Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lisa’s End of Term Visit – Part 1

On the Monday following Lis and Lucy’s visit Lisa came up to visit Mike. She wasn’t arriving until early afternoon so Mike went to work in the morning but went along to the airport to meet Lisa and she appreciated him turning up in his suit to greet her. He also appreciated the way she looked as she had a very short pair of shorts on and as they hugged hello she told him that she didn’t have anything on underneath them.

Mike enjoyed parading his (much) younger woman through the airport and then drove her home. Lisa had a chat with Jen and admired the bump, even getting to feel the baby kick a couple of times before asking Jen if she minded if she took Mike upstairs to say hello properly. Jen told them to go ahead and once they got to Jen’s room (the bed is slightly bigger in there) Lisa started pulling at Mike’s clothes to undress him. He told her to slow down and she said she didn’t want to be teased so Mike slipped two fingers up the legband of her shorts to her pussy and asked if she just wanted him to make her cum. Lisa quickly freed his cock and told her she wanted him inside her properly and bent over to suck him. Mike complained that this wasn’t fair and he wanted to eat her as well but Lisa said if she let him get his mouth between her legs that he wouldn’t move away until she’d cum and she wanted him to fuck her first. They came to a compromise and Mike was allowed to 69 with her for one minute so he could taste her (and help ensure she was wet enough to fuck, but that didn’t seem to be a problem as Lisa had been looking forward to their reunion for quite a while), after that Mike would fuck her as much as she wanted but wouldn’t cum in her, he would then be allowed to eat her for as long as he wanted and they would finish with a proper fuck where he would cum in her.

They proceeded along these lines and Lisa savoured the feeling of having Mike sink his cock in to her hot pussy, then pulled him tight against her and got him to remain still for a minute or two as they kissed so she could enjoy the feeling. She kept telling him that she wanted him and had missed him and as they fucked they planned how they would spend a lot of the summer together. Mike fucked her to two orgasms (with a break in between but he remained buried in her between them – if you ignore changes of positions). Lisa then let him go down on her and Mike made the most of the opportunity, eating her to another two orgasms. Lisa was quite spent by this point (she hadn’t built up the stamina we have) but still wanted Mike to cum in her. She asked if he would just fuck her and cum, even though she knew that he was unlikely to cum without her cumming as well. She sucked him for a while as she recovered and Mike then applied some tingle gel to her nipples, clit, ass and his cock and they fucked as the gel worked its magic on her body. He didn’t reply on the gel and his cock though and used a vibe on a low setting to stimulate her clit as well as he moved inside her. He teased her like this a bit longer than was necessary – well past the point where Lisa had told him she was ready to fuck again, but this was because (as she also knew) he wanted her to beg his to fuck her, fill her with cum and make her cum.

Lisa did as Mike wanted and Mike promised her that he was hers for as long as she wanted. Lisa wanted more than that and got him to promise that he was hers forever and as they each came they promised each other they would stay together. As they lay enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms they discussed when Lisa would come up for the summer. Mike told her she was welcome whenever she wanted but that it might be a good idea to give us a few weeks after the birth to get used to the baby and get in to a routine. The downside of this is that Lisa would miss Mike’s two weeks paternity leave, but she acknowledged that he was likely to be busy and tired so wouldn’t be able to spend too much time with her anyway. Lisa gently stroked Mike’s cock as they chatted until he was hard again and took him in her mouth once more to suck him clean. Mike enjoyed this but told Lisa he had a better way to clean her juices off of him and pushed back in to her to get a fresh coating and they then headed downstairs and he got Jen to suck him clean. Jen asked if she was going to get to ‘say hello’ properly to Lisa but when she found out Lisa had already cum five times in a little over an hour she was sufficiently impressed that she gave Lisa a pass and told her they would greet each other later on.

