Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lis and Lucy July 2014 Visit – Part 1

In early July, Lisa came back up to spend the summer with us. Mike went to collect her from the airport and they kissed and fondled each other a bit in the car on the way back. She was really happy to see Mike again and after she had met MJ and had a bit of a cuddle with her, they disappeared in to Mike’s bedroom for three hours when they got back to the house. Jen and I heard some pretty energetic things going on and we knew Lisa came at least three times (it was actually four – she had just been relatively quiet that time). When they emerged, she just had a pair of long blue socks on and her pussy looked quite pink. Lisa got to cuddle MJ again but learned that it isn’t a good idea to present uncovered breasts to a baby as MJ started to nuzzle at her nipple and tried to feed (I’d already learned this lesson). Jen took MJ and gave her a snack before passing her back to Lisa to cuddle again and Lisa was told that as a part of our family it was also up to her to help look after MJ. Lisa actually helped out a lot over the next few days and it made things even easier (having four people to take care of MJ meant that nobody had to do anything too many times – although we all fought over who got to cuddle her!).

Lis and Lucy were due to visit on the first weekend in July and they asked if we wanted them (given Lisa was there) but we told them that if they avoided us while Lisa was around then we might never get to see them. Lisa promised once more to keep the secret of Lis and Lucy sleeping with us (not that Lis would have really minded people knowing but Lucy still wanted to keep her sluttiness a secret). Things were a little subdued when they arrived but MJ was more than enough to break the ice and there was the prerequisite amount of cooing and cuddling that you would expect from a pair of girls who are considering getting pregnant. We also had the usual wedding preparation conversations and heard about the latest set of disasters (there wasn’t actually anything major and they had most things under control). I started to gently caress Lis as the evening went on and ended up with my hand between her legs, gently toying with her pussy. She asked if we should go upstairs to play but Mike pulled Lisa to him and slid a hand right up her dress to her breasts and said that there wasn’t any need as we were all friends. Now Lis and Lucy have seen Lisa cum a number of times during their visits to Lucy’s (and Jen’s) old Uni, but that was always as a part of the wider ‘games’ so Lisa was still a bit nervous. I whispered to Lis to spread her legs and made a show of rubbing her pussy and sucking her juices from my fingers. Mike demonstrated that Lis wasn’t the only one without panties on and once he freed his cock he got Lisa to sit on it and asked Lis if she would like a quick taste.

Lis and Lucy had discussed and agreed that they would do things with Lisa so Lis crawled over to Mike and gently ran her fingers up and down his cock and over Lisa’s lips. Mike whispered to Lisa that she was about to get a treat and we all watched as Lis leant forwards and her mouth made contact with Lisa’s pussy. Mike asked Lisa if Lis was fluttering her tongue over her clit and Lisa nodded so he started gently moving inside her and then got her to raise her arms so he could lift her dress off and leave her naked. I knelt behind Lis and lifted her skirt so I could play with her but then sat back down again and took MJ so that Jen could have a play with Lucy. Jen was soon between Lucy’s legs lapping away at her and Mike lifted Lisa off of his cock and sat him on his lap with his cock pressed up between her ass cheeks to allow Lis to have proper access to Lisa’s pussy. Lis made good use of this and Mike teased Lisa’s breasts as well as kissing her, telling her that he wanted to feel her cum. He felt Lisa shudder and figured that this was when Lis’ tongue flicked over her ass. As Lisa got closer to cumming, Mike whispered to her about how he would spoon with her that night, fill her with his cock and feel her cumming around him. He gently bit her neck and shoulder while pulling her against his body. He told her to spread her legs as wide as she could and I watched with a tiny twinge of jealousy as Lis licked away, pushing Lisa towards her orgasm. Mike had been teasing her throughout the day to prepare her and make her more receptive to either Lis or Lucy doing things with her and it paid off. Lisa grabbed Mike’s hands as she came and it looked like quite a powerful orgasm – Lis lapped away through it and then slowly eased off, switching to kitty kissing Lisa. After a few minutes, Mike lifted Lisa up again, feeing his cock and he sat her down on his stomach so his cock was pointing up in front of her. Lis didn’t hesitate and took the head in her mouth and sucked him. Mike loved the way her tongue flicked back and forth across his glans and he had to tell her to stop when he got too close to cumming.

When Lis moved back up beside me, Lisa planted herself back on his cock and rested back against him. He whispered to her that all of his cum belonged to her that night and they turned their attention to Lucy and Jen, who by this time had switched places and Lucy was stroking and licking Jen. I handed MJ to Lis and moved on to the floor behind Lucy, lifted her skirt and gave Mike and Lisa a good view as I stroked and spread her. Mike said he felt sorry for me and got Lisa to climb off of him so he could kneel behind me and slide in to me. He teased me for a few minutes and then took MJ so Lisa could repay Lis for her earlier orgasm (we don’t do things with someone if they are holding MJ). Lisa happily buried her face between Lis’ legs and ate her and Lis pulled her top off and asked Lisa to suck on her nipples for a little while before getting her to go back to licking her and finish her off. Mike and I were now the only one of us who hadn’t cum and I would have happily let him eat me, but wanted to save my first orgasm (of the evening) for later on with Lis. After a quick visit to Jen’s room so everyone could see the large prints of our genitals (Lis and Lucy had seen them via Skype, but not in person). We had told them that we wanted their pussies to be a part of the display as they (Lis and Lucy, not their pussies) meant so much to us and were more than just friends). Lucy was still a little unsure about this, but had allowed us to make the appointment and on seeing the pictures, liked the idea of being up there with the rest of us (and Lisa and Sue).

Mike and Lisa headed off to bed (in Jen’s bedroom as they were looking after MJ that night), leaving me with Lis and Lucy with Jen. Once MJ was down in her crib, Mike spooned with Lisa, holding her tightly against him as promised and they gently fucked. He got her to describe how it had felt with Lis eating her and he stroked her clit until she came but remained inside her and slowly moved as they chatted until she was ready to go again. During this conversation he told Lisa that if she didn’t want him to, he would refrain from doing anything with Lis or Lucy during this visit to let her get used to things. She knew full well how much he loves fucking ‘his little lesbian’ and he had been conditioning her with videos and pictures of Pavlina (Lucy’s porn star lookalike). Lisa was also well aware of how much Mike wanted to fuck Lucy (we didn’t hide anything from Lisa – apart from the existence of this blog) and she knew the way Lucy had been teasing him and allowing him to do certain things with her. Lisa said that she knew what he (and we) were like when she started dating him so she didn’t mind and he assured her that while he certainly loved Lis and Lucy, it wasn’t the same as the way he loved her (and Jen and me). They started their second session (just spooning again as they had to be quiet and not wake MJ) and Mike buried his cock as deep inside Lisa as he could. Lisa asked if he was going to pretend to be getting Lis pregnant again and he said that he probably would as she was so broody, but that Lisa didn’t have to worry as he would effectively just be donating sperm (albeit directly) to whichever one of them was going to have a baby but in Lisa (and my) case, he would be making a baby with us. Lisa seemed surprised that Mike was talking about getting her pregnant and he teased her about this saying that as long as she stayed around until she finished Uni and didn’t run off with anyone else, he fully intended to pump so much cum in to her that she would have twins (we’re fairly confident it works that way!). Lisa was well aware that Lis wasn’t the only one who had been getting broody (despite Mike actually having a child) and she played on this, grinding herself back against him and telling that she couldn’t wait until she could stop taking the pill and take his cum properly in to her womb and get pregnant. Mike told her she was a little minx for teasing him and that he intended to stay buried in her until she fell asleep. Before that though there was the little matter of making her cum again, but he already knew her more than well enough to know how to stroke and stimulate her. He drew her orgasm out for a fair while, keeping her close but not letting her cum until he was also ready, at which point he applied a bit more pressure to her clit, hugged her closer to him and told her he was going to fill her with cum. Lisa ground her ass back against him and told him to keep cumming in her until she was full (if only he had the ability to do that!). As promised, he remained inside her until she fell asleep (although he was mostly soft by this point). He got to spoon Lisa to sleep again after MJ’s night time feed and on the Saturday morning he started to eat her awake but they were interrupted by the baby waking up.

Jen’s night with Lucy only involved cuddling and a little kissing (Jen’s sex drive was still very subdued). In the morning, Jen spent quite a while playing with Lucy’s breasts as they chatted but when Jen heard MJ wake up, she abandoned Lucy to go feed the baby. Fortunately, as Lisa was in the middle of being eaten, it was easy to convince her to go and get to know Lucy better and as Mike sat with Jen and MJ, Lisa and Lucy had their first session together. We don’t know the details well enough to write about here, but we do know that they humped, fingered and 69ed with each other and Lisa told Mike afterwards that she understood how Lucy’s teasing was driving him crazy.

My night with Lis was quite straightforward – we slept on duvets on the floor in the living room, mostly humped against each other for our first orgasm and then cleaned up each other’s pussies orally. Later on, I pinned Lis down under me and tickled her until she said she was about to pee. I then planted my mouth on her pussy and ate her much more vigorously than I’d done before, spreading her lips wide and thrusting my tongue in to her. We had our usual cuddle and conversation about missing being with each other before falling asleep and in the morning I ate her awake but paid a lot more attention to her ass than usual. As we spooned and waited for the others to come downstairs we discussed her upcoming monthly cum-dump from Mike and whether seeing MJ had made her even broodier (it had). I told her that I knew about the conversations with Mike where she might ‘accidentally’ get her calculations wrong and sleep with him outside of her safe period and while she really loved that idea, she didn’t think that deceiving Lucy in this way would actually be a good way to start their married life.

