conveniently for Mike’s birthday. They had initially estimated the end of September as the date of conception but this is done by size and is unreliable. Even though it may well not be the case, we want to believe that she was conceived as a part of Mike’s birthday which also means that Sue was probably involved in transferring his cum in to Jen’s pussy. Sue really likes this idea as well and has already signed up to let him fuck her and drain his cum in to me when I try to get pregnant (although Lisa would also want to be a part of this, let alone Lis and Lucy so Sue has some competition). Mike still has his broody fantasy of getting all of us pregnant in one session (somehow).

We don’t intend to ever put her real name in the blog so from now on mini-Jen will be known as MJ. We actually had q very difficult time coming up with her name as we all liked different names but didn’t want to choose the name of someone we had fucked (or at the very least not one of our ‘regulars’ as we didn’t want that association. Mike is adamant that no guy will ever get to go near her (he is only slightly less resolute about letting any girls near her) and if he gets his way she will probably end up as a 60 year old virgin. You might think this is somewhat hypocritical given his desire for Lisa to experiment and enjoy herself as much as possible – and you’d be right, but fathers tend to be quite protective of daughters so there isn’t really any arguing with him on this.

If anyone is interested, Jen is willing to let me post some details of the birth – that would obviously be a no-sex posting (as much as Jen enjoys pain, birth apparently goes beyond her enjoyment limits).

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lisa’s End of Term Visit – Part 1

On the Monday following Lis and Lucy’s visit Lisa came up to visit Mike. She wasn’t arriving until early afternoon so Mike went to work in the morning but went along to the airport to meet Lisa and she appreciated him turning up in his suit to greet her. He also appreciated the way she looked as she had a very short pair of shorts on and as they hugged hello she told him that she didn’t have anything on underneath them.

Mike enjoyed parading his (much) younger woman through the airport and then drove her home. Lisa had a chat with Jen and admired the bump, even getting to feel the baby kick a couple of times before asking Jen if she minded if she took Mike upstairs to say hello properly. Jen told them to go ahead and once they got to Jen’s room (the bed is slightly bigger in there) Lisa started pulling at Mike’s clothes to undress him. He told her to slow down and she said she didn’t want to be teased so Mike slipped two fingers up the legband of her shorts to her pussy and asked if she just wanted him to make her cum. Lisa quickly freed his cock and told her she wanted him inside her properly and bent over to suck him. Mike complained that this wasn’t fair and he wanted to eat her as well but Lisa said if she let him get his mouth between her legs that he wouldn’t move away until she’d cum and she wanted him to fuck her first. They came to a compromise and Mike was allowed to 69 with her for one minute so he could taste her (and help ensure she was wet enough to fuck, but that didn’t seem to be a problem as Lisa had been looking forward to their reunion for quite a while), after that Mike would fuck her as much as she wanted but wouldn’t cum in her, he would then be allowed to eat her for as long as he wanted and they would finish with a proper fuck where he would cum in her.

They proceeded along these lines and Lisa savoured the feeling of having Mike sink his cock in to her hot pussy, then pulled him tight against her and got him to remain still for a minute or two as they kissed so she could enjoy the feeling. She kept telling him that she wanted him and had missed him and as they fucked they planned how they would spend a lot of the summer together. Mike fucked her to two orgasms (with a break in between but he remained buried in her between them – if you ignore changes of positions). Lisa then let him go down on her and Mike made the most of the opportunity, eating her to another two orgasms. Lisa was quite spent by this point (she hadn’t built up the stamina we have) but still wanted Mike to cum in her. She asked if he would just fuck her and cum, even though she knew that he was unlikely to cum without her cumming as well. She sucked him for a while as she recovered and Mike then applied some tingle gel to her nipples, clit, ass and his cock and they fucked as the gel worked its magic on her body. He didn’t reply on the gel and his cock though and used a vibe on a low setting to stimulate her clit as well as he moved inside her. He teased her like this a bit longer than was necessary – well past the point where Lisa had told him she was ready to fuck again, but this was because (as she also knew) he wanted her to beg his to fuck her, fill her with cum and make her cum.

Lisa did as Mike wanted and Mike promised her that he was hers for as long as she wanted. Lisa wanted more than that and got him to promise that he was hers forever and as they each came they promised each other they would stay together. As they lay enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms they discussed when Lisa would come up for the summer. Mike told her she was welcome whenever she wanted but that it might be a good idea to give us a few weeks after the birth to get used to the baby and get in to a routine. The downside of this is that Lisa would miss Mike’s two weeks paternity leave, but she acknowledged that he was likely to be busy and tired so wouldn’t be able to spend too much time with her anyway. Lisa gently stroked Mike’s cock as they chatted until he was hard again and took him in her mouth once more to suck him clean. Mike enjoyed this but told Lisa he had a better way to clean her juices off of him and pushed back in to her to get a fresh coating and they then headed downstairs and he got Jen to suck him clean. Jen asked if she was going to get to ‘say hello’ properly to Lisa but when she found out Lisa had already cum five times in a little over an hour she was sufficiently impressed that she gave Lisa a pass and told her they would greet each other later on.

The three of them sat and chatted until I got home but Mike felt it was unfair to ignore Jen so she had her dress removed and as they chatted he caressed and toyed with Jen. Initially he did this alone, but Lisa joined in later on and while Jen wasn’t made to cum, she was teased quite thoroughly. When I arrived home I walked in to the sight of the three of them playing with each other and Jen clearly in a state of high arousal. Lisa looked up sheepishly at me but once I had dumped by bag and jacket I walked over to her and gave her a big hug and kiss to welcome her. At that point I didn’t know what Mike had done with Lisa (although I assumed they would have already fucked) and I slipped my hands down between Lisa’s ass cheeks and played with her pussy lips. Jen told me not to be greedy as she had first dibs on Lisa so I reluctantly let go (after giving her pussy a final fingering) and told her that she was mine after Jen had finished with her. She looked to Mike for help and said she wouldn’t be able to cope with both of us. Mike told her that she would have to fight her own corner, but that he would help her to satisfy us both so she wouldn’t be pushed too far.

