Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lisa’s End of Term Visit – Part 2

Lisa was bright red and gasping for air when we let her go and told us that she couldn’t believe we’d done that to her but Mike told her that she had done well and now deserved to be rewarded. Jen pulled Lisa’s wet shorts off and tossed the aside, Mike and I spread Lisa’s legs and Jen planted her face on the sodden crotch of Lisa’s tights and licked her. I already knew that I was going to lose another pair of my good seamless tights but I still winced as Jen ripped at the material and tore a hole in them to get to Lisa’s pussy. As Jen ate Lisa Mike asked her how she enjoyed being eaten outdoors by a pregnant lesbian and if it was how she had imagined things turning out when she headed off to Uni. Mike moved round behind Jen and slid in to her before returning to Lisa to offer her his cock and have her suck it clean of Jen’s juices. As Lisa got closer to cumming Mike told her that she would have to let Jen eat her and pee as she came before she left them but Lisa didn’t commit to this. She did cum though, and quite hard from the sound of it. When Jen pulled away Mike climbed over Lisa in a 69 and kitty kissed her while she sucked him. I played with Jen while they did this and once Lisa seemed to be enjoying what Mike was doing I switched places with him.

Mike pushed in to me and fucked me while Lisa licked me and he then pulled out and got us to roll over so he could fuck Lisa while we 69ed. It took Lisa a little while to cum (but it wasn’t long since her last orgasm) and by the time she came I was fairly close. Mike kept pumping away inside her as I kitty kissed her clit and he came in her just a little bit after I came. Lisa was told to stay where she was so his cum could leak out of her and I could lick her clean, but as it wasn’t his first cum of the day there wasn’t too much of it.

On Thursday morning Mike once again ate and fucked Lisa awake and made her promise to play with Jen throughout the day. This worked out a lot better than he had intended as in the early afternoon the window cleaner came round and Jen quickly dragged Lisa up to the bedroom and they both lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other (they were already naked as Jen had decided to spend the whole day this way). They pretended not to notice the guy looking in the window at them and Jen got Lisa to go down on her with her ass aimed at the guy and reach back to finger herself. Having done such a good job at this, Jen pushed Lisa a bit more and challenged her to do a pizza dare with the window cleaner when he rang the doorbell to get his money. Lisa was sent down with just a small towel around her that barely covered her ass and when she handed the money over, the towel ‘slipped’ and left her standing naked in front of him (just for a few seconds until she grabbed the towel and held it in front of her, almost (but not quite) covering herself with it.

Lisa said that she was incredibly nervous when she did this but had quite enjoyed it and as a reward Jen gave her a massage with our body wand. As you would expect, Jen ended up concentrating the massage in a number of specific areas and by the end of it, Jen had the head of the wand sandwiched between her and Lisa’s pussies so they could both feel the wonderfully strong vibrations. Jen tried to time it so they could cum together (putting more or less pressure on their pussies with the wand) but she ended up cumming a little before Lisa (and the wand is generally too intense to be in contact with once you’ve cum). Lisa took hold of the wand and held it against her pussy for the remainder of the session (which wasn’t long) as Jen sat back and recovered while enjoying the view.

Lisa described the day to Mike and me over dinner (where she and Jen were still naked) and we moved out to the garden to have dessert with Mike and me switching back and forth between Jen and Lisa and eating ice-cream and chocolate sauce from their crotches. They did the same to us afterwards and we then cleaned each other off and headed back indoors. Mike and Lisa lay with Jen that night while she fell asleep but even when they came back downstairs we didn’t tease Lisa any more as she had a big day ahead of her (which we refused to tell her the details of).

Mike took the Friday off work so was able to have extended session with Lisa that morning. She was eaten, fucked and had various toys used in and on her but wasn’t allowed to cum. By the time they came down for breakfast she was feeling incredibly horny and Jen told her that she would take care of her (sadly I had to go to work and had already left by this point). Jen got Mike to fetch one of our dildos with a suction cap on it, attached it to the top of the washing machine and set it on a spin cycle. This confused Lisa somewhat but she followed Jen’s instructions and climbed up on to the machine and lowered herself on to the dildo. She loved the way it felt but was frustrated by the fact that the stimulation wasn’t that strong. Unfortunately for Lisa, Jen was in on the ’not letting her cum’ plan and as the pleasure began to build in Lisa’s pussy once more, Jen turned the machine off and said it was time for breakfast. As soon as they had eaten Mike took Lisa up to the shower and teased her with the pulse spray, but at least this time he had the excuse of not wanting to use up all the hot water as Jen still needed to shower.