We spent a lot of the morning playing with MJ (not that you can do much with a baby that’s only a couple of weeks old, but she still managed to keep us enthralled). After lunch, we headed down to the photographer and Mike went for a coffee with MJ (she had milk) as while she wouldn’t have known what was going on, the photographer might have thought it somewhat inappropriate for a baby to be present. Lucy was still a bit nervous about things, but we assured her the whole way down that the photographer was very professional and she was now used to us being naked as Jen and I had already been photographer and then Sue and Lisa at separate sessions as well. I joined them in the changing room and after helping Lis out of her clothes I knelt and had a quick lick at Lucy’s pussy as she stood up against the wall. I told Lucy she could either go out and get the photos taken or stay with me and I would make her cum so many times that she wouldn’t be able to stay quiet and the photographer would know what we were up to. She opted for the photos (but reserved the right to let me make her cum later on) and I gave her a brief fingering before we headed out to the studio. Lis was quiet excited at the prospect and Lucy settled in to it quite quickly, posing for a number of shots with Lis, some solo ones and spreading herself for the pussy shots. She even posed for a couple of shots with her fingers in her pussy and posed as if she was stroking her clit (which looked incredibly hot). Lis did the same and there were some incredibly hot shots, but my favourite was one with Lis half lying with her upper body raised (supporting herself with her hands behind her) and her legs slightly spread with one drawn up slightly. Lucy was standing right over Lis’ head with her legs spread and Lis was looking up at Lucy’s pussy with a cute and sexy look of longing on her face.

We also managed to convince Jen to strip off so we could get a few shots with all of us together. Jen was understandably nervous about this as she wasn’t at all confident in the way her body looked after being pregnant and giving birth but she knows we all think she is still incredibly sexy and we managed to convince her. Jen, Lisa and I didn’t bother using the changing room and just disrobed in the studio before posing with Lis and Lucy. I even managed to talk Jen in to having another close-up of her pussy taken. Jen still thought that it was all stretched out of shape so getting her to agree to this this took a number of promises from me around the area of watersports (once her sex drive returned). She went through with it though and sat down, spread her legs and let the photographer snap away.

We all got dressed and I gave Mike a call so he could come and review the shots with us. He thought they were incredible and we went a bit overboard with the number we ordered. Just as we’d done before, we compared the pussy shots to the ones we’d got previously (including those of Lisa and Sue) and selected ones that best matched in size. We ordered the same large prints for the pussy shots and Mike insisted on getting one of Jen’s post-birth pussy as he said it looked every bit as beautiful to him as it did before (meaning there was no real noticeable difference). He actually called the photographer later on and changed the order of Jen’s pussy to be an even larger one – partially as he wanted to help convince Jen that he still thought she looked sexy and partially as that shot was of the pussy that had given us MJ, so it was even nicer than the pre-birth pussy. As we stood looking at the shots on the computer, Mike manage to slide a hand under Jen’s skirt and slip a couple of fingers in to her pussy. I didn’t notice this at the time but Lis did and ran a hand over Jen’s ass to help out. Jen couldn’t move much without drawing attention to herself (and the photographer possibly noticing) so she had to put up with them caressing and fingering her, but it was only for a brief time so she wasn’t in any danger of cumming.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 5

This will be the last part of fantasy I'll post for now and will go back to normal postings (I've got about three  more fantasy posts written up but I'll save them for when I'm short on time to write).
Fiona told me to beg someone else to fuck me but I refused. This was a mistake as she produced a hairbrush and told the guys how I loved masturbating with them. I tried to say that this wasn’t the case and she was the one who had done it to me. The guys liked the idea of watching that even more and told Fiona to fuck me with it, which she did. After pumping it in me for a while she withdrew it and ran the handle back and forth against my clit so I could feel each of the small bumps as it rubbed against me. I let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ and Fiona told me to beg someone to fuck her or she would keep fucking me with the brush until I came so much I would pass out. I knew I could probably cope with her fucking me with the brush, but using it on my clit felt way too intense and I had to do something to get her to stop so I squeaked out a tiny ‘please fuck me’. Of course, this wasn’t considered loud enough so I had to repeat it a few times until I was clearly asking for someone to fuck me. Someone obliged and thrust in to me. Fiona told him to play with my clit and he did, causing me to gasp repeatedly with the intensity of the feelings. He came fairly quickly though and was replaced by another guy who got me to kneel on all fours and took me from behind. Once again Fiona told him to play with my clit and as he did this, others reached under me to my swinging breasts and played with my nipples. I was rapidly losing the battle and began to thrust back against him as my second orgasm built. Fiona seemed quite excited that I was cumming again and she told the guy to keep going and slapped me on the ass. He fucked me through my orgasm and I half collapsed on to the bed, but he firmly held on to my hips and kept my ass in the air until he told me he was nearly there and then started to pump his cum in to me. I now had so much in me, it leaked out around his cock and dripped down my legs, but he kept going and when he pulled out another load oozed out of me.

The guys liked the position I was in and I was handed from one to another as three more of them took turns fucking me. My legs were drenched with cum and my nipples were tender from being continually fondled and groped for so long. Even Fiona and Tracey seemed to realise I needed a break and they told the last few guys to wait while I caught my breath and had a drink. I wasn’t given long, but it was enough to recover slightly and I was then pushed on to my back and mounted by another guy who said he’d waited long enough and rapidly pumped in to my pussy and came. Two guys sucked on my nipples as the next guy fucked me and by the time everyone had taken a turn Fiona pointed out that I now had thirteen guys; worth of cum in me. As everyone had had a chance to play with my breasts, Fiona said we may as well go straight on to the second round and I had cocks thrust in to my mouth and rubbed over my body. One of the people who had fucked me early on pushed back in to my pussy and pumped away but this time when he came, he pulled out and shot his load over my body. The guy fucking my mouth sort of did the same, cumming over my face but pushing back in to my mouth to finish off and Tracey took my hands and guided them to some of the cocks rubbing against me and told me to stroke them. Between each cock I had in my mouth I was told to ask for more and this time I did as I was told. Fiona rubbed the cum over my body and face and I was told to ask the guys who fucked me to let me suck them clean. Only eleven of the guys did things with me this time as it was too soon after the last two had cum to cum again, but I was made to give them a good suck and they wiped their cocks over my face and breasts.

As I lay panting and covered in cum, Fiona asked if they wanted to see me cum one last time. I was exhausted and said I couldn’t, but they were very insistent and between the handle of the hairbrush in me and their fingers on my clit and nips I couldn’t hold back. It was a very sharp orgasm that almost hurt – not that this stopped them – and by the time they finished I was having trouble staying awake. Tracey knelt down beside me and thanked me for taking care of her boyfriend. She pointed out that he would probably need some ‘help’ again and if I was seeing him that it would be unfair to leave everyone else out so I had to tell them that I wanted them to all fuck me again sometime and that they could use me whenever I wanted. I barely knew what I was saying and just repeated everything Tracey told me to say before drifting off in to a deep sleep.

I woke up an hour or so later and found that the guys had all left and there was no sign of Tracey or Fiona. I couldn’t find my clothes so grabbed one of Tracey’s t-shirts from a drawer, pulled it on and slowly wandered out of the room to where I could hear voices. I made my way towards the back garden and listened to Fiona telling someone what I had been doing that morning. I heard Jo’s voice and was about to turn and look for my clothes so I could escape when Tracey walked in from the garden and saw me standing there. She called the others and I was summoned out in to the garden where the whole group of Tracey’s friends were sitting around in their bikinis. They said I was overdressed and I had the t-shirt pulled off (with Tracey saying I had to get it cleaned and returned to her) and I was made to stand in the middle of the group so they could admire the mess the guys had made of me. A few of the girls had a closer look at my pussy and complimented Tracey on the job she’d done. Most of the cum had leaked out of me by this point but the occasional bit still dripped from my pussy and I was made to repeatedly finger myself and then suck my fingers clean.

I was allowed to have something to eat and drink ‘to keep my energy levels up’ and I asked what else was going to happen. The next hour was mostly verbal abuse with the girls telling me how much of a slut I was and how the ones who hadn’t slept with their boyfriend’s yet were going to let them use me the way Tracey’s boyfriend had. Tracey played back a recording of me begging the team to fuck me again and I was told to masturbate for everyone to get me ready for my next set of visitors. I really didn’t want to, but was warned that I knew what would happen if I refused to do what I was told so I lay back and started to touch myself. This was nowhere near enough of a show for everyone though and I was handed a banana and told to fuck myself with it. As I’d never used anything to masturbate with I wasn’t really sure what to do but Jo took hold of it and pushed it in to my pussy (I still had more than enough cum in me to act as lube). I yelped as it felt cold but everyone just laughed and told me to fuck myself with it. I gingerly started moving the banana in and out as they all watched until Sarah said ‘wow, she really doesn’t know how to masturbate’ and told me to rub my clit as well. Even with the small amount of experience I had, I knew that this would feel a lot better but I was trying to find a way to not cum in front of Tracey and Fiona’s girlfriends. Jo grabbed my other hand though and rubbed my fingers back and forth over my clit and Fiona warned me that I’d better put on a good show ‘or else’. I stupidly asked what else there was that they could do to me and Fiona replied by saying she still had a few good ideas, but it would spoil the surprise if she told me. I decided to play it safe and told her I would do as I was told, lay back on the grass and gently stroked my clit while using the banana as a dildo. This got a round of applause and Fiona invited people to come closer and feel how the cum had dried to a sticky mess on my body. The girls all giggled as they gently touched me and a few of them stroked my nipples which had already stiffened up again.