To make things easier for her, we decided to break her ‘welcome’ into two parts and Lisa was given the task of finishing off what she had Mike had started with Jen. We headed back up to Jen’s bedroom and Jen knelt on the bed on all fours – Lisa was warned that Jen couldn’t stay in this position for too long so was told to be quick and she crawled under Jen’s pussy, pulled Jen down to her and got stuck in. I immediately changed my mind and decided to join then, removed my clothes (it seemed unfair to be the only person who wasn’t naked) and dived between Lisa’s legs. She let out a yelp and looked down at me but didn’t argue and returned to Jen’s pussy. I could still taste Mike’s cum in Lisa but lapped away at her anyway and as we were meant to be welcoming her I swirled my tongue over her ass as well and gently speared her a number of times. Mike knelt beside Jen and reached under her to caress her breasts to help things along and the effects of the afternoon’s teasing meant that Jen came very quickly. She crawled off of Lisa’s face to reveal the sticky mess she had left and Mike kissed Lisa briefly before moving around behind me and sliding in to me. I hadn’t expected this and thought I was going to be fucked, but he was just coating his cock with my juices before returning to Lisa and asking her to suck him clean. She did this and Jen crawled over and joined in, so he had two tongues swirling over the head of his cock. This was only for a short time though so he wasn’t likely to cum (especially as Sue is so far the only person who can get close to ‘making’ him cum if he doesn’t want to, just by sucking him).

Mike and Jen ended up each taking one of Lisa’s breasts and sucking on her nipples until she came (which was mostly due to my work on her pussy) and I welcomed her to our little commune and suggested we go get dinner. Lisa automatically reached for her clothes but was reminded that she would be naked for most of her visit (at least for the time she was indoors anyway) and she followed us downstairs naked. Jen was allowed to rest while we made dinner and this left Mike and I to tease Lisa (making use of vegetables, ice cubes and kitchen implements). She said that she still found it very odd to wander around naked but we told her she would get used to it. We kept conversation over dinner fairly light and we decided afterwards to cut Lisa some slack and not force her to do things with Jen and me again that night. She was grateful for this and headed up to bed early with Mike, leaving me with Jen. Fortunately Jen is wonderful and was happy to sit and play with me while we chatted.

Up in his room Mike spooned with Lisa for quite a while as they chatted and he then went down on her again, spent a while longer toying with her and then fucked her for a second time. This time he finished off spooning with her so they could remain like that afterwards and whenever he started to go soft, Lisa would move against him to help him get his erection back. It got to the point that it started to hurt Mike so they had to stop doing this and let him go soft (although he still remained buried inside her). The next morning Mike woke a little earlier than usual so he could lick Lisa awake but instead of fucking her he gave her the task of eating me awake while he showered. He joined us afterwards (by this point Lisa had moved on to Jen) and took her from behind while she lapped at Jen’s pussy. To her dismay he didn’t cum in her as he was saving this for later on. Lisa did try to convince him otherwise by sucking him as he ate breakfast – she admits that she knew this was pretty much a lost cause as she knows he can hold back against (almost) any stimulation.

Mike returned from work a little early and had been warned by Jen that Lisa wasn’t naked. He wasn’t disappointed though as she opened the door wearing her old school uniform (he had asked her before about getting this from her parents’ house). Mike had been intending to spend the evening teasing Lisa but she had other ideas (some of which Jen had helped out with) and Mike was dragged up to his room and pounced upon by Lisa. She kept her uniform on throughout the whole session and let him finger, eat and fuck her in it. They were still doing this when I came home and Lisa certainly seemed to be getting more comfortable with making noise during sex (Mike was encouraging her) as Jen and I could clearly hear her when she came. She then got her wish from that morning and sucked Mike off, getting him to tell her just before he came so she could pull back and let him cum over her face. They both appeared downstairs a few minutes later with his cum still dripping from her face and splattered over her blouse.  I complimented Lisa on her outfit and thought that the bunches were a nice touch (another one of Jen’s ideas) and before Lisa cleaned her face off we added another few pictures to the album (her cum covered face, her sitting on the sofa looking cute, sitting with legs up showing her panties and her sitting wither fingers in her pussy).

Over dinner we discussed Lisa’s plans to change Uni so she could be with Mike. Jen and I had already discussed this with Mike (and so had sort of discussed it with her through him) but we hadn’t talked about it as a group before. Lisa knew that we didn’t want her to do something she might regret but I found it very difficult to say what I meant without it sounding condescending. I know full well that you can end up staying with someone you meet when you’re young (Lisa was now the same age I was when I first met Mike), but I also know that many relationships at that age can fall apart. On top of that, while Lisa seemed to be okay with dating a (considerably) older man, who was already married, was due to have a baby in a matter of weeks and who regularly participated in sexual activities with many others, that this was quite a lot for someone her age to take on. On the other hand, I also knew that she seemed to love Mike and that he loved her and while she was young, she seemed to be fairly sensible. Even so, changing Uni, losing the group of friends she had built up and having to start over in a new place would be difficult. I think the biggest realisation was that she would have to share Mike – she knew this intellectually, but in practice it would be rather different as up until now she had pretty much had him to herself whenever they got to see each other, not to mention the time that he would be dedicating to mini-Jen when she was born.

