Wednesday, 10 June 2015

June 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

Dammit - I got the wrong year again (one of the dangers of being a year behind in writing things up)... I've corrected the titles but the page names are wrong...)

Earlier in the week I had told Sara I would shave her before the party so mid-afternoon we set about doing this. She only had a light covering of stubble so it didn’t take long and I played with the little patch of red pubic hair on her mons as I gave her lips the usual tongue test. I didn’t push her too far towards cumming – at least not when I was licking her pussy anyway. We discussed how things were going with Clare and Giles and Sara confirmed that Clare was now much more adventurous and much more willing to let go and enjoy herself. Sara thinks that Clare doesn’t see her as a threat as although Sara is bi, she is much closer to being a lesbian (although Sara now thinks that she could probably date a guy). I went to give Sara a final lick before she got dressed but ended up teasing her ass for a while, eliciting wonderfully sexy moans from her. When I pulled away, Sara asked me to continue but I told her I wasn’t going to make her cum before the party, although I promised to repeat what I’d just done later and keep going for as long as she wanted. Sara said she liked the sound of that and we decided to head out for some food. To save having to come back and change, we both wore the outfits that we intended to wear to the party – neither of us were dressing up in a particularly revealing or slutty way, although Sara’s little skirt was quite short and I just had a very light shift dress on, with a quite revealing bra under it. Sara gave in to my dares and went without any underwear at all and said she felt quite exposed as we ate dinner.

Our dinner conversation was a delicate topic that I had been wondering whether I should bring up, but as the party was now less than two hours away there wasn’t much time left. I had heard that Emily (Sara’s ex who had cheated on her) had split up with her partner and was going to come along to the party. It had been a while since their break up and Sara said she was fine with Emily coming (it was Em who had introduced Sara to the parties after all). I asked Sara if she intended to do anything with Emily and Sara said that she might and didn’t mind if I did either. I thanked her for this as Emily has the sweetest tasting pussy we have ever found (I’m not exaggerating when I say if she could produce enough to bottle it, she would be rich). I didn’t push the conversation too far as I didn’t want to turn it in to an issue if Sara really was fine with it and we moved on to what (and who) else we intended to do at the party. Sara said she mostly wanted a girls’ night and I came up with a suggestion to ensure she got to taste every girl. Instead of going for a drink after dinner, we headed straight to the party so we arrived a bit early and explained that we wanted to be the welcoming committee.

This would have been a bit better if we’d had actual outfits on but as a compromise we both just stripped off and threw some pillows on the floor by the door. Our job was to wait and greet people as they arrived with Sara giving all the girls a lick and me doing the same, but also sucking each guy. While I would have preferred it if we could have made everyone cum, that would have been somewhat greedy so we just settled on getting our mouths (and fingers) on them. To my surprise, Sara said that she was quite happy to suck the guys off as well and we debated having her pass them to my cunt so I could get each of them inside me at least once, but stuck with the original plan of an oral greeting (or two). Naturally we had to ‘greet’ the people who were already there and as we helped them tidy up and put things out we did just that. I sucked Craig while Sara briefly lapped at Hannah’s pussy and she then sucked Craig while I sucked Michael. We switched round one more time to complete the set and I could already feel my pussy starting to get the pleasant, warm, tingly feeling in anticipation of what was to come. As we still had a little time I returned to Michael and got him to fuck me in the kitchen but as the party hadn’t started yet I told him that I didn’t want to cum, just to get horny (or hornier).

Michael finished before anyone else turned up so I was able to help get things ready with his cum dripping down my legs. When there was a knock on the door, Sara and I dashed over and knelt on some cushions while Hannah opened the door to Neil and Melissa. Hannah explained our job and once inside, Neil allowed me to fish his cock out while Sara stuck her head under Melissa’s skirt, pull her panties aside and lap at her cunt. Sara and I switched over and I got Melissa to hold her skirt up while I licked her. Our job wasn’t to make anyone cum (although it would have been wonderful to take everyone’s first orgasm of the night – especially as this would have meant getting the first load of each guy) and we released them after less than a minute of playing and then stood up to talk to them. For the first 30 minutes of the party, Sara and I took our places on the pillows each time there was a knock on the door and ministered to whoever turned up. We both gave Clare and Giles a more thorough greeting and Sara nearly made Clare cum.

When Emily turned up I watched Sara, but she lapped at Emily’s cunt in the same way she had everyone else’s so I followed her lead and did the same. I hadn’t forgotten how good Emily tasted, but I hadn’t remembered exactly how she tasted and as soon as I got her juices on my tongue I knew that I would want to do things properly with her at some point that evening (despite me still being angry at her for cheating on Sara). The only people we didn’t greet this way at the door were Laura and Scott as they turned up late (although as soon as we saw them we made sure to say ‘hello’ in the same fashion.

