Friday, 29 May 2015

Sisterly Love – Part 1

History tells me that these will be a popular few posts - lets see if I'm right...

On the Tuesday after Jen’s parent left Sue came up to visit and meet MJ. As it was during the week Josie didn’t come with her – I wasn’t sure what this would mean in relation to whether Sue would be allowed to do anything but she assured us that she had checked with Josie and told her that she would be a good girl if Josie wanted her to and had been told that she could enjoy herself if she wanted (as long as she told Josie all about it when she got home).

Mike and Jen were concentrating all their attention (and rightly so) on MJ. They were still paying me some attention (Mike fucked me on Sunday and Monday nights and ate me awake on Tuesday) but I realised that I was being given attention in the way that a child would when a new baby comes in to the family (to stop me from getting jealous that MJ was getting all the attention). I pointed out that I wasn’t going to throw a tantrum (and that I was just as captivated with her as they were) so Mike told me that if that was the case that he probably wouldn’t have time to make me cum for at least a couple of months. While the thought of that actually happening horrified me, I knew he was just teasing and that once Sue arrived, that he wouldn’t stand a chance of resisting us both (even if he was distracted).

Once Sue got her hands on MJ, she wouldn’t put her down or give her back to Jen until MJ wanted feeding. The plus side about us all knowing Jen’s breasts so well was that she didn’t have to try and cover up at all while breast feeding (I’ve heard that some mothers don’t even do this openly at home which I don’t get as surely their partner would have seen their breasts before). Sue reminded Jen of her promise to let her try some breast milk directly from the source and Jen said that she would, but she wanted to make sure she was producing enough for MJ first.

Jen still wasn’t in the mood for sex (it was less than a week after she gave birth) but was willing to let Sue examine her pussy closely to see how giving birth had changed it. To be honest, we couldn’t see a real difference but Jen said she could feel it. She allowed Sue to have a few licks to see if Jen tasted the same and for fairness then allowed Mike and me to do the same (but only briefly).

That night, Mike let me sleep with Jen – this was his first night not being in the room with MJ (and my first night being woken up each time Jen needed to feed MJ). Mike had warned Sue that he might not be in a fit state for much due to lack of sleep but once he was in bed with Sue, she spooned against him and gently rubbed her ass against his cock. Mike gave in (or rather his cock did) and he told her that he might be up for spooning properly if she wanted so Sue reached down and told him she would take care of him. She rubbed his cock back and forth against her pussy until the head was sufficiently coated with her juices and then spread her lips and told him to push in to her. Mike took a few strokes to slip inside and told her that (as usual) her pussy felt good. They moved against each other a little bit and Mike told her if he was going to be inside her that he needed to taste her first. Sue said this wasn’t necessary but Mike told her that it wasn’t fair to deny him her juices and he crawled under the covers to eat her. He didn’t reappear until she had cum and he briefly mounted her while they kissed before moving around behind her and spooning with her once more.

Mike gently moved in her again and she challenged him to cum without her knowing. Mike was confident that he could do this but much prefers making whoever he is fucking cum as well. As a compromise, Sue promised him that she would masturbate for him. He couldn’t resist that offer so carried on slowly moving inside Sue and chatting with her. He felt his orgasm slowly build but kept his breathing steady as he came in Sue and only stopped moving a minute or so later and told her he had cum. Sue obviously wanted proof, but that was easy enough to provide as his cum leaked out of her once he pulled out so she kept her promise, knelt with her legs spread and played with herself in front of him. Mike enjoyed the view immensely and caressed Sue’s thighs as her fingers played with her clit and pussy. Naturally, he made her continue until she had another orgasm and by this point he was just about hard enough to spoon with her again as they fell asleep.

By the Wednesday morning I had a better idea of why Mike and Jen were so tired (and I’d had just one night of interrupted sleep) but this didn’t stop me from heading in to Mike’s room and joining him and Sue in their morning session. Mike had enjoyed his relatively unbroken sleep and was in much better form with Sue than he’d been the previous night. I let Sue have his cock and sat over his face to let him eat me. Mike couldn’t see as Sue and I kissed each other but he felt my fingers stroking her clit and said that the mental image of what we were doing helped him cum. As Sue and he came before I did I got to 69 with him and suck his cock clean as he finished me off. We had breakfast with Jen downstairs and she then left MJ with Mike and Sue and went up to shower with me. By the time we returned MJ was looking for more food and we sat around and watched as Jen breast fed her and she tried to explain what the sensation was like.

Before MJ was born we had joked that with Jen’s sensitive nipples that she might end up cumming each time she breast fed MJ (this can apparently happen to some women although isn’t common). Jen certainly enjoyed the sensation (on a physical level as well as the emotional closeness she felt) but told us that the let-down reflex was quite painful (and not in a way she enjoyed), but fortunately she only felt this for a short period of time. Once MJ had finished feeding we talked Jen in to letting us finally have a proper taste of her milk – Jen agreed as long as we didn’t disturb the baby so she was placed in her Moses basket and Jen lay back on the sofa with Mike and I either side of her. The let-down reflex wasn’t as bad (possibly as she had only just been breast feeding) and we both suckled on Jen’s breasts, tasting the milk. Sue switched places with Mike so she could sample the taste and Mike (true to form) knelt between Jen’s legs and buried his tongue in her pussy. She briefly objected but knew that she didn’t stand much of a chance against the three of us and while her sex drive was nothing like it had been during pregnancy (or even before it), she said that she liked the idea of the three of us doing things to her. Sue and I weren’t too greedy with the breast milk, but as we had already started it, more seemed to come out even when we just kissed and licked her breasts. Mike told Jen a number of times how beautiful her pussy felt (she was aware that he was trying to reassure her that it wasn’t ‘ruined’ and she appreciated the thought). Jen told us she was getting close and we carried on licking and kissing her until she came. It was a fairly strong orgasm and Jen arched her back a little and mewed her way through it before relaxing back down on to the sofa and thanking us but warning us that she still didn’t feel like doing that too often.