Nothing was really resolved, Lisa knew that Jen and I were happy for her to be with us (Mike doesn’t count, he would obviously be happy to have her) and that she could choose between living with us (the new house was going to have another room, although that was going to be the nursery so Lisa would have to sleep with at least one of us). The bad thing about this was that it would mean Mike, Jen and I probably wouldn’t get to share a bed that often (once Jen went back to the size that made this possible), but I had long realised it was selfish of me to expect to have Mike and Jen and for them to not be allowed someone else if they so wished.

As we cleared away the dinner things I told Lisa how she would be able to pop in and visit me between lectures and I slipped a hand between her legs as I described how we could keep each other satisfied during the day. Lisa knew about my affair at work and I offered her the chance to join in and have a threesome with Andy and me. She was still adamant that she didn’t want to sleep with any other guys (and the only other girl at Uni she usually let do things with her was Amber). She was more willing to participate in things with other people when Mike was involved and knew that we intended to introduce her to Sue, Lis and Lucy (who she knew, just not carnally), Ineta, possibly Jen’s brother and hopefully everyone at the sex parties.

Later that night we discussed Mike (and possibly Jen and me) meeting Lisa’s parents. Mike was understandably nervous about this as he didn’t imagine that Lisa’s father would be too happy about her dating an older man (almost twice her age) who was married and was having a child with another woman. We knew he (and we) had to meet them eventually if things were going to continue (and especially if Lisa was going to change Uni to be with him) but she also agreed that with everything else going on that they could delay the meeting for a little while. On a similar note Lisa had agreed to head back down to Uni at the end of the week as my Mum was coming up to visit. She had been guilting me about not having seen her for ages and she wanted to see Jen before the baby was due (Jen’s parents were ready to come up as soon as she gave birth). Up until now Mum had coped quite well (I think) with our strange relationship arrangements but I wasn’t sure she would agree with Mike having *another* girlfriend, even if we explained that both Jen and I also got to fuck her (which I might phrase slightly differently when we get to that conversation!).

To put things back on a lighter note I told Lisa that it was my turn to have her eat me and spread my legs for her. Lisa threw a cushion on the floor, knelt between my legs and got stuck in. I gently moaned in appreciation as she licked me and she looked incredibly cute (she still had her uniform on and bunches in). When she had made me cum it was Jen’s turn to do the same to Lisa. For this, Jen sat on the sofa and Lisa had to stand up on the sofa, straddling Jen and let her lick at her pussy. We pointed out to Lisa that she was quite exposed in this position and that people might be able to see her from outside. Lisa played along with this and said she didn’t care so we unbuttoned her blouse, freed her breasts from her bra and tucked her skirt up to expose her ass (Jen had already removed her panties). Lisa was a little more nervous about being this exposed but Mike helped distract her by lapping at her ass – which had the additional benefit of helping her cum quicker.

Mike spooned Jen to sleep that night before joining Lisa and me downstairs. I went up to Mike’s room with them and sucked on Lisa’s clit while Mike fucked her. As always, she loved this position and agreed to let him fuck her ass while Jen or I ate her pussy properly (it’s kind of difficult with a cock in the way). I then went and slept curled up against Jen (initially at least until she started squirming around).

On Wednesday morning Mike ate Lisa awake and then fucked her but once again had to disappear off to work. Once I had also left Lisa and Jen had a leisurely breakfast and showered together. They headed off to Mike’s work to visit him for lunch and Mike got to introduce Lisa to Ineta. Lisa was wearing shorts with opaque black tights underneath and Mike spent a while over lunch caressing her thighs and briefly managed to pull the crotch to the side to reveal Lisa’s pussy (she didn’t have panties on under the shorts). Ineta told Lisa that she was looking forward to meeting with her in private and that Mike had told her all about her (making Lisa blush quite a bit). On the way out Mike ducked in to an empty room and briefly made out with Lisa, fingering her through her tights and telling her to keep herself feeling horny until he got home – then telling Jen to help Lisa out with this.

By the time Mike got home, Lisa was indeed feeling horny (Jen had teased her for a good portion of the afternoon) and Lisa wanted to cum. Mike pulled her shorts and tights down to her knees, pushed her on to the sofa, got her to lift her legs up and quickly ate her. I would have loved to walk in to this sight but Lisa had cum long before I arrived home and had pulled up the tights and shorts once more. Mike had come up with a treat for Jen though and once I had got out of my work clothes we all headed out in to the garden to enact this.

We knew that Lisa was fairly ticklish but Mike had wondered just how ticklish this actually was. Lisa’s top and bra were removed and after toying with her for a bit we started to tickle her. She squealed and squirmed around a lot (Jen moved back a bit so she didn’t get hit or kicked by accident) and after a minute or so Lisa complained that she was going to wet herself. She had this while being tickled before which was the whole inspiration for the ‘attack’ and Lisa was informed that we intended to keep tickling her until she wet herself. Mike pushed a hand down the front of her shorts and in to her tights to play with her pussy and we told her that Jen really wanted to see her wet herself. Lisa squealed that we were being mean to her and kept trying to escape but Mike and I (fairly) easily held her down. She warned us a number more times that she was really going to wet herself and Mike reported that he felt a squirt of liquid. We tickled her as fast as we could and Mike told us she was now peeing properly. Jen sat and watched as the damp spot on Lisa’s shorts rapidly grew until the crotch and ass were soaked with her pee and Mike and I continued tickling until Lisa had emptied her bladder.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lis and Lucy June 2014 Visit – Part 3

The guys asked each other if they were up for it as I knelt between them and played with myself in a slightly exaggerated way and once they had agreed they let me undo their trousers, pull out their cocks and apply the condoms. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me suck them both at the same time but they were quite happy to spit-roast me and I eagerly sucked one while the other fucked me and let them switch back and forth a number of times. Conveniently one wanted to cum in my mouth and the other one in my cunt – the guy in my cunt came first, but that just allowed me to get in to a better position and concentrate on sucking the second guy off. He tried to push my head a bit too far down on his cock, but I had my hand around the shaft so he didn’t get too deep and I warned him that it was my sister who was good at deep throat and not me. He apologised so I did the best I could and stroked while swirling my tongue around the head until I felt the condom fill with his cum. I was now feeling very horny and told Lis to come and eat me (she had finished playing with herself). I actually joined her on the blanket and lay over her so she could spread my pussy and lap at my clit. It didn’t take me long to cum as I knew I had strangers watching me and once I rolled off of her I gently stroked my pussy and thanked them for their cocks.