While Jen was in the shower Mike got Lisa to lie down on the bed and he thoroughly shaved her pussy. He gave her the usual lick test afterwards to ensure he hadn’t missed any hairs and when Jen came in to the bedroom they switched places and Mike let Lisa shave Jen’s pussy (Lisa realised that this was an honour as Jen could technically pop at any point so she might be giving Jen the shave that the delivery team would end up seeing at the hospital). They then went for a wander and slowly made their way towards their intended destination (which was of course unknown to Lisa). When they arrive at the window of the photography studio they told Lisa that this was the place we had gone to have our photoshoot (the first one where we were naked, but not doing things with each other). As they took Lisa inside, they told her that we had arranged for her to be added to the shoot and that we really wanted hers to be the third pussy that we would hang in the bedroom. Lisa was a bit nervous about stripping off in front of the photographer, but she was touched by the fact that we wanted her to join the three of us up on the wall.

As Jen was even larger than she was at the previous shoot, she decided to get a few more pictures taken too so as Mike unbuttoned Lisa’s dress, Jen slipped out of her own one. When Mike had removed Lisa’s dress he cupped her pussy and gently fondled her to get her (at least a little bit) aroused. Lisa posed by herself and with Jen and while Jen had some solo shots taken Mike fondled Lisa discreetly before she had her close up shots. Lisa sat with her legs spread and had shots of her pussy taken in its ‘resting state’ as well as with her gently spreading her lips to reveal more of her insides. She was allowed to slide a couple of fingers in to her pussy and have some shots taken and as the photographer went to upload the images to the computer for them to look at Mike gave Lisa’s pussy another fondling. They then picked a number of images and compared the ones they had of Lisa to the ones of Jen and my pussies that we had already ordered large prints of. Lisa was a little embarrassed over the fact that we would have a giant (or at least much larger than life-sized) image of her cunt over the bed but Mike and Jen assured her that only a few people would see it. They then proceeded to list who might get to see it, including Sue, Josie, Lis, Lucy, Ineta, Clare, Giles, Sara, any random guys I pick up, the window cleaner (although he had already seen her in person)… This made her blush once more and Jen broached the subject of who else should get to go up on the wall. I think this diluted the ‘honour’ for Lisa a little bit, but she didn’t seem too put out as Jen just wanted Lis, Lucy and Sue and while she knows that Mike cares about Lis and Lucy (and lusts after them), Sue is the only one who he loves in any way close to the way he loves us (she didn’t mind the fact that I love Lis and Jen loves Lucy).

They headed in to town proper and Mike led Sue to our favourite sex shop. Lisa knew what was likely to happen next (as I’ve said, we’d told her almost everything we’ve done by this point) and while she protested initially, she gave in and allowed Mike to choose some outfits for her to try on. Lisa was introduced to Alistair as one of Susan’s friends (as well as Mike’s girlfriend) and Alistair asked Lisa if she would be prepared to take part in one of the sex shows (either with me or alone). Unsurprisingly Lisa said no to this so Jen pointed out that she seemed to have enjoyed putting on a display for the window cleaner and then proceeded to describe this to Alistair in detail. Lisa was bright red by the end of this but Mike assured her that she should enjoy the power she has over others. Lisa went over to the corner to try on a few of the items and was called back to the till where Mike was chatting with Alistair after she had changed in to each outfit. Alistair blatantly checked Lisa out and complimented her on the various outfits (some were more revealing than others but mostly only showed her breasts).

Mike hadn’t been intending on purchasing anything as we were trying to save money for the baby and new house but discovered some new items that were too good to resist – vibrating bra and panties. Mike challenged Lisa to wear them and she initially said no but Jen chimed in and said she would wear them too if Lisa played along (and quietly pointed out to Lisa that Mike wanted to be able to show her off to Alistair). Lisa agreed and Mike selected two sets of the underwear. Jen and Lisa each slipped on the panties and Mike helped to fasten the bras, ensuring the vibes were properly positioned over their nipples and nestled against their clits. Mike whispered to Lisa to just pretend she was back at Uni performing in front of her friends and pushed the button on the remote control that set the vibes going. Lisa jumped a little and Jen said that it felt good. Mike asked Alistair to get a chair for Jen to sit on but Lisa had to remain standing (Mike did at least let her lean against him later on). After a couple of minutes both Jen and Lisa were squirming around and Mike pulled up Lisa’s panties to ensure the vibe remained in contact with her clit. He stood behind her and told her that he wanted her to cum and release all off the desire she had built up from being teased so many times that day. Jen told Lisa that if they were lucky, a customer might walk in and get to see them, Lisa just moaned ‘nooo’ to this, but was clearly very aroused and later admitted that she probably wouldn’t have cared no matter who walked in as she just wanted to finally get to cum (this is a very familiar feeling to me and is both a wonderful and very dangerous place to be).