A few of them looked closely at my pussy and Fiona spread my lips to give them a better view. My fingers picked up speed and I applied a bit more pressure to my clit. They picked up on the change in my breathing and all laughed about the fact I was going to cum for them, but just a little bit before my orgasm hit me, Fiona grabbed the hand holding the banana and placed her hand over the hand I was frigging myself with and said that maybe I should wait until the others arrived so more people could watch. She pulled the banana out of me and I whined. Jo said to Fiona that she was being mean and there was no reason I couldn’t do it again later for everyone. This seemed like a good compromise to her and she released my hands and told me I could do whatever I wanted – by this point I was too close to cumming to want to stop and pushed the banana straight back in to my pussy and resumed fucking and frigging myself. I knew that they were teasing me for not being able to control myself, but no longer cared and worked the banana deeper in to my pussy until it felt really good. I stroked my clit the way I’d done in bed and as I started to cum, images of the guys who’d fucked me that morning flashed through my head. I murmured ‘fuck me’ over and over until my orgasm started to fade and I relaxed back on to the grass. When I opened my eyes, everyone was silently watching me and breathing deeply and I immediately went a deep shade of red and tried to cover myself (rather pointlessly).

As a reward, I was given some wine to drink – although ‘drink’ wasn’t really the correct term as I had to remain lying down and it was poured in to my mouth. Mostly anyway – a fair bit went over my face and they poured some over my breasts and rubbed it over them. At this point I felt very satisfied and knew I was beginning to accept what was happening. The doorbell rang and Tracey dashed up to answer it, returning with a group of boys from our class. I once again tried to cover myself up but Fiona whispered in my ear and told me what she wanted me to do. I didn’t argue this time, knelt up as instructed and told the guys that I wanted them to fuck me. I started to pull at the trousers of the nearest guy who made a comment about me seeming much keener than before but stopped talking as I freed his cock and took it in my mouth. Jo told them that they had trained me and I was now their willing sex slave. I didn’t say anything and carried on sucking until the guy said he was getting close to cumming and he was told to go ahead and he could always fuck me later on if he wanted. He grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as he shot his cum in to my mouth. It tasted quite bitter so I didn’t swallow it and when he pulled his cock out I let it just drip out of my mouth and down over my breasts.

I told the other guys I wanted them to cum in me and knelt on all fours, allowing one of them to take me from behind while another pushed his cock in to my mouth. I thrust back against the cock in my pussy and tried my best to swirl my tongue around the head of the cock I was sucking and was pleased when a couple of the other guys knelt beside me and reached under to play with my breasts. I could feel my body responding already and pushed back even harder. When the cock in my mouth started pumping cum into me I kept my mouth wrapped around his cock and drank it, then concentrated on the cock in my pussy. Unfortunately he came before I did, but I still had more guys to take care of and Tracey instructed me to lie up on the bench to make it easy for people to get at me and for others to watch me. I was pulled to the edge of the bench so my head was hanging down and had a new cock thrust in to my mouth. Another guy pushed in to my pussy but I couldn’t see who it was due to the position I was in. My hands were then guided to guys standing on either side of me and I was told to stroke them and rub their cocks against my breasts. I tried to hump against the cock fucking me, but couldn’t move much in this position. Fortunately Sarah decided she wanted to help out and reached over to stroke my clit (and catch a feel of the cock fucking me). I moaned around the cock I was sucking and was told that it felt amazing. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came again and concentrated on everything happening to me to try to heighten my orgasm.  The guy in my mouth pulled out and came over my face, saying I looked much sexier when I was covered in cum and a minute or so later the guy in my pussy said he was getting close. Sarah told him to cum over me and when he pulled out, she took hold of his cock and stroked him until thick jets of cum sprayed up over my body.

I still hadn’t cum, but also still had a cock in each hand and asked the guys to fuck me. They were more than happy to oblige and once one of them was inside me, I had a free hand to play with my clit. I was very close by this point but was told to wait until the last guy was inside me until I came. I didn’t really listen and tried to get myself off but Tracey grabbed my hand and told me more firmly to wait. I was told I was just a horny little slut and as punishment, I wasn’t allowed to cum (although of course both of the guys were allowed to finish off inside me). I was then pulled down on to the grass and Tracey said it was time for the next stage where people got to play with me but was givena chance to have a drink first as it was quite a hot day.

I wasn’t sure what she meant as I’d been ‘played with’ quite a bit already, but a couple of the girls had brought hairbrushes to use on me and one had swiped her older sister’s vibe. I had brush after brush plunged in to my pussy and was made to suck some of the handles clean. I’d calmed down a bit while having a drink, but was slowly building up towards cumming when Fiona said she had a much better way of punishing me and told everyone not to let me cum for a little while. She had decided that she didn’t want her boyfriend fucking me anymore so he’d had to sit around and watch as the other guys enjoyed themselves with me, but Fiona dragged him in to Tracey’s summerhouse and emerged a couple of minutes later, cupping her pussy with her hand. A few of the girls said that they knew what she had been up to, but Fiona told them to just wait and she stood over my face and then crouched down. I watched as she moved her hand away and I had a close up view of her (also shaved) pussy. Cum slowly dripped out of her on to my face and Fiona told the girls to use the vibe on me. They pressed it against my clit and I’d never felt anything like that before – it might have been due to me being close to cumming for a while, but it was such a wonderful sensation that I couldn’t help from pressing back against it and arching my back. I felt a finger enter my pussy and then a second one and I let out a long moan. I started panting and as I came I thrust my head back and moaned much louder. As I did this, Fiona reached down and spread her lips, allowing her boyfriend’s cum to leak out much more readily, with a good amount of it dripping in to my open mouth. I really didn’t care as I was having one of the best orgasms of my (short) sexual life and swallowed everything Fiona gave me. As was becoming the norm, only when I finished cumming did I realise what I’d just let people watch me do.

As I regained my composure, I blushed and people commented on how I was now a little lesbian slut. The shaming hadn’t stopped though as when I said I needed to go in and pee, I was told I wasn’t allowed any privacy and that I had to go and crouch at the side of the garden to do it. (You can all probably guess who wanted me to develop this part of the fantasy!). I found the idea of peeing in front of my school ‘friends’ to be just as embarrassing as everything else they had done to me up until that point but I really needed to do and moved as far away from them as possible before crouching down. I still had cum running down my body and out of my pussy and was just about to start when Jo said I shouldn’t have to crouch at the side of the garden. I knew that she probably wasn’t about to be nice to me and let me go indoors so wasn’t overly surprised when I was told to lie down at the edge of the lawn and spread my legs. I pleaded with them tonto make me do this, but one of the guys sat beside me and pressed on my bladder while someone else said that I must really need to pee after everything I’d drunk. Someone sat on the other side of me and spread my lips and the teasing continued until I couldn’t hold back any longer. At first I just let out a little squirt (which got a round of laughter, but then it started properly and a long arc of pee sprayed out for everyone to see. I couldn’t stop and kept going until my bladder was empty and the jet petered out, but was told to empty myself properly so squeezed a few more, smaller, arcs of pee out before people had a closer look at my exposed pussy.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 4

It was obvious to everyone that I was more than wet enough to fuck and the guy briefly rubbed his cock against my pussy and then pushed in to me. As he fucked me, the guy kept saying he wanted to see me cum and from the way I was feeling, I knew he was likely to get what he wanted. Even though it was obvious I was turned on, Jo and Fiona didn’t want to take any chances and decided to help my orgasm along, each reaching up and fondling one of my breasts. I involuntarily arched my body up against their hands, to which Jo just said that I really was just a horny little cumslut and deserved to be fucked all day. At this point, that actually sounded quite appealing and I was thrusting my hips back against the invading cock. Jo slid her hand down my leg and used her fingers to spread my pussy lips, telling the guy to get as deep in to me as he could and fill me with cum. My orgasm was rapidly building when Tracey said that some people were coming – I tried to close my legs and push the guy out of me but Jo took hold of the leg she’d been holding again and forced them open. The guy slowed his movements in me, but stayed inside me until he saw that the people Tracey had been talking about were his friends who had been hunting for me in order to use me.

The guy started pumping away inside me again and Jo slid her hand back to my pussy, but this time she placed two fingers around my clit and rapidly rubbed up and down. I started to cum almost immediately and couldn’t stop myself from moaning as I did so. I didn’t care that I had an audience until my orgasm started to fade and I felt the guy pumping away rapidly inside me. It was clear that he was about to cum and I tried to tell him to pull out, but I was still short of breath from cumming. He kept pumping in me as he came and some of his cum squirted out around his cock. Fiona was still fondling one of my breasts and I looked over at the people who had just turned up. One of them already had his cock out and was stroking it so it was clear I wasn’t going to get any help from them and indeed as soon as the guy inside me pulled out, the other guy pushed in to me and said he wanted to see if I still felt as good as he remembered.

My pussy was still feeling quite sensitive and having a new cock thrusting energetically in to me felt very intense. This was made worse by Jo putting her fingers back on my clit and rubbing me again. I moaned loudly that it was too intense and even Fiona said it wasn’t fair as I’d just cum but Jo gave her a big grin and asked if she wanted to find out if I could cum again. I repeatedly gasped no but Fiona thought this was a good idea and Jo carried on anyway. The second guy came in me and Jo used some of his cum to smear over my pussy and as the third guy fucked me I felt another orgasm start to build. The bell rang and the guys who had cum left, but the one fucking me said he would finish off and Fiona suggested to the last guy that he didn’t have time to fuck me, but if he way quick he could at least get a blow job out of me. My mouth was already wide open as I was getting close to cumming and he thrust his cock in to it. As I wrapped my lips around it I started to cum and he seemed to enjoy the sensation of me moaning around his cock. Jo frigged me the whole way through my orgasm and as my hips thrust against my third cock of lunch break he moaned and emptied himself in to me. The guy fucking my mouth sped up his movements and I felt multiple squirts of cum shoot in to my mouth. I gagged on it and when he pulled out I sat up to cough and Fiona told me to spit the cum out. I did this and she caught it in her hand but immediately rubbed it in to my pussy and then up over my stomach and over my breasts.