It was only at this point that I noticed Lucy was no longer covering herself up and later found out that she had been convinced to stop being so shy and to help out with Mike and Jen. Even though she had been naked, she had positioned herself so her ass was pointing away from the guys, but had played with Jen’s clit and had even licked at it a bit while Mike had been fucking Jen. She hadn’t quite done the full ‘licking them both’, but her tongue had made contact with Mike’s cock a number of times and he was quite happy about this.

Lis and Lucy were quite giddy (the best word I can think of) when the guys left and I tried to point out that they could fuck in front of as many people as they wanted at the parties and if she was allowed, Lis could have as many guys cum inside her as she wanted (Mike didn’t like this idea, but Lis did). Once Lucy had calmed down she was quite keen to leave in case we got in to trouble and as we’d been out for quite a while anyway we packed our things up, slipped our dresses (or trousers and t-shirt in Mike’s case) back on and headed down to the car.

I had really enjoyed my unexpected stranger fuck session and relived it in my head as we packed things away. While reaching over to the driver’s seat my breasts bumped against the gearstick (I didn’t have a bra on under my dress) and I took this as a sign so gave it a wipe down (not that I’ve done this before), straddled the gearstick, spread my lips and lowered myself on to it. Lucy asked what the fuck I was doing so I lifted my skirt to show her (I know that wasn’t what she meant). Once I had the knob of the stick inside me I moved up and down, enjoying the feeling of the texture on the inside of my cunt and played with my clit. I would have preferred to remove my dress and ride the stick properly while naked but there were still a few other cars around and I didn’t know how long I would have. Unfortunately it wasn’t long enough to cum, but I still enjoyed myself and managed to climb of before the people attached to the voices got close enough to see what I was doing.

On the way home I let Lis and Lucy fondle me (and by ‘let’ I mean ‘asked them to’) but Jen told them not to let me cum. Once home we relaxed for a while and we discussed Lucy’s display on the hill. She admitted that it had felt quite nice being able to just let go, but also that she had been rather frightened that we would get reported. It was clear that she still wasn’t ready to fully embrace exhibitionism, but I thought it had been a good step and in conjunction with the revelation about her role playing, we felt she was coming along well. Dinner was fairly quiet and Mike discussed his plans with Lisa who was coming up to visit for a few days (she would have been there over the weekend as well which Mike had wanted but she said she would have been jealous with Lis and Lucy around). He promised that they would get to meet her properly soon (they had ‘met’ her already a number of times when Lis and Lucy had visited their Uni friends but Mike wanted Lisa to get to know them a lot better. We had expected Lucy to object to this but she seemed okay with the idea which made things much easier as if we intended to keep seeing Lis and Lucy and things worked out with Lisa then they would obviously have to get along.

Jen was getting tired by this point but didn’t want to go to bed alone so Mike let her borrow Lis for a while. He, Lucy and I remained downstairs chatting for a bit and as we did this I lay with my head in Lucy’s lap and got her to gently stroke my neck. This was the first way that Lis and Lucy made me cum and we discussed how things used to be when she was living with Jen and had all their Uni friends around. I steadily got more turned on and Mike helped out by removing my clothes and playing with my nipples. He spread my pussy lips a few times to see how wet I was getting (quite wet but not rivalling Jen) but wasn’t allowed to lick or play with my pussy as that would spoil the sensations from my neck being stroked. I was given the choice of continuing as we were or heading upstairs to do things properly (by which they meant more energetically) and I chose to stay where we were. Lucy said she was jealous of me for being able to cum like that (she enjoys being massaged and caressed but can’t cum without her pussy and clit being touched).

Fortunately I can (in this one way anyway) and enjoyed the slow build-up of my orgasm with just my neck and nipples being stimulated. As I got closer I told Lucy I was going to repay her fully and Mike warned Lucy that this probably meant she wouldn’t get much sleep. Mike started to caress my inner thighs (keeping away from my pussy) and I melted in to Lucy’s thighs and concentrated on the feelings as the various light caresses combined and pulsed through my body. They continued to gently caress me until well past the end of my orgasm and I eventually opened my eyes and thanked them. As part of his reward Mike was allowed to kitty kiss me but was told to leave some of my juices for Lucy (he can be quite greedy that way). As Lis hadn’t come back downstairs yet (and we were unsure as to whether she would spend the whole night with Jen) Lucy and I let Mike come up to his bed with us and join in (or at least help out) as we fucked. He actually fared quite well as Lucy was willing to let him be inside me while she licked me and Mike bribed her with the promise of getting to see Anna and Michelle  (played by Sue and me) lick each other properly. Lucy really (really) wanted to see that and her tongue made a lot more contact with Mike’s cock than it had earlier. He pushed things a bit too far though by saying that it was only fair that he should get to eat her in return. As ‘punishment’ fort his, he had to sit by and watch as Lucy and I carried on alone.

