Monday, 11 May 2015

Lis and Lucy June 2014 Visit – Part 1

On the first weekend in June Lis and Lucy came up to visit. They were aware that Jen was sufficiently close to popping that she might not be up for as much action as usual, but they are her (our) friends as well as her fuck buddies and wanted to spent some time with her anyway. It’s not to say that Jen’s pregnancy horniness has abated at all (maybe a little), it was just that she couldn’t get comfortable to do things for a long time – and it’s not as if they didn’t have Mike and me to take care of any desires they had.

As usual they arrived on the Friday evening and we stopped off for a drink on the way home (utilising Jen’s pregnancy to get somewhere to sit – which was a little unfair as she couldn’t have a proper drink). On returning to the house we chatted for a while and Mike and I fought over who would get to spend the night with Lis first. As she was our guest we decided that the fairest thing was to let her decide which one of us she wanted (or both). It was obvious that Lis was looking forward to Mike’s cock (and his cum), but our ‘special relationship’ won out and I got her for the Friday night. Whereas Mike would have usually spent the night with Jen and Lucy, herbed was no longer big enough for three people - and for the previous week Mike and I had been sleeping in his room to give Jen more space to get comfortable.

Lucy went up to bed with Jen and they lay together chatting for a while. They kissed for a bit and Lucy had a play with Jen’s breasts (which had grown slightly since their previous visit) and have a very brief fondle of Jen’s pussy, but Jen said that while she really wanted to play with Lucy, she felt too tired and just needed to sleep. Jen apologised profusely but Lucy understood and said if Jen was up for it that they would do things on the Saturday and if not then she would just give her a massage (a real one, not one of Mike’s massages that almost always end up with someone cumming).

Lucy headed downstairs to where Mike was sleeping and he offered to give her the ‘bed’ (a duvet on the floor) but she said that she didn’t mind sharing it with him. Despite our efforts at training her, Lucy had slipped nightdress on before going downstairs but Mike was naked (as usual for bed). He tugged at Lucy’s nightie as she sat down beside him and she sighed and pulled it off. Mike commented on how he had initially had to wait so long to see her naked in comparison to hardly having to ask anymore and Lucy said she could put her nightdress back on and play hard to get if he wanted but he assured her that he was more than happy to admire her naked body.

They lay down and Mike asked if he was allowed to play with Lucy’s breasts. She told him to go ahead and after he had fondled the nearest one for a while she told him to use his mouth. He moved closer to her so he could kiss her nearest breasts and reach over to the other one to fondle it. As he did this his cock pressed up against her side but she didn’t pull away so as he licked, kissed and suckled on her breast and nipple he gently rubbed against her body. Lucy told him that what he was doing felt good so he lifted his body up and moved his mouth to her other breast and repeated what he’d done. Lucy let out a few moans and Mike asked her if it felt good (it did). She said that she hadn’t been able to do anything with Jen and Mike told her that he was always happy to make her cum in whatever way she wanted. He asked if he could tease her pussy and she said that as long as it was the same as before (no contact with her actual pussy) that he could go ahead.

Mike pulled a couple of cushions down from the sofa and put them under Lucy’s ass, then took up position between her legs. He kissed up and down her thighs, around her pussy and (with her permission) the area between her pussy and ass. Mike asked Lucy to spread her lips so he could admire her pussy and gently blew on it. At his request she played with herself and spread her juices around her lips and mons so he could taste her as he kissed her again. By this point she was obviously very aroused and Mike asked what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to cum and he said he would happily eat her, finger her, fuck her, rub against her or just carry on doing what he was doing until she made up her mind. Lucy told him that she wanted him to make her cum, but she wasn’t quite ready to move things along that far. He pointed out that they had dry humped enough times (often in quite a wet way) and she corrected herself and said that she wanted to let him go down on her but just wasn’t quite ready. This drove Mike crazy as it meant that (one of) his goal(s) was in sight (as I’ve said before, even he couldn’t decide whether he most wanted to eat her or fuck her).

