Sunday, 7 June 2015

June 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

I arrived in York in the early evening and was met by Clare and Giles, having arranged to stay with them that night. I had been looking forward to the party for quite a while and wished that Sue (or even Lisa)had been able to come with me, but fully intended to make the most of the opportunity anyway. We stopped off for a drink and as we chatted I told Giles that I had been looking forward to getting his cock inside me again and managed to fondle him through his trousers. I didn’t leave Clare out and told her that I had been hearing all about what she (and Giles) had been getting up to with little Sara. Clare no longer blushed as I teased her about how much she now seemed to enjoy being with other women, but she did flinch when I slid a hand up her thigh and nested my little finger against her pussy. I promised her that she would get just as much attention as I intended to give Giles, but added that I wanted his cum that night.

Instead of getting food (as intended), we ended up heading straight back to Giles’ place and once in his room things started in earnest. I got Giles to help me strip Clare and then pushed her on to the bed so I could climb over her in a 69 position while Giles removed his own clothes. It was strange to be the last person wearing clothes, but as my skirt was up around my waist to give Clare access to my cunt, I could hardly claim to be properly dressed! Giles got up on the bed behind me and slid in to my pussy. I sucked on Clare’s pussy lips and told Giles to get my juices deep in to her cunt while I got undressed. He eagerly switched round to fuck Clare and I rapidly disrobed and climbed back over her face. After playing with her breasts and clit for a while we changed position so Giles was spooning with Clare, allowing her and me to 69. I told Clare I wanted her to enjoy things as much as she could and that as she was now much more familiar with Sara I was sure she was now used to having her ass played with (Sara loves having her ass licked, as well as doing this to others) so I coated couple of my fingers with my juices, reached around between Clare and Giles and worked them in to Clare’s ass. She whimpered a bit when I did this, but I was sure she pushed back against my fingers to I just told her that she was a good girl and thrust my fingers in to her each time Giles pulled back in her cunt. I could feel her moaning and panting in my pussy and told Giles to keep going (but not to cum) and used my other hand to stroke Clare’s clit. She came quite quickly from this point and broke contact with my pussy while stifling a high pitched whine (not too loud, but a clear sign of pleasure).

When Giles pulled out I immediately started to kitty kiss her and when she finally said something it was a simple ‘fuuuccckk’, with a few big pants. Clare said she needed a little time to recover so I suggested that Giles could use other methods to make me cum. His cock looked very hard and I gave him a quick suck before telling him that he would get to fuck me soon enough, but that I wanted him to finger me. I got him to apply a bit of lube to his fingers and told him to use them to fuck my ass the way I’d just done to his girlfriend and finger my cunt with his other hand. Clare moved around to watch as he did this and ended up helping out by fondling one of my breasts and then playing with my clit. I tried to reach over and pull her back on top of me but she said she wasn’t ready to play again just yet. With both of them concentrating on me it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building and I pulled my legs apart to give them as much access as I could. I pictured the two of them doing things with Sara as I came and imagined having her there too with her little crinkle-cut pussy lips in my mouth. As I recovered I told Giles that Mike was quite jealous that Giles was now getting to fuck ‘his’ Sara on a regular basis and hoped that he would be allowed to use Clare in return. Clare started to object to this but then said that given we were all going to fuck/be fucked by multiple people at the party that it seemed pointless to protest her innocence.

Once everyone was ready (Giles had been more than ready from the beginning), I said that I wanted to be fucked hard by him, have Clare play with me and for him to hold back until I’d cum. He warned me that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out so I made him think of politics as we fucked and I buried my face in Clare’s pussy as she lapped at my clit. I enjoyed having them both stimulate me but my aim for the weekend was to get as much cock as possible (even though Jen wasn’t in the mood for much sex, I still got to do things with more girls than guys). As such I got Clare to pull back when I got close to cumming (although got her to play with my clit) and asked Giles to enjoy my cunt fully. He started to slide in and out with longer and harder strokes and I told him to hold back as long as he could. I was fairly close by this point (Clare’s practice with Sara had improved her technique even more) and between her fingers and Giles’ cock I was rapidly being pushed towards my orgasm. If Mike had been fucking me I might have tried to hold back but Giles doesn’t have Mike’s stamina (or at least his ability to not cum) so I just went with it and concentrated on the feeling of Giles’s cock pumping away inside me. As my orgasm began I thrust back against him in time with his movements and told him I was cumming and I wanted to feel his cum fill me. As he’d been holding back for so long, he came quite quickly (my orgasm was in its final pulses) and while I’m not claiming to have felt his cum actually squirting in to me, I could feel the difference as the liquid was added to my pussy.

