Friday, 1 May 2015

Latvian Lesbians – Part 2

Jen kept kitty kissing Ineta until she was squirming around on the bed. Jen asked her if she wanted to cum again and she said yes. Mike couldn’t wait any more and asked if he could lick her. Ineta barely paused and said yes so Mike asked Jen to move aside, thanked her for her work, fetched a fresh dental dam and climbed between Ineta’s legs. He peeled the dental dam that Jen had been using off of Ineta’s pussy and spread her lips. She asked him what he was doing and he told her he was just admiring her pussy and thought it was beautiful. She seemed surprised at this but Mike told her he meant it and Jen agreed with him. She seemed genuinely appreciative of this compliment so instead of diving in (as he wanted to) he spent a while spreading her lips, gently blowing on her and further admiring her. Even Mike patience has limits though and he soon placed the dental dam over her pussy, smoothed it down and lowered his mouth to her. Ineta arched her body and pushed her pussy against his face as he made contact. Mike slowly teased around her lips, kissed up and down her thighs and then circled around her pussy a few more times before pushing his tongue between her lips. As Mike did all this, Jen kissed Ineta and played with her breasts and Mike spent about half an hour between Ineta’s legs, getting her close to cumming, backing off, repeating and then finally eating her until she came.

Ineta tried to push him away as soon as she started to cum but Jen told him to be really gentle and told Ineta to let him try. She nodded at Jen and Mike flicked his tongue over her pussy with even less force than he would usually use when kitty kissing. Jen asked Ineta if what Mike was doing was okay and she said it felt good so he continued for another 5 minutes until she said that she was enjoying it but didn’t think she could cum again. This clearly wasn’t the case for Jen who had a hand between her legs and was fingering herself. Mike really couldn’t wait any longer and couldn’t see how Ineta could complain after everything that had happened so he stood up, removed his clothes and rubbed his cock against Jen’s very wet pussy. He easily slipped in to her and started fucking her, then asked Ineta if she would help make Jen cum one more time. She asked what she should do and was told to take care of Jen’s breasts. After a little while longer Mike asked Ineta to play with Jen’s clit. He wasn’t sure if she would do this while he was fucking Jen, but she pushed a hand down between Jen’s legs and frigged her with her hand brushing against his cock from time to time. Mike lifted one of Jen’s legs so he could fuck her with long strokes and watch Jen’s pussy as he filled her and Ineta frigged her. He had to concentrate on holding back quite a bit but he’s got more than enough practice at this so he lasted longer than Jen did.

As Jen started to cum he let go and enjoyed the combination of the view and the sensation until he was ready to burst. He took a bit of a risk and pulled out so he could spray his cum over Jen’s side, ass and bump. A little landed on Ineta’s hand and she didn’t flinch away. As Mike pushed his cock back in to Jen, she reached down to ran a hand through his cum and rubbed it over her ass, legs, breasts and bump before finally reached down between her legs and rubbed it around her pussy. Mike pulled out and Ineta asked him why he had cum over Jen instead of inside her (the large bump attested to the fact he’d done this at least once before). Mike said that if she was going to go down on Jen again that he thought she would prefer if Jen wasn’t leaking cum. This surprised Ineta somewhat and she asked if Jen really wanted her to do more with her. Jen said that she would happily let Ineta do things with her, but that she was too tired and Mike said that he didn’t mean straight away and had been referring to in the morning. This threw Ineta even more and she asked if Mike was asking her to stay over. He (and Jen) said that they had everything she was likely to need, she could borrow one of Jen’s nightdresses and they had spare toothbrushes (along with two girls worth of bathroom products to choose from). Mike told her that she could use his room and he would stay with Jen (and they explained about “Mike’s” and “Jen’s” room) and promised her a nice breakfast if she chose to stay. Ineta said that things had turned out remarkably differently to the way she had expected and Mike agreed.

Jen selected a nice nightdress for Ineta (that covered her, but not too much) and Mike threw on a dressing gown so he could join Ineta in his room and chat with her while not making it too obvious that he wanted to fuck her. Ineta already knew about our custom of waking each other up with oral sex and Mike asked her if she would object to this. She wasn’t sure but admitted it sounded nice so Mike told her that either he or Jen would try to wake her that way and if she didn’t want it to just tell them and they would stop straight away. He kissed Ineta goodnight and went back to join Jen, slipping his cock in to her and spooning with her while massaging Jen’s breasts and the bump