Mike then proceeded to bend Sue over the side of the sofa and fuck her from behind while Jen reached under her to play with her clit. Sue hadn’t been expecting this but happily received his cock (and Jen’s fingers). Once she had cum he knelt behind her and kitty kissed her and then sent her off to shower. While Sue was gone I got the benefit of his tongue and Mike quickly got me off before washing his mouth out with water and giving MJ a cuddle to apologise for having stolen some of her milk, before heading up to shower himself. I headed up and got dressed with Sue and by the time Mike was ready, we were also ready. Jen said she would catch up with us in a bit but was going to have a little rest first (at least until MJ woke up) so Mike, Sue and I headed out for a wander.

Sue knew that we were heading to the photographers to collect the pregnancy and pussy photos (and the one of Mike’s cock) that we’d had taken (Lisa’s pussy photo wasn’t ready yet, but that had only been taken a short while previously). Sue wasn’t really surprised when we told her that we had scheduled a session for her so that she could join us up on the wall (she is my sister and we have broken her in quite well) and she didn’t object at all to being told to strip off and display herself (once again, my little sister). We got some full body shots taken and the close up of her pussy that we wanted the large print of and I felt that it was a pity to waste the opportunity so we asked for a few more. For these, I stripped off and joined Sue and we had a few shots taken with our pussies pressed together (in a scissor position) and ones of us sitting beside each other reaching across to spread each other’s pussy lips. Sue knew that this wasn’t the place to get any more explicit photos taken but the photographer allowed us to share a deep kiss (while still spreading each other) but they were the final shots of the session.

As we got dressed I told Sue that I could happily frig myself and she agreed. We briefly debated doing this (and could have probably got ourselves off quickly enough that it wouldn’t be too suspicious) but wanted to look at the shots that had been taken. We each had a very brief play with ourselves (just to keep ourselves horny) before heading out of the dressing room to meet up with Mike and the photographer. We chose the shots we wanted and compared the shots of Sue’s pussy to the ones of Jen’s, Lisa’s and mine (so they were comparable) and placed the new order. We should have probably looked at the other print first but we weren’t disappointed when they were brought out. Fortunately they were wrapped in paper before we left as I’m not sure we would have been as warmly welcomed in the café with large pictures of our genitals (although as we had our morning tea and people admired MJ I teased Sue about how arousing it would be to have the pictures of our cunts up and knowing that everyone in the café was examining them. As much as Sue has progressed, I’m still far more of an exhibitionist than her so this idea aroused me significantly more than it did her and by the time we left I felt as if my pussy was as wet as Jen’s had been during her pregnancy (I hadn’t quite matched her, my pussy wasn’t actually dripping but felt not too far off).

The rest of the day was fairly tame – Mike hung the pictures in Jen’s room (following discussion on the appropriate positioning). We ended up deciding on having Lisa, Mike, Me and Jen on one row with Sue, Lis and Lucy below them (so Sue was under Mike, Lis under me and Lucy under Jen). We obviously didn’t have the pictures Lisa or Sue and Lis and Lucy hadn’t agreed to this yet, but we hoped that they would (and even if they didn’t we were quite pleased with the intimacy of what we already had). It was probably a good thing that the pictures hadn’t been up for Mum or Jen’s parent’s visiting and we knew we would have to store them whenever someone visited (unless of course they were one of our special friends) and I loved the idea of Lis and Lucy’s pussy being anonymously on display to any of their friends who came up.

The afternoon was spent quietly and Mike teased Sue a fair bit but claimed he was too tired to do things properly with her. Sue said she understood but the teasing affected her quite a bit. Mike slept with Jen and MJ that night, leaving Sue and I to share his bed. As we got under the covers Sue said that she really needed to cum and I told her to go ahead and that I had been masturbating each night I’d been there alone. I offered her a selection of toys to use but she said she wanted to go au natural and just use her fingers so I told her that was a good choice (as much as I like masturbating with vibes and dildos, fingers are also nice) and said I would join her. We crawled under the covers and got to work with Sue complaining that Mike had teased her and not got her off. Our legs bumped together as we spread them to give ourselves better access to our cunts and we ended up lying with my leg over Sue’s. Nature took its course and we moved closer together – I leant over and kissed Sue and then lowered my head to her closest nipple. We rolled over to face each other and kissed properly, pressing our breasts together. I felt Sue push her hand between my legs so I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and pushed them between Sue’s legs, rubbed her cunt and then slid then inside her.


  1. Oh, the cursed cliffhanger!! Now I'm all hard and nowhere to go! ;)

    Please keep them cumming! I read them all, and wish I was Mike every time I do!!

    1. Well you'll find out tomorrow how far we went this time...