He was saved by the appearance of Lis who had stayed with Jen until she had fallen asleep. They’d had a little play together but had then spent the rest of the time talking about the impending birth and babies. This had further heightened Lis’ broodiness and she literally dragged Mike out of the room and to the bed downstairs while telling him he needed to fuck her. He was quite happy to oblige and sank his cock in to Lis’ waiting pussy. They fucked hard with her telling him to make her pregnant and Mike pretended to cum in her as she came (she knew he was pretending). He went down on her almost immediately and while he didn’t quite eat her, he did more than just kitty kiss her. This did progress to him eating her properly (once she had recovered from her orgasm) and there was an extended kitty kissing session following her second orgasm to help prepare her for their second fuck and once ready Mike moved up behind Sue and started things off with him spooning in her.

They concentrated on pushing against each other in sync to try and get Mike’s cock as deep in to Lis as they could and after doing a quick calculation and realising that she would probably be at the tail end of her fertile period, Mike teased Lis about the possibility of taking her aside on her wedding day, filling her with his cum and giving her ‘something new’ as his wedding gift. Other than the fact that Lucy would kill her if they actually did this, Lis really liked the idea so they used this as the basis of the fantasy for their fuck and discussed how much Lis was looking forward to marrying Lucy, how they would sneak off from the reception, how they would fuck and how Lis would then return and dance in front of everyone with his baby growing inside of her and the remainder of his rub running down her legs under her skirt. Lis rode Mike for a while and he played wither clit, but to finish off Lis lay on her back and Mike fucked her with her legs up against his chest (this way feels really deep when he does it to me so I understand why Lis liked it). As he (almost) always does, he waited until Lis came before he shot his load in to her cunt. He then lay on top of her with his cock still buried in her and Lis asked him if he would still want to get her pregnant if it meant he wouldn’t get to do anything more with Lucy.

To me, this seemed a somewhat unfair question (kind of similar to me asking him if he thought Jen was cuter than me) as there wasn’t a good answer – plus they were both in a rather vulnerable state as they had both just cum. Mike told her he wasn’t sure as he really wanted to make Lucy cum – both by eating and fucking her – and he hoped he wouldn’t have to make that choice. He still felt somewhat sensitive so couldn’t move too much but did so as much as he could and told Lis if he really had to he thought he could ‘put up’ with just having to fuck his little lesbian and they teased each other about what a hardship it would be. They settled on the outcome that if he was given that choice that he would stick with Lis as the idea of her having his baby turned him on as much as it did her but that he would still love to do more with Lucy and if they agreed on it being her who was going to get pregnant he would be more than happy to donate his cum to her. He was going to tell Lis about the fantasy of getting all of his favourite girls together and getting them all pregnant in one night (using his magical never-ending supply of cum) but decided (wisely) that she probably didn’t want to hear this. Lis was getting tired by this point so they started to go to sleep and he promised her another load of cum in the morning if she wanted it.

Sunday morning proceeded in the usual way – I ate Lucy awake and we then did things together. Mike did the same with Lis and they had a long gentle fuck. She agreed to dress up for him later on in the day and in return he showed her the video of Sue and I doing things together. This was still on when Jen, Lucy and I came downstairs and over breakfast I was made to sit and watch it a number of times and answer detailed questions about exactly what we’d done and hot it had felt. I spent quite a lot of breakfast blushing (I’m still not completely shameless – in relation to some things anyway). Lucy reminded me of Mike’s promise of getting Sue to join in and act out her fantasy with her old school friends and I told her I would see what I could do.

Mostly to keep Lis happy we then went out baby clothes shopping and came home with a number of presents for the bump. Unsurprisingly she wanted another helping of cum from Mike on our return so they headed upstairs and Mike got his wish of having her dress up for him (she put on Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl outfit with long blue socks this time). They fucked while watching themselves in the mirror and Mike got Lis to imagine having Sue kneeling in front of her and licking her clit as they fucked. Lis wanted to feel Josie licking them while she ate Sue so they explored that idea and agreed that they would then double team Josie with Mike kindly letting Lis eat Josie’s pussy while Mike rimmed her. Mike got Lis to concentrate on her reflection as she came and to concentrate on her expression. They then fell back on to the bed with Lis on top with her back to Mike and she humped up and down on his cock while he fondled her breasts. It took a little while, but he came in her and they then rolled on to their sides so Lis could keep her legs shut tight while Mike pulled out and fetched her a pair of panties. When they came downstairs, these were the only thing Lis had on and there was a large damp stain over the crotch – we’re not sure if Mike had cum much more than usual for his second load of the day or if Lis had been particularly wet (she isn’t usually that wet) but a quick lick hinted at it mostly being Mike’s cum.

Lis was now quite happy with her practice at getting pregnant but Mike was still keen to progress things with Lucy (now Lis had his cum she was no longer as jealous of him wanting this). Lucy’s condition was that Jen would have to let her have a final play with her (which would probably be their final session before the birth, unless the bump decided to stay put for way past the due date). Just as I can’t refuse Lis, Lucy can’t refuse Jen so they headed up to Jen’s room and played with each other. Mike, Lis and I remained downstairs and chatted until Jen reappeared about 30 minutes later and told Mike that Lucy had summoned him.

