Friday, 8 May 2015

Hot Summer Nights – Part 2

Jen lay with her legs spread for a while longer and when I pointed out that anyone on the other side of the river would be able to see everything she said that she didn’t care so I pulled my skirt up again and joined her. We lay like that for a while and then headed off to have a drink and continue our walk. As the day progressed it got more humid and by the time we went to bed it was perfect weather for sticky sweaty sex. For obvious reasons Jen wasn’t up for this so Mike and I left her in her room and used Mike’s room to hump and fuck for a good hour. By the time we finished fucking we were absolutely drenched (and parched), but there is something wonderful about two sweaty bodies moving against each other that really adds something to the sex. I was going to head back in and see how Jen was doing but Mike pushed me down on to the bed, pulled my legs apart and buried his face in my pussy. He loved the scent that the sweat and my juices made and swirled his tongue around inside my pussy as deep as he could manage as well as sucking on my lips and pulling each one in turn in to his mouth. From the way he was attacking me I wasn’t surprised that he kept going until I came again, but was (pleasantly) surprised when he said that he wanted to get another orgasm out of me and kept eating me. Instead of the usual kitty kissing (which gives me time to recover), he kept eating me properly. This felt quite intense but I endured it until it started to feel pleasurable again and then just lay back and enjoyed the feeling as my next orgasm built. Mike wrapped his arms around my legs and held me in place as I came again, continuing to eat me until I was panting that I couldn’t manage a third cum in a row. He then released me and plunged his cock in to me, using long strokes to pump in and out as he lay on top of me and we kissed with my juices being smeared over my face. I told him to cum in me but he said he had something better in mind and after moving inside me a while longer he pulled out and we went in to see how Jen was doing.

In the middle of the night I was woken up and told to follow Mike. He dragged me out to the garden and fucked me in the middle of the lawn. At first he was on top but once I woke up properly I participated a bit more and rode him quite energetically. Mike got quite close to cumming but held back so we could spoon for a while after I’d cum. As we lay there with his cock buried in me Mike said I should have openly masturbated earlier today so everyone walking past could see me and then we could have let anyone (or everyone) fuck me. I told him that I knew he was just trying to get me horny again and he asked if it was working so I told him to keep describing what could have happened. He described how I would have serviced each group of people, letting each guy fuck me however he wanted and leaving me with their cum in or on me and how I could have eaten each of the girls and covered my face with a mixture of their juices. By this point I was humping back against Mike’s cock so it was quite obvious that his plan had worked (to be honest, getting me horny isn’t that difficult) and as a reward I let him choose the position.

We started off with me lying on my front with Mike on top of me (Sue’s favourite position) and moved on to me having to kneel on all fours while Mike ate me from behind. I then had to masturbate for him, give him a brief boob job and then (after another quick session of him eating me) I rode him again. This time he guided me though and fucked me hard and fast with our crotches slamming together hard enough that we could easily hear the slapping of skin on skin. Mike kept telling me to cum for him and I kept telling him how I loved the way his cock felt inside me. Mike held back until I came and then came in me, he held me tightly against him and reminded me that it would be my turn to have his baby next and once I’d caught my breath I teased him about how he had been so keen to fuck Lis and tell her that he wanted to get her pregnant. We discussed this for a while and decided (well, Mike decided) that the best thing would be to get Sue, Lis, Lucy, Lisa, Josie, Sara and Vicky (and possibly Kiyomi and Miyako, although I thought he was getting greedy by that point) to live with us so all of our periods could get synchronised and he could spend a single night getting all of us pregnant. We then discussed the more serious aspect of him donating sperm for Lis or Lucy and I confirmed that I was fine with him doing that, but that I would prefer they waited until I had got pregnant. While they haven’t given a timeframe for either of them actually getting pregnant, we know that they might want to do so before we (via me) are ready to have another baby but decided to cross that bridge when we came to it. We made it back in to the house and bed without waking Jen but in the morning she asked where the fresh grass stains had come from. She admitted that she probably wouldn’t have wanted to be woken up to play but reserved a punishment for us as a penalty for not including her in our games.

