Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hot Summer Nights – Part 1

As we neared the end of May Jen was finding it harder to sleep as she was only a few weeks away from giving birth and couldn’t easily get comfortable. As the weather was quite nice we decided on the Friday night to head out to a loch near us and camp out. We weren’t sure if we would stay for the whole night or not but took enough supplies to ensure we would be comfortable and once we had found a suitable spot to set up camp we prepared everything.

We knew it wouldn’t get dark until quite late as we were so far north, but we were in a secluded enough spot that once dusk fell I felt comfortable stripping off and lounging around naked. It was quite a humid night (which just added to Jen’s discomfort) so she joined me and we lay naked beside each other, looking up at the stars as they started to appear while Mike caressed Jen, used some toys on us and (of course) went down on us. It felt wonderful to be cumming in a public place (even if there wasn’t anyone who could see us) and I made Mike promise to make the most of whatever summer we had and to fuck me outside as much as possible. Jen was let off having to promise this as I knew she would want to stay with the baby, but I intended to get Mike to do his share of parental duty so I could take Jen out and fuck her lots too. For completeness (and fairness) I fully intended to take my turn of looking after her so Mike and Jen could have some alone time and enjoy themselves – as for threesomes, we had already discussed this and decided that once we were ready to let someone else look after the baby that we would get a babysitter so we could enjoy ourselves properly.

It was quite a humid night and even lying naked outdoors we had worked up a sweat. Mike and I licked Jen’s breasts clean, savouring the saltiness of her sweat and then moved on to kissing and caressing her inner thighs. As we were outside we knew full well that Jen would want to pee (and had brought a fair bit of water with us to provide us with enough liquid to expel). As Jen’s bladder was now very crushed by the baby she could reach the point of needing to pee very quickly, but with the associated downside that she didn’t produce that much when she did. We teased Jen until she was close to cumming and I then knelt between her legs and went down on her while Mike took me from behind. As expected, Jen came quite quickly and peed over my face as she did so. Once she had finished, Mike then took me up against a tree and fucked me hard. I could feel the bark digging in to my back and it was slightly painful, but in a nice way (or rather the pain was masked by the excitement of being fucked in an even more visible position that we’d been in before) and I was commanded to put on a show for Jen and to empty my bladder over Mike as I came. I did as instructed and soaked his crotch and legs (along with my legs). I really enjoyed being able to be so openly dirty and to enjoy myself, but of course I wanted Mike to cum as well so once my orgasm had passed I let him turn me around and I leant against the tree as he took me from behind. He fucked me hard again but this time came in me and the two of us then waddled over to where Jen was lying with his cock still buried in me (this isn’t easy in the dark on uneven ground). We positioned my pussy over Jen’s face and Mike then pulled out, letting his cum drip out and I added an extra bonus and managed to squeeze out a few more drops of pee before lowering myself to Jen’s mouth so she could clean me off.

Mike massaged his cum and my pee in to Jen’s chest while she licked me and promised her that he would give her a drenching when she was ready. We lay and chatted for a while as we drank some more water and Mike spent a long time caressing the bump but with his hand repeatedly sliding down between Jen’s legs and the conversation morphing between baby talk and telling Jen how much he wanted to see her cum again. After a bit of fingering (and rubbing her juices over her breasts so we could lick them and taste her) we got her ready for another orgasm and as Mike was going to be providing the pee, it was again up to me to eat Jen. I lay on my back and Mike pushed a vibe in to my cunt while Jen crouched over my face and lowered herself to my mouth. I lapped at her cunt. Mike stood in front of Jen and watched us but concentrated on keeping his cock soft so when Jen said she was going to cum he would be ready. From what I could taste (and feel), Jen’s pussy was very wet and as she humped back and forth against my face I was getting covered in her juices. As Jen’s mewing built, Mike took up position standing over my legs and aimed his cock at Jen. She told him when to start and he unleashed a jet of pee at her face, then traced it down over her chest and bump to her crotch and back up to her chest and face. I could obviously feel the warm liquid as it bounced off or ran down Jen’s body on to me but I carried on eating her steadily and soon felt her own stream of pee as it covered my face and ran in to my mouth. I wasn’t drinking her pee and just let it fill and run out of my mouth as I carried on eating her, occasionally squirting out more when I needed to breath and my nose was blocked by her ass.