Jen’s panties had a damp patch on them already and Mike pointed out that we should have used her extra pregnancy juiciness to sell used panties to guys to masturbate with. Jen said it wasn’t her fault as the vibes felt really good and Mike told her that they should use the standard rules (meaning that the vibes wouldn’t be turned off until they had both cum). Jen was okay with that but Lisa was too far gone to start holding back and whimpered to Mike that she was nearly there. He helped to hold her up and told her to cum for him while reaching around to her breasts to fondle them (and help push the vibes against her nips). She didn’t really have much choice in the matter by this point and soon started to cum. Lisa quietly moaned and panted her way through her orgasm and Mike helped her to sit down afterwards but reminded her that she had to keep the underwear on until Jen came. She apparently did quite well at this (although quietly swore a number of times as she sat squirming) – fortunately Jen wasn’t too far behind Lisa in cumming but Jen put on a better show and rubbed the vibe in her panties against her pussy as she came while squeezing one of her breasts with her other hand. Lisa asked Mike to turn the vibes off but Jen flashed Mike her wicked grin and told him to leave them on but said that Lisa had the choice of removing her panties if she wanted the stimulation to stop. Lisa knew full well what Jen was up to but the vibrations were too much for her and she pulled the panties down to the middle of her thighs (later saying that Alistair had just seen her cum so it didn’t seem to matter what else he saw).

Jen endured the vibrations for another couple of minutes before saying she’d had enough and once he’d turned the vibes off he dipped his hand in to Jen’s panties, withdrew his fingers and fed some of Jen’s juices to Lisa. He then somehow convinced Lisa to keep the new underwear on (Jen didn’t need to be convinced) and after saying their goodbyes (and Alistair trying again to convince Lisa to put on a show for others) they headed off for lunch. As expected, Mike used the remote control to turn on their underwear a number of times as they ate – not for long enough to make either of them cum, but certainly enough to have an effect on them and they discussed whether they should return to the photographers to have a new shot taken of Lisa’s wet, sensitive and engorged pussy. Lisa just wanted to go home and let Mike fuck her and he gave in to her pleading but continued to tease her (via the underwear) at various times on the journey home.

Once indoors, Mike took Lisa up to his room, cleaned up all her pussy juice with his mouth and then gave her the fucking she wanted. He was pleasantly surprised when he told her that he wanted to fuck her twice (meaning he wanted to fuck her to two orgasms, not him cumming twice) and she agreed. The first time she wanted him on top of her so she could wrap her arms legs around him and hold him tight against her (in the end she reached down between them with one hand to play with her clit) and once she had recovered they switched between a few more positions but ended up with Lisa on top and Mike pounding in to her. As usual, Mike held back until Lisa came before cumming in her and as they lay there he teased her more and said he should have fucked her before going to the photographer so his cum would have been leaking out of her while the close up shots were being taken (I really liked this idea and later on considered having this done for myself).

Lisa asked Mike why he wanted her to cum in front of or do things with other people and he explained that he just wanted her to enjoy herself. She told him that she loved him and didn’t need to do things with anyone else and Mike did his best to explain how he sees a difference between sex for enjoyment and doing things with her, Jen, me or Sue (and a few others but to a lesser extent). Lisa admitted that despite being massively embarrassed in the sex shop, she had ended up really enjoying her orgasm and that she loved doing things with Amber back at Uni. Mike explained (again) how he had convinced me to try lots of things over the years and then how Jen had joined in (to be fair, I did the same to her), often pushing me to try things that embarrassed or scared me, but that I usually discovered new ways to enjoy myself. Lisa ended up agreeing to let him (and us) continue to push her boundaries and that she would try things and in return Mike agreed that she could have a safe word (Unicorn) which she could use to say she *really* didn’t want to do whatever it was.

I was given the details of Lisa’s antics over dinner and later on that evening we tested Lisa to see if she was really willing to let us push her and after she had wandered down to the local shops with Mike, wearing just a long sweater and letting him finger her in an alleyway on the way back, she was asked to perform a modified pizza dare, answering the door while only wearing one Jen’s very flimsy negligees. She performed flawlessly at this, including the customary bending over to get money and giving the guy a clear view of her ass and pussy as well as letting him get a good frontal view as she paid him and took the pizza. She received a lot of points for her performance and was rewarded by being allowed to use the wine bottle in a special way (us fucking her with it). Jen and I were mostly responsible for this as we knew Mike would be spending the night with her and she seemed to willingly surrender herself to us, letting us fuck her with the bottle and probe her with our fingers.