The three of them sat and chatted until I got home but Mike felt it was unfair to ignore Jen so she had her dress removed and as they chatted he caressed and toyed with Jen. Initially he did this alone, but Lisa joined in later on and while Jen wasn’t made to cum, she was teased quite thoroughly. When I arrived home I walked in to the sight of the three of them playing with each other and Jen clearly in a state of high arousal. Lisa looked up sheepishly at me but once I had dumped by bag and jacket I walked over to her and gave her a big hug and kiss to welcome her. At that point I didn’t know what Mike had done with Lisa (although I assumed they would have already fucked) and I slipped my hands down between Lisa’s ass cheeks and played with her pussy lips. Jen told me not to be greedy as she had first dibs on Lisa so I reluctantly let go (after giving her pussy a final fingering) and told her that she was mine after Jen had finished with her. She looked to Mike for help and said she wouldn’t be able to cope with both of us. Mike told her that she would have to fight her own corner, but that he would help her to satisfy us both so she wouldn’t be pushed too far.

To make things easier for her, we decided to break her ‘welcome’ into two parts and Lisa was given the task of finishing off what she had Mike had started with Jen. We headed back up to Jen’s bedroom and Jen knelt on the bed on all fours – Lisa was warned that Jen couldn’t stay in this position for too long so was told to be quick and she crawled under Jen’s pussy, pulled Jen down to her and got stuck in. I immediately changed my mind and decided to join then, removed my clothes (it seemed unfair to be the only person who wasn’t naked) and dived between Lisa’s legs. She let out a yelp and looked down at me but didn’t argue and returned to Jen’s pussy. I could still taste Mike’s cum in Lisa but lapped away at her anyway and as we were meant to be welcoming her I swirled my tongue over her ass as well and gently speared her a number of times. Mike knelt beside Jen and reached under her to caress her breasts to help things along and the effects of the afternoon’s teasing meant that Jen came very quickly. She crawled off of Lisa’s face to reveal the sticky mess she had left and Mike kissed Lisa briefly before moving around behind me and sliding in to me. I hadn’t expected this and thought I was going to be fucked, but he was just coating his cock with my juices before returning to Lisa and asking her to suck him clean. She did this and Jen crawled over and joined in, so he had two tongues swirling over the head of his cock. This was only for a short time though so he wasn’t likely to cum (especially as Sue is so far the only person who can get close to ‘making’ him cum if he doesn’t want to, just by sucking him).

Mike and Jen ended up each taking one of Lisa’s breasts and sucking on her nipples until she came (which was mostly due to my work on her pussy) and I welcomed her to our little commune and suggested we go get dinner. Lisa automatically reached for her clothes but was reminded that she would be naked for most of her visit (at least for the time she was indoors anyway) and she followed us downstairs naked. Jen was allowed to rest while we made dinner and this left Mike and I to tease Lisa (making use of vegetables, ice cubes and kitchen implements). She said that she still found it very odd to wander around naked but we told her she would get used to it. We kept conversation over dinner fairly light and we decided afterwards to cut Lisa some slack and not force her to do things with Jen and me again that night. She was grateful for this and headed up to bed early with Mike, leaving me with Jen. Fortunately Jen is wonderful and was happy to sit and play with me while we chatted.

Up in his room Mike spooned with Lisa for quite a while as they chatted and he then went down on her again, spent a while longer toying with her and then fucked her for a second time. This time he finished off spooning with her so they could remain like that afterwards and whenever he started to go soft, Lisa would move against him to help him get his erection back. It got to the point that it started to hurt Mike so they had to stop doing this and let him go soft (although he still remained buried inside her). The next morning Mike woke a little earlier than usual so he could lick Lisa awake but instead of fucking her he gave her the task of eating me awake while he showered. He joined us afterwards (by this point Lisa had moved on to Jen) and took her from behind while she lapped at Jen’s pussy. To her dismay he didn’t cum in her as he was saving this for later on. Lisa did try to convince him otherwise by sucking him as he ate breakfast – she admits that she knew this was pretty much a lost cause as she knows he can hold back against (almost) any stimulation.