Mike bounded upstairs and found Lucy waiting on the bed for him. He asked what he was allowed to do and she gave him the choice of humping against her and making her cum or of her putting on panties and letting him kitty kiss her through them. They bartered on the options and Mike was allowed to cum as well if he humped against her (although obviously not over her pussy, even though he probably wouldn’t have been able to produce much cum) while if he kitty kissed her, he wasn’t allowed to make her cum. Lucy wouldn’t budge on this part but Mike so desperately wanted to lick her that he still wanted to take the kitty kissing through panties option. Lucy (and Jen) had assumed that this was the option Mike would choose and Lucy pulled a pair of white cotton panties out from under the pillow and told Mike to put them on her. He did as she asked and ensured they were pulled up snugly against her pussy, spread her legs and asked how long he was allowed. Lucy wouldn’t tell him a time but said she would just tell him when she’d had enough – this annoyed Mike a bit as he wanted to know if he should take his time and enjoy it or get as many licks in as possible while he could.

As Lucy was teasing him, he decided to just do the same back to her and started off by gently kissing around her thighs and slowly working his way towards her crotch. As he neared his goal he spread her legs wider and kissed up and down along the edge of her panties and then moved onto the crotch, gently kissing, licking and nibbling the material, slowly moving in from each side. Once he reached the middle, he kissed up and down the length of her pussy from her clit to her ass. As the session continued he licked more forcefully until the crotch of the panties got quite moist and he told Lucy that he could smell her juices through the panties. She told him that it felt nice so Mike carried on and used his tongue to push the material slightly between her lips and up against her ass. He pulled on the skin of her thighs to spread her lips and pushed the material a little deeper in to her but Lucy said that was cheating (even though it felt nice) and she straightened out the panties before he was allowed to continue.  He was allowed to keep going for quite a while though and ended up being able to easily taste her through the panties. He gave her lips and clit the best licking he could (given he couldn’t make contact) and Lucy was obviously enjoying what he was doing as her breathing changed and she moaned a number of times, she was lightly flushed and she played with her breasts. When she finally told him to stop she said that he would have easily been able to make her cum if she had let him keep going (he begged but she told him not this time). He was given a final bonus for making her feel so good – she removed the panties and let him lick her outer lips. Once these were clean Mike spread her pussy and admired the view, asking if he would be allowed to sink his tongue (or anything else) in to her at their next visit. Lucy told him he’d have to wait and see and reached down to play with herself. Mike had to sit and watch as she stroked herself but other than feeding him her juices from her fingers a few times, he wasn’t allowed to participate. It didn’t take long for Lucy to cum (which Mike enjoyed as it meant he had got her quite close with his tongue).

Once she had finished, she sat up and wiped the juices from her hand over his cock. She then stroked him a few times, said that as he had licked her it was only fair that she should do the same, lowered her head to his cock and paused. She then gave the head a tiny kiss (just a little peck) and told him that she’d changed her mind and he would have to wait for that as well. Mike pointed out that if he wanted to, he could pin her down and take advantage of her but Lucy told him he wouldn’t dare. He took the dare, pushed her on to the bed and tickled her. Now Lucy isn’t as ticklish as Lis, but she is still reasonably ticklish and squirmed around underneath him. Mike kept pointing out that with the way she was moving all he would have to do was lower his body to press his cock against her and she would probably rub against him enough to make him cum. He tickled her for a fair while (a couple of minutes he thinks) but didn’t let his cock make contact with her. This was obviously him trying to balance out the power games Lucy had been playing with him by showing her that as much as he wanted her, he could still resist and he left Lucy panting underneath him and begging for mercy. The cost of her surrender was another few licks of her lips (but still only the outer ones) and Lucy let him do this for a couple of minutes before calling him off.

He then helped to dress her, mostly so he could caress her body, but she enjoyed the attention and once finished gave him a big kiss and told him he was more patient that she had expected. They came down to join the rest of us as it was getting close to their leaving time and Lis went up to get dressed. Mike joined her and gave her a final quick fuck to relieve the tension he had built up with Lucy. They just pulled the crotch of Lis’ panties aside for this so she could keep anything he produced inside her and Lis decided she liked the arrangement of Lucy getting him horny and her getting the benefit of his cum.

We all headed to the station to see them off with the promise of then returning to visit as soon as Jen was up for it. Mike was warned to prepare for their next visit as nobody knew what state Lis would be in when presented with an actual baby. Mike warned Lis that he might not be in a fit state to do anything (the reality of the possibility of multiple sleepless nights had begun to set in) but that 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lis and Lucy June 2014 Visit – Part 2

They were still humping like this when Lis and I came downstairs. Mike commented on how frisky Lucy had been and they told Lis that she had already received a load of his cum but had helped him build up more for Lis if she still wanted it. Lis wasn’t quite ready to fuck again (although she liked the idea of him cumming in her) so Mike sat through breakfast with a hard cock. Lucy went up to see Jen and convinced her to have a play – even though Jen wasn’t that comfortable she still enjoyed cumming and didn’t want to waste the opportunity to play with Lucy. We had finished eating by the time Jen and Lucy came back downstairs and Lis was sitting on Mike’s cock while I knelt and licked them both. We carried on doing this while Lucy described how she had used the horse dildo on Jen –this had been Jen’s idea as a way to start stretching herself in preparation for the birth (she knew it didn’t really work like that, but felt that given the size of what was about to come out of her, she may as well experience the giant dildo.

Mike took Lis upstairs to finish their session but I reminded Lis that she wasn’t allowed to let him cum until we were heading out. She explained the purpose of this to him and he agreed to try and hold back but would pretend to cum in her so she could satisfy her increasing pregnancy fetish. As they were upstairs and had access to our clothes, Lis slipped on a few things to help Mike along (just a little skirt, long socks and white panties with a matching bra). Mike pulled the panties off to go down on her but she put them back on to fuck and she rode him while telling him to fill her with cum and give her a baby. Lis was incredibly energetic throughout the session and we easily heard her downstairs as she came (still telling Mike to give her his cum). He led her downstairs still dressed the way she had been while fucking and told Lucy that if they didn’t decided which one of them was going to have a baby soon that he was afraid that Lis would sneak up and fuck him while he was asleep to get pregnant.

