Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Family Visit

Jen was allowed out of the hospital on the Friday morning and Mike and I both went to collect her and MJ. Jen was still tired but didn’t have much time to recover as her family was arriving up to see her just after lunchtime so we didn’t actually get much time to have MJ to ourselves but made the most of it (she was a very cuddled baby).

Jen’s parents and brother admired MJ when they arrived and after a while I asked Chris (Jen’s brother) to give me a hand with some things upstairs. As soon as we were out of sight I told him that I hadn’t been getting much attention due to MJ (this wasn’t quite true as Mike had spooned with me both previous nights and spent quite a while going down on me on the Thursday and Friday mornings before heading in to the hospital) and wondered if he would be willing to help me out. As I asked this I pulled his hand towards me, pushed it under my skirt and between my legs and felt his fingers rub against my pussy. I told him that we couldn’t do anything in the house but that I had a plan and wanted to know if he was interested.

Technically I already knew he was interested as he had pushed two fingers up inside me and was letting me caress the growing bulge in his trousers. I got him to offer me his fingers so I could suck them clean, handed him some baby things and we headed back downstairs to show them to Jen’s parents. Later on that evening I had Chris come with me to get some take-away for dinner and as soon as the front door was shut I dragged him around to the side of the house, pulled off my clothes and told him to get his cock out. Despite being aware of my sexual appetite, he seemed a little surprised that I had stripped off completely, but I helped to free his cock, rolled a condom onto it and knelt to suck him – which distracted him. I then turned around and leant against the wall, sticking my ass out and telling him to hurry up and get inside me (I had been gently teasing myself for a while before we left so I was more than ready for him). This was just as well as Chris thrust in to me and started pumping away – I reminded him to play with my clit and he reached around and did this with one hand while using his other hand to knead my breasts. I thrust back against him in time with his strokes (or as best I could) and told him not to cum until I’d cum. He slowed down a bit when I said that and sped up the movement of his fingers on my clit. I kept telling him how good his cock felt inside me and how I wanted him to enjoy my cunt. My earlier teasing meant that I didn’t take too long to cum and could then tell Chris to enjoy himself as much as he wanted. He slammed in to me hard and fast and I helped things along by telling him how I wished I could feel his cum filling my cunt or spraying over my face and body (I’m not sure how we would have explained that to Jen’s parents though). Chris came and leant against me panting but I told him we had better get a move on as we had to make up for lost time. I quickly put my bra and dress back on while he waited for his cock to go down. I leant him my spare pair of panties (I always carry a pair in my bag even though I rarely wear them) to wipe his cock dry with and we set off to fetch the food.

Mike and Jen knew I had been planning on fucking Chris but were still impressed that I’d managed to get it done so soon. That night I did have to sleep alone as both Mike and Jen slept in Jen’s room with MJ. I would have loved to be in there with them (as family time, not just to have sex) but there just wasn’t room for three of us in Jen’s slightly tender state. I didn’t mind too much though and did stay in Jen’s room with them for a while as we all admired MJ. Once in Mike’s room I made use of some of our toys to give myself a quick orgasm before falling asleep and I was pleasantly surprised to be woken up by Mike going down on me (it was only quick, but felt good).

Jen’s family arrived and as it was a nice day they suggested we all go out for a little walk to let Jen and MJ get some fresh air. Fortunately we were expecting some nursery things to be delivered so I had an excuse to stay in and Chris valiantly volunteered to stay and keep me company. Within minutes of them having left (we did at least wait until they had left the street) I dragged Chris upstairs, pushed him on to Mike’s bed and pulled his trousers down. I stripped off and told him I wanted him to cum at least twice for me and hoped we had enough time. I told him I wanted to start by 69ing and handed him a dental dam before applying a condom to his cock. He lapped away at my pussy as I sucked him and while he could have put a bit more enthusiasm in to it, it still felt nice. Once I was wet enough, I planted myself on his cock and got him to rub a vibe around my clit and nipples while I rode him. Chris loved it when I contracted my pussy around his cock and said that I felt really tight. As I had my two cum goal, we didn’t draw things out too much but still took a little time to enjoy ourselves before pushing towards our orgasms. As I had a vibe on my clit it was quite easy for me to cum pretty much whenever I wanted so I rode Chris until he was close and then pushed the vibe against myself more firmly. I made myself cum just a little before he did so I could moan and swear (which he enjoys) in the final build up to his orgasm.