The second bell went and Fiona finished off my pushing me back down on to the bench, giving my tender pussy an energetic fingering and then tossing my clothes on to my body and telling me not to be late for class. I searched for my panties to use to wipe myself off with and Fiona asked ‘Are you looking for these?’ as she twirled my panties around one of her fingers. I begged her to give them back but she wandered off to class and I saw her throw them in to a bin. I tried to put my bra on over my sticky breasts and then pulled my blouse on. I pulled my tights up and slipped on my skirt but my pussy as so wet with cum that it felt like it was dripping out through my tights. I dashed back to class, crept in and sat at the back, feeling cum leak out of me throughout the lesson. I’d been careful not to sit on my skirt to stop it from getting wet but it was only when I stood up I realised how much liquid had leaked out as my whole ass was soaked and there was a puddle of cum on the chair.

I didn’t bother cleaning it up and quickly left the room as I had a free period next so just dashed out of the room and ran until I got home. I was home before anyone else so peeled off my blouse and skirt and climbed in to bed just wearing my bra and panties, curled up into a ball and quickly fell asleep. Mum woke me up when she got in and asked if I was okay and I told her I was just tired. Once she had left I climbed out of bed and peeled my tights off me. I desperately needed another shower, but felt so tired I couldn’t be bothered and just climbed back into bed. For the third night in a row, my dreams were about me being repeatedly fucked and I woke up horny and touching myself a few times, but I didn’t masturbate. I woke up late on the Saturday morning to the sound of Mum calling up and saying my friends were here to see me. I was still groggy and didn’t realise what was happening until I heard a number of people coming upstairs and Fiona and Tracey barged in to my room.

I pulled the covers up around me but between them they easily wrestled them off of me and said they had a fun day planned for us. When they saw my body was still stained with cum they teased me and said I must have stayed like that as I love the feeling of cum on me so much. Fiona pushed a hand between my legs to see how sticky my pussy was and when she withdrew her fingers they were coated in slime. She wiped her fingers on one of my nipples but then went back to playing with my pussy as Tracey looked through my wardrobe and picked out a selection of clothes for me. I tried to push Fiona away but she warned me to be quiet or my Mum would hear (she had figured out I didn’t want anyone outside of school to know what had been happening). I started squirming around on the bed as her fingers played with my clit and she called Tracey over to watch. I was told to spread my legs and they discussed how the view would soon be so much better. I didn’t understand what they meant but Tracey added a finger to my pussy and as they both fingered me I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came and I put the pillow over my face to muffle any sounds I might make. I don’t know if it was due to not having relieved myself during the night, but my orgasm was incredibly powerful and I ended up grabbing Fiona’s arm and pushing her fingers all the way inside my pussy. I bit in to the pillow as my whole body shook and when my orgasm faded, they pulled the pillow away and told me they couldn’t believe I’d cum that hard with just their fingers and asked if I was actually a lesbian. All I managed to squeak out was ‘I couldn’t help it’ and eventually Tracey threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed. I told her I needed to shower but she said there wasn’t any need and that they would take care of me so I slowly pulled on the outfit she had selected and we headed downstairs.

I was very nervous about what they were going to say to my Mum but they just told her we were going shopping and would probably spend the whole day out. Mum asked if I wanted anything to eat first (and offered Fiona and Tracey some food) and they said it would probably be a good idea to eat to make sure we had enough energy for the day ahead. I was teased further over breakfast and every time Mum turned her back or left the room, Fiona slid her foot up my leg and pushed it against my crotch. I was acutely aware of the cum covering my body and the sticky mess between my legs and wanted to get away as quickly as possible so I wolfed down breakfast and said to Mum that we had to go. She told me to have a good time and gave me a goodbye kiss, at which point I wondered if she would be able to taste any of the cum from the day before that was on my face.

Once we were outside, Tracey took one of my arms and Fiona took the other. We briskly walked to Tracey’s house and Fiona told me that I was going to enjoy myself today. I apologised again for even looking at her boyfriend and she said it wasn’t about that anymore – they had just seen how much I had been enjoying myself and wanted to ‘help’ me some more. Naturally I tried to correct them but they pointed out how they had made me cum less than an hour ago and then as we walked the rest of the way they tried to count up the number of times they had seen me cum, let alone what had happened in the changing rooms when they hadn’t been there. I was thoroughly ashamed by the time we arrived at Tracey’s house, but all the reminders of the number of times I’d been fucked and had cum was having an effect on my pussy and I could feel a light tingling of arousal.

When we got indoors, we went straight up to Tracey’s room and I was relieved to see that there weren’t any guys waiting to fuck me. There were some items wrapped in a towel on the bed and Tracey told Fiona to prepare me while she got some stuff. I stood there as Fiona pulled my skirt and panties down and then got me to remove my shoes. She told me that they had decided that even when my legs were spread, my pubic hair hid too much and that people wanted to see ‘the real me’. Even though I’d never shaved my pussy, I knew what she was getting at and told her I didn’t want to get cut. She told me they would be careful and to trust them (which of course, I didn’t) and pushed me down on to the towel. Fiona pulled my legs apart and told me to sit still, picked up a small pair of scissors and started snipping away at my pubes. I was quite nervous about having a pair of scissors so close to my pussy, but was distracted by Tracey returning with a bowl of hot water and telling Fiona to cut the hair as short as she could as we didn’t have much time left. I nearly asked what was going to happen, but decided I might be better off not knowing and just concentrated on remaining still as Fiona finished snipping and Tracey put a hot flannel on my pussy, lathered me up and then knelt down between my legs to shave me. I tensed up a little each time the razor touched me, but it soon became clear that Tracey was quite skilled at this and I asked if she did it to herself as well. This led to more teasing about me wanting to know what her pussy looked like and I tried to explain that this wasn’t what I’d meant, but they wouldn’t listen. Fiona helped to stretch bits of skin as Tracey shaved me and they both ran their fingers over the whole area to check for any hairs they had missed before giving me a final wipe and telling me to go shower and get ready.

It felt good to get cleaned up and as Iran my hands over my newly shaved pussy I had a quick explore to see how it felt. This was cut short by me being summoned out of the shower and I was quickly towelled down and they even dried my hair for me and then tied it back in a pigtail. While I knew that I was there for *something* to be done to me, I began to relax until Tracey said that it was about time and that they should finish getting ready. Unable to contain my curiosity any longer, I asked what was about to happen and was just told to wait and see. I had to lie down on the bed and started getting nervous when I had a blindfold put over my eyes and even more so when someone grabbed my hands and tied them to the bed. I felt my legs being pulled apart and something tied to my ankles to keep them spread and was then left alone in the room. I tried pulling on my restraints but couldn’t get free and a couple of minutes later I heard the doorbell ring and a number of voices, followed by people coming upstairs. I heard them enter Tracey’s room and there were general murmurs of appreciation as well as specific comments about my breasts and pussy. These were quickly followed by multiple hands roaming over my body and I tried pulling at my restraints again, but still to no avail.

Fingers started probing my pussy and I felt my lips being spread and people were told to examine me and get a good image of what I looked like ‘before’. I was quite sure what was going to happen to get me to the ‘after’ state and asked to be spared, but Tracey pulled of my blindfold and introduced her to her (older) boyfriend and his football team. They were all rather well built and I felt a slight thrill go through my body at the thought of having them fuck me, but I quickly repressed it out of embarrassment. She leant over and whispered to me that she wasn’t ready to let him fuck her yet and that I would be doing her a big favour by letting him release some of his lust on me – and that she had invited the rest of the team just for good measure. I watched as she undid his trousers, pulled out his already hard cock, gave it a few strokes and told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted.

He started off my pushing his cock in to my mouth and as he did this a couple of other people fingered me some more (saying they wanted to do this before I got too messy). Tracey’s boyfriend pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while using one hand to play with my nipples. I couldn’t help but think about what was about to happen and wondered how many times I would cum in front of everyone. I felt myself blush and this was noticed, but the guys seemed to take it as a sign of me being turned on and said that it looked like I was ready to move on to the next stage. My pussy had already started to get quite a bit wetter and as Tracey’s boyfriend climbed on top of me, she undid the ropes holding my arms and legs but before I could do anything, two guys took a leg each and made sure I kept them spread wide apart. I felt the cock press in to my pussy and after a handful of strokes he was buried all the way inside me. He said I felt tight and Fiona laughed, saying after all the cock I’d taken that I really shouldn’t be. He pumped away inside me and it felt nice but I could tell I wasn’t going to cum and I wondered if I could make it through the whole team without cumming. He sucked on my nipples, pulling each breast in turn up in the air as he did so and a couple of the guys took turns reaching down to the other breasts to roughly fondle it. I still wasn’t getting that close to cumming, but things were definitely feeling better and I wasn’t so sure I could hold back for the whole session, but things soon interrupted when he said he was about to cum and everyone chanted at him to cum in me. I tried to protest with a quick ‘No, not in me’, but was ignored and he thrust in to me a few more times while sighing.

