Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lis and Lucy June 2014 Visit – Part 3

The guys asked each other if they were up for it as I knelt between them and played with myself in a slightly exaggerated way and once they had agreed they let me undo their trousers, pull out their cocks and apply the condoms. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me suck them both at the same time but they were quite happy to spit-roast me and I eagerly sucked one while the other fucked me and let them switch back and forth a number of times. Conveniently one wanted to cum in my mouth and the other one in my cunt – the guy in my cunt came first, but that just allowed me to get in to a better position and concentrate on sucking the second guy off. He tried to push my head a bit too far down on his cock, but I had my hand around the shaft so he didn’t get too deep and I warned him that it was my sister who was good at deep throat and not me. He apologised so I did the best I could and stroked while swirling my tongue around the head until I felt the condom fill with his cum. I was now feeling very horny and told Lis to come and eat me (she had finished playing with herself). I actually joined her on the blanket and lay over her so she could spread my pussy and lap at my clit. It didn’t take me long to cum as I knew I had strangers watching me and once I rolled off of her I gently stroked my pussy and thanked them for their cocks.

It was only at this point that I noticed Lucy was no longer covering herself up and later found out that she had been convinced to stop being so shy and to help out with Mike and Jen. Even though she had been naked, she had positioned herself so her ass was pointing away from the guys, but had played with Jen’s clit and had even licked at it a bit while Mike had been fucking Jen. She hadn’t quite done the full ‘licking them both’, but her tongue had made contact with Mike’s cock a number of times and he was quite happy about this.

Lis and Lucy were quite giddy (the best word I can think of) when the guys left and I tried to point out that they could fuck in front of as many people as they wanted at the parties and if she was allowed, Lis could have as many guys cum inside her as she wanted (Mike didn’t like this idea, but Lis did). Once Lucy had calmed down she was quite keen to leave in case we got in to trouble and as we’d been out for quite a while anyway we packed our things up, slipped our dresses (or trousers and t-shirt in Mike’s case) back on and headed down to the car.

I had really enjoyed my unexpected stranger fuck session and relived it in my head as we packed things away. While reaching over to the driver’s seat my breasts bumped against the gearstick (I didn’t have a bra on under my dress) and I took this as a sign so gave it a wipe down (not that I’ve done this before), straddled the gearstick, spread my lips and lowered myself on to it. Lucy asked what the fuck I was doing so I lifted my skirt to show her (I know that wasn’t what she meant). Once I had the knob of the stick inside me I moved up and down, enjoying the feeling of the texture on the inside of my cunt and played with my clit. I would have preferred to remove my dress and ride the stick properly while naked but there were still a few other cars around and I didn’t know how long I would have. Unfortunately it wasn’t long enough to cum, but I still enjoyed myself and managed to climb of before the people attached to the voices got close enough to see what I was doing.

On the way home I let Lis and Lucy fondle me (and by ‘let’ I mean ‘asked them to’) but Jen told them not to let me cum. Once home we relaxed for a while and we discussed Lucy’s display on the hill. She admitted that it had felt quite nice being able to just let go, but also that she had been rather frightened that we would get reported. It was clear that she still wasn’t ready to fully embrace exhibitionism, but I thought it had been a good step and in conjunction with the revelation about her role playing, we felt she was coming along well. Dinner was fairly quiet and Mike discussed his plans with Lisa who was coming up to visit for a few days (she would have been there over the weekend as well which Mike had wanted but she said she would have been jealous with Lis and Lucy around). He promised that they would get to meet her properly soon (they had ‘met’ her already a number of times when Lis and Lucy had visited their Uni friends but Mike wanted Lisa to get to know them a lot better. We had expected Lucy to object to this but she seemed okay with the idea which made things much easier as if we intended to keep seeing Lis and Lucy and things worked out with Lisa then they would obviously have to get along.

