Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Lis and Lucy July 2014 Visit – Part 1

In early July, Lisa came back up to spend the summer with us. Mike went to collect her from the airport and they kissed and fondled each other a bit in the car on the way back. She was really happy to see Mike again and after she had met MJ and had a bit of a cuddle with her, they disappeared in to Mike’s bedroom for three hours when they got back to the house. Jen and I heard some pretty energetic things going on and we knew Lisa came at least three times (it was actually four – she had just been relatively quiet that time). When they emerged, she just had a pair of long blue socks on and her pussy looked quite pink. Lisa got to cuddle MJ again but learned that it isn’t a good idea to present uncovered breasts to a baby as MJ started to nuzzle at her nipple and tried to feed (I’d already learned this lesson). Jen took MJ and gave her a snack before passing her back to Lisa to cuddle again and Lisa was told that as a part of our family it was also up to her to help look after MJ. Lisa actually helped out a lot over the next few days and it made things even easier (having four people to take care of MJ meant that nobody had to do anything too many times – although we all fought over who got to cuddle her!).

Lis and Lucy were due to visit on the first weekend in July and they asked if we wanted them (given Lisa was there) but we told them that if they avoided us while Lisa was around then we might never get to see them. Lisa promised once more to keep the secret of Lis and Lucy sleeping with us (not that Lis would have really minded people knowing but Lucy still wanted to keep her sluttiness a secret). Things were a little subdued when they arrived but MJ was more than enough to break the ice and there was the prerequisite amount of cooing and cuddling that you would expect from a pair of girls who are considering getting pregnant. We also had the usual wedding preparation conversations and heard about the latest set of disasters (there wasn’t actually anything major and they had most things under control). I started to gently caress Lis as the evening went on and ended up with my hand between her legs, gently toying with her pussy. She asked if we should go upstairs to play but Mike pulled Lisa to him and slid a hand right up her dress to her breasts and said that there wasn’t any need as we were all friends. Now Lis and Lucy have seen Lisa cum a number of times during their visits to Lucy’s (and Jen’s) old Uni, but that was always as a part of the wider ‘games’ so Lisa was still a bit nervous. I whispered to Lis to spread her legs and made a show of rubbing her pussy and sucking her juices from my fingers. Mike demonstrated that Lis wasn’t the only one without panties on and once he freed his cock he got Lisa to sit on it and asked Lis if she would like a quick taste.

Lis and Lucy had discussed and agreed that they would do things with Lisa so Lis crawled over to Mike and gently ran her fingers up and down his cock and over Lisa’s lips. Mike whispered to Lisa that she was about to get a treat and we all watched as Lis leant forwards and her mouth made contact with Lisa’s pussy. Mike asked Lisa if Lis was fluttering her tongue over her clit and Lisa nodded so he started gently moving inside her and then got her to raise her arms so he could lift her dress off and leave her naked. I knelt behind Lis and lifted her skirt so I could play with her but then sat back down again and took MJ so that Jen could have a play with Lucy. Jen was soon between Lucy’s legs lapping away at her and Mike lifted Lisa off of his cock and sat him on his lap with his cock pressed up between her ass cheeks to allow Lis to have proper access to Lisa’s pussy. Lis made good use of this and Mike teased Lisa’s breasts as well as kissing her, telling her that he wanted to feel her cum. He felt Lisa shudder and figured that this was when Lis’ tongue flicked over her ass. As Lisa got closer to cumming, Mike whispered to her about how he would spoon with her that night, fill her with his cock and feel her cumming around him. He gently bit her neck and shoulder while pulling her against his body. He told her to spread her legs as wide as she could and I watched with a tiny twinge of jealousy as Lis licked away, pushing Lisa towards her orgasm. Mike had been teasing her throughout the day to prepare her and make her more receptive to either Lis or Lucy doing things with her and it paid off. Lisa grabbed Mike’s hands as she came and it looked like quite a powerful orgasm – Lis lapped away through it and then slowly eased off, switching to kitty kissing Lisa. After a few minutes, Mike lifted Lisa up again, feeing his cock and he sat her down on his stomach so his cock was pointing up in front of her. Lis didn’t hesitate and took the head in her mouth and sucked him. Mike loved the way her tongue flicked back and forth across his glans and he had to tell her to stop when he got too close to cumming.