When he pulled out my lips were spread again and Tracey reached a couple of fingers up in to me to help the cum to dribble out. She smeared this over my pussy and clit and was going to rub it over my breasts and make me suck her fingers clean but the other guys said they wanted my upper half left free of cum so they could kiss me. This meant I was at least spared having to suck his cock clean but as the next guy thrust in to me Fiona said she had an idea for round two. The thought of doubling the number of times I was about to be fucked shocked me, but the cock pumping away in my pussy distracted me from this and I moaned a little. Fiona pointed this out to everyone and said that I would probably cum for them all soon. I managed to hold out until the second guy came in me, but this was apparently as long as I was going to be allowed as once he pulled out Fiona told the guys to finger me and make me cum. None of them wanted to do this so Fiona and Tracey took it upon themselves, spreading my lips and using the double dose of boy-cum oozing out of me to lubricate my clit. They rapidly frigged me and I let out a series of low moans as my orgasm approached and tried to pull my legs together around their hands as I came. The guys held them open though and someone said it looked like my pussy was pulsing and wanting something to fill it. The final pulses of my orgasm were still going on when the next guy thrust his cock in to me and I moaned louder as I still felt quite sensitive. Fiona told him to go hard and fast and try to make me cum again and he did as she asked. It felt too intense to get me off, but meant I moaned quite a lot and by the time he came and pulled out of me I was panting and covered in sweat.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 3

When he pulled out I crouched down to catch my breath and the third guy said that as he’d fucked me yesterday he wanted me to suck him and have him cum over me this time. I said that I didn’t want my uniform covered with cum and Fiona suggested I just take it off. I didn’t have a choice in this and was pulled up and quickly had my blouse, bra and skirt pulled off and tossed on top of a bush. I stood trying to cover myself with my hands but was told we were running out of time and told to kneel down again. The guy presented his cock to me and I took it in my mouth and sucked the head while stroking the shaft. I could feel cum dripping from my pussy and felt very exposed but wasn’t allowed to change position. When the guy got close to cumming, he pulled out of my mouth, took his cock in his hand and stroked himself until he started to squirt cum over my face, breasts and thighs (he said he had been aiming for my crotch). Before I could do anything, Fiona reached down and smeared the cum over the entire front of my body and pushed a hand between my legs to work some of it in to my pussy with her fingers. I was allowed to stand up and told to get dressed, but the only thing I was allowed to use to wipe myself down was my (still damp) panties. I did the best I could with them and cleaned most of the cum off my face, front and thighs. They felt very wet when I pulled them on and before I slipped my skirt on Tracey grabbed my crotch and rubbed it, telling me I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about all the cum in my pussy.

We headed back to class and I made sure I wasn’t sitting on my skirt so I wouldn’t leave a damp patch and as the lesson ended Tracey told me I was having lunch with them. I expected this to involve me having to do things with yet more people, but it just involved their group of friends sitting and teasing me while Tracey, Fiona and Jo described the various things they had seen me do and asking me questions (which I tried not to answer). Afternoon break was similar but I was made to sit with my legs spread and panties bared while a few of the group took turns feeling my panties and seeing that they were still damp with cum. At the end of school I tried to sneak away but Tracey, Jo and Fiona surrounded me and said I shouldn’t have to go home alone. I asked them to leave me alone but they said they’d take care of me and I was led to Jo’s house as her parents weren’t going to be back until later on.

I sat quietly for a little while until there was a knock on the door and Tracey said ‘They’re here’. She went down to let in some of her friends and brought them up to Jo’s bedroom, then pointed at me and told them to enjoy themselves. I’d known this was probably coming but tried to tell them no anyway. My pleas were pointless and I felt a number of hands pulling at my clothes and quickly stripping them from me. One of the guys climbed on me straight away and pushed his cock in to my pussy. The others told him not to be greedy but he told them to wait their turn and he pumped away inside me. He moved quickly, thrusting in and out over and over again until he came and then pulled out and wiped his cock over my face. Tracey told him I would suck him clean so he forced his cock in to my mouth and I licked around it until he pulled out and told the others that they could now use me. I was made to kneel on all fours and had someone fuck me from behind while I sucked someone. The guy came in my pussy before the one I was sucking came and as cum started to leak out of me Jo told me not to get it on her bed. I wasn’t sure how to stop it and was told to lie on my back with a pillow under my ass and let the guy finish fucking my mouth. He started to cum in my mouth but pulled back a bit too far and his cock sprung free, so he sprayed the rest over my chest and a bit on Jo’s bed. She moaned at him for having done this but Fiona said it would be fine and I would lick it clean. Jo pointed out that I would just drip more cum on the bed but Fiona already had an answer for this and picked up one of Jo’s hairbrushes. I watched as she spread my lips, ran the handle back and forth over my lips and then pushed it in to me.

I hadn’t had anything like that in me before and was fairly sensitive from the two fuckings I’d just had and I whimpered a bit. Tracey called me a slut and told me to lick the bedcovers clean and I did the best I could but it obviously just ended up making a larger damp patch. Jo said she would have to change them anyway now and reached over to pull the brush out of me. Cum leaked out and dribbled down my legs but was quickly halted when she pushed the handle back in to me and started fucking me with it. I buried my face in the bedcovers and tried to stifle a moan but they just teased me more about being such a slut and Tracey reached between my legs to my clit and stroked it. I moaned properly this time and the guys said I was really getting in to it and wanted to see me cum. I only protested briefly before burying my face in the bedcovers again and concentrating on the feeling of the brush pumping in to me, Tracey’s fingers on my clit and the cum oozing out of my pussy. My body shuddered a bit as I came and I rolled over on to my side still panting while everyone laughed at me. Initially I didn’t care too much, but as my orgasm faded I curled up. As I was still so inexperienced I didn’t realise how good a view of my pussy this gave them and the last guy said it was his turn, lay down behind me and rubbed his cock against my pussy. Even with my legs shut, I was so wet that he easily pushed in to me and I moaned at him to stop but he repeatedly thrust in to me while reaching around me and squeezing my breasts. Tracey, Fiona and Jo all chanted ‘cum in her, cum in her’ and when the time came, he pushed as deep in to me as he could and emptied himself in to me. He remained buried in me for a while ‘to give my pussy time to soak up the cum’, but some still leaked out of me when he pulled out and Jo wiped the damp patch over my face and told me to suck it.

I was then made to remove the duvet cover and take it down to the kitchen to be washed, with me remaining naked throughout. They threatened to dump me outside the house and keep my clothes, but the guys said they wanted to have a bit more fun with me so we returned to Jo’s room and she put some towels on the bed for protection. To start things off I had to kneel on the floor and two of the guys stood with one either side of me. I was told to suck them both, switching back and forth between them and then to stroke one while sucking the other. Tracey crouched down behind me and reached around to play with my clit while describing to everyone how wet my pussy was. It was decided that one of the guys should cum in my mouth and the other one over me so a coin was tossed to see who got to have me drink their cum. They took longer to cum this time and I was getting very uncomfortable, but once the first one had cum over my face (this was a dream so he managed to produce a lot of cum even though it was his second orgasm), I concentrated on the first one and got him to shoot his cum in to my mouth and then swallowed it.

I was then put up on the bed and everyone took part in fondling and fingering me. Sometimes this was fairly gentle, but a few people had a go at energetically fingering me, first with two and then three fingers. As every part of my body was being played with, it started to feel good and when my nipples perked up again Tracey teased me about the fact I seemed to enjoy being fingered and fucked with a brush so much. This led to the brush being used on me again and it certainly felt good, but the last two guys wanted the challenge of fucking me to an orgasm. I told them I didn’t have the energy to do anything more, but (s expected) this didn’t stop them and one of them lifted my legs up and pumped away inside me. Fiona and one of the guys fondled my breasts to help things along but said that nobody was allowed to touch my clit as this would be cheating (and too easy). After the fingering and brush, I was quite close to cumming already, but the guy fucking me didn’t hold out quite long enough. The other guy told him not to worry and just cum so he could finish me off and I didn’t care as he pumped his cum in to my pussy and just wanted the last one inside me so I could cum again.

This time I was told to ride him and once I’d mounted his cock I bounced up and down, pushing myself hard against his body with each stroke. He told everyone how good it felt and that he was getting close to cumming already – before I realised what I was saying I told him to wait just a bit and as ashamed as I felt about what I’d said, I was too close to cumming to stop and reached up to caress my breasts. Fiona said something about having turned me in to a real slut but I wasn’t paying attention as my orgasm throbbed out through my lower body. I let out a long ‘aahhhh’ as I thrust myself even harder against the guy’s cock and when I started to slow down he grabbed my hips and told me to keep going. With my lust satisfied, I was thinking a bit more clearly again and started to worry about having him cum in me (again), but he continued to guide my movements and I then pulled me down hard against him. I asked him if he had cum in me and he just nodded – when I lifted myself up I felt his cum drip out immediately and was told to suck him clean. His cock had already started to soften as I did this but I licked around it and cleaned up the mix of cum and my juices before being allowed up and then being told to stand with my arms by my side.

The guys were allowed a final chance to fondle my breasts and look at the cum leaking out of my pussy, but they weren’t anywhere near as interested by this point. When I was finally allowed to get dressed I asked if I could at least wash first but all I was allowed to do was use my panties to wipe my face, chest and thighs clean. When I went to put my panties on, Fiona grabbed them off me, wrapped them around one of her fingers and pushed them halfway inside me, far enough that they were secure, but leaving a fair bit of material dangling from my pussy. As I put the rest of my clothes on, Fiona said I could walk home with a mix of all the cum I’d got that day soaking in to my from my panties and she warned me not to take them out until I was in my own bedroom. Just before I left the guys were given a final chance to fondle me and I was pushed out the front door.