Mike showered with Lucy who remained in the shower to help Jen out and I showered with Lis. Even though the hot water was running out by this point Lis used the pulse spray on my clit. I sat with my legs spread and clit exposed while Lis played the spray over my pussy and clit. It began to feel a little cold (it wasn’t cold-cold, but not warm) and after I’d cum Lis knelt to lick me and her tongue felt very warm in comparison. She then gave me one of the least flattering descriptions of my pussy by saying that it felt like she was licking a corpse (as my skin was cold and I had no taste as all my juices had been washed away). This wasn’t the most pleasurable experience for her but she carried on until my pussy warmed up a bit and I told her I would have my revenge at some point over the weekend.

We had arranged to go out for a picnic and once dressed we finished gathering up the things we needed and bundled everything in to the car. Technically Mike should have fucked Lis before we left but it seemed a waste to have his cum just leak out of her in the car so they spent a good part of the journey toying with each other so they would be ready to finish things off as soon as we arrived. There wasn’t anywhere suitable to play where we parked the car so things were postponed once more while we went for a wander to find somewhere suitable for our picnic. We didn’t go too far as Jen didn’t want to hike up any hills but we found a suitable spot away from the trails and laid out our blankets on the grass. Mike was desperate to finish things with Lis and as we unpacked lunch he buried his head between her legs and ate her – she was quite nervous about doing this in the open but as she knew the rest of us were keeping a lookout she lay back and enjoyed the attention. He didn’t make her cum like this though and just got her close before dragging her off into the forest (not too far, just a few trees in to provide some shielding) and we saw Lis’ dress being thrown aside (which Lucy went to collect to stop it getting damp or dirty). Mike fucked Lis from behind with her leaning against a tree and fondled her breasts, clit and ass as they fucked. Lis got more in to it as they discussed how the natural surroundings would be a perfect backdrop for making a baby. Mike loved having Lis standing (or bending over) naked in front of him and got her to promise that if he got her pregnant that she would let him fuck her like that again. She actually promised that she would do anything he wanted if he gave her a baby and Mike told her that the condition would be that she would have to keep visiting so I could get my monthly Lis fix (which I thought was quite sweet of him). They carried on fucking until Lis was close to cumming and Mike eased off frigging her clit until he caught up. They came pretty much together (Mike just a little behind Lis) and he pushed as deep in to her as he could with each stroke, telling her to take his cum and they then remained in position with Mike’s cock still buried in Lis to allow her pussy to soak up his cum.

Of course, this wasn’t that effective and when Mike pulled out his cum dribbled out of Lis’ pussy and ran down her legs. He helped this along by getting her to stand wither legs together (still leaning forwards against the tree) and spreading her lips to let whatever she wasn’t keeping leak out. He then led her by the hand back to where we were sitting, at which point Lucy handed Lis her dress back and she was allowed to slip it on. As we ate lunch I rubbed a few items of food against Lis’ pussy and ate them and Jen followed suit. Lis didn’t mind doing this and Lucy said she was up for it if Mike was too (she knows he doesn’t like eating his own cum) but (as she must have known) he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity so see her taste him so he rubbed a strawberry over Lis’ pussy and ate it. True to her word, Lucy followed his lead and this descended in to using each other’s juices to garnish our dessert and then to eating directly from each other (or in Mike’s case, rubbing the food on to his cock and sucking it off).

We relaxed and chatted for a while – Mike gave us a fuller description of what he and Lucy had got up to the night before and this led to Lis moaning at Lucy for having stolen her cum. This continued around to the conversation about them actually wanting to get pregnant, the upcoming wedding, their (other) long term plans and how it would be better if we lived closer together. Mike pointed out that if he was actually going to impregnate either Lis or Lucy that he would really have to spend a week a month with them (to make sure he got their most fertile period) and as we discussed that he moved around behind Lucy and rubbed against her ass while telling her that he would love to spend a week fucking her. His cock was soon freed from his jeans and slipped between Lucy’s legs. I was quite surprised that she didn’t object to this – not due to Mike rubbing against her (which it was quite obvious she enjoyed from what they’d done the previous night) but as we were outside. Lis pointed out that Mike might get cum on Lucy’s pussy and he said that he had been sucked clean, but if she was worried that she could always make sure by licking him cleaner. Lis knew what Mike meant (he was hardly being subtle), crawled down between Lucy’s legs and pulled them apart. Lucy began to object but Jen and I assured her that we would keep watch for anyone coming. Lucy knew she wasn’t going to win so surrendered to the onslaught and at Lis’ request showed her how she had masturbated with Mike’s cock.

Lis lapped away at the pair of them and as Lucy got closer to cumming Mike unbuttoned the back of her dress and reached in to fondle her breasts. With a bit of effort (as Lucy was lying mostly on her side), they pulled her arms out of her dress and freed her breasts from her bra so he could both fondle them properly and expose them to the air. Jen and I didn’t just sit by passively and started to play with ourselves but I also reached over to caress Lis’ ass and pussy under her skirt (which was soon lifted up) and then fingered her. Mike ended up with the head of his cock nestled between Lucy’s lips once more right at the entrance to her pussy and Lis flicked her tongue rapidly across his glans and Lucy’s clit. As Lucy came Mike whispered to her that he couldn’t wait until he was allowed to slide in to her and fill her with his cum and she pushed back against him. He didn’t actually slide in to her, but they both said it was quite a close thing.