At bedtime Lisa changed back in to her old school uniform and Jen and I heard Mike and her having a long session that must have lasted well over an hour. I was actually quite impressed she held out so long given what she had been put through already that day and was hopeful we could continue to increase her libido so I had another sex-crazed partner to help keep me satisfied and wondered (to myself) what things could have been like if it had been Susan who had fallen for Mike when she first arrived and we had been the ones to turn her in to a nymphomaniac.

Lisa removed her uniform but kept the long socks on so Mike could continue to caress and worship her legs as they fell asleep. Lisa was upset that she had to leave (as was Mike) and he told her that he wanted her to stay but he also didn’t want to have to lie to Mum about who I was and that he (soon) wanted to introduce her properly. Lisa said she understood this and Mike spent a while convincing her that he loved her (and possibly scaring her a bit) by describing how he couldn’t wait until she finished Uni and he could then sink his cock in to her cunt and give her a baby (presumably after I’ve had one). As Lisa obviously wasn’t ready to actually get pregnant they just promised each other that they would spend as much time as possible practicing (and Lisa was looking forward to helping look after mini-Jen).

On the Saturday morning Mike spent ages eating Lisa awake and teasing her. Unusually he didn’t eat her to orgasm and didn’t let her cum before he fucked her (which he made up for by making her cum twice with his cock inside her). Lisa came down for breakfast wearing just her socks with Mike’s cum dripping out of her and had to sit up on the counter to let Jen have a lick at her pussy. Once Jen had cleaned up Mike’s cum I had a few licks too as we wouldn’t be seeing her for a little while (depending on how long it took mini-Jen to appear).

We kept her school uniform and promised her that it would be cleaned, ironed and waiting for her return but she took her new vibrating underwear with the agreement that she would let someone else control it. Lisa also agreed to Skype with Mike in the presence of the gang and while she still didn’t want to let any of the guys do things with her, she agreed to let a few of the girls take her one after the other. We got to witness this on the Sunday night and Mike found it incredibly arousing as he watched his little Lisa fingered and eaten by Amber, Susan and Abrahii. Lisa did more than usual and reciprocated, getting Amber and Abrahii off (mostly) with her mouth and Susan (again, mostly) with her fingers. She acknowledged that this was more fun than just playing with Amber and then had to try and dig herself out of the hole she had created when Amber pretended to be offended. The following Tuesday Lisa went out with the gang with her new underwear on and Abrahii in charge of the remote control. Following Mike’s instructions Lisa was teased throughout the evening and was then made to cum while standing at the bar amongst a whole group of strangers. Abrahii said that it was quite obvious from Lisa’s expression that she was cumming but later added that she doubted anyone else would have guessed what was actually happening.

Meanwhile, Mum and Gerald had been visiting us – from the Saturday just after Lisa left until the Monday. There was much baby talk and the bump made it very easy for Jen to sit with a nightdress on and let Gerald see up it to her pussy (the nightdress itself wasn’t revealing as Mum was around, it just depended on the way Jen positioned herself). It was only three days after they left that Jen went in to labour and mini-Jen made her way in to the world. We already knew that this was going to change everything but we intended to keep as much of our lifestyle as we could manage.

The timing of the birth worked out conveniently for Mike’s birthday. They had initially estimated the end of September as the date of conception but this is done by size and is unreliable. Even though it may well not be the case, we want to believe that she was conceived as a part of Mike’s birthday which also means that Sue was probably involved in transferring his cum in to Jen’s pussy. Sue really likes this idea as well and has already signed up to let him fuck her and drain his cum in to me when I try to get pregnant (although Lisa would also want to be a part of this, let alone Lis and Lucy so Sue has some competition). Mike still has his broody fantasy of getting all of us pregnant in one session (somehow).

We don’t intend to ever put her real name in the blog so from now on mini-Jen will be known as MJ. We actually had q very difficult time coming up with her name as we all liked different names but didn’t want to choose the name of someone we had fucked (or at the very least not one of our ‘regulars’ as we didn’t want that association. Mike is adamant that no guy will ever get to go near her (he is only slightly less resolute about letting any girls near her) and if he gets his way she will probably end up as a 60 year old virgin. You might think this is somewhat hypocritical given his desire for Lisa to experiment and enjoy herself as much as possible – and you’d be right, but fathers tend to be quite protective of daughters so there isn’t really any arguing with him on this.

If anyone is interested, Jen is willing to let me post some details of the birth – that would obviously be a no-sex posting (as much as Jen enjoys pain, birth apparently goes beyond her enjoyment limits).

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