Jen was getting tired by this point but didn’t want to go to bed alone so Mike let her borrow Lis for a while. He, Lucy and I remained downstairs chatting for a bit and as we did this I lay with my head in Lucy’s lap and got her to gently stroke my neck. This was the first way that Lis and Lucy made me cum and we discussed how things used to be when she was living with Jen and had all their Uni friends around. I steadily got more turned on and Mike helped out by removing my clothes and playing with my nipples. He spread my pussy lips a few times to see how wet I was getting (quite wet but not rivalling Jen) but wasn’t allowed to lick or play with my pussy as that would spoil the sensations from my neck being stroked. I was given the choice of continuing as we were or heading upstairs to do things properly (by which they meant more energetically) and I chose to stay where we were. Lucy said she was jealous of me for being able to cum like that (she enjoys being massaged and caressed but can’t cum without her pussy and clit being touched).

Fortunately I can (in this one way anyway) and enjoyed the slow build-up of my orgasm with just my neck and nipples being stimulated. As I got closer I told Lucy I was going to repay her fully and Mike warned Lucy that this probably meant she wouldn’t get much sleep. Mike started to caress my inner thighs (keeping away from my pussy) and I melted in to Lucy’s thighs and concentrated on the feelings as the various light caresses combined and pulsed through my body. They continued to gently caress me until well past the end of my orgasm and I eventually opened my eyes and thanked them. As part of his reward Mike was allowed to kitty kiss me but was told to leave some of my juices for Lucy (he can be quite greedy that way). As Lis hadn’t come back downstairs yet (and we were unsure as to whether she would spend the whole night with Jen) Lucy and I let Mike come up to his bed with us and join in (or at least help out) as we fucked. He actually fared quite well as Lucy was willing to let him be inside me while she licked me and Mike bribed her with the promise of getting to see Anna and Michelle  (played by Sue and me) lick each other properly. Lucy really (really) wanted to see that and her tongue made a lot more contact with Mike’s cock than it had earlier. He pushed things a bit too far though by saying that it was only fair that he should get to eat her in return. As ‘punishment’ fort his, he had to sit by and watch as Lucy and I carried on alone.

He was saved by the appearance of Lis who had stayed with Jen until she had fallen asleep. They’d had a little play together but had then spent the rest of the time talking about the impending birth and babies. This had further heightened Lis’ broodiness and she literally dragged Mike out of the room and to the bed downstairs while telling him he needed to fuck her. He was quite happy to oblige and sank his cock in to Lis’ waiting pussy. They fucked hard with her telling him to make her pregnant and Mike pretended to cum in her as she came (she knew he was pretending). He went down on her almost immediately and while he didn’t quite eat her, he did more than just kitty kiss her. This did progress to him eating her properly (once she had recovered from her orgasm) and there was an extended kitty kissing session following her second orgasm to help prepare her for their second fuck and once ready Mike moved up behind Sue and started things off with him spooning in her.

They concentrated on pushing against each other in sync to try and get Mike’s cock as deep in to Lis as they could and after doing a quick calculation and realising that she would probably be at the tail end of her fertile period, Mike teased Lis about the possibility of taking her aside on her wedding day, filling her with his cum and giving her ‘something new’ as his wedding gift. Other than the fact that Lucy would kill her if they actually did this, Lis really liked the idea so they used this as the basis of the fantasy for their fuck and discussed how much Lis was looking forward to marrying Lucy, how they would sneak off from the reception, how they would fuck and how Lis would then return and dance in front of everyone with his baby growing inside of her and the remainder of his rub running down her legs under her skirt. Lis rode Mike for a while and he played wither clit, but to finish off Lis lay on her back and Mike fucked her with her legs up against his chest (this way feels really deep when he does it to me so I understand why Lis liked it). As he (almost) always does, he waited until Lis came before he shot his load in to her cunt. He then lay on top of her with his cock still buried in her and Lis asked him if he would still want to get her pregnant if it meant he wouldn’t get to do anything more with Lucy.