Mike spooned with Jen again on the Sunday Morning (as she was sleeping on her side at this point it had become more difficult to eat her awake) and he offered Jen the chance to wake Ineta but she told him that he could introduce her to our ways. He put his dressing down on and entered his room – not trying to be too quiet, but not making too much noise. He slipped in to bed beside Ineta and ran a hand down between her legs. She didn’t wake up straight away and he got to stroke her for a little bit so when she did finally wake she said that it felt nice. Mike ducked under the covers to eat her (but had to resurface to fetch a dental dam) and gently ate her to orgasm (not teasing her as much as he had the previous night). They kissed for a while afterwards and Ineta stroked Mike’s cock and asked if he wanted to do anything more with her. She stroked him for a while longer and he then put a condom on and slipped in to her pussy. They moved against each other and tried a number of positions to see what worked for them. Mike encouraged Ineta to tell him what felt best for her and found out that she loved being on top of him and grinding against him (I enjoy this too, but Mike doesn’t get to feel much in this position). Ineta humped against him until she came and then wanted to remain still for a while – Mike did as she asked but continued to kiss her and caress her back and ass until she started to move a little. She told him that he could finish off in her now but Mike told her he couldn’t cum in her without helping her to cum again. Ineta started to say that she didn’t think she could manage a third cum soon but Mike told her that he intended to take his time end enjoy the feeling of being buried inside her.

They used a few more positions (repeating some of the previously successful ones) and after spooning with Ineta for a while and playing with her clit she agreed that he might be able to make her cum again. They finished off with him kneeling between her legs and fucking her with long strokes while stroking her clit with his thumb. He eased off as soon as she came but kept fucking her and as he got close he gave her the choice of him cumming over her or in her (expecting her to want the former). She told him to cum in her and after just a handful more strokes he did as she wished and then remained still with his cock buried all the way in her. After a little more kissing Ineta said she was exhausted already so Mike said she could have another rest and he would go get breakfast ready.

Jen was already downstairs preparing things and when Mike joined her he gave her the details on his morning session with Ineta. Ineta joined them about 15 minutes later – having put Jen’s nightdress back on – and Jen teased her about having fucked her work colleague. Ineta is fairly direct about things (almost to the point of being Dutch) and said that even though it was unexpected, she had enjoyed herself. As they ate they told her that she would have to come back and let me do things with her – especially as keeping me satisfied would probably be too much for Mike alone just after the baby was born (we assumed – correctly – that Jen’s sex drive would diminish). Ineta said she liked the sound of that and Mike told her that before she was allowed to leave that she would have to take care of Jen again. As she’d had some time to recharge over breakfast, Ineta followed Mike and Jen back upstairs and set about using some toys on Jen and fingering her. Mike gently caressed Ineta’s ass at first, but his hands soon strayed to her pussy and he teased it and then proceeded to finger her as she took care of Jen. By the time Jen came, Ineta had given in and allowed Mike and Jen to finish what Mike had started and make her cum.

Mike then showered with Ineta, during which he teased her quite a bit more – she allowed this but was adamant that she couldn’t cum again. Once dressed, Mike then took Ineta out for lunch (Jen wanted to stay in and rest) and they discussed what had happened and agreed that things didn’t have to be weird between them. Mike then walked Ineta home and they had a long goodbye kiss with her reiterating her promise to play with us again sometime soon. As they kissed Mike slid his hands under Ineta’s skirt and on to her ass and she pulled him inside so her neighbours couldn’t see what they were doing. Mike kissed her up against the wall in her hallway as he kneaded her ass and then rubbed her pussy through her panties. Mike knelt down and nuzzled her pussy through her panties for a few minutes before pulling them down, pulling a dental dam out of his pocket (he doesn’t usually carry these but had come prepared) and proceeded to eat Ineta. As her orgasm approached she said that she couldn’t stand and cum but instead of moving in to the living room or bedroom Mike just got her to lie down in the hallway and kept eating her until she came. She was louder than she had been at our house (not too loud though). Once again Ineta tried to push him away when she came, but he held her hand and switched to gently kitty kissing her and she allowed him to continue for a few minutes.

Once he finished, she asked if he wanted to do anything more and Mike told her that he would love to fuck her but he was happy to wait until their next encounter. Ineta apologised and said that she wasn’t used to cumming that many times and they had exhausted her so Mike just kissed her for a little while longer and then said his goodbyes. This actually worked out well as it meant he was in a fit state to fuck me when I returned from my visit to Vicky and Oscar.

Things were fine at work between Mike and Ineta but the way they acted around each other changed enough that other people picked up on it. They didn’t confirm that anything had happened but from that point on often hugged goodbye at the end of the day. Ineta wasn’t quite brave enough to do anything serious at work (she knew about Andy and me fucking at Uni) but she would occasionally have a discreet kiss and once or twice let Mike fondle her ass as they did this.


  1. Well, due to a recent illness I was unable to cum for about 3.5 weeks. I was so backed up it was painful, but your posts, now that I'm feeling better, really did a number on me. Ihave to say, that was the largest load iI have ever blown. Accentuated by the fact that I'm one of the lucky few that can suck themselves off. Keep up the good work, I have more loads to blow.

    1. I'm glad I could help, I just wish I could have been there to help 'properly' (especially to find out just how large a load you produced). Sue also liked the sound of this and said she would have happily let you use us both providing we got to witness you sucking yourself off.