Once he finished peeing, Mike stepped forwards and offered Jen his cock. She eagerly took him in her mouth and started to suck him, at which point he quickly got hard. When Jen climbed off of me, Mike took her place and lay on top of me in a 69 position. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it while he licked around my clit and pumped the vibe in and out of my cunt. We stayed like this for a while and then rolled over so I was on top, at which point Mike withdrew the vibe and started to eat me properly. I felt the vibe press against my ass and pushed back against it (as our first real outdoor session, I wanted to enjoy it fully) and felt him slowly work it in to me. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make Mike cum, but gave it a damn good try, swirling my tongue around the head, stroking the shaft and ensuring his whole cock was well lubricated with my saliva. He was giving my pussy a good thrashing with his tongue as well and I decided that it was only fair that as I’d had Jen pee on me twice that he should get to experience it so I tried to get as much pee ready as possible for when I came (I don’t really know how to describe what I was doing, it was similar to getting ready to pee but not actually starting – and I know that it probably made no actual difference). It was soon clear that while I was going to cum, I wasn’t going to get anything out of Mike (at least not before my orgasm) but I kept stroking and slurping away on his cock. I didn’t give him any warning that I was getting close to cumming and it was only when I started to pee that he realised (or guessed). Our training with Jen meant that he didn’t miss a beat though and carried on lapping away at my clit and pumping the vibe in and out of my ass until I told him I couldn’t take any more and he switched to kitty kissing me.

Once I climbed off of him, Mike moved on to kitty kissing Jen. She said she was getting tired so he told her to rest, but kept kitty kissing her very gently until she fell asleep and then covered her with a blanket and moved over to me. We spooned and Mike teased me about how his two favourite girls would soon be his three favourite girls and that I would have to cope with coming second to a baby. I teased back, saying that I thought Lisa had already supplanted Jen and me in his heart but he promised me that nobody could take our places – unless of course Adèle Exarchopoulos (who he is still infatuated with) fell in love with him. We gently fucked one last time, mostly lying down although I did ride Mike for a little bit so I could enjoy being ‘visible’. Mike wasn’t going to cum again but I talked him in to it and once we had finished we spooned until his cock shrank and fell out of me and then moved closer to Jen and pulled a blanket over ourselves.

We woke up early and Mike went down on me and then briefly fucked me. Both of us then woke Jen and played with her as the sun rose. Mike spooned with Jen for a bit and then went down on her. I crouched over her breasts and let her fondle my pussy and then peed over her breasts and face as she came (while she peed over Mike’s face). Mike then fucked her a bit more until he was close to cumming but pulled out and sprayed his cum over her body (mostly the bump). Mike and I let Jen rest, enjoying the cool morning air on her now rather wet skin, while we packed things away, but before Jen got up Mike stood over her and emptied his bladder, covering her with a fresh coating of pee. Jen spread her legs as he did this and started to masturbate but had to stop and cover herself up as we saw a jogger (who was out ridiculously early) in the distance. Once he had passed, I slipped out of my dress and sat between Jen’s legs to use a vibe on her (a clean one, not the one Mike had fucked my ass). I occasionally toyed with my pussy as I played with Jen but spent most of the time using both hands to pleasure her. Mike kept a look-out for other people while we did this but we managed to finish without being interrupted.

Jen’s body was still quite damp so her dress stuck to her skin when she put it on. The grass stains were visible on our knees and it wouldn’t have taken much imagination for anyone to figure out what we’d been up to (okay, maybe not all the details, but at least figure out that we had been fucking). We wandered back to the car and headed home to freshen up and get a bit more sleep before the day started properly and the real benefit of having camped out was that we got to have a second morning session when we woke up for the second time.