By the time everyone (apart from Laura and Scott) had arrived, I was desperate to cum and really wanted a good fuck. I had seen that Bennett (who wasn’t even meant to have been coming) had already been playing around with Caroline (she had sucked him and then ridden his cock) but he’d had a while to recover so I sauntered over to him and caressed his cock as we chatted. His hands quickly went to my breasts (he likes large breasts) and as I stroked up and down the length of his cock, I told him that I wanted a long, hard fuck. He asked if he could fuck my breasts first so I knelt in front of him, wrapped them around his cock and let him pump back and forth between them. I then sucked him off for a bit and told him how hot it had been watching him slide in to Caroline and fuck her and how I would try and eat his cum out of her later on. He really liked the idea of watching this and to start things off I straddled his cock and lowered myself on to it. I loved the feeling in my cunt as he filled me and after bobbing up and down a few times we pressed against each other until his full length was inside me. Bennett isn’t as big as one of the guys who used to come to the parties (who I always referred to as giant cock guy), but he is still a decent size and once he was in me I gyrated my hips to feel him roll around inside me. I rode him with long, slow strokes, each time pushing down hard against him when he was in me and telling him I wanted him to pound me when we got going. It wasn’t long before we moved on to that (mostly due to my impatience, although I’d like to think that I’d got him worked up as well). Bennett did as I’d asked and I was bent over the arm of the sofa and he pounded me from behind while reaching around to fondle my breasts. I reached down between my legs to fondle my clit, but I didn’t actually need to do very much as I was already so turned on and he was rapidly slamming in to me. I kept telling him to fuck me hard and let out a long moan as I came and then told him to cum in me. As he continued to pound away in me, I pictured him shooting a huge load of cum in to me and wondered about asking him to try and make me cum again before he came (but I realised that would be greedy). As he came, he buried his cock the whole way inside me again and I did my best to squeeze myself around him. When he pulled out, I took his cock in my hands and gently kissed the head and upper part of the shaft clean before thanking him.

I was now properly warmed up and headed upstairs to see who else I could play with. In quick succession I had Corey and Gareth (I’d have had them at the same time if they’d wanted) and then panted myself on top of Emily. She had already been fucked so I had a little work to do to clean her out and get to her unpolluted taste, but I persevered and could soon taste her unadulterated pussy. As she ate me I swirled my tongue around inside her cunt, sucked on her lips and flicked my tongue over her ass a few times (just to remind her of Sara). I deliberately avoided her clit to give me longer to enjoy the way she tasted and I came quite a bit before she did. Fortunately we trained her well in kitty kissing (to be fair, she was probably one of the people who helped us perfect it) and she did this to me as I carried on licking her. She caught on to what I was doing though and told me to stop being greedy and just make her cum. I asked what she would do if I didn’t and she slapped my ass a few times and started eating me much harder. As I’d cum a number of times already, this was a bit more than I could take so I surrendered and told her to kitty kiss me again as I concentrated more on her clit. I didn’t ignore her pussy though and still kept sliding my tongue between her lips, but as a thank you for letting me taste her properly, as she got closer to cumming I used a couple of fingers in her cunt and a couple in her ass while I flicked her clit back and forth with my tongue. I felt her panting in to my cunt as she came and when I turned around to face and kiss her she said that it had been a strong orgasm and that I still knew how to make her cum.

I took a break to catch my breath (and let my pussy recover) and got Caroline to promise to let me do things with her later (with Bennett watching of course). Neil had a play with my breasts as we chatted and I offered him a fuck but he asked for me to suck his cock. I said I didn’t mind, but that I would want a turn with Melissa as payment and she agreed to this. I chatted to Neil for a while longer as I gently stroked his cock and occasionally dipped my head down to suck him. The periods of sucking became longer and he reached around behind me to play with my pussy. I finished him off with one hand on hid shaft, the other caressing his balls and my tongue swirling around his glans. It was obvious when he came but he only squirted a tiny amount of cum in to my mouth and I eased off the pressure on his cock but kept him in my mouth until he said he had finished.

Neil’s fingers were still buried in my pussy and I told him he could come and watch us play with Melissa if he wanted. They were confused by my use of ‘us’, but all became clear as I grabbed Sara and told her I had a treat for her and we all headed upstairs. Laura and Emily were busy with Paul in one of the bedrooms but this meant that the other bed was free. I lay on my back and got Melissa to crouch over my face (facing away from my body) and then lie down. As I ate Melissa, Sara quickly climbed over me, spread Melissa’s cheeks and started lapping at her ass. This startled Melissa a bit, but Neil said it looked incredibly hot and Sara told her to relax and enjoy herself. As we continued she started to feel the sensations building and Neil (when he wasn’t watching) reached between our legs and fondled both Sara and me. Despite her initial reservations, we had no trouble making Melissa cum and she admitted it had felt wonderful. She wouldn’t kiss Sara initially, but Neil kissed Sara and me quite forcefully and said that he wished he could have got a picture of what we’d done to his girlfriend (one of the rules at the parties is no pictures). I told him he would just have to keep the image in his mind, but that we might be amenable to repeating the display the next time we saw them.

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