Once Chris had cum I climbed off of him, removed his condom and gently stroked his cock, using his cum as lube. I rubbed some over my neck and then used a damp towel to wash my hands and his cock before pulling out my secret weapon to get him ready for round two – Jen’s naked pregnancy photos. I had already put a selection of them in to a new folder on the laptop (skipping the ones with Mike in them so it was just Jen or Jen with me) and we looked through them, letting Chris feast his eyes on his naked sister. As we viewed the pictures I reminded him of the times I had left the door open and let him watch Jen and I fucking as well as the time he had snuck in to Jen’s room and I had jerked him off over her ‘sleeping’ body. As expected this helped bring his cock back to life and after a few minutes of stroking him we decided we should get round two underway.

Chris was a bit nervous about us getting caught but I told him I had arranged with Mike to call when they were on their way home so I could have the kettle boiled (Mike knew he was calling so we would have time to get dressed). I let Chris take me in a few positions and discussed with him what he would actually do with Jen if he was allowed to. Surprisingly (given previous conversations we’ve had along these lines) he didn’t want to fuck her but said he wanted to give her a facial. I teased him a lot more as we fucked and described in detail how much I loved eating Jen’s pussy, scissoring or sharing a dildo with her or just fingering each other. Chris enjoyed this talk but he wanted to finish things off fucking me (without talking about Jen). I was more than happy to oblige and lay back with my legs spread for him to fuck me (I didn’t leave him to do all the work and thrust back against him). I reached down between us to play with my clit and told Chris if he was good that I would masturbate for him after we’d finished. He told me I wouldn’t be able to cum again so quickly so I made sure that I got myself off as we fucked and once he finished I pulled out a couple of vibes, pushed one in to my ass, one in to my cunt and held an egg against my clit. Admittedly I was still quite sensitive from my previous orgasms, but I wasn’t going to let him be right and I pushed myself through the sensations (it isn’t pain, but isn’t comfortable) until I came again. He was suitably impressed and as a reward I claimed the right to fuck him again the next day before he headed back home.

On the Sunday we only managed to get enough time for a very quick fuck – this actually felt really good though as it was a proper ‘stolen fuck’, even more so than the quickie we’d had at the side of the house on Friday. We met in the ladies bathroom at the place we were at for lunch, I pulled up my skirt and let Chris pump away in me while I toyed with my clit. He asked if he could fuck my ass (using the excuse that he’d be able to cum quicker) so I dug some lube out of my bag (I often have all sorts of interesting things in there) and let him do as he wished. This meant I could both finger my cunt and frig my clit as he fucked me and it certainly helped me cum quicker too. As a final treat I pulled the front of my dress down and let Chris pour the cum from the condom over my breasts and as he returned to the table I massaged it in, washed my hands and made myself presentable again.

Jen’s family left later that day, happy that they had seen their gransdaughter/neice  but we knew they (at least her parents) would be back fairly soon. Jen had forbidden me from trying to seduce her dad and even with the promise of free sex it was unlikely Chris would come with them next time.


  1. If it had a chance of happening, would you enjoy watching Chris fuck Jen? Also, does Jen fuck any other guys besides Mike?

    1. I would love to see Jen being fucked by Chris (and it would make things much easier). It only seems fair to me as she gets to watch (and join in) with Sue and me. Mike is however the only guy who Jen fucks and he wants to keep it that way (as does Jen). The most she does with other guys (her Uni friends) is let them cum or pee on her. She still identifies as a lesbian and doesn't consider Mike to be a guy (although she is obviously aware he is male) and only wants to be with him as she loves him.

      Chris has cum over Jen, but he thought she was asleep at the time - and I encouraged him to do this. Jen doesn't mind letting him watch her cum or having Mike or me fuck her (although he hasn't known she knows he is watching)

  2. Does the thought of oopsie showing off for her dad get you going in any way?

    1. I assume Oopsie is Jen? In the past I would have said so, but now we have MJ we have quite a different view of anything being done with a daughter. I used to tease Jen about letting her dad 'catch' us fucking, as well as how I'd happily fuck him (if we ignore the fact he is married and I don't usually do things with people who are married or dating unless their partner knows). I also remember fantasising about having both Jen's dad and brother at the same time so I could compare them