Mike knew his limits though and stopped licking around Lucy’s pussy (or he would have ended up eating her, which might have resulted in her not letting him ever do anything more). Mike crawled up over Lucy’s body and leant forward to kiss her. She kissed him back and he told her that he could either help her cum or she could play with herself and he would just watch. Lucy told him that this wasn’t a fair choice as he would get something he wanted either way and he pointed out that she was the one who would get to cum but if she really wanted, he would head up to see how Jen was doing and give her some privacy. Lucy pushed a hand down between her legs to play with herself and told him that he didn’t have to go anywhere. Mike moved up beside Lucy and asked if he could help out with her breasts again. He kissed, caressed and sucked on her nipples as she fingered and frigged herself and when he lifted his mouth to hers she pulled him to her and kissed him. Mike told Lucy he wanted to see what she was doing and crawled back down between her legs. He pulled then further apart and watched as Lucy’s fingers played with her clit. He asked if he could taste her and she no so he told her he wasn’t talking about eating her and wanted to taste her from her fingers. Lucy offered her hand to him and Mike eagerly sucked her juices from her fingers. He watched a little while longer as she masturbated and tasted her again before kissing around her thighs. As Lucy got close to cumming he crawled up and leant over her body to use his mouth on her breasts again. He felt her arch her body upwards as she came and as she relaxed back down on to the duvet he moved over to lie beside her and gently stroked up and down her body.

Lucy continued to gently stroke herself and said that her orgasm had felt good. Mike’s cock was pressed against her body once more and he gently humped against her before asking if he was allowed to clean her up (following the usual rules of course). As he had been well behaved, Lucy let him do this and he took up position between her legs once more and did the best job of kitty kissing her that he could without actually touching her pussy. He got to taste her quite a bit (she had done a good job of smearing her juices around her lips while masturbating) and by the time he surfaced he felt like his cock was ready to explode.

Lucy had enjoyed what he had been doing and let him spoon behind her as a reward. He asked if he could slide his cock between her legs and when he did so she pushed it against her pussy. Mike slid back and forth a couple of times and told Lucy he would have to be careful or he’d end up cumming and he wanted to save that for Lis. Lucy teased him a bit and asked why she wasn’t allowed his cum and Mike pointed out how broody Lis had been getting and how much she enjoyed pretending that Mike was actually getting her pregnant. Lucy reminded him that they hadn’t decided which one of them (her or Lis) was actually going to get pregnant and Mike moaned at her to stop tempting him. Lucy told him that after the amount of time he had resisted Jen, and how he stuck to only doing what he was allowed to with her, that she trusted him. She asked if he would keep behaving himself (in the relative sense) and then got him to pull back so the head of his cock was against her pussy. She rubbed the head from side to side, nestling it between her lips and coating it and her fingers with her juices. Mike could feel that he was almost inside Lucy and warned her if he came now that she would get his cum in her. Lucy eased off and got him to slide forwards again so the head of his cock was by her clit and she asked him if he still wanted to save his cum for Lis. He nibbled on her earlobe and told her that she was a little minx who knew full well that he would happily cum for her whenever she wanted (or more specifically whenever he was allowed to). Lucy got him to slide back and forth slightly so his cock was sandwiched between her fingers and her clit asked if he could cum like that. Mike told her that with her touching him he would have no trouble cumming but warned her that he might cum quite a bit as he had been saving up for a day to give Lis a good load.

As much as Mike was enjoying semi-fucking his dream porn star lookalike, there wasn’t a great deal of pressure so it took a while for his orgasm to build up. He kissed Lucy’s neck and reached around to fondle her breasts and this, combined with the pressure of his cock on her clit pushed Lucy towards another orgasm. She told him that it felt good and he encouraged her to keep going. He pumped back and forth between her lips and Lucy rubbed the head of his cock rapidly back and forth over her clit and lips. Mike pictured his cock against Lucy’s pussy and this pushed him much closer to cumming. He told Lucy this and asked if she was okay with him cumming so close to her pussy and she asked him to wait just a little longer. This was rather hard for Mike, but he is well practiced at holding back and (just about) managed to restrain himself as Lucy frigged herself. Lucy let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ as she came and pressed Mike’s cock even harder against her pussy (this actually helped him hold back as she pushed a bit too hard for his liking).