On the Sunday Ineta came back to visit us. She knew full well that I wanted in on the action with her so decided to not play any games. Mike had gone to meet her and Jen and I sunbathed out in the garden (naked of course). Ineta was a bit nervous about meeting me again as she knew I knew she had been fucking my husband (even though Mike had assured her that I was fine with this). I think she only realised that I really was fine with it when they arrived and I wandered in naked from the garden to greet her. I told her that Mike and Jen had spoken highly of her and that I had been looking forward to finding out more about her body myself. She was a bit taken aback by how forthright I was being but we led her out to the garden to say hello to Jen and asked her to join us sunbathing for a little while so she could have a drink and relax before things got started properly.

Mike stood behind her and started to unbutton the back of her dress and slipped his hands inside it, reaching up with one to caress her breasts and down with the other to caress her panties. Ineta leant back against him and said she thought she was meant to be sunbathing and relaxing and Mike told her he hadn’t been sure if she would strip off outdoors unless he helped to get her aroused first. Jen and I watched (and may have stroked ourselves a little) as Mike fondled Ineta, pushing her bra up and out of the way to caress her breasts directly and working his fingers in to her panties and her pussy. All this was still hidden by her dress and when we pointed out that we couldn’t see anything Mike asked her if she was ready to strip off she nodded and let him slide her dress down her arms and let it fall in a puddle around her feet. We could now see one of her breasts and Mike unsnapped her bra and slid it down her arms. Ineta covered herself but Mike reached around her and continued what he had been doing earlier, but this time pushing a hand straight in to her panties. He whispered to her how he wanted to show off how sexy she was and she leant her head back on his shoulder so they could kiss as he caressed her. I couldn’t wait any longer and walked on my knees over to where they were standing. I reached up and caressed one of Ineta’s breasts and she jumped when I did this, but Mike told her to just relax and enjoy it. I had been intending to kneel and suck on her nipples, but I’m not the tallest of people so couldn’t reach and contented myself with caressing them and using my other hand to rub her panties.

Ineta said that what we were doing felt good so I took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them down to reveal her pussy and let me watch as Mike’s fingers frigged her. I had to remind myself not to lick her without using protection (not that we thought she had any diseases, but she hadn’t been tested and we try to be careful. I pulled her panties down further and Mike removed his hand so Ineta could close her legs and let me remove them and as soon as she spread them again I ran my own fingers over her pussy and started to play with her. She commented about how things were moving much faster than she had expected and Mike reminded her that he had given her multiple warnings about me over the past week. Once they were sufficiently lubricated, I worked a couple of fingers up in to Ineta’s pussy and fucked her with them while using my other thumb to frig her. She seemed to really like this (Mike was also still playing with her breasts and kissing her) but after a while she said she needed to kneel or lie down if we were going to carry on.

I took this opportunity to dash inside and grab some protection (we had left dental dams and condoms downstairs ready for use) and when I returned I found Ineta on her back beside Jen with Mike’s fingers buried in Ineta’s cunt and Jen playing with Ineta’s breasts. I reminded them that I had first dibs on her and told her I wanted to 69 with her so we could get to know each other at the same time. Ineta was fine with this (even though she was still a bit nervous about doing things outside) and I climbed over her. With dental dams in place we ate each other and I had no trouble making her cum. The trouble started immediately after though when Ineta tried to squirm away from me and Mike reminded me to only kitty kiss her very gently. I eased off and Ineta calmed down and went back to licking me. I felt that Jen’s description of her technique had sold her rather short as I loved the way her tongue felt on my pussy and wished I could feel it without the dam in the way. Ineta made me cum and I moaned in to her pussy throughout this and then let her experiment with kitty kissing me. When I eventually rolled off of her I lay beside her (still top to tail), spread my legs and rubbed around my pussy while (honestly) telling her that I thought she was really good at that. (Just to put it in context, I meant ‘for the first time we’d done things together’ – we didn’t know how to read each other that way I can with Jen or Lis).