Mike returned from work a little early and had been warned by Jen that Lisa wasn’t naked. He wasn’t disappointed though as she opened the door wearing her old school uniform (he had asked her before about getting this from her parents’ house). Mike had been intending to spend the evening teasing Lisa but she had other ideas (some of which Jen had helped out with) and Mike was dragged up to his room and pounced upon by Lisa. She kept her uniform on throughout the whole session and let him finger, eat and fuck her in it. They were still doing this when I came home and Lisa certainly seemed to be getting more comfortable with making noise during sex (Mike was encouraging her) as Jen and I could clearly hear her when she came. She then got her wish from that morning and sucked Mike off, getting him to tell her just before he came so she could pull back and let him cum over her face. They both appeared downstairs a few minutes later with his cum still dripping from her face and splattered over her blouse.  I complimented Lisa on her outfit and thought that the bunches were a nice touch (another one of Jen’s ideas) and before Lisa cleaned her face off we added another few pictures to the album (her cum covered face, her sitting on the sofa looking cute, sitting with legs up showing her panties and her sitting wither fingers in her pussy).

Over dinner we discussed Lisa’s plans to change Uni so she could be with Mike. Jen and I had already discussed this with Mike (and so had sort of discussed it with her through him) but we hadn’t talked about it as a group before. Lisa knew that we didn’t want her to do something she might regret but I found it very difficult to say what I meant without it sounding condescending. I know full well that you can end up staying with someone you meet when you’re young (Lisa was now the same age I was when I first met Mike), but I also know that many relationships at that age can fall apart. On top of that, while Lisa seemed to be okay with dating a (considerably) older man, who was already married, was due to have a baby in a matter of weeks and who regularly participated in sexual activities with many others, that this was quite a lot for someone her age to take on. On the other hand, I also knew that she seemed to love Mike and that he loved her and while she was young, she seemed to be fairly sensible. Even so, changing Uni, losing the group of friends she had built up and having to start over in a new place would be difficult. I think the biggest realisation was that she would have to share Mike – she knew this intellectually, but in practice it would be rather different as up until now she had pretty much had him to herself whenever they got to see each other, not to mention the time that he would be dedicating to mini-Jen when she was born.

Nothing was really resolved, Lisa knew that Jen and I were happy for her to be with us (Mike doesn’t count, he would obviously be happy to have her) and that she could choose between living with us (the new house was going to have another room, although that was going to be the nursery so Lisa would have to sleep with at least one of us). The bad thing about this was that it would mean Mike, Jen and I probably wouldn’t get to share a bed that often (once Jen went back to the size that made this possible), but I had long realised it was selfish of me to expect to have Mike and Jen and for them to not be allowed someone else if they so wished.

As we cleared away the dinner things I told Lisa how she would be able to pop in and visit me between lectures and I slipped a hand between her legs as I described how we could keep each other satisfied during the day. Lisa knew about my affair at work and I offered her the chance to join in and have a threesome with Andy and me. She was still adamant that she didn’t want to sleep with any other guys (and the only other girl at Uni she usually let do things with her was Amber). She was more willing to participate in things with other people when Mike was involved and knew that we intended to introduce her to Sue, Lis and Lucy (who she knew, just not carnally), Ineta, possibly Jen’s brother and hopefully everyone at the sex parties.

Later that night we discussed Mike (and possibly Jen and me) meeting Lisa’s parents. Mike was understandably nervous about this as he didn’t imagine that Lisa’s father would be too happy about her dating an older man (almost twice her age) who was married and was having a child with another woman. We knew he (and we) had to meet them eventually if things were going to continue (and especially if Lisa was going to change Uni to be with him) but she also agreed that with everything else going on that they could delay the meeting for a little while. On a similar note Lisa had agreed to head back down to Uni at the end of the week as my Mum was coming up to visit. She had been guilting me about not having seen her for ages and she wanted to see Jen before the baby was due (Jen’s parents were ready to come up as soon as she gave birth). Up until now Mum had coped quite well (I think) with our strange relationship arrangements but I wasn’t sure she would agree with Mike having *another* girlfriend, even if we explained that both Jen and I also got to fuck her (which I might phrase slightly differently when we get to that conversation!).