When Lis moved back up beside me, Lisa planted herself back on his cock and rested back against him. He whispered to her that all of his cum belonged to her that night and they turned their attention to Lucy and Jen, who by this time had switched places and Lucy was stroking and licking Jen. I handed MJ to Lis and moved on to the floor behind Lucy, lifted her skirt and gave Mike and Lisa a good view as I stroked and spread her. Mike said he felt sorry for me and got Lisa to climb off of him so he could kneel behind me and slide in to me. He teased me for a few minutes and then took MJ so Lisa could repay Lis for her earlier orgasm (we don’t do things with someone if they are holding MJ). Lisa happily buried her face between Lis’ legs and ate her and Lis pulled her top off and asked Lisa to suck on her nipples for a little while before getting her to go back to licking her and finish her off. Mike and I were now the only one of us who hadn’t cum and I would have happily let him eat me, but wanted to save my first orgasm (of the evening) for later on with Lis. After a quick visit to Jen’s room so everyone could see the large prints of our genitals (Lis and Lucy had seen them via Skype, but not in person). We had told them that we wanted their pussies to be a part of the display as they (Lis and Lucy, not their pussies) meant so much to us and were more than just friends). Lucy was still a little unsure about this, but had allowed us to make the appointment and on seeing the pictures, liked the idea of being up there with the rest of us (and Lisa and Sue).

Mike and Lisa headed off to bed (in Jen’s bedroom as they were looking after MJ that night), leaving me with Lis and Lucy with Jen. Once MJ was down in her crib, Mike spooned with Lisa, holding her tightly against him as promised and they gently fucked. He got her to describe how it had felt with Lis eating her and he stroked her clit until she came but remained inside her and slowly moved as they chatted until she was ready to go again. During this conversation he told Lisa that if she didn’t want him to, he would refrain from doing anything with Lis or Lucy during this visit to let her get used to things. She knew full well how much he loves fucking ‘his little lesbian’ and he had been conditioning her with videos and pictures of Pavlina (Lucy’s porn star lookalike). Lisa was also well aware of how much Mike wanted to fuck Lucy (we didn’t hide anything from Lisa – apart from the existence of this blog) and she knew the way Lucy had been teasing him and allowing him to do certain things with her. Lisa said that she knew what he (and we) were like when she started dating him so she didn’t mind and he assured her that while he certainly loved Lis and Lucy, it wasn’t the same as the way he loved her (and Jen and me). They started their second session (just spooning again as they had to be quiet and not wake MJ) and Mike buried his cock as deep inside Lisa as he could. Lisa asked if he was going to pretend to be getting Lis pregnant again and he said that he probably would as she was so broody, but that Lisa didn’t have to worry as he would effectively just be donating sperm (albeit directly) to whichever one of them was going to have a baby but in Lisa (and my) case, he would be making a baby with us. Lisa seemed surprised that Mike was talking about getting her pregnant and he teased her about this saying that as long as she stayed around until she finished Uni and didn’t run off with anyone else, he fully intended to pump so much cum in to her that she would have twins (we’re fairly confident it works that way!). Lisa was well aware that Lis wasn’t the only one who had been getting broody (despite Mike actually having a child) and she played on this, grinding herself back against him and telling that she couldn’t wait until she could stop taking the pill and take his cum properly in to her womb and get pregnant. Mike told her she was a little minx for teasing him and that he intended to stay buried in her until she fell asleep. Before that though there was the little matter of making her cum again, but he already knew her more than well enough to know how to stroke and stimulate her. He drew her orgasm out for a fair while, keeping her close but not letting her cum until he was also ready, at which point he applied a bit more pressure to her clit, hugged her closer to him and told her he was going to fill her with cum. Lisa ground her ass back against him and told him to keep cumming in her until she was full (if only he had the ability to do that!). As promised, he remained inside her until she fell asleep (although he was mostly soft by this point). He got to spoon Lisa to sleep again after MJ’s night time feed and on the Saturday morning he started to eat her awake but they were interrupted by the baby waking up.

Jen’s night with Lucy only involved cuddling and a little kissing (Jen’s sex drive was still very subdued). In the morning, Jen spent quite a while playing with Lucy’s breasts as they chatted but when Jen heard MJ wake up, she abandoned Lucy to go feed the baby. Fortunately, as Lisa was in the middle of being eaten, it was easy to convince her to go and get to know Lucy better and as Mike sat with Jen and MJ, Lisa and Lucy had their first session together. We don’t know the details well enough to write about here, but we do know that they humped, fingered and 69ed with each other and Lisa told Mike afterwards that she understood how Lucy’s teasing was driving him crazy.