We went out for breakfast and a gentle walk. Even though it wasn’t that hot a day, I wore the lightest summer dress I had, which has the benefit (depending on how you look at it) of being quite transparent when view with the light behind me. Jen didn’t have the same selection of dresses as she was in late-maternity wear, but in the end decided to go with a short top to cover her breasts and a relatively short skirt, which was worn quite low due to the bump. Her excuse was to soak up as much sunlight to help with vitamin D for the baby, but she really enjoyed having so little of her skin covered. We walked along a riverbank and stopped to sit and chat a few times. It was very easy for Jen to show her pussy off and I folded my dress up a few times so I could feel the grass on my bare ass and let my pussy enjoy more fresh air. We discussed how Jen would soon be able to get her breasts out whenever she wanted (to breast feed) and how we hoped that she would be one of those women who really enjoyed breast feeding (to the extent that they can actually cum).

We weren’t in the most private of spots, but I angled myself towards the river and gently stroked my clit as people walked past behind us. I managed to get myself really turned on and told Mike and Jen that I wanted to try and cum. Mike moved a little closer to the river so he could look up at me, serving the dual purpose of now being able to tell me when someone was coming and also being able to watch me play with myself (which always helps me along). I debated continuing to just use my fingers and gently stroking my clit but decided it would be easier to cheat so I pulled out my lipstick vibe, held it discreetly in my hand and lowered the end to my clit. I loved the way it felt as I pressed the end against my clit and then slowly ran it up and down my pussy to get it coated in my juices. As the vibe isn’t that strong, I mostly just sat with the end pressed against my clit, but occasionally rubbed it all around my lips and mons as I liked the way it spread my juices around. Whenever people walked past I kept it on my clit and as they moved out of earshot Mike told me how wet I looked (which I could feel). I really wanted to have something inside me as I came and nearly pulled a vibe out of my bag to bury in my cunt, but decided that the slow stimulation of the vibe was the way to go. Once again I wanted to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible so when I got close to cumming I kept myself on the brink of orgasm until another group of people were just about to walk past us. I pressed the vibe against my clit and felt my orgasm build as they got closer and started to cum just before they were directly behind me. Mike said that the expression on my face was one of pure bliss and that he thought he could see my pussy contracting (although may have been imagining this). Once they had passed us I couldn’t resist any longer and plunged a couple of fingers into my cunt to catch the tail end of my orgasm but as it faded I realised that I had taken quite a chance (this happens all too often with me – as I get more excited I tend to become less cautious).

I sucked my fingers clean, packed the vibe away and spread my legs for a photo. Jen said that I’d looked like I had enjoyed myself and we suggested that she copy what I’d done but she just satisfied herself with pulling her skirt up, spreading her legs and peeing. She then moved up a little (away from the damp grass), dried off her thighs and lay back with her skirt only just covering her pussy. Naturally we felt that she could do better than this and I went up to the path and told her that I couldn’t see anything so Mike pulled her skirt up a little more. By the time I returned, her pussy was quite visible to both Mike and me but not from the path. We pulled Jen’s legs open a little more and while Mike looked one way and I looked the other, I slid my fingers between Jen’s lips and started to caress her. She started to complain that she couldn’t cum where we were but realised that as I’d just managed it, her argument was somewhat flawed. Ina way, Jen had things a little easier as she just had to lie back and enjoy the attention – plus she had both Mike and me to play with her and we took turns playing with her pussy and frigging her clit.

We had to stop a few times as people wandered past but it was easy to disguise what we were doing as we just switched to rubbing some sun cream in to Jen’s legs. Mike (as always) really wanted to eat Jen, even if just briefly, and managed to get a few licks in. The path behind us was getting busier and it wouldn’t have been fair to leave Jen hanging so at the next opportunity I frigged her clit and rubbed a finger over her asshole while Mike pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and fucked her. Jen had been muffling her usual mewing sounds but we encouraged her to make a little sound as she actually came (if it was safe enough to frig and finger her we felt that making a little bit of noise was okay). Jen mewed her way through her orgasm and then relaxed back down on to the grass. We carried on gently stimulating her (I guess it would be kitty stroking) until the next group of people wandered past, but even then I made sure that the side of my hand was stroking her pussy as I applied more sun cream to her inner thigh.

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