Saturday, 13 June 2015

June 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

I was ready for more cock by this point but the party had reached a lull – I even tried propositioning Giles but he said he wasn’t ready to do anything more (he’d cum twice). Eventually Scott said that he could probably manage another fuck if I helped get him turned on enough and he asked me to make out with Clare (I’ve always thought he has a thing for her). Clare agreed to this and we headed up to a bedroom (just for comfort, not privacy). A few people followed Scott up there and as Clare and I rolled around on the bed, kissing and fondling each other I whispered to her about how I wanted to put on a good enough display to get Scott ready to fuck and how everyone was watching what we were doing to each other. Fortunately Clare is well aware of my exhibitionist side so she played along and told me what people could see as her fingers probed me. She ended up letting me 69 with her and as we did this Scott pushed in to me, but after fucking me for a little while he moved around and slipped in to Clare. I’m not against other people enjoying themselves, but he was meant to be my fuck so I recalled him after a couple of minutes. I asked if anyone else wanted to help out and Brett decided he was ready to enjoy himself so Clare and I rolled on to our sides, Scott slipped in to me from behind and Brett took up position behind Clare to fuck her. Clare and I mostly used our fingers on each other’s clits, but occasionally got the guys to slow down so we could lick each other (and them). They switched around after a while but I didn’t mind this time as I still had a cock inside me – it was actually better (for me) that they did as Scott came in Clare before she came, but he did at least remain inside her while I lapped at her clit and lips and got her off. Clare made me cum a little before Brett did and he got her to suck him briefly before pushing back in to me and using my cunt to finish off. When the guys climbed off the bed, Clare and I briefly kitty kissed each other before separating and heading back downstairs to see what else was going on.

I hadn’t had my traditional kitchen fuck or done anything with Laura yet. We took care of the latter failing and even though neither Laura or I were really ready to cum again, we spent a while taking turns kitty kissing each other as we sat chatting to people. At one point Kiyomi sat on the sofa with us and I couldn’t resist from caressing her legs. This (of course) progressed to me moving over between her legs and sticking my head under the frilliest skirt I’ve ever seen to get to her pussy. By this point in the evening, Kiyomi only had her skirt and stockings on, which allowed Laura to play with her breasts and even though it hadn’t been our intention, we naturally continued until we had Kiyomi making her high-pitched cumming noises. We then got her to sit with her legs spread wide, spreading her pussy (she is very obedient) so people could examine her.

Once Giles had got his fingers in to her, I convinced him to give me my kitchen fuck and he took me up against the fridge. I frigged myself as he fucked me and I described to him how I was going to make Sara cum the next morning and how I wanted him to fuck her that night as she ate Clare. By the time we’d finished, people were starting to get ready to leave and I pointed out that we hadn’t group fucked anyone yet. Unfortunately we’d left it too late and none of the girls (and very few of the guys) had the energy for this. I didn’t like the idea of the tradition dying out though and even though people weren’t up to fucking I offered myself as a sacrifice and everyone agreed to fondle me to a final orgasm of the night (I was actually pretty beat as well but think that traditions are important).

The downside of having the party where we were was that the house’s back garden was fairly overlooked (which was why we hadn’t used it and fucked outside). It was now late (and dark) enough though that we thought we could get away with it and people grabbed a few candles and we headed out to the garden. The candles were lit and placed around me while I lay on my back, spread my legs and told everyone to make me cum. It started off plainly enough, people stroking me, fondling my breasts and probing my pussy. Sara then licked me for a little while and I suggested that a few people could finger me at the same time. This felt much better and Emily added a couple of fingers in my ass. Bennett decided if my lower holes were both filled that my mouth should be filled too so he crawled up beside my head and pulled his cock out. I sucked on this as the fingers in my pussy were replaced with the neck of a wine bottle and my legs were pulled further apart and my cunt spread (more forcefully than Kiyomi had been told to spread hers). Various people spat on the bottle and my pussy to add lubrication and I knew if Jen had been there that she would have stood over me and peed on me. Even without Jen, the saliva made my crotch and thighs quite wet and slippery and I enjoyed the session a lot more than I had expected to. Having multiple hands stimulating me and knowing everyone was watching me certainly played a big part in this, and combined with the bottle in my cunt, fingers on my clit, cock in my mouth and fingers in my ass I started bucking around on the grass as my orgasm approached. I moaned around Bennett’s cock as I came and asked him if he thought he could give me one final load of cum. Unfortunately he couldn’t, but he did let me slide on to his cock and enjoy having him inside me for a minute or so before we headed back inside.

We said our goodbyes and I dared Sara to wear my dress on the way home – meaning of course that I had to wear her little skirt and top. Sara is quite slender so my dress hung off her and her top was rather tight on me so I left my bra off. The skirt rode up a fair bit as we walked and I could feel the air blowing over my still damp pussy, but it was dark enough and there were only a few people around so it didn’t really matter. On arriving at Sara’s place, we stripped off and fell in to bed – we started trading stories of the evening (for the bits we hadn’t been together) and Sara told me how she had also enjoyed the taste of Emily’s sweet pussy. I made a half-hearted attempt to fondle Sara but she was too tired to do anything more and we ended up just going to sleep.