As I’d done the previous day, I showered as soon as I got home and went to bed early. Again I dreamt of the day’s events and woke up in the middle of the night with my hand between my legs. This time I was much closer to cumming and pressed my fingers against my clit while remembering how it had felt each time I’d cum. I could feel the now familiar sensation building between my legs and kept pressing on my clit as I pictured each cock sliding in to me. I had my first self-made orgasm with the thought of load after load of cum being pumped into me. I lay in bed, panting and trying to come to terms with how aroused I was by everything that had been done to me. I slept fitfully for the rest of the night and woke up a number of times with images of cocks and cum filling my head.

The next day was a Friday and while I was nervous about what was going to happen at school, I was thankful that it would soon be the weekend. I wore tights to try and keep myself better covered and I went in the back gate and made it to class without anyone accosting me (although a few of the guys made some comments and some of my ‘friends’ steered clear of me). When Fiona and Tracey arrived they sat either side of me and said they had a surprise for me at breaktime. Given what had already happened, it wasn’t really much of a surprise and I meekly followed them out of class. We left the school grounds and up the hill to some woods where there were two guys from another school waiting for us. Fiona warned them we didn’t have much time as we had to get back so they said they would hurry. I had my tights and panties pulled down and was pushed over a log lying on the ground. I wasn’t wet enough for the first guy to get in to me easily so Tracey spread my pussy lips and spat over them. Fiona joined in doing this until I could feel the saliva dripping down and off my clit and the guy then rubbed his cock around in it and pushed in to me. Each time he thrust in to me I remembered how I had masturbated the previous night and wondered if I was going to end up cumming. There was no danger of that with the first guy as he finished in me really quickly and pulled out straight away. Fiona led him round so I could suck him clean while the second guy fucked me and he didn’t last much longer. As I sucked him clean I felt the cum running down my legs and Fiona promised them that I wouldn’t be allowed to clean it up. True to her word, she pulled up my panties and then my tights, leaving the cum on my legs and then giving my crotch a rub and pushing the material between my lips to help get it wet.

We had to dash back to school and I wished I had been able to cum but didn’t say anything and as I sat through the next class I had to make sure not to sit on my skirt as I felt the damp patch on my panties growing. The more I felt it, the more turned on I got and by the time lunchtime arrived I was actually debating trying to dash off to the toilets and play with myself. I didn’t get the opportunity to do this though as I was followed to the bathroom and after a couple of minutes they banged on the door and told me to come out. We ate lunch quickly and I was taken around to the back of the school again where one of my male ‘friends’ was waiting and I was told that while he had taken part in the changing room episode, I had only sucked him and he really wanted a chance to fuck me and make me cum. I knew it was pointless asking the girls to stop this, but tried asking him and he just said that as I’d fucked everyone else, he wanted a go. Tracey stood and kept a look out while Jo and Fiona ordered me to strip for him. I slowly undressed but this wasn’t good enough and Fiona pulled at my blouse, ripping the top two buttons off of it. I quickly undid the rest and slipped my skirt down so I was standing there in just my bra, panties and tights. The guy told me to stop so he could finish undressing me and as soon as his hands made contact with my body he started kneading and caressing me.

My bra was pulled off and he sucked hungrily on my nipples. They quickly started to stiffen (which Jo drew everyone’s attention to) and he seemed genuinely pleased that I was enjoying it. I let out a little moan as he pushed his hand in to my panties and as his fingers explored around and in my pussy my breathing quickened. I knew that my excitement was probably due to having been fucked earlier and having thought about this through the last lesson and this brought me back to my senses a bit. He pulled my tights down and I tried to hold on to my panties but he easily pulled them free of my grip and Fiona suggested he use the bench to fuck me on. I had to waddle over there as my tights and panties were still around my ankles but I was told to shed them before getting on to the bench. I bent forwards over it but the guy told me to lie down on my back as he wanted to see my face as he fucked me. For some reason, this seemed a lot more embarrassing to me, but I did as I was told and lay down. Fiona and Jo each took one of my legs and pulled them wide apart and the guy knelt down between my legs, spread my lips and examined my pussy.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 2

Someone else was just getting ready to take his place and fuck me when the door opened and the teacher walked in – everyone froze and the guy I was sucking quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth as the rest of the group scattered. The teacher shouted at everyone to get ready and get out to the pitch, dragged me up by my arm and led me through the door to his office. I thought I had been saved but he kept yelling at me, saying how dare I do things like that in his changing room. I stammered out a ‘but I didn’t…’ and he started shouting about the state I was in and asking how many of the guys I’d just done things with. I only got as far as saying ‘the last class…’ when he interrupted and asked how many and I said ‘I don’t know, all of them’. He went quiet and I tried to stammer out an explanation of what happened but he just said ‘Fine. If you want to be a little slut then be one’. He stood up and walked over to where I was standing, pushed a couple of fingers in to my pussy and said he didn’t care. He pushed his fingers up deep inside me and wiggled them around, then pulled them out, turned me around and stood behind me and reached around from behind to me play with my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other. I tried to say ‘stop’, but he was significantly more experienced than the boys had been and I was still a bit aroused from my last fucking.

I was pushed forwards over his desk and then felt his cock press up against my pussy. He said I should find out what fucking a real man felt like and he pushed his way in to me. He was larger than any of the boys who had been inside me and while I was now relatively experienced (in terms of the number of cocks I’d fucked), he was right about me not knowing how a proper fuck felt. As the boys had all been around 16, none of them had lasted very long – the teacher on the other hand put Mike to shame and pumped away inside me. I felt another orgasm coming and just moaned as is built. I was turned over on to my back and told to hold my legs up against my chest and he thrust in to me again and pushed deep in to my pussy. Once again I couldn't stop myself from thrusting back against him and he told me that as I liked cock so much that he’d teach me what to do with one. He lifted my legs up to his chest and fucked me until I came, then pulled out of me and sat down on his chair.

I was told to get down from the desk and kneel in front of him and then given detailed instructions on how to suck and stroke his cock. My body felt numb from shame and pleasure by this point and I blindly followed his instructions, using my hands to stroke, my tongue to lick and my mouth to suck on each part of his cock and balls. As I did this I realised that I was sucking on a mixture of the cum of every guy who’d fucked me and I gagged number of times but was told to keep going. I kept expecting to feel his cum added to the mix in my mouth but he held back admirably and after about twenty minutes of sucking him he said it was time to finish off. I was pulled up and pushed against the wall, had my right leg lifted in the air and felt him guide his cock back in to my pussy. Instead of being lubricated with cum, it was now coated with my saliva and he once again easily pushed the whole way in to me and pumped away. I told him I didn't want to get pregnant and he just said that I had so much cum in me already that it wouldn't make any difference. He pulled me up so I was sitting on his cock and carried me back over to the desk, lay me on my back and pumped away inside me even harder. The sensations were too intense for me to say anything more and I just made noises and panted as he said he was getting close and then buried his cock the whole way in me and made little movements as he came. I moaned ‘nooo’, but it was too late and I felt his cum started to leak out of me around his cock. He thrust in to me a few more times, forcing more cum out but when he pulled out a large amount still leaked out and down between my ass cheeks.

I was pulled up from the desk and told to suck his cock clean. My legs could barely hold me up so I knelt and did as instructed and was then pulled up again and he used my face to wipe up the puddle of cum on the desk. I could still feel his cum dripping out of my pussy as he led me out of his office back in to the boys changing room. I was told to sit in the corner on a pile of old towels and wait. I curled up and tried to make sense of everything that had happened and how my body had responded to it. I only had a couple of minutes respite though as the teacher came back in, followed by the 6th form class and he told the guys to enjoy me as much as they wanted. I couldn't believe that I was being given to another class of people but had no time to think about it as they quickly swarmed over to me and started fondling my body. The guy who had been about to fuck me when the teacher first interrupted them claimed dibs and quickly pulled his shorts down and freed his cock. I tried to close my legs but just as before, a couple of the guys grabbed them and pulled them apart and the guy knelt down and pushed in to me. Another guy pulled his shorts off and knelt over my chest, held his cock in front of me and pulled my head up to take it. He pumped my head back and forth and told me to suck him as the other guy rapidly fucked me. It took hardly any time before he came in my pussy and I felt him wipe his cock over my mons and stomach. The guy fucking my mouth pulled out, took his cock in his hand and rapidly stroked himself before shooting his cum over my face and then pushing his cock back in to my mouth.

Someone else had already pushed in to my pussy before the guy I was sucking climbed off of me, but this one also played with my clit as well as fucking me. I started moaning and trying to say I couldn't take any more but he kept going and everyone crowded around to watch as I was fucked to another orgasm. This was too much for one of the guys watching and he pulled out his cock and wanked himself off, cumming over my chest and the guy fucking me said he was about to cum and emptied his load in to me before I could tell him not to (but as the teacher had pointed out, it wouldn't have made any difference by this point).

I was then rolled over on to my front and my ass was pulled up so I was kneeling on all fours. I was fucked in this position by two guys, one after the other while two others knelt in front of me and got me to suck them in turn. Both guys fucking me came in my pussy, and of the two I was sucking, one came in my mouth and the other over my face and in my hair. I was then rolled over on to my back again and the group fondled my breasts and fingered me for a while. One of the lads wiped his hand around my pussy, covering it with the cum and my juices and then rubbed this over my face and made me lick his hand clean. As I was being so obedient, someone suggested I should show them how turned on I was and no matter how many times I told them I wasn’t aroused I was made to sit up on a bench with my legs spread and play with myself. As I’ve said before, I’d never masturbated to orgasm at this point in my life and I couldn’t manage to do it in front of a group of guys. To make up for this I was made to lift my nipples to my mouth and suck each one clean and guys took turns rubbing their cocks over the nipple not in my mouth, coating it with pre cum before I was told to switch to sucking that one clean.