As Lucy relaxed, Mike slid back and forth against her pussy and told her that he really wanted to cum. Now that her lust had been satisfied she was more sensible and told him not to cum on her pussy so he asked what she wanted him to do. She allowed him to continue to rub against her but they changed positions so Mike was on top and the head of his cock was clear of her pussy. As this didn’t put as much pressure on the head he wasn’t sure if he would be able to easily cum and asked Lucy for her hands. He asked her to wrap them around the upper part of his cock so he could fuck them while the lower part of his shaft rubbed against her pussy. He pumped back and forth and could still feel her juices on his cock and her hands acting as a lubricant and warned her that things might be about to get messy. He asked her to grip a little more firmly and then took hold of her hands to help guide her (Lucy doesn’t have much experience with cocks). After just a few more pumps Mike’s cum erupted out of his cock and he gave a good couple of squirts that covered her chest. The next squirt stayed mostly in Lucy’s hands and he let out another than landed on her stomach. Mike asked her to relax her grip a little and pumped back and forth between her hands a few more times before pulling back and admiring the view.

He noticed that some of his cum was dribbling down over her pussy and he grabbed her nightdress and wiped the area clean and then used a hand to rub his cum over her stomach and chest up to her neck. He then wiped his cock clean (with her nightdress) and snuggled up beside her. Mike nestled his cock against her ass and reached around to caress Lucy’s breasts. Even though it was a bit late, Mike asked if Lucy had minded being covered in his cum – she said it was fine and that she thought he deserved it after helping her cum twice. He snuggled up to her and kissed her shoulders while saying that she had gotten the load he had been saving for Lis and that if they wanted to make sure Lis didn’t get mad that Lucy would have to help him work up another load in the morning. She was a lot more receptive to this than he had thought she would be and he continued to press against her ass while describing how she could use his cock to masturbate with again and how he could then fuck Lis and push her (Lucy’s) juices deep in to Lis’ pussy. He then teased her about how it felt like he had been almost inside her and how much he would have loved to empty his cum in to (or at least over) her pussy and Lucy told him he would have to wait a little longer to do that. Mike picked up on that immediately as her saying that he actually would be allowed to fuck her. He lifted her upper leg a little to give his hand access to her thighs and stroked up and down while asking if he was also going to be allowed to eat her. Lucy said that if she was letting him fuck her then it would seem obvious that she would let him eat her and they had a long discussion about how Mike thought that going down on someone was much more intimate than fucking them. For a while they discussed this properly but (as is almost always the case with us) it soon moved on to Mike describing how he would love to lick Lucy and discussing in detail what he intended to do with her once she gave him the go ahead. Lucy admitted that it sounded quite nice (and that the discussion aroused her) but told him he would still have to wait a little longer.

Mike suggested that when Lucy finally let his cock inside her that they could share the experience and invite Sue up to witness it. This progressed to a suggestion of recording the event and then on to inviting up everyone who knew them to watch as Mike took her and tried to impregnate her. Lucy played along with the discussion but wasn’t on board with anyone else other than Sue even knowing about Mike doing things with her so he scaled it back and got her to agree to consider letting Lis, Jen and me watch their first time together. They were both feeling horny as they fell asleep and Mike asked if he could wake her in an interesting way as long as he stuck to the rules (which Lucy agreed to).