To put things back on a lighter note I told Lisa that it was my turn to have her eat me and spread my legs for her. Lisa threw a cushion on the floor, knelt between my legs and got stuck in. I gently moaned in appreciation as she licked me and she looked incredibly cute (she still had her uniform on and bunches in). When she had made me cum it was Jen’s turn to do the same to Lisa. For this, Jen sat on the sofa and Lisa had to stand up on the sofa, straddling Jen and let her lick at her pussy. We pointed out to Lisa that she was quite exposed in this position and that people might be able to see her from outside. Lisa played along with this and said she didn’t care so we unbuttoned her blouse, freed her breasts from her bra and tucked her skirt up to expose her ass (Jen had already removed her panties). Lisa was a little more nervous about being this exposed but Mike helped distract her by lapping at her ass – which had the additional benefit of helping her cum quicker.

Mike spooned Jen to sleep that night before joining Lisa and me downstairs. I went up to Mike’s room with them and sucked on Lisa’s clit while Mike fucked her. As always, she loved this position and agreed to let him fuck her ass while Jen or I ate her pussy properly (it’s kind of difficult with a cock in the way). I then went and slept curled up against Jen (initially at least until she started squirming around).

On Wednesday morning Mike ate Lisa awake and then fucked her but once again had to disappear off to work. Once I had also left Lisa and Jen had a leisurely breakfast and showered together. They headed off to Mike’s work to visit him for lunch and Mike got to introduce Lisa to Ineta. Lisa was wearing shorts with opaque black tights underneath and Mike spent a while over lunch caressing her thighs and briefly managed to pull the crotch to the side to reveal Lisa’s pussy (she didn’t have panties on under the shorts). Ineta told Lisa that she was looking forward to meeting with her in private and that Mike had told her all about her (making Lisa blush quite a bit). On the way out Mike ducked in to an empty room and briefly made out with Lisa, fingering her through her tights and telling her to keep herself feeling horny until he got home – then telling Jen to help Lisa out with this.

By the time Mike got home, Lisa was indeed feeling horny (Jen had teased her for a good portion of the afternoon) and Lisa wanted to cum. Mike pulled her shorts and tights down to her knees, pushed her on to the sofa, got her to lift her legs up and quickly ate her. I would have loved to walk in to this sight but Lisa had cum long before I arrived home and had pulled up the tights and shorts once more. Mike had come up with a treat for Jen though and once I had got out of my work clothes we all headed out in to the garden to enact this.

We knew that Lisa was fairly ticklish but Mike had wondered just how ticklish this actually was. Lisa’s top and bra were removed and after toying with her for a bit we started to tickle her. She squealed and squirmed around a lot (Jen moved back a bit so she didn’t get hit or kicked by accident) and after a minute or so Lisa complained that she was going to wet herself. She had this while being tickled before which was the whole inspiration for the ‘attack’ and Lisa was informed that we intended to keep tickling her until she wet herself. Mike pushed a hand down the front of her shorts and in to her tights to play with her pussy and we told her that Jen really wanted to see her wet herself. Lisa squealed that we were being mean to her and kept trying to escape but Mike and I (fairly) easily held her down. She warned us a number more times that she was really going to wet herself and Mike reported that he felt a squirt of liquid. We tickled her as fast as we could and Mike told us she was now peeing properly. Jen sat and watched as the damp spot on Lisa’s shorts rapidly grew until the crotch and ass were soaked with her pee and Mike and I continued tickling until Lisa had emptied her bladder.

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