Jen and I now wanted to cum and as we were outside and it was a nice day I wanted to make the most of it. As we had known we were unlikely to find somewhere completely isolated we had planned for this and I pulled a number of swimsuits out of my bag. Jen and I each put on one of my microbikinis (which look somewhat ridiculous on a pregnant woman, but served the purpose of leaving her mostly naked and all of her bits easily accessible). Lis and Lucy were given the choice of a few of Jen’s ‘proper’ (by which I mean not as revealing) swimsuits and after quickly checking the coast was clear we all stripped off. Lucy put her swimsuit half on but let us roll it most of the way off again to apply sun lotion and as Lis applied lotion to me her fingers teased my nipples and then worked their way in to my pussy and ass. I pulled her on top of me and started to eat her, loving the way the lotion and our combined sweat felt against my skin. Lucy took care of Jen and played with her pussy but wanted an extra treat (which was the other purpose of the swimsuits). As Jen got close to cumming she got Lucy to crouch over her chest and pulled the crotch of Lucy’s suit aside. Jen told Lucy to gently pee, using her other hand to rub Lucy’s pee over her chest and face and as Jen started to cum she let out her own stream of pee over Lucy’s hands and told Lucy to give her everything she had left. I was still busy with Lis as this happened so didn’t see it but I’m told that Lucy rapidly emptied her bladder over Jen and frigged Jen’s clit until Jen told her to stop. Lucy knows Jen’s desires well enough now that she lowered her pussy to Jen’s mouth to let Jen lick her clean and then climbed off of Jen and crawled between her legs to lick Jen’s pussy clean.

Mike had helped out Lis and me, kneeling behind Lis first and lapping at her ass as I ate her pussy and then moving round between my legs and sliding his cock in to me so Lis could lick us both. Lis seemed to have lost her fear of being seen, but not to the extent that when Mike said someone was coming that she didn’t leap off of me and quickly pull her swimsuit on. Likewise, Lucy pulled her suit up and I slowly put my suit on while Jen straightened hers out. Mike lay on his front to hide the bulge of his cock and a couple of guys wandered past. I had hoped they would stop and chat as while I was technically wearing something, it did nothing to hide my body (apart from the very centre of my nipples). The tiny patch that ‘covered’ my crotch had somehow gotten pulled up between my lips to my pussy was almost completely exposed, but Jen wasn’t in a much better state. Once the walkers had passed we felt it was really time for Lis and me to cum, but instead of finishing our 69 session we had to both crouch over Jen and let Mike and Lucy play with us (Jen helped out a bit too). As we came we both had to pee over Jen, rub ourselves against her and then finish off by letting her lick us. We then rinsed ourselves off with some water and dried ourselves before lying down to sunbathe.

Lis asked Lucy if she could tell us something and after a minute or so of whispering she revealed that Lucy had purchased a police costume for the two of them to play games with. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite a regulation costume and Lucy had been playing the naughty police woman, taking advantage of the helpless prisoner (Lis). Lucy was incredibly embarrassed about this at first but we assured her that we liked the fact she was enjoying herself (and reminded her that Mike still likes us dressing up as schoolgirls for him). Now that the cat was out of the bag, Lis described how Lucy would ‘punish’ her with her truncheon and Jen made Lucy promise to bring the uniform along and once the baby was out of her, she would take whatever punishment Lucy could give.

Once more we discussed them coming along to the sex party and assured Lucy that it didn’t mean she actually had to do things with anyone else (although to be fair everyone now pretty much participates with everyone else, but this isn’t required) and she could just enjoy fucking Lis openly in front of others (and watching live performances). The lure of having Sue along to do things with appealed to Lucy (especially so if we were prepared to put on a show for her) but Lucy was still worried about Lis bumping in to someone she knew. We pointed out that this didn’t really matter as everyone was there to enjoy themselves and that when Vicky had found Bennett it hadn’t bothered her (Lucy isn’t worried about Vicky now she is engage to Lis – she has kind of figured out that Lis doesn’t want to run back to her first lesbian lover).

Mike spooned with Lis for a while as we chatted and Jen idly stroked Lucy – or at least it start off as idle stroking but ended up with Lucy’s swimsuit being removed so Jen could play with her properly. Lucy tried to complain that this wasn’t fair so Jen removed her bikini and played with Jen more while Mike spooned with Jen. Lis and I joined in and helped play with Lucy. As we were all distracted we didn’t notice the two guys from earlier on their way back until it was too late. Lucy shrieked when she saw them but Mike, Jen and I tried to keep playing with her. We had to give up on this and let her cover herself up (you can’t cover much with a swimsuit when you’re not wearing it) but Mike remained buried in Jen and I pushed one of Lis’ hands down between my legs. This was obviously taking a risk as they might not have approved of what we were doing, but it paid off and once it was clear they were enjoying the view I tugged at the crotch of Lis’ swimsuit and told her to let me at her. She hesitated at first but I already had my fingers under the material and once I had pulled the crotch aside and pushed a couple of fingers in to her I knew she was mine. I asked the guys if they wanted to see me eat her and proceeded to do this, then crawled up Lis’ body, whispered to her to play along and more loudly told her to strip and masturbate for us.

Lis hesitated again and I whispered to her once more that I would make sure she was rewarded with as many helpings of Mike’s cum as she wanted, whenever she wanted (subject to production capacity of course) and then sat back to watch as she peeled the swimsuit off, lay back, spread her legs and began to finger herself. I had no intention of letting her have all the fun and dug a couple of condoms out of my bag, offered myself to the guys and told them if they were interested that they could both use me. I don’t think they believed me at first, but I walked over to them on my knees and reached out to rub one of their crotches while rubbing my face against the other one’s crotch. I dared them to both take me at the same time and told them if they were too afraid to do it in the open that we could go in to the woods, but then they wouldn’t get to see Lis masturbate or Jen being fucked.