The guys then ‘took pity’ on me for not being able to make myself cum and I was pushed down on to the bench and fucked by three guys in turn with the first guy cumming in me, the second one cumming over my stomach and chest and the third one playing with my clit while another guy rubbed his cock over my nipples until I came. They then emptied their loads in and over me and they all stood back to admire their handiwork. I was lying on the side of the bench with one leg up and the other down with my foot on the floor. My whole body was trembling and I could feel cum dripping off almost every part of my body. The end of lesson bell went and the guys started to get dressed and leave the room but four who hadn’t played with me yet stayed behind and said I needed to help them out. I was too weak to argue and let each of them use my mouth and pussy. In the middle of this session, Fiona and Tracey appeared in the doorway and said they couldn’t believe that I was still there. They stood and watched as they guys finished fucking me with one of them cumming in my mouth and making me swallow it, one cumming over my breasts and face and the final two emptying their loads deep in to my pussy. The guys quickly got dressed and left my lying there with the fresh cum dripping off and out of me and Fiona knelt on the floor beside me, spread my lips and asked me if I’d been fucked enough time to keep me satisfied and to stop flirting with her boyfriend. She called Tracey down and they examined my pussy as a few large blobs of cum slid out of me and she gather them up in her hand and smeared them over my thighs and mons (although my pubic hair was so matted by this point that it didn’t make much difference).

They then said they would help me get dressed and supported my weight as we walked back to the girls’ changing room. I didn’t even notice that my costume had been left in the boys’ changing room and walked between them naked. They sat me down on the bench beside my things, wiped my face clean(ish) of cum, helped to brush some of the cum out of my hair and then told me to get dressed. I said that I needed to shower and was told I didn’t have time as I’d already missed one lesson and would get in real trouble if I missed another. I knew that after what had happened this was the least of my worries, but I wasn’t thinking clearly and followed their instructions, feeling my bra and panties sticking to my skin as I pulled them on. My blouse was even worse and damp patches showed through it but the worst was still to come as once I had pulled my skirt on, Fiona said that as how everyone knew what I’d been up to and how much of a slut I was, I didn’t deserve to be covered up. She lifted my skirt and pushed the material of my panties between my lips, took a pair of nail scissors from her bag and cut a hole in the crotch of my panties – not a large one, but sufficient for her to push a couple of fingers in to me and then feed me the sticky mess that coated her fingers.

I was then taken to lunch and as I ate I could see everyone pointing at me and hear whispered comments about what I’d apparently done. I spent the whole time blushing deeply and squirming around on my seat as I felt more cum sliding out of my pussy and soaking my panties, thighs and skirt.  In classes all afternoon, the guys made quiet comments to me about how good I’d been and how they couldn’t wait to do things with me again. Still being quite naive, this hadn’t even occurred to me and I had assumed that everything had ended. I went home that night, dashed up to my room to remove my cum-stained clothes and then spent about 30 minutes in the shower, scrubbing myself clean and trying to rinse my pussy out. I had to throw out my torn panties and wash my clothes myself so Mum didn’t see the stains and I went to bed early that night with the events of the day repeatedly playing through my mind. I woke up in the middle of the night with the images of cocks pumping away in my mouth and pussy and discovered that my hand was between my legs and I had a couple of fingers inside my pussy. I quickly pulled it out and thought that I must have missed some of the cum that had been pumped in to me as my fingers were soaked, but a quick sniff made me realise that I was wet with my own juices and I felt ashamed that I’d gotten turned on while dreaming about being fucked by everyone.

I very nearly stayed home the next day but forced myself to go in and as soon as I arrived I saw a number of guys from the other class in my year (who had all participated the day before). Some of them came over to me and asked if they could have fun with me again and I tried to pull away but I was herded towards some sheds at the side of the school and they said that Fiona had told them I would do anything they wanted. I told them that the bell was about to go but one of them pulled his cock out and I was pushed down on to my knees. He told me to hurry up and suck him and once he had his cock in my mouth I started working on him the way I’d learned just the day before. It didn’t take long for him to cum and as it filled my mouth I realised I couldn’t let it leak out or it would cover my uniform so I swallowed everything and then coughed as he pulled his cock out. They hadn’t expected me to swallow so readily and commented on how I must really love cum. As the first guy had only taken a short while, the others said they wanted a go too, but to ‘reward’ me for having swallowed, they decided that I should get to enjoy things as well. I was told to stand up, someone lifted the back of my skirt, pulled my panties down and bent me forwards. Two others held my arms (so I didn’t fall over) and I tried to protest but knew it was pointless. The guy behind me tried to push in to my pussy but I wasn’t wet enough so he added some saliva to help out and worked his way in to me. I begged him to at least not cum inside me, but as the bell went for us to get to our tutor groups he sped up his thrusts in to me and told everyone he was cumming. He quickly pulled out, stuffed his cock back in to his trousers and they ran off to class as I tried to pull my panties up and wipe up his cum as it dribbled out of my pussy.

As I sat through class I could feel my panties getting wetter as more cum leaked out and as soon as the bell rang I dashed to the bathroom to try and dry them off. As I sat in a stall, dabbing at the crotch (and my crotch), there was a knock on the door and I asked who it was. Fiona told me to let her in and when I unlocked the door, she entered the cubicle and pulled me out. Tracey was also there, along with Jo (another friend from their group) and Fiona told me I must have been desperate if I’d needed a fuck before school even started. I told her it wasn’t my fault and she said that it would keep happening until I stopped showing my breasts off to all the guys. I said I wasn’t doing anything but she grabbed them and said they were too big and told me to go with them. I was allowed to grab my bag but wasn’t allowed to put my panties back on (I was still holding them) so I stuffed them in my bag so people wouldn’t know I wasn’t wearing them. Fiona led me round to the back of the school where three 6th formers were waiting and she started to unbutton my blouse. I tried to stop her but she said if she wasn’t allowed to unbutton it then they would just tear it open so I slowly lowered my hands and felt the cool air on my chest as she undid the remaining buttons and pulled the front open. Two of the guys started fondling my breasts and Fiona told me to undo my bra to let them get at me properly. I reached around and undid the clasp and they instantly pushed it up to reveal my breasts and then returned to caressing them. This quickly moved on to them concentrating on my nipples and starting to suck them, at which point mu nips started to stiffen and I was once again teased for getting off on what was being done to me.

I told them I wasn’t, but Tracey pulled my skirt up and showed them I didn’t have any panties on and when I tried to say that this was their fault, one of the guys pushed a couple of fingers in to me and I gasped. My pussy was still fairly slick with the cum from earlier so he easily fingered me and Tracey told him to feed me my juices, which he did. He then pulled his cock out and pushed in to me, telling me he was going to make me even wetter. He pumped in to me with hard thrusts as I stood against the wall and kissed me as he came. I felt his cum leak out as soon as he withdrew and held my skirt up to stop it from getting stained, but this was taken as an invitation for the next guy and he told me to face the wall so he could fuck me from behind. I was pushed against the cold wall and felt him rub his cock over my pussy and push in to me. He reached around to play with my clit as he fucked me and as I became more aroused I started to respond, pushing back against him. Fiona pointed this out to Jo and I tried to say I wasn’t enjoying it but between the cock and his fingers I could tell I wasn’t going to last much longer. He used long strokes in me and reached around with his other hand to cup one of my breasts, gently squeezing it and rubbing the nipple. I didn’t make any noise as I came, but the expression on my face gave me away and the other two lads applauded. I was still gasping from my orgasm when the guy fucking me whispered in my ear that he was going to cum and without thinking I thrust back hard against him as he emptied his cum in me.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Locker Room (Dream) – Part 1

Another ‘dream’ episode… I had this dream about a week ago and desperately wanted to write it up as I was it made me feel so incredibly horny that I had to pounce on Mike and Jen when I woke up.

The dream started off with me back in a swimming lesson at school. Given the ‘friends’ who were also there it was probably when I was 15-16 (although there were some people from 6th form in the dream – when I would have been 17-18 – but we didn’t do swimming in 6th form). For the sake of telling the story, we’ll assume I was at the end of 6th form so everyone would be 18. Now even though I was completely innocent back then, my breasts did develop at a young age and I was probably the best-endowed girl in my class (and possibly my year). Girls and boys were taught swimming separately, but we shared a pool and the boys would usually stare at the girls. We did have a few very pretty girls in my year, and as is often the case, some of them knew how pretty they were and flaunted it. While I didn’t date anyone at school (or at all until I was 19 and met Mike), there were of course some guys I secretly fancied, but they always had girlfriends (and I wasn’t brave or confident enough to have let them know I liked them anyway even if they’d been single).

Back to the dream – I noticed one of the guys I liked gazing at my breasts and liked the fact that he had noticed me. I didn’t do anything about it but did occasionally glance over at him and enjoyed the attention. When we got back in to the locker room I saw a few of the pretty girls whispering to each other and pointing over at me but I didn’t pay attention and went to the showers to clean off the chlorine from the pool. Back in school, many of us girls didn’t shower after swimming and those that did usually kept our costumes on and then changed in to our clothes while using a towel to keep our bodies hidden so in my dream I still had my costume on as I showered. I washed my hair and when I opened my eyes the ‘pretty girls’ were standing around me with their hands on their hips, all staring at me. Fiona asked me why I had been flirting with her boyfriend (the guy I’d noticed staring at my breasts) and I stammered a response about not having done anything and that I was sorry. That wasn’t good enough for her though and they pushed me back against the wall and told me I had better stay away from him. I once again apologised and said I hadn’t meant to do anything but Fiona told me that just because I had large boobs, it didn’t mean the guys would like me and she squeezed one of my breasts through my costume.