My night with Lis was quite straightforward – we slept on duvets on the floor in the living room, mostly humped against each other for our first orgasm and then cleaned up each other’s pussies orally. Later on, I pinned Lis down under me and tickled her until she said she was about to pee. I then planted my mouth on her pussy and ate her much more vigorously than I’d done before, spreading her lips wide and thrusting my tongue in to her. We had our usual cuddle and conversation about missing being with each other before falling asleep and in the morning I ate her awake but paid a lot more attention to her ass than usual. As we spooned and waited for the others to come downstairs we discussed her upcoming monthly cum-dump from Mike and whether seeing MJ had made her even broodier (it had). I told her that I knew about the conversations with Mike where she might ‘accidentally’ get her calculations wrong and sleep with him outside of her safe period and while she really loved that idea, she didn’t think that deceiving Lucy in this way would actually be a good way to start their married life.

We spent a lot of the morning playing with MJ (not that you can do much with a baby that’s only a couple of weeks old, but she still managed to keep us enthralled). After lunch, we headed down to the photographer and Mike went for a coffee with MJ (she had milk) as while she wouldn’t have known what was going on, the photographer might have thought it somewhat inappropriate for a baby to be present. Lucy was still a bit nervous about things, but we assured her the whole way down that the photographer was very professional and she was now used to us being naked as Jen and I had already been photographer and then Sue and Lisa at separate sessions as well. I joined them in the changing room and after helping Lis out of her clothes I knelt and had a quick lick at Lucy’s pussy as she stood up against the wall. I told Lucy she could either go out and get the photos taken or stay with me and I would make her cum so many times that she wouldn’t be able to stay quiet and the photographer would know what we were up to. She opted for the photos (but reserved the right to let me make her cum later on) and I gave her a brief fingering before we headed out to the studio. Lis was quiet excited at the prospect and Lucy settled in to it quite quickly, posing for a number of shots with Lis, some solo ones and spreading herself for the pussy shots. She even posed for a couple of shots with her fingers in her pussy and posed as if she was stroking her clit (which looked incredibly hot). Lis did the same and there were some incredibly hot shots, but my favourite was one with Lis half lying with her upper body raised (supporting herself with her hands behind her) and her legs slightly spread with one drawn up slightly. Lucy was standing right over Lis’ head with her legs spread and Lis was looking up at Lucy’s pussy with a cute and sexy look of longing on her face.

We also managed to convince Jen to strip off so we could get a few shots with all of us together. Jen was understandably nervous about this as she wasn’t at all confident in the way her body looked after being pregnant and giving birth but she knows we all think she is still incredibly sexy and we managed to convince her. Jen, Lisa and I didn’t bother using the changing room and just disrobed in the studio before posing with Lis and Lucy. I even managed to talk Jen in to having another close-up of her pussy taken. Jen still thought that it was all stretched out of shape so getting her to agree to this this took a number of promises from me around the area of watersports (once her sex drive returned). She went through with it though and sat down, spread her legs and let the photographer snap away.

We all got dressed and I gave Mike a call so he could come and review the shots with us. He thought they were incredible and we went a bit overboard with the number we ordered. Just as we’d done before, we compared the pussy shots to the ones we’d got previously (including those of Lisa and Sue) and selected ones that best matched in size. We ordered the same large prints for the pussy shots and Mike insisted on getting one of Jen’s post-birth pussy as he said it looked every bit as beautiful to him as it did before (meaning there was no real noticeable difference). He actually called the photographer later on and changed the order of Jen’s pussy to be an even larger one – partially as he wanted to help convince Jen that he still thought she looked sexy and partially as that shot was of the pussy that had given us MJ, so it was even nicer than the pre-birth pussy. As we stood looking at the shots on the computer, Mike manage to slide a hand under Jen’s skirt and slip a couple of fingers in to her pussy. I didn’t notice this at the time but Lis did and ran a hand over Jen’s ass to help out. Jen couldn’t move much without drawing attention to herself (and the photographer possibly noticing) so she had to put up with them caressing and fingering her, but it was only for a brief time so she wasn’t in any danger of cumming.

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