To give Ineta some time to recover, we chatted for a while and I asked about how sensitive she felt just after cumming as we weren’t sure if she had amazingly strong orgasms, was just very sensitive or there was some other reason. From her description, it didn’t sound like her orgasms were anything special (apart from the way that almost *any* orgasm is special) and she just feels incredibly sensitive immediately afterwards but she enjoys being kitty kissed as long as it is done very lightly. We demonstrated some more on her and then let her practice it on Jen (so she could easily teach any future partners she had and as she lapped at Jen’s pussy, Mike moved around behind Ineta, briefly fondled her pussy and then slid his cock in to her. He used long steady strokes to fuck her and I reached under her and between her legs to play with her clit. Jen came first but we got Ineta to carry on kitty kissing her and only gently played with Ineta’s clit to allow Mike to fuck her for quite a while before we finally made her cum. I immediately stopped frigging her and Mike pushed in as deep as he could and then remained almost still (he flexed his cock and moved a tiny amount). She was surprised that he didn’t try and finish fucking her and cum himself but he told her that he hoped to cum with her later on and if she didn’t want to then he was happy to have made her cum anyway.

During our next rest we chatted with Ineta about how we would love to be able to fuck her properly (this is where we found out she had never been tested and advised her to do so – partially just to check that she didn’t have anything but also so we could then play with her properly if she so wished). We moved indoors and had something to eat and drink and Mike demonstrated how he would ‘properly’ eat her using me as a model. He was incredibly thorough and teased me to three almost orgasms (he got me close to cumming quickly and didn’t let me ease off too much so this part didn’t take too long). He then sat on the sofa and got me to sit facing away from him so Ineta could watch as he fucked me and got me to masturbate myself to orgasm while he whispered in my ear how Ineta was watching everything I did. I whimpered quite a bit as I came and once I had finished, I climbed off of him and Mike asked Ineta if she wanted to practise kitty kissing me (which she did).

Jen had another little play with Ineta as she licked me, but nothing too serious (enough that I felt Ineta flinch against me a number of times and heard her moan a few times, but not enough to try and make her cum). Mike was given the last session with Ineta as he still hadn’t cum (and he was the one who had brought her in to our games). He didn’t keep her all to himself though and let Jen join in – him fucking Ineta from behind as she ate Jen (just as he had done before). This time though he intended to cum. To our surprise, Ineta asked him if he would cum over her instead of inside her and she told us that she had enjoyed seeing him cum over Jen when they first did things together. Mike told her that he loved the way her little pussy felt around his cock and would love to cum inside her again, but that he was happy to cover her body with his cum if that was what she wanted. As such, he fucked and frigged her until she came, stopped playing with her clit but kept pumping inside her (which she said felt quite intense but she bore with it) and he then pulled out just before he came, pulled the condom off and stroked himself briefly before cumming over her back and ass. Ineta asked him to rub the cum in so he ran his hand over her back to gather up the cum, reached around to her breasts and massaged them and then rubbed his hand over her ass. As an added bonus he then got her to lie down and he straddled her so he could give her a massage (and letting his cock rub back and forth between her ass cheeks as he did this).

Ineta went to the bathroom and wiped herself down before she got dressed (which in my opinion defeats the object of having someone cum over you). We once again told her that she was welcome to visit whenever she wanted and I added that I was quite happy for Mike to fool around with her at work (if she dared). Mike walked her part of the way back to her place but didn’t have time to see her all the way home so instead of giving her a final eating in her hallway they just had a long goodbye kiss and he slipped his hands under her skirt to caress her through her panties.

Over the following week we made use of the warm nights in another way and Mike and I fucked on a golf course. We didn’t make it the whole way round but managed to do one hole each night with him eating me and one hole with us fucking. For the ones further away from the clubhouse I stripped off completely (although I was only wearing a light dress and shoes). On the Thursday night we went later in the night and after him fucking and eating me we went for a bonus orgasm with Mike fingered me on the steps of the clubhouse and then eating me as I leant against the balcony railings. As the weather was still very humid we’d end up quite sweaty and my dress would end up sticking to me on the walk home. As a final bonus, a few nights on the way home from the golf course I did something I haven’t done for quite a while and had a couple of golf balls pushed up in to my pussy as we walked (I cleaned them thoroughly each night before use) and on our return Jen would taste our combined cum from the golf balls.


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