My evening with Lis didn’t have anything new happen (but it was still really nice to see her again). We had a quick passionate fuck, kissing and fingering each other, then a little break and then a longer session of humping and 69ing. We discussed the upcoming birth and when the next visit should be given they obviously wanted to see the baby but knew that Mike and Jen would be out of commission (Jen more so than Mike). I valiantly put myself forward to provide whatever sexual services Lis and Lucy wanted during their visit. Lis made the mistake of saying I wouldn’t have the energy to satisfy them both so I held her down and made her cum a third time while telling her if I could keep her satisfied then taking care of Lucy would be easy (Lucy’s libido is somewhat lower than Lis’, but to be fair it has increased). I then spooned with Lis and fed her juices to her as punishment for doubting me (not that it is much of a punishment as we both like the way Lis tastes). I teased her about her broodiness and how much Mike was looking forward to filling her little pussy with his cum (I didn’t know at that point that he had – or was just about to – empty his cum over Lucy). I dared her to let him fuck her just before we went out and not clean her pussy – Lis said she would think about it but that she really wanted his cum inside her more than leaking out of her. I pointed out that if she felt it dripping from her pussy that it would remind her all the more that he had filled her with cum and she seemed to like this idea. Seeing as she was still so fixated on boy cum and getting pregnant I described one of my fantasies to her of being fucked time after time by our friends and she quite liked the idea of having multiple guys cum in her while our female friends all let her eat them. (Lis promised to let me take care of Jo in the fantasy).

On the Saturday morning, Lis and I were woken by Jen going to the bathroom and decided to eat each other awake. We had a very leisurely 69 session and lay chatting for a while before going in to see Jen. Meanwhile Mike (who had also been woken by Jen’s bathroom visit) started to caress Lucy, gently toying with her nipples and sliding his cock between her legs to press against her pussy. She woke up fairly quickly but let him continue teasing her for a while before she reached down between her legs and pressed his cock against her pussy more firmly. Mike told her that he loved how soft her pussy felt and Lucy replied by telling him that his cock felt hot and hard. He started using long strokes to slide back and forth against her lips and clit and asked Lucy to press the head between her lips as she had the night before. From this position Mike could have easily pushed in to Lucy but just rocked back and forth as she rubbed herself, coating the head of his cock with her juices. He went back to rubbing against her clit and she let him take care of pushing his cock against her while she spread her lips and they then switched so Lucy could frig herself with his cock. Mike kept her lips spread wide to make this easier for her. He wanted to caress her ass to help her along, but as he now had his fingers on her pussy he didn’t intend to let go until told to (or she came). He did actually briefly let go to taste her from his fingers but put his fingers straight back. Lucy told him that it felt really good and he encouraged her to keep going and told her how much he wanted to feel her cum again while pressed up against him.

Mike got his wish and felt Lucy shudder as she came. She eased off the pressure on his cock and he went back to sliding back and forth against her. He suggested that they could experiment with him being inside her (and not fucking) but Lucy told him to behave and wait for the right time. He caressed her breasts and then let her suck his fingers clean. He asked if he could lick her thighs clean and was told to go ahead but to be gentle. Mike had Lucy on her back in a flash and licked around her pussy and mons as he had the night before. She told him he could go a little closer if he wanted, but not to eat her properly so he experimented to find out what the new limits were. Lucy let him lick around her outer lips but not make contact with her inner ones. Mike didn’t mind this too much (although he would have preferred to be able to eat her properly) and spent about 15 minutes between her legs. He circled his tongue around her ass a few times and asked if he could flick over it and Lucy told him he could if he wanted (so he did) but then went back to working on her lips. He realised that he had lapped up all of her juices a while ago so crawled up Lucy’s body and spent a while playing with her breasts and nipples, then kissed up to her neck and nestled his cock against her pussy before finally kissing her.

Lucy asked him if he thought he could produce enough cum to keep Lis happy and he said he was more than willing to give it a try, but that they could always just go for a repeat of last night and he could make it up to Lis later on. Lucy said she didn’t think it would be wise to annoy Lis, but she did nothing to stop him humping against her pussy and even complied when he asked her to wrap her legs around him. They humped a while longer and Mike told her that all she needed now was some long socks on. Lucy told Mike that he was just a big pervert (which he doesn’t deny) but he pointed out that she wasn’t much better as a lesbian who had let a guy help her cum three times in eight hours and was now grinding against an erect cock. Lucy said she could stop any time she wanted so Mike challenged her to not do anything with Jen that morning. In the end they agreed that the arrangement was working out well as it meant Mike was ready for Lis and Lucy was ready for Jen.

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