At that point in my life I hadn’t really masturbated (certainly not to orgasm anyway) and this was the first time anyone else had ever touched me there so I let out a surprised yelp. Fiona kept squeezing my breast and told me again to stay away from her boyfriend. One of the other girls (Tracey I think) grabbed my other breast and added her own voice to the warning. They kept firmly squeezing my breasts and Tracey leant over and whispered something to Fiona, who smiled and said it was a good idea. They each took a hand and led me out of the showers and then towards the locker room door to the corridor. I asked where we were going but Fiona pulled on my hair and said if I liked flirting then I would get a chance to do it properly. Still having no idea where we were going, they led me out in to the corridor and pushed open the door to the boys locker room.

I was pushed in and Fiona told the guys they could examine by breasts as much as they wanted. At first nobody moved, but then a couple of guys moved over towards me. I felt the straps of my swimsuit being tugged and my arms were pushed down by my sides so the top part could be pulled down, exposing my breasts. I tried to pull away from Fiona and Tracey but they held me in place and as I looked down, my breasts were exposed and then sprung free as the swimsuit was pulled down.  I was mortified at having myself exposed to my classmates and struggled some more but couldn’t free myself and was marched through the crowd of guys and told to lie down on the bench. The guys reached for my breasts and I felt multiple hands touch, stroke and squeeze them. The touches became bolder as the guys realised they could play with my breasts properly and they started massaging them and stroking my nipples with a number of them commenting on how large my nips were. A number of the guys took turns kissing and sucking my nips and even though I was still struggling (and still mortified at what was happening), they started to get stiff and this was quickly noticed.

Fiona and Tracey teased me and said I was enjoying what was happening and when I said I wasn’t they pulled at my nips and said if I wasn’t enjoying it, they wouldn’t be getting hard. They then said that if I was enjoying it so much I should help the guys out and pulled my arm so my hand brushed against one of the guy’s crotches (there was an obvious bulge in his shorts). My hand was pushed more firmly against him and rubbed up and down and my other hand was pushed towards another guy’s crotch. This guy had showered so only had a towel around his waist and as my hand slid under the towel I felt the warmth of his cock. I was told to wrap my hand around it and I did and then Tracey moved my arm up and down to make me stroke him. This was the first time I’d touched a cock so it felt strange to me and I was told to grip a bit tighter and move my hand faster. As I stroked it, the folds of the towel fell away and I stared at the cock in my hand. It only took a few more strokes before the guy thrust his cock towards me and started cumming, with thick streams of his cum squirting out of his cock and splattering over my arm and stomach. I instinctively tried to pull away but was told to wipe his cock clean on my breasts and as the head brushed back and forth across my nipple, smearing cum over it I felt a shudder go through my body.

We heard the bell go for the start of break time but nobody moved to let me go and one of the more experienced guys push forwards, pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my face. Tracey pinched my nose and told me to open my mouth and as soon as I did so the guy pushed his cock between my lips and I was told to suck him. I had no idea what to do, but it’s not difficult to make guys of that age cum and in less than a minute I felt his hot, salty cum filling my mouth. I spat his cock out and the last couple of squirts landed on my face. Tracey wiped some of it up with her fingers and pushed them in to my mouth, telling me to suck them clean, then wiped up some more and told one of the guys to pull the crotch of my swimsuit to the side. I may have been naive at that age when it came to sex, but I knew about the risks of getting pregnant and screamed at her to stop – my protestations did nothing though and she wiped her fingers up and down my pussy, smearing the cum over it. She commented on how wet I was and how I must be a little whore and I was made to suck the mix of cum and my juices from her fingers.

Now my pussy was exposed, the guys started stroking me there as well and someone thrust a finger up inside me. I’d never felt anything like that before and as my pussy was repeatedly invaded my nipples we continually fondled and various people stroked my clit (mostly incidentally to the general groping). I had another cock thrust in to my mouth and the guy fingering me added a second finger. He started pumping in and out of me with a steadier rhythm and I couldn’t help myself from pushing my hips back against the thrusting fingers. The second guy came and I kept his cock in my mouth – when he pulled out I moaned as the sensations in my crotch built and to save myself from choking on the cum I ended up swallowing it. Tracey told everyone that I was going to cum and I tried to say I wasn’t, but I couldn’t deny that something was happening to me. I felt a huge pressure building inside me and then explode through my body and heard Tracey saying she couldn’t believe I’d cum for them. I was breathing heavily and my body felt numb. I squeaked out something along the lines of never having felt anything like that and was teased by everyone for having had my first orgasm in front of everyone.

The guy who’d made me cum pulled his fingers out and was told to get me to suck them clean (which I did) and Tracey told someone else to cum on me. Another cock pushed in to my mouth and I instinctively started to suck it while another guy started to finger me. Someone else rubbed their cock against one of my nipples and when the guy in my mouth got close to cumming he pulled out and moved round to stand between my legs. Fiona told Tracey to reach down and spread my lips and she stroked the guy’s cock while aiming it straight at my pussy. I once again told them not to cum on me but the fingering had felt good and my objections were much weaker than the first time. The guy rubbing against my nipple came and his cum squirted across both my breasts and this briefly distracted me until guy standing between my legs said he was about to cum. I started to object again but it was too late as his cum immediately started to erupt from his cock, splattering over my pussy and running down over my ass. As soon as he finished, Tracey ran her fingers over my pussy and pushed them in to me, repeating this over and over to push as much of the guy’s cum in to me as she could.

I was torn between the fear of getting pregnant and the wonderful feelings her fingers were giving me and as my hips bucked against her fingers I said ‘no.. I’m going to…’. Fiona asked what I was going to do and said if I was going to cum again that someone should help me out. She moved out of the way and told the guys to enjoy me and one immediately took position between my legs and started rubbing his cock over my pussy (I know that a 16 year old would be unlikely to let another guy’s cum touch his cock, but it was a dream). Once again I was torn between wanting him to stop and enjoying the sensations and when he pushed his cock in to me I yelped but automatically pushed back. He started fucking me and I kept saying no but also thrust back against him. I was told to stroke someone else and took his cock in my hand, stroking in time with the cock thrusting in to me. Someone else took up position on the other side of me and Tracey rubbed the cum already on my body over my breasts and face. The guy fucking me moaned and pushed deep in to me and I let out a half-hearted moan but this was partially due to him stopping. As he pulled out I felt his cum ooze out of me and the guy standing to my left came over me. Someone else quickly replaced the guy between my legs and pushed straight in to me and I thrust my hips against him. Tracey rubbed the new load of cum in to my breasts and tweaked my nipples while another cock was pushed in to my mouth. I repeatedly thrust back against the guy fucking me and could feel a second orgasm building (now I knew what they felt like). Tracey massaged both my breasts and I started to cum – the guy pumped away inside me even faster as my orgasm pulsed through me and as  my body went limp I felt him thrust in to me and stay still as he came but I no longer cared. He pulled out and I felt yet more cum leak out of me, but another cock quickly plugged the hole and the guy in my mouth started to cum. This time I swallowed his cum straight away and as he pulled out I tried to keep sucking him.

My swimsuit was pulled off me completely and for the rest of the break, the guys carried on fucking my mouth and pussy and cumming in and over me. I think I came one more time but constantly thought about how I was letting thirty guys do things with me (our P.E. lessons always had two classes at once and we had roughly 30 people in a class so about 30 of these would have been guys). Only when the bell for the next lesson rang did everyone panic and quickly get dressed but I was too tired to even move and just lay there on the bench with cum dripping off and out of my body. The guys all left the room but Fiona told me to stay where I was and the 6th form guys lining up outside the door got a surprise when she and Tracey appeared wearing just their swimsuits. She told them that she had left a present for them and to enjoy it and then skipped off to the girls changing room.

The guys didn’t know what she was talking about until they were told to go get ready and they walked in to see me sitting up on the bench with cum coating my face and matting my hair, dripping down from my breasts and steadily oozing out of my pussy. I tried to say something but was still exhausted (and reeling from my first set of orgasms). These guys didn’t need anyone to tell them what to do though and a few of them walked over to me and started caressing me. I was pushed back down on to the bench and watched as one of them freed his cock and pushed it in to me. I was so wet with cum that there was no resistance and he went in the whole way on the first stroke. I was still incredibly sensitive from earlier but I’d had just about long enough to recover and couldn’t resist moaning as he fucked me.

The other guys crowded around and commented on how horny I was and I soon had another cock rubbing against my face. I opened my mouth and started sucking him and wondered if they were all going to take turns with me the way the last lot had. Even though I was ashamed about what was happening, I could feel my pussy reacting and wondered if I would get to cum again. Without me thinking about it my hips started thrusting back against the guy and a couple of the others took my legs and held them up and apart so everyone could better see me being fucked. The guy thrusting in to me sped up his movements and it was obvious he was about to cum. I tried to cry out to tell him not to cum in me but the guy I was sucking kept pushing his cock in to my mouth. I felt the guy fucking me push hard in to my pussy and then make a few more deep thrusts and knew I had another load of cum being emptied in to me. I was still torn between crying and enjoying the sensations coursing through my body and as the guy pulled out I pushed towards him to try and keep him inside me. As I was still being held in place, this didn’t work and as he withdrew I felt empty and then felt his cum start to leak out and drip down over my ass.

(This was the point I woke up from the initial dream and was so aroused that I pounced on Jen and then Mike, getting them each to fuck me. Over breakfast I detailed the dream to them and I then fantasised and had some semi-lucid dreams about how it would continue over the next few nights so from here on the dream was more ‘directed’.)