Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lis and Lucy June 2014 Visit – Part 2

They were still humping like this when Lis and I came downstairs. Mike commented on how frisky Lucy had been and they told Lis that she had already received a load of his cum but had helped him build up more for Lis if she still wanted it. Lis wasn’t quite ready to fuck again (although she liked the idea of him cumming in her) so Mike sat through breakfast with a hard cock. Lucy went up to see Jen and convinced her to have a play – even though Jen wasn’t that comfortable she still enjoyed cumming and didn’t want to waste the opportunity to play with Lucy. We had finished eating by the time Jen and Lucy came back downstairs and Lis was sitting on Mike’s cock while I knelt and licked them both. We carried on doing this while Lucy described how she had used the horse dildo on Jen –this had been Jen’s idea as a way to start stretching herself in preparation for the birth (she knew it didn’t really work like that, but felt that given the size of what was about to come out of her, she may as well experience the giant dildo.

Mike took Lis upstairs to finish their session but I reminded Lis that she wasn’t allowed to let him cum until we were heading out. She explained the purpose of this to him and he agreed to try and hold back but would pretend to cum in her so she could satisfy her increasing pregnancy fetish. As they were upstairs and had access to our clothes, Lis slipped on a few things to help Mike along (just a little skirt, long socks and white panties with a matching bra). Mike pulled the panties off to go down on her but she put them back on to fuck and she rode him while telling him to fill her with cum and give her a baby. Lis was incredibly energetic throughout the session and we easily heard her downstairs as she came (still telling Mike to give her his cum). He led her downstairs still dressed the way she had been while fucking and told Lucy that if they didn’t decided which one of them was going to have a baby soon that he was afraid that Lis would sneak up and fuck him while he was asleep to get pregnant.

Mike showered with Lucy who remained in the shower to help Jen out and I showered with Lis. Even though the hot water was running out by this point Lis used the pulse spray on my clit. I sat with my legs spread and clit exposed while Lis played the spray over my pussy and clit. It began to feel a little cold (it wasn’t cold-cold, but not warm) and after I’d cum Lis knelt to lick me and her tongue felt very warm in comparison. She then gave me one of the least flattering descriptions of my pussy by saying that it felt like she was licking a corpse (as my skin was cold and I had no taste as all my juices had been washed away). This wasn’t the most pleasurable experience for her but she carried on until my pussy warmed up a bit and I told her I would have my revenge at some point over the weekend.

We had arranged to go out for a picnic and once dressed we finished gathering up the things we needed and bundled everything in to the car. Technically Mike should have fucked Lis before we left but it seemed a waste to have his cum just leak out of her in the car so they spent a good part of the journey toying with each other so they would be ready to finish things off as soon as we arrived. There wasn’t anywhere suitable to play where we parked the car so things were postponed once more while we went for a wander to find somewhere suitable for our picnic. We didn’t go too far as Jen didn’t want to hike up any hills but we found a suitable spot away from the trails and laid out our blankets on the grass. Mike was desperate to finish things with Lis and as we unpacked lunch he buried his head between her legs and ate her – she was quite nervous about doing this in the open but as she knew the rest of us were keeping a lookout she lay back and enjoyed the attention. He didn’t make her cum like this though and just got her close before dragging her off into the forest (not too far, just a few trees in to provide some shielding) and we saw Lis’ dress being thrown aside (which Lucy went to collect to stop it getting damp or dirty). Mike fucked Lis from behind with her leaning against a tree and fondled her breasts, clit and ass as they fucked. Lis got more in to it as they discussed how the natural surroundings would be a perfect backdrop for making a baby. Mike loved having Lis standing (or bending over) naked in front of him and got her to promise that if he got her pregnant that she would let him fuck her like that again. She actually promised that she would do anything he wanted if he gave her a baby and Mike told her that the condition would be that she would have to keep visiting so I could get my monthly Lis fix (which I thought was quite sweet of him). They carried on fucking until Lis was close to cumming and Mike eased off frigging her clit until he caught up. They came pretty much together (Mike just a little behind Lis) and he pushed as deep in to her as he could with each stroke, telling her to take his cum and they then remained in position with Mike’s cock still buried in Lis to allow her pussy to soak up his cum.