To me, this seemed a somewhat unfair question (kind of similar to me asking him if he thought Jen was cuter than me) as there wasn’t a good answer – plus they were both in a rather vulnerable state as they had both just cum. Mike told her he wasn’t sure as he really wanted to make Lucy cum – both by eating and fucking her – and he hoped he wouldn’t have to make that choice. He still felt somewhat sensitive so couldn’t move too much but did so as much as he could and told Lis if he really had to he thought he could ‘put up’ with just having to fuck his little lesbian and they teased each other about what a hardship it would be. They settled on the outcome that if he was given that choice that he would stick with Lis as the idea of her having his baby turned him on as much as it did her but that he would still love to do more with Lucy and if they agreed on it being her who was going to get pregnant he would be more than happy to donate his cum to her. He was going to tell Lis about the fantasy of getting all of his favourite girls together and getting them all pregnant in one night (using his magical never-ending supply of cum) but decided (wisely) that she probably didn’t want to hear this. Lis was getting tired by this point so they started to go to sleep and he promised her another load of cum in the morning if she wanted it.

Sunday morning proceeded in the usual way – I ate Lucy awake and we then did things together. Mike did the same with Lis and they had a long gentle fuck. She agreed to dress up for him later on in the day and in return he showed her the video of Sue and I doing things together. This was still on when Jen, Lucy and I came downstairs and over breakfast I was made to sit and watch it a number of times and answer detailed questions about exactly what we’d done and hot it had felt. I spent quite a lot of breakfast blushing (I’m still not completely shameless – in relation to some things anyway). Lucy reminded me of Mike’s promise of getting Sue to join in and act out her fantasy with her old school friends and I told her I would see what I could do.

Mostly to keep Lis happy we then went out baby clothes shopping and came home with a number of presents for the bump. Unsurprisingly she wanted another helping of cum from Mike on our return so they headed upstairs and Mike got his wish of having her dress up for him (she put on Jen’s Japanese schoolgirl outfit with long blue socks this time). They fucked while watching themselves in the mirror and Mike got Lis to imagine having Sue kneeling in front of her and licking her clit as they fucked. Lis wanted to feel Josie licking them while she ate Sue so they explored that idea and agreed that they would then double team Josie with Mike kindly letting Lis eat Josie’s pussy while Mike rimmed her. Mike got Lis to concentrate on her reflection as she came and to concentrate on her expression. They then fell back on to the bed with Lis on top with her back to Mike and she humped up and down on his cock while he fondled her breasts. It took a little while, but he came in her and they then rolled on to their sides so Lis could keep her legs shut tight while Mike pulled out and fetched her a pair of panties. When they came downstairs, these were the only thing Lis had on and there was a large damp stain over the crotch – we’re not sure if Mike had cum much more than usual for his second load of the day or if Lis had been particularly wet (she isn’t usually that wet) but a quick lick hinted at it mostly being Mike’s cum.

Lis was now quite happy with her practice at getting pregnant but Mike was still keen to progress things with Lucy (now Lis had his cum she was no longer as jealous of him wanting this). Lucy’s condition was that Jen would have to let her have a final play with her (which would probably be their final session before the birth, unless the bump decided to stay put for way past the due date). Just as I can’t refuse Lis, Lucy can’t refuse Jen so they headed up to Jen’s room and played with each other. Mike, Lis and I remained downstairs and chatted until Jen reappeared about 30 minutes later and told Mike that Lucy had summoned him.

Mike bounded upstairs and found Lucy waiting on the bed for him. He asked what he was allowed to do and she gave him the choice of humping against her and making her cum or of her putting on panties and letting him kitty kiss her through them. They bartered on the options and Mike was allowed to cum as well if he humped against her (although obviously not over her pussy, even though he probably wouldn’t have been able to produce much cum) while if he kitty kissed her, he wasn’t allowed to make her cum. Lucy wouldn’t budge on this part but Mike so desperately wanted to lick her that he still wanted to take the kitty kissing through panties option. Lucy (and Jen) had assumed that this was the option Mike would choose and Lucy pulled a pair of white cotton panties out from under the pillow and told Mike to put them on her. He did as she asked and ensured they were pulled up snugly against her pussy, spread her legs and asked how long he was allowed. Lucy wouldn’t tell him a time but said she would just tell him when she’d had enough – this annoyed Mike a bit as he wanted to know if he should take his time and enjoy it or get as many licks in as possible while he could.