I had been neglecting Clare a bit (I hadn’t ever stopped playing with her, but I hadn’t been giving her the attention she deserved) so I once again buried my face in her cunt, pressed my tongue up inside her pussy, sucked on her lips and swirled around her clit. I heard her whimper as I did this and unfortunately felt Giles pull out of me (I enjoy the feeling of a cock pressed inside me after I’ve cum, even if it isn’t moving). I carried on eating Clare and heard her saying that she was about to cum and Giles telling her to ‘leave it alone’. I ate her through her orgasm and kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes. When I finally climbed off of her I found out that Giles had been referring to his cum, which had been leaking out of my cunt and dripping on to Clare’s face. I rubbed the cum over her face and then messily kissed her to smear some over my face as well and as we lay there recovering I told them how I had eaten Mike’s cum out of Sue just earlier that day. (Yes, I know we had agreed to keep that between Mike, Jen, Sue and me but as I’ve said, I fully expected Sue to tell Josie about it anyway.) Giles really liked hearing about this and even let me gently stroke his cock as I described what we’d done (it was too soon for him to get hard again though). Clare asked if it was strange doing things like that with my sister and I ended up teasing her about doing things with her older brother (she hasn’t ever done anything with him, but that wasn’t going to stop me from teasing her).

The conversation (and the stroking) helped Giles’ cock to perk up again and I asked if he would spoon with me as we went to sleep and then offered him to Clare (he is hers after all). I was told to keep him for the night so nestled myself against him and felt him slide in to me once more. Clare lay in front of me and I pulled her back against me so I could stroke and kiss her shoulders as I moved against Giles. I whispered my thanks to her and told her I would break our party rules and make her cum on the Saturday morning (we usually try to not cum during the day in the lead up to a sex party – although sometimes allow ourselves a single morning orgasm so it wasn’t really breaking the rules). I dropped a hand to Clare’s ass and gently ran a finger around and over her ass, teasing her about how Sara loved licking her there. Clare blushed a bit but said that I enjoyed having it done to me every bit as much as she did (which I didn’t deny). I switched to caressing her breasts and nibbled on her neck and earlobe as I did so. Clare said this felt nice but when I reached down between her legs she said she couldn’t cum again, which led to us recalling the time she was used as the fuck bunny at the sex party (meaning she had to make everyone cum). She complained that she had been completely exhausted after that but admitted it had felt good being so naughty and knowing that everyone wanted her.

Giles was moving a bit more energetically in me by this point and had reached down between Clare and me to play with my clit. This time when my fingers found Clare’s clit she didn’t protest as much and her protests quickly stopped altogether. I told her that I wanted her to take good care of Sara (Clare and Giles knew about Emily having cheated on Sara) and through increasingly ragged breathing Clare promised that they would. I whispered in to Clare’s ear, asking if she wanted to cum again and she quietly said yes so I kept firmly stroking her clit, occasionally dipping my fingers between her lips to get more lubrication. Clare pressed back against me and quietly moaned. She ended up cumming before either Giles or I did and I felt her relax and asked her to keep her body pressed against mine as she felt so good. I went back to caressing her breasts as Giles fucked me and I told him that as long as he stayed inside me once he’d cum, that he didn’t have to wait for me. I contracted myself around his cock and he spent a little while using slow movements to enjoy the sensation and I told him I was getting close but he said he was closer. I told him to cum whenever he wanted and as Giles unloaded in me for the second time that night I whispered to Clare about how she and I would share lots of guys cum at the party the next day. He did as I asked and kept his cock buried in me as he finished frigging my clit and I pulled Clare firmly against me as I came again.

Now that we were all satisfied, I chatted with Clare about MJ and ended up showing her some pictures. I offered them the chance to visit over the summer to meet MJ (and of course have some fun) and we chatted a while longer before falling asleep. Unfortunately Giles was no longer spooning with me (something about not being able to get hard after cumming twice) so I curled up behind Clare and gently reminded her that she would be eaten awake.

I kept my promise and started off by gently stroking her while she was asleep, getting her to lie on her back and spread her legs while only half awake but then having her fully awake by the time she came. Giles watched closely as I did this (although I feel that now it wasn’t as rare an occurrence he may not have watched quite as intently as he used to). He did at least play with my pussy and was going to fuck me but I told him he needed to save his cum for the party. I didn’t entirely neglect him though and let him slide in to me for a while (until Clare came) and I then gave his cock a good licking and sucking. After breakfast I showered with him and went down on him again in the shower (but still didn’t let him cum). We met up with Sara for lunch and I thanked her for lending me her new partners, went back to her place to drop my things off (as I was staying with her after the party).

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