Of course, this wasn’t that effective and when Mike pulled out his cum dribbled out of Lis’ pussy and ran down her legs. He helped this along by getting her to stand wither legs together (still leaning forwards against the tree) and spreading her lips to let whatever she wasn’t keeping leak out. He then led her by the hand back to where we were sitting, at which point Lucy handed Lis her dress back and she was allowed to slip it on. As we ate lunch I rubbed a few items of food against Lis’ pussy and ate them and Jen followed suit. Lis didn’t mind doing this and Lucy said she was up for it if Mike was too (she knows he doesn’t like eating his own cum) but (as she must have known) he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity so see her taste him so he rubbed a strawberry over Lis’ pussy and ate it. True to her word, Lucy followed his lead and this descended in to using each other’s juices to garnish our dessert and then to eating directly from each other (or in Mike’s case, rubbing the food on to his cock and sucking it off).

We relaxed and chatted for a while – Mike gave us a fuller description of what he and Lucy had got up to the night before and this led to Lis moaning at Lucy for having stolen her cum. This continued around to the conversation about them actually wanting to get pregnant, the upcoming wedding, their (other) long term plans and how it would be better if we lived closer together. Mike pointed out that if he was actually going to impregnate either Lis or Lucy that he would really have to spend a week a month with them (to make sure he got their most fertile period) and as we discussed that he moved around behind Lucy and rubbed against her ass while telling her that he would love to spend a week fucking her. His cock was soon freed from his jeans and slipped between Lucy’s legs. I was quite surprised that she didn’t object to this – not due to Mike rubbing against her (which it was quite obvious she enjoyed from what they’d done the previous night) but as we were outside. Lis pointed out that Mike might get cum on Lucy’s pussy and he said that he had been sucked clean, but if she was worried that she could always make sure by licking him cleaner. Lis knew what Mike meant (he was hardly being subtle), crawled down between Lucy’s legs and pulled them apart. Lucy began to object but Jen and I assured her that we would keep watch for anyone coming. Lucy knew she wasn’t going to win so surrendered to the onslaught and at Lis’ request showed her how she had masturbated with Mike’s cock.

Lis lapped away at the pair of them and as Lucy got closer to cumming Mike unbuttoned the back of her dress and reached in to fondle her breasts. With a bit of effort (as Lucy was lying mostly on her side), they pulled her arms out of her dress and freed her breasts from her bra so he could both fondle them properly and expose them to the air. Jen and I didn’t just sit by passively and started to play with ourselves but I also reached over to caress Lis’ ass and pussy under her skirt (which was soon lifted up) and then fingered her. Mike ended up with the head of his cock nestled between Lucy’s lips once more right at the entrance to her pussy and Lis flicked her tongue rapidly across his glans and Lucy’s clit. As Lucy came Mike whispered to her that he couldn’t wait until he was allowed to slide in to her and fill her with his cum and she pushed back against him. He didn’t actually slide in to her, but they both said it was quite a close thing.

Jen and I now wanted to cum and as we were outside and it was a nice day I wanted to make the most of it. As we had known we were unlikely to find somewhere completely isolated we had planned for this and I pulled a number of swimsuits out of my bag. Jen and I each put on one of my microbikinis (which look somewhat ridiculous on a pregnant woman, but served the purpose of leaving her mostly naked and all of her bits easily accessible). Lis and Lucy were given the choice of a few of Jen’s ‘proper’ (by which I mean not as revealing) swimsuits and after quickly checking the coast was clear we all stripped off. Lucy put her swimsuit half on but let us roll it most of the way off again to apply sun lotion and as Lis applied lotion to me her fingers teased my nipples and then worked their way in to my pussy and ass. I pulled her on top of me and started to eat her, loving the way the lotion and our combined sweat felt against my skin. Lucy took care of Jen and played with her pussy but wanted an extra treat (which was the other purpose of the swimsuits). As Jen got close to cumming she got Lucy to crouch over her chest and pulled the crotch of Lucy’s suit aside. Jen told Lucy to gently pee, using her other hand to rub Lucy’s pee over her chest and face and as Jen started to cum she let out her own stream of pee over Lucy’s hands and told Lucy to give her everything she had left. I was still busy with Lis as this happened so didn’t see it but I’m told that Lucy rapidly emptied her bladder over Jen and frigged Jen’s clit until Jen told her to stop. Lucy knows Jen’s desires well enough now that she lowered her pussy to Jen’s mouth to let Jen lick her clean and then climbed off of Jen and crawled between her legs to lick Jen’s pussy clean.

Mike had helped out Lis and me, kneeling behind Lis first and lapping at her ass as I ate her pussy and then moving round between my legs and sliding his cock in to me so Lis could lick us both. Lis seemed to have lost her fear of being seen, but not to the extent that when Mike said someone was coming that she didn’t leap off of me and quickly pull her swimsuit on. Likewise, Lucy pulled her suit up and I slowly put my suit on while Jen straightened hers out. Mike lay on his front to hide the bulge of his cock and a couple of guys wandered past. I had hoped they would stop and chat as while I was technically wearing something, it did nothing to hide my body (apart from the very centre of my nipples). The tiny patch that ‘covered’ my crotch had somehow gotten pulled up between my lips to my pussy was almost completely exposed, but Jen wasn’t in a much better state. Once the walkers had passed we felt it was really time for Lis and me to cum, but instead of finishing our 69 session we had to both crouch over Jen and let Mike and Lucy play with us (Jen helped out a bit too). As we came we both had to pee over Jen, rub ourselves against her and then finish off by letting her lick us. We then rinsed ourselves off with some water and dried ourselves before lying down to sunbathe.

Lis asked Lucy if she could tell us something and after a minute or so of whispering she revealed that Lucy had purchased a police costume for the two of them to play games with. Let’s just say it wasn’t quite a regulation costume and Lucy had been playing the naughty police woman, taking advantage of the helpless prisoner (Lis). Lucy was incredibly embarrassed about this at first but we assured her that we liked the fact she was enjoying herself (and reminded her that Mike still likes us dressing up as schoolgirls for him). Now that the cat was out of the bag, Lis described how Lucy would ‘punish’ her with her truncheon and Jen made Lucy promise to bring the uniform along and once the baby was out of her, she would take whatever punishment Lucy could give.

Once more we discussed them coming along to the sex party and assured Lucy that it didn’t mean she actually had to do things with anyone else (although to be fair everyone now pretty much participates with everyone else, but this isn’t required) and she could just enjoy fucking Lis openly in front of others (and watching live performances). The lure of having Sue along to do things with appealed to Lucy (especially so if we were prepared to put on a show for her) but Lucy was still worried about Lis bumping in to someone she knew. We pointed out that this didn’t really matter as everyone was there to enjoy themselves and that when Vicky had found Bennett it hadn’t bothered her (Lucy isn’t worried about Vicky now she is engage to Lis – she has kind of figured out that Lis doesn’t want to run back to her first lesbian lover).

Mike spooned with Lis for a while as we chatted and Jen idly stroked Lucy – or at least it start off as idle stroking but ended up with Lucy’s swimsuit being removed so Jen could play with her properly. Lucy tried to complain that this wasn’t fair so Jen removed her bikini and played with Jen more while Mike spooned with Jen. Lis and I joined in and helped play with Lucy. As we were all distracted we didn’t notice the two guys from earlier on their way back until it was too late. Lucy shrieked when she saw them but Mike, Jen and I tried to keep playing with her. We had to give up on this and let her cover herself up (you can’t cover much with a swimsuit when you’re not wearing it) but Mike remained buried in Jen and I pushed one of Lis’ hands down between my legs. This was obviously taking a risk as they might not have approved of what we were doing, but it paid off and once it was clear they were enjoying the view I tugged at the crotch of Lis’ swimsuit and told her to let me at her. She hesitated at first but I already had my fingers under the material and once I had pulled the crotch aside and pushed a couple of fingers in to her I knew she was mine. I asked the guys if they wanted to see me eat her and proceeded to do this, then crawled up Lis’ body, whispered to her to play along and more loudly told her to strip and masturbate for us.

Lis hesitated again and I whispered to her once more that I would make sure she was rewarded with as many helpings of Mike’s cum as she wanted, whenever she wanted (subject to production capacity of course) and then sat back to watch as she peeled the swimsuit off, lay back, spread her legs and began to finger herself. I had no intention of letting her have all the fun and dug a couple of condoms out of my bag, offered myself to the guys and told them if they were interested that they could both use me. I don’t think they believed me at first, but I walked over to them on my knees and reached out to rub one of their crotches while rubbing my face against the other one’s crotch. I dared them to both take me at the same time and told them if they were too afraid to do it in the open that we could go in to the woods, but then they wouldn’t get to see Lis masturbate or Jen being fucked.

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