As Lucy was teasing him, he decided to just do the same back to her and started off by gently kissing around her thighs and slowly working his way towards her crotch. As he neared his goal he spread her legs wider and kissed up and down along the edge of her panties and then moved onto the crotch, gently kissing, licking and nibbling the material, slowly moving in from each side. Once he reached the middle, he kissed up and down the length of her pussy from her clit to her ass. As the session continued he licked more forcefully until the crotch of the panties got quite moist and he told Lucy that he could smell her juices through the panties. She told him that it felt nice so Mike carried on and used his tongue to push the material slightly between her lips and up against her ass. He pulled on the skin of her thighs to spread her lips and pushed the material a little deeper in to her but Lucy said that was cheating (even though it felt nice) and she straightened out the panties before he was allowed to continue.  He was allowed to keep going for quite a while though and ended up being able to easily taste her through the panties. He gave her lips and clit the best licking he could (given he couldn’t make contact) and Lucy was obviously enjoying what he was doing as her breathing changed and she moaned a number of times, she was lightly flushed and she played with her breasts. When she finally told him to stop she said that he would have easily been able to make her cum if she had let him keep going (he begged but she told him not this time). He was given a final bonus for making her feel so good – she removed the panties and let him lick her outer lips. Once these were clean Mike spread her pussy and admired the view, asking if he would be allowed to sink his tongue (or anything else) in to her at their next visit. Lucy told him he’d have to wait and see and reached down to play with herself. Mike had to sit and watch as she stroked herself but other than feeding him her juices from her fingers a few times, he wasn’t allowed to participate. It didn’t take long for Lucy to cum (which Mike enjoyed as it meant he had got her quite close with his tongue).

Once she had finished, she sat up and wiped the juices from her hand over his cock. She then stroked him a few times, said that as he had licked her it was only fair that she should do the same, lowered her head to his cock and paused. She then gave the head a tiny kiss (just a little peck) and told him that she’d changed her mind and he would have to wait for that as well. Mike pointed out that if he wanted to, he could pin her down and take advantage of her but Lucy told him he wouldn’t dare. He took the dare, pushed her on to the bed and tickled her. Now Lucy isn’t as ticklish as Lis, but she is still reasonably ticklish and squirmed around underneath him. Mike kept pointing out that with the way she was moving all he would have to do was lower his body to press his cock against her and she would probably rub against him enough to make him cum. He tickled her for a fair while (a couple of minutes he thinks) but didn’t let his cock make contact with her. This was obviously him trying to balance out the power games Lucy had been playing with him by showing her that as much as he wanted her, he could still resist and he left Lucy panting underneath him and begging for mercy. The cost of her surrender was another few licks of her lips (but still only the outer ones) and Lucy let him do this for a couple of minutes before calling him off.

He then helped to dress her, mostly so he could caress her body, but she enjoyed the attention and once finished gave him a big kiss and told him he was more patient that she had expected. They came down to join the rest of us as it was getting close to their leaving time and Lis went up to get dressed. Mike joined her and gave her a final quick fuck to relieve the tension he had built up with Lucy. They just pulled the crotch of Lis’ panties aside for this so she could keep anything he produced inside her and Lis decided she liked the arrangement of Lucy getting him horny and her getting the benefit of his cum.

We all headed to the station to see them off with the promise of then returning to visit as soon as Jen was up for it. Mike was warned to prepare for their next visit as nobody knew what state Lis would be in when presented with an actual baby. Mike warned Lis that he might not be in a fit state to do anything (the reality of the possibility of multiple sleepless nights had begun to set in) but that 

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