The next morning was a different matter though – Sara woke me up and pushed her way between my legs to eat and finger me. I really needed to pee but she wouldn’t let me go until I’d cum and the pressure was almost unbearable by the time I actually came. This meant that I couldn’t wait and enjoy post-orgasm kitty kissing and had to jump up and dash to the bathroom as soon as my orgasm ended. Peeing helped to calm me down and by the time I returned to Sara’s room I was ready to please her, but she was very sweet and said that I deserved to be kitty kissed. I told her that she didn’t have to (especially as I’d just peed) but she pointed out that she’d done much more with us (and especially Jen) so I lay back and let her lap away at my pussy, thighs and mons (with the occasional dip down to my ass). When Sara crawled up on top of me I asked her if she wanted me to do anything for her and she kissed me and said I could do whatever I wanted. I slid a hand down her back and gently toyed with her ass as I told her I was pretty sure I knew what *she* wanted, then rolled her off of me, kissed my way down to her pussy and pushed my tongue in to her. I only ate her for a short while before sliding my tongue down and across her ass.

Sara arched her back and let out a low moan. I spent ages rimming and spearing her, watching her play wither nipples as I did this. I started off occasionally flicking my tongue over her clit but she asked me to just work on her ass so I concentrated on it and listened as her breathing slowly turned in to panting. I wanted to ask her to describe how it felt, but I’d found a rhythm that she seemed to like and didn’t want to interrupt this so just continued. Sara told me she was getting close to cumming and I spread her pussy so I could look up inside her as I lapped at her ass. She looked incredibly wet and while she didn’t compete with Jen’s version of wet, a thin trail of milky white juice dribbled out of her pussy and down to where my tongue was working. I gave in to temptation and pushed my nose in to her pussy to get it coated in her juices but then went back to working on her ass, now with her scent filling my nostrils. She was now very close to cumming, using shallow breaths, moaning and letting out little squeaks. I kept the same steady pace, just applying a bit more force with my tongue and Sara pushed her ass against my face as she started to whimper properly. She let out an ‘aahhh’ and I speared her a couple more times before resuming the licking and rimming and she moaned her way through her orgasm. I kitty kissed her ass for a while afterwards until she pulled me up to kiss thank me. I told her that I needed to clean up her pussy as it looked very wet and was allowed to crawl back down between her legs to lap up her juices. Once finished I told her that Mike would have loved to take care of that job and that she was always welcome to come visit us (either with Clare and Giles or by herself).

After showering we went out for brunch and Sara insisted on buying as a thank you for her morning orgasm (not many people are willing to make her cum in that way). She told me that she was considering hooking up with Emily – not to try to get back together with her, just to enjoy the sex and I told her to be careful but if she could enjoy herself and not get hurt, then I didn’t blame her for wanting access to Emily’s nectar again. As we ate, we dared each other to sit in more revealing positions until we were both sitting in the lotus position on our chairs (and both with short summer dresses on so our pussies were fairly well displayed). I also ended up telling Sara about my latest games with Sue and had to text Sue to tell her I had broken our arrangement (but she had already told Josie as expected). On returning to Sara’s place she allowed me one more session and we 69ed without removing any clothes. I was then allowed to wipe her pussy clean with a little pair of her panties and stuff them in to her for the duration of our journey to the train station. We couldn’t find a way to (safely) remove them in public so had to go to the bathroom and do it there – but that gave us a chance to have a final kiss and fondle before I packed the panties away for Mike and Jen (mostly Mike).

I was desperate to show myself off on the journey home but for most of the way the train was just too busy. I did get a little time alone with a guy in his 20’s and we chatted a bit about our weekends. He had also been in York visiting friends and I showed him a picture of Sara (not a naked one) and told him I had spent the night with her. He was a bit surprised that I was being so open, but got more interested as I described how we had played with each other (I blended in some of the things I’d done with other girls at the party) and placed his hand on my thigh. I didn’t stop him as he slid it higher, just spread my legs and kept whispering how Sara and I had made each other cum. His fingers made it to my pussy and I lifted my skirt to let him see what he was doing. It was only fair that I touch him and it didn’t take much to convince him to get his cock out (although he did keep a hold of his jacket so he could quickly throw it over his lap). We masturbated each other like this but to save him from making a mess over his trousers I gave him a condom to put on before he came. Seeing as he was now protected, I bent over and sucked him and let him cum in my mouth, then sat back and let him carry on playing with me  (with a bit of direction from me) until I came.

I remained sitting with my pussy exposed until we stopped at a station and more people got on and then spent the rest of the time until my playmate left, whispering in his ear about how my pussy still felt wet and how I wanted to feel him make me cum again. The teasing worked and he had to hide the bulge in his trousers – it would have been nice to leave with him and have him fuck me properly, but I wanted to get home to Mike and Jen and let